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Bill Shorten fires his best weapon

Labor’s bulk email today – signed by Bill Shorten – captured my interest:

Over the weekend something amazing happened.

For the first time in history, nearly every country in the world has committed to lowering carbon pollution to try to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

I couldn’t be happier with a commitment to keeping temperature increases to well below 2 degrees Celsius and a further commitment to pursue efforts to limit increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius. This was absolutely necessary to preserve our environment for future generations.

But now we’ve got an agreement, it’s now up to us as a nation to do our part and make sure we leave our children with a sustainable, healthy planet. We need to join the rest of the world and adopt effective policies right here at home.

That’s why I’ve announced Labor’s plan for Australia to have net zero pollution by 2050.

And it’s why Labor will ensure that by 2030, 50 per cent of Australia’s energy will be generated from renewables. More talk won’t help tackle climate change, but stronger targets for renewables like solar will.

And then it went horribly wrong:

But the Liberals keep standing against Labor’s plans. That’s why we’ve created a petition calling on the Liberals to adopt Labor’s plan for more renewable energy. Can you sign our petition and stand up for a renewable energy future? . . .

. . . Sign this petition and call on Mr Turnbull to adopt Labor’s plan for 50% renewables. ​

Thanks for standing with me on this,


God. Give. Me. Strength.

You have got to be kidding me.

If Bill Shorten thinks that the Turnbull Government will change their policies (and adopt Labor’s) because of a soft lettuce leaf petition then his head is filled with nothing more than small pebbles.

There’s only one way for Labor’s climate change policies to be implemented and that, obviously, is for Labor to win government. And for Labor to win government they have to win over voters – something they’ve lost the art in. Getting us to sign pathetic petitions won’t see their policy implemented and neither will it encourage me to vote for them. (Though I probably will anyway).

Bill Shorten really is coming across as a no ideas politician. If his best weapon is nothing more than blowing petitions at the government then he, or someone in Labor, has absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

Critics will hit back at me with the argument that the media hasn’t been giving Labor much of a voice, and they’re certainly correct about that, but if Labor want their voice to be heard then they have to start to roar. These continual requests to sign gutless petitions makes them appear that they have the roar of a mouse.

They can take their petition and jam it.

Oh, and by the way, nowhere in the email was there a link to their policy.



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  1. andreas

    A man of and for the Elites. Who would be surprised?

  2. virtualnonsense

    I didn’t even bother opening the email. I just hit delete.

  3. Sir ScotchMistery

    I am yet to be convinced that the ALP is anything more then the Alternative Liberal Party, and as noted, they appear to me to be a group of men (mostly), who have forgotten the nature of the Australian class system (which of course we all know does not exist).

    Since the first Labor Prime Minister went to the polls wearing an Armani suit and bragging about his collection of French clocks, the blue-collar workers of Australia have basically gone backwards and for the life of me I cannot see any way that Labor can bring them back to the fold, short of getting rid of the whole lot of them. Then starting again.

    Part of this has been caused by the fact that the ALP and the LNP both scramble for money from corporate donors as we approach each election, and we find corporate donors deciding to give $100,000 to political parties and divide them along the lines 1:3 where one is the Labor Party and 3 is the LNP. This enables them to feel covered if the proletariat get the opportunity to change back to the Labor Party.

    There is within this process a commitment to a corrupt government. It does not matter how many times either side of the house says “we get all this money from these corporates and they expect nothing in return” just makes them complete liars, and it just makes us complete fools, because we expect something different to occur after we constantly do the same thing time after time.

    The electorate of Indi proved at the last coming together that it is possible to defeat parties if there are enough committed and engaged voters within the individual electorate to take the fight all the way to the polling booths. Most of the other electorates don’t have the nous to understand that a representative who is paid by them directly as was done in the case of Indi, has no cause to go back to the unions and ask them for directions nor too big business to ask for permission.

    It is only when Australia wakes up to the fact that it doesn’t matter whether the Labor Party or Liberal party and their coalition partner the Nationals are drawing the higher salaries, we the voters are f*cked. It is only when we realise that the person we can sit down with in a coffee shop and discuss our concerns is available to represent us on the benches in Canberra, will WE be represented, rather then the unions in the case of the Labor Party or big business more generally in the case of the LNP. Even that one needs filtering, because it’s more and more obvious that the Alternative Liberal Party are far more interested in big business being successful, especially in terms of supporting their shareholders, then they have ever been in terms of workers having jobs.

