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Climb Ladder to Success!

Mm, where does this ladder lead?

Tony Abbott has just declared his overseas tour a success.

He declared his first few months a success.

Joe Hockey has declared that his Budget was a success. And any criticism was politically motivated.

Christopher Pyne has declared that he had no need to read the Gonski Report because it was too long and full of big words. It would be much easier to pay two people to evaluate the Australian Curriculum and tell him whether it was working or not.

He chose Kevin Donnelly as one.

Kevin is head of his own one man company and – according to his company – he knows everything about Education.

When the Independents sided with Julia Gillard, the Liberals all knew that they were wrong. Because, after all, they were a much better government. They proceeded to tell us day after day.

Now, when I do things like this, people call me arrogant and a poor loser.

But I guess it’s different when you’re a member of the Coalition.

Hi, my name is Cess!


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  2. John921Fraser


  3. Lawrence Winder

    May their success continue unabated till the Double Dissolution!

  4. SunLight

    This is an interesting read, all about eleventy and his ancestors
    Mr Hockey said: “My roots lie in that part of the world. My
    grandfather, Joseph Hokeidonian, an Armenian, was sent by the Catholic
    Church in Jerusalem to go to Palestine as a spy”
    Grandfather Hokeidonian appears to have performed his duties well,
    though his war service cost him an eye. After hostilities ended he
    became deputy town clerk of Beersheba and helped to rebuild the city.

    Mr Hockey’s father, Richard, was born in Bethlehem in 1927. But Joseph
    disappeared afterwards. He was apparently hit by a car in Egypt.!topic/aus.politics/R3p01ph-1eU

  5. Florence nee Fed up

    Yes, a successful government. How do we know. They tell us so. They would not lie, would they? Maybe we are still not let in on the secret, as to what they are about, and in this are very successful. If so, I wonder who benefits. Not us, I bet.

  6. SunLight

    Was Arab opposition to the arrival of Zionists based on inherent anti-Semitism or a real sense of danger to their community?

    “The aim of the [Jewish National] Fund was ‘to redeem the land of Palestine as the inalienable possession of the Jewish people.’…As early as 1891, Zionist leader Ahad Ha’am wrote that the Arabs “understood very well what we were doing and what we were aiming at’…[Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, stated] ‘We shall try to spirit the penniless [Arab] population across the border by procuring employment for it in transit countries, while denying it employment in our own country… Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly’…At various locations in northern Palestine Arab farmers refused to move from land the Fund purchased from absentee owners, and the Turkish authorities, at the Fund’s request, evicted them…The indigenous Jews of Palestine also reacted negatively to Zionism. They did not see the need for a Jewish state in Palestine and did not want to exacerbate relations with the Arabs.” John Quigley, “Palestine and Israel: A Challenge to Justice.”

  7. SunLight

    Mr Hockey has visited Beersheba and the Middle East numerous times,
    the last being in 1998 when he took his father on a parliamentary

    There are other links between Beersheba and the North Sydney
    electorate. In World War I the Liberal member for North Sydney, Sir
    Granville Ryrie, who had served in the Boer War, volunteered for
    service as commander of the 2nd Light Horse.

    With a horse presented to him by his North Sydney constituents, he
    went on to serve at Gallipoli and in the Middle East and took part in
    fighting that led to the capture of Jerusalem.

    The victory at Beersheba signalled the beginning of the end for the
    800-year Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, an event not missed by
    Australia’s Jewish community.

    The Melbourne-based Pratt Foundation has helped fund a memorial park
    in Beersheba, which will feature a sculpture by Australian artist
    Peter Corlette of a charging Australian light-horseman.!topic/aus.politics/R3p01ph-1eU

  8. Möbius Ecko

    For this government if you count the ladder of success being one that only goes down into the sewers, then this government is being very successful indeed.
    On the other hand as it’s now a well established fact that this government lies through its teeth on just about everything it states then we can be fairly certain when they say they are successful, they are not.

  9. R Falkiner

    Good one cess.

  10. Great Scott

    Cess? That wouldn’t be Cess Pitt would it?

  11. Terry2

    I see Hockey is now using the “break no promises” mantra to push Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave scheme : it was an election promise he says and “we don’t want to be accused of breaking any promises”.

    Joe, the Abbott scheme is full of contradictions and I won’t go into them all here but, please explain why a mother in formal work, that is she receives a regular salary from an employer, as opposed to a mother who is at home caring for a family, is entitled to government income replacement and the mother at home receives no support : Mr Abbott argues that while the working mum is at home, all the bills continue as does the mortgage so it is unreasonable he says to expect a working mum to get by without government input – this the leads into his argument on holiday pay, sick leave, long service leave as ‘workplace entitlements’.

    This is a divisive argument and implies that families with a full time carer ( usually a mother) don’t need the government support that is clearly being engineered for the working mother.

    We are, by this PPL policy, building in inequality to our society and failing in the primary obligation of a caring society and that is to treat our citizens with equality in accordance with need.

    Joe, let’s not argue about broken promises, let’s just take the policy off the table and do some more work on it so that we can all be proud of a policy that supports families on a fair and equitable basis.

