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Day to Day Politics: Bring them here

Sunday 5 February 2017

1 What might historians write about the last twenty years of Australian society? I won’t be around to know, but it won’t be pretty. Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump and his attitude to Australia’s agreement with the Obama Administration this is what Turnbull should do.

Turnbull might say that the commitment to resettle refugees has been confirmed many times, but really, you wouldn’t trust this perverted lying President with any agreement

He should immediately cancel the agreement, tell Trump he doesn’t like his attitude and settle all the people on Manus and Nauru in Australia. The Trump vetting will be made so draconian that America will take few if any of the refugees. Already they are saying there will be long delays.

Oh, but the boats I hear you say. The boats will come again. That is of course a load of codswallop. We have been turning boats around for some time now. There is simply no excuse why they cannot be resettled here.

Yesterday 70 organisations came together to call for the Manus and Nauru centres to be closed down. The combined groups noted the “humanitarian crisis” saying the “situation has reached crisis point, and immediate action must be taken”.

“Beyond the reports of physical and sexual abuse, including of children; inadequate medical attention; suicides and attempted suicides; even a murder; the extinguishment of hope has pushed people to the edge,” the letter said.

I repeat, it’s time for the Australian Prime Minister to grow some balls and do the right thing. He might have a brawl with the back bench and lose some knuckle skin in the process but he would gain the esteem of the people.

2 This comment is addressed to the grievance committee of The AIMN.

On Wednesday 1 January I wrote an article Day to Day Politic: Shorten’s remarkable concessions.

Its contents were based on the Opposition leaders address to the National Press Club, or at least one issue arising from it. My piece spoke of Shortens admission that Labor was part of the problem pertaining to the lack of trust in the democratic process. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now my problem is this: Why do people deliberately change the subject to push their own barrow?

One person who repeatedly does this on The AIMN is Harquebus, and it’s not just me.

This is what he wrote:

“I think I have figured out John Lord’s problem. As a self-educated man, he is suffering from self-education bias. I have posted this link on another page and I apologize for the duplication. I have complained many times that J.L. can only see and therefore only write about symptoms and consequently, can never offer practical solutions.

John Lord. The society that you dream about is just that mate. Take your blinkers off.

This article does not mention climate change, environmental destruction nor the depletion of other replenishable and non replenishable resources. Add these to the mix and you will see the enormous scope of our compound problems. You do not need to be an economist to see that the average 2016 price of oil ~ $50/bbl was substantially lower than just the breakeven price of all but a small proportion of global oil reserves. It appears that not a single significant oil-producing country is balancing its budget. The indicators all spell huge trouble ahead. At this point – no matter how much oil is left (a lot) and in whatever form (many), oil will be of no use as an energy source for transport fuels, since it will on average require more energy to extract, refine and deliver to the end-user, than the oil itself contains.

The global industrial world economy depends on oil as its prime energy source.

I would like to remind economists and bankers that you cannot eat 0000’s on a computer screen, or use them to put food on the table, heat your house, or make something useful.

If you deduct financial services and account for debt, the real world economy is contracting fast. To compensate, and continue the fallacy of endless economic growth, we have simply borrowed and borrowed, and borrowed. Huge amounts of additional debt are now required to sustain the “Growth Illusion”. Production of this commodity (conventional oil) has undoubtedly peaked and is now declining.” “rising exponentially faster. This amount of debt, can never ever be repaid.

Economists would have us believe it’s just another turn of the credit cycle. This dismal non-science is in the main the lapdog of the establishment, the global financial and corporate interests. They have engineered the “science” to support the myth of perpetual growth to suit the needs of their pay-masters, the financial institutions, corporations and governments (who pay their salaries, fund the universities and research, etc).

I have news for the “Economics Profession”. The perpetual growth fantasy financial system based on unlimited cheap energy is now coming to an end. From the planet’s point of view – it simply couldn’t be soon enough.

The pre-eminent challenge is energy for transport and agriculture.

We need to drag our politicians and policy makers kicking and screaming to the table, to make them understand the dire nature of the predicament and challenge them to open their eyes to the increasingly obvious, and to take action.”

In my defence Roswell responded:

[Quote]”This article does not mention climate change, environmental destruction nor the depletion of other and non replenishable resources. Add these to the mix and you will see the enormous scope of our compound problems.[End of quote].

