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Day to Day Politics: “The AIMN’s Worst Politician Award For 2017” – The Top 10

Friday, January 12, 2018

Polling is open now. I must say that supporters of The AIMN came up with a few names that I hadn’t considered at first blush and all were very worthy of a place. Names such as Feny, Frydenberg, Tudge, Brandis, Porter, Lleyonhjelm, Mc Donald, Abetz and Cash.

One person even asked what is the collective noun for a group of lying, incompetent shysters. Can I suggest “coalition”?

After lengthy consultation with myself I decided that Tudge should replace Bishop on the original list. We then set about eliminating three to make a final list of 10. They are not in any particular order. You have to vote.

The three we eliminated were Fifield, Abetz and Tudge, leaving us with the top 10 as listed:

1 George Christensen for being himself. Not many pollies can achieve that.

2 Sam Dastyari for being too impatient.

3 Tony Abbott for confirming that he was the worst PM the country has ever had.

4 Malcolm Turnbull for being the biggest donor to his own success, if nothing else. And for taking hypocrisy to another level.

5 Chrissy Pyne for his obnoxious behaviour and feeling good about it.

6 Peter Dutton for jailing innocent people and feeling pleased with himself.

7 Greg Hunt together with Josh Frydenberg for being complicit in destroying the environment gets the smiling assassin bullshit nomination – “Hey I’m a nice guy and my family survived the holocaust so believe me when I say coal is our future and ‘we are on target to meet our emissions reduction targets’.”

8 Pauline Hanson. Well, you know.“Someone told me …”

9 Michaelia Cash. Cash gets the Kath and Kim nomination for wanting to be Julie Bishop but not quite pulling it off and for using the AFP as her personal union-bashing goon squad.

10 Barnaby Joyce: the disgusting drunk who preached to the rest of us about family values yet is rumoured to be engaging in ‘non-family values.’

My thought for the day

“What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you for doing it?”

PS: When you think about it, the way we are governed comes down to the way we are led. For that reason I’m voting for Malcolm Turnbull.


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  1. ace Jones

    firstly can we have random alco/drug tests for any & all politicians. Voting on Bills whilst under the influence of alcohol should be a hanging offence, you say that never happens? … but how would you know that?
    Sober people dont seem to behave the way our political elite do

  2. John Lord

    I voted Turnbull.

  3. 2Passw0rd

    I think we need categories John. Dumbest, most dangerous, smoothest liar. Malcolm gets the first 2 for me. 😎

  4. Rossleigh

    Mm, I find myself in a quandary. I’m not sure if I’m voting for the worst politician in the sense that I’m voting for the most miserable excuse for a human being – in which case, I strongly lean towards Dutton – or whether I’m voting for the person who has the least effective record in achieving their political aims without a lot of backlash and compromise – in which case, Turnbull wins hands down.
    Ok, in the spirit of compromise, I’ve combined the two and given my vote to the MIA, Michaelia Cash.

  5. Rossleigh

    P.S. I excluded Barnaby because I thought that he shouldn’t be there…
    Of course, it doesn’t matter where Barnaby appears, I always think that he shouldn’t be there!

  6. devalara

    Turdbull for sure, instead of leading, he is led by this pack of incompetent monsters.

  7. 245179

    Where’s “all of the above” ??

  8. Kaye Lee

    Turnbull et al

  9. Ken

    My vote is for Dutton

  10. John Passant

    So many choices …

  11. Adrianne Haddow

    I can’t settle on one. I need, at the very least, three votes.
    Dutton, Barnaby, Cash.

  12. Keitha Granville

    All should be number 1 – but since the leader has the capacity to rein them all in, it has to be Turnbull.
    He has shown himself to be the weakest link.

  13. wam

    Dear Lord,
    I choose Disastery, the token labor entry, because of the seriousness of his offending attribute.

    (Although I am amazed that Shorten’s dancing wasn’t afforded equality with impatience?)

    Perhaps the loonies mckim and whishwilsons joke about ‘non-denominational seasonal festivity could have given a x-party choice

  14. lawrencewinder

    I had to vote for The Harpy, Cash… it’s the Cockatoo shrillness of the voice allied with near total incompetence and complete arrogance. But the prissy ineffectual Ozone-Hole Hunt of Wiki shame was running a close second.