    Perhaps, the simplicity fo the Costello “Baby Bonus” scheme had some merit after all.

  12. Diannaart


    Irony, much.

    We let them get away with one big lie…. well, 2 actually; WMD & ‘rescuing’ Iraq. Just gives them the idea of continuing with more and bigger lies; budget crisis, ALL Australians helping with the heavy lifting…

    Plus the speeches which sound more like onerous adults patronising 5 years-olds – yes, Mr Hiccy, GHunt, Pynesol, sundry Bishops and other parasites (no one expects Abbott to string 2 words together without regurgitation – however preaching to Texans that coal is the energy of the future … surely this is a future crime against humanity) – you, who are and will continue to be assured of a secure financial future, you who puff on fat cigars while telling Australians we are either Lifters or Leaners, you think you can continue with with really big lies indefinitely?

    NO. The only people endorsing your B/S are in the minority.

  13. John921Fraser


    The world cannot believe that Australia has a moron as Prime Minister.
    So Abbott has to keep reminding them.
    And in that respect he is doing a brilliant job.

  14. John921Fraser


    Uh oh !
    Just used the word "respect" in association with Abbott.

  15. Florence nee Fed up

    Well I have just heard a fact that many forget. Yes as bad as Saddam Husseinam was, he. held the two fractions together. Yes, and he was not a linked to world terrorism. By the way, I hold no respect for Saddam, just saying our interference is likely to make things worse.

    Another fact seems t6o have risen this morning, This government needs to get the budget through, in the next two week to begin on the first July, Very little has yet been sighted within Parliament.

    Maybe Abbott, instead of prancing around the world. Doing little more than stunts, should have stayed here. working on his toxic budget. Selling coal, is not what he was elected for.

  16. MissPamela

    I think that selling coal, and pandering to media moguls and miners is exactly what he was elected for – the people who voted for him were too blind to see this. He is intent on achieving what his masters desire.

  17. Florence nee Fed up

    Another inconvenient fact for Hockey.

    “………..Working age Australians have become far less reliant on welfare payments since the turn of the century – undermining Abbott government claims of a crisis of welfare dependency in Australia.

    The finding comes from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, an authoritative Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research report that has tracked more than 12,000 people since 2001.

    The latest HILDA report, for 2011, shows rising inequality in Australia as well as flat or even falling living standards for middle-class Australians in the years after the global financial crisis.

    But it also shows a marked trend away from working age Australians – and even pensioners – being as reliant on welfare.

    Last month’s federal budget included a number of measures to restrict welfare, including preventing unemployed people under 30 getting access to payments for up to six months.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey, in a speech last week, described Australia’s welfare system as ‘‘unsustainable’’ and said claims the budget was unfair were misguided “old-style socialism”.

    Read more:

    This is understandable, as more have some super. When it comes to the young, those under 25 I think, was higher under Howard ability to collect Newstart depends of the parents income. Yes, is means tested. I cannot see how one can lump all from 18-30 together. They are art least two separate cohorts, with little in common.

    HSU hearings now on

  18. Florence nee Fed up

    One should not forget, we have had a generous PPL scheme for over three years. Many thousands of mums have benefitted. One that was form, according to the advice of the Productivity Commission.

  19. Florence nee Fed up

    Ms Jackson getting prominent mention. Seems to be her role as whistler blower.

  20. Florence nee Fed up

    Yes, Ms Jackson and co are being presented as saints. Must say I am surprised.

  21. Allan Grogan

    He’s doing a wonderful job of implementing the agenda of the IPA – too bad about the non-lunatics in our community

  22. Florence nee Fed up

    Will this government ever learn to keep traps shut. There was no need for Brandis to say anything. After all this man, it the governments top legal officer.

    “………….PRIME Minister Tony Abbott is trying to calm anger from Australia’s Arab trading partners over a change in language towards Israel by saying there has been no ­policy shift, just a ­”terminological ­clarification”.

    Mr Abbott revealed Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is scheduled to meet early this week with a delegation of Arab League and other ambassadors whose nations are threatening trade sanctions against Australia, which has serious implications for the multibillion dollar live and frozen meat export trade and other agricultural exports.

    The crisis was sparked by Attorney-General George Brandis during a Senate estimates hearing last week when he said the Australian government believed it “unhelpful” to use the term “occupied” when referring to east Jerusalem or other disputed areas of Israel.

  23. Dan Rowden

    Thanks John. Done.

  24. John921Fraser


    @Dan Rowden

    The tip is …. if you must look at Murdochs crap …. get on and off as quick as possible and avoid clicking on click bait.

    Open SMH … if you must …. and leave that page open while you open a new tab and read Citizen Journalism sites like The AIMN.

    That will give Fairfax Media a chance to beat Murdoch to the advertising dollar.

  25. Eldred

    One of my great uncles was named Cecil but everyone called him Cec which sounded like ‘ sess ‘ . He was of a generation who wouldn’t understand and be quite horrified by the implications in the headline but he knew the old joke.
    Surely, Mr Abbott would also (hopefully) end up at the end of his ladder to demonstate the punchline.

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