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Christensen must go

In his desperation to attack the Safe Schools Coalition Program, George Christensen has plumbed new depths.

La Trobe University is a partner of the program. George has been given a dirt file (lessons from Senator James McGrath perhaps?) on one of the Professors there and has quoted, out of context, a paragraph he supposedly wrote in . . . wait for it . . . 1982.

That’s a dangerous game to play George.

Far more recently than that, in 1998, George Christensen, as editor of the ‘Student Advocate’, expressed concern that new versions of the Bible were “removing accusations that the Jews killed Christ.”

On another page, he tells jokes about AIDS:

“A homosexual walks into the Doctor’s office, sobbing. ‘Doctor, Doctor’, he says ‘ think I’ve got AIDS. ‘Well,’ replied the Doctor, shocked ‘Who gave it to you?’

‘I dunno, says the homosexual. ‘I haven’t got eyes in the back of my head.’

He doesn’t restrict his venom there either. In an article about the Hollywood actor Will Smith, whom the currently unmarried Christensen felt was over-rated by the ladies, he expressed his thoughts on women:

“Most Aussie men often try to crack onto good-looking women and neglect the not-so-good looking (read fat) ones

Perhaps it’s the intelligence of women or, rather, the lack of it?

My thoughts: the truth is women are stupid and that’s that. So on behalf of you, me and the guy that’s shrugging his shoulders in bewilderment after reading his sister’s copy of Dolly, let me just say: Will Smith, you’re lucky God gave women no bloody brains.”

Other contributions express concern about the special privileges being bestowed on Aborigines, the transgendered, republicans and so on. He is even critical of former Prime Minister John Howard for being a sell-out to aboriginal interests. He argues that there is an Australian system of “apartheid” which benefits Aborigines through land rights, Abstudy and so on.

When the story broke before the 2010 election, Christensen apologised for his views and according to Liberal CHQ sources is very lucky that the offensive document was found after preselection.

“If we’d known about this before the close of nominations, he would have been punted, no doubt about it but it’s all a bit late now. He’s disavowed those views now, has grown up a lot since University and will be a really solid regional MP if he gets up. I can assure you that you won’t be seeing these views repeated in his MP’s newsletters or anything like that” one Liberal campaign strategist said.

Kerry O’Brien asked Tony Abbott about it on the 7:30 report.

KERRY O’BRIEN: OK. You’ve had to defend your Coalition candidate George Christensen in the North Queensland seat of Dawson today over some stridently anti-Semitic, anti-gay and anti-female comments he either wrote or edited in a university magazine 12 years ago describing women as bloody stupid. There was a joke about a gay man dying of AIDS. How can you defend those sort of sentiments, even if they were a decade ago?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, I don’t defend them. It was – they’re not defensible sentiments. But, Kerry, many of us are guilty of adolescent silliness. Certainly, my uni days involved some statements that I wouldn’t make today. Julia Gillard’s uni days and her days at the Socialist Forum involved statements that she wouldn’t make today. We grow through these things.

KERRY O’BRIEN: Have you bothered to check with the candidate to absolutely assure yourself – have you bothered to absolutely assure yourself that none of those sentiments still exist in that man’s mind today?

TONY ABBOTT: I have got to know George quite well. He is a good candidate and I know he absolutely repudiates adolescent silliness.

Far from repudiating it, Christensen’s “adolescent silliness” has grown into quasi-adult vitriole. This most objectionable man has been given a public platform from which to spew his vile hatred.

His empowered vilification has expanded to include Muslims with a website where he intends “to expose radical Islamic practices, its adherents and appeasers within our midst”. His hatred of refugees borders on hysterical.

Climate scientists are also in his gunsight with George claiming that they deliberately change data to produce false results.

So much is George enjoying this new found attention, he is keen for his family to join in on the gravy train. He is urging everyone to vote for his father, Ian Christensen, in the upcoming Mackay council election.

George has experience with the council. After the 2010 election it was revealed that Christensen failed to resign from his position on the Mackay Regional Council before the election, putting himself at risk of high court action which would not allow him to take office as the member for Dawson. Unfortunately no-one challenged.

