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COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (From Her Majesty’s bottomless purse: part 2)

Continued from: COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (From Her Majesty’s bottomless purse: part 1)

By Outsider

The present Monarch is the world’s wealthiest woman in real estate and personal property. In fact, there is no way of knowing the worth of her possessions, jealously defended in a milieu in which money matters above all. Complicate arrangements require the engagement of an army of servants, from Privy Counsellors, to prime ministers, secretaries, and advisers in a discreet cabal of administrators, hangers-on and sycophants.

The Monarch’s special share may only be issued to, held by, and transferred to the Crown – or as it directs. ‘Crown’ means one or more of Her Majesty’s Secretaries of State, another Minister of the Crown, the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty’s Treasury, the Treasury Solicitor, anybody corporate wholly owned/controlled by any of the foregoing or any other person acting on behalf of the Crown.

Now, back to Henry de Worms, 1st Baron PirBright. He evidently had a vision to combine vaccines, wireless, propaganda, mind control and banking and use these technologies to control the masses and make money for his Pilgrim Society partners.

One may very well wonder: what do vaccines and the wireless earth station teleport at PirBright have in common?

On the same property, not far from The Pirbright Institute, is Cobbett Hill Earth Station – a satellite teleport which boasts more than 25 antennas with active operations on 13 satellites using C and KU-band antennas which are powerful enough for directed energy weaponry.

Experts in electronic warfare who have studied the Pirbright property footprint believe it is almost certain that both the Institute and the adjacent Cobbett Hill Earth Station teleport share ‘hardened’ underground facilities which are able to withstand direct attacks. This conclusion was further affirmed by the Central European Telecom Services, CETel G.m.b.H. C.E.O. Guido Neumann, who was the co-founder and managing director of CETel, a German service provider of global communications solutions. After serving in the German Armed Forces and N.A.T.O. as an officer in Command, Control, Communications and Information Systems, he moved to a German I.T. consulting firm. Together with his team, he founded and built up a new Teleport division in 1999 to serve the LMI-1, a security system. His fame is connected – in his own words – with what follows:

“Cobbett Hill is located only 25 miles from central London in the UK, and occupies a seven-acre secure compound on 200 acres [81 hectares] of land. Currently, it houses more than 25 antennas with active operations on 13 satellites plus spare capacity enabling quick turnaround times on even short-notice customer requirements. Due to the locations historical use by the British Ministry of Defence it has blanket planning permission for unlimited antenna installations within the 200 acres [81 hectares] and operate within an RF exclusion zone preventing any local interference.” [Emphasis added]

Some trigger words project a kind of secret underground government and conspiring-corporate arrangement: “quick turnaround times,” “blanket planning permission,” “unlimited antenna installations within the 200 acres,” “RF exclusion zone preventing local interference,” “seven acres on 200 acres,” and – above all – “historical use by the British Ministry of Defence.”

Both Serco and QinetiQ are subject to the complete control and final decision of the Monarch’s golden share.

On 11 November 2002 the Ministry of Defence property housing both the Pirbright Institute and Cobbett Hill Earth Station was sold to QinetiQ Holdings Limited.  Then, in 2004, QinetiQ ‘sold’ Cobbett Hill, according to official Parliamentary debate records. In a now familiar globalist shell game like one has just examined with the pharmaceutical companies operating at The Pirbright Institute property, the Cobbett Hill Earth Station satellite facility was first ‘privatised’ by QinetiQ in 2004.

It is possible that this ‘sale’ of a key British Ministry of Defence facility at Cobbett Hill Earth Station was a convenient  ‘window dressing’  to hide the kind of biological and electronic warfare activities occurring on its ‘secure’ Pirbright property.

Enter Sir John Alexander Raymond Chisholm F.R.Eng, C.Eng, F.I.E.E., F.R.A.e.S., FInstP, a British engineer who became chairman of the Medical Research Council and of QinetiQ.

