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But The Interest Rate Rise Is Labor’s Fault!!


“No, I’m not drinking.”

“Yeah, these cost of living pressures are a real problem. I can’t see how Morrison can possibly win the election if the interest rates go up next week.”

“Now hang on mate, that’s not his fault. I had a long chat with my local member the other day when he gave me a bag full of goodies and asked if I had any questions?”

“And did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Have any questions?”

“No, I just thanked him for the bag because I thought it would seem ungrateful to ask him anything. I said something about how great it was that unemployment had reached the point where businesses were crying out for workers and he told me that it was both a good thing and a bad thing.”

“How so?”

“Well, he explained it all in great detail. His party is the party of small government and the low unemployment is a good thing because it’s a direct result of their economic plan where they stand back and do nothing and let the market sort it out, but it’s a bad thing because it puts upward pressure on wages and with rising inflation the last thing we want is wages to drive up costs.”

“But don’t people need higher wages to help with the higher prices?”

“Yeah, but that’s not the government’s problem. Or rather it’s not their job. Their job is to ensure that the economy runs smoothly and the best way of ensuring that it to ensure that business has the best conditions to prosper.”

“I see. So what are they going to do about inflation?”

“Well, nothing. Inflation’s not their fault so they can’t be worried about anything that’s not their fault. No, what the government needs to do is to step back and let the market sort it out..”

“I see. But then why do we need a government?”

“Well, to make sure that unions don’t run rampart and stop businesses from creating jobs. And to make sure that some companies get the odd bit of taxpayer money to help them continue to make money.”

“But if the government doesn’t believe in doing things why should it be giving businesses money?”

“That’s so they can thrive and benefit the country by creating jobs.”

“Right. But in the meantime, you’re not having a beer.”


“So, as I understand it: anything good that happens is because the government sat back and didn’t do anything because the economy benefits from small government, but anything bad that happens is because it was outside the government’s control.”

“Yep. Unless we’ve got a Labor government. They don’t believe in small government so when things go wrong under a Labor government it’s probably because of something they’ve done.”

“I see. And if there’s an interest rate rise next week…”

“It’s probably because the Reserve Bank is anticipating a Labor victory. But that’s not why I’m not drinking. The doctor told me that I have to lose fifteen kilos by the end of the year.”

“By the end of the year? But it’s still April.”


“Well, you’ve committed to losing the weight by the end of the year.”


“Can’t you say that it’s enough to have a commitment and that you’ll look at different possible ways of getting there once you reach November and that there’s no need to deprive yourself now?”

“But that’s ridiculous. Surely I need to start now if I’m going to…”

“Well, how about if you just commit to it on two or three days a week?”

“Again, that’s…”

“But isn’t that what the Coalition’s doing about net zero. They’re committed to it but they don’t see any need to actually do anything because well, the commitment’s enough and anyway not all of them are committed so…”

“Fair point. I’ll keep drinking now and hope that something turns up by December. I mean there’s technological breakthroughs all the time.”


“Yeah, it’d be pretty silly to start now when anything might happen between now and December. You might as well get a jug and save the walk to the bar. I’ll get the next one!”


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  1. Socrates.

    Default position is, always blame Labor.

    Asteroid hits Venus- blame Labor.

    Sun in next Galaxy goes into supernova? Blame Labor.

    That is why they are there. When in doubt, blame Labor and the Greens.

    Keep the facts OUT of it!

  2. Arnd

    “So, as I understand it: anything good that happens is because the government sat back and didn’t do anything because the economy benefits from small government, but anything bad that happens is because it was outside the government’s control.”

    “Yep. Unless we’ve got a Labor government. They don’t believe in small government so when things go wrong under a Labor government it’s probably because of something they’ve done.”


    In the New York Times, I read the obituary for one P.J. O’Rourke, who seemed possessed of similar incisiveness:

    “The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer and remove the crab grass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then get elected and prove it.”

    I’m not far off wishing a pest on all sides of politics.

  3. Michael Taylor

    The beer is flat! It’s all Labor’s fault!

  4. Phil Pryor

    I just sent a little to Crikey because they raised the issue of Frau Albrechtsen, nazinut and Nuremberg Nong, who has attacked the ABC in brainless futility. Merde Dog the Mighty Misfit has cornered the journalist paddock of putridity, fightng for more selfishness, injustice, ignorance, stupidity and popular endorsement of the need for GREED. Albrechtsen remains a smear on a stain on a skidmark of uncivilised ego.

  5. pierre wilkinson

    Liberal philosophy #101
    If it is good it is because they did it
    If it is bad, it is Labor’s fault

  6. Michael Taylor

    Beer will always be cheaper under a Coalition government.

