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When Christensen Talks You Better Listen to Him

I love music. I especially love Australian Music. First and foremost, I am a diehard Angels fan, but Midnight Oil are a very close second. Australian Music from the 1980s has had a huge impact on my views. The Song “When the Generals Talk” by Midnight Oil really encompasses the control of Turnbull by George Christensen.

The first verse:

Up there on the platform
He is speaking to the people
The people are responding
With clapping and a’cheering
But the meaning of the message
Not revealed to those assembled
They’re taken for a ride
Taken In his stride

This really speaks to Turnbull’s beginnings. It has been said that people were so desperate to get rid of Abbott, Ronald McDonald could have taken his place and he would have been met with clapping and a’cheering.

So there he was after knifing Abbott – up there up there up there on the Platform; and although the media gallery were not clapping and a’cheering, the reverberation could be heard in lounge rooms all over Australia.

In Turnbull’s victory speech after over-throwing Abbott, he said this:

As far as policy changes are concerned, let me just say this, it is not a question of leadership style.

The meaning of his message was not revealed to those assembled.

Turnbull did not specifically say there would be a change away from Abbott’s policies. This was an assumption by the people. The meaning of the message is clear today, that he would deliver the same harsh, punitive Abbott policies.  It actually has nothing to do with leadership style. The existing policies were important to Turnbull. He would continue on Abbott’s legacy. The nation just didn’t see it.

He then said:

There are few things more important in any organisation than its culture.

The meaning of this message was not revealed to those assembled.

However, if we really pick this apart the meaning is evident. Schein is the seminal author and most prominent author regarding organisational culture. Schein defines culture as:

“A pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration”

In his initial victory speech post Abbott, Turnbull never even gave a hint that the Liberal party would change trajectory. He never implied he would be more compassionate, consider fairness or move away from the free market radicalisation he so adores. If this is dissected, he was actually saying that he believed that he could lead and develop the existing culture (right wing conservatism) better than Abbott, who was ‘losing the flock’ so to speak.  This was his guarantee to those who put him there, he just didn’t let us know that.

Turnbull is possibly the first shape-shifter we have seen in Australian Politics. He is empty and devoid of any real values and has always moulded himself to whatever he feels will appeal to others, so he can sustain power. The talk of Turnbull being a ‘lefty’ and he should have joined Labor is absolute rubbish. That type of front merely suited his power-purpose at the time. He is an empty canvas willing to be painted by anyone who will feed his ego.  I often visualise that we will see Turnbull one day as the last chapters of Dorian Gray and his real hidden ugliness coming to life.

It is evident that he does not care what he stands for. As long as he is at the top.

In essence, the nation at that point in time were “Taken for a ride, Taken in his stride”

So that is where this links to the Chorus. With the right wing speaking to Turnbull.

When the Generals talk
You better listen to him
When the Generals talk
You better do what he say

We have seen time and time again the right wing of the party controlling Turnbull and George Christensen featuring quite prominently in this.

In the current state of affairs, I think it is quite feasible to say that George Christensen is the General at the moment in control of the Turnbull Government. I think it is fair to say that evidence so far does present itself as this:

When Christensen talks
Turnbull better listen to him
When Christensen talks
Turnbull better do what he say

So far Turnbull has done what Christensen wants on Marriage Equality, Superannuation and most recently the Backpacker Tax. All just in three months and we have three more years of this!

What we have essentially here is a leader cowering to a self-identified General within his own ranks. Australia has no leadership.

The second verse of the song:

There’s a rumor in the ranking
Someone’s talking insurrection
So the General has a purge
Cause he wants to win elections
With the certain satisfaction
That the people are appeased
Long live the revolution
The General’s very pleased

The rumour in the ranking, someone’s talking insurrection, defines the beginning of an era where I believe we will see Turnbull attuned to becoming more and more instep with the right wing Nationalists within the Coalition. The insurrection is Christensen fighting the Government on it’s own policies and demanding his own.

Queensland is an essential state for an election win and Christensen has embraced Hanson and has even pleaded with her not to run a candidate against him. Christensen also threatened to quit the Coalition over the Backpacker tax, which would have destabilised the Government and most importantly posed a huge threat to Turnbull’s leadership.  Therefore, with his love for One Nation and the real possibility he could defect, Christensen as ‘the General’ plays a huge part in controlling Turnbull.

