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Broken Contract

The people of Australia no longer have a contract with the LNP government of this nation.

They now are a minority government … Not only are they in the minority in the House, they are in all intents and purposes a minority in two party preferred polls in the last 21 polls! Now, with this latest attempt to use the Federal Police to attack the opposition and the unions, they have placed themselves in an untenable position in regards of the right to rule. They have broken every principle of fair play in Parliamentary Procedure and House decency with both Tony Abbott and this latest social butterfly they call “Leader”.

They – the LNP – have through their selective aggression toward the vulnerable, the different ethnic groups, the refugees, the everyday citizens, be they employed by unscrupulous employers, be they unemployed and pushed into useless “work for dole” or “intern”schemes, be they infirm, disabled or retired … all these groups are/or have/or are about to be targeted as some sort of “cash-cow” by an LNP government that has run out of ideas where it had none of substance to begin with, and are victimising those very citizens whose well-being and well-fare they were charged to protect.

And the recent decision on little more than a subjective “intuition”, they have rejected a well-intentioned, long-term researched and submitted detailed option for the Indigenous peoples of the nation to be at last given their deserved voice in the Parliament … All that work and honest good-will, thrown out because of the same old colonialist mind-set of those “born to rule” anachronisms in the LNP, who have more of an eye on who they will offend in the stock market than what is in the best interest of the nation.

The LNP has chosen to sell the nation as a piece of chattel into a free-market abyss and set all of us up as a cage-fight dog-eat-dog market place for everything from universal health to aged care and all in between … They have broken the contract that adheres citizen to loyal duty to the State. They have betrayed their duty of care and in doing so, have betrayed us; the people and by association, they have betrayed the State.

We are now in the charge of a treasonous political party.

The LNP, along with its “handler” – the IPA – has employed at a cost to the taxpayer of near $1 billion, a media baron whose paid creatures used his media platform to abuse, demonise the vulnerable, destabilise the infrastructure and demoralise both the people and the political structure of this nation … a situation in another time and place that earned a certain journalist traitor named ”Lord Haw Haw” (William Joyce) the death sentence. I would not advocate such capital punishment to those responsible … BUT I would NOT protest against a thorough public horse-whipping to the guilty ones!

The social contract between citizen and State relies upon respect of both the People and in return, the holders of the Office of State. We have seen how those “holders of Office” have used and abused their finances and the finances of the State. Used and abused to the point of criminal offence, yet they continue to draw from the public purse more reward and privileges than what is afforded the most worthy of the long-term workers who build the foundations and structures and wealth of this nation. Theirs is the curse of near poverty living standards when retired, while the LNP “shibboleths” wade knee-deep in accrued largesse and “entitlements”!

With the dismissal of Barnaby Joyce, the LNP government now has a minority on the floor of the House … It may be the only opportunity for Labor to call for a vote of no-confidence in the government. And why not? This government has shown time and again it HAS NOT the capacity to govern of, by, and for the people … The contract is herewith broken, the “deal” drawn up upon last election day is torn asunder, the good natured agreement is now redundant and the respect once given is now withdrawn.

We owe this LNP/IPA government nothing … neither loyalty (THAT is reserved for those who give it!), dignity (THAT is given to those who return it!), nor the right to govern without contradiction and demonstration. This LNP government has betrayed us all and we will scorn them and demand that the next progressive government that comes to power will institute a commission or commissions to investigate and where appropriate to charge and castigate those creatures and their associates in the MSM who have betrayed our hopes, dreams, infrastructure and the very spirit of the nation.

The political contract may be broken, but the spirit of unity of nation and purpose is growing … growing even in the face of MSM disruption. Even against the propaganda of the MSM press and those grubby creatures employed to demean and diminish our “fair-go” nature. No more will we tolerate the abuse and attacks upon our fellow peoples … We are a nation that has thrived upon a multicultural base and will move toward the future embracing all different ethnicity and cultures … AND with a legitimate assembly of Indigenous representation in the Parliament to join in the collective that is both natural and rightfully theirs in this nation they once owned.

There is NO PLACE for the liars, the thieves, the conniving swindlers of the LNP/IPA. And the Murdoch Media. Their days, like their ideological beliefs are numbered and the count-down has already started!


  1. paul walter

    Top rate summary. Nation and people callously betrayed with malice aforethought, for the blackest base motives.

    Dante wrote of people such as these.

