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Can legislation named after a Russian help persecuted Muslims in China?

By Bahtiyar Bora

The Uyghur people of north-west China are now the most persecuted group on the planet with one million people locked up in “re-education” camps and numerous atrocities occurring daily.

The U.S. government, the parliaments of the U.K., Canada and The Netherlands now all say it is clearly genocide.

The brutal regime of Xi Jinping is trying to eradicate Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.

And while there’s been an avalanche of bad publicity in recent years for the Chinese government it continues to deny its actions and presses on with inhumane policies.

In recent weeks New Zealand stood up against the regime with a unanimous parliamentary vote condemning what it called “severe human rights abuses.”

The resolution was put forward by ACT Party MP Brooke van Velden:

“Our conscience requires that we support this motion,” she said.

“Genocide does not require a war, it does not need to be sudden, it can be slow and deliberate and that is what is happening here.”

But worldwide criticism alone will not save my brothers and sisters in East Turkistan (Xinjiang).

One measure that could put serious pressure on Beijing is the so called “Magnitsky Act”. This legislation is designed to punish individual members of a government who are inflicting human rights abuses.

The law, which is being implemented in several countries, is named after a Russian citizen, Sergei Magnitsky, who was a tax advisor who exposed Kremlin corruption back in the early 2000’s.

For his whistleblowing he was jailed for 358 days. While in prison he developed pancreatitis and a blocked gall bladder, and was denied medical care. An investigation found that he had been physically assaulted shortly before his death.

Now his former colleague Bill Browder has travelled the globe promoting the Magnitsky Act which can be used to freeze the assets of human rights abusers and deny visas for international travel.

A form of the Magnitsky act is now before the Australian Parliament and has the backing of a multi-party committee.

But so far the Prime Minister Scott Morrison has not supported the legislation.

So now four Australian based Uyghur organisation have written to the PM urging him to support the bill and get it passed by the parliament.

In part our letter to Scott Morrison says:

Uyghurs in East Turkistan, Xinjiang China are suffering horrific human rights abuses, which a number of countries have determined to be genocide.

It is not just Uyghurs who are being abused. Tibetans, Hong Kongers, and others are being subjected to outrageous crimes against humanity and democracy by the CCP.

The legislation you are considering provides hope for thousands who have escaped persecution to call Australia home.

If Australia is serious about stopping the blatant abuse of Uyghur Muslims it must take stronger action against the Chinese government.

Passing Magnitsky legislation is one important way it could do that.

Almost very Australian Uyghur has family and friends still in Xinjiang, and it has been extremely distressing not to have communication, or finding out they have been sentenced to imprisonment or taken to work in labour camps.

Some would say making the Magnitsky Act part of Australian law is the least we can do.

We often boast of how important our democratic ideals are. Now is the time to truly live up to those ideals.

Bahtiyar Bora, Australian Uyghur Association

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  1. Jack Cade

    The only Muslims being ‘persecuted’ by China are Isis warriors returning from US wars and trying to recruit.
    I never expected AIMN to become yet another outlet for US sponsored propaganda.

  2. Michael Taylor

    Not so, Jack. We like to give everyone a voice.

    PS: How are your nerves? 😁 Mine are shot.

  3. Terence Mills

    I note our minister for foreign affairs, Marise Payne, has complained to Chinese authorities after Chinese/Australian, Yang Hengjun was being subjected to a secret trial in China on espionage charges.

    It occurred to me that Bernard Collaery and Witness K are in a similar situation in Australia after months of legal argument Collaery is still being denied trial in a public court and so far the Attorney General has refused to either drop the case or to show why it is in the public interest that Collaery, a lawyer, should be tried at all let alone in secret.

    And then we have Australian citizen Julian Assange – remember him ? – who was tried in a British Court on extradition charges in January of this year and acquitted : the Orders given by the judge were :

    410. I order the discharge of Julian Paul Assange, pursuant to section 91(3) of the Extradition Act 2003

    That was in January – Julian Assange remains behind bars in Belmarsh Prison as of today – doesn’t discharge mean what it used to mean ?.

    Marise Payne, why the silence ?

  4. John OCallaghan

    Muslims are not being persecuted in China,where is your proof?..where is all this so called ëvidence”? This is all US\ Western backed bullshit Media/war mongering propaganda and i am extremely disappointed but not entirely surprised with the AIM Media organisation for getting conned by this utter corrupt establishment crap!.. Do some research on the subject.. dont just copy and paste someones personal agenda!

  5. Sophie

    For those people who think there are no serious human right abuses going on I urge you to watch this 4 Corners program. Watch all the Uyghur people living in Aust who can no longer contact their relatives.

  6. New England Cocky

    Perhaps Scummo et al are proposing to use similar tactics under cover of the Duddo Terrorism Laws to protect emotionally insecure former policemen and crooked former advertising persons.

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