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Me? A Culpa? or Abbott Thinks That Getting On His Knees Means That He’ll Automatically Be Forgiven

When our PM said: “I have no theological objection to nuclear power”, I have to say that I agree with him.

I mean, I’ve checked out the commandments – all ten of them – and I’ve found no prohibition on nuclear power. Working on the Sabbath, yep. Worshipping the wrong god, sure. Even killing seems to be against God’s law. But nuclear energy. Nup, not a word against it.

And even the New Testament fails to condemn nuclear power. It does – in one of Paul’s little missives to the faithful – suggest that it would be better if people didn’t marry, even if they’re not gay. But nuclear energy, nothing.

Ok, I suppose that some of you are going to suggest that Mr Abbott meant either “theoretical” or “ideological” and just confused the two. And some of you are probably going to draw unfavourable comparisons to George W. Bush. Ok, that’s your democratic right in a country that still allows free speech – unless it’s deemed an operational matter by the Attorney General and, so far, it appears that suggesting our PM is more gaffe prone than Dubya doesn’t jeopardise national security. (If ASIO tell me otherwise I’ll let you know – providing letting you know what I’m not allowed say doesn’t jeopardise national security either) However, you have to consider the fact that Mr Abbott knew exactly what he was saying and that he actually had no “theological” objections. After all, why else is he opposed to gay marriage, if not on theological grounds?

So there you have it – no theological problem with nuclear power. However, he did go on to add that a country like Australia doesn’t need it, given our vast natural oil, coal and gas reserves. Yep, we’ve certainly got large suppositories of fossil fuels. And you know where you can stick your objections.

But on matters theological, Mr Abbott also confessed yesterday, and, as we all know, that’s an automatic get out of jail free card. All you have to do is genuinely repent and you’re forgiven.

And Mr Abbott certainly sounded genuine:

Yes, it was a broken promise but when I made it I didn’t know that Joe was actually right about the “Budget Emergency”. because most of the other Liberals were lying through their teeth.


I know I said we’d be a “no excuses” government but that was before I realised exactly how bad Labor was going to be in Opposition. And The Greens. And let’s not forget the way that commodity prices have dropped. So I’ll just mention these and then say, these are not excuses, they’re just the reasons I haven’t been able to keep my promise.


While I accept that the polls are bad, that’s only because people don’t realise that I’m doing all this for Australia, because, well, people are just very selfish and don’t realise that paying more things may be good for them in the long run… Unless it’s a tax like the Carbon Tax which added $4 billion to every household’s budget.

So, Mr Abbott has confessed that he has failed to keep his promise on the ABC and SBS and he isn’t making excuses. As he said, “The buck stops with me”, so those lefties can’t expect any more bucks now that the buck has stopped.

So now he’s telling the truth about his broken promises instead of lying, we should all forgive him, and tell him to get up off his knees and start governing and do the things he promised.

Like a stronger economy? Is rising unemployment an indication of that? Or a Budget surplus? Is the $35 billion blowout Labor’s fault?

Or was stopping the boats and handing over control of the media to Murdoch the only ones he considered “fundamental”?


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  1. Geoff Andrews

    “Yep, we’ve certainly got large suppositories of fossil fuels. And you know where you can stick your objections.”

    Right up the repository? ….presumably right next to the theology.

  2. DanDark

    Tony Abbott ” in time the public will be more appreciative than they are now”
    Tones the public appreciates that you just don’t appreciate the intelligence of the public and have underestimated their astuteness when it comes to lying men in suits and the one woman who pretend to be politicians….

    One TermTony………..Tones will appreciate that title in the future more than he does now….

  3. bobrafto

    I haven’t seen any TV reports and I’ve read a few articles and in none of them has Abbott admitted to a lie. In regard to the ABC, he said, “What I said prior to the election is at odds to what has happened” or words to that effect.

    When is someone going to get him to say “Um, er, it was a lie’.

    Now that would be a true confession instead of dancing around the issue and making a bigger and bigger goose of himself.

  4. Win jeavons

    He is so one-eyed and biased he can’t understand normal thinking humans.

  5. lyne fomiatti

    Wonder if Tony Tony will ever realise that ‘adults’ eventually stop blaming their parents for their own failings…. Bet he will never be adult enough to stop blaming Labor… Such a silly, silly, little child….

  6. Gilly

    Methinks the only buck that stops with the rabid one is one out of the trough.