  2. Klaus Petrat

    Best read for a long time. I have nothing to add. Thank You.

  3. Harley Fuzi

    I know of one person attempting to sue the seven make that five people through some constitutional provision does anyone here know how this works?

  4. Malcolm Baxter

    Very well said, again; here’s hoping you will deliver more well crafted words of similar good news in the near future.

  5. James

    Brilliantly written, I couldn’t agree more

  6. Sam

    Can somebody say soothing things that tell me anything other than he stands in a by election and wins again?

    Granted it makes the government even more of a joke if it does happen but I don’t want the status quo returned. Sadly I just see his electorate blindly voting him in again. 🙁

  7. Jack Russell

    Again, Joe, I really enjoy your written conversations – and yes, you also speak for me. My thanks to you for your generous and eloquent sharing of past and present.

  8. wam

    A fabulous read, Joseph, cheered me up enough to stop choking on all the humble pie I have been eating!!!

    Those who have been to darwing at the end of Oct know about the build up and the silly season but how crazy is it that Australian judges can concede the right of a foreign government to legislate away the birthright of an Australian citizen born in Australia.
    I hope Winston Peters legislates that all Australians who have set foot on NZ soil to be NZ citizens and for good measure China and Britain pass a similar law.
    Meaning all pollies who have visited NZ or had their passports stamped in china or britain would be nominal citizens of those countries ie dual or multiple citizens. Let these twit judges play with that.

  9. Shutterbug

    With the screeching cockatoo Cash-Mai-Cheque and Pompous Git Brand-ARSE off doing unimportant faffing around, I honestly hope that Bill and his cohorts are giving serious thought to doing what Fraser and that cur Kerr did to Whitlam and will resurrect the battle cry of “It’s Time” and send this lot packing. The longer they wait, the more irreparable damage that will be done and frankly, we really can’t wait any longer.

  10. David1

    Excellent summation of the situation in this country Joseph. I was disappointed to hear Independent MP in the HOR Cathy McGowan say in an interview on the ABC this morning following the announcement of the Courts decision on Ciizenship, she probably wouldn’t be in favour of a motion,of no confidence. Her reason, she believes the Government was elected to Govern and they should be allowed to get on with it.
    I wasn’t aware she has been on vacation somewhere in deepest Africa for the last 12 months, the country as indicated by the polls, Governing is the last thing Turnbull and his thugs have ben doing. Hopefully her companions on the cross bench will enlighten her.
    I also heard Chris Bowen suggest Labor wotd probably contest the by election in B Joyces former seat. That would have their preferences going to Tony Windsor I assume.

  11. Freetasman

    Another issue that concerns me about the behavior of this government and the PM is the complete disregard for the separation of powers by trying to influence the High Court verdict about Joyce when he said in the parliament, quote:
    “The leader of the National Party, the deputy prime minister is qualified to sit in this house and the High Court will so hold”
    Things like this should not be tolerated.

  12. roma guerin

    I am sad Tony Windsor is not going to stand again but I perfectly understand his reasons. But Barnaby Joyce has been caught out doing the most execrable things, and not one slap on the wrist have I seen. Are there really not enough people of sense in the seat of New England to see the measure of him? Surely there is another person living who would not sell out the water rights of the Murray Darling Basin Plan, who would not deliberately undermine farmers and their prime agricultural land so that frackers can destroy it, who would not agree to one cent of Australian money going to Adani so that he can destroy 65,000 tourist jobs – AUSTRALIAN jobs! Have I forgotten anything?

  13. Joseph Carli

    Barnaby may be out of office, but there is still that little problem concerning the irrigation water stealing under his watch..Now that it has been found that he had no right to make those calls, will he be required to answer as a citizen for the thieving that seems to have gone on?

  14. Abu Seme Alakat

    Politicians can become too full of hubris, and look where it gets them… and us.

    Even though they vote for their local candidates, the approach of the electors to the election is “Presidential”. Hence the importance of “Leadership”.

    The people claim ownership of “their” PM if they support the winning side. The people should have been able to make their decision if Rudd (v1.0) would remain as PM. Their were denied their say. So too with Gillard, who to her credit negotiated support from the independents and (it was later revealed) capitulated to Brown for his Carbon Dioxide Tax in exchange for his support (as if he was going to support Abbott, ever).

