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Conservative Dumb Ideological People

We are so polite are we not? We, the true Quiet Australians. We who are not so easily drawn or sucked in by facile ideological mantras. We have been vilified as latte sippers, as inner-city green avocado smashers, as a protest rent-a-crowd, as subversive not run with the crowd farmers, as doctors’ wives, and as dole bludgers.

And we have worn all of that bullshit with patience. We grew up in a system where we thought our vote would make a difference. We grew up in a system where we thought that appeals to logic and reason would make a difference.

Yet, in front of our faces, right now, we are faced with the fact that our barely elected government is ruled by second rate ideological dumb shits. We are ruled by people who push back against logic, reason, science, and fairness. The Speer’s interview with Morrison was appalling, not at the Speers end, but at the Morrison end.

Here we are at a point where the effects of climate change are searing us yet all our PM could do was dissemble and tread a waste of a nothing path in order not to upset the absolute dills who consume both space and oxygen on the right wing of his party.

Morrison states that he understands our anger, well, I posit the point that Morrison doesn’t have a clue about the true depth of our anger. We, the true Quiet Australians, are not End of Days idiotic believers in trite mantra-speak, nor are we mindless consumers of the endless jobs and growth myth. We want real change, verifiable change, and urgent change based on the tsunami of climate change science that is barrelling in from every direction.

Our PM and his cohort came very late to the current and awful circumstance concerning the Australian fires. He and his cohort are still, still, trotting out their empty mantra of emission targets being met under the tricky fudging of carry forward figures.

This current government is moribund. It has failed in its primary responsibility of defending and ensuring the safety of the Australian people, and it has to be thrown out. Either through the ballot box, or through action taken on our streets.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    This government isn’t moribund?? No, it is a selected, sifted, refined, cronied bunch of perverted political penises, for the delectation of the corporates, bankers, miners, financiers, retailers, all the fellatio frenzied fantastical frauds and fartbrained fiends that ruin and dominate and F–K up life for the underlings, the you and me types who should be peasant and serf consumers, shutting up and copping one up the fundamentals of social position. Murdoch likes fellatio friendly fornicating grovelling gutless wage earning nobodies to spew shit and set up a system of circular reliance on advertising lies, news lies, political lies, social lies, social media lies and interpersonal lies, so, do not tell or establish the effing truth because by the perverted terms of existence of this yankee wankee idiotic ego swollen disgusting tax bludging wife dumping government crunching socially perverted all time arsehole of huge fuhrer size…we are to OBEY.

  2. Aortic

    Phil your alliteration is legendary, I love it. If Morrison is not sure he is in big trouble even the Unastralian admits today he is in big trouble as his and the party numbers are crumbling. Equivalent I guess to Sean Hannity rubbishing Trump on Sky News. Some indigenous leaders are pointing to the fact they have managed the land efficiently for some hundreds of thousands of years and perhaps consultation with them and input from them might assist. Seriously doubt this will happen when the gospel preached by onion eating Tony Nullius that the land was nothing before big white bwana came along is prevalent still throughout the Coalition thinking. As long as we have Matt King Coal Canavan and his ilk calling the shots we are in danger of having this devastation repeated. The Vaginas and grease my Palmers along with the Murdochians are going to be difficult to oppose but as we see revolt happening in other parts of the world in attempts to make the people’s voice heard, it may well take something similar with here to make the bastards listen. The time for polite dissention may be past.

  3. wam

    hypocrisy is second only to dissembling to those who embrace the hierarchy of a religion.
    This time scummo has erred and global warming is about to get godly.
    the essence of a quiet australian is there is no need to listen.
    Albo take charge of the questions silly sam and karl baby should be asking.

  4. Presser#1

    Sorry to have to point out the error in your piece, with which otherwise I agree entirely. It is a gross overstatement to judge this lot as ” second rate”. They don’t even rate as ‘mediocre’. Second rate is an aspirational level totally beyond their capacity. It’s a mystery to me how, in a democracy, Australians are proving to be so much better than the government they themselves elected.

  5. Phil

    We have brought this shit storm down on ourselves. We have let the academics and other do gooders from the left, foist the ” Turn the other cheek ” Mantra down our throats until we are to afraid to take a shit with out offending someone. This btw contrary to the Labor lovers of which I was one, started with Bob Hawke in my life time at least. Bob Hawke the beer swilling working class hero, hero my fat fucking lefty arse. After he went to water over Whitlam as the leader of the ACTU. it was all down hill from there on. Who could forget the accord? Yes that famous deal made with the enemy, to make the working class even poorer and his rich mates even richer. I can’t bring myself to mention his name in company lest I explode into a violent rage. Then we had the pox Doctors clerk Keating WTF another Spiv, dressed up as the saviour of the working class. Oh yes, I remember the interest rates and extending my mortgage another ten years because of his great economic acumen.The battlers killed each other in the rush to vote for that cretinous creep Howard because of him.