Harquebus, this article is about Bill Shorten’s speech and what John got out of it. It’s not about what you want it to be about.

For Christ’s sake, give it a bloody rest. And don’t come back with your usual “we’re all doomed and nobody here cares”. We do care. We’re just fed up with your constant efforts to shut down or shout over whatever anybody else wants to talk about.

And while I’m at it, neither do I want you to bother with your other great moan: “This is censorship!

Please stop ruining everybody else’s experience on this site.”

Harquebus shot back with:

“Roswell. Bill Shorten’s speech was just more bullshit from another know nothing politician and that is what John Lord got out it. While some like to argue deckchairs, some of us are yelling “Icebergs dead ahead”. Personally and this is not delivered with any intent to offend John Lord but, I think it is time he made an exception, got of his arse and actually did something that could be considered constructive for a change. Just my opinion which, I know you and others don’t really give a shit about anyway so, there shouldn’t be a problem with me expressing it. I get criticized in unfriendly and derogatory responses here daily. Many from you and I can handle it. I try to keep my intrusions short and to a minimum and will continue to do so in this manner. Ava good day. Cheers.”

Now my complaint is not about him expressing his view of me personally, or what he thinks of my educational standard, but his constant obsession with turning discussion around to suit his own purpose of highlighting over-population has just about gotten me to the end of anger overload limit. He has the opportunity through The AIMN to promote his cause so why continuously hijack other people’s posts. I’m all for free speech but Harquebus uses it in a very underhanded way. If he continues to try to destroy the purpose for which I write then I shall be forced to delete his comments entirely.

On this day in 2016 I wrote:

“Nobody lied with greater sincerity than former Prime Minister Abbott. As a professed Christian he should know that nothing good was ever built on a foundation of hate.

His replacement in Malcolm Turnbull, also a practicing Christian, has displayed a breathtaking capacity for hypocrisy. One I have not seen in any other Australian political leader.

This government has shown an insensitivity to the common good that goes beyond any thoughtful examination. They have hate on their lips and their hate starts with the beginning of a smile.

Those on the left of politics, the progressive social democrats who believe in change for the better, are concerned with people who cannot help themselves. The right, the conservative privileged elitists, are concerned with those who can.”

My thought for the day.

“Having the ability to admit that you are wrong is an absolute prerequisite to discernment and knowledge”.



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  1. Peter F

    John, While I acknowledge many of the points that HQBS makes, it seems a matter of ‘pot and kettle’ for him to attack you for not putting forward proposals to solve the existing crisis. I also agree with the basic premise of your argument, being that his hijacking of the topic under discussion. As I said above, I agree with the basics of many of his point, but I would appreciate it if he could put forward a few fresh suggestions. I no longer expect anything new from him.

    Keep up your good work, I look forward to reading it every day. Take care.

  2. Johno

    @Trump.. they are refugees, not illegal immigrants
    @Obama and Turnbull… it was a dumb deal
    @Turnbull… they could have been resettled in Australia years (or however long) ago, so do it now.

  3. Terry2

    The Trump Whitehouse has descended into a dark place where confusion, half-truths, manufactured fake news, alternative facts and chaos reign supreme.

    When emperor Trump first issued his Executive Order banning entry for people from seven Muslim-majority countries, acting Attorney General, Sally Yates sounded a warning to Trump that his ban was unconstitutional : he accused her of betrayal and sacked her.

    When a Federal District Court Judge in Washington state raises the same concern and suspends the Executive Order and Trump Tweets :

    “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

    There’s a pattern here, he attacks the messenger but offers no evidence that America is subject to a real and immediate securiity threat, the basis on which he is imposing the ban.

    How robust the American judicial system is will now be tested to establish if the demands of a bullying dictator can override the Constitution of the United States and its judiciary; the way this unfolds and how it is concluded is going to have profound implications for the future of democracy not only in the USA but in the rest of the so called “free-world” including Australia.

  4. helvityni

    Johno, agree, bring them in, show to the world that we are humane after all, harsh punishments never work. see what happened at Don Dale detention centre…

  5. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, John, I’m sure many of your readers are sharing your frustration with Harquebus and other commenters who employ similar techniques to beat others into submission.