    Then Abbott triumphed in 2013, for whatever reason. But in 2015, after two years of solid mistakes, and total white-anting by Turnbull – the people were denied exercising their verdict on Abbott.

    Note that Rudd and Abbott were dumped as their polling declined, but their respective successors enjoyed much worse polling.

    Malcolm, with zero political skills believed the ABC and Fairfax and many leftists that would never vote for him – when they repeatedly declared how wonderful he was and they’d much prefer him to that nasty uncouth, ape-like, punch-drunk, onion-munching, cycling, speedo-sporting, life-saving, blaze-battling idiot… blinded by his own vanity, believed what his sworn enemies were saying on Q&A, Insiders, Fran Kelly, Jon Faine, et al.

    Malcolm, egotist beyond compare, believed that he could jettison the best campaigner the Liberals had (and still have) – with no consequence. Wrong. On election night 2016, recall how shaken he clearly was – refusing to leave Point Piper until almost midnight – shocked to the core at the grim reality – his enemies would never make sweet love to him on a cardboard AEC box. Despite a brave face, he has never recovered from this devastating disappointment.

    Will Bill have his Bradbury moment? Hearing Albo on the radio today is just a reminder how Turnbull might have been smashed to smithereens in 2016 rather than limping over the line by one because he faced an only slightly weaker rival in Bill. The grassroots are so right, the caucus so wrong.

    It may cause conniptions all over the country, but Abbott becomes much stronger today – as Malcolm jets off to escape a disastrous week (even by his standards).

    Imagine the ever-hastening election campaign, for Turnbull cannot hold government – even though the Indi Judas whatserface has declared she will support the Government in supply and confidence. It’s fallen apart for poor Mal, and it could not have happened to a bigger prick.

    And the combatants in the next campaign? Abbott and Albo.

    Verily, thou bringest it.

  15. Mick Yemm

    Gillard’s biggest mistake was forming government with the greens, if Abbott had allied with Brown to form government it would have ended in tears in less than 6 months. Labor would have walked in to a majority and Abbott would be lines in a book.

  16. Abu Seme Alakat

    “if Abbott had allied with Brown” – on which planet?

  17. Suzanne Cass

    Yes, this was an outstanding analysis. Joyce will be returned, but people will take him even less seriously than they do now. Who is paying for his election campaign, Gina Rinehart (as she did last time)? He will drink his way all over New England until he’s back in Canberra again doing it there. But since he said today that he knew that this would be the outcome, and sat (slept) in Parliament this whole time, is that not FRAUD? I the AFP can get a break from their security duties at Turnbull’s Point Piper Mansion (and he chooses not to live at Kirribilli House where there is already security so he should pay for his own security) perhaps they’d like to investigate Joyce for fraud.Or do they only investigate at LNP bidding?

  18. Joe Roskell

    Brilliant Article, lets hope the ALP read it and take note, we are growing impatient for real change, for a government of the calibre of “The Great Man”
    Yes Suzanne Cass they should have to pay for their own security and maybe that is worth bringing in to law

  19. Mick Yemm

    “if Abbott had allied with Brown” – on which planet?

    Abbott said he’d almost sell his arse to be PM, both he and Gillard negotiated with the greens, and Gillard agreed to the carbon price, which Abbott used as a millstone around her neck. If she didn’t form a coalition with Brown, Abbott would have.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Thoroughly enjoyable read, Joe.

  21. MikeW

    Brilliant, says it all. Trouble is when labor are voted in at the next election how the hell are they going to fix all the stuff ups from this incompetent, clueless government, they have an impossible task ahead of them.

  22. Andre

    Wow, this is the kind of news that needs to happen more often.

    We surely do need real change for the better.

    Lets get rid of all the self-serving & corrupted scumbags who are only interested in furthering their own ends for profits etc.
    We surely need the right type/kind of people, who are really there to serve the interest of the nation/peoples!

    Isn’t Australia supposed to be the ‘Lucky Country’?
    Maybe it was at one time, for awhile.

    Serves the bastards well, they surely deserve it!

  23. Abu Seme Alakat

    Windsor said ”Abbott said the only thing I wouldn’t do is sell my arse – but I’d have to give serious thought to it”. A year earlier, Windsor also said “they’d both be good PMs” during his protracted deliberations.

    It’s a shame he’s not running in the by-election… he’d be humiliated a second time by Barnaby. The people of New England would never get tired of that.

