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COVID-19: Where was it born: China, the United States or Ukania? (A diabolical struggle: part 1)

By Outsider  

Outsider’s first three parts of this contribution are here:

1) A diabolical struggle

2) From Her Majesty’s bottomless purse

3) At the school of Doctor Rasputin

Three more parts are planned, with the following (tentative) titles:

4) Of eugenics, oligarchy and psychopaths

5) Was COVID-19 born in the United States?

6) An honest Australia.

The last part in particular is very much work-in-progress and will deal with the laborious process of recovery to embark upon, but not as the current pub.rel. language goes, “on the other side of the curve”, “to look at things with fresh eyes”, ‘for a return to a new normal”, and an “economy snap-back.” Outsider takes the uncompromising view that such way of speaking becomes a pub.lic rel.ations joint. Such has been the adman’s, the huckster’s, the hollow man’s language spoken to and by a troop of neo-liberals, increasingly during the past thirteen years, a final decantation of the style of revenge against honesty in government which took place in 1975 with the dismissal of Prime Minister Whitlam by the Queen’s agent in Yarralumla.

In uncertain times, it helps to have an oracle and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. As millions scramble to adjust to life under quarantine, many have also searched for supernatural guidance. Some have found it in Sylvia Browne, the departed TV psychic, who seemed to predict our current plight in 2008 when she wrote: “In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes resisting all known treatments.” Be it the nature of the illness, the year mentioned or the part about the resistance to treatments, the similarity with COVID-19 is uncanny. The excerpt also mentioned that the illness will vanish soon after its arrival. However, the virus will again attack after ten years before disappearing completely. (S. Browne, with Lindsay Harrison, End of the days, predictions and prophesies about the end of the world, Dutton Books, New York, 2008, at 312) The author died in 2013. Long before, an excerpt from the novel ‘The eyes of darkness’, a 1981 thriller by bestselling suspense author Dean Koontz predicted that a Chinese military laboratory would produce a virus as part of its biological weapons programme. In chapter 39 of the book, Koontz wrote that the laboratory is located in Wuhan. The book also gave the name to the virus as Wuhan-400. In the new edition of the novel a character named Dombey narrates a story about a Chinese scientist who brought a biological weapon to the United States. “To understand that, Dombey said, you have to go back twenty months. It was around then that a Chinese scientist named Li Chen defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade. They call this stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at the research center.” That was in the original 1981 edition of The eyes of darkness, and then the biological weapon was called ‘Gorki-400’, in reference to a Russian locality. The name of the weapon was changed to ‘Wuhan-400’ when the book was released again in 1989, according to The South China Morning Post. It is accepted by most that the current coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, which is the eighth largest city with a population of eleven million. But that the virus was created in a laboratory is actually a conspiracy theory which originated from unverified social media accounts and has since been widely dismissed by scientists from both China and elsewhere. (D. Koontz, The eyes of darkness, Penguin Putman Inc., New York, 2008).

Others have waited for a more orthodox spiritual sign. For many people on Twitter, a rash of recent articles about a certain “St. Corona” resonated. According to those sources, there’s a Catholic saint who has been waiting around 1,860 years just to help people through this particular crisis. Not only does she share a name with the virus causing the pandemic, but she is a patroness of plagues and epidemics. (E. Harper, Is St. Corona really the patron saint of plagues?, Is St. Corona really the patron saint of plagues?

Unless one subscribes, and fervently, to the Roman mythology, the body of traditional stories pertaining to ancient Rome’s legendary origins and transposed into the Catholic religious system, one could care to visit in Anzù, in the province of Belluno, in northern Italy, the  basilica where the relics of St. Corona – ‘crown’ in Latin – have been ‘preserved’ since the ninth century. St. Corona was a Christian killed under Marcus Aurelius in 165 c.e. and has been for centuries one of the patron saints of pandemics.

More ‘realistically’ St. Corona is especially venerated in Austria and Bavaria, where she is perhaps best known for her association with money, gambling, and treasure hunting. ‘Real Australians’ take notice for when a trip to Europe will be possible!

1 A diabolic struggle

COVID-19 is true. What is not clear, yet, is where it was born.

