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Wednesday 10 January 2018

I must confess to a degree of plagiarism in writing this post. Jack the Insider – writing for the Liberal Party Newsletter (The Australian) – last weekend listed his nominations for worst politician of 2017.

Jack included some state politicians and I guess coming from NSW his bias had to show. Our award, however, is only open to federal Senators and House of Representatives politicians. As the title suggests, its an award for the most stupid.

Even though biased views are not allowed, I could only fit one pollie from the left into my list. Having said that, my list is not final and you the reader can participate. If you think I have missed someone and you think you have a valid reason for their nomination then type it into the comments box. The top ten will be chosen by a committee of one (me), unless the editor overrules me, and will be posted in the form of a poll on The AIMN where anyone can vote.

So here they are in no particular order:

1 George Christensen for being himself. Not many pollies can achieve that.

2 Sam Dastyari for being too impatient.

3 Tony Abbott for confirming that he was the worst PM the country has ever had.

4 Eric Abetz for being one of 11 Senators from Tasmania with nothing to do but be righteous in his own image.

5 Malcolm Turnbull for being the biggest donor to his own success, if nothing else. And for taking hypocrisy to another level.

6 Chrissy Pyne for his obnoxious behaviour and feeling good about being so.

7 Peter Dutton for jailing innocent people and feeling pleased with himself.

8 Greg Hunt for being complicit in destroying the environment.

9 Pauline Hanson. Well, you know.

10 Mitch Fifield. Couldn’t explain giving 30 million dollars of taxpayers money to Rupert.

11 Michaelia Cash for destroying the English language as we know it.

12 Barnaby Joyce for proving that you don’t need intelligence to be deputy PM but being a moron is sufficient.

13 Julie Bishop for trying to destroy the relationship between us and our closest neighbour.

As I said, I may have left out others who are well worthy of a nomination. Use the comments to name them together with a short citation.

My thought for the day.

“There are times in our lives when we need a friend good enough to save us from ourselves.”

PS: OMG I left out that mad science fellow, now whats his name. And Bernardi, and that fellow Nick somebody. I will have to give it more thought.


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  1. @RosemaryJ36

    Malcolm Roberts – for being really stupid!

  2. Chris

    Surely you can’t leave out Nick Xenophon from that list….

    But yeah Malcolm Roberts deserves a dishonorable mention too

  3. Jai Ritter

    Malcolm roberts. Because, it’s Malcolm Roberts. No evidence needed.

  4. Chris

    Josh Frydenberg should be there too.

    and of course the Fizza himself…..oh he is there… being inconsequential.

  5. Glenn Barry

    Malcolm Roberts because rumours based upon empirical evidence suggest that he is a complete imbecile

    However from your list there are so many that would qualify for execution should the necessity and opportunity arise

  6. corvus boreus

    I nominate Alan Tudge.
    As minister for human services, Tudge implemented,the Centrelink ‘robo-deb’ programme, then bloody-mindedly defended and persisted with the process, even through patently obvious flaws in its basic process have led to tens of thousands of vulnerable Australians being landed with completely false debts.
    Tudge has consistently demonstrated pigheaded incompetence combined with a complete lack of human decency.

  7. Adrianne Haddow

    It’s really difficult to cut just one out of the herd of deplorable LNP politicians, but my vote for the worst, and most dangerous, would have to go to Dutton, for his lack of humanity, empathy and reason, his openly racist stance and vilification of anybody not made in his own image, and his determination to run his own form of the Gestapo.

  8. babyjewels10

    George Brandis for arrogantly and “criminally” removing the rights of Australians and for his obnoxious attitude to the people. Though granted he’s shown signs of being human in more recent times.

  9. babyjewels10

    For me it’s a toss up between Christian Porter and Alan Tudge for cruelty to the vulnerable, and ensuring their lives are more stressful, more difficult and more hopeless than I ever imagined.

  10. corvus boreus

    I also nominate senator David Lleyonhjelm, for his megaphone stupidity and unfailingly putrid conduct.
    Leyonhjelm not only gloated over recently deceased victims of both vehicular mass murder and cancer, he topped it off by inviting a serial troll who supports pedophilia to address our national parliament.

  11. Roscoe

    Old MacDonald for never reading reports

  12. Joseph Carli

    I’d drop Dasty’ from the list in light of his most flippant screwball pranks and humour….He was about the best thing going for doorstop interviews..he even made the MSM look less f#ckwit!

  13. John Kelly

    Dutton, for being Dutton.

  14. Terry2

    This coalition of incorrigibles is a joint effort, it’s like one of those human pyramids they build in Italy and Spain, with Fizza at the top.

    Trouble is, there are so many weak links that it is all likely to collapse in a heap very soon !

  15. Harold Hodson

    I vote the entire Liberal national parties

  16. Loed

    Who can you leave out is the big question?

  17. pierre wilkinson

    a special mention to SCOMO for his totally incomprehensible utterances regarding his ruination of our economy

  18. Jon Chesterson

    Sam Dastyari ‘too’ impatient but I’d rather say ‘believing he could change the course of a corrupt Parliament’ but not sure why you single him out as the only non LNP aligned candidate, he is the victim of gross LNP malignancy, hypocrisy and treachery. Labor and Shorten should have stood their ground and have learned little since Rudd vs Gillard.