Christensen speaks often of wasteful spending by government but he is one of the worst, spending incredible amounts of public money on his own campaigns.

Despite the 2010 review of the entitlements system recommending banning the use of the printing and communications entitlement during the official campaign period, a recommendation governments of both persuasions have since ignored, George Christensen spent $130,188 on this entitlement during the six-month period that included the 2013 election and 81% – $105,639 – of it was spent in the six weeks of the campaign.

The central Queensland MP claimed some $529,599 in printing and communications costs between his election in 2010 and the end of 2014. We will no doubt be footing a heavy bill again this year, funding his job application.

When the country is saddled with the lack of leadership displayed by Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce, it is up to the people to stand up to this most xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, racist, union-bashing, fundamentalist, climate change denying Luddite before he does any more harm.

For the sake of our country, this man should never again hold public office.


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  1. John Kelly

    Historically, people like George have a limited parliamentary life.

  2. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    George is indeed an ugly human being and not fit for public office.

    Interesting that nobody challenged him in the courts for having failed to resign his council position before becoming the member of Dawson.

    These are the chinks that energetic activists need to access in the legal system to keep undesirables like Christensen out of public office.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Has there ever been a period in our history that resembles this one where opinion outweighs science? Where the religious views of a few politicians outweigh the view of the overwhelming majority of their constituents? Where a government so blatantly uses the public coffers for the advancement of themselves and their mates? Where, as a nation, we ignore our obligations as global citizens to contribute to world wide action to offer safe haven to refugees and to take action on the greatest threat facing humanity – climate change? Where children are used for political purposes? Where decisions about education are taken away from the educators?

    All of those things have been present to a degree with every government but never in my memory, or my reading of history, has it ever been this bad.

  4. Kaye Lee


    According to Wikipedia, several constitutional law experts said it was unlikely any legal challenge against Christensen would be successful because the constitution ban on “officers of profit under the crown” being elected to federal parliament would most likely not apply to local government councillors. I cannot answer why considering independent Phil Cleary and Liberal Jackie Kelly both faced by-elections after failing to resign from public service positions before winning their respective seats. Are councillors not public servants?

  5. Ann Payne

    I’m disturbed by the notion that those opposing the Safe Schools program are putting forward the idea that these materials are being given to the students, when in fact it’s a teaching resource for teachers. They have an unhealthy preoccupation with the sex lives of those they vilify. Just what do they think about that’s even relevant to being in government?

  6. Sir ScotchMistery

    If you’ve ever looked at dear old George, the use of the expression “saddled” made me have a quiet giggle.

    He used to talk about women in terms of fat and stupid, supposedly at Uni, but in reality the bully has just grown up.

    George’s time will come, as John says, people like that don’t stay for long.

  7. Pilot

    One wonders what this obese, dysfunctional ignoramus would do if he realised that a transgender man can marry a transgender woman LEGALLY……… Because it is a union of a man and a woman. I believe this would render him (it) catatonic….
    Christensen and Pell, two peas in a pod….. BOTH facilitators…………
    As for Abetz, Bernardi and Christensen, stone the bloody crows……. They are bullies and want their underling school bullies to be allowed to bully whomever they please, whenever they please….. A bloody disgrace!!!

    Kaye Lee, your article is spot on and your (1st) comment wraps it up completely.

    Thank you!!!!

  8. John Lord

    For the sake of our country, this man should never again hold public office. You said it.

  9. margcal

    What does it say about those who voted for Christensen? They’re still supporting him, or they were last time I looked at his fb page.
    I regularly think the West is going the way of the Roman empire, with the addition of taking the whole world with us via climate change.
    So depressing.

  10. Kate M

    I agree that Christensen wins the award for the loudest most obnoxious pollie in Federal politics today. But I was also somewhat convinced by Rossleigh’s argument the other day that:

    “So it seems the trick to actually getting people onside is not to appeal to their logic, but to make them want to identify with the people on your side of the argument. Failing that, you can trying making them want to distance themselves from those who hold the opposing view.”

