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Day of Action for Public Housing

Day of Action for Public Housing

Parliament House Sydney

1pm Wednesday 14 September 2016

“Public housing is a social asset which should be cherished, not used as real estate for profit as the NSW Government is doing,” said Denis Doherty from Action for Public Housing.

“The Baird NSW Liberal Government is destroying public housing at Millers Point, Waterloo, the Ivanhoe Estate near Macquarie University, Glebe and other smaller sell offs.

“Action for Public Housing has grown out of that destruction. Our aim is to organize the fight back against the destruction of public housing, to defend homes, communities and local small businesses against the greed of developers and their political friends,” Denis Doherty said.

“Millers Point is well known to the people of Sydney yet many in our city do not realise that there are still tenants at Millers Point fighting eviction and social cleansing,” said Barney Gardiner representing Millers Point tenants.

“The Sirius building is now the main battlefront where very old and frail people face heartless eviction for no good reason other than greed,” Barney said.

“The proposed metro line with a station at Waterloo has become the excuse to evict over 4,000 people from their homes and send them to far off places which will destroy the community,” said Richard Weeks from the Waterloo Public Tenants Action Group.

A March and Rally is planned to support public housing on Wednesday 14 September, 2016.

Assemble 12.30 pm Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park North.

March to Parliament House, Macquarie Street.

1pm rally.


Ms Tania Mihailuk, Shadow Minister for Housing (ALP)

Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain (Greens)

Barney Gardiner from Millers Point

Richard Weeks from Waterloo

Joe Deakin from the Maritime Union of Australia


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  1. Lorraine Stansfiewld

    Shame on them.

  2. wam

    Greed is right up there with breathing, as an essential part of liberal life.
    I was brought up in a trust home when they were offered for sale only 2 in our street could afford to buy. All but these have been knocked down and developed. It is great memory to drive through Woodville West and see the smattering of old red bricks houses with gardens amongst the modern block fillers.

  3. townsvilleblog

    To my knowledge the L&NP don’t even have a Minister for Housing, they are far too busy shoveling as many of “our” taxpayers dollars into the taxed-not’s corporate Australia, to have any concern for the Australian “people” they are absolutely hopeless on “people” issues, such as public health or education, “let them eat cake” seems to be their arrogant attitude.

  4. Carol Taylor

    The problem with public housing is that it provides competition for developers. These are the developers who front up to Council with their development plans arguing for match-box size developments, teaspoon size blocks of land, no public open space and/or minimal size apartments. Housing is unaffordable they bleat, therefore (and as a public service *choke*) we must provide small, small, small which of course means big, big, big profits. Affordable? Hardly.

    Public housing provides the dreaded C thing equals Competition and therefore a downward driver on house prices, something to be avoided at all costs.

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