  6. Ella Miller

    Hannah Arendt wrote;
    “since the refugee has no state to secure their civil rights , the only rights they have to fall back on are human rights”
    “Is there such a thing as human rights if these rights are not realisable?”
    Settle them here …do NOT put Australia in a position which may require it to commit to actions that are against the national interest.
    Think of the money you will save MT.
    Mr. Lord, I enjoy you pieces , they are informative….I love your thoughts for the day../Thank you.

  7. ace Jones

    Harquebus, writes piffle , why give him a platform by writing about him.

    also John Lord you are completely wrong and misguided to even imagine Turnbull is ” a practicing Christian ” ! let alone writing it.

    Show a bit of respect for those of us who are practicing Christians, for you only illuminate your ignorance on the subject of Christianity John Lord, so please shut-up whilst you have only feeble, false summations of someone else’s faith or lack of it.

  8. Michael Taylor

    ” … to the grievance committee …”

    John, have a read of this and take note of Point 5:


    Basically, you can, as you indicated you will, delete comments that are posted with the clear intention of diverting or disrupting the topic. It’s not censorship (as some may argue), it’s showing respect to the author, the readers, and to the site in general.

  9. Ella Miller

    ace Jones,
    A practising Christian would not phrase their comment as you have…bit arrogant don’t you think?

  10. helvityni

    French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has called on US scientists, academics and entrepreneurs at odds with Donald Trump’s administration to move to France.(Guardian)

    If they were planning to move to Oz, they’d have to think twice, especially is they are coloured, or if they have foreign accents; they might end up on Nauru…? Or would we give them 575 (?) visas…. 🙂

    Not so long ago many unemployed Australian scientists were moving overseas after big cuts in funding to CSRO

  11. helvityni

    LOL, Ella, you got there before me…

  12. Kate Ahearne

    Ella, I was thinking along those lines, too. I wonder who ace would consider to be a ‘practising Christian’.Cory Bernardi?

  13. nurses1968

    I enjoy John Lords articles {mostly} and am amazed at his ability to turn out so many articles over such a long time but I also found some of Harquebus comments informative and educational.
    This must be a first for a blog site where an author of an article spends better than half the article attacking an individual commenter.
    I would have assumed the author would know of his powers to delete


    To ensure a semblance of “fairness” will Harquebus be given equal space to try to mount a defence?

  14. Kate Ahearne

    nurses, If you had read John’s article at all carefully, you would know that he is well aware of his power to delete. ‘If he continues to try to destroy the purpose for which I write then I shall be forced to delete his comments entirely.’

    You say, ‘To ensure a semblance of “fairness” will Harquebus be given equal space to try to mount a defence?’ I must be funny, because I thought that John was actually defending himself against Harquebus, who has had plenty of opportunity to say whatever he likes, and has certainly availed himself of the opportunities. Hence John’s remarks.

  15. Harquebus

    Thank you John Lord.

    Yes, you won’t be around and it won’t be pretty. How utterly selfish of you. To enjoy the benefits of an industrial society and then leave those that follow with an ugly unsurvivable mess that you, with your endless stream of incoherent thought bubbles, constant irrelevancies, short sightedness and unwillingness to consider physical realities, helped create.

    I also notice that you criticize me as a messenger and did not once address the contents of the article. How very typical of you. A perfect example of your preference to argue peripherals and ignore core realities.

    I expect to see my comments deleted because, some here think that they alone should decide what people should know and that warnings and criticisms should go unheard because, they say so. The very tactics used by the politicians that you criticize daily.

    Maybe you are right. Perhaps criticizing your irrelevancies, distractions and informing people of the root causes of our problems and their ultimate fate for ignoring them is cruel. Better that they remain in blissful ignorance and enjoy the last days of modern civilization rather than prepare for the inevitable. After all, you won’t be around to take your share of the blame. Easy for you but, will not be so easy at all for the next generation and they will thank you not.

    BTW: In that article, I also stated this.

    My apologies for a misunderstanding.
    The quote that you complained about was in reference to the article that I posted and not at all to do with John Lord’s.
    Sorry ’bout that.

    As I am a subject in this article, I politely ask theAIMN moderators, in this instance, to allow my response to stand.


  16. Ella Miller

    words and deeds have boundless consequences , often going far beyond what we could anticipate.