    There is a caveat needed in this point however and that is the power of both parties (or more correctly all three) take the imprisoned new clothes of “jobs” to the electorate, quoting bullshit numbers from organisations such as Adani of 10,000 or 20,000 or 40,000 jobs, and then after the election turns out it was 1200 during the build phase. If we hold them up to a point of honesty they just lie to us anyway, so why not find an independent in our individual electorates, and employ them to work for us?

    The day an 80-year-old Australian gets up in the morning and goes to the Bowls club or the RSL or wherever the hell else they spend their time and begin talking up the local Independent candidate at the next election will we as a country finally be on the road to recovery from what has been done to us at the hands of Rupert Murdoch, John Howard et al, that idiot Englishman and now the Prime Minister who doesn’t need money.

    If I have not heard in six months that the Prime Minister who doesn’t need money has been for dinner in New York with that aging American f*ck knuckle Rupert Murdoch, I will eat my hat.

  4. Bighead1883

    The right faction of Labor kept us in Opposition for 12 years until brains knocked out brawn
    Now this killer of 2 PM`s,both excellent by the way and an abuser of the ALP democratic process acts in a 2 steps forward 9 steps back fashion
    Also we aren`t interested in another WAR in Syria

    Just today reported . Common Sense Prevails in Court – Now Victorian ALP Has Questions to Answer

    Unlike some who left Labor because of skullduggery { Wixxyleaks has plenty on NSW Labor] many choose to fight the right faction
    Like JohnB and myself and Open Labor along with Ben Avelings “It`s Our Alp”

    Shorten`s baggage coming into the next Fed election is indefensible [maybe that`s why Rupert chose him in 2009}

  5. Kaye Lee

    I have tried to find Labor’s policy. So far all I have is a fact sheet that spends a lot of time talking about the consequences of global warming, and then some time talking about the Coalition policy, and then a commitment to listen to the science and consult with stakeholders to come up with a plan that won’t hurt the economy while achieving stated aspirations through some broad talking points that have no detail. If this is their idea of a policy then no wonder no-one is reporting it.

    “Labor has already outlined key elements of our approach:

    •An internationally linked ETS
    •A goal of 50 per cent of Australia’s energy generated from renewables by 2030
    •Electricity Modernisation Plan to assist the transition of companies, workers and communities in the power sector move to less emissions intensive industries

    In addition, we will progress national improvements to energy productivity including: vehicle emissions standards and building standards

    There are also significant opportunities in the land sector in general and in the land clearing area in particular to reduce emissions. Labor has already announced that existing contracted ERF projects will be honoured. Moreover, other measures can be considered to prevent further land clearing in Queensland.

    It is proposed that these broad areas form the basis for consultation.”

    I would call this a draft rainbow paper rather than a policy.

  6. brickbob

    Oh Labor Labor Labor, what are we to make of you? i have always voted for you but it is now turning into a labour of love for me,i know Gough set the bar pretty high,and i know those dayys are gone for good but for Christ sake get off your collective arses and start shouting from the roof tops that we the people are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.
    You know that most of the media hate your guts so stuff them,and stop trying to appease them,take a leaf out of Chamberlians book and dont make ths same mistake.

    When the media ask you stupid partisan questions fire back at them and put them in theit place and stop being bullied,yes, that is exactly what i am saying,show some intestinal fortitude and stop running around the country looking like a pack of hound dogs crying all the time,because if you dont start catching rabbits’, well you aint no friend of mine.”

  7. Roswell

    I finally found it too, Kaye. I went to the ALP website and clicked all over the place. It was in there, but a few layers deep.

  8. mars08

    That emaill reeks of Labor trying to have it both ways, and conning the faithful in the process. It’s sleazy…

    Getting the true believers to sign a petition leaves them with the illusion that the ALP still values their opinions. It panders to the faithful who want to think it’s still THEIR party.

    Meanwhile Shorten can continue to remain a small target… hoping to snare some lazy votes by being Coalition Lite.

    Should the petition attract a huge number of signatures, he can mention it in parliament… claiming it’s a grass roots phenomenon. That way he gets to tag the government as being out of touch…. without saying anything that might spook the self-absorbed voters in those precious marginal seats

    The excuse that the msm isn’t giving the ALP useful air time, is getting really tired.

    If Shorten was to stick his head above the parapet and make some unambiguous, firm, loud… and controversial policy announcements… the msm wouldn’t be able to ignore them. Certainly he’d get air time just for doing something unexpected!!!

