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Bad form, old chap

Scott Morrison’s arrogance was badly showing while Anthony Albanese was delivering his reply to the budget on Wednesday.

Sometimes turning his back or preoccupied with his phone, but mostly with eyes closed, and a bored expression that could have been interpreted as being asleep. It was not a good look.

In fact, the only one to show any dignity at all was the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who at least had enough self-esteem to look at Albanese.

However, it must also be said that the same disinterest and disrespect was shown by all government members. Morrison is known for his impatience with those who have an opposite point of view and it shows up when he is being interviewed.

When it reaches optimum annoyance, he begins to lecture and then his self-righteousness comes to the fore. Those who recall his interview with Waleed Aly will know what l’m talking about.

It is this “born to rule” attitude that gets up people’s noses, this “know your place” we are superior air of the toff that is so out of place in a modern pluralist society.

Morrison’s display of the petulant schoolboy was so Trumpish in its execution. It was the sort of thing one might expect from The Donald but not from a man allegedly well-versed in the techniques of marketing.

In short, it was just bad manners by these ostensibly, belligerent and condescending conservative megalomaniacs.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one to notice this appalling behaviour. Prominent barrister Julian Burnside was among many to criticise the PM’s deportment calling him a “disgrace.”



Journalist Troy Bramston also called him out and shared a photo which showed that only Frydenberg was looking at Albo:



Writer Van Badham said that Scott Morrison was “conspicuously posing like a petulant sook for the budget reply speech and it was an ugly look for Australian politics.”

Deputy Opposition Leader of the Legislative Council Penny Sharpe also said that the look on Scott Morrison’s face was “just awful”:



Among many to tweet their disapproval were the following:





What did you think?

My thought for the day

If you have a point you want to make then feel free to express it. However, do so with civility. Then your point of view is laced with a degree of dignity.

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  1. johnyperth

    I saw some LPN’s sleeping.
    Why no respect!!??
    When I was a young kid and going in to my teenage years back in Melbourne my mum always told us how to respect.
    But then again the conservatives expect that everybody must up look to them!!
    The conservatives always think that they are far more superior to anybody else!!
    Its only a physiology thing!!
    So much for class extension in Australia!!!???

  2. Marion Ferguson

    Deputy PM McCormack seemed interested and even cast a ‘look’ at Morrison at one point. The PM was arrogant, disrespectful and dismissive. He has shown the same level of arrogance often, both inside the parliament and out.

  3. josephus

    How to stop the near universal, selfish slide to rudeness, contempt, the brutish inability to distinguish between expert opinion based on solid, peer reviewed research and mindless opinion ?
    More than ever we need a solid education that imparts understanding of the difference.

  4. New England Cocky

    Weeeeeellllll, what did you expect? There are pics on the net of Scummo asleep … during the Friedeggburger 2020 Budget speech….. that demonstrated conclusively that the COALition are unfit to govern anything anywhere at any time.

  5. Terence Mills

    Meanwhile in Queensland we learn this morning (Sunday 11 October) that the Queensland LNP have delivered the biggest and most blatant pork barrel in Queensland’s history. In an attempt to bribe their way into government every Queensland car owner will get $300 taken off their registration if they vote in the LNP.

    I’ve seen a lot of pork barreling in my time but this one is a doosie and Labor will either have to match it or surrender to an LNP landslide. That $300 represents a fifty percent discount on your car rego which, even as a one-off, is still not to be sneezed at.

    Oddly, the LNP have been targetting the ALP for reckless spending in the lead-up to the Queensland election.

    Perhaps the ALP will match this vote grab, what else can they do? Perhaps a free bicycle for every kiddy, free beer every Fridays ?

    There’s no doubt, when it comes to gutter politics, buying your vote with a straight face, the LNP are past masters !

  6. Katyhryn

    Typical appalling behaviour from the worst, most inept and corrupt government this country has ever seen! It’s just more of the same smug, pretentious and thoroughly obnoxious behaviour from a pack of self-entitled, born-to-rule sociopaths ….

    NO CLUE!

  7. Baby Jewels

    Anybody who’s watched Question Time will have seen this and worse, before. For example swivelling his chair around so he has his back to the opposition speaking. Why he hasn’t been challenged on his petulant, ill-mannered behaviour, amazes me. Are we simply to accept it?

  8. Kathryn

    Typical appalling behaviour that we have grown to expect from the worst, most inept and corrupt government in living memory! This smug, sanctimonious arrogance and callous disregard for others has been “normalised” by Abbott, Morrison and the rest of the self-absorbed, self-promoting, misogynistic sociopaths in the LNP …

    NO CLUE!

