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BushFire Victims v the Australian Government

By Bob Rafto


Unspecified damages arising from the catastrophic fires that caused loss of life and property.

Your Honour, I submit the following.

  1. 23 former fire chiefs with decades of expertise and experience submitted to the PM a plan with recommendations to meet the challenges of catastrophic fire conditions that were expected in the fire season.
  2. The PM rejected the plan.
  3. It can only be concluded the plan was rejected because of the cost and the impact it would have on the government’s projected budget surplus and also of climate change recommendations.
  4. The fire chiefs warnings were deadly accurate.
  5. From the start of the fire season offers of help were extended from the US, UK, and Canada, however the PM rejected the calls and saying Australia was adequately resourced.
  6. The 23 former fire chiefs plan showed a deficiency in resources and called for an expansion of aerial aircraft specifically large water bombers.
  7. It wasn’t till the death toll started rising that the government committed to water bombers and deploying the army and accepting assistance from other countries.
  8. On an unknown date, the department of Home Affairs produced a report and a plan on climate change.
  9. This report warned the government that Australia faced more frequent and severe heatwaves and bushfires and that livelihoods would be affected without effective action on climate change.
  10. This report was also deadly accurate.
  11. The Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has been accused of burying this plan.
  12. One can only conclude this report was buried because of the cost involved and also on the impact on the budget surplus.
  13. The government has been criminally negligent in rejecting fire plans from experts and also from the Department of Home Affairs, plans designed to mitigate loss of life and property from catastrophes.
  14. It can be said even after expert advice the government gambled on people’s lives and properties to protect a budget surplus.
  15. The result of this gamble was the cost of human lives, property, fauna and flora.
  16. Failing to implement plans is the biggest dereliction of duty the government has committed and also one of criminal negligence.
  17. The government has wilfully failed to keep its citizens safe and ask your honour to find against the government.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Executive murders, thieves, perverts, are the cancers of all history, with savage, hunnish, imperious, righteous, pompous stupidity and recklessness. Born of utter inadequacy, moral and ethical emptiness, gutless, brainless, heartless, these operatives with penis like self inflating egos seek to take over, demand obedience, get grovelling submission. They have always needed fighting, and, in perfectly civilised cultures are beheaded, shot, hanged, bombed, poisoned and rendered disappeared. Morrison could join an elite group of human historical filth in going…by any means.

  2. New England Cocky

    An interesting Idea Bob Rafto. I do not give legal advice. However, any litigant would likely seek evidence of government responses, and non-responses, to previous catastrophic fires and the implementation, or not, of subsequent recommendations, plus the effect these recommendations had on destruction by later bushfires.

    WE now see that the problem of gutting the professional public service renown for giving free and fearless advice to their political masters, is the loss of corporate knowledge because the incoming political apparachnicks likely lack any experience in their now public service ‘sinecures’ that usually only last until the next ministerial shuffle.

    Meanwhile the only beneficiaries of a constant musical chairs public service are the foreign multinational corporations which have dedicated management skilled in getting the results that their foreign masters require. But I forget, much of the Australian coal and iron supply industry is Australian owned, and play the same games.

  3. Kathryn

    Phil Pryor … Love your suggestions!

    Beheaded? Yes!
    Shot? Don’t spare the bullets!
    Hanged? Bring out the barbed wire!
    Bombed? Now’s the time to go nuclear!
    Poisoned? 5 kg of arsenic and 1 kg of cobra venom would do nicely, thank you
    Rendered disappeared? Refer to bombing above (not much to find after you go nuclear!)

    Compared to what Phony Grabbit, Sloth MorriScam and Psycho Dutton are doing to ravage, destroy, annihilate, vandalise and burn down our nation and their constant attempts to enslave, torment, persecute and torture its inhabitants, any one (or more) of the abovenamed forms of “employment terminations” would be an appropriate ending to their catastrophic careers as permanent political parasites feeding off the blood, sweat, tears and hard work of Australian citizens!

    If stupidity was water, these three morons could produce enough to flood the nation and put out every fire in the country! If self-promoting pompous delusions of grandeur and undeserved vanity were flight, they would be a frigging airport!