  15. Ricardo29

    I went for Dutton not only for his sheer, unrelenting bastardry towards refugees but lately his cack-handed entry into the Victorian gangs issue, both matters where he is a proven, pathological liar. Although all are deserving of this John Lord “accolade”, I also wanted to give Michaelia Cash a go because of her politicised trashing of our security organisations.

  16. Adrianne Haddow

    Can I offer you a brown paper bag full of ‘donations’ or a bottle of Grange of suitable price tag, or a lobster dinner, to push my choice to the top?
    Or is that subverting the democratic process?

  17. Arthur Tarry

    Like Kaye Lee – Turnbull et al.

  18. Helen Jennings

    Turncoat, as he has allowed his minions to be such cruel, arrogant, racist, misogynist,elitist pigs at the trough. I loathe them all….and morecash is the most detestable woman I have seen in the lnp…more so than the bitchop sisters.


  19. Kyran

    “After lengthy consultation with myself….”

    As a word of caution, if you are going to use LNP/IPA guidelines for the gathering, analysis and dissemination of data, you may be advised to use the full and correct text, with due accreditation.
    “After extensive, widespread and lengthy consultation with suitably qualified experts, in accordance with all appropriate guidelines, ….”

    As the criteria appears to be causing significant distress and confusion to most readers, it may be of more relevance to start a survey on “The AIMN’s Best Politician Award For 2017”.

    The criteria would be a competent minister who is fully across their ‘brief’, speaks openly and honestly, puts in place all oversight necessary to ensure the integrity and transparency of their portfolio (’s) is beyond question, and behaves in a manner befitting their words.

    According to folklore, there was a precedent set back in February, 2015, whereby a vacant chair was considered a candidate. Admittedly, the ‘vacant chair’ was the only Liberal with the guts to stand up (or sit down, as the case may be) to then opposition ‘leader’ Abbott.

    “Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Liberal Party has met. We have had a ballot. It was properly conducted,” Chief Whip Phillip Ruddock announced immediately following the ballot.
    “The result is very clear. Nos 61. Yes 39. There was one informal. One member away on paternity leave. That seems to me to resolve the matter.”

    So, to save the readership further distress, may I suggest ‘The AIMN’s Best Politician Award For 2017’ goes to the chair? Naturally, feel free to nominate any contenders from the frontbench you consider appropriate to challenge the chair.
    Thank you Mr Lord and commenters. Take care

  20. Phil

    Turnbull wins by a country mile – none of the other amoebas on that list would be there today were it not for his coup on Abbott and his self serving huge fistful from his Cayman tax haven stash.

  21. Joseph Carli


  22. metadatalata

    I agree that the LNP party could all win awards for the shonkiest fraudsters in Australia. There are three ways I prefer to judge their effectiveness in degrading the lives of Australians into the future:

    Cruelty to minority groups: Dutton and our former minister for immigration Scott Morrison have committed acts of cruelty in violation of international laws in the way they have treated innocent asylum seekers and their incitement of racism through MSM interviews over their reign.

    For long-term damage to Australian business competitiveness, Malcolm Turnbull has been single-handedly responsible for hobbling the NBN and at an outrageous cost to taxpayers. Basically he has spent 30 Billion dollars over the original FTTP estimate to turn what would have been a first rate network into a third-world disaster. Many of the large international IP and tech companies will not be offering products in Australia now that our network speeds have slipped below Kazakhstan’s speed. This was a treasonous decision that to this day has had no consequences for Turnbull other than he gets the top political spot in the country. Only in Australia!

    Then we have Hunt and now Frydenburg that have re-defined the role of Environment minister as unfettered environmental destruction rather than protection. This environmental vandalism is going to have the longest term consequences for future generations.
    It beggars belief that all of these ex-lawyers get away with frittering away all Australian’s current and future resources with absolutely no consequences.

    Whether it is Cash’s straight-out lies in the senate or Brandis disgracefully stifling FOI requests as Attorney General to avoid revealing his own complicity in the Bell Group fiasco. Australia’s first law officer overlooking about $300 million of taxpayers funds being siphoned off in a clear breach of the constitution. It is a long list where there are no innocents.