    I think with Christensen as the self-appointed leader of RWNJs – they won’t be attracting huge amounts of support anytime soon……

    I know people said that about Trump – but I think Trump is far cleverer than Christensen, and far better at manipulating people. Christensen is just a bully.

  11. Kaye Lee


    Christensen bans people who disagree. You might get away with a comment or two but if you start posting facts with links your comments are removed and you are blocked. He exists in an echo chamber of hate. His idea of free speech is to only hear his side.

    He was claiming that the expansion of Abbott Point would create squillions of jobs. I linked to the government report which said:

    ” annual operating economic impacts of the Project are estimated at: • 2.1 FTEs, comprising one direct FTE and 1.1 indirect FTEs;”

    ie after construction, the ongoing operation would create ONE full-time job directly and ONE indirectly.

    He banned me and removed all comments

  12. Lee

    Considering the way the Nats screwed the farmers in NSW yesterday, I doubt that we need to concern ourselves with the Nats for much longer.

  13. Kate M

    Kaye – you should consider it a badge of honour to be banned by Christensen!!

  14. roaminruin

    George Christensen is an arsehole – that is obvious. So why do the good citizens of Dawson vote for the maggot? Blame them, he’s their man.

  15. Kaye Lee

    I was trying to point out the tourism jobs that he was risking with his support for coal and he was arguing that I was anti-job.

    Employment impacts of the Abbott Point Expansion Project during its construction phase are anticipated to be between:
    • 82 FTEs, comprising 39 direct FTEs and 43 indirect FTEs; and
    • 164 FTEs, comprising 78 direct FTEs and 86 indirect FTEs

    At most, 78 direct jobs for a short period that the report points out would be ongoing employment for construction workers finishing other projects rather than new jobs.

    The value-added economic contribution of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area to the Australian economy in 2011-12 was $5.68 billion and it generated almost 69,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

    George will not allow any of these facts to be posted on his facebook page.

  16. townsvilleblog

    As a North Queenslander I’d have to say that we have more hillbillies and rednecks than probably most other areas in Australia. That said I don’t associate Mackay, a sugar City of housing more than most and I really don’t understand why the National Party (LNP) is so strong there?

  17. billshaw2013

    That fact tat the LNP is endorsing Christensen again as their candidate is a reflection on Turnbull and Joyce. Whilst he might well retain the seat for the LNP he will have an adverse effect on other seats as voters will gauge the inaction of Turnbull and Joyce as condoning his vile indecent stance on humanity.

  18. Kaye Lee

    George Christensen, the Liberal National Party member for the Queensland electorate of Dawson, has given a speech on climate change to the Heartland Institute in the United States.

    George Christensen’s Climate Change Speech To The Heartland Institute

    It really is worth reading just to show you what a nutter this guy is. Selected quotes wouldn’t do it justice.

    This might also explain a few things….

    “Conservative climate-sceptic thinktank The Heartland Institute is footing the bill for Queensland backbencher George Christensen to travel to Las Vegas to take part in its “international conference on climate change”.

    Christensen told Guardian Australia he was “closely associated with the institute” through his relationship with Australian climate-sceptic academic Bob Carter, who [was until his death in January 2016] also a constituent in Christensen’s electorate of Dawson.

  19. Kaye Lee

    Mr Christensen, who represents the biggest sugar growing electorate in Australia and whose family are sugar cane farmers, has accused the National Health and Medical Research Council of demonising sugar and running a nanny state with draft new food guidelines that tell Australians to “limit” their sugar intake.

    The NHMRC is reviewing the guidelines and the new draft recommendations say: “Limit intake of food and drinks containing added sugar. In particular, limit sugar-sweetened drinks”.

    Christensen fears the new guideline would be used by Food Standards Australia & New Zealand to set standards for food in Australia.

    There was outrage in the United Kingdom when food regulators cut the amount of salt in HP Sauce, he said.

    “What will happen to the taste of Tim Tams in Australia if regulations force the sugar content to halve?”

