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Chaos Theory and Scott Morrison

By 1petermcc  

I’m at a loss as to why folk think there is a rational plan behind Scott Morrison’s latest PR campaign following the shattering of his “big stick” (or should that read big swinging dick) policy.

Ockham’s Razor offers the hypothesis of “simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones”.

Scott governs by knee jerk reactions with all the missteps that brings with it, and he’s too panicked to pull it all together especially on energy matters where he clearly doesn’t understand how market forces affect the price.

With the Big Stick turning into a Big Toothpick, and his chaotic style driving energy prices higher, he is left trying to look busy, so he just keeps throwing stuff out there, hoping to get lucky.

Snowy 2 already looks more expensive than it’s competition (approx. double the price) and that’s without allowing for any engineering surprises. The Tassie Battery of the Nation only hits it’s straps as coal is phased out, but here again, Morrison claims Coal is king.

He can’t have it both ways, but he is so out of his depth he doesn’t know it.

Once we had the argument that we should wait for the Feds to coordinate our response to Climate Change. Clearly that wasn’t based on a chap like Scott who can’t coordinate his own policies or his party.


Fin Rev – Morrison pumps hydro over coal

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Renew Economy – Snowy 2.0 approved for early works amid environmental concern – and LNP dissent

Renew Economy – Morrison’s fast-tracking of Tasmania link only makes sense with rapid coal exit

This was originally published on Advances in Renewables.

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  1. David Bruce

    … and the attention span of a 3 year old?

  2. Vikingduk

    . . . And the competency of a dead cane toad.

    . . . and the morals of a lump of coal.

    . . . And the Christianity of a squashed slug.

  3. Ill fares the land

    His supporters believe his drivel and his management-esque psycho-babble because they want to, or worse, because they need to. Remember, as we now know beyond dispute, facts are irrelevant and opinion is king. The additional factor is the “Kill Bill” campaign has had a significant effect – Shorten isn’t always impressive, but the campaign to cast doubt about his trustworthiness and to disparage his links to unions have added a fear element. This is exacerbated by the hysteria over changes to the CGT discount (from 50% to 25%); negative gearing (although to my mind the changes don’t go far enough) and franking credits (most have no grasp at all of what the changes entail). These campaigns work – an example is that in the UK, government sought to impose a “gas-guzzler tax” on the owners of SUV’s – the media went absolutely spare on the confected outrage, so the plan, an entirely sensible one for every government to implement, was shelved.

    Morrison is a failed, sociopathic corporate hack. For every “union-based” criticism of Shorten, there is a matching criticism of Morrison’s utterly inept, secretive, non-consultitative blunders in the corporate world (if you think I am wrong, do the research – it is out there on the internet and it points to why Morrison is an abject failure and so completely out-if-his-depth as PM). Of course, whereas Shorten’s alleged union-activities get a Royal Commission and endless front page space, Morrison’s corporate bungling, strangled intellect and shouty, happy-clappy persona and chicanery get no mention at all in the media – courtesy of Murdoch’s instructions to his editors. So, Murdoch doesn’t direct his editors you say! Even the most brief of research on his activities in the UK make very clear that he has a view; it is generally aligned with the conservative side of politics and he expects his papers to reflect his views. Australia matters less to Murdoch than the UK, but it matters. I note he did support Blair in the UK, but that was only because he was satisfied Blair would be a Tory dressed up as “New Labor” – which is what he got. Blair was a bigger Tory than Thatcher and corrupted by his connections to the (conservative) establishment. – which now make Blair ever richer by the day and I mean multi-millions of pounds each year. This is a man who lied to his country about Iraq – as did the almightly Howard, but that has been air-brushed out of history..

