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Be Alert – Your Country Needs More Lerts!

Let me begin by saying that it’s just as well that Essendon were put out of the AFL Finals last week because apparently ASIO have joined the Labor/AFL/ASADA conspiracy against them and have announced that they’re not letting any Bombers into the game tonight.

(Let me also seriously say that I believe that there is a real possibility that there’ll be a terrorist attack on Australian soil at some future point. So my pathetic joke is in poor taste and I’ll look as silly as Andrew Bolt should something happen.)

However, I have a couple of concerns that have nothing to do with Tony Abbott or poor jokes. For a change, I’m prepared to let him off the hook. After all, he only announced the threat. He was – rather unusually – taking the advice of experts.

A few days ago, David Irvine, the head of ASIO announced that he was thinking of raising the threat level from medium to high. I found it strange that he’d publicly speculate about such a thing. After all, a terrorist attack might occur at any time and should one occur after a statement like that, he could hardly say, “Wasn’t I clever to be thinking about raising the alert level!” Nobody would say that he was clever for thinking about it, but those naughty terrorists went ahead and did something before he made up his mind.

But I guess here’s the next point: What does it mean when the terrorist threat is lifted? I mean, am I meant to stay indoors? Spy on my neighbours? Wear a bullet proof vest? Am I meant to change my behaviour in any way?

And if the answer is no, I’m just being informed that there’ll be more overtime for those members of the public service that are there to protect us, then why do I need to know at all. After all, it’s not as if I would have ignored a group of people asking if I knew a flight school that would give them a discount if the lessons didn’t include making a landing. And it’s not as if this government thinks we need to be told about things. Usually, it’s just the old Joh Bjelke-Petersen, “Don’t you worry about that!” or “It’s Operational Commercial in Confidence Privacy Cabinet Briefing Paper That -If Released – Would Help The Enemy”!

If the threat is specific and they know about it, I don’t see that we’re in any more danger than the other day. If the threat is unspecific and it’s just because of all the things that Andrew Bolt writes, then surely I could have worked it that the threat is higher because we don’t send everyone back where they came from. (Including the Aborigines under 56, because, after all, Bolt was here first!)

Yep, I guess that’s why Abbott needed to give an extra $630 million to the make us more secure.

Mm, so why just a few weeks AFTER that happens do we find that the level of threat is HIGHER? Surely, after committing all that money it should be lower. I mean, if they’d raised the threat and then got the money, that’d make more sense to me.


Of course, it was already higher. They just forgot to tell us.

Ah, good old national security. It distracted me from praising Abbott for strengthening our borders from those queue jumping asylum seekers. If they want to get here quickly without a lot of paper work why don’t they just apply for a 457 Visa?

I didn’t even write about Mark Kenny’s sycophantic article which appeared just two days after Abbott demanded more praise from the media . . .


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  1. Carol Taylor

    As is typical in this current Bizarro World of ours.. “TONY ABBOTT has decided to cutback on customs 700 people and has also sacked 800 workers from disease and pest control.TWO of the most important departments for protecting our borders.”. Then came the warning from this department that they believed that the cutbacks posed a security threat and that there could be no guarantees that they could provide the same level of security as previous. Therefore Abbott follows through by..surrounding himself with heavily armed minders..ah well, at least old Tones is safe.

  2. David Linehan

    I was so relieved when hearing all the main ‘actors’ from the Federal Govt, the Oz Defence team (Gold braid, pips and medals in abundance) the State Tory leaders after embracing the wisdom of the high alert, which is one step from go to your bunkers nation, So after all that we were told, the seriousness of this terrorist threat..we are told, go about your normal activities, be not afraid, nothing to worry about, life is good.

    Now the Tory cheer squads and trolls want us to believe this is no stunt, no diversion from Abbotts troubles, even the esteemed leader of the Opposition and his Shadow AG shared in the Abbott love in. I would never suggest this news conference was timed to almost the minute that Abbotts friend and disgraced former Finance Minister Sinodinos appeared at ICAC. No of course not, there was no intended diversion, it just turned out that way, fate don’t you know.
    I have had a few threatening Tweets on Twitter, advising me to be be careful how I tread with regard to Terrorists and criticising Mr Abbott. Good thing about Twitter blocking is very effective.

    So i will take the advice of the leaders of the nation and worry not, well about terrorists but re Abbotts crap and lies, that is still a big big worry.

  3. John Fraser


    "Terror emergency"


    "Budget emergency"

    Took a while but finally Abbott catches up to the Murdoch papers terror headlines.

  4. CMMC

    Thankfully the terrorist group intent on destroying the Newcastle rail corridor have been uncovered, but they are unlikely to face trial .

    But what about that crazy old guy who tried to hijack a light plane headed for Cowra, recently?

    Or that poisoned strawberry plantation where James Ashby was employed?

    Or that crazy Irishman who grounded the entire Qantas fleet on a personal whim?

    Wait a minute, none of these guys wear robes and have long beards.

  5. John Fraser


    This is the Senator who accused Abbott of scare mongering :

    And this is what she said :

    And this is what ….. whats his name said :

    A moron running the country and an ALP shadow running in lockstep with him.

  6. Gilly

    Have the adults forgotten the children’s story of “The boy who called wolf”, so increasing the real risk?