  20. brickbob

    I like your description of George as a”’ Most Objectionable Man””’ it would have made a good header for your article because that’s exactly what he is.
    Donald Trump is also a ”” Most Objectionable Man””’ but he is just another con man who is full of his own ego and self importance who knows eventually he will have to dial down the homophobic racist rhetoric to have any chance of getting near the White House, where as Christensen will go to his grave still still hating women and muslims and gays and jews and people like me who are willing to call him out on his warped far right so called ”’ Christian”” values.

    People like him and Bernadi and Co will always be part of the community and i suppose all we can do is keep voicing our objections and maybe put pressure on the media to inform enough people of the error of giving this idiot any more oxygen and space that he already has access to.
    Yes, George Christenson, ””” A Most Objectionable Man.””” keep up the good writing Kaye.”””

  21. lawrencewinder

    Have we ever had such poor specimens as representatives?

  22. Miriam English

    Hopefully he will tick off enough people that he undoes himself. It would be nice to have an ad campaign targeted at his locality pointing out what the more than half a million dollar wasted on his election campaign could have done for the people in his area. It would also be nice to show his locals just how dangerous and divisive he is and how much he lies.

  23. lawrencesroberts

    This is about Bullying. Ithe has gone on in schools since Spartan Times. As a retired teacher it is the biggest advance we have made since Spartan Times. Many citizens are against bullying others not so much. This liberal minority says it all.

  24. Möbius Ecko

    Christensen is going to be really upset if this happens in Australia, which it’s slated to:

    The sugar tax on just soft drinks and no other high sugar content foods is only a symbolic slap, but it’s an important one, sending a message to the industry to get their shit in order on sugar or this tax will broaden.

  25. Kaye Lee

    When someone posted a diagram on twitter saying “Sea level rise frm 4°C warming would wipe out Mackay. Time to lose science denier”, the member of parliament’s erudite response was “What arrant nonsense. Go back to smoking the green whacky stuff rather than spouting it.”

    When Margo Kingston suggested the Nats have betrayed their voters, George responded “You’re smoking what you’re growing if that’s your interpretation of my tweet.”

    “what gives me the irrits is the double standards over restricting smoking versus a relaxed attitude to pot. My preference would be both to be legal with a lot of the taxes and restrictions removed.”

  26. Gangey1959

    Great article Kaye Lee.
    “most xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, racist, union-bashing, fundamentalist, climate change denying Luddite”
    I think you missed a few.
    I’ve been keeping an ear on the goings on in Parliament via “The Guardian” and Coward would be an additional description. What he said of the professor under Parliamentary Privilege was just disgusting. If the same thing happened at the High school I went to he would have been expelled, but I assume he was private school educated, so normal rules don’t always apply.
    Rule 303 does. I want first go.

  27. Kaye Lee

    “Christensen was schooled in Andergrove, Walkerston and at Mackay State High before completing an undergraduate degree in journalism.”

    The problem with George, aside from the long list already mentioned, is that he isn’t very bright. He was elected to council at the age of about 25, regional council 4 years later, then federal parliament two years after that. He is putty in the hands of lobbyists and vested interests. Self-interest is his creed – he knows no better.

  28. David (other)

    What a disgusting, obnoxious, bullying slob the member for Dawson is. His gutter antics reflect back on the electors of Dawson, they have given him a public voice with apparently no avenue available lawfully to stop him, when he speaks as a bullying coward behind the protection of Parliament Privilege.
    Of course it is too much to expect any possibility Turnbull and/or Joyce will pull him into line and discipline the slime ball. Well done Kaye Lee and AIM for highlighting this.

  29. Kaye Lee

    Re the parliamentary privilege, Christensen repeated the claims on Skynews. If I was the person concerned I would be seeking legal advice. Not only did George read the paragraph on tv, he suggested the Professor was an advocate for pedophilia. That’s a very damaging statement to make publicly about a respected academic. To go back 35 years looking for dirt is despicable. it’s the same approach Christensen used to try and discredit Safe Schools. Follow link after link after link after link until you can find one thing you can complain about. Quite frankly, if a kid wanted to find out about those issues would they do that or just google?

