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Dangerous Labor-Green Renewables to blame for everything says LNP

The LNP is expected to announce today that even though the spate of blackouts and potential power outages across the country over the past few days cannot be attributed to using renewable energy – this doesn’t mean that dangerous Labor-Green backed Renewables aren’t to blame.

When asked for further details about what it was that renewable energy sources were actually to blame for, a government spokesperson said that they were still looking into it but that:

  • Solar Energy was known to obtain its power from the Sun which is largely held responsible for the heatwaves across Australia over the last few days;
  • Hydro Energy was being investigated for its failure to release sufficient water to control the fires that had broken out across the country, and particularly in NSW, suggesting that it may have aided and abetted Solar Energy. It is also wanted for questioning in relation to major flooding that has occurred in WA.
  • More than one Wind Turbine was spotted in the vicinity of heatwaves experienced across the country. The government spokesperson said that a potential link to ISIS had not been ruled out.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” said a government spokesperson, “And our policy positions – I mean our investigations – lead us to believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that dangerous Labor-Green Renewables did it. Just exactly what they did is as yet unclear. But when we’ve had our spin meeting – I mean our update meeting – later today, I’m sure we’ll able to tell you.”




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  1. Ill fares the land

    Good, witty piece. And disturbingly accurate as well.

    I think our MSM should be drawn and quartered for its slavish reporting of what amounts to abject lies by the LNP. This has been a concerted campaign by the LNP since the statewide SA blackout in late-2016. The LNP can’y in any way back up its claims, but they are printed as “truth” by the mainstream media. The AEMO should be slaughtered for its role in SA’s load-shedding debacle last week, but it allows Turnbum and Friednburnt to dominate the “debate” and promulgate the notion that the problems of last week were the fault of “renewables” and in turn the fault of Labor – the attempt to ridicule federal Labor with guilt by association is simply puerile and gutter politics at its most egregious, but the LNP gets away with it.

    The tragic reality is that those inside the SA electricity sector knew, as far back as 1996, that SA’s involvement in the National Grid was going to result in price-gouging and supply manipulation by the bigger generators interstate once SA joined the grid – Vic has always been able to access better grade coal more cheaply than could be achieved in SA with Leigh Creek – putting aside the pollution issues monentarily. This is about market manipulation and the AEMO (a Federal body) not acting in the interests of consumers, not about the interests of the consumer and the LNP is, yet again, allowed to lie its way to the moral high ground without any independent analysis.

    I look forward to Pattinson having a go at Labor SA and by extension Labor federally for its renewables policy on Q&A this evening – I would bet money on him vomiting the farcical and blatantly false LNP line – even if the question of electricity prices and the power market isn’t asked by the audience.

  2. Kate M

    Agree IFTL. I was inspired to write this piece after hearing the ABC interview with Steve Ciobo this morning where he inferred that renewables were to blame for all the blackout issues across the land – and this went completely unchallenged!!!!!!

  3. Steve Laing - makeourvoiceheard.com

    Gold! If we just ate more coal, particularly the clean coal that our esteemed Treasurer brought into the house which left no marks on anyone who touched it (perhaps it only soils dirty poor people), then everything would be lovely!

    Of course the various COALition members will continue to lie, and do what their donors/clients tell them. Isn’t that what all good lawyers, like our venerable PM, do?

    It is high time that journalists were made to be a proper profession, with proper professional standards, and that breaching such resulted in the removal of their journalistic license. That might make them start to stop opining and start reporting. It is time that our politicians were properly held to account in the public arena – and that means journalists actually doing their job. It is no wonder that people are more likely to believe fake news when so much of it is produced by “professional journalists”.

  4. Kate M

    Hear hear Steve.

  5. Johno

    Unfortunately for us, climate change will have the last laugh with these idiots.

  6. helvityni

    Steve Laing, I have never eaten clean or dirty coal, but I’m confident it’s not moreish…

    Therefore I’m all for eating it, it might at least solve our obesity epidemic,( if nothing else) and the health problems it causes would be slowly disappearing..

  7. Johno

    Good roughage to be sure. Anyone with constipation, tuck in.