  7. Harry Lime

    Michael, I remember when beer strikes at Carlton and United (Victoria) brewery(or is that football club?) used to be an annual event prior to Christmas back in the day,which would send beer drinkers into paroxysms of fear that they’d have to drink cat’s piss in cans from S.A.,or worse still,bilgewater with monikers like Resch’s DA (Dirty Ale) Fooheys New ,or crime of crimes, Foohey’s Old.I had to endure both of these travesties whilst parked in army boondocks.Army camps,as a matter of course, are always sited in the worst shitholes imaginable.Moving along,It’s always the Coalition’s fault for these decisions.

  8. Terence Mills

    We are told that inflation is surging and that it is largely due to external factors, in particular petroleum fuels pushing up transportation costs all of which flows through to the consumer.
    We are told the manufacturing and supply lines are disrupted due largely to the impacts of COVID and this is pushing up prices for consumers.
    We are told that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the associated sanctions are affecting global food and fuel costs and these increases are being passed on to the consumer.

    We are then told that the only remedy for this state of affairs is to increase interest rates which will immediately impact housing costs and push up the costs or borrowing which will all be passed on to the consumers.

    So the remedy seems to be : when the consumer is hurting, kick him/her in the guts !

    Can anybody explain this economic logic to a simple retiree like me who also happens to be a consumer ?

  9. Harry Lime

    Who can argue that the Lying Nasty Party are the better economic managers?Nothing is ever their fault.Darkly ironic that just as their nine year train wreck reaches the end of the line,they are going to get shunted out.Of course, then it will be all Labor’s fault.As you were,everyone.

  10. Stan

    Terence, successive govts have elevated to a fine art the ability to both hide real inflation in the CPI (by being selective about which items to include in the consumer basket) and at the same time create inflation through policies that mainly advantage those who least need a golden leg up. The media plays along with the dual scam as if it is all some great mystery. That is the role of the media in 2022, pretend they are on the side of the public. I expect the govt will be on their best behavior up until after the election.
    More concerning and in the same time frame, the 75th World Health Assembly meets in Geneva to discuss amendments to the International Health Regs (IHR). The intention is to remove veto rights of sovereign nations from having a say in what response they each mount to health issues. Further to this new Pandemic Treaty will be a push to change the IHR to include a zonal approach ie. Public Health Emergency of Regional Concern. Aust sits in the same zone as, get this: China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, EAST PNG & NZ. Apparently a virus can differentiate WEST PNG & EAST. The WHO wants to rule the world, I want the WHO cancelled.
    I recommend Senator Malcolm Robert’s video (25/04/22) ‘Eat the bugs or have your credit score docked – the Trusted Digital Identity Bill’ as an heads up as to where these idiots want to take us all.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Sigh. Malcom Roberts is a loony tune who has never seen a conspiracy theory he didn’t embrace. Sorry Stan, but that is just rubbish. Do you have any links to show what you are concerned about or are you just listening to Roberts who, BTW, also tells us that Jewish bankers are pursuing their agenda of global control through environmentalism and climate change science and that the CSIRO and the BoM are in on the scam.

    This might help you understand what they are trying to achieve.

  12. GL


    The WEF does have some credibility but you ruined it by posting that link to that right wing conspiracy goon Roguski.

    I just looked at Malcolm Roberts “bug” video. He’s a raving nutcase!

    You are not going to convince anyone if you keep using people like Roberts and Roguski, etc. to bolster your conspiracy laden nonsense.

  13. Kaye Lee


    The only thing I am biased towards is the truth. I am not “playing the man”. I am commenting on the many completely false conspiracy theories that he publicly spreads. This is what Andrew Bolt had to say about him. “Two of the three most prominent and current banking families you’ve mentioned are Jewish, and the third is sometimes falsely assumed to be. Yes, this smacks too much of the Jewish world conspiracy theorising I’ve always loathed. Again, I insist: remove me from the list of people you claim are prepared to advise you. I’ve never advised you, Malcolm, and would never want to. I am offended to be linked to you.”

    Malcolm Roberts: the One Nation climate denier too out there for Andrew Bolt

    I am not sure why you are concerned about research into alternate sources of protein. The CSIRO are also researching it as a new industry for Australia.

    I had a look at the article from Roguski. The stuff he lists under “The proposed treaty could legally empower the WHO to do the following” is an absolute flight of fancy. Did you read the link I provided which tells you what they are actually discussing? It’s more about obligations of early reporting, improving equal access to treatments and equipment, sharing new research, human rights considerations in responses – that sort of stuff. They are working towards a voluntary accord for pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response – not a global takeover.

  14. Kaye Lee

    Wow. I just watched that Malcolm Roberts video. He is mad as a hatter.

  15. Michael Taylor

    I think Malcolm Roberts is Australia’s version of Alex Jones, but not as shouty.

  16. GL

    “…macadamia bikie…”? Must be part of the Nutty Biker Gang. You know: Almond bikie, peanut bikie, pecan bikie, hazelnut (with added chocolate) bikie, cashew bikie, etc.