Some serious light may come from a 17 February 2020 interview of Geopolitics & Empire with Dr. Francis A. Boyle, who is international law professor at the University of Illinois, U.S.A. He served as counsel to numerous governments such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Palestinian authority. He has represented numerous national and international bodies in the areas of human rights, war crimes and genocide, nuclear policy, and biowarfare. He has written several books.

Related to the interview is Dr. Boyle’s Biowarfare and terrorism (Clarity Press Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 2005) which reflects Dr. Boyle’s work on the United States implementing legislation for the biological weapons convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 which was approved unanimously by both houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Bush, senior.

The interview began with some ‘meaty’ questions by Geopolitical and Empire on what it called “the coronavirus in Wuhan.”

Geopolitics and Empire: “ … There have been some reports recently, there’s a really interesting website called GreatGameIndia that has been reporting on this. They’ve been talking about China, which they say has been complying with biological weapons convention in recent years.

But then there are some people in the U.S. and experts that have been saying that in reality, China isn’t complying with the weapons convention. And I think neither, perhaps the U.S. as well. I’m wondering if China is developing its own biosafety level four lab[oratory] in Wuhan and elsewhere, as you know, as a type of deterrence. Is it a type of a biological arms race that we have going on?

You told me in an email that you suspect China was developing the coronavirus as a dual use of biowarfare weapons agent. Also, what do you make of reports that Chinese scientists have been stealing research and viruses, including the coronavirus from a Canadian bio lab this past December?

And as well, Chinese nationals have been charged with smuggling vials of biological research to China from the US with the aid of Charles Lieber who was the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department. And he also happens to be in 2011 a strategic scientist at Wuhan University. So, can you tell us what’s going on with this recent outbreak in Wuhan?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, that’s a lot of questions. I guess we can take them one at a time, but if you just do a very simple Google search on “Does China have a BSL-4 laboratory?”, [BSL-4 stands for Bio-Safety-Level-4] Wuhan comes up right away. It’s at the top of the list. That’s all with the moment this type of thing happened I began to do that. So a BSL-4 is the most serious type. And basically BSL-4 labs, we have many of them here in the United States, are used to develop offensive biological warfare weapons with DNA genetic engineering.

Image from

So it does seem to me that the Wuhan BSL-4 is the source of the coronavirus. My guess is that they were researching SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome], and they weaponize[d] it further by giving it a gain of function properties, which means it could be more lethal.

Indeed, the latest report now is it’s a 15% fatality rate, which is more than SARS at 83% infection rate. A typical gain of function travels in the air so it could reach out maybe six feet or more from someone emitting a sneeze or a cough. Likewise, this is a specially designated WHO [World Health Organization] research lab. The WHO was in on it and they knew full well what was going on there.

G and E: “Are you tired of the lies and non-stop propaganda?”

Dr. Boyle: “Yes, It’s also been reported that Chinese scientists stole coronavirus materials from the Canadian lab at Winnipeg. Winnipeg is Canada’s formal center for research, developing, testing, biological warfare weapons. It’s along the lines of [the U.S. Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases at] Fort Detrick here in the United States of America, [Maryland]. I have three degrees from Harvard. It would not surprise me if something was being stolen out of Harvard to turn over to China. I read that report. I don’t know what was in those vials one way or the other.

But the bottom line is I drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention that was approved unanimously by both Houses in the United States Congress signed into law by President Bush Sr. that it appears the coronavirus that we’re dealing with here is an offensive biological warfare weapon that leaped out of Wuhan BSL-4. I’m not saying it was done deliberately. But there had been previous reports of problems with that lab and things leaking out of it. I’m afraid that is what we are dealing with today.”

G and E: “We’ll be talking about the Wuhan and the coronavirus and China, but can you give us kind of like a bigger context. I know you’ve, previously, in interviews said that since 9/11, you think that the U.S. has spent $100 billion on biological warfare research. We know the Soviet Union, if I’m not mistaken, developed anthrax as a bioweapon. And you’ve also mentioned that U.K., France, Israel and China are all involved in biological warfare weapons research.