  8. Sir ScotchMistery

    Or bulls that do the shitting in parliament

  9. Jason Howe

    renewable energy: from a provider perspectiv canbe done though looking at us providing back into the grid, not gong to happen anytime soon as it would require significant investmanr both by state and federal Giv and utility Co’s to invest in it…

    unless you are investing in batteries Solar is a pointless option for consuer perspective aswill wind, water is a standing joke because it requires running water to generate power..

    no wind makes wind impractical..

    unless you intend to live within the rea.m of 12/24/48/96 vdc you wwill not see much use for wind, solar or water power..

    As for climate change that’s been a red herring since the Kyoto accord, most western nations are ignoring because it turns into a taxing credit ponzi scheme

    asfor the journo’s each are trying to save their own necks sad to there hasn’t been credible reporting for 3 decades is not longer,

    as for the farce that got Dear Malcolm Turnbull elected, people who put him there may find themselves in the docks for treason so becareful in what you wish for withiin a political scape as from what I’ve seen in the last 2 decades is seeing that nobody in iv today doesn’t have the political backing to hold either a majority nor minority government

  10. Vikingduk

    Not all media complicit, SMH today —- energy crisis Turnbull, ministers knew SA shutdown not due to wind power

    A FOI request by Australia Institute reveals email trail government ignored confidential public service advice stating that renewables were not the cause of blackout.

    Advice to government dated Sept. 29, 2016 —- the day after SA blackout —- suggested the problem had not been wind generation but rather 20+ towers being monstered.

    Everyone of these lying bastard “honourable ” members knew the truth as the email trail clearly shows.

    Australia Institute exec. director, Ben Oquist . . . “AEMO had told federal public servants and political advisers that renewable energy was not to blame for the blackout. But instead of informing the people of SA of this fact, both the energy minister and prime monster chose to push a false narrative about wind power”.

  11. Owen H

    I got much amusement from this article, well done & oh so true. Remember if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes truth. I even think that the LNP at times refers to Mein Kampf as inspiration for their form of governing. Unfortunately the rise of the Far Right within our political system has become something of a nightmare come true. Backwards policy & removal of basic humans is standard practice for this mob. We could have jobs created in the field of renewable energy technologies but jobs & growth (never mind the near on 20% of under/unemployment rate in Australia) apparently only ever come from the mining sector.

  12. Harquebus

    It is economic, GDP and population growth meeting the diminishing returns of energy production and resources. It was always going to happen. It’s just maths and to blame the farce that is “renewable energy” as the true cause is also farcical.
    Powering down is what is required.

  13. Gangey1959

    A large proportion of the 1.75 bazzillion rooobles that shining light of the known galaxy trumbles paid for his padded hind-quarters was spent on the Robot from ”Lost in Space”.
    ”Warning people of Australia, (imagine flailing arms and insert subject matter here). ”’
    One banarnarby joke was seen trying to extract his beetroot from the glass bowl at the top, while the lnp were trying to convince the nationals that Australians wouldn’t notice the difference if a tie was placed on the Robot and it sat beside the trumbler in the House.
    More to come on the television News at 6 courtesy of voldemurdoch.
    I wouldn’t lie to you.
    I’m not covered by Parliamentary Privilege.

  14. silkworm

    The lying Grattan Institute also supports the government’s position.

    Friednburnt – love it!

  15. Wayne Turner

    NoBalls and many others in the COALition have misled parliament and must go…

    Most of the COALition’s MSM have promoted this lie.Such as that dickhead Chris Liarmann from their ABC.

  16. cartoonmick

    Kate, you’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg (which has not yet melted).

    AND I might say, thank God for the Coalition who bring these things to our attention.

    If it wasn’t for their accurate and in-depth answers to Journo’s questions, we would never know about Labors bad policies and opinions.

    We’re such a lucky lot.

    That Labor mob should be blamed for so many things. And not just recently and today or tomorrow, but next week and next year and . . . ..

    When will it end? Cartoon answers that question . . . . . . .

    Editorial / Political


  17. jagman48

    Can Jason please explain what he means. I got lost somewhere from boredom.

  18. wam

    a beaut idea kate there is no doubt in the minds of the believing idiots that the labor policy is to blame(the vote in 2009 is forgotten so ‘green’ is just added for the loony scare value).