In 1991 Chisholm was asked by the Ministry of Defence to organise a number of their research organisations into a single entity, which eventually became the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency – D.E.R.A. – the largest science and technology organisation in the United Kingdom. In July 2001 three quarters of D.E.R.A. were spun off, later to form a new private company called QinetiQ, on 8 November 2002. In late 2005 Chisholm became Executive Chairman of QinetiQ, being replaced as C.E.O. by Graham Love. According to The Sunday Times his annual salary was £467,000 in 2004. His £129,000 investment in the company was later worth £23m – a 17,829.5 per cent return on investment, almost 180 times the initial value of the investment, which led to suggestions that the company was undervalued.  In 2008 the chairman of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee accused Chisholm of “profiteering at the expense of the taxpayer.” In response, Chisholm stated that the criticisms were “grossly unfair”, and that “the reshaping of QinetiQ had been the greatest achievement of [his] working life.” At that time, his stake was worth just over £21 million.

Timewise, the formation of QinetiQ was concurrent with the setting up of Serco Service Inc. as a Monarch-controlled data, intelligence, information and propaganda monolith. On 10 March 2003 Chisholm was appointed a director of QinetiQ – the entity he had set up two years before. On 8 December 2005 QinetiQ Holdings Limited was renamed QinetiQ Group Plc.

Today, approximately 164 subsidiaries carry ‘QinetiQ’ in their names, or former names, including IntrinsiQ, Gyldan – formerly Qinetiz Partnership Finance Ltd., F. Miller, Perspecta and Commerce Decisions.

In 2004 QinetiQ ostensibly ‘sold’ the satellite teleport on the 70.5 hectares Ministry of Defence Pirbright property to Cobbett Hill Earth Station Limited.

Records are unclear how The Pirbright Institute property was bundled into the sale or leasing to QinetiQ. It is possible that it was and that the entire satellite and biomedical animal-testing facility was all part of the same Ministry of Defence activity to obfuscate and hide their activities on the entire 81 hectares.

The whole D.E.R.A.-to-QinetiQ transaction is shrouded in British government secrecy; but one thing is certain: the Monarch’s golden share has powerful pre-emptive rights and ‘clawback’ options over all property in the United Kingdom. As already indicated, this special share gives the Monarch 100 per cent control of selected corporations after ‘divestiture’ or ‘privatisation’ which was window dressing to make these companies look private, but to keep them controlled by the Monarchy and the Privy Council.

One of the persons ‘discreetly’ connected with the activity of the Privy Council, as well as the Pilgrim Society, is one Christopher James Picotte, from 46 Highland Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 07042, U.S.A.  He was the founder and C.E.O., of Aksiom Group Limited, and also responsible for the 2019 consolidation of CETel G.m.b.H. – the ostensible manager of Cobbett Hill Earth Station – and Axesat S.A., set up in Bogota, Colombia, to provide satellite telecommunication services. The company offered solutions such as internet access, data transmission, voice broadcast, backup, and video solutions. On 26 September 2019 the Colombia-based Axesat and German-based CETel G.m.b.H. combined to form AXESS Networks, a new leading global player in the enterprise satellite communications industry. Aksiom’s American chairman and founder, Christopher James Picotte, sits on the boards of numerous companies with direct ties to the British Crown, including Centrica Plc, a British multinational energy and services company with its headquarters in Windsor, Berkshire, valued at £5.1 billion in 2019. Its principal activity is the supply of electricity and gas to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America.