So the General has a purge cos he wants to win elections – can be aligned with the Christensen’s insistence of the purging of any policies Malcolm Turnbull may personally like but Christensen (the General) does not. As mentioned previously, Christensen has also appealed to One Nation not to run a candidate in Dawson because “The views of One Nation to a degree are the views of many in the rank and file of the (Liberal National Party).’’ (The Australian). Turnbull really does not have a voice at the moment. Christensen sees himself as the voice of the rank and file and that voice is synonymous with One Nation. The threat of Christensen possibly defecting to One Nation, with others who may follow, is an extreme threat to Turnbull holding onto power.  Turnbull is a man putting his lust for power before the needs of the nation.

As a staunch Christian who flirted with Priesthood the same as Abbott and who has very strong Nationalist Anti-Muslim views, Christensen has been placed by the media as the controlling General of the current Government and rightly so.

With the certain satisfaction, That the people are appeased is about the right wing arm of the Coalition, especially the Queensland Nationalists who dream about running the country. They know that now Christensen has lead Turnbull on the path of upholding one man one woman marriage, a backflip on Superannuation, a backflip on the backpacker tax and now anything is possible. The right wing are appeased.

And the remainder of the song speaks for itself…..

Sitting on the fence both ears to the ground
The fat cats still push the thin cats around

This is not a slight on Christensen, but a metaphor for how he is literally pushing Turnbull around.

Turnbull has nowhere to go. He is trapped in an abyss drowning, desperately trying to find an air pocket. Turnbull’s Leadership is beyond the point of failure. He is a Fizzer. The King is dead.

Le Turnbull est mort, vive le Christensen!!

Long live the revolution


Originally Published on Polyfeministix


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  1. kristapet

    Possibly true, I say possibly because I do not want this to be true, in fact, this is a good analysis of Australia’s political situation –
    God help Australia! – These members of the LNP are not builders of our Nation and people don’t matter, the country’s ‘good’ does not matter – LNP do not take care of ordinary Australians, they only take care what benefits them and their party members, and their donors
    The last thing on their mind is not the good of the country or the good of the people, what is on the “LNP mind” is only their own self interests – how bankrupt can you be – how bankrupt can it get – all hollow men –
    In fact, they are a consortium behaving like a corporation supported by the Public Purse,The Public Purse is not spent on Australian citizens – it is spent on the rich in true Sheriff of Nottingham style
    It is very disappointing to see this country go down the gurgler

  2. Klaus Petrat

    Hi Trish,

    100% true. I take a little pride in having predicted (to my wife, friends, John Lord etc.) the emptiness of the character of Turnbull, the absolute need for being in power, regardless of conviction.

    I don’t believe he has any then just staying in power. Until the next election, he is in save hands if he supports the right wing nut cases. Just before the election, when the opinion polls show an eminent loss of power, he will simply change his rhetoric to appease the gullible masses and we are in danger of getting more of the wrecking damage, the LNP dishes out to this once free country, also enjoying more equality back then.

    Australia, brace yourselves! The inequality will be driven to unsustainable heights. You need to flock to the streets.

  3. Terry2

    Watching the Trump tax rort being revealed in the US and the suggestion that he has been carrying forward ‘legitimate’ business tax losses since 1995 to allow him to ‘legitimately’ avoid paying tax in future years. Trump is now in a situation where, in common with other political aspirants, he will have to come clean on his tax arrangements and justify it to the mum & dad battlers who have their tax deducted from their first dollar
    earned : whether their family enterprise makes a loss or not, they still pay tax.

    What Trump and many like him in America and Australia conveniently overlook is that we have a social contract with our government requiring that they maintain our national security, that they build our roads, our hospitals and our schools and that they fund on our behalf pensions and social security and in return we contribute a portion of our income to fund these services.

    Is it right that the likes of Trump and numerous corporations in this country, because of poor business decisions and smart accountants, should avoid their contribution to the smooth functioning of society ?

  4. helvityni

    “You need to flock to the streets”

    Agree Klaus, but don’t see it happening in a hurry.