  7. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Rabid Abbott,

    I thank you warmly for your inability and sadly, your lack of commitment, to make what is right for the greater good for the greater number of Australians.

    The voters had a brain fade 13 months ago, but they can’t be made to suffer for three whole years for it.

    So thank you for making your LNP Degenerate Government and your own position so untenable that we will have the new election before we know it. Maybe even a Double Dissolution!

    That’s why it is essential that the Greens, Labor, progressive parties and organisations, as well as sane Independents, to get a working alliance going now so they have it ship shape and offering viable, humanitarian,socio-economic and socially just policies for people of all demographics.

    Thanks again Tony (and a warm hello to you too Peta!)

  8. Salstarat

    I found it nauseating watching the psychopath, Abbott, DESPERATELY trying to FEIGN sincerity in what passed for the most hollow, spurious apology since Nixon’s half-hearted sniffle about Watergate! Abbott has as much emotional depth and compassion as Hannibal Lecter and is just as trustworthy. The way Abbott and Hockey ALWAYS turn their disgraceful LIES and woeful inability to push through the WORST, most regressively unfair austerity budget in the western world back around then come out with a thoroughly reprehensible and barely disguised criticism of Australian citizens who absolutely REFUSE to have a bar of their internationally disgraced budget and discredited policies, is absolutely staggering and shows the level of their colossal arrogance! Get it through your thick head Abbott and Hockey, the overwhelming majority of Australians DESPISE everything you stand for! Your elitist, penny pinching, unfair budget goes against everything Australians stand for in an egalitarian society! Your myopic, short sighted policies have FAILED and FAILED ABYSMALLY … yet you STILL keep pushing and pushing trying to get them passed. IT WON’T HAPPEN !!! Move on, Abbott! Your gigantic sense of entitlement, HUGE ego and born-to-rule mentality will not allow you to LISTEN TO THE ELECTORATE … this cost YOU the State of Victoria and, believe me, Abbott .. you were the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM at the Victorian State election campaign. Australians have voted and you have been soundly REJECTED! The Federal election is going to crucify you, Abbott … you are a dead man walking!

    Your loathsome government have achieved NOTHING … absolutely NOTHING in 14 months of chaotic rule!

  9. David

    As a Catholic I find it doubtful, in fact very doubtful Abbott believes he can lie his filthy mouth off practically daily and merely pop off to the the nearest Church and ask the Priest or whoever he goes to see these days, now that Pell is no longer available, for instantaneous forgiveness. With the required proviso to be truly feeling sorrow and with the declared honest promise to refrain from lying again, more stupid confessing persons than Abbott know habitual breaking of the sacrament will not allow forgiveness.
    As a Seminary student close to final vows he more than most knows the rules.
    So for mine he mocks the Confessional which as a Catholic is worse than just going for the sake of instant absolution.

    Non Catholics probably regard all that as mere jobber jabber, to Abbott it should be very serious.Even more telling so to speak, Confession in many Catholic Parishes is an open room, face to face discussion. No longer in a little dark box enveloped in supposed anonymity.

  10. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes Salstarat,

    again, you say so beautifully what I feel about these Abbott & LNP Degenerate monsters.


    if he knowingly mocks the Confessional, how does he gain true absolution?

    Maybe the poor dear is sick in the head and don’t know what he do!

  11. mars08

    Although I don’t personally follow any religion… it really bothers me when people try to paint Abbott as a genuine Christian. Above all else he’s a gormless jerk… anything else is just incidental.

    Sort of like THIS guy, who apparently was NOT a terrorist… (and I tend to agree)

    AUSTIN – A Texas man who shot up downtown Austin buildings and tried to burn the Mexican Consulate before he was gunned down by police harbored extremist right-wing views and appeared to be planning a broader attack against churches and government facilities…

  12. Margaret McMillan

    Me? A Culpa? That deserves some sort of prize Rossleigh. Still laughing.

  13. Blanik

    David, you say ‘more stupid confessing persons than Abbott know habitual breaking of the sacrament will not allow forgiveness …” The entire front bench are a bunch of lying catholics: lying every time their lips separate.

    What are we non catholics meant to think for crissake. I’m 75 years old and my parents warned me about catholics which I largely ignored until fourteen months ago. Now I believe every word.

    This man and his entire front bench, not to mention Pell and the paediphiles that Canon Law protects, are probably allowed the same protection by the same vile law, and get absolution!!!

