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Day to Day Politics: The crisis that is Chrissy Pyne.

Saturday 4 March 2017

Before moving onto the indignant Christopher Pyne I must first make some comments on what has been a totally calamitous week for the Coalition.

The conservatives got what they have been advocating for, for decades when Fairwork handed down its decision on penalty rates and then acted like it was anathema to them. Strange that. Then Tony Abbott, still full of his own self-importance, found it necessary to dump on the PM whilst giving an out of tune rendition of ‘’My Way.’’

Then came that catastrophic Newspoll that told us what we all know. The Government is on the nose, out of control, in a spin or whatever else comes to mind. They still have two more years to inflict  whatever pain they can on us. One Nation is now level with the Greens. Wow.

Then they leaked to Fairfax the private details of an Australian citizen and Centerlink client contrary to the law.

George Christensen, another conservative politician full of his own self-importance decided to resign as chief whip for the Nationals. In doing so he gave his leader and Deputy PM a decent serve.  In this case size means nothing. What a prick you might say.

And then the Parliamentary Committee looking into free speech left the PM holding the baby in so much as it made no recommendations on changes to 18c. Instead it made a number of suggestions. Take your pick Malcolm but they are all politically loaded.

And that was the week that was. Now.

An observation.

“Current experience would suggest that the Australian people need to take more care when electing its leaders”.

The crisis that is Christopher.

1 Christopher Pyne is the second youngest MP ever elected to the House of Representatives. He is also arguably the most disliked. No one has been expelled from the Chamber for unruly behaviour more times than Pyne. Offence comes as naturally to him as does sleeping and wakening. His demeanour is crass and unpleasant.

His self-righteous indignation is prissy, shallow, superficial, and school boyish. Some time ago the Coalition said that “the adults were back in charge”: then it’s difficult to imagine how this adolescent loutish, imbecile with an uncouth acerbic tongue got a jersey.

And so it was that the Speaker this week had to reprimand him every day. Pyne got so frustrated that he wast not having his own way all the time that the Speaker almost lost his temper. If looks could kill.

In fact the whole of the Coalition on Thursday looked like they had been to an all-night meeting to discuss why it was that if they were born to rule, they couldn’t. No answers were forthcoming so I’m anticipating some further growth is required.

An observation.

”Politicians who change their minds aren’t necessarily seeing the light. They might just be feeling the heat.”

2 We did get some advice from a couple of Liberal members. Yes, Alistair Gillette and Ann Sudmalis had some advice for new home buyers.

If you want to own a home, just earn more money, if you want more money, get a higher paid job.

Thanks for nothing.

3 On Wednesday the Australian Labor Academy was launched by Bill Shorten.

This is a vision arising from the 2010 ALP National Review (Faulkner/Bracks/Carr) Report that Stuart Whitman has been working to make happen for nearly 2 years.

Stuart Whitman has written for this blog a couple of times and I have had the pleasure of taking coffee with him. He has told me he will keep me informed on its progress and may even write a piece on it.

Stuart tells me that in his speech Bill Shorten said that for every good idea for progress or reform in politics, there’s at least 20 people telling you why it can’t happen.

Stuart added:

”My own experience has taught me that even with the best of intentions of being inclusive and seeking the common good, moving the ball only a few steps forward in politics takes tremendous patience, perseverance and strength of character and a hide as thick as a rhinoceros.”

4 On the subject of penalty rates Malcolm Turnbull was always on a hiding to nothing and It’s a wonder he didn’t act immediately to dodge the bullets. Progressively reducing the Sunday rates will not alter the fact that it’s a Coalition government that is reducing the pay of Australia’s poorest paid.

Sure Shorten is guilty of some hypocrisy but this is something the conservatives have been championing for two decades. I also note that Abbott is telling Turnbull how to do his job again.

Shorten is arguing his case better than Turnbull is. He maybe a “flip flopping hypocritical opportunist” but in the purest political sense he is the better politician.

And let’s not forget that the Government is politically vulnerable because it made no submission to the review. Labor and the Unions can play the ”who’s next” card right up to the next election.

I wonder if anybody had taken into consideration that because they are the lowest paid workers it might have been more appropriate to do nothing.

5 I heard Barrie Cassidy on News 24 on Friday say that Centerlink had received 24million calls and 4million just hung up. And they reckon it’s going well.

On this day in 2016 I wrote (yes, a year ago):

A So much happens on a day-to-day basis that it’s difficult at times to keep abreast of it all. For example. You will recall that Tony Abbott wanted to be rid of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The good news is that it is now not the Government’s agenda even though the Government could still call a double-dissolution election on the matter.

