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Climate Change Is A Cost!

Interesting ABC story headline: ”Climate change costings a cause for concern as Coalition ups its attack on Labor’s commitments”

Now, I don’t know if you’ll think that I’m just being obsessed about semantics, but I do think that it’s a fair point to make. Labor’s policy aren’t ‘climate change costings”; they’re attempts to avoid climate change costings. The cost of climate change will be doing nothing about it.

I guess if I’m trying to be balanced like the ABC is meant to be, I’d write “so-called climate change” because that’s how Tony Abbott referred to it recently. However, it seems that the ABC has a strange idea about balance these days.

If the ABC ran the election debate, I suspect it’d go something like this:

Moderator: Mr Morrison, would you like to lead off by saying how well you’ve managed the economy?

Morrison: Thanks. We’ve done really well because we’ve paid off Labor’s debt and unemployment is practically zero and people who pay no income tax are entitled to their franking credits but Labor want to take that away and give it to people who don’t have a go.

Moderator: Now, Mr Shorten, how do you respond to the idea that Labor can’t manage the economy, control the borders or reward those who deserve it?

Shorten: Well, there’s quite a few issues there…

Moderator: We know, and that’s why you’re unpopular. Can you overcome all this and still run a positive campaign?

Shorten: Well, in response to the first issue…

Morrison: Hang on, he’s got two chances to respond. Where’s my next question?

Moderator: Sorry, Mr Morrison, um, so what’s your favourite colour?

Morrison: Thanks for the question. Blue is my favourite colour.

Moderator: it’s a lovely colour. Mr Shorten, how will you manage the shortfall in revenue without raising taxes and causing a recession?

Shorten: Well, we’ve announced all our intended tax changes and, if there’s a danger of a recession, should we be so obsessed with a Budget surplus?

Moderator: So you don’t think you can manage a surplus?

Shorten: That’s not what I said. But why is he getting questions like what’s your favourite colour and I’m getting grilled on my policies?

Moderator: Do you have something to hide?

Shorten: No, but his questions are easier.

Moderator: Ok, what’s Mr Morrison’s favourite colour?

Shorten: Blue!

Moderator: Aren’t you just copying the PM when you say that?

Shorten: Of course I am, it’s his favourite colour, after all.

Morrison: Can I just interject? I mean, Bill Shorten is basically getting a free run here and I’m very upset that the ABC isn’t giving me a chance to point out that Mr Shorten is trying to suggest that he knows my favourite colour when clearly he has no idea.

Shorten: You just said it was blue!

Moderator: Please don’t interrupt! You’ve had a fair go.

Morrison: Thank you. This is just typical of the Labor Party. They think they can dictate people’s favourite colour and…

Shorten: I’m just quoting what you said. Personally I don’t care what anyone’s favourite colour is. I think it’s a matter of personal taste and I don’t think it’s really an issue.

Moderator: I’ll give the last word to you Mr Morrison. What are the dangers of voting Labor?

Morrison: it’s simple really. Labor will take away the incentive to work by forcing everyone to drive electric cars and they’ll drive up energy prices by refusing to even consider nuclear power which we’re not considering, and it was a total beat-up to suggest such a thing and they throw retirees into the sea.

Moderator: Very clear. Thanks to both of you.

Next day: Headline would be: “Shorten Refuses To Talk About Economy And Demands People Stop Talking About Colour Issues”

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  1. Keith

    Yep, Rossleigh, climate change does come at a cost.

    We are on the way to sizzling and frying young people. We also provide opportunities to drown them and their homes if they live near coastal areas or rivers.
    We as oldies provide the fire, a distorted atmosphere provides the water, and they pay the costs for the destruction created.

    We were not to show “conspicuous compassion”, as indicated by the notion floating in Howard’s time; now, we get accused of “virtue signaling”.

    Except from the high conservative moral mountain of nihilism, there is not much virtue in doing a Judas act clinging to a few dollars, while Earth’s ability to sustain life is being squeezed.

  2. wam

    too complex for the lnp but close to leigh sales in 2013 who had a standard question for gillard and another for the rabbott

    Have you stopped lying, Prime Minister?

    Would you like me to listen why you talk?

    ps god t see shy speaking on 24 this morning but it is easy to see why it is the diludbransimkims

  3. Florence Howarth

    So does all the so-called congestion infrastructure of building more roads. Has anyone queried PM on the cost & if he is pursuing best options available? Most seem to be PMs alone with no state input?

    The changing climate already underway also has a cost. Mr PM, what do you plan to do about that?

  4. Keith


    Also, Morrison pushing against the cost of actions needed to slow climate change. We have experienced events in Australia costing several billions of dollars this year. Who would have predicted those events a year ago? Bad weather will continually happen; but now it is given an extra jolt by climate change. Morrison is pushing against the need to push formal action against climate change.
    The LNP focus on terrorists, they present a small matter in relation to safety compared to no action on climate change as displayed by the LNP.

    Shell is being investigated at the Hague in relation to ecocide. ExxonMobil has had many cases against it in the US.

    David Attenborough, and number of scientists provide an excellent summary of the state of climate at present:

    Putting what is happening in Antarctica in perspective:

    Dr Karl has been told while visiting Antarctica that instead of the Thwaites glacier being grounded bu bedrock, it is on slushy mud.

  5. David Stakes

    Slightly off topic, but have anymore twitters been suspended over the Water scandal. I have Just Davo. Interesting bit of censorship going on here,

  6. Frank Smith

    Florence, I find it difficult to get at the real facts for all the shouting, lies and obfuscation by Scummo and his tribe. But, as far as I can discern, much of the “congestion busting” infrastructure expenditure is promised sometime after 2024 and, even then, only when the States front up with a large proportion of the costs. Another non-promise as far as I am concerned. I far prefer Albo’s take on infrastructure.

  7. Frank Smith

    What a despicable hypocrite this fool is!! He declares that no campaigning will be done on Easter Sunday, but then invites the media in to photograph and record the fool “happy-clapping” at his Horizon Pentecostal Church’s Easter service. In doing so, he desecrates for his own self-serving political purposes, the day that Christians hold as the most significant day in their calendar. Whatever individuals feel about Christian values, the over-riding principle must be respect for the honest, deep-felt beliefs of others. Scummo reveals to all by his actions today that his political skin is far more important to him and his kin than his professed beliefs. That brands him as the ultimate hypocrite.

  8. John L

    Perhaps they should read the latest Bank of England report, “Avoiding the Storm: Climate change and the Financial System”.
    They are basically saying we need to be moving to a new way of doing things, and the costs in stranded assets would be in the region of $1 – 4 trillion for fossil fuels alone, or up to $20 trn looking at a broader range of sectors! Are those the sort of costs the conservatives want to incur, through doing nothing…?

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