    Clearly, the LNP is a criminal’s who’s who where out-doing each other on corruption and fraud is the order of business.

  23. BearCalledNick

    Cash for me. Her appalling behavior has managed to surprise me. The others, not so much.

  24. MikeW

    Dead heat for the lot of them.
    I agree with ace jones, the whole lot of them should be alcohol and drug tested, especially after their tax payer subsidised lunches. They should not be allowed to drink alcohol in their offices either are they are still in the work place.
    Don’t they have OH&S rules in Parliament?

  25. Michael Taylor

    I voted Barnaby Joyce, mainly because of … ah, bugger it … there were a dozen reasons.

    One who could have easily made the Top 10 is Richard Di Natale. Under his leadèrship the Greens support down, but what pissed me off about him the most was his continued lies about Labor.

  26. Peregrine McCauley

    The AIM’s – Worst Politician Award for 2017 – And the award winning candidate , alas , does not come from the dead heat photo finish , that stalwartly defies modern forensic analysis . No sir . This exquisitely inscribed 18th century hand crafted pewter tankard , with the glass bottom , to enable one to espy one’s enemy , entrancing unexpectedly , richly deserves only one owner . Who pray ? . The one with manufactured casual persona , whose cockroach beady eyes dart back and forth , tirelessly behind hooded lids . Oh ! You mean ……. Yes I mean their longest serving minister . He has held the same portfolio since 1969 . The minister for propaganda . Every election year his printing presses are greased and lubed , in preparation for an all out blitzkrieg bombardment on the gullible greedy electorate . All bow before his Regalness . Including the ATO , whom during the election campaign of 2014 , politely enquired of he , if a gift of $880.000.000 , would suffice to assist the disgorging of his department’s vile venomous vitriol . You guessed it . you The M word . Moriarty . The unelected ruler of the Liberal Party , and the once democratic nation , Australia . Once a Kingdom , now a Fiefdom .

  27. diannaart

    Is Dastyari the worst example from the left? Compared to the plethora of LNP tossers, Sam appears almost angelic.

    Until she is behind bars, my vote for most parasitical from the left is Kathy Jackson – or is this only about elected pollies?

  28. Dee

    Hard to split the first 4 – Abbott, Turnbull, Dutton, Joyce

  29. amethyst3009

    Whilst I agree that these (Can’t think of appropriate word, person doesn’t work for me) belong on The List, I do believe that both Porter and Tudge should be included – for their continuous, on-going NASTINESS to anyone on any sort of welfare. The scandalous robo-debt where the Rule of Law was suspended, and people had to PROVE their innocence and the introduction of the Indue card (which benefits not the card holder but the Indue company – wasn’t there a connection between the owners of Indue and the LNP?) are acts of pure nastiness and viciousness to the most vulnerable of our society.

    However, Dutton got my vote – power-hungry, dumb, lacking in compassion, and with so little nous that he can’t run even a smallish department and now has the biggest Ministry of all

  30. Peter F

    ‘However, Dutton got my vote – power-hungry, dumb, lacking in compassion, and with so little nous that he can’t run even a smallish department and now has the biggest Ministry of all’

    Perhaps Dutton was promoted to (should I say beyond?) the level of his incompetence to remove him as a possible threat to Turncoat.

  31. Matters Not

    Dutton’s at it again:

    Victoria’s “civil libertarian” judges are to blame for youth violence, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says, but he won’t say if his government will offer any funding to help the state out.

    … Mr Dutton blamed the state government for the appointment of judges he says are handing out slaps on the wrist.

    “If you’re appointing civil libertarians to the Magistrates Court over a long period of time then you’re going to get softer sentences

    Coppers don’t like Judges because they are soft on crime. Dutton has no appreciation of the separation of powers – the doctrine that underpins the democratic State. And he is also in pursuit of the leadership. (I hope he gets it because while the LIbs may like him – most voters don’t)

  32. Mrs Noelene Faulkner

    I want to vote for all of them… one wasnt any better than the other !!!!