Mr. Picotte is a fellow director of various companies secretly ‘counselled’ by the Privy Council and Pilgrims Society and holding Monarch special shares. Picotte is also a fellow director of North Sea Infrastructure Partners Limited – an English company based in Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5GD – under the control of Sir Roy Alan Gardner, who is also Chairman of Serco Group Plc. Serco’s C.E.O. is Rupert Soames, whose name appears in paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘little black book’. Sir Roy is a British businessman who came to notice as former director of Manchester United and most recently Plymouth Argyle. Gardner is notable for his involvement in the sale of Manchester United to American businessman Malcolm Glazer and his controversial spell as chairman of Plymouth Argyle, which resulted in the club entering administration with debts of over £17 million and accusations of financial mismanagement. North Sea Infrastructure Partners Limited is connected with Centrica through shared directors. Centrica Directors Ltd., formerly named Centrica Nominees No. 2 Ltd., was ‘wholly owned’ by G.B. Gas Holdings Ltd. G.B. Gas Holdings Ltd. had been founded in 1996 by Sir Roy Alan Gardner.

Sir Roy’s other directorships make it quite clear that his task in the Privy Council is to consolidate all electronic warfare capability in the British government under Serco and QinetiQ.

Serco has been awarded almost $10 billion in from the U.S. Patent Office, and over $9.5 billion U.S. federal contracts, with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Office of Management and Budget, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Navy, the Office of Personnel Management, the State Department, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Election Commission, et cetera. In short, America’s ship has already been boarded by British interests in defence, space and technology projects through a Pilgrim’s Society-complicit Senior Executive Services. It does not appear surprising to discover that QinetiQ has an almost equal number of U.S. contracts.  QinetiQ has received over $8.5 billion U.S. federal contracts. Serco has received over $9.5 billion U.S. federal contracts.

Cecil Rhodes’ name is linked to the famous Round Table. Conceived as a secret society, it was formally organised in 1909 by Lord Alfred Milner, who had been entrusted by Rhodes for the mission. When Rhodes died in 1902 he left his entire fortune to the setting up of society groups, the purpose of which would ultimately be to form a world government, or – as he said in his will – “To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world.” Rhodes’ strong desire for world government is epitomised in his statement: “I would annex the planet if I could.” As usual, equivocation is offered in the broad purpose of the Society: ‘the promotion of English-speaking.’ In fact, the new club of self-aggrandising elitist robber barons – including among them Americans – was a moral grab bag of ideas which had been borrowed from John Ruskin’s settlement movement ideas where elites would rule over large communities as overlords, dispensing their wisdom over the hapless masses in their charge. Of course, the leaders of the second Boer war, Viscount Alfred Milner and General Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts, were Ruskin fans. Tellingly, Ruskin eschewed spirituality and religion until late in life.

The Round Table would borrow Jesuit stealth takeover processes to hide their hegemonic intentions. With Rhodes’ blessing, the participants employed any tactic needed to acquire the resources to achieve their 200-year imperial goals. (C. Quigley, Tragedy and hope: A history of the world in our time, GSG and Associates, San Pedro, CA, 2004).

The ‘science’ of eugenics was never far away. In the 1880s and 1890s, this ‘elite’ movement had set up the Eugenics Society, founded by Sir Arthur Balfour of the Venetian-origin Cecil family and John Ruskin’s ‘Pre-Raphaelite’ Brotherhood. In this model the ‘lower classes’ would be ruled by and culled with eugenics – war, poison vaccines, man-made disasters – while the upper-class rulers would live lives of luxury under the British peerage system.

The unmistakable sharing in Britain’s new imperial plan for the new British Empire was to have unanimity of vision and direction across government – controlled ultimately by the Pilgrims Society, banking – dominated by Rothschilds, Pharma – dominated by Wellcome, wireless technology – controlled by the Marconi Wireless monopoly, propaganda – controlled by the Empire Press Union, and information – controlled by MI6, MI5, GC& CS, later renamed GCHQ.

According to Rhodes’ instructions, the heads of such enterprises were aiming at nudging America back into the Empire. They used these levers of power and control to achieve this goal, and they are still at it today. After forming their secret Pilgrims Society and taking control of global newspapers, intelligence, wireless and cable, they would set out to recapture America. The protagonists of this transformation would employ Agents to press this plan globally.

