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Day to Day Politics: What would you do then?

Friday 3 March 2016.

I found this list by Michael John Deller on Facebook. It’s serious but in a quirky sort of way he is suggesting what he would do if he were leading the nation.

At first I thought it was a bit over the top but then I thought there are probably what I shall call “leader’s lists” inside everyone’s head. I would, for the sake of discussion, ask that you might add some of your own priorities to Michael’s list or comment on his. It’s all open for discussion.

You might say no 16 is a stupid idea or I agree with No7. Anyway, as I said, it’s all open for discussion. I don’t agree with everything but it’s a better list than the IPA’s.

1 Triple bottom line accounting mandatory.

2 Full freedom of information, NO exception.

3 Full referendum before deployment of any forces, advisors included.

4 Secret ballot in all chambers of governance.

5 Truth in All media, Punitive fines applicable.

6 A Constitution setting out Rights and Duties.

7 Taxation based on every entity, religious included,

as per the individual.

8 Any public servant found to be engaged in malfeasance to suffer the full force of the law.

9 All senior public servants to be fully audited.

10 Removal of politician’s pensions. Period.

11 A super profits tax.

12 Punitive taxation to scale up over 10 times the basic wage.

12 Judges to be retired after 65.

13 Removal of all subsidies from government to private sector.

14 Removal of subsidies to private schools.

15 Removal of subsidies to private health insurance.

16 Decriminalisation of all drugs.

17 All enforcement officers to be body crammed at start of work and all enforcement places of work to be crammed and streamed.

18 CSIRO to be charged with making the Nation ready for the coming environmental collapse.

19 The removal of pesticides and agricultural chemicals from the food chain.

20 Full indexation of welfare payments.

21 Implementation of Public housing with the goal of shelter for all.

22 The removal of cost shifting and tax shifting.

23 Every shred of DNA upon this continent and its shelves to be protected, NO exception.

24 Full audit of biodiversity and directed force to ensue failing populations of any groups to be reinvigorated.

25 All food imports whether finished or as ingredient to be batch tested as per safety and the definition of purity to be vigorously enforced.

26 Nationalisation of all gas fields and ban the export of all energy sources, coal, gas, uranium.

27 Mandated National goal to be zero carbon footprint, certainly by 2050.

28 Mandated renewable power grid by 2040.

29 Full rights and protections for ALL animals.

Nobody has an ownership of ideas. Feel free to add your own or discuss others.

My thought for the day

“The exchange and intellectual debate of ideas needs to be re energised and it is incumbent on everyone to become involved”

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  1. Vaughan

    60 hour trading week 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. 30 hour full-time working week.

  2. Pilot

    30. Liberal National Party to be declared a noxious pest and eradicated from this country as a matter of urgency.

  3. Möbius Ecko

    Universal Basic income.
    The aim of government should always be full employment. And no, 1 hour a week is not employment.

    The one I agree with the most is Truth in Media. Like it has done in Canada, Truth in Media laws would see Murdoch have no presence or influence in the country.

  4. Johno

    Military spending reduced to almost nothing, leaving enough for a small peace keeping force.
    Foreign aid increased.
    Complete ban on logging or clearing any native vegetation.

  5. Terry2

    12 Judges to be retired after 65.

    Just hearing on the news that the new US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions aged 70, was unable to recall that he had two meeting with the Russian Ambassador during the run-up to the election despite telling the vetting committee that he had no contact whatsoever with the Russians.

    I thought, silly old bugger then realized that he is some years younger than me.

    As you probably know, Australian judges already have a mandatory retirement date of 70.

    PS: Disclaimer :- I definitely have not had any contact with the Russians…………that I can recall !

  6. helvityni

    Hearing the sad news about the three homeless people burnt in a disused factory, made me sad and angry,,,

    Find or build affordable housing for all, and why not in the meantime make use of those unused factories as temporary dwellings…but only temporarily…

    And now to my other pet hate: ban all private schools and make ALL PUBLIC schools better…

  7. Klaus Petrat

    27/28 should be 1/2

  8. Johno


  9. helvityni

    Our healthcare professionals to start taking our obesity epidemic seriously, it’s not about looks it’s about being healthy.
    Cheap or free dental care for all children up the age…? In Denmark it’s up to eighteen or twenty…

    We see Oz as wealthy country, let’s share the wealth of our natural resources a bit, or is it already too late… I don’t think they have poor people in Norway anymore.. 🙂

    The Libs speak of clean and nuanced coal, can we ALL have a bite of it…..