B Speaking of Double Dissolutions the Senate Reform Bill now looks like being passed. Yes a Bill that three days ago couldn’t possibly be changed, now with the support of the Greens has been amended in two significant ways. Yep we can move fast when it suits us. A 4 hour inquiry and a report 12 hours later did the trick.

Nothing like a quickie when you’re frustrated.

C Now, more about that 50/50 Essential Poll. This Poll is important. A Facebook friend explains.

The thing about the Essential Poll is that it is a rolling poll it averages out over several polls. So the 50 – 50 result in this survey compares to the 52 – 48 to the LNP in the last one. Then that necessitates that the raw figures are a whole lot worse for the LNP than even these numbers suggest. I would love to see what those number are!!!!

So the Essential Research rolling aggregate records an unusually sharp move away from the Coalition, and finds strong support for Senate reform legislation.

The normally placid Essential Research fortnightly rolling average records a rare two-point shift on two-party preferred this week, which eliminates a settled 52-48 lead for the Coalition over previous weeks. Particularly remarkable is a three-point increase in the Labor primary vote, from 35% to 38%, although the Coalition is down only one to 43%, and the Greens are steady on 10%.

D Essential also features is a very detailed question on Senate reform, in which the legislation was explained to respondents in meticulous detail, producing a result of 53% approval and 16% disapproval.

E This month in 2013 the then Prime Minister said. ”There is a budget emergency”

Since then. The deficit has doubled. Net debt is up 59.8 billion. Spending is at GFC levels. Unemployment is up 74,500 Wages growth is at an all-time level.

My thought for the day.

”We live in a time where horrible things are being perpetrated on us. The shame is that we have normalised them and adjusted accordingly”.

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  1. Jenny Trowse

    It’s hard to see where the Government is going. Your article was well written and U agree with you

  2. Terry2

    Yesterday in the Federal Court it was demonstrated that sections 18C and 18D are doing the job they were intended to do and are not easily manipulated.

    “Cindi Prior’s lawsuit against QUT and students Callum Thwaites, Jackson Powell and Alex Wood, which sought $250,000 damages for alleged breaches of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, was dismissed by the federal circuit court in November.”

    Justice Dowsett of the Federal Court yesterday denied Prior leave to appeal that ruling, and an extension of time to lodge it, saying: “I’m very serious about this – this matter must be brought to an end.”

    He said: “These four young people have suffered more from legal proceedings than almost any other young person will in a lifetime.”

    As Gillian Triggs had previously pointed out, this was not a case where the plaintiff was seeking conciliation but appeared more motivated by the prospect of substantial damages if section 18C could be manipulated in her favour : this didn’t work and it is now for her to front up with the defendant’s costs awarded against her.

    We have no reason to change section 18C of the Racial Discrimination act and the noisy right wing of the Liberal party need to move on.

  3. Graeme Henchel

    The strangest thing is that the horrible Christopher Pyne is far from the most odious member of this kakistocracy. Never the less is a classic Tory twit.

    Supercilious perfidious Pyne is such a Tory twit
    Whenever he opens his mouth you know he’s speaking shit
    Supercilious perfidious Pyne, the man has got no shame
    This shallow poncing poodle thinks it’s all a game
    Supercilious perfidious Pyne acts like a schoolboy prat
    His rhetorical gymnastics would do proud an acrobat
    Supercilious perfidious Pyne has simply no idea
    lying is his only skill he’s made it his career
    Supercilious perfidious Pyne just one of Turnbull’s crew
    Morrison, Brandis, Dutton………all just make me spew.

  4. helvityni

    ‘Supercilious perfidious Pyne just one of Turnbull’s crew
    Morrison, Brandis, Dutton………all just make me spew.’

    Perfect, Graeme Henchel, pass the bucket…

  5. Kronomex

    I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice: in my opinion Pyne(box) is a certifiable lunatic.

  6. passum2013

    Sad to say this but pain in the neck looks like he farted and is trying to make out some one else did it yes Pyne is a real pain in the but in all of his politics

  7. Pilot

    There should be one week per year when we, the public, have the right to kick a politician in the arse!! Pyne wouldn’t be able to sit down for 6 months. He’s an atrocious little lying scumbag.

    Graeme H……. Well bloody done mate, but in the last line, instead of “all” I would’ve used “et al” because each and everyone of those LNP fascist mongrels gives me the sh*ts.

    I need to buy shares in a dunny paper factory…

  8. Kaye Lee

    Pyne admitted he has no principles and will say and do whatever it takes to be elected regardless of whether it be right or not.

    When he was Education Minister and campaigning to deregulate uni fees, it emerged that, as a student politician, he campaigned against fees.