  17. Michael Taylor

    … will Harquebus be given equal space to try to mount a defence?

    This is John’s defence against H’s day in day out attempts to humiliate, disrupt, and derail whatever John writes about. If you care to look through every post that H’ has commented on, you’ll see that in most cases a moderator has stepped in to request that he desist from his disruptive patterns. He’s had his chance.

    You might have noted too that John (among many) has had enough of it. He could have written his frustration into an article a week ago, a month ago, or a year ago. That he has chose to wait this long shows to me he is a very patient man. His patience has run out. And rightly so.

    I would guess too, that as well as deleting a comment that is aimed at derailing a thread, that he would also delete a comment from someone who comes rushing in telling him he shouldn’t. If he doesn’t, one of the moderators surely will.

  18. Harquebus

    As I have stated.
    I try to keep my intrusions short, to a minimum and to not hijack conversations.
    My daily incursions have cumulatively more effect than an occasional article that soon gets forgotten and is why I do it.
    My “aim” is to save lives. Don’t like it? Too bad.

    Michael Taylor
    Yes. M.T. (head) should offer to cancel the deal in the interests of good relations with the new POTUS and settle them here.

  19. Michael Taylor

    H’, I like you. You know that. We get on well together. I have to think of the authors though. If what you are doing is distressing them then I will stand beside them.

    Now, getting to the other issue in the post, do you think that the government should bring the refugees here?

  20. Graeme Henchel

    Abbott, Turnbull, Abetz, Bernardi, Andrews etc are more correctly classified as “alternative Christians”

  21. Ricardo29

    Frankly, I don’t actually think Harquebus has a lot to offer. I find his (?) comments mostly rants, often very denigratory (is that a word?), critical rather than constructive and providing little that helps me. I think disagreement or criticism has a role if it’s constructive but little that H. contributes seems to be. I would be happy if he took a break.

  22. Terry2

    Interesting panel discussion on BBC World Service from London yesterday (on ABC News24).

    The panel of outsiders (Tom Switzer did have some input) were trying to understand if the deal Australia was doing with the USA was “dumb” as Trump would have it or whether it had merit.

    The panel had a lot of difficulty in understanding why Australia would not take in these 1254 people particularly as most – 82% Manus and 79% Nauru – had already been found to be genuine refugees.

    Switzer mentioned that there was a ” flood gates” problem that the Australian government were selling to the Australian people along the lines that if we resettled these people there would be an incentive for others to get on boats BUT evidently this incentive would not apply if they were resettled in the USA : work that one out !

    It was also suggested that perhaps Australia was racist or that the government had created a paranoia within the Australian community for political purposes and it was noted that Australia now had a maritime “ring of steel” that overcame the argument of opening floodgates.

    In all, the panel discussion tended to agree with Trump : the deal made no sense but may, it was suggested, have been done by Obama to leave his successor with a policy-bomb (although, of course he didn’t know at the time that Hillary would not be taking over).

    Time to be decisive Malcolm and bring them here.

  23. helvityni

    I too have to say that here I agree with Trump; I too thought it was a strange deal…why America and not us. We already paid BIG money to Cambodia to take our asylum seekers; I believe four went there ,and only one is still staying.(?) …

  24. wam

    with apologies to shakespeare ‘the Lord doth protest methinks’

    “Nobody lied with greater sincerity than former Prime Minister Abbott.’ That sincerity comes from his faith as opus dei.

    Trumps’s and trumbull’s sincerity comes as the supreme pragmatic ‘egoist’ whose ‘truth’ is in the best interests of America/Australia..

    As for his ban, France, shows why he(and at least the families of the million Australians who voted for hanson) feels it necessary. I have hope that reform of religious teaching for women may be revised by the men of religion.

    admission of error is such a dangerous risk for a politician that it has affected the use of truth and honesty in micro decision making. eg royal commissions gather their own momentum and become politicalised.

  25. John Lord

    Harquebus. For whatever reason you fail to get the point. I shall put it simply. If you wrote an article about apples and everyone on the post joined in to talk on the subject apples, and I kept interrupting to talk about oranges then you might get a little upset. Rightly so because I’m changing the subject to suit my issue. If nothing else it’s just bad manners.