    And now what do we have? Albanese, This drongo makes Morrison look like a Statesman a vertible intellectual God help me.Oh but wait he’s suffered like some of us in a council house, he is always waxing lyrically about. Our country is on fire and he wants to export more coal. Not only that, he wants to insult the intelligence of the Hoi Polloi by telling us, Morrison deserves and there was nothing wrong, with him taking a holiday while the country is being turned into Hells kitchen!!! You can’t make this shit up. Well hello, taking a holiday actually pre -presumes you have actually done some work. This putrid LUSH masquerading as a PM , couldn’t work in an iron lung or a barrel of yeast.

    The working class had better pull their thumb out of their collectives arses and pronto, before we end up like a third world country in Africa. My mates and I who I am now in close contact with, are in despair. Anyone notice what they’re arming plod with of late? I wonder wtf they’re expecting? Yea I wonder alright.

  6. Zathras

    Maybe a few more terms of Fraser would have been better for the workers despite the economy circling the drain?

    It was those same workers who later elected Howard and failed to resist Reith’s “allowable matters”, initiated the continuing decline of Trade Unionism and turned themselves into an army of underpaid exploited contractors.

    They didn’t wake up until Workchoices reared it’s ugly head but that rage only lasted a few years and now they moan about stagnant wage growth, deteriorating working conditions and the growing gap between rich and poor.

    Yet they continue to vote against their own best interests and only have themselves to blame.

  7. Phil

    ” It was those same workers who later elected Howard and failed to resist Reith’s “allowable matters”, initiated the continuing decline of Trade Unionism and turned themselves into an army of underpaid exploited contractors.”

    Indeed a tax deductible ute full of tools and an NBN and voila a ‘ Captain of Industry’ a vertible entrepreneur. Howard played a master stroke and I’ll always give him credit for that. Of course those poor fuckers with the look of an entrepreneur could never quite get rid of that working class smell.

    I was there at the Patrick’s dispute when they sent that French Poodle Senator Peter Cook down to sell us a load of old flannel and the rank and file fell for it hook line and sinker. The Australian shipping industry is now finished. Both the Tory’s and Labor know that the working class have a memory on par with a fking goldfish. The best is, they are going to can social welfare and medicare and the opposition will say and do seven eights of five fifths of F.A. we are on our own. Just as they planned. The real fun is about to begin. As I predicted on here and got called a Vagina. So get rooted.

  8. New England Cocky

    @Phil Pryor: I think you have said it all in your own exuberant rapier style.

    @Presser#1: Your evaluation of “second rate” is far too generous when you look at the previous Liarbral standard of ineptitude, the self serving Billy “Big Ears” McMahon who overthrew John Gorton on Gorton’s own casting vote.

    McMahon has long been recognised in political circles as the least competent Liarbral Prim Monster since Federation, resulting in the election of the widely popular, reforming Whitlam ALP government in 1972.

    Prim Monster Scat Morriscum swore to lead Australia for the best interest of Australian voters yet his present efforts makes McMahon look like a polymath genius to rank alongside those other doyens of the Liarbral trinity; Garfield Barwick CJ, bender of the Australian Constitution to suit Liarbral interests, Sir John Curr, puppet of the CIA and sometime GG; and Malcolm Fraser, puppet of the English banks and out-dated monarchy.

    The present bushfire catastrophe is no heavily edited fairy tale subverted to benefit money hungry Americam charlatans. Rather, it is a warts and all demonstration that the two seat majority held by the Liarbral nat$ should be tested as often as possible and reversed as soon as possible. Sadly, I cannot see Albanese providing the necessary leadership and inspiration because he has lost the fire in his belly.

    @Phil: Finally somebody who agrees with me that the Accord sold out Australian workers, and may I add, especially public servants including teachers.

    Sadly agreed about shipping. PM Stanley Bruce sunk the Australian shipping industry by selling out to the London Shipping Conference and the Poms gave him a knighthood for his troubles. The Patrick’s dispute killed it off completely and Corrigan got a huge allocation of MDB water for the environmentally inappropriate almond industry.

    Beware the quality of your links. There is a lot of rubbish published on the Internet.

  9. New England Cocky

    Hmmmmm ….. maybe I spoke a little early ….. The Australian Newspoll has Albo ahead of Smirkie in the preferred PM poll after Smirkie dropped 9 points and Albo gained 9 points!! The misgovernment is also on the nose in the polls.

  10. JudithW

    PHIL I totally agree. We have let this happen. Too many people are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see which side wins, occasionally offering encouragement.
    Personally, I want to see government decisions supported by science, particularly when they relate to operations conducted in native forests and marine parks, and related to climate change and its medical and financial costs.
    For example – why does anyone think it’s ok to be logging native forests in Victoria and New South Wales while wildfire is ravaging the country? And what can we do about it today before another truckload throws its contents onto the Eden chip mill fire?

