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Cry Havoc!

What needs to be done for the stinking mainstream media (MSM).

As I see it, the majority of problems have two origins: Problems Created (in the original design); and Problems Arising (from result of application). The first can be excused as unforeseen, the second can be deduced from incremental measures while in use. The logic is in how to deal with the problem once it is obvious.

We have a problem in governance in Australia. The two major parties are now polarized between Capital Economics and Social Economics. The problem has arisen that the application of one is seen to compete to destroy the other. This is a foolish beat-up used to belittle Labor’s capability to successfully meld the two to bring about great social and financial security for the nation. The AAA credit rating, the saving from the GFC, and the implementation of fantastic social necessities like carbon trading, NDIS, the NBN and Gonski are proof positive that social economics can be done with negotiation and respect.

It is the mainstream media that has done the damage to this nation’s aspirations through its various gormless dupes that have swung behind the money-men and have used their positions and (former) credibility  to persuade a trusting public to make the most grievous voting mistake in the history of Australian politics.

One can read today of the push by corporate energy – and LNP politicians – and backed up by the Murdoch press to build new coal-fired power stations in Australia. In this day and age and technical capability, it is like re-introducing a new model of the “Stanley Steamer” motor car. (“The Stanley Motor Carriage Company was an American manufacturer of steam-engine vehicles; it operated from 1902 to 1924″). (Wikipedia).

These traitors in the Murdoch press corps will one day have to be “dealt with” … they have persisted to sabotage and undermine the nations economics, communications and even our democracy for many years without the slightest degree of care or concern as to who is hurt by their perfidious behavior. Yes, they will have to be dealt with one day. A tribunal to judge their betrayal of us, the people, and we,  the nation. It cannot come soon enough.

I can see such a tribunal being set up on the social media platform. A photo-shopped scene of a courtroom with appropriate officials in place, replete with magistrate and jury. And the defendant in the dock. And they could be either a known or at least alluded to by nick-name member of the MSM. And they will be charged with the appropriate accusations, say, common treason … and evidence could be gathered from their own by-lines and printed works from various sources in the media, and presented as evidence or exhibits and bloggers could present via commentary either defence or prosecution cases.

Then a summing-up could be presented or invited by a selected regular contributor to the blog and judgement brought down and sentence or acquittal given. This could be a start to what I would term a “Citizen’s Court” and could be used in a variety of cases. Of course, there would be no liability on the decision, and caution would have to be taken not to produce litigation material, but the constant use of referral by allusion or nick-name could solve that dilemma, as in “The Parrot” or “Dog-f#cker” or “Toolman” etc … names we are familiar with on social media but are not “branded” to their identity.

It is these MSM commentators who, in making such a fool of themselves in not being savvy to the public perception of what constitutes a good leader, have sold their names and fidelity to their nation like the commonest of prostitutes for the measliest of coinage to get their names in a by-line print on the mastheads of the most reviled humanoid since Sweeny Todd or Myra Hindley (to be gender neutral!).

The fact that these journo’s chop and change their perspective on the whim of the foreign national who employs them demonstrates their capacity and loyalty to the mogul and shows in no uncertain terms their willingness to betray the interests of their country. They have embraced treason as a vehicle to pursue their objective and have used political dissent as their excuse to commit such. Whatever their lame excuses, they have taken the shekels from their masters, they have “fingered” the victims for their masters and then proceeded to demonise, demoralize and dissect those victims of their twisted delusions. And so stand guilty of the charge.

They have nothing left to offer us as either legitimate opinion, nor excuses of propriety. The best they can do to save their miserable hides is to retire behind their gated communities in a fool’s disgrace or go find some dark, dank corner somewhere far away from us and there die in wretched dishonour … ust try to make sure the ongoing stench from your rotting carcass, like your dirty writing, no longer befouls our nostrils!

Get thee behind us, Charlatans!


  1. Vikilngduk

    . . . Unleash the dogs of war. Yes, Joseph, we been f*cked over too long now, past time the worm turned, past time for every dog to have their day, past time for these effing traitors, these effing typists to be held accountable and well past time that we woke the eff up. As they say in the classics, Joseph, go hard or go home. Thank you for your writings, we are not alone whilst all you that write for AIMN continue on and give us a voice.

  2. Jack

    Don’t have a go at the journos. They just want to keep their job in their ever diminishing market of paid work. As for MSM, it too is an ever contracting industry, with consumers now getting their own content online where they want. MSM no longer has the influence over politics or voters as it once did. Many contributors and posters to this site still seem to think it does

  3. Joseph Carli

    On the contrary , Jack..I tis exactly the journos who the media moguls and the LNP are using to push their bullshit through…We can’t touch Murdoch and the others are politically out of our reach, so we have to “hit” the troops who are doing the damage for their masters…We can stop Murdoch by shutting off his supply of information.

  4. Joseph Carli

    Vikingduk..I like the idea of a court-room challenge to the MSM commentators..I think it could catch on!

  5. Joseph Carli

    Are there any people on this blog willing to perhaps set up a WordPress free blog with a court-room setting and actually conduct virtual court-cases involving the idea I mention in the above blog…We could have prosecutors who present evidence gleaned from the internet archives etc..and there could be a defence attorney and a mock jury and all the trappings and jargon of a court-room drama!