    Tony Abbott add ‘petulant and brutish and still has no insight or idea into what he has done’

    Malcolm Turnbull add ‘self aggrandisement, penocentric and wanton parliamentary and public masturbation’ to ‘hypocrisy’

    Christopher Pyne replace ‘feeling good about being so’ with ‘and behaving like a spoilt brat and bully’

    Peter Dutton replace ‘feeling pleased with himself’ with ‘smug arrogance, megalomania, outlandish lies, propaganda and cruelty’

    Pauline Hanson add ‘and wish you never had to’ to ‘well you know’

    Michaelia Cash add ‘frightful scowling and treachery unbecoming of a lawyer’

    Barnaby Joyce replace ‘moron’ with ‘brainless obsession with boozing and farting in or on your own seat’

    …and as far as the winner is concerned, No.1 would have to be “I learned nothing at Sydney Grammar School or Oxford University trickle down economics law degree’ Malcolm.

    Please plagiarise what you will, everybody else in Australian and NSW Parliament does.

  19. f1retree

    Many electors see polies as a necessary evil and just ignore them or give them a sidelong glance before returning to the beer at their elbow. I nominate asbestos Julie for barefaced parliamentary robbery and wishing death on innocent victims of asbestos.

  20. OldWomBat

    Scott Morrison for continuing to be absolutely clueless as treasurer and a total hypocrite for punishing anyone who isn’t a millionaire, denying their fundamental humanity, while trumping his so-called Christian values. He deserves utter contempt.

  21. Darrell

    So how’s your sense of Aussie pride then if this bunch of knob-jockeys is the best we can elect. Makes me fear for my grand children’s future. If brains were dynamite, collectively they wouldn’t have enough bang to blow off their hats.

  22. Rocwallaby

    Spoilt for choice, but Mr Potatoehead, Peter Dutton for being a total arse and managing to accrue a frightening amount of power with limited over site.

  23. wam

    Great read today, Lord! Short sharp and shiny(no pun intended) with a truth teller hidden in your thought.

    Criteria is the award based on personal level of intelligence, religious education and training, actions or statements. Are we taking diligence in carrying out duties into account?
    the worst? Meaning the least good?
    the stupid? Meaning lack of intelligence or commonsense
    Is one incident hounded by murdoch enough?

    WTF the amoral suppository of all knowledge satisfies any criteria(disastery is a distant second)

    pps what a sight of donald clapping and all around him clapping.
    Very reminiscent of Jinping or Jong Un. (Although getting fired is not in the same class as getting shot.)
    Must look closely at billy’s and trumball’s next performance?
    There are too many politicians. It is time to cut 9 education ministers to one.

  24. Diane Larsen

    Don’t forget that little upstart Hastie another Abetz in the making with his religious righteous demeanor glowing through

  25. Bowwave

    You become what you focus on, what you think about, what you say, what you eat.
    How about a list of positives from the current crop of LNP, Labor and Greens?

    I nominate Chris Bowen for tackling negative gearing. Labor’s aim to make housing more affordable for new entrants deserves support from the majority of voters.

  26. Leanne.J

    In No Particular Order, my votes are.

    Tony “F#ck You Australia” Abbott, generally being an obnoxious, arrogant, stupid worst prime minister, especially as minister for women.

    Cory “Im Just a dumb lamb” Bernadi, pretends he knows the bible, does not like those who go against him, and Insists everything goes his way or no way.

    George “I don’t know what Meta Data Is” Brandis.. Being apolly that does not know what MD is yet spruiks it to parliament
    to get legislation passed and generally being the Worst if not the dumbest of all legal people in the world.

    Malcolm “Im not a Turdshit Dictator” Turnbull. Being the one and only yellow-bellied, coward, backstabbing health, wealth and
    unemployment rorter of all time, not to mention, totally arrogant, pathetic, and total f#ckup on the world stage not only embarrassing himself, but Decent Aussies as well.

  27. Kaye Lee

    Absolutely impossible choice.

    Malcolm Roberts gets the batshit crazy award but he’s gone.
    Pauline Hanson gets the dumbest award “Someone told me….”
    Peter Dutton gets the nasty lying dog whistling bastard award
    David Leyonhjelm gets the arrogant turkey award – he thinks he’s clever but he is possibly the most puerile person there
    Julie Bishop gets the expensive waste of space award for swanning around the world from one gala event to the next, telling we women we should be pretty and feminine, as her department is decimated.
    Josh Frydenberg gets the smiling assassin bullshit award – Hey I’m a nice guy and my family survived the holocaust so believe me when I say coal is our future and “we are on target to meet our emissions reduction targets”.
    Barnaby Joyce gets the disgusting drunk award for preaching to the rest of us about family values whilst …
    Michaelia Cash gets the Kath and Kim award for wanting to be Julie Bishop but not quite pulling it off and for using the AFP as her personal union-bashing goon squad.
    Abbott and Abetz are yesterday’s men.

