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Brisbane school continues dominance of 4×4 STEM technology competition

By Craig Hingston

Representing Australia at World Finals for third year in a row.

Pine Rivers State High School from Brisbane has totally dominated the National Finals of the Land Rover 4×4 Technology Challenge in Adelaide by taking out every award.

Two student teams, Fair Dinkum 4×4 and Mud Ruts, claimed all seven engineering, innovation and marketing awards after two days of intense judging. Fair Dinkum 4×4 tool out five of them and were crowned National Champions

This means for the third year in a row Pine Rivers State High School will be competing at the World Finals of this STEM competition, in Abu Dhabi.

The same school won the World Finals in 2016 and came third in 2015.

The students had to design and construct a remote controlled off road vehicle which could tow a trailer through an extreme 4×4 course in the least amount of time.

They learned about suspension, electronics, centre of mass and other engineering principles.

Teacher Corey Geiskens who has been responsible for introducing the school to national STEM programs (they were also World Champions of the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge) was honoured for his work by being made a Fellow of Re Engineering Australia Foundation, the not for profit organisation which has spent 19 years encouraging students into technical career paths via its hi-tech STEM activities.


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  1. Matters Not

    Undoubtedly a great achievement! Congratulations all round. One wonders nevertheless, as how these students (and teachers) will fund this Abu Dhabi trip. Their Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) shows the school is well below the ‘average’, with only 9% of the school population in the top quartile.

    Who provides financial assistance? Land Rover (probably) will pay for airfares, accommodation and the like but who will provide for incidentals? Does the State Government come to the party? Or is it all down to the parents?

    Be interested to hear more detail.

  2. Shelley Blanchard

    More than likely that the p&c will come up with the funds Matters Not. Schools often mistake such organizations as it’s personal cash cow.

  3. Jaquix

    Great effort by all concerned.

  4. Kaye Lee

    An amazing achievement for kids, teacher and the entire school community (who will no doubt be cooking cupcakes and holding sausage sizzles for weeks to help send the kids away).

    Even more heartening if they come from a lower SE bracket, showing the kids they can still fly high.

  5. Gangey1959

    I think that is an amazing effort.
    If someone can provide account details, I’ll kick in some bucks.

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