  24. nurses1968

    Abu Seme Alakat
    ““if Abbott had allied with Brown” – on which planet?”
    Brown considered it
    “FORMER Greens leader Bob Brown considered throwing his support to Tony Abbott to become prime minister after the 2010 election, a suggestion Mr Abbott took seriously, telling Dr Brown “anything” was up for negotiation, except a carbon price.

    Dr Brown’s memoir, obtained by The Weekend Australian ahead of its release this week, also reveals he previously had a sour relationship with Julia Gillard that could have damaged her chances of forming a minority government.

    In Optimism: Reflections on a Life of Action (Hardie Grant), Dr Brown reveals his annoyance that Ms Gillard had accused him of being a political opportunist.”

  25. Max Gross

    Joseph, the LNP have never, ever had the slightest interest in establishing a “social contract”. Not from Day One when the IPA set up this shopfront. They are there for the money, the honey and the prestige and the perks. They are there because they believe it is their birth right, their “god”-given right, or just plain old eff you Jack I’m alright! Liars, Nutters, Parasites: LNP!

  26. Adrianne Haddow

    An excellent piece, Joseph. I only wish your voice could reach more of the voters in this country.

    How the voters accept the propaganda and obvious fiddling with legislation and democratic principles by the ruling rabble to suit the LNP donor’s and IPA manipulations is beyond me.

  27. Barry Thompson.

    Bravo Joseph, what a bottler of a critique !

  28. Miriam R

    The IPA are an insult to democracy.

  29. nurses1968

    It’s almost like Karma is on Barnabys side
    He may have lost in the High Court but already the AEC has announced the By Election date of 2nd December where, if the polls are correct,he will be re elected even with a slight increase.
    Turnbull will avoid too much turmoil as Parliament doesn’t sit again till November 27th,and then if the heat is too much,according tp some. he could suspend further sittings of the H.O.R, until they go in their long Xmas break.
    MSM should start pro Barnaby campaigns at any time now and blanket coverage till the by election
    Maybe we should listen to the CFMEU


    The best way to recover from Malcolm Turmoil is for Labor to have a huge victory for stability to prevail #auspol #cfmeu

  30. helvityni

    Well done Joseph, one of your best here…

    Still, I loved the little vignette too: The Girl in the Blue Coat… 🙂

  31. townsvilleblog

    The only crook part about this is that Joyce is in a safe seat and will more likely than not be reelected, and this LNP govt will be on a go slow until the 2nd of December and then renew its scathing attack on the Australian people they already have well in excess of 3 million (January) of us living below the poverty line with ‘real’ unemployment at in excess of 10%. Another Classic from you Joe!

  32. Miriam

    The IPA are a sham organization.

  33. nurses1968

    Should Robodebt be trying to recover from the guilty Senators with the same vengeance they show against the unemployed

  34. Joseph Carli

    Townsville’..That could be stopped by a collaborative outrage from social media calling for Barnaby (and the Nat’s by association) to answer for the water stealing that has been going on under his watch…when he had no right to make decisions on water irrigation matters…I have been pushing like mad on Twitter to have Barnaby, now that he is a private citizen, answer to us what he did with all that water his mates took…and to give it back or repay us in capital for it.

    I am trying to create the scene where Barnaby cannot be trusted any longer as he has done the wrong thing when he had no right to make any decisions regarding he cannot be suitable to hold office.

    I am using Machiavelli’s own instructions against the right this case Barnaby, in that Machiavelli advised..: “First remove the man from his power base, and then “deal” with him as a private citizen.”

    It is time to “deal” with Barnaby…the MSM will not, THEY are too cowardly..but now we, of social media have more power…we must use it!

  35. Zathras

    I’m wondering if and when stories of Barnaby’s womanising and harassment will surface in the mainstream media.

    For some reason they’ve been kept out of the media spotlight so far but if it becomes a nasty campaign in New England the conservative element there may not be so forgiving.

  36. Henry Rodrigues

    Very impressive and forthright denouement of the way the LNP has and continues to,destroy our democracy. As one of the commentators said, your message should get out to a broader readership, but it is still very powerful and indeed very timely. The root cause of this general deterioration of political standards and the utter disregard and vile ferocious attacks on sections of the community, least able to fend off their attacks, is the corrosive power that that dirty foreigner and his front organization, Murdoch and the IPA, are able to wield and thereby distort and discredit all sensible debate. The coalition have sold their souls and their respect and any morals they might have had, to this vile creature Murdoch who continues to mould and influence public opinion to suit his greedy pursuit of power and money. Abbot and this present pretentious unqualified twit who now occupies the Lodge, are just puppets, with Murdoch the master string puller.