  30. Lee

    “The NHMRC is reviewing the guidelines and the new draft recommendations say: “Limit intake of food and drinks containing added sugar. In particular, limit sugar-sweetened drinks”. ”

    There’s a damned good reason why they make that recommendation. George just needs to look in the mirror!

  31. astra5

    Kaye Lee
    You have done us a great service by describing George Christensen’s beliefs and past history. I was unaware of this.

    He is a loathsome person. His interventions in insisting the Safe Schools program be defunded and stopped are vicious.

    ‘Safe Schools, Unsafe Politicians’, written early in the month, is worth a re-read now:

    The problem with him and his ilk is that no amount of evidence and reason could change his mind. His beliefs about climate change, GLBTI and sugar are hard-wired into his brain. His speech on climate change and sugar reveal his beliefs. Nothing can change him.

    The lesson for us is that while we need to know all about these people who purport to represent their electorates, we are powerless to change them. The only one who has any chance of neutralising such individuals is Malcolm Turnbull, but he seems too weak to challenge Christensen, Bernardi, Abetz, Abbott et al. He faces an existential crisis. Unless he controls this conservative clique, he and his party are doomed.

  32. Matters Not

    Must admit I have concerns with articles such as this because while the criticisms are rational and valid (and I agree with them), they can be counter-productive in the longer term, As townsvilleblog suggests ‘rednecks’ (broadly defined) have a habit of thriving on this negative publicity particularly in the north of Queensland. Tom Aitkens (Mundingburra and then Townsville South) was elected in 1947, 1950, 1953, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1963, 1966, 1969, 1972 and 1974 even though his behaviour, particularly under parliamentary privilege, was consistently outrageous.

    For example, he would read salacious extracts from text-books to highlight the ‘perversions’ being promoted in schools. He took particular delight in so doing when school children visited the chamber. Always attracted the press gallery

    For Aitkens (and others) all publicity is good publicity. It’s a strategy that Christensen aligns with. He becomes the ‘underdog’. the ‘victim’, the ‘champion’ who stands up to ‘Mexicans’ south of the border. And so on. Joh followed that path as well. The people who elected him become defensive and stubborn; rationalising along the lines that while he maybe a ‘d#ckhead’ he’s our ‘d#ckhead’ and he puts us on the map. Very sad.

    Why he may even provide a link to this site. BTW this is not meant as a criticism. Just a thought.

  33. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    interesting insight into the mindset of Christensen voters.

  34. Klaus

    When will the Australian people stand up and visibly demonstrate. This has become a police state and the constituents tolerate the pigs at the trough. And while these pigs are having fun, they destruct most social structures, personal freedom, play football the humanitarian institutions as they please and Australia remains ignorant. Why is no one waking up to this crazy, criminal, destructive, divisive, ignorant, inhumane government? What else must happen?
    The polls should not even credit 5% 2-party preferred to this Mob. Get onto the streets. God forbid the mob should get back in. GST will be here. Schools/Uni for the rich elite, press freedom radically suppressed (I believe the likes of Leigh Sales and Emma Alberici have been gagged already)……
    Dark days ahead for Australians if these people were returned. The election shouldn’t even be a contest. I don’t know who is behind the rigging of opinion polls. How can it be when the PM looses ground, the party itself gained percentage. Total crap!. On the streets you Aussies

  35. Kaye Lee

    I do understand your point MN and George has in the past provided a link to this site on his facebook page with some derogatory comment. I would be quite happy for him to do so again. Ewan Jones even popped by to tell us what a heck of a guy George is.

    He is using the same strategies for sure. When he identified, with some very hard work, pages that could be accessed from the safe schools site via a million other links that were questionable, they were removed. Rather than being pleased he had helped improve the program, George published a cached link so all his followers could still access the material he was railing against. He has one thread where he suggests the National Party should learn from Trump and become the party of economic populism and nationalism.

  36. Matters Not

    Apologies. It’s AIKENS (No T).

  37. Sam

    Sorry to get off George but about this tax on sugary drinks…how about we put the focus where it should be and lower prices on stuff that is good for us, rather than always just increase the prices of stuff that is bad for us instead? Or is stuff like this not about making the nation healthier and more about increasing profits under the guise of making us healthier?