And something interesting, I believe one or two years ago a Bulgarian journalist and the Russian government shared their concern of the discovery of a U.S. bioweapons lab in the country of Georgia. You’ve commented how in Africa, U.S. has set up bioweapons labs to work on Ebola, which I think is illegal under international law. But they were allowed somehow to put those in Africa. Can you give us like a bigger picture? What’s going on with these different countries and what’s the purpose of this research?”

Dr. Boyle: “All these BSL-4 labs are by United States, Europe, Russia, China, Israel … to research, develop, test biological warfare agents. There’s really no legitimate scientific reason to have BSL-4 labs. That figure I gave $100 billion, that was about 2015 I believe. I had crunched the numbers and came up with that figure [for] the United States since 9/11.

To give you an idea that’s as much in constant dollars as the U.S. spent to develop the Manhattan Project and the atom bomb. So it’s clearly all weapons related. We have well over 13,000 alleged life science scientists involved in research developed testing biological weapons here in the United States. Actually this goes back; it even precedes 9/11 2001.

I have another book, The Future of International Law and American Foreign Policy [Brill Nijhoff, Leiden, Netherlands, 1989], tracing that all the way back to the Reagan administration under the influence of the neocons and they got very heavily involved in research development testing of biological weapons with DNA genetic engineers. It was because of that I issued my plea in 1985 in a Congressional briefing sponsored by the Council for Responsible Genetics; I’m a lawyer for them. They’re headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. All the M.I.T., Harvard people are involved in that, the principal ones. And then they asked me to draft the implementing legislation.

The implementing legislation that I drafted was originally designed to stop this type of work. “Death science work”, I call it, “by the United States government”. After 9/11, 2001, it just completely accelerated. My current figure, that last figure a 100 billion. I haven’t had a chance to re-crunch the numbers because I just started classes. But you have to add in about another 5 billion per year.

Basically, this is offensive biological weapons raised by the United States government and with its assistance in Canada and Britain. And so other States [in] the world have responded accordingly including Russia and China. They were going to set up a whole series of BSL-4 facilities as well. And you know Wuhan was the first. It backfired on them.”

G and E: “Would you basically consider what happened and Wuhan and just boil it down to ineptitude or incompetence on the Chinese part?”

Dr. Boyle: “Well, it’s criminality. It does appear they stole something there from Winnipeg. This activity that they engaged in clearly violates the Biological Weapons Convention. Research development of biological weapons these days is an international crime, the use of it would be. That was criminal.

I’m not saying they deliberately inflicted this on their own people, but it leaked out of there and all these BSL-4 facilities leak. Everyone knows that who studies this. So this was a catastrophe waiting to happen. Unfortunately, it happened. The Chinese government under Xi and his comrades there have been covering this up from the get-go. The first reported case was December 1, so they’d been sitting on this until they couldn’t anymore. And everything they’re telling you is a lie. It’s propaganda.”

The WHO still refuses to declare a global health emergency. It said Tedros  [Dr. Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General] was over there shaking hands with Xi and smiling and yanking it up. The WHO was in on it. They’ve approved many of these BSL-4 labs, they know exactly what’s going on and that is a WHO research-approved laboratory. They know what’s going on too. You can’t really believe anything the WHO is telling you about this, either they’re up to their eyeballs in it, in my opinion.”

G and E: “I’d probably agree with you that this outbreak in Wuhan was an accidental leak from the laboratory. But just your thoughts, it’s happening at quite an opportune time because namely we’re smack in the middle of a US-China new Cold War, which is currently characterized by economic warfare such as the trade war among other forms of hybrid and technological warfare. And it seems the Wuhan outbreak will likely hit the Chinese economy hard. The Chinese are flat out dismissing any idea that the US is involved in. Like I said, it’s probably they made the mistakes in the Wuhan lab. What are your thoughts of any seemingly, this would benefit the US…”

Dr. Boyle: “When the outbreak occurred, of course I considered that alternative too. When you have an outbreak, you’re never quite sure who or what is behind it. It certainly isn’t bats, that’s ridiculous. They made the same argument on Ebola in West Africa. I demolished that online. You can check it out. So I kept competing theories about this.