    Added to that is the fact that you think my writing is poor which poses the question as to why you read then. The answer is that they are a venue for you to shout your stuff. Again just poor manners.

  26. Kaye Lee

    Harquebus, your daily incursions aren’t warning anyone here of anything they don’t already know about. You think you are doing us a service when you are, in fact, selfishly pissing us off.

    Write another article. Do not just repeat yours on everyone else’s work, particularly when you are so rude to the author, implying as you always do, that because they didn’t write about your only topic, that they are fools.

    There are many things to be concerned about that need addressing. Please do us the courtesy of allowing that without your inevitable topic-bombing.

  27. helvityni

    I see John Lord as a peace-loving, somewhat philosophical commentator here. He writes about Oz and world politics in a most fair fashion.

    I have often been surprised how quick some commenters have been ready to attack him; even his rare typos are thrown into the mix…

    Let’s leave our authors alone and attack our truly badly behaving politicians instead. 🙂

    The commentators or for that matter, our fellow commenters, will not take offence if you disagree with them, but do it civilly.

  28. 1petermcc

    John, I enjoy your commentary and writing style and would add that when I see abusive comments aimed at you I automatically discredit the person having a sook. Keep it coming.

    Polite discussion is always welcome and considered and those doing otherwise severely damage their own agenda not just with the author but with readers as well. I’m not sure why this doesn’t occur them.

  29. Kaye Lee

    Donald Trump’s facebook page is an interesting battleground.

    ” If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren’t, you’re going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious.”

  30. Harquebus

    John Lord
    It is you that, for whatever reason, fails to get the point. There will be no historians unraveling the last 20 years, no one to read and contemplate the chronicles of John Lord and theAIMN will be nothing but rust on a decaying hard drive somewhere in crumbling sever farm unless, those like yourselves who have become accustomed to getting everything from a shop realize that, it ain’t gonna be like that.

    It is our lives that are now at stake and which, I am fighting to save. Your sentiments and feelings don’t really count much when compared to. No offense intended.

    I am going to continue my quest and will honor my commitment to minimize my intrusions but, I ain’t gonna stop. Hopefully, you will learn something in the meantime and become an asset rather than just another distraction.

    BTW: What was your conclusion regarding that article?


  31. Kaye Lee

    OMG you are completely impervious aren’t you. You just couldn’t care less about other people. You don’t listen to a word. You drive me nuts.

  32. king1394

    Some people seem to think that there is only one battleground, that certain issues trump everything else, and those secondary issues should be censored and not talked about till the first is solved. In my opinion, that is backward thinking. It is the small changes and the small messages that make it through to the general population, not the large confrontations.

    Harquebus says that he is sounding the alarm on the Titanic as his analogy. I suspect that an ordinary passenger could have screamed ‘Iceberg ahead’ and it would have made no difference at all. The ordinary passenger had no power to turn the boat around. But he/she could have alerted his own family, friends and neighbours to be ready for the emergency, and make adaptations to their lifestyle (in the analogy, get dressed and find a life belt).

    An issue I am fond of, and which gains this type of unhelpful comment, ie, that you can’t talk about it when the planet is burning, is the use of leaf-blowers. For me these things symbolise a lot about greed and waste and overuse of fossil fuels, being essentially useless. In many of the pages speaking about this issue, for example , you can see a transition of thought occurring towards also combatting the wasteful swathe of green lawn surrounding many houses and development of pollinator gardens and self-sufficient vegetable growing.

    Yes, compared to population growth and the madness of the capitalist system, this is small beer, but this is also where real and effective change is happening. Too little, too late perhaps, but practical, on-the-ground stuff.

  33. Kate Ahearne

    Harquebus, You said to John, ‘ How utterly selfish of you. To enjoy the benefits of an industrial society and then leave those that follow with an ugly unsurvivable mess that you, with your endless stream of incoherent thought bubbles, constant irrelevancies, short sightedness and unwillingness to consider physical realities, helped create.’

    ‘How utterly selfish of you’? Yes, how utterly selfish of John to devote so much of his time and energy to the work he does here, addressing so many issues as they arise. Day in, day out, whether he’s tired or sick or just sick and tired, as he must very often be! How utterly selfish of him when he could be down the bowls club sipping a beer, or tooling around Australia in his caravan, or reading trashy novels, or simply lolling about enjoying his retirement. What a disgracefully selfish person John is!

