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Day to Day Politics: Here is the answer.

Sunday May 2 2016

1 In my post yesterday I wrote this:

And there was Turnbull on Friday doing door stops saying; “Do we want to reduce emissions? Yes we do”. “Do we want renewables? Yes we do”.

“All the time knowing that there is not an environmental scientist or an economist who thinks we have a hope in hell of reducing our emissions to 23% by 2020”.

A person on Facebook was rather critical of me saying that, “it’s all very well to say these things but you need to back it up with a bit of fact”. I replied that much of my ‘Day to Day’ writing (unless I write on a specific topic) is an overview of what is happening in politics on a daily basis. I am not always afforded the time, nor is it the purpose of my blog, to always get into the nitty gritty of singular subjects.

Rather fortuitously though I came across a piece in the Saturday Guardian by Lenore Taylor, who I regard as the best writer on this subject in mainstream media that duplicates my view.

In it she points out that despite Turnbull’s rhetoric that after a year in office the Coalition hasn’t come up with credible national policy. In fact they wanted to abolish altogether a renewable energy target. And they wanted also to abolish the Renewable Energy Commission.

An observation.

“If we do not take action on the environment and there is no disaster the outcome will be due to luck alone, like someone winning tattslotto”.

She points out the Government’s own officials in a Senate Enquiry last week said they hadn’t done any modelling on how to meet the target Turnbull pledged in Paris for reducing Australia’s emissions out to 2030.

Further, she points to the many reports available and suggests other approaches if the government wants to meet its targets:

“The longer the delays, mired in the grand delusion that his current policy is fit for purpose, and the more he entertains the view of his conservative wing that renewable energy is just some kind of left-wing plot to take the country back to the dark ages, the bigger the economic shock and disruption when Australia finally gets around to doing what it has to”.

As I said Taylor is the best writer on this topic in mainstream media. This view mirrors mine exactly.

2 In the quiet leafy suburb of Elthan in Melbourne Victoria, where I once resided, two groups were meeting. One was welcoming asylum seekers into their suburb and the other protesting their entry.

An observation.

“The Murdoch News Media and large sections of the Australian Conservative parties are to be congratulated for their successful long term character assassination of those who are different”.

My thought for the day.

“If we’re not raising new generations to be better stewards of the environment, what’s the point?”


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  1. Möbius Ecko

    Waiting for Turnbull to blame Labor and their unrealistic renewable targets for the widespread blackouts in southern WA because of stormswind farms.

  2. margcal

    ” ….. the outcome will be due to luck alone, like someone winning tattslotto”.

    Even winning Tattslotto is not down to luck alone. At the very least you have to make the effort to buy a ticket.

  3. Keith

    Not only are the COALition inept through being ideologically driven; they are proving dangerous in relation to a proper policy for climate change.

    It is almost getting to the stage where super storms are hardly being written about in the media. While SA was coping with a huge storm, other parts of the globe were as well. Taiwan, China and the US were also being impacted by extreme storms.
    For example, Typhoon Megi delivered 3 feet of rain in one area and over two feet in others, in the US an area received 7.99 inches in 24 hours. Currently, a Category 4 storm Matthew appears about to hit Jamaica.
    Meanwhile, there are out of season wildfires in Siberia that have been burning for six months. The Russian Government claiming they did not have the resources to deal with these fires.

  4. Harquebus

    We have gone past the problem of limiting climate disruption to now having to cope with accelerating positive feedbacks. There basically is nothing left that we can do except adapt.


    You might be interested in the last ten comments here:

    Calling “Game Over”

    They are all mine.


  5. Keith


    Thanks, I’ve begun viewing your references.

    In relation to storm Matthew, it is now a category 5 storm.

  6. wam

    dear Lord,
    I watched a fabulous game yesterday. Only to be lifted higher, when a coach showed his worth by his invitation to a champion, who was injured in April, to join him on the podium to the accolades of the crowd. Who went wild when luke beveridge put his own medal around bob murphy’s neck. He showed the day was a culmination not a single event(AFL could take note with awards).
    His speech to the members, who have waited since 1954. was so soft and grateful that it still brings a well of emotion to think of it and I am a port adelaide magpie.
    Well to your post,
    I confess that I have a compulsion perhaps mania over the ‘disrespectful’ use of the lower case instead of the capital required for a proper noun. (6 decades of NT rednecks)
    This has required me to look at your posts with a negative eye and, depending on my mood, not always fair. If you or anyone read my guff then please accept my apology for my poor attitude and lack of ability to discuss or argue the insult felt in my head by the lack of use of the proper noun.
    The current carbon tax is using yax payers money because it is pouring money into the polluters who instead of taking their share for work done just take. Wonder if bill can create a simple message about bang for bucks and how gillard had a scheme for the future whilst the rabbott just had a scheme.

  7. paulwalter


  8. king1394

    The reporting of extreme weather events might make people concerned about climate change, so the media has concluded that, unless there are Australian casualties, it is not to be mentioned. Thanks Keith for noting all the worrisome weather being experienced around the globe.

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