But right now, when you originally contacted me, I said I wasn’t prepared to comment because I was weighing the evidence. I’m a law professor and a lawyer, I try to do the best I can to weigh the evidence. But right now, the Wuhan BSL-4 in my opinion is the most likely source[;] apply Occam’s razor, the simplest explanation. I’m not ruling out some type of sabotage. But right now, I believe that is the source here.”

G and E: “And you mentioned WHO. I’d like to just get your thoughts on the WHO and the Big Pharma. There’s also some analysts who are downplaying this news media hype of the coronavirus. You’ve just said that it seems to be lethal, but if we go back a decade to the 2009 swine flu, which I believe didn’t have too many casualties, but I think profited greatly the pharmaceutical companies. If I recall that back in 2009, many countries purchased great stocks of the vaccines and they ended up not using anywhere from 50 to 80% of the vaccines that they purchased.

You’ve previously stated in an interview that the World Health Organization is a front for Big Pharma if I’m not mistaken. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. [an American anti-vaccinationist, environmental attorney, and author]  also agrees and he says, you know, 50% of WHO funding comes from pharmaceutical companies. And that the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] itself is also severely compromised. What are your thoughts on the WHO? The CDC?”

Dr. Boyle: “Can’t trust anything the WHO says because they’re all bought and paid for by Big Pharma and when they work in cahoots with the CDC, which is the United States government, they work in cahoots with Fort Detrick, so you can’t trust any of it.

However, the swine flu and yes, I agree Pharma made a lot of money, but that swine flu which I looked at it, it did seem to me to be a genetically modified biological warfare weapon. It was a chimera of three different types of genetic strains that someone put it together in a cocktail. Fortunately, it was not as lethal as all of us fear. So fine. But as I said, this figure I just gave to you was Saturday [15 February 2020] from Lancet, which is a medical publication, saying it’s a 15% fatality rate and an 83% infection rate. So it’s quite serious, I think, far more serious than the swine flu.

As for Big Pharma, sure they’re all trying to profit off this today as we speak. There was a big article yesterday [16 February 2020] in The Wall Street Journal, all Big Pharma trying to peddle whatever they can over there in China even if it’s worthless and won’t help. We do know, if you read the mainstream news media they say there isn’t a vaccine.

Well, there is, it’s by the Pirbright Institute in Britain that’s tied into their biological warfare program over there. They were behind the hoof and mouth disease outbreak over there that wiped out their cattle herd and it leaked out of there. So it’s clear they’re working on a hoof and mouth biological warfare weapon, but the vaccine is there. I have the patent for it here, I haven’t had a chance to read the patent [;] it’s about 25 pages long and my classes just resume. So eventually, I get some free time and I’ll read the patent. [Emphasis added]

Continued Wednesday … 

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  1. Lawrence S. Roberts

    Or, end world hunger and stop people having to eat bats and road kill. Which would be Occam’s razor.
    Does the second part include some organisations which must view this present epidemic with some interest.
    Why build a dirty bomb when all one needs is a path lab. and a couple of PhD’s.

  2. Jaq

    I really don’t care anymore where it came from. If it was man made why inflict it on your own people without an antidote? Governments play games, and they are all as bad as each other.

  3. Yanta

    I’m going to go with USAMRIID, Fort Detrick Maryland.

    If one were to go out on a limb, one might believe that since Gates is so confident that a vaccine will be available in 18 months that perhaps he already has one? If this was bio-engineered then it’s release was intentional and there must be a specific agenda?

    Hypothetically speaking of course, if one were to go out on a limb.

    If it is a bio-engineered version of SARS might that explain the references one can find on the web referring to it as SARS-2?

    But as Jaq says, who really cares any more? There are more important things to focus on. Not that I’m condemning this article, just saying.

  4. Jack Cade

    The more Trump throws in his China-virus’ jibes, the more convinced I am that the coronavirus was manufactured in the labs at Fort Detrick.
    It’s his ham-fisted version of ‘look over there’, one of the few techniques at which our dear bible- bashing PM excels…

  5. New England Cocky

    @Lawrence S Roberts: Sadly you do NOT even need a PhD to create biological weapons like this. Consider the push by NZ about five years ago to have NZ apples sold in Australia, thus requiring Australia to remove their ban on NZ apples because NZ has the disease Apple Blight that is absent from Australia.