    MorriScum is about as (un)popular as a pig-on-a-spit in a Jewish Synagogue. Never before have we seen such a TSUNAMI of justified rage, murderous ambivalence and experienced such frustrating despair over the intolerable non-achievement, stubborn idiotic adherence to climate-change-denying policies that have been PROVEN (by experts) to have caused so much damage and fanned the fires that have destroyed lives, thousands of homes and driven our wildlife to near-extinction! These f*wits are not just breathtakingly stupid, they are criminally reckless, unspeakably corrupt and callous beyond words!

    If we had the power to obliterate these worthless Grim Reapers and requested volunteers to step up to the task, one is convinced that we would have a queue that would stretch from Sydney to London and back again! Considering that the “We Hate the koala-killing LNP” Club now includes international citizens from England and all over Europe, Canada and the USA, the queue is just getting longer and longer! If we add the Mother and Father of all Propaganda, Rupert Murdoch, to the mix, we may see the queue double!

    Let’s hope the insufferable, gormless, Murdoch-manipulated idiots who voted for these bastards at the last election, have LONG memories. However, considering their woeful lack of empathy, good judgement and intelligence, it would appear a goldfish may have a more reliable recollection of just how truly bad and destructive these depraved miscreants really are!

  4. jake

    kathryn – thank you – as a malua bay resident who luckily (no thanks to council, state or federal govt and unfortunately due to lack of resourses available due to a 5km fire storm no firies available, no phone, internet or power, no fire or evacuation notice but at least we had water) helped neighbours put out the fire behind their houses with 4 hoses, buckets and rakes – i do not have the words to say what i think of our govt in name only but you have said it for me

  5. New England Cocky

    @jake: That was an extraordinary effort at your fire-ground in unbelievable circumstances. Well done!!!

  6. Miriam English

    Phil Pryor and Kathryn, promoting lethal hatred is irresponsible and exactly the opposite of a civilised response.

    Just because the current government consists of a mob of uncivilised jerks doesn’t mean we should lower ourselves to their level. You bring dishonor upon those of us standing against this awful government and by implication give the LNP more credibility. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. Elizabeth Bull

    Unfortunately being civilised does not achieve much. That is why we are where we are politely sitting and watching our beautiful country and its native wildlife burn. The environment needs to have the rights and obligations of a third-party and not be a non-entity that can be continually abused and exploited. Our connection to and respect for our environment enriches us. This country has so many good people and so much potential. The likes of Morrison and his henchmen could never understand or grasp the essence of that. It is beyond their cynical, one-dimensional capitalist mentalities.
    How do you convey that to the majority before an election. As you say people have short memories and we still have 3 years of Morrisons cynical, obfuscating, capitalist reign to go. Unfortunately the working class, of whom I am one, are too busy working and trying to survive to have much interest in what is occurring above them. I have been heartened to witness the heart and fortitude of so many good Australians fighting these fires and dealing with their aftermath. It gives me hope for this country but enrages me that fast-talking bullies of the ilk of Morrison rely on that goodness and then cheat those very people of what should rightfully be theirs.

  8. Miriam English

    Being civilised and polite has won us much more than the likes of Morrison could ever hope for. We gain slowly over years, decades, centuries. But we stand to lose much of those gains by lashing out in any violent outburst.

    I agree that the prospect of enduring another 3 years of this inept accidental government is outrageous. I would not be surprised if this year brings about a great change. I have a feeling Morrison’s mismanagement and cruelty, along with Dutton’s menace, will let us, for the first time in Australian history, dismiss our government.

    We can change the rules by which government stays in power. I don’t think we can do it by violence, but we have to use overwhelming numbers and we must keep the pressure up. The big mistake we make is in giving up when the politicians dismiss us. We have the ultimate power, not them — we must always remember this.

  9. Matters Not

    What Miriam English said at 8:12 am. And generally at 11:03 am.

    Let’s have the Rule of Law and if we don’t like current laws (and there’s many I don’t like) then we should move to change them. Let’s leave the Trump disease (and its equivalents) to fester elsewhere.

  10. Roswell

    Matters Not and Miriam are correct. They’re applying logic. I like logic.

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