  34. Harquebus

    Kaye Lee
    Clean up your own imperviousness before you criticize mine.

    Kate Ahearne
    John Lord has devoted much time to many irrelevant issues and has accomplished nothing. Our world is dying and you are as much a part of the problem as he is. Another who will not see the coming misery that they helped create.
    Goodonya Kate.


  35. Johno

    Harquebus, could you give me five actions I could do to help save this planet.

  36. Kaye Lee

    “Clean up your own imperviousness before you criticize mine.”

    Unlike you Harquebus, I actually read what other people write and respond accordingly….not with an argument that I have ready to go from some interminable reading list…I listen, I think, I question, I learn….on a vast array of topics.

    Your response to me reminded me of the playground. You’re fat. Am not, you are!

    And what the hell do you think YOU have accomplished other than getting yourself banned from sites because they can’t stand it any longer?

    PS Johno’s comment was much better than mine…..fingers crossed your answer does not involve horses and guns.

  37. Deanna Jones

    King1394, I can’t look at someone using a leaf blower without thinking how symbolic they are of the greedy, lazy madness of western capitalist society.

  38. John Lord

    “There’s nothing like the certainty of a closed mind”

  39. Kate Ahearne

    Harquebus, I used to be an avid reader of AIMN, but eventually the kind of nasty rubbish that you propagate got the better of me. For a long time, I didn’t read AIMN except for the odd article, usually by Kaye Lee. Recently, when I returned as a reader to AIMN I found the same, destructive stuff going on. I hope I won’t be driven away again, but I can’t help wondering how many other readers have been driven away by you in particular, and by others who employ similar tactics.

    The issues that John has devoted himself to may be irrelevant to you, but not to me, and not to many others. The fact that you find John’s work irrelevant does not make it so. You are not the arbiter of such things.

  40. Terry2

    Meanwhile, Tony Abbott has delivered his wedge to Trundle (or is it Trumble) on the marriage equality issue which is likely to be raised in the Senate in the next few weeks in the form of a Bill on which both Houses will be encouraged to give a free vote to their members :

    “Malcolm Turnbull made a clear election commitment that the marriage law would only change by way of people’s plebiscite, not a free vote of the parliament,” the former prime minister told Fairfax Media. “I’m sure he’ll honour that commitment. This isn’t about same-sex marriage, it’s about keeping faith with the people.”

    ‘Gotta give it to you Tony, you just don’t give up, do you ?

  41. Roswell

    “I ain’t gonna stop”.

    Oh yes you are. You have now been placed in moderation.

    The fact that you are turning good people away from this site gives me no other alternative.

  42. Johno

    Harquebus…That was meant to be a serious question re planet saving actions. Are you going to answer ?

  43. Harquebus

    1: Forget economics. It is “fatally” flawed. It has polluted the planet, poisoned us all, does not factor physics nor the environment and is what has got us into this mess in the first place.
    2: Implement national and encourage international population reduction strategies otherwise, one way or another, nature will drag us back to sustainable levels and it won’t be pretty.
    3: Properly manage our finite resources which, are currently being pillaged.
    4: Reduce consumption using quotas and not with unfair taxation. We can not shop our way to sustainability and we can not borrow our way to prosperity.
    5: Plant lots and lots of trees. Massive scale reforestation will help the climate, rainfall and be a valuable renewable resource for future generations.
    6: Restore the liberties and freedoms stolen from us by corporate serving politicians.

  44. Kaye Lee

    Harquebus, before you cry censorship, it was me who edited and then released your comment to answer Johno. I don’t care if you are unhappy about that. You should be thanking me.

    And as you can recognise, as you have now made two threads all about you, I won’t be doing it again unless it is respectful and pertains to the author’s article .

  45. Johno

    Cool, thanks for that. I am doing especially well on 5. I run a revegetation business. We grow about 50,000 indigenous trees and shrubs a year for revegetation projects in South Australia.

  46. LOVO

    Johno, how do I contact you…we need to talk.
    Mods could you pass on my email address to Johno please 🙂
    I do reveg too and am doing a project but am having a problem sourcing certain plants!!
    (Sorry for doin’ an H. and going off topic)

  47. win jeavons

    1 I stopped reading Hqbs, because he is like the hammer that only ever sees nails 2 Our parson would say that some ‘practising christians’ need a LOT more practice. 3 We must bring them here, in repentance for what we have done to them. with reparation.