  37. Jon Chesterson

    A most inspiring article Joseph, you have articulated what many Australians have felt for a very long time. These aggressive self serving imposts are destroying democracy, society and many hard working Australians, not to mention the death and destruction of genuine refugees lives and freedom. The tragedy is Barnaby Joyce will be re-elected by a small community that either has no other choice or credible candidate, even though BJ is incredibly untrustworthy and grossly incompetent and malevolent for the job or a community which has no informed understanding of just how deceitful he is and unable to think beyond their own short term bigotry and blissful ignorance, thus propping up this government by its own malignant tentative apron strings, reflected in the satirical poem below. I do hope that the next government initiates a series of commissions to investigate and prosecute these treasonable offences, abuses and destructive corporate alliances, to restore sensible democracy, and much sooner than the next general election.

    Your journalism is professional, inspiring and on the money, symbolic of the nation’s demise and its people. Thank god for our independent free press and integrity, a critical adjunct to an informed electoral process and exercise of democracy.

    Malco Turbo and the Twelve Apostles by Barddylbach –

  38. Kyran

    What a wonderful read, Mr Carli.
    As a matter of observation, your reference to the disgraceful treatment of our First People, one more time, by this miserable excuse for a government serves as a reminder of the difference in approach to rectification of past wrongs.
    Older cultures seem to have a more reasoned approach. The concept of Makarrata seems, to me, to be similar to the Mandela ‘Truth & Reconciliation Commission’, where the intent is to recognise past wrongs, not with a view to seek revenge but to establish a rule book that aspires to make the repetition of such wrongs less likely.
    Whilst I fully understand the anger that fuels the ‘bonfire of the vanities’ (and the vain), it is merely a short term proposition. This government has, once again, demonstrated it has no interest whatsoever in the voice of the people, however it is evidenced.
    In our shallow world, ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’, is accepted as normal. That all it creates is a lot of blind, toothless people is ignored.
    “Michael Anderson was the research director for Treaty-Makarrata and International Political Issues for the National Aboriginal Conference from 1981 to 1985. He was responsible for organising National Community Consultations and Consultations between State, Territory and the National Government on the Treaty-Makarrata.”

    “In making these reflections I merely seek to have people think of our common objectives and not seek to locate differences. Personalities and egos should not and can not play a role in this type of development. We are losing in more ways than one and it is now time to once again look at our hopes and aspirations and seek to work together in the peoples’ interest and not our own.”

    “In his welcoming address to the attendees of the Garma Festival, including both the PM and the Opposition Leader, Yolngu leader and land rights champion Galarrwuy Yunupingu said: “At Uluru we started a fire, a fire that we hope burns bright for Australia.”
    “The fire is now our future, and I have given you the words of the fire to you so you can talk with us with tongues of fire. Because we have come here for serious business, Prime Minister, very serious business. The business of our nation is very serious, as you all know.”
    “Now let me give you my final words: Yothu Yindi. Garma. Makarrata.
    “These are very special words also. They mean coming together, working together, and making peace together.
    “That is why this place is Garma. And this is the perfect place for us to find our path to a settlement. Our wayawu — our pathway through the bush.”

    ‘Our government’ has chosen, once again, to ignore the incredible wisdom of our First People. We need to recognise the past if we are to build a viable future. By all means, kick this mob out. By all means, penalise those who have caused so much damage.
    Much more importantly, advocate for safeguards that ensure the likes of these fools never have the same unfettered power to repeat their atrocities.
    Thank you Mr Carli and commenters. Take care

  39. Kronomex

    Mr. Carli, you can bet that you are on Heinrich Dutton’s naughty list after that excellent piece.

