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Day to Day Politics: The campaign has started – “It’s Labor’s fault” … “The GFC didn’t happen”.

Wednesday 20 April. -74 Days

1 Predictably the Conservatives have already started blaming Labor for everything. They inherited an enormous debt. We left them with none they say. They are the problem, not us. No mention of the Global Financial Crisis or why they doubled the debt.

In the meantime, now that the ABCC has been voted on, for which Turnbull allowed a fortnight, nobody seems to know what to do with the remainder of the time. There is no substantive business to debate. What will the members do? Stay or go. Perhaps they could adjourn to the bar on the public purse for a fortnight. Wouldn’t even need to take a vote on that one.

By committing to a date for the election he has, as Julia Gillard did, taken away the element of surprise. Naming the date so far in advance didn’t work for Gillard, it is unlikely to work for him.

In question time the Prime Minister said “the election would be about trust”.

I wouldn’t like to be backing that statement up with facts.

“It is an absolute principle of democracy that governments should not and must not say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards. Nothing could be more calculated to bring our democracy into disrepute and alienate the citizenry of Australia from their government than if governments were to establish by precedent that they could say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards” (Tony Abbott).

2 Sky News presenter Paul Murray has claimed to have seen the script of a TV add he says will be run straight after the budget saying that there are savings measures of $16 billion over four years. If this is true, what does four billion a year tell us? Well it tells us that they are not fairdinkum and unwilling to hurt their constituency. So much for fairness and budget repair. And guess who is paying for the advertisements? Well it’s not the Liberal Party. It’s illegal of course, but they will still do it.

3 The Morgan and Essential Polls on Tuesday came in with the parties on 50/50. Combined with the Ipos 51/49 and Newspoll 50/50 Monday it confirms the trend toward Labor which is of course a strange time to be going to an election. Added to this for the Coalition is the complexity of delivering a popular budget in the midst of a campaign. And of course running on policies of your predecessor rather that your own.

Morgan says that “If a Federal Election were held now the result would be too close to call and would likely result in a hung Parliament”.

What shouldn’t be overlooked is the fact that Labor needs a uniform swing of 4.3% and 21 seats if it is to win. My view is that on the current figures the Coalition would still win with a reduced majority.

Having said that, the majority of both parties’ policies are yet to be released. There are still 73 days to go.

In the Essential weekly survey 59% were in favour of a Royal Commission into banking with 15% opposed.

4 The power of public opinion. Telstra has decided to re-engage its support for marriage equality or to use their terminology. “Renewing its active position” on the issue. This comes only a few days after it said it no longer “drive further debate” on the subject.

My thought for the day.

Never be burdened by the negativity of others. Wear positively as if your life depended on it”.

PS Wildcards in the election. Bronnie and her lovechild still have scores to settle.



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  1. Terry2

    I’m getting a very uncomfortable feeling that our Constitution is being manipulated for political reasons and the Governor General is being used as a puppet to support this charade with our democracy being trifled with in what is becoming a lawyer’s election.

    Having achieved the repudiation of the ABCC legislation that the coalition so dearly wanted we are now seeing the spin merchants being wheeled in to encourage us to believe that the economic mismanagement of the coalition in the past two and a half years is actually all the fault of the Labor Party ; that the complete absence of policies is the fault of an intransigent Senate.

    Hold your nerve Australia, one wrong move on 2 July and you could hand the future of Australia to the IPA.

    Oddly, Tony Abbott is proving to be a disruptor and is leaking material against the government for all he is worth but with his record in office he is certainly no white knight, more like an annoying tick on the rump of our democracy.

  2. babyjewels10

    “the election would be about trust”. I find that so amusing!

  3. Möbius Ecko

    I note that Julie Bishop has trotted out the same Labor debt lie that she got heavily canned for the previous time she trotted it out. On that occasion in 2015 she won the Golden Zombie award for the undead claim of the year.

    But apart from ABC Fact Check picking it up the media let her run with this every time she says it, though it’s a blatant lie.

  4. kerri

    I’ve never seen Matthias Cormann in person but I am sure somewhere on his back is a little string with a ring at the end of it!

  5. Michael Taylor

    They’re not journalists anymore, Mobius. They’re minutes takers. Had one at every committee meeting I went to. A minute taker, that is.

  6. Paolo Soprani

    Surely the Australian people are not seriously considering re-electing this dreadful Coalition government? What on earth would you elect these terrible people for? So that they can cheerfully destroy everything this country is renowned for – tolerance, equality, access to health and education services, social cohesion etc etc? I am totally baffled by the 50/50 split in the opinion polls. It can only be this way because a vast number of people just don’t care. They just don’t care. This is not good. In this world you have to stand up and insist on being treated right and fairly, and insist on the same for others too. I was watching a lady talking on the television last night. She said ‘Mr Turnbull is a nice man, he’ll look after us’ or words to that effect. He won’t. He can’t.

  7. wam

    it is a tradjedy that those who watch 7, 9, 10, rupert’s channels and the abc or who listen or read will get bombarded by ads at two levels the first paid for by the party or individual the second level will push the disingenuous barrow of the coalition both nationally for the party and locally for the individual pollies paid for by THE TAXPAYER.(surely this will be a massive advantage with an unreported expense???)
    The sheep will just repeat turnball goood shorten baad with mind numbing regularity at every ring in, bbq and photo opportunity.
    Go labor, go bill and for %@@%^ sake go tanya and penny.

  8. Absolutely filled with hope

    The debt doubling will pay for a lot of adverts and goodness knows how many of this crap at least $120 million he found to give teeth to the ASIC to ‘counter the power of the banks’.
    Will the slogans work??? Maybe but bill and tanya could come up with:
    if the economy was so horrifically bad how come they could double the debt?

  9. Terry2

    Well, well the $120 million going to ASIC will not come from the taxpayers of Australia, the banks will pay it, so there !

    I’ve just heard the representative from the Australian Bankers Association, say that banks only get their funds from customers (and shareholders) so, who will pay for the $120 million ? bank customers of course.
    Do you know any bank customers………….wait a minute, they’re the same people who pay taxes so who is going to pay the $120 million ?

  10. Gangey1959

    Just three thoughts tonight.
    1) If scooty moronscum seriously reckons that the banks will stump up $120 MIL for a bigger set of sticks to have themselves caned with and not get us customers back in some way shape or form, if not all of the above, he is not fit to wipe my cats arse let alone be federal treasurer. Jeez he is schooooooopid.
    2) I don’t get the 50/50 % balance either. The current government is making decisions that suit the 1%ers, NoS, Cons’ Rool, maybe a further 5% who are really just dreaming, and a bunch of foreigners who do very well out of them, and consequently us, but can’t vote.
    On the basis that at worst case that equates to 20% of the eligible to vote population, how has the other 80% not managed to work out we are the ones who are going to be nailed to the wall. With what should be about a 20/80 (2PP) split, kero bronny and the mad monk may still do their worst, but they will do it from the cheap seats.
    3) As Mr Lord suggests, I hope they do hit the pub after a hard two/three days, particularly after the cost involved in getting them all back there. Maybe The rest of us could join them for a few hours or so, tugging on their shirt sleeves with bright ideas, flushing the fixer’s head down the loo, teaching Penny Wong how to jug skull. I forgot handcuffing georgie christandson and timmmy willingson and corhe’s burnedhisarsehole together backwards in a circle around the Canberra flagpole naked. Uni was such a romp.

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