  9. Glenn K

    that is so abysmal from the ALP. Are we so stuffed in this country that the morons currently in power will stay there? We seriously need a decent and painful recession to wake up the population and get them to pay attention. It needs to happen. Working professionals approaching 40 yrs of age have never experienced the pain of a real recession. An entire generation. Two working generations. They have no idea. they need to. As for the seniors who vote LNP – must be dementia or fear, or both. My lovely French wife keeps telling me we need to move the family to France. As least there people pay attention and care. I cannot take another long run of the LNP in power. Most of them should be in jail.

  10. keerti

    get your hand off it, shorten!

  11. stephengb2014

    Its funny how Alby can get his head above the parapet and in the MSM but Shorten can’t.
    Actually Shorten can’t even get his head above the the social independent media.

    Jeremy Corbyn for PM

  12. trishcorry

    I am voting Labor. Let’s just entertain all the other people making comments having a go at Shorten…..let’s just say Bill is the worst leader Labor has. The worst Labor leader is one million times better than the best leader the Liberals could ever muster.

    I think looking at things holistically is also important, rather than in isolation. This email will not be the only medium that Labor is using for this message, but merely one in a multitude of media. They will be using email, petitioning, websites, Facebook, Twitter, direct telephone conversations, door knocking, pamphlet dropping etc to get that same message out – that Labor supports a future of renewables and the Liberals do not. This is called layering – every single party does it. Every party.

    Getting more and more people to view the Liberals as a party too backward and short-sighted to adopt renewables is not weak, it is good strategy. Appealing to the popularity that ‘petitions get things done’ in the eyes of many voters, is not weak. It is essentially placing change in the hands of the people. Something Labor is built on. Unity and progress.

    To me it is also opening up conversation and getting voters to compare and contrast the two parties. To compare and contrast two leaders, one of whom the media is pandering to, and painting as a pretty picture of a man who is different than Abbott and he supports strong climate action. He does not. People will start to see this and it is already starting to show. More and more news stories, mainstream and independent are popping up questioning if Turnbull is really that different than Abbott.

    Layering in marketing is nothing new. All parties do the same thing, so why is it only seen as weak when Shorten does it? Would it be weak if Albo did it? Or Plibersek? Or Di Natale even? I haven’t got time to criticise Shorten. All my energy is focused on the actual enemy. The Liberal National Coalition. Put LNP last – Always.

  13. mars08

    To me it is also opening up conversation and getting voters to compare and contrast the two parties..

    Oh yes indeedy. Let’s open up the conversation. By all means… except actually conversing. Evidently. Heaven (and assorted spin doctors) forbid Shorten actually speaks directly, unambiguously and firmly to the electorate. People might think he has an agenda… and that will never do!

    trishcorry, please…

  14. mars08

    If Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders… both facing rabid right-wing opponents (and Rupert Murdoch) can show some passion and vision, why is Shorten so shy, conciliatory and evasive?

  15. trishcorry

    @Mars08. Yes, please………let us open up conversation, because silently digesting what the MSM feeds us worked well to give us Abbott. If the MSM are not allowing him to speak directly to the electorate through their media, he simply must try other avenues. This includes videos, direct emails and open community forums in different towns around Australia, answering questions put to him by the public for two hours. Not scripted, just Bill. When Shorten was by himself on Qanda, he was brilliant and he is going around the country using a similar format. That is something no one will see from Turnbull.

    If you haven’t noticed Bill is actually speaking up on issues, you may be spending just a little too much time criticising, rather than listening. If you are waiting for Mr. Arrogant Shouty pants because that is all Abbott did for six years, then I do not believe that is what Shorten is about and I do not believe you will see it. If that is all you want, you may as well campaign to get Abbott back in the top job.

    I haven’t got time to criticise Shorten. All my energy is focused on the actual enemy. The Liberal National Coalition. Put LNP last – Always.

  16. Florence nee Fedup

    Agree trishcorry.

  17. mars08

    So my choices are the phantom or Mt Arrogant Shouty pants? Surely not…

  18. jagman48

    Thank you trishcorry. We need Labor more than ever now.

  19. Clean livin

    Perhaps, just perhaps he is not attempting to change the Libs policies.

    Maybe, just maybe he is promoting the Labor policies.

    And you have dun a good job assisting him Roswell……

  20. Unhappy

    We need someone who has balls to start standing up for all Australians and this country. Climate change, Muslims (Stopping them coming into Australia, toughen up all crime laws and penalties, maybe bring back the death penalty for murder, treason, terrorism and the likes. Stop FTW with all Communist countries, stopping overseas of our live stock to barbaric countries (which is most of them). Until we have someone with balls in charge of this country then to hell with all of them. Abbott, Turnbull, same bullshit, just a different man at the helm. Our politicians are a joke, our country is a joke and our laws are the biggest joke of all!