    It is significant that Qld, Vic and SA oppositions blame labor renewable policy for the black outs and vow not to make the same mistakes.

    It is even more significant that the pm displayed his rabbottude in quoting reports he hasn’t read because aemo clearly identifies its ineffective processes

    Third Preliminary Report: dec 16
    ‘A major problem identified was the lack of detailed procedures on how to operate the power system’

    ‘Awareness of upgraded weather forecasts
    As indicated in this report, an upgrade to the weather forecast received later in the day did not trigger a
    reassessment. While analysis indicates such a reassessment would have been likely to confirm the
    earlier assessment, the failure to undertake a reassessment has highlighted a weakness in AEMO’s

    ‘A major issue identified was that the operation of QPS failed due to the use of switching procedures
    during the actual restart that differed from the ones used to test the restart source earlier in 2016. ‘

    ‘Despite a successful test earlier in the year, the Mintaro SRAS source was unavailable due to the
    failure of a low voltage generator.’

    ‘There were also specific difficulties with generators receiving dispatch targets which were below the
    minimal stable load of their plant. ‘

    ‘AEMO’s experience gathering data for the investigation of this incident has highlighted a need to
    improve the process.’

    ps I didn’t understand all of the report and selected sections that I consider showed the aemo’s profit first and last(there is bigest mobs of ‘need to find cost effective…’) was the chief culprit, after the weather, in the SA blackouts

  19. nurses1968

    How a conversation with Tony Abbott sealed Cory Bernardi’s Liberal Party exit

    “Bernardi first sensed a problem in 2009, when during a heated and divisive partyroom debate on whether the Coalition should support Kevin Rudd’s emissions trading scheme, one of his colleagues, the now deceased West Australian MP Don Randall, rose to his feet and said: “I don’t give a stuff about the national interest, I want to get re-elected and this needs to go away.”

    Bernardi went back to his Senate office and wrote down the quote. He never forgot it. It was the beginning of the end.”


    Randalls outburst ahout be printed on all Liberals T-Shirts as it seems to be a hereditary way of thinking

    “”I don’t give a stuff about the national interest, I want to get re-elected and this needs to go away.”
    burn those words into your brain when you think of LNP lowlifes

  20. kristapet

    This is how ridiculous the LNP is – only satire can reveal it – don’t be misled, don’t be mistaken, the, LNP, thinks, you, will, believe, anything!They have Pauline Hanson in their back pocket to prove it!

  21. Johno

    I was doing my daily look at climate change stuff and found this,

    “One of the things that Corey Bernardi finds most attractive in Trump is an aversion to environmentalism and the science of climate change, which they both see as part of the “green agenda”

    Why the hell do these people find environmentalism so threatening ???

  22. Kevin Guy

    I am sick to death of hearing all the BS the LNP spew about renewables. They support Coal because they get big kickbacks from their mining mates. Australia is well placed to utilise Wind, Solar, Tidal and yes the ‘N’ word Nuclear. What is wrong with Thorium (apart from the fact it can’t be weaponised) we don’t need to use Uranium powered reactors!

    What’s wrong with Tidal energy generation for base load electricity, Australia has so much coast, we could build hundreds of Tidal power plants and we wouldn’t even know they were there, as long as we have oceans and a moon we are going to have tides. All we need is a big hole or an inlet and some Tidal Turbines and that is pretty much it!

    What’s wrong with Molten Salt for heat storage generated by Solar mirror banks, what’s wrong with Mega battery banks for storage of power generated by Solar Panels or Tidal or Thermal. Australia could do all of these things if we didn’t have such backward looking Coal Fired, Steam Powered, Politicians.

    The science is proven, unlike the stupid Carbon Sequestration that the idiots keep putting forward. Carbon Sequestration is potentially the most dangerous idea of all and will cost significantly more to develop than any of the aforementioned methods. Open Cut coal mines are an accident waiting to happen, look at Morwell, we are quite lucky the fire didn’t get so big it couldn’t be put out. There are Coal mine fires burning all over the world… they can’t be put out! They will burn until all of the coal is gone.

    Why are we governed by Fools!?

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