    “I feel it my duty to stand for election and do everything possible to forestall the introduction of fees and indeed to end any movements by the Federal Government to introduce fees,” Mr Pyne wrote as a first year student.

    When asked about that in 2014 he replied “You don’t get elected as student politician by saying the opposite to what the voters in your university are thinking.”

    So there we have it. Christopher will say whatever he thinks will get him elected. Principles? Considered appraisal? Thoughtful evaluation of pros and cons? Don’t be silly. Why waste time on that.

  9. Liz

    Donate? You’re joking. 65 this year and still can’t afford to retire! Where’s my pension after a lifetime of working? Deal with Centrelink? Can’t even get through to them! Do everything online? I don’t have the skills or the wherewithal to do that let alone the stamina or the time. Politicians of all parties are sinking this once fantastic country to fill their own pockets. Keep the populace dumb. Get them into debt for their education. No jobs to pay off debts, let them deal with Centrelink! Harass them for fraud. How else can we kick the public in the teeth and get a good laugh about it. Let’s see what the can rip off the public next. Perhaps there could be more levies? I’m sick of the bunch of them.

  10. Henry Rodrigues

    Graeme, Thanks for the accurate depiction of a truly obnoxious little ratbag. He should have stayed in school until he learned how to behave himself. My mum who was a school teacher for 40 years, would have quickly sorted him out . To think that he gets paid to be such a prick.

  11. Johno


    Well said !

  12. stephentardrew

    Full of real gems John. I really enjoyed that. Gotta laugh.

  13. Luke

    Pyne was about to be outed at the last election, but a rushed through deal costing billions for submarines kept his job.

  14. Peter F

    Kaye, surprise me. Julia Gillard was correct.

  15. Peter F

    @Luke : “‘outed’ ‘ousted’ . . . or both?

  16. ozfenric

    A Google search for “Australian Labor Academy” returns exactly three web pages, one of which is this one. How is it that something like this has virtually no internet presence? I’d never heard of it before and I still can’t find out anything about it.

  17. Gangey1959

    Nice one Graeme. (You missed his C-word.) The entire bunch to the Spearker’s right has the combined IQ if a cow-pat, yet they ponce around the globe performing like ”look at me, look what I can do, woops dropped it again, bugger I it broke too” circus clowns.
    Red noses and all.
    The Fairwork Commission decision wouldn’t have been quite so hard to swallow if it had taken at least a swipe at the upcoming pay-rise for our politicians, if not stopping it completely along with (some of) their lurks and perks. Then we would have heard some real screams.
    Listening to scooter moronscum on Tuesday? about Australia’s figures going up for the first time in ages, or some other bullshit, I read a couple of days ago that it was true. BUT. The REALITY is that while profit from running a business has gone up ON AVERAGE (Remember this includes your Hypermarts AND your family run corner store) by over 10%, employee take home had in real terms dropped by about 0.5%, or thereabouts.
    Our trumbles needs to rethink where to spend his $50B tax cut, because spread across the bottom spectrum of our business empires it might actually do what it is being sold to us as, an employment booster.

  18. lawrencesroberts

    Wasn’t Joe Hockey prudent or lucky to go early? There seems to be a queue for the gig of High Commissioner in London, if the present silver tail can be levered out.

  19. June Currie

    Splendid quote,John.

  20. guest

    All those years as a politician, what has Pyne actually achieved which is of positive worth?

  21. Ella Miller

    Most enjoyable read Mr. Lord.

    “and so it was that the Speaker this week had to reprimand him (Christopher Pyne) every day…If looks could kill”

    Being an avid watcher of Question Time, I am some what confused . The Speaker warns a member and then sends them out of the chamber under 94A.
    Is there something in Hansard that says that members on the Government’s side of the house can not be sent out?

    If there isn’t then I find it curious that Labor is constantly being sent out ..C.Pyne’s behaviour last week as per usual was disruptive…

    Why was he not sent out under 94 A.?

    Question Time as a whole is a waste of time. Points of relevance are not enforced and the PM last week was allowed to waffle on about NOTHING without answering a question.
    Is the Speaker biased?
    Or is it all farce?

  22. David1

    @Ella Miller…you have it in on one Ella, farce. A great big whopping farce. Made even more so when the prissy one had has way getting Standing Orders changed at the beginning of the 2014 session, denying the Opposition supplementary questions in QT.
    Even the process of asking Ministers to elaborate on their evasive answers is curtailed.
    I admire your fortitude in listening to QT every day, I gave that up months ago.

  23. John Lord

    Ella Miller until we get an independent speaker. They are the rules. They apply to both sides.