The favours of the Rhodes Table were extended to Americans. In time the Westminster System would become the Washminster System.

Andrew Carnegie assisted by bankrolling American education, textbooks and libraries to change American opinion about Britain in order to condition the population for re-assimilation.

Reuters and Associated Press were established.

The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times fell into ‘secure’ hands.

On 29 July 1909 the British Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, K.G., P.C., K.C., F.R.S., in a secret agreement with the Pilgrims Society – and taking advantage of the junior varsity recruiting feeder the English-Speaking Union – recruited the leading newspapermen of the Empire, including their London bureau chiefs for the United States press, to form the intelligence agencies.

Crown agents would go on and, on the steps of The Bohemian Club – founded as early as 1872, with an all-male membership including artists and musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials, former U.S. presidents, senior media executives, and people of power – moved on to establish the Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921, to be a United States non-profit think- tank specialising in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs; to form organisations such as  N.A.T.O. – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, set up in 1949 to form a system of collective defence whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party; the Aspen Institute, an international non-profit think tank also founded in 1949 as the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies to be  a non-partisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas; the Bilderberg Group, established in 1954 to foster dialogue between Europe and North America to bolster a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its interests around the globe; the Atlantic Council – an American think-tank in the field of international affairs, founded in 1961 to  provide a forum for international political, business, and intellectual leaders, and the Tri-Lateral Commission – a non-governmental, non-partisan discussion group founded by David Rockefeller in July 1973 to foster closer cooperation between well-positioned private citizens from the United States, Canada, Japan and Western European nations to encourage substantive political and economic dialogue across the world.

Crown Agents stole the social networking inventions from Columbus-innovator Leader Technologies through the I.B.M. Eclipse Foundation to unify and accelerate their activities world.

Crown Agents successfully formed the Senior Executive Service – S.E.S., the Overseas Private Investment Corporation – O.P.I.C., the United States Agency for International Development – U.S.A.I.D., and The Aerospace Corporation to take over the Executive Branch with a permanent Pilgrims Society bureaucracy.

Image from

No reason was ever provided for The Pirbright Institute – the patent holder of coronavirus – COVID-19 – to be situated on the same Ministry of Defence property as the Cobbett Hill Earth Station, with massive array of powerful, weapons-grade antennas and dishes. And that can only be seen through satellite images. As with most secret government laboratories often doing questionable or downright illegal research, these facilities are probably massive and underground.

On paper, QinetiQ disposed of Cobbett Hill in 2004, but this appears to have been a shell game to hide the fact that the government moved the property in order to avoid scrutiny. What is rather significant is that former C.I.A. director George John Tenet, and later a Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at Georgetown University, was a QinetiQ director for quite some time and certainly in 2006, along with retired United States Navy admiral and former Vice Chairman Deputy Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff between 2005 and 2007 Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr. Mr. Giambastiani is now a business-person who has been at the head of five different companies and presently holds the position of President and Chief Executive Officer for Giambastiani Group LLC. He is also on the board of eleven other companies and is believed still to be a director, since 2008, and to continue using Cobbett Hill Earth Station for intelligence activity.

QinetiQ’s current address in nearby Farnborough, Hampshire, U.K. near the airport, but has a number of other locations in the United Kingdom, in North America and in Australia. It is the world’s 52nd-largest defence contractor measured by 2011 defence revenues, specialising in defence, security, aviation and energy and environment. It is the sixth-largest based in the U.K., employing some six thousand persons in 2019 and with a  revenue of £911.1 million, and a net income of £113.9 million in 2019.

Finally, The Pirbright Institute records show that it is heavily financed by Wellcome Trust, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Commission, the World Health Organization and the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – D.A.R.P.A. Most importantly, the Gates Foundation also heavily finances the University of North Carolina.

Professor Francis A. Boyle clearly indicated that the University of North Carolina was involved with the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Continued Saturday …


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