  21. metadatalata

    Why should the choice be between the LNP which are stooges and Shortie and the Liblites? Surely out of 22 million people that could possibly run political parties and represent the aspiration of Australians, we can do a lot better than that lot? I am certainly not going to accept things as they are out of either party but Trish, you are welcome to.

  22. lawrencesroberts

    Agreed that Coding for Primary Schools is not a real vote winner nor a blue sky environment policy. Wait for the economic cut backs.

  23. randalstella

    If you vote 1 Labor – you are voting for the Adani mine in Queensland. Now there’s an environmental policy. Not that far to look for it – just don’t look under Environment.
    One Adani mine- no global warming policy. Shorty’s for the mine. Pally’s for it. All done and sealed. What an election platform.

    If Labor are arranging petitions to improve Liberal policy, does that mean Labor don’t feel any need to be in Government?

    Where is Kristina Keneally? Has she given up?

  24. Florence nee Fedup

    Not that sure Adani will go ahead. Presume Labor is well aware of that.

    Politics, no matter what we want or think, is still art of the possible.

    It is about getting votes, can’t do anything if one can’t.

  25. randalstella

    Not too sure that you would want to tell the Queensland Premier that.
    Not that sure you have outlined a Party that could be trusted. Not that sure that Labor really do have a commitment against global warming – and are not just chasing votes. Not that sure that you have made them out any better than the Liberals.
    Perhaps you need to consider those who are fighting against the massive environmental disaster of the Adani mine. Not too sure why anyone with any responsibility would not want to support them – but rather spruik for Labor, who support the mine.

  26. Douglas Pye

    Limp lettuce leaf indeed ! …..and that’s being generous ! ….. It’s apparent to me that ‘ my mob ‘ has given up entirely and could simply be hanging around for the Parliamentary salary … plus pension ! … seriously Labor has made no constructive attempt to ‘ rock the trough ‘ ……….. kick the ‘ tripe ‘ out of the ‘ system ‘ …….. or restore Social Justice by EXAMPLE ! ….

    Frankly, it’s no wonder 300,000 – odd folk voted informal ( or not at all ) last election … and …. it’s no wonder pollies are considering lowering the voting age ! … I’m 83 yrs old next month and have done my best to uphold Social Democrat values thru’ life … currently I’m approaching despair !! …

  27. Kaye Lee


    I don’t really care who leads the Labor Party but it is disingenuous to present that list of aspirations as a policy. How are those goals to be achieved? How much will it cost? Until we see some detail that is just a wish list which is probably why there is so little reporting on it. No doubt we will hear more later (I hope) but must we wait until the two weeks before an election to try and absorb all the implications of policy? I detest that marketing has become an indispensable tool. Get rid of the political advisers, the marketing people, the image and spin doctors, listen to the experts in the public service and beyond, and just tell the bloody truth. Is that too hard for these most political of animals?

  28. Michael

    The current state of politics (and vested interest) is the product of the current (everything changes) version of our democratic process – we have a systemic problem requiring systemic solutions.

  29. guest

    So what Bill has to do is to get rid of the idea that he is a “right-faction” Labor man; he has to get “balls”; he has to “roar”; he has to converse; he has to make a clear distinction between Labor and Coalition; he has to give policy details now; he must tell the “truth”; he must listen to the experts in the gutted public service.

    That is not asking too much, is it? Oh, why can’t Shorten be like Whitlam? (And we know what happened to Whitlam.)

    So Bill converses in this instance by getting out a petition which clearly distinguishes Labor’s approach to dealing with climate change and linking with world approaches, rejecting the Coalition’s Direct Action furphy.

    But that is not enough.

    And it is not enough that one of the posters here recently listed the numerous Labor policies which distinguish Labor from the Coalition.

    Nor is any credit given to the way Labor has relentlessly pursued the Coalition in Question time over many issues.

    So we have a site which leans left but batters the leader of the Opposition, for what? For not exhibiting the things in my first paragraph. It is a disparate wish list made up of individual whinges and complaints. It gives a very poor image of what Labor supporters want and how they treat their leader. If that is Labor, then no wonder the Coalition rules.

    I am with trishcorry. If Labor voters here have anything to say, be positive. The real enemy is division of the kind we see in the Coalition. United, we’ll never be defeated.