  11. mauro mazzerioli

    Liberals are taking 60% of the charity money for the bushfires’ communities to sustain new coal fired power station as any other sane business would do when people seem to believe all the bullshit we say to them via the free Murdoch media we make sure arrives in every single cafe in Australia (yes, it’s the Heruld Fun but also TV channels and radio). You greenies are too human to play the game of the rich people. Grow up and become a rich bastard like us!! You can be our friend and exploit the wealth and positions we have as a tribe or against us, which will lead you only to be labelled as a “greenie” and you don’t want that because there is a campaign against being a greenie or in any way opposed to rich bigotry. (this post might contain traces of sarcasm, use carefully x )

  12. Keith Davis

    Ha … when the rapier wits of AIM let fly it is always instructive! My own short article aside … has anybody noticed that over the last month or so there have been many quality articles on AIM concerning the current state of our government, the bushfires, and climate change … and that those AIM articles pre-dated the eventual appearance of similar content in the MSM? Appears to me that the MSM waits to see which way the wind of public opinion is flowing before they build up to being even mildly critical of the Government’s behaviour over the last few months.

  13. Harry Lime

    @ Keith Davis,maybe that despicable old sack of shit in New York has shoved his proboscis out the window and got a whiff of burning ordure wafting all the way from Down under,and given the evidence so far,would consider Albo suitably malleable.Governments are only meant to serve him,certainly not the riff raff.

  14. TuffGuy

    The ABC lives from day to day under threat of extinction and as such its staff tread very carefully to avoid angering their masters. No room for independence, they must worship their masters the lying nasty party.
    For this reason the Speers interview was appalling from every angle.
    From the Speers angle he did not ask the tough questions and did not push hard enough, let Scummo avoid answering most of his questions and probably should only ask yes/no questions that cannot be avoided. Scummo and his government have a lot to answer for and all of them should be given the “perfumed steamroller” treatment.
    From the Scummo angle he ALWAYS avoids questions he does not like or that criticise him or his goverrnment, all he knows is slogans and adman spin, he is only the Prime Muppet.

  15. Zathras

    During the 45 years since the end of the Whitlam era (historically a political anomaly that only lasted 3 years after a long conservative rule) the ALP has been in Federal government for only about 20 of those years so I think it’s safe to assume that Australia as a country is inward-looking and conservative at heart.

    Any discussion about social justice and fairness seldom goes beyond the aspirational stage with a lot of self-righteous indignation and noise being made right up to the day of the ballot box and then the warped and distorted electoral system takes over and the fat cats just keep getting fatter. The battle started at Patricks was won by the Tories long ago and the remaining union “thugs” are now being picked off one by one, leaving the field clear of obstacles in the final run-up to their masturbatory utopia of deregulated free market capitalism just over the horizon (or the rapture, whatever comes first).

    Meanwhile the mug voter, constantly distracted by the latest electronic gadgets or media gossip either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care enough about his-or-her own future to take a proper and meaningful stand. The politicians already know this and rely on it and so all that changes is some window dressing and catchy slogans. It really has been “bread and circuses” for most.

  16. Edward

    dang straight!!!! what splendid turns of phrase. real jewels by so many to describe the utter depravity the rancid rot the wretched deceit of the smug smirking band of ScatMo crims!!!!

    and they top it all off by sending the Toowoomba with another 190 young (mostly) Australians to join the ‘International Coalition’ (give us a friggin break please!!) of the u$a and Liddle Britain for ME war #6. And quite possibly the Nuke WW3.

    And the (PLEASE) the coward hack stenos (not journalists please) that churn out their daily coal/war corporate press releases (the Hurled Spew, the Crawlstralyan, Farce Fux, etc.) in complete subservience. FUG THE TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Chomsky & Herman wrote in the devastating expose “Manufacturing Consent”:
    In this dismal record (our current state of affairs) we see very clearly the consequences of mindless media obedience to a state with enormous resources of violence.

    Witness the vicious attacks on peaceful protestors in Melbourne by Victorian ‘Police’ goon squads. These will be unleashed throughout Australia should the serfs decide to take to the streets in mass!!!!!

    Resistance takes many forms. Use them all!!!!

    Take care!!

  17. Phil

    ‘ Witness the vicious attacks on peaceful protestors in Melbourne by Victorian ‘Police’ goon squads. These will be unleashed throughout Australia should the serfs decide to take to the streets in mass!!!!! ‘

    Indeed. The police must be expecting the Taliban to parachute in on mass with the weapons (Assault rifles) they have issued them with. At the risk of being flippant I wonder what it will take to get a real fire under the arses of Australians. A couple of grannies or school children being shot. We have lost our way in this country I despair.

  18. Phil

    ‘Beware the quality of your links. There is a lot of rubbish published on the Internet.’

    Hey I’m joining the fake news brigade. I’ll tell the world Barnaby Joyce has the clap, as long as it gets the attention of the plebs.

  19. Phil

    JudithW. ‘For example – why does anyone think it’s ok to be logging native forests in Victoria and New South Wales while wildfire is ravaging the country? And what can we do about it today before another truckload throws its contents onto the Eden chip mill fire? ‘

    Judith at my age and with my medical problems is all I can do is donate money. But I tell what I have done that broke my heart at first, but costs nothing. I do not correspond with relatives or past friends anymore who act and think like Tories. . I have sent them all to Coventry and I have never felt better. I no longer have to be careful what I say less I offend someone. When I defriend them on forums like Facebook I feel a high that I have not felt for a long time. If I have to respond to some rancid right winger in the course of my day. I politely tell them they had better get out of my face. I no longer suffer fools.

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