  40. Joseph Carli

    Kronomex…The fatal mistake of EVERY right-wing tyranny from ancient times to Dutton, is that once..ONCE they commit the first assult against a protesting citizen, they have started the ball of their own destruction rolling and it is only a matter of time from then till they fall completely and are destroyed themselves…for it was well known by all fair-minded people since the beginning of time (as one can read in ANY ancient philosophical text) ; once you seek to destroy innocence, you destroy yourself.
    It is why right-wing tyrannies always fail, while social contracts between people keep on track..and they will forever.
    The right-wing is forever doomed to fail..While humanism, with all its frailties, will keep growing.
    “(to be) right is might”

  41. jim

    “We owe this LNP/IPA government nothing … neither loyalty (THAT is reserved for those who give it!), dignity (THAT is given to those who return it!), nor the right to govern without contradiction and demonstration”.
    “This LNP government has betrayed us all and we will scorn them and demand that the next progressive government that comes to power will institute a commission or commissions to investigate and where appropriate to charge and castigate those creatures and their associates in the MSM Ch9/Ch10/ch7/who have betrayed our hopes, dreams, infrastructure and the very spirit of the nation”. And now “our” ABC has far too many ex MSM as anchors etc.
    Without any changes our democracy is kaput ( what the LNP want) without any changes and indeed convictions for misuse of “our” ABC Australia will slide into darkness at every level.

  42. Harry

    Totally agree with the article.

    Labor now have a very brief window of opportunity to bring down this Coalition government but Kathy McGowan will make it very difficult. Whatever, Labor should bring on no confidence motions and seek to suspend standing orders where they can.

  43. Glenn Hefley

    My only criticism here, is more aesthetic than contextual, but you don’t have to sugar coat it, Stop worrying about general acceptance and tell us how you really feel. We can take it.

  44. Glenn Hefley

    … actually, I would say more. Having stepped away from the immersion of your article, my mind cleared and came back into frame, where I noted the cause of immersion — that being the tone and tempo of your essay. A reader might conclude and I have no doubt mentioned in a prior comment (I haven’t read them all), that the energy you fire at this subject is a flamethrower where a match would have sufficed. This conclusion would naturally arise on the awareness of your first points of fact; that the party no longer has the power in the house. Also, they no longer hold the goodwill of the people, or the clout of the lower, local governments. This maybe, and likely is, potent fact, not aired opinion. Thus the criticism on energy waist over a dead horse.

    The trouble with that conclusion and the justification of your effort stems from the fact that it’s not a dead horse; it’s a dark horse.
    If the editors would indulge me, I would point out an article posted to your sight here ( ), to bring up Harry Frankfurt’s work in 1986, on the subject he entitled Bullshit, presented first as an academic paper and then later a best selling book.
    “One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit,” ~Harry G. Frankfurt, in On Bullshit (1986),

    A contemporary philosopher, Harry Frankfurt’s paper, moved beyond traditional neo-Platonist, two-class frameworks of truth and falsehood to create a third class of representation, one crucial to understanding fakery and its effects. The neo-Platonists confounded the issue of truth and falsehood with issues of intent. Frankfurt formulated a third class of representation purely with regard to the expediency of the information at attaining the goal intended by the actor. This transcending of simplistic bipolar notions of truth and falsehood, puts in play a third class of information, which has potency beyond both truth and falsehood.

    Falsehoods attempt to persuade by treachery, to maintain status quo valence, or as a means of disruption to the same, causing distraction from the falsifier, and the false information.

    Truth makes no attempt to persuade at all, often, wrongly, believing that it is truth and people recognize truth when they hear it, Thus no persuasion is required for belief. This sediment is so incorrect and lacking any parallel to the known universe that it can’t even be classified as wrong. If people were convinced by the truth, no one would have sex.

    Bullshit, however, only focuses on persuasion, with no regard for accuracy, truth or falseness, only aiming for the effective transference of information and experience.

    Now, being an American, I know something about bullshit. I believe my current Commander and Chief is really all the credentials I need to back that statement up.

    The one thing point of fact you can say about Bullshit, is that it requires experience to perform in and effective manner. Note I did not say a believable manner, but effective. No one is required to believe the bullshitter’s bullshit, only to act in line with his intention.

    So again, I agree with the energy, because you obviously have no serious experience with bullshit and were left with only facts and truths to convey, your only Persuasion tech is Strength of Statement — which is a valid technique and well document, and in your case, well done. Yet, … it turns.

    And dark horses run.

    And people still have sex…

  45. Joseph Carli

    Well, Glenn…Thanking you for your very verbose comment that finishes with at least ONE accepted “truth”. All I can say is : Welcome to Australia…I reckon you’ll only take a little while to get used to the lingo…and btw, we usually spell “Glen” with only one ‘n’ here…

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