    At an international plant pathology conference tour to Melbourne Botanic Gardens, the NZ Chief Plant Pathologist “discovered”Apple Blight on a single apple tree in the Gardens and proudly announced that now Australia would have to import NZ apples without any anti-Apple Blight treatment.

    The next day, in response to a well founded question detailing the most likely reason that an unidentified person has deliberately infected the apple tree, ABC RN announced that the Chief Plant Pathologist confessed to infecting the MBG apple tree himself.

    Now NZ apples are sold in Australia after being treated before export from NZ to prevent the carriage of Apple Blight.

    OK, so our group of postgraduate research students had dreamed up the same strategy to get Australian wheat access to world wheat markets some decades before ….

    @Yanta: Neither Bill Gates nor mobile phone towers are likely involved in your alleged scenario. I would put my money upon Dick Cheney and his financial interests in vaccine production that were established during his time with Shrubya Bush. But then there is always the possibility of the loonies in the US government military and/or public service.

    @Jaq: Last night (260620) on SBS News there was a report that infections in France during 2018 resembled COVID-19 suggesting that the origin may have been in France..

  6. Jack Cade

    Let us be absolutely honest about the our major ‘ally’ and the virus; if the USA did NOT produce COVID-19, it is because they couldn’t. You can be absolutely certain that they have tried.

  7. Phil

    The US has form for experimenting with these pathogens, their experiments on their own people is well documented. Moreover, with Covid – 19, it is now obvious they have given up in the US and UK trying to bring it under control. The best part about all this is, the dumb schmucks that are in control, have just worked out their system called capitalism doesn’t work if people don’t have any money. They also realised it wont work because they wont have any people to pull the levers. It was funny listening to business’s belly aching this morning on the ABC about the government cutting down on the unemployment benefits. Any other time the cost of wages and the unions and heavens to murgatroyd the ‘ Dole Bludgers ‘ that were ruining the country. What a laugh it all is.

  8. leefe

    So you’re willing to accept a great deal of what we’ve heard from scientists about this virus, except that they insist that its structure is such that it is virtually impossible for it to have been deliberately engineered . . .

    Give me a break .

  9. B Sullivan

    The overpopulation of humans in the world has had a catastrophic effect on wildlife that now have to share their dwindling habitats with the ever increasing encroachment of humans. Add to that the stress of climate change and you have increased rates of disease among species that now live in such close proximity to humans that interspecies disease transmission is predictably more likely. Scientists have been pointing this out for decades. As with climate change, we have been warned that these things will happen.

    There are villages in Wuhan that cohabit with bat colonies. The transmission of COVID-19 is likely to have originated there and only then spread through the ‘wet markets’ as infected villagers visit them to do their trade.

    That is the simplest explanation for the origins of COVID-19. All the accusations of biological warfare are motivated by propaganda to discredit a communist country’s embarrassingly economic superiority over western capitalism.

  10. Jack Cade

    Some news items today have suggested that an undiagnosed illness of a Moroccan man in Paris in mid-2019 has now been identified as Covid-19 because doctors who treated the man – who survived – retained samples of his sputum for analysis.
    George Galloway’s show MOATS has suggested that the first case of Covid-19 occurred in Barcelona before the Wuhan outbreak, and analysis of sewage in Italy appears to show that the Italian strain was extant pre-Wuhan and is a slightly different strain anyway. Plus Governor Cuomo of NY says that the virus that has run riot in NY is a different strain from that on the West Coast, and was introduced into NY by people flying in from Europe. The virus is indeed strange. If it already exists in slightly different strains, then a single vaccine might be hard to develop because future outbreaks may be like influenza and need constant vaccine changes. We may have difficulty keeping up with its transformations.
    Science tells us that viruses are not ‘alive’. If they are not, they are cunning little bastards anyway.

  11. Phil

    ‘ That is the simplest explanation for the origins of COVID-19. All the accusations of biological warfare are motivated by propaganda to discredit a communist country’s embarrassingly economic superiority over western capitalism.’

    Yep well said, Hong Kong and trade to name a couple. Look over there. It aint rocket science.

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