    Boy George is intimidating when it comes to height and weight; on the other hand those kilos might also slow him down, maybe Mal’s more agile if it ever comes to a fistfight…(which will also not happen, it’s more Ukrainian or Korean style)

  5. Trish Corry

    We do need to flock to the streets. The Liberals are ruining Australia and not just financially…..

  6. diannaart

    Damn straight, Trish.

    Personally, always held misgiving about Turnbull (Grech) BUT preferred to believe this was more an aberration than indicative. However, watching Turnbull as PM – particular moments stand out – his lack lustre acceptance speech after he won the 2016 election, his failure to express concern for the people of South Australia after the ‘one in 50 year event’ storm and more but others can do the googling.

    And you are right, he never did promise anything better or more enlightened than the Abbott government. We just imagined he was different. Even back when he was toppled for leadership by Abbott way back; Turnbull was presented as losing out to the far-right faction of his party. There is no far-right faction in the LNP, there cannot be when the far-right is, in fact, the majority of a party.

    The public have been suckered into the old ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine – all this time we have waited for the ‘good cop’ when he never existed.

  7. townsvilleblog

    kristapetOctober 3, 2016 at 5:37 am in my humble opinion mate you are on the right path here, but consider the next step in the thought process, it is a reality that 1% of the global population own 50% plus of Earth’s economy, their global corporations owned by the 1% pay no tax to Australia, and the L&NP govt refuse to remove the loop holes in the taxation legislation that allow them to pay no tax. The God industry pay no tax.

    It is left to small business (who are under the delusion that they are playing the same game as big business/corporations) and Pay As You Earn working tax payers to carry this country. Now out of the taxes we pay, the God industry MPs are bleeding us for their trips to Africa and the US of A to the headquarters of their cults/Churches. They are taking from what we taxpayers have contributed.

    Until and unless we rebel against this “unfair” system, we will never get a “fair go” so please spread the word, we must oust this unfair govt, and quickly.

  8. townsvilleblog

    Trish, yet another stunning article, you are growing as a writer very quickly, you certainly have my admiration.

  9. townsvilleblog

    Terry2 You don’t have to look overseas if you are looking for corruption in the taxation laws, see Australia:

  10. Trish Corry

    I need to share a tweeted response to the title of this article:

    Cat Bert ‏@LittleBertie01 19m19 minutes ago
    @ShaunNewman2 @Trish_Corry
    I’d rather have dicks in my ears.

    Cracked me up!

  11. townsvilleblog

    Klaus Petrat, mate they have had 3 long years practice at ripping and tearing the fabric of Australians society to threads if they remain there for another 3 years there will be nothing for the Labor Party to save for us. Australia will have been transformed from a country of the fair go to the country of no go. From relative egalitarianism to a fascist State.

    The whole process will have to begin again, with the formation of the People’s Bank, a huge change to the taxation laws to ensure that everyone including US of A owned corporations, and US of A religious cults, and the God industry in general, the absurdly wealthy and all other taxation bludgers pay their fair share, whilst simultaneously trying to achieve a huge boost in renewable energy in order to save what is built from Climate Change.

  12. townsvilleblog

    Are ear penises the in thing Trish, my daughter has what she calls ‘ear plugs’ lol! We must retain a sense of humor or we will go mmmaad!

  13. Trish Corry

    Don’t worry Shaun, my daughter told me her plugs were fake for over a year! I was very gullible.

  14. paulwalter

    Terry2 got to the guts of it as this poster often does.

    Many Australians. are convinced we could not reach the extremes reached by the USA, but on various levels we are already there. (What if) we are already a virtual colony with little or no representation for the defacto taxation extorted as to defence spending, say or the legislated in inability to to get multinationals to pay their tax?

    Locally it seems fair to suggest that Murdoch got Abbot elected to avoid paying a big tax bill and it has been claimed that he again weaseled out of nearly $5 billion over the last year or two.

    Of course Murdoch is the not the only individual to have his tax affairs questioned.

    Our very own PM has been under scrutiny for stealing from his community also as well as gleefully continuing the looting set up by Abbott.

    Sitting on the fence both ears to the ground.
    The fat cats still push the thin cats around.

    And the sheep-like public still bother about really deep distractions such Muslim women wearing veils, while the real crimes go undetected.

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