  33. Florence nee Fedup

    Vote for Turnbull who pretends he is in charge of one of the worse government this country has seen. Turnbull who has managed to survive because there is not a better candidate available to take over. A front & back bench that is made up of so many fighting fractions, that they are unlikely to find any cohesion to vote anyone in or out.

  34. Libs R Liars

    I voted for Peter Dudone but only because Dodgey Tudge wasnt an option… Dodgey’s uncaring performance in regards to the Robodebt debacle and the Benefitless Welfare Card far outstrips nearly all of the rest of the list combined.

  35. Rob

    I refer to my copy of The Hun, Sports Results 1987, found under a carpet, being replaced Liberal National Party “A good Team Effort” Cannot single out individuals as it is patently unfair to those who under perform, are a waste of space and vote along LNP Party Lines on everything !!
    The ‘better players’ Dutton, Bishop Banarnaby turnbull etc etc would be severely disadvantaged for the first time in their insignificant lives if they were unjustly rewarded with the gong for being ‘The Worst Politician in 2017’.

  36. paul walter

    How could you have left Fifield and Tudge off?

    Where is that lunatic bible-thumping refugee from Heart of Darkness, Morrison and the Jellyfish for Defence, Payne?

    The weird Berejiklian, making a late dash on the outside, or that champagne-swilling fake from a Hollywood forties screwball comedy, Bishop?

    My god, no Mad Monk either?

    Let the hangings begin, starting with Turnbull and don’t forget to include Murdoch, for his constant, destructive meddlings.

  37. Alan Luchetti

    Turnbull, the menacing morons’ mendacious muppet; or Berejiklian, the greatest urban vandal Sydney has known and the most rabid looter of public assets NSW has known (probably also a muppet – Tony Shepherd’s muppet)

  38. Rob

    Fifield, Tudge Porter Cash Sinodinos ( I can’t recall), etc etc the list goes on, none of the LNP cabinet is suited to anything involving people and money!

  39. margcal

    I voted for Dutton because he is evil. The rest are all sorts of bad things but not as bad as evil.
    I also think Dastyari has been ‘elevated’ beyond his station. Surely Bishop and others who didn’t make the cut are worse.
    Abbott’s vote is surprisingly low.

  40. Arrgh-El Mulholland

    My initial reaction is to choose Turnbull because of his amply demonstrated complete unsuitability to fill any position of responsibility in parliament. But, I think, the actual “worst” in terms of harm already done, harm being done, potential harm which could be done and total lack of a moral compass must be Dutton.

    Whew, I’m so pleased I got through that without comparing him with any other fascist of note.

  41. Paul Priems

    It has to be Dutton the terrible imitating Ruddick the monster.

  42. diannaart

    @ Arrgh-El Mulholland

    I agree with your comments. Logically, the award should go to Turnbull – he is supposed to be the one with the power.

    While all the above listed have caused harm to people, the economy and the environment (not so sure where Dastyari fits into that criteria, unless there is a section for overly enthusiastic and foolhardy) the biggest prize must go to P Dutton for consistency in unrelenting horror.

    Managed to steer clear of mentioning infamous fascist from the past, whew… besides Dutton is less shouty more insidious.

  43. Pj Nicholls

    Fascist Dictator Dutton MP for Home Affairs… where his tentacles are in every pie…for incarcerating and treating asylum seekers offshore with torture, brutality, starvation, lies and yet more lies about his responsibility in their treatment

  44. fayecox2016Faye

    The Happy Clapper, he of the absolute ignorance of finance, Morrison must surely rate a mention. He hovers around displaying not one whit of the “Christian” belief to which he claims to adhere to . Dutton is beyond description. Evil personified. Cash determined to destroy Unions.Actually the whole bloody lot of the front bench are despicable.
    Leave Sam out please. He was simply silly, not evil.

  45. Marilyn

    The entire ALP/LNP baby trading cartel of racist scum.

  46. christine finlay

    Without doubt the deceitful and dangerous Turnbull,after all he is leading the worst government of all time!!!

  47. Jane

    It is totally unfair to make people work so hard on a hot day. Why can’t we vote for at least five? Decisions, decisions… and if I get it wrong I don’t have any staffers to blame it on and both my parents are deceased. Talk about difficult…

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