  7. John Fraser


    Australians want to do what the working class Rabbitohs are doing to the Abbott silver tails Manly.

    But how can they when the other "team" is so bloody hopeless.

  8. Rob031

    @John Fraser: But how can they when the other “team” is so bloody hopeless.


    It’s a real bugger. I’ve always tended to vote (back then Democrats and now) Greens and then Labor knowing that my preference would flow on to the ALP at the end of the day – as the lesser of evils vis-a-vis the libs.

    But the ALP is a party that I no longer wish to see in charge – though marginally less odious then the Coalition. I bet that there are a lot of people who feel like me on this. They appear berift of imagination and political courage.

    My gf reckons that the Greens are okay. She says that they have real policies that make sense and they will make a good government if they ever get into power. I should do a bit of research, she reckons, about the policies that they have and about the quality of those than we may elect from their party.

    I will.

    I’m hoping that there really is a real alternative. I feel mightily depressed by all of this.

  9. mars08


    …the ALP is a party that I no longer wish to see in charge – though marginally less odious then the Coalition. I bet that there are a lot of people who feel like me on this. They appear berift of imagination and political courage.

    Amen brother.

    These days Labor refuses to even provide the illusion of change… much less fight for it. A vote for the ALP does absolutely nothing to change the pivot point of the political pendulum. That point has been moved dangerously towards the right….

  10. corvus boreus

    I prefer Labor to the LNP the same way I would rather have syphilis than HIV.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Did you feel the same way about Labor when Julia was in charge?

  12. corvus boreus

    The validity of the argument of using domestic terrorism through murderous violence as a means to advance your cause has been given a recent boost by the comments of both NSW and federal National Party members.
    Parliamentarians Barnaby Joyce, Andrew Stoner and Andrew Fraser all offered excuses for the murder of State official Glen Turner, father of two children, whilst doing his job, and stated the existing land clearance regulations were to blame for his death, rather than it being the actions of a deranged criminal with a grudge and a gun.
    They claim a display of lethal homicide by a repeated lawbreaker is a reflection of a need for legislative change.
    These ‘gentlemen’ are not only PUTRID SCUM using the death of a good man to advance their own twisted political agendas, they are also apologists and encouragers of the tactics of utilising violent intimidation to achieve political/legislative change(terrorism).
    By their ‘reasoning’, those wanting any kind of legal reform, from drug legalisation through to a caliphate under full sharia law, should begin blasting holes in public officers to advance their cause.
    The LNP should look in it’s own kennel for those who support terrorism.

  13. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    Much less so, although my admiration for Ms Gillard’s negotiatory and legislative achievements(and full blooded approval of her berating the media for printing “crap”) were sullied by the constant factional machinations, and pure shitslaw ideas like the M’anus ‘solution’.
    Shorten seems lacking in ideas, courage and charisma, and above all, integrity. He is ‘leading’ by following Tony’s tail.
    I wonder where Julie would stand on the idea of a federal ICAC.

  14. Kaye Lee

    I agree about the machinations. She should never have deposed Kevin. If he lost Julia could have taken over then. We would have got totally unprepared unpolished Tony and got rid of him easily in 2013 paving the way for the future.

    I agree about offshore processing but I blame the racist bigots in Australia for making this an issue that the bastards could exploit.

    If Labor is to have any credibility they must back a Federal ICAC. It could be a very discernible difference between the parties that would resonate with the voters.

  15. diannaart

    I’m still reeling from Abbott’s admission of listening to and taking advice from experts.

    Does this mean a new age of enlightenment from the Abbott government? (Rhetorical)

    Instead of ‘terrorist attack’ could we please insert ‘human caused climate change’ into the governmental lexicon? No? Well I’ll just go back to dreaming then, tell me when its all over – if I haven’t already noticed myself.


  16. Manfred

    All my predictions are coming true.Selling of Uranium.Fear over Terrorism,Cut workers wages.more 457s and 696 workers. Sorry I made up the last one they will be overseas women who can work as cleaners Au Pairs, Nannies on the cheap. Gee! what the hell they may be able to give rich old man a massage.Yes Tony Abbott learnt a great deal from his master wedge politician Mr John Howard.Yes it worked a treat last time.Tony Travel; has become a statesman overnight Presidential even, but ever so earnest and caring.Tony will carefully craft his fear with the help of the Murdoch media.It will be a beautiful storm.

  17. Florence nee Fedup

    When did this mob begin listening to experts. Read tat morale in the armed forces has never been so low. Wonder what it is like in our security departments.

  18. Florence nee Fedup

    When it comes to Sovereign Borders, all is hidden,. When it comes to terrorism, it is shouted from the highest roof tops. No secrets here.

  19. Wayne Turner

    Spot on Flo 😉 These hypocrites continue…

  20. Phi

    The ‘terror’ alert is intended to be permanent i.e. for the duration of the Abbott one term debacle. But, be prepared for a false flag operation to be launched and miraculously foiled (trumpets, fanfare and rejoicing in the streets) by the trustworthy and ever vigilant ASIO and their equally trustworthy partners, the CIA, MI5 et al in the US ‘Five Eyes’ surveillance program. Watch out Australia – the con is on.

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