    Is it possible I was thinking of something that sounds like “bikie”? Maybe, maybe not.

  17. wam

    since pig-iron bob the libs have been tops at telling us about a plan to do something but, as expected by their supporters, they safely do nothing. If their inept behaviour is discovered, they lie, put the blame elsewhere and promise to do something else. They have married themselves to those that fear change and thrive on spreading the fear of change at elections and capitalising on opportunities. The chances of labor overcoming the fear are rare and depend on a charismatic leader with luck.’ The luck is coming and Albo needs to show he is able to use it to blanket the fear. The danger will come in the last few days of the campaign when those who swing may be re-frightened and revert. As in 2010 when two certainties for labor were lost. The shock haunts me still.
    longman when at a sullivan rally, the twit insulted a man with a disabled son two days out(the tragedy was repeated by boobby in 2019) and we got roy the boy in canberra
    solomon when a terry mills(not waltz) press release hit the paper and we got the grinning idiot featured behind the rabbott.
    Are you a vic? If so, you would be on your ear after a longneck cooper’s ale.

  18. Stan

    Kaye, Andrew Bolt, too funny 🙂 The upper level members of the UN, WHO and WEF could do the world a favour and do work experience on a cabbage farm, preferably for the next 20-40 years, you know, to allow the planet to heal.

  19. totaram

    Kaye Lee: An insult to hatters everywhere. But Malcolm Roberts’ mental state would have been obvious to anyone a decade ago. So I would think, but I am wrong of course. Many are those who consider him of the highest intellectual calibre and knowledge.
    So let me repeat my standard hypothesis: our highly technological civilisation is way beyond the comprehension of the average person, which makes it easy for the grifters, crooks charlatans, and the deluded to bamboozle almost anyone. It follows that “democracy” in any form is doomed to provide the worst expected outcome. The evidence is plain for all to see (even if they are bamboozled and deluded but that is part of the problem).
    Do I have a solution? Sadly no.
    I do appreciate your efforts to battle on nevertheless. The charge of the Light Brigade etc.

  20. Kaye Lee


    It is not the UN, WHO or the WEF that are harming the planet. We have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions urgently. We have to reduce waste. We have to educate, employ and empower women to limit population growth. Railing on about paranoic conspiracy theories gets us nowhere.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Stan, we don’t prescribe to conspiracy theories here.

    There are many sites that do, but we’re not one of them.

  22. Canguro

    Kaye, I don’t disagree….as I’ve said on previous offerings within these pages, I think you’re a paragon of common sense & rational observation, but sometimes the forces at play are just simply too overwhelming to counter.

    The world is drowning in rubbish, the detritus of 7+ billion consuming humans. We fiddle at the margins, whilst the waste dump grows higher.

    Greenhouse gas emissions are rising, with little or no sign of being reined in. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf, the planet’s largest and shallowest shelf, average depth ~50-60m, contains an estimated 60 billion tonnes of methane along with around 500-600 billion tonnes of organic carbon – these amounts not currently factored into climate projections. The seabed is thawing. Methane emissions will naturally increase as the thaw continues. It’s a disaster scenario. Again, we fiddle at the margins, impotent against the forces at play. A projected planetary temperature rise of one or two degrees is conservative and smacks of ostrich-like denial.

    But that’s what we do. Humans aren’t good at facing reality.

    A robust sense of humour amid a never-ending landscape of the grimmest terrain is about as sane as one could be.

    And on that score, good to see bonny Prince Charlie’s on to it… Prince Charles backs masks for methane-burping cows

    I spent the years 2018-19 planting trees on a ~100 acre property a few kilometres out from Lismore. We’d kid ourselves, doing our bit for the planet, think global act local kind of thing, but really, it’s way too late to turn things around for the better. The planetary energy giants, the Shells, ExxonMobils, Chevrons etc. have their assets mapped and factored into future extraction. Governments have factored forward revenues based on tax income of these fossil assets, coal oil & gas. It’s game over, to be brutally honest.

  23. Kaye Lee

    You may be right Canguro but it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Action is the antidote to despair.

  24. corvusboreus

    Minds and bladders drained
    we stand, shoulder to shoulder,
    pissing at firestorms

  25. Kaye Lee

    When I was little, autograph books were a big thing. My father wrote in mine “Give me the courage to change what I can and the strength to endure what I can’t”.

    Another quote I can’t remember was along the lines of ‘a road travelled in hope is better than one travelled in despair even if they lead to the same destination’.

    I have learned in life that, when you feel overwhelmed, the best strategy is to set achievable goals. Every small step is an achievement that will hopefully build momentum.

    These may be platitudes but I find them a philosophy that helps me carry on.

    PS I also have the most wonderful girlfriends whose mantra is “just deal with it”

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