  30. Kaye Lee


    I do not consider myself a “Labor voter” though I, on most occasions, do vote for them. If you want people to support Labor then give them something to support. Why do you consider it unreasonable to ask for policy detail and truth? I love my children dearly but it does not mean they are immune from criticism. Is it wrong to express disappointment and to expect better? Are we to just say, oh it’s ok because Bill isn’t Tony/Malcolm?

    Climate change will be a crucial aspect of the next election as will the GST. In my opinion Labor are wasting time they should be using to articulate an alternative that goes beyond a wish list and has some detail on how they will achieve their aspirations.

  31. Wayne Turner

    I would NEVER vote for these current Libs. But I am NOT the type of person Labor has to get away from voting for the Liberal party.

    Yes the MSM are the promotional wing of the Liberal party,and the MSM have long ago ruined our democracy. We are now a “mediaocracy”.

    Because of this Labor can NOT make any mistakes politically EVER.Cause the MSM ignore the good Labor say and do,and of course highlight any mistake they say or do.Politically Labor are totally useless and gutless.Sadly,Shorten is politically hopeless,a complete bore and a lazy idiot. Eg: Shorten mistaking Subway for Seven-Eleven (see link) was and is a huge mistake.That shows Shorten is a lazy idiot.

    Of course on what really matters. Labor are better than the Liberal party eg: Turnbullsh*t & Liberal party = All style and no substance. Shorten & Labor = No style,but some subtstance.

    So yes I will take Labor over these Libs anyday. But,as I stated.I’m NOT the one Labor has to lure to vote for them.

  32. Florence nee Fedup

    Carol can you send me email. Have lost all my contacts.

  33. Carol Taylor

    Florence, oh no!! Will do.

  34. jim

    My thoughts, if Labor stated how they were going to “finance” their policies then all that would be needed for the Liberals to do is ” we can do that as well but we’ll raise you one better” as was done with the refugees Bill said 14000, Abbott said 16000, pure and simple LOL. some things need to be secret.LOL.

  35. Florence nee Fedup

    Thanks. Not happy with window 10 at this time.

  36. mars08

    Again… if Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders… both facing rabid right-wing opponents (and Rupert Murdoch) can show some passion and vision, why is Shorten so shy, conciliatory and evasive?

  37. mars08

    @Roswell… No problem. It’s all part of the sneaky master plan.

  38. Roswell

    I certainly hope it works, mars08. I’d much rather see Bill Shorten as PM than Turnbull.

  39. mars08

    That’s exactly the plan! Take over from Turnbull… so silently, so subtly, so uncontroversially, so conservatively, so seamlessly…. that even Coalition voters don’t notice.

    Ah… those splendid times ahead…

  40. Michael

    Patience is a virtue.

  41. paul walter

    More and more, I like Kaye Lee.. works hard for the money.

  42. mars08

    Sloth is a sin…

  43. diannaart


    “If Labor are arranging petitions to improve Liberal policy, does that mean Labor don’t feel any need to be in Government?”

    Indeed, I was thinking along same lines – a political party organising petitions to persuade a change of policy by incumbent government is a political party not expecting to be in power any time soon.

    How about organising actual detailed policies?

  44. mars08

    @diannaart… I image it next to impossible to organise actual detailed… AND loudly, unambiguously, firmly commit to them… when you want to be all things to all people.

  45. paul walter

    They are nice animals in their own way, mars08

  46. Keith

    While Labor’s policy/view on climate change is far better than the LNP direct action nonsense; there is still support for new major coal mines by Labor.
    The Paris deliberations have given credence to climate change science; but the LNP has already broadcast that economics will determine what they do through Julie Bishop. Politicians need to listen to scientists, politicians might be congratulating themselves; but, not all scientists are so optimistic.

  47. Michael

    mar08, I must admit that I try to be a-religious and/or a-political party in matters of “sin” so I see slothing as a matter of personal perspective guided by what we accept as our individual environment as infested by by all the influences we deem to have open to us eg 61% of of my fellow first preferencers accepted Abbott and what he said/stood for, etc into their environment and willingly surrendered their 1 vote, 1 value for another 3-4 years so that I can enjoy effectively not being represented and disenfranchised!! – I guess one is strategic the other is possibly complainingly non

    I must also admit that lately I am realising that my participation in blogs was more of a complaining nature (almost to a competitive level) rather than concentrating on the systemic causes to our presently designed democratic processes.

    Anyway, I would like to share a delightfully informative presentation on climate change (apologies to those who may have previously viewed it) which demonstrates a systemic (rather than default to a political/religious/ideological) approach to an issue

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