  10. Keitha Granville

    Love this.
    Definitely 27/28 as 1/2 – without protection of the planet none of the rest matter.
    All elected members of parliament MUST represent the electorate’s views on issues, not their own.
    No allowances of any kind for MPs. Pay them enough to cover basic travel, accommodation.
    Same super rules as everyone else.
    Nothing after they leave parliament.
    No 457s – train Australian workers.
    Empty all detention facilities of genuine refugees.
    Nothing wrong with private schools – but they shouldn’t attract public money
    TOTAL separation of church and state
    I reckon we could all go on and on. It’s time for the parliament to listen to the people.

  11. bearbrooke

    A great dream. None of it will happen. We have a government that is under the control of the same giant corporations that govern the USA and helped put Fascist leaning Trump in office — oil, mining, agro-business, and pharmaceutical corporations are trashing the environment and tearing apart democracies world wide. They’ll certainly not allow democracy to flourish in Australia.

  12. Keitha Granville

    I fear you are right bearbrooke – but then I think of the Bolsheviks. People power.
    We could do so much with collective will

  13. Möbius Ecko

    bearbrooke, you forgot a couple of the biggest, banking and the military–industrial complex, with banking being the top of the tree over and above all the others.

  14. helvityni

    …and no more humiliating, inhumane people swaps a la ‘you take our Arabs and give me your South Americans’ . Otherwise Trump might want to send all American blacks to Africa, and take a same number of their whites…

  15. jim

    Our democracy and our politics and our own politicians to be taught about and issues debated in all schools.
    this would help prevent us going to war on lies.

  16. Steve Laing

    Not sure about 29. I don’t know if I’d give heart worm or mosquito’s full rights and protections. And there are pesticides which are completely natural, so again, not sure about that either. But I agree largely with the intent.

    More decision making based on science, not opinion. More pilot testing of new concepts with proper controls and measurements before wider roll out. Business cases for all major projects to be properly conducted, not just Labor ones.

    The secret ballot is an interesting one, as it shouldn’t be required. The fact that it is suggests that the system is open to abuse (i.e. pressure being exerted over those voting). I’d rather ban political parties and the blinkered thinking that seems part and parcel of that approach. I think it is important that we have full transparency over how our own representatives have voted, and they should be accountable for that. But that needs changes to the system, as currently they just vote based on party line rather than on evidence and reasoning, although this isn’t entirely surprising because they are asked to vote on issues that are developed in echo chambers and are generally designed to force people in positions, not solve problems.

  17. seaworks

    As a supposedly 1st world country how is it possible for a 95 year old woman to be left lying on the floor on a makeshift bed of towels for hours in Hobart.
    We can find obscene amounts of money for useless aircraft from the US and a fleet of submarines that will probably be never used but allow this to happen to our citizens.

  18. John

    There is a conflict implicit in
    23 Every shred of DNA upon this continent and its shelves to be protected, NO exception
    24 Full audit of biodiversity and directed force to ensue failing populations of any groups to be reinvigorated.

    The depredations of cats, rabbits, foxes and other ferals are responsible for a large and continuing loss of biodiversity.

    1. ALL policies will be based on evidence.

  19. David Fernleigh

    I like to cancel all politicians entitlements and change it to genuine business expenses only. No living away from home expenses if they are staying in accomodation owned by themselves, other family members or even friends. Only allowed to travel on commercial airlines ( business class maximum). All to be paid for themselves and justification/receipts to be submitted to independent body(not appointed by the government) for approval/rejection.

  20. Maeve Carney

    I’m not sure that the removal of subsidies for private health insurance would ultimately benefit the government’s bottom line. The rebate helps us afford and keep our private health insurance. Without it we’d have no private insurance and that would be one more family completely dependant on the public system. The rebate we get costs the government less. The rebate is means tested anyway. It isn’t just rich people who have private insurance.

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