    If you’re shopping for the household, you try your best for balance but in the end, it’s the budget that controls all.

    Maybe doing both would work? If we decreased the price of healthier foodstuffs at the same time as increasing the price of unhealthy foodstuffs, the difference would be noticeable to a point where everyone would buy much healthier.

    Sorry again, for the sidetracking.

  38. Kaye Lee

    Christensen has a number of very obvious tactics. For example, this thread from his facebook page:

    “For the sake of Queenslanders with disabilities, the State Labor government needs to stop playing politics on the National Disability Insurance Scheme and sign the agreement the Federal Government have put before them so funding can flow.”

    The truth of the matter is Christian Porter proposed changes to give the Commonwealth power to decide some rules about who could access the scheme, what would be included in care plans and what would constituted “reasonable and necessary support”.

    He also argued the Federal Government should be allowed to appoint or terminate board members, without the agreement of states and territories.

    Victorian Labor Minister for Disability Martin Foley said his federal counterparts were trying to seize control of the NDIS.

    “Christian Porter, in a bushwhacking 11th-and-a-half-hour stunt, sought to seize control of the board appointment process,” Mr Foley said.

    “But more importantly, the processes whereby the National Disability Insurance Authority operates. And the states rejected it.

    “It seems like [Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is] seeking to shift the problem of his budget onto people with disabilities, walking away from the national consensus of 2013 and more importantly ripping up the bilateral agreement that he has in place, certainly with Victoria and New South Wales.”

    West Australian Disability Services Minister Helen Morton said while some of the ideas had merit, others did not.

    “There were also some examples that would go too far in terms of narrowing access to the NDIS,” Mrs Morton said.

    “You would get cost shifting and whole implementation of this program becomes more difficult if that happens.

    “The states have resoundingly rejected the Commonwealth taking over that level of governance previously and again this time.

    “It did look like this was a way of the Commonwealth trying to leverage greater control.”

  39. Matters Not

    Re Jones. As I understand it, Jones supports Safe Schools. His wife is a teacher and there’s been some youth suicides within his electorate.

    Sam your suggestion of increasing the tax on the ‘unhealthy’ and using same to subsidise the ‘healthy’ has merit. Nevertheless it’s a political minefield.

    Accusations of ‘nanny state’ would flow. Imagine the reaction of the ‘sugar’ lobby. George would b e the Member for life.

  40. Kaye Lee

    Another of George’s facebook threads:

    “Time is ticking and Mackay is set to lose the last of its weather bureau staff by August (THIS YEAR!). Help me keep those BOM jobs in Mackay by signing the petition.”

    He never mentions the fact that his government cut $10 million from the BoM in the 2014 budget. Successive “efficiency dividend” cuts have left the Bureau of Meteorology short of staff and battling faulty and ageing equipment, according to insiders and unions.

    “The savings, outlined in the Budget papers, show the government wants the Bureau to ‘improve efficiency’. Estimates of average staffing levels show more than 80 staff could lose their jobs in the next year.”

    BOM staffers, through their union, Professionals Australia, say that years of cuts have left bureau bosses reliant on a Dad’s Army of retired meteorologists to plug the growing gaps in the ranks of its weather specialists.

    Instead of a petition George, talk to your boss.

  41. Lee

    I would have thought that all the hot air around Mackay would interfere with the BOM’s measurements anyway, so not much point having them there.

  42. diannaart

    Terrific article Kaye and riveting reading provided by a succession of AIMers -thank you.

    The only time in human history for such a predominance of ignorant bigoted bullies?

    The Dark Ages – but then there was the excuse of limited, if any, education and not the great expanse of scientific knowledge such as we have today.

    Such as the LNP troglodytes would have the world darkened once again.

  43. Kaye Lee

    Yes….I think I should have limited my “history” comment a bit 🙂

  44. diannaart

    Naah, Kaye Lee

    Your comment served to highlight how far the bar has dropped in our political system.

  45. Backyard Bob

    I wonder if an AIMN admin could write to – in an official capacity – both the PM’s office and that of the new Special Minister of State and request an explanation for the appropriateness of George’s use of a Government email address for his War on Radical Islam website?