  24. Ella Miller

    David 1,
    for me questions fobbed off tell a lot more about the ‘truth’ than question answered. Very frustrating and I wonder how my tv has survived a well directed throw of a shoe.
    I wish we could somehow have QT altered to get rid of the Dorothy Dixer and enforce a more fair interpretation of the rules.
    After all QT is supposed to hold the government to account.. not to provide the government with an opportunity to sprout forth more BS. They do it very well without using QT.
    QT a good thought in theory not so good in practice.
    I often wonder what would happen if on an an occasion when an unfair ruling is made ..ALL of Labor walked out on mass by way of protest?

    I wonder if there are figures available and where as to how many LNP members have been sent out under 94 A as to how many Labor ?

  25. silkworm

    Pyne is the Milo Yiannopoulos of Australian politics.

  26. silkworm

    Ella Miller: “Why was he not sent out under 94 A.?… Is the Speaker biased?”

    Obviously, yes.

  27. David1

    Ella many was the time when Ms Bishop was Speaker I hoped the Opposition would walk. Sadly it never happened, I guess Labor were unwilling to provide this lying shambles of a Govt an excuse to wack them with it. They do not need much as dear Julia Gillard discovered.

  28. Roswell

    Has Pyne ever done anything in all his years in Parliament?

    This is a serious question.

    Has he?

  29. Matters Not

    While QT is usually (but not always) a complete waste of time, Tony Smith, the current Speaker is pretty good. Sure he sends out more Labor than LNP, but that’s to be expected because they are, and should be, the angry ones.

    Smith does use 94 A to send out Government members – a rarity under Speaker Bishop who managed the suspension of only 7 government members but a whopping 393 opposition members in her brief reign.

    If you watch QT and I do every day on ‘tape’, you will notice that there is a mutual respect between Tony Burke – the manager of opposition business – and the Speaker. Smith actually listens to Burke who does influence Smith’s rulings and occasionally wins the day. Smith does try to be fair. Bishop lacked the wit and wisdom to even understand the concept of ‘fair’. In short Smith is as good as I’ve seen. Up there with Harry Jenkins and Anna Burke.

    If you need a reminder of how bad Bishop was then read this.

  30. Terry2

    But, MN you still don’t see Turnbull actually answering questions despite being reminded of relevance when he takes off on a personal attack of Shorten.

  31. Möbius Ecko

    Turnbull falls back to attacking Shorten in answer to every question, and does so with scares. Apparently according to Turnbull Shorten wants higher unemployment, greater debt and is anti business, anti workers and anti just about everything to do with Australia. I thought only Labor ran scare campaigns.

    Every time I hear Turnbull nowadays he sounds empty and desperate.

    Every time I hear Joyce he sounds like gibberish.

  32. Ella Miller

    Matters Not..
    having read your post and thought about it..I can’t argue with you. Perhaps because I do not know all the LNP seats and hence don’t know if they are being sent out, I may be questioning the Speaker .
    I guess I showed my lack of knowledge by thinking that Hansard was the place to look for rules for the Speaker and QT.
    I really would like to find where I can get this information. It is not on the Parliament’s web page.
    Thank you for adding a deeper perspective on the issues.

  33. Pete Petrass

    The worst thing about the spending and increased debt from this mob is that we really have nothing to show for it.

  34. tanginitoo

    Heartfelt thanks to John Lord, and to Graeme for their wonderful words about Pyne! I hope that neither of you will mind if I ‘borrow’ them as they are too good for the rest of my friends to miss! I would love to reply to every single comment today, all are so well worth reading. Thank you all for making my day!

  35. Ella Miller

    thank you.

  36. Trevot

    Pyne the swine. I had the oppurtunity some while ago to do a great service.
    See pyne knocked and the door opened and in he went to spew forth his views on reelection.
    An arguement ensued and the little (f*cker) prick Pyne ran flat out down the street away.
    I did consider for a fleeting moment just killing him dead on the spot as was the rage Pyne raised within me.
    But I just pinned his ears back and watched him run like the coward he is.

  37. Wam

    My friend in Adelaide is a very smart school teacher and lives in pyne’s electorate. When she went to a meeting she was directed not to ask questions on education. Funny that pyne was the minister for education at the time.

    Spot on “matters not”
    I love QT dorothy and all.
    It is quite amazing that smith has stayed for so long as he is almost fair (compared to the bishop he is a positive libophile). Still I am sure he will go with trumble when the time comes.

  38. Wam

    Oops got rushed to dine in the victor harbor pub and
    Libophobe or labophile??

  39. Jon Chesterson

    Jumbuck Pyne draws blood for wine,
    the faithful ranting as they dine
    in defence of the realm,
    all arms at the helm
    with horns and claws divine.

    [Malco Turbo and the Twelve Apostles: Limericks & nursery rhyme by Barddylbach, 2017]

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