    Morrison lacks the intellect to formulate and articulate a clear plan – he has what can only be described as “mind-farts”, so his view today is essentially whatever has capitivated his short-termist thinking today. In a sense, he is a stupid PM for a stupid electorate and that is perhaps the most frightening aspect of his role. By playing the dumb-card (not that he is acting), he comes down to a level that draws in the uninformed who are convinced that refugees are all bludging on Australia’s generosity; are all rapists and murderers and who are standing ready to flood into Australia (there is a little bit of truth perhaps in there somewhere, but the reality is invariably that the actuality is far less than imagined in the minds of conservatives). As an example of how readily they exaggerate, they BELIEVE that it is dole-bludgers who are killing this country – the REALITY is that tax avoidance “costs’ this country something like 5 or 6 times what dole cheats “cost”, but only one is a problem. They BELIEVE that it is nurses and teachers who overwhelmingly benefit from negative gearing, when the REALITY is that overwhelmingly the tax benefits (of tax deductions and offsetting losses against other income) accrue to the wealthy (especially taxpayers like medical specialists who are – yep, subsidided by the taxpayer). Granted, I am using some licence here, because tax dollars don’t go into a bank account that the government draws from to pay for education and hospital and federal governemt have unlimited capacity to print money by “drawing cheques” (well, up to a point anyway in terms of money supply), but the reality is that governments do curb spending on one item to fund another and do rely heavily on the appearance of the federal budget in terms of trying to reduce deficits as a de facto measure of “economic management”.

  4. Kronomex

    He knifed his way to being leader and PM and now can’t stand the idea of being removed from the position he backstabbed so hard to get. He has all the morals of a shithouse rat. Although that might be an insult to the rat.

  5. Terence

    1 Petermcc

    Don’t despair, it looks like old fashioned capitalism will save us.

    A recent study concludes that politicians (all) should just get out of the way and let market forces eliminate our emissions.

    Why? Investments in alternative energy systems are now more profitable than investments in fossil energy systems.

    So the big money will go into solar, battery storage, pump up storage, wind-power, hydro, other developing technologies and sophisticated inter-network connections.


  6. Terence


    Here is a summary of the neo-liberal mantric ANU research.

    Australia is installing renewable energy (solar photovoltaics and wind) far faster per capita than other
    • The Australian deployment rate is 4-5 times faster per capita than the EU, USA, Japan and China.
    • Stabilising the electricity grid when it has 50-100% renewable energy is straightforward using off-the-shelf
    techniques that are already widely used in Australia.
    • The electricity sector is on track to deliver Australia’s entire Paris emissions reduction targets five years
    early, in 2025. This is one of the world’s fastest sustainable rates of emissions reduction.
    • Remarkably, the net cost is zero because expensive fossil fuels are being replaced by cheaper renewables.
    • Australia is on track for deep and rapid greenhouse emissions reductions through deep renewable
    electrification. Much of the world can readily follow the Australian path. Renewable energy offers real
    hope for a future liveable planet.

  7. Kaye Lee

    I guess it’s hard when you think your job is marketing strategy to win an election but the people that vote think your job is to actually to recognise, prioritise, and fix problems by listening to expert advice rather than trying to appeal to what prospective One Nation voters might want. Trying to juggle that with the Wentworth by-election and the Victoria wipeout will inevitably lead to the most ridiculous, ill-thought out barrage of inconsistent announcements. Craig Kelly must be having apoplexy with this newfound embracing of renewables.

  8. peter mccarthy

    Exactly Kaye Lee. Just like John Howard and Abbott, he thinks this is a contest about winning government then pleasing himself about what he does. Voters don’t quite make it into his view.

    He does take the opinion of some, but you need political donations to gain an audience.

    For a chap who likes to hint he is of solid Christian character, he seems totally unencumbered by any ethical constraints, and the thought of sacking corrupt Ministers. Say what?

  9. peter mccarthy

    Terence, the problem is how much wastage can Morrison generate as he stands against the tide?

    Yes. Market Forces will fill the gap, but while they are doing so, Scott is raiding the Economy and trying to erect road blocks on that progress. Current energy prices have gone up under his guidance.

    I’d be more than happy for him to use Liberal party coffers to please his mates, but that won’t be happening.

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