    I mean, I guess we could all do it as well. Ah, screw it, let’s all do it ….

  46. flohri1754

    I am hoping we see this fellow, along with Tony Abbott, Bronwyn Bishop, Eric Abetz, Cory Barnardy, Barnaby Joyce, George Brandeis, Clive Palmer and Leyonhjelm leave the Parliament in 2016. At the very least …..

  47. Gangey1959

    I was just watching fat george on telly. I want to be a reporter. Show him how bullying is really done. Fat prick. May he die in great pain. Daily.

  48. Kaye Lee


    I wrote to Turnbull the day it was announced. I also expressed my concern about the language Mr Christensen uses and how harmful it is. George isn’t paying contributors to the site. Could you imagine the vile stuff he is having to wade through?

  49. Backyard Bob

    I’m more imagining the vile stuff his staff is having to wade through. Just wrote to the PM and Mathias; not expecting much. Maybe I’ll email George as well and see what shite I get from them.

  50. terry

    no blacks , gay or ethnics in north Queensland under christensen’s reign. obvious the quality of representation up there is why the place is going so well , one day they will wake up to themselves and vote the knuckle dragging homophobe out . think he would be into palmer . a piece on the NDIS wouldn’t go astray Kaye . a lot of people pretty worried what this government up too . ps , no swearing

  51. Kaye Lee


    Emailing George gets a form letter reply unless you are in his electorate. Phoning his office can be quite entertaining. The lady who answered the phone was lovely but if you want an argument, ask for Dave.

  52. jim

    Hi, don’t know where you think Mackay(Dawson), is a LNP town;……;…..and…..Mackay has been a Labor seat since being won by William Forgan Smith in 1915. It has had only four members in the last century. Forgan Smith (MP 1915-42) was a senior Minister in Labor governments after 1922 and served as Premier 1932-42. He was succeeded by Fred Graham (1943-69), Ed Casey (1969-95) and current MP Tim Mulherin in 1995. Anyhow George boy U piss me off.

  53. jim

    An ALP FB post……This post may be long, but it’s great news for these important community services. They all had their funding stripped by the former Newman LNP government.
    Great to see the Palaszczuk Labor government has restored their funding…
    Advanced Breast Cancer Group
    Alzheimer’s Association of Queensland
    Amputees & Families Support Group Qld Inc
    Arthritis Foundation of Queensland
    Australia Huntingtons Disease Association Qld Inc
    Australian Breastfeeding Association
    Better Hearing Australia Brisbane Inc.
    Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Limited
    Eczema Association of Australasia Inc
    Epilepsy Queensland Inc
    Lung Foundation Australia
    ME/CFS/FM Support Association Qld Inc
    Muscular Dystrophy Association of Queensland Inc
    Myasthenia Gravis Association of Queensland Inc
    Retina Australia (Qld) Inc.
    Self Help Queensland Inc
    Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support Group (QLD) Inc
    The Compassionate Friends Queensland Inc
    The Queensland Asbestos Related Disease Support Society Inc
    Gynaecological Cancer Society Inc.

  54. Matters Not

    Jim at 2:58 pm

    There’s a couple of errors in your post, Mackay is a ‘Labor’ city in a LNP Federal electorate. The info you provide is to do with the State seat and not the Federal electorate of Dawson. Unfortunately, Dawson tends to be a LNP seat.

    Tim Mulherin (ALP) and Deputy Leader retired from the State seat of Mackay and did not stand due to health considerations but the seat was retained by the ALP

  55. PressOff

    Thanx for the research and info on Fat George, Kaye. A living illustration of the Dunning-Kruger effect;-
    “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled persons suffer illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude and evaluate their own ability accurately.” ( Wikipedia definition) In other words, too stupid to know how stupid they are.

  56. Kaye Lee

    I think it’s simpler than that. George enjoys having supporters for once. The more outrageous he becomes, the more of a focus he becomes for like minded people. Let’s face it, that crowd have few politicians who would allow them to vent their poison as they do. George has become their crusader, a position he has no doubt dreamed of but never achieved because he seems incapable of original thought. Vested interests have recognised this total lack of critical analysis and exploited it. George believes what they tell him. He repeats what they hand him. He never questions the credibility of his sources and is stooged into thinking other opinions are a conspiracy against his crusade. George likes to be liked.