  48. win jeavons

    1 I have stopped reading Hqbs comments because he is like the hammer that only sees nails 2 Our parson would say that some high profile ‘practisingchristians’ need a LOT more practice , 3 BRING THEM HERE! we owe them much more in reparation , for repentance.

  49. Deanna Jones

    Harquebus, absent from your solutions are any analyses of power.

  50. Noel

    Is Hatquebus Malcolm Roberts on steroids?

  51. Harquebus

    Deanna Jones
    I am still at a loss as to what it is exactly that you require.
    Please respond on my depopulate page. There will be no possibility then of offending the author.

    Depopulate … or perish


  52. @RosemaryJ36

    I have only skimmed through some of the comments because what, to me, is coming through, loud and clear, is that we ALL know the world faces massive problems, we ALL are aware of many of the reasons for this, we ALL know that our government is doing nothing to ensure light at the end of the tunnel and we are ALL frustrated.
    My mind keeps going back to the French revolution – which was not the only REVOLUTION and was pretty bloody – but until we get out in the streets, en masse, and force change IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !!
    On 25 March there is another March in March – let’s hope it will not be too late! – and we need to ALL be out there, on the doorsteps of parliaments and politicians with a list of coherent policies which we must DEMAND should be adopted.
    I have just turned 81 and like John will be unlikely to be here in 20 years time BUT I DO care what will be happening then because I have children, grandchildren AND great grandchildren who will be affected by OUR ACTIONS NOW!
    Sorry for shouting but frustration is building and if we really care, WE MUST STOP TALKING, START PLANNING AND ACT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

  53. Linda47

    PLEASE just delete Harquebus, he is driving everyone to other stories. His comments are ridiculous.

  54. randalstella

    Harquebus, 5th Feb, 12:35
    All the points you raise in that post deserve serious, substantial discussion.
    Maybe you need to go where that can occur.

  55. Roswell

    randalstella, nobody disputes that. As far as I’m aware Harquebus has written a couple of articles here – which we all appreciated – and they were discussed at length.

    Now put yourself in an author’s shoes. How would you like someone rushing in, day after day, publicly criticising you for not writing about what he or she wanted you to write about?

    The authors here can only take so much of it.

    When authors want to stop writing here because of the harassment, when people stop coming here to read the articles and engage with other readers because they know someone will only hijack the thread anyway, then it’s time to put a stop to it.

  56. Shogan

    Remember that old ad “Where do you get it?”…Yeah me too and no matter how much I would like to forget it, it just hangs around like a bad smell.

    Would I buy their product, “No farkin’ way because the message is that annoying I wouldn’t go near anything they’re trying to sell with a 10 foot pole!!”

    The same goes for some responses I see here that are always banging on with the same old tired message so much so that I don’t even bother to read them anymore as my mind has been programmed such that as soon as I see certain names I avoid them as if they’re a steaming fresh dog turd on the footpath.

    That doesn’t stop me walking down the AIMN footpath though as along the way you come across so many good things that far out weigh the steaming fresh dog turds.

  57. randalstella

    Shocked to hear.

  58. Kate Ahearne

    Rosemary, Thank you.

  59. Pat Garnet

    Don’t worry Harquebus, you and your fellow generation will find a way out of this mess, that some of us have caused. Young people have never in my 75 years history, had so much lavished upon them, been parented almost by ‘drones’ if the parents aren’t around, and like all generations before them, they ‘know everything”. Hang up your boots. What you persist in telling us is going to happen, will happen, no matter what (the community) we do. Don’t you follow your local council, State politics and the father of them all the Federal Govt.,? When you have DONE as much as I have in the mixed and varied organisations you will realise the world is run by six players who are chasing a dice round a chess board, and finally THEY don’t know what to do. This is my first foray into this site, have thoroughly enjoyed it, and I must say it’s all just more of the same. THERE IS NO SILVER BULLET, THE GUN IS COCKED ready to go off.

  60. Harquebus

    Pat Garnet
    Thank you and please call again.

  61. LOVO

    Dorothy Dix…in reverse. …jest sayin’?

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