  6. Phil

    Great stuff JC – damned good idea in citizen tribunals. The court of public opinion is there for all to participate in.

  7. stephengb2014

    Sorry JC but you lost me with thos flight of fancy.

    S G B

  8. Joseph Carli

    Didn’t believe I ever had you “roped in”, stephen! .. 🙂

  9. Vikingduk

    Yeah, Joseph, other than extreme violence your idea could be a goer, disseminating into mainstream consciousness as far and wide as possible. Ya never know, could get the turnips thinking, and certainly many fine journalists on this site to help. At this stage, whatever positive action is implemented hopefully will help us out of the mire of our own making. Obviously, I think we are well deep in the shit and, f*ck me, there goes the paddle. I’m thinking action beyond words is what is needed, but, possibly, that is my former self (professional mongrel bastard) speaking, cheers, Joseph, write on.

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    Who are the gatekeepers in our present day society? #auspol

  11. Joseph Carli

    ” Who are the gatekeepers in our present day society?”…That’s an interesting question, Florence…now, years ago, I would have said it was a combination of the churches, local dignitaries and an accepted, unwritten but acknowledge of “the right way to do things”..that was nurtured into us from a young age…a sort of civil respect….a lot of these things went with the rebellion against the establishment in the sixties and seventies after the Baby Boomers got fed up with the bullshit morality combined with the Vietnam war and the rise of Feminism after many , many years of patriarchal dominance (guided and aided by the churches).
    For a short while there we had true liberation , but it was cut short with the Whitlam dismissal, and those patriarchal bastards got the controls back!…but not on all of us!…:)

  12. townsvilleblog

    Vikilngduk yes what you said mate….

  13. guest

    There are some problems with “crying Havoc!” or a Kangaroo Court or trying to determine who the “Gatekeepers” are. One of them is the problem of having the microphone to be widely heard.

    Thank goodness we have independent media.

    We have to make sure our opposition is felt by the MSM and the ideologies so prevalent in Oz today. How we do that is partly alluded to by commentators such as Naomi Klein and her claim that we are (or should be) ‘activists’ and that merely saying No is not enough. I find it difficult to see the practical implications, unfortunately. Mea culpa.

    Yet when I read the MSM (and sometimes others), I cannot believe the poverty of the writing. I am not an expert on this, but let me give some examples.

    In the Murdoch press Jennifer Oriel attacks the ABC:”diversity of thought practically whitewashed by PC ideology”. It is a mish-mash of bits of opinions dressed up as a academic analysis (never mind that the ABC has been examined numerous times for its bias and found not to be guilty). Oriel makes the accusation by counting which ABC journalists vote for which political party. And by saying that the ABC had to apologise for reporting the burning of refugees. As if the Murdoch press had nothing to apologise for.

    Oriel accuses the ABC of having having its own PC ideology, yet she sets out her own PC which we have all heard before and which she wants everyone to conform to, which is rather strange because she also espouses “intellectual diversity’ which she claims appears in universities only as diversity of colour! She said what.?

    It is a weird farago of stale porridge and reboiled cabbage.

    Piers Akerman has his own mish-mash in Climate Change “served up to unsuspecting Australians” with the irony that there are “unsuspecting” Oz citizens who do not realise what a concoction he is serving up. For example, he lists past crimes in South Australia going back decades to try to prove SA does not know what it is doing about energy generation.

    And the only bit of Climate Change he mentions is : “compromised scientists…manipulating temperature modelling” and “flawed data”, which as far as I can see is about the extent of his knowledge (or ignorance) of what Climate Change is. Otherwise, he just points out how many coal-fired power stations there are amongst our competitors. But nothing about coal-fired plants being closed down or about what the future plans of India and China are.

    It is all just howling at clouds.

    In an independent outlet a lawyer, Gamini Jayasinghe, claims the “Media wowsers force AFL resignations and help set Australia back 40 years.” The main argument is that “infidelity is not a sackable offense.” She hopes the two men receive “substantial payouts”.

    As a correspondent said, it is a matter of trustworthiness. But the lawyer does not consider the matter of the wives at all and the broken marriage contract.

    What I want is more than mere opposition to things that frustrate us, but more of a specific detailed argument which unpacks the ideological garbage we are fed. Perhaps we have that already, but I am not sure it is having much effect if so many MSM writers continue to get away with their ideological mis-mash published ad nauseam.

  14. Joseph Carli

    The whole idea of a “Citizens Court” that in essence will be seen as a star-chamber or a kangaroo court is THAT is exactly what it ought to be!…An outrageous circus that crucifies the MSM “celeb’ stars” and takes THEM to exactly thesame place their MSM does to others..BUT MORE SO as the “court” would use the precise jargon and procedures of a real-life court to accuse, charge, try and adjudicate to the social media public (of which are now legion!).
    Of course the whole procedure would be peppered with satire and humour at the accused expense!..and polished off with sophisticated legalese by , perhaps , a “guest” silk!…perhaps a public persona lawyer who leans a tad to the left….that sort of thing…a bit like the old satirical “Marijuana Party ” days…in that it will all appear “real” but will in essence be taking the piss out of those we pillory.

  15. Christian Marx

    The only solution is to destroy the mainstream media. Mass pickets to shut these bastards down are needed.
    Their lies and hatred are destroying the very fabric of our democracy.

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