  57. DrachenReiter

    I watched his interview today and he’s worried about the gay and marxist agenda being forced on children. So apparently he’s worried about reds in the bed converting children to homosexuality.

    He obviously doesn’t understand that you can’t convert someone to a different sexuality from that they were born with.

    Funny he not worried about children being mistreated or abused in our offshore detention centres. He has never come out and made a fuss about that.

    So its really all about his prejudices and bigotry and not the children at all. Maybe he has tendencies that he’s suppressing and its actually his self loathing he’s projecting.

  58. Lee

    George doesn’t seem to be worried about the effect of domestic violence upon children either. I also think he is projecting his self loathing.

  59. Kaye Lee

    According to Christensen, 43 of 81 Coalition backbenchers signed his petition requesting Safe Schools funding be suspended pending a parliamentary inquiry. This really is a party of fearful ignorant people.

  60. David (other)

    ByB.. I also twittered your suggestion request re Christensen using his Govt email to Mark Dreyfus, he enjoys a good scrap

  61. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Good idea ByB and David (other).

  62. musicinhills

    I read the comments up to townsville blog, will read more later, It’s more of a coal workers town, not sugar workers, total different class of people, The coal workers, plant operators, the mentality of most of these people leave a lot to be desired, I have been working class my life, I have never come across the filthy minds like some of these people in all my working life, The only reason Christensen may fade away a bit is because the coal industry is shedding a lot of jobs, People who brought houses some time ago, are losing out badly, also rent average was $500 and above now down to $300, a lot of jobs have moved on, I have very little good to say about these people, Christensen is only there because their there there used to be kiddies tours from the coal mines in the eighties were a group of 7 or 8 males would go to Asia, Nothing ever said about that. There used to be a proudness amongst working class once, the mongrel mining companies change all that.

  63. Tam

    If you believe that George has a lot of followers due to his facebook page, think again. If anyone expresses a view different to his or asks him a question, he will delete the comments and block the person on his facebook. The amount of garbage he writes on facebook is embarrassing. Bring of the next election and the subsequent unemployment of George.

  64. Kaye Lee


    I got banned from his page for quoting from, and linking to, two government reports which compared the employment created by the expansion of Abbott Point and the employment created by the Great Barrier Reef. George doesn’t like facts. He much prefers fear.

  65. diannaart

    I hear George has plans to fix all those left-hand preferenced people, after they CHOOSE to use their left hands those evil satanic lefties….. 😉

    And, if George himself is left-handed; more evidence of his self-loathing.

  66. Lee

    She’s worked since 2010 for a man who is on the record as saying women are stupid. Ok…………….

  67. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Unfortunately Tamara Candy (if that is her real name) has fallen for the age-old cliche of buxom blond with side dish of brains.

    If brains were primarily important to her, she would not be seen dead with the likes of Rabid, Turnbull or any other neo-con LNP.

  68. John Tully (Prof)

    Quite agree with your assessment of this objectionable individual except for your characterisation of him as a Luddite. In fact, the anti-working class Christensen would have foamed at the mouth about the Luddites had he been around at the start of the Industrial Revolution. The Luddites (followers of the mythical Ned Ludd) were hand loom weavers who took to breaking the new power looms that were making them destitute. Who could blame them when their children were starving because of technology introduced without thought of the social consequences?

  69. diannaart

    @ John Tully

    …when their children were starving because of technology introduced without thought of the social consequences…

    Indeed, nothing has changed. Particularly the likes of Christensen and his ilk; not the types to learn from history and unthinkingly repeating it.

  70. Matters Not


    technology introduced without thought of the social consequences

    Was there ever such a time? If so? Then when? And why were such developments rejected?

    Seems to me the ramifications of new technology (in all its dimensions) is impossible to predict. But am very interested in your thoughts, given your comment above.

  71. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Why would there not be?

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