    I could go on and on listing the failings of the majority of our current crop of miscreants ….

    But Malcolm Turnbull gets my vote for throwing away every principle he ever espoused so he and Lucy can have their photo taken with celebrities and world leaders. He’s not a leader’s bootlace.

  28. smasheddesign

    well i think we learnt today that we are accomplices in our own misery. Possibly a list of people who actually voted for this cabal of psychopaths?

  29. eefteeuu

    To save time and space John, I would include all members of the coalition.

    Also, I suggest a stupidity award for the idiots who voted for them.

  30. Graeme Henchel

    Morrison for bringing a lump of coal into the house. Looked like a giant turd and I’m not talking about the coal.
    Morrison for doing a poor imitation of George Costanza in a show about nothing, playing an immoral lying loser.
    Morrison for being, well, Morrison.

  31. Graeme Henchel

    What is the collective noun for a group of lying, incompetent shysters? Can I suggest “coalition”

  32. Kronomex

    Put them all in a sealed room and tell them that the air is slowly being removed and the last person standing gets to snuff it with the knowledge that they are greatest and win the award.

  33. kerri

    Michaelia Cash for showing us the true meaning of Peter Duttons text to Samantha Maiden.

  34. townsvilleblog

    Sam Dastyari not for being impatient, but for wanting someone else to pay his travel expenses, this is typical of the right wing of the Labor Party, they are nearly as tory as the LNP.

  35. jim

    Pauline Hanson for palling up to the man that jailed her Toni fn abott.

  36. Frank Smith

    Kaye Lee’s list gets my tick. Malcolm Roberts is really the most STUPID pollie I have ever come across – Trump gives him a run for his money, mind you. Roberts really excelled in publicly displaying his stupidity when arguing science with Brian Cox on Q&A.

    Leader of the overinflated POMPOUS arsehole class is Bookends Brandis – what a great diplomat he will make in Australia House, London.

    Not in the STUPID class, but leader of the dangerous and EVIL class is Dutton, closely followed by his predecessor in that Ministry, Scott Morrison. Enough said, I’d rather cast them from my mind.

  37. John Higgins

    Bananaby Joyce for being a dickhead and a hypocrite decrying the loss of the sacredness of marriage should same sex people be given equal access, and at the same time thrown out of his family home for infidelity with a younger staffer.

  38. Klaus Petrat

    Malcolm Turnbull for letting all the idots, you guys mentioned above, run riot, because of lack of spine and character.

  39. Regional Elder

    For this particular award John Lord, such an impressive field, that as Kaye Lee notes, it becomes almost an impossible task with this embarrassment of so many more than worthy nominations.

    But on balance, I would award it to the man who paid a couple of million for his Prime Ministership before the last election, that ‘hot-shot’ lawyer, who will argue black is white for a fee or for a self-serving political cause , and, who provides a wonderful model to international corporations who pay no tax in this country, by having most of his financial resources tucked up safely in the Cayman Islands well quarantined from the ATO.

  40. Annette Schneider

    The “most stupid” has simply got to be “sanctity of marriage” spruiking Barnaby, for having unprotected sex with his young, newly married staffer without first assuring himself that she would be willing to have an abortion like his previous staffer did. #TimesUp for Barnaby, the #RedOctopus.

  41. diannaart

    Malcolm Turnbull because the buck stops with him.

  42. JohnI

    For me, it has to be Joyce. It’s painfully embarrassing to have that gronk as my local MP. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to give Joyce a few awards of my own:

    The Gutless Wonder Award for squibbing abstaining from the Marriage Equality vote because his personal view didn’t match the majority view of his electorate.

    The I Didn’t Know That Award for saying that he believed in the “traditional” definition of marriage, which apparently includes having a bit on the side at work.

    The No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Award for his treatment of Darren Chester, who executed his duties as Infrastructure Minister diligently and honestly and was one of the first to campaign alongside Joyce in his by-election. So, in the subsequent reshuffle Chester was chucked out of Cabinet because Joyce wanted his portfolio.

  43. Harry

    \I think this can be summarised as:


    (PS. Sorry about the caps)

  44. Cool Pete

    Dutton, for being an arsehole, abbott, for being a dickhead, devil incarnate porter, (see abbott), hanson, for being an effwit without an education.

  45. Jack Russell

    Haven’t read anything for a while that’s mentioned Kelly O’Dwyer, but I think she deserves something simply for making me turn my TV off. Arrrgh!

  46. Glenn Barry

    @Johnl – Barnaby – Gronk – GREAT WORD

  47. Howard Hansen

    Poorleen hanson’s questioning on the topic of that “pump-jet thingy” towards the admiral of the navy?

  48. margcal

    I totally agree with Loed: “Who can you leave out is the big question?”

    In terms of voting, I’m with Harold Hodson: “I vote the entire Liberal national parties”

  49. Bucket

    Dutton by the length of the Flemington straight. He is the worst ( and most dangerous ) Federal minister I have seen in 45 years of watching Oz politics. He would have made a fine police minister under Bjelke Peterson.

  50. Elaine Fardell

    Dutton. He makes Hitler look like a sweatheart. Scary scary man.

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