    You may say that mocking the confessional is very norti, but I for one think that that’s just another lie. Jesuits suck!

    Why are you trying to defend the indefensible.

  14. CMMC

    University fees open-slather policy defeated in Senate.

    Fail again, Tony Abject. What is it about you and failure?

  15. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I like “Tony Abject”.

    Just like I think “rabid Abbott” precisely describes Tone’s inconsequence.

  16. David

    Blanik try not to get too excited by your anti Catholic views it doesn’t become you. A rational thinking person as you are probably, on most topics would grasp not all Catholics are tarred with the same brush.
    I detest the evil that has occurred in the Priesthood, the vast majority of RC’s would. My parents warned me about playing with Protestants over the road, but I did and I was never stricken with any unthinkable urge to join their church, nor was I ever asked. We just played together and I have no hatred of them or other religions that I have come into contact with.

    You accuse me of sticking up for Abbott and his like. No, wrong I was pointing out how he abuses the beliefs of the teachings of the Church he professes loudly and often to respect..He is and does it with either the blessing of it, doesn’t give a damn, or perhaps he is so far gone in the head it doesn’t register anymore, who would know?

    I don’t agree with many of the teachings but I still remain a Catholic. There are just as many good points as absurd.
    So next time you let your hatred get the better of your better nature, may I suggest you stop and ask, surely not over a billion Catholics are all pedophiles or blatant liars or whatever gets under your skin about us.

    Do you hate the Salvation Army or the Anglicans, who have a similar problem within their ranks, what about Rolf Harris, Bill Cosby and the stars of stage, screen, TV, authors, etc etc.named and shamed or hiding behind a cloak of their fame. All bad?

    It would help me if you point out where in my narrative I to quote you, “defended the indefensible” I have re read it a few times and you have lost me.

    Thanks for the comments anyway, always prepared to listen

  17. stephentardrew

    Liar, liar pants on fire.

    Never ever, ever trust this fool or his cabinet.

    He has serious mental health problems.

    This government is trying to normalize cruelty and brutality on a massive scale.

    We as a country are on the cusp of something really dystopian and it is time to pull back at a rapid rate.

    The US and parts of the EU are turning towards hard line economic and corporate fascism.

    We have never seen the likes of this before on such a global scale.

    The hatred of Russia and China is totally out of proportion to the circumstances.

    These 1% bastards want it all for themselves.

    Religion is a cloak to hide their cruelty and brutality behind in the name of twisted and deformed pseudo democracy.

    We can, with luck and effort, escape the dystopia US version of Tea Party global hegemony and corporate rule.

    US progressives are certainly trying however they were waylaid by the smooth operator Barac Obama and they know it.

    Two names say it all: Timothy Geitner and Larry Summers. That is more than enough to indicate where Obama stands.

  18. Rob031

    Mr Pyne. Please post your phone number on the AIM network. I’m sure there are a few people here who’d like to have a chat with you. Thanking you in advance.

  19. Jeff

    David, if he repeats everything three times over in the confessional, like he does when facing the Press, does that amount to three times the amount of forgiveness? LOL

  20. Kaye Lee

    7:30 report last night

    PYNE: ‘I have a great relationship with Glenn Lazarus and Dio Wong’

    SALES: ‘I think it’s Wang actually’

    PYNE: ‘Well some people pronounce it Wong, it depends on where you are on the spectrum’

    They just cannot admit ever being wrong.

  21. Happy sack

    As a lapser, my memory may be ‘lapsed’ but are the PM’s pragmatic words spoken with purity of heart and for the good of the church really lies?
    My little sister, still in the grips, believes the worst thing about Islam is the acceptance that their God allows Muslims to lie to Christians. (her god forbids lying?)

  22. JohnB

    It’s all ‘arr’ fault, isn’t it Chris.
    We obviously didn’t understand what you never told us about intended uni deregulation before the 2013 election.

  23. joffa230

    The Village Idiot learned to lie when in the seminary, every day he was told there are NO paedophile priests in the catholic church, and it just snowballed from there. As for pine saying he is a good minister he definitely got that wong.

  24. David

    Happy Sack…a conscience is a conscience is a conscience….a lie is a lie is a lie. i believe the two are inseparable..cheers.

  25. Pierre

    Happy sack, whether they are Christian, Jew or Muslim, they all pray to the same God.

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