  9. Henry Rodrigues

    Please everyone, don’t waste your indignation and disgust on people like Scummo and his band of arseholes. He’s arrogant and feels he does not have to show civility or respect the parliamentary traditions because there’s no one to hold him to account, I mean the media of course led by the crinkled old bastard and his minions and commercial TV and radio channels.
    As for the ABC, notice the grilling by that snarling female canine, Leigh Sales, of Albanese after his budget reply? Fairness, objectivity ? No doubt her mealy mouthed boss, buttered on both sides, approved.
    To hell with all these bastards.

  10. Robin Alexander

    I also watched our PM demonstrate what a repulsive ill mannered animal he is! Obviously was never instructed as,
    child good manners at home even down to table manners seem to have been exempt this mans upbringing as it stays with you for life! also explains his non compassion for anyone not wealthy! Of course compounded by his devotion to his odious Cult faith that only increases this behaviour of self grandiose! Really believes he is chosen to rule & beyond good behaviour or questioning by anyone !arrogance makes him more hateful repulsive!

  11. Phil Pryor

    Who could expect much more in decency from P M Scott Pigz-Arse, a defective, superstitious, self inflating, drenched in righteousness, self awarding, forgiving, blessing Dickhead, a disgrace to the nation and an object of such disapproval by foreign friends and observers, We have become known as little dickheads in being shrapnel of the shell of criminality, insider’s greed, corporate bumboying, fellatio friendly coddling, matey datey deals, privatising pillaging, lack of any care, honesty, prudence, planning.

  12. RomeoCharlie29

    HR, I think you do Leigh Sales a disservice in singling out her interview with Albanese. I think she took the wrong tack taking him to task over the “Morrison Recession” but it allowed Albo to point to Morrison’s multiple uses of the “Keating recession”. I also thought she was tougher on both Friedanegg and Scummo. My take on it is that the ABC, taking another hit in the budget, is saying enough is enough. I will be interested to see where Speers goes on Insiders. Also I hope I am right it’s time for the ABC to get dirty with the government and The Mudrake rags. Time to go from mild hostility to open warfare.

  13. Kathryn

    RomeoCharlie29, have you not noticed how the ABC has radically changed since the rise of the fascists in the LNP? Every single professional, highly respected, unbiased journalist (like Kerrie O’Brien, Barrie Cassidy, et al) have left (or been pushed out) by the new, unspeakably right-wing biased version of OUR taxpayer-funded ABC. The problem we have now, is that Murdoch has been given “permission” to infiltrate the ABC and the Abbott/MorriScum regime have parachuted ex-members of Murdoch’s vile SkyNews into important roles on ABC panel shows, eg the shamless right-wing puppet, David Speers and onto the Board of the ABC, eg Michelle Guthrie and, now, Ita Buttrose! The ABC are allowing this to happen because unless they become yet ANOTHER shrieking, hysterical mouthpiece for the fascists in the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance, they will face even MORE radical defundment and, eventually, absolute privatisation allowing Murdoch to take over and influence another form of media!

    Already, the LNP have removed more than $800 MILLION – that is nearly ONE BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS – from OUR beloved ABC. If you have a good, long look at the Agenda of Murdoch’s Institute of Public Affairs (the unelected swill in the IPA) whose Agenda is closely followed by the LNP, you will notice that the total defundment, sell-off and privatisation of OUR ABC, is one of their top priorities!

    Incidentally, remember how this nation USED to have the strict media ownership laws that prevented fascist tyrants (like Murdoch) from owning more than 51% of our media in order to protect our media from ruthless, politically-motivated bias? Well, you can thank the vile, self-serving war criminal, JOHN HOWARD, for immediately removing those laws the second he rose to power and giving the morally bankrupt, vicious, self-obsessed and internationally condemned Murdoch FREE REIGN over every form of media in the country. Australia NOW has the notoriety of having the worst, most biased and monopolised media in the world!

  14. john ocallaghan

    It’s quite possible his children will grow up with the same attitude as their Father… and the beat goes on!

  15. JudithW

    I’d be worried if I was the PM – the treasurer is looking like foreman material!

  16. wam

    Getting close to understanding politics the ‘hatred’ of labor drives the lnp the ability to engender fear of the words greens, socialism the ‘left, the unions and welfare cheats allows workers to vote against their best interests.
    There used to be a teacher here who was often offended by my points of view, especially on global warming and the power of sunrise and today ie of silly sam and karlbaby. She was a teacher and knows that a good teacher reinforces the lesson learnt over and over.. This is allied to the ‘repeat a lie and it becomes truth’. The watched morning shows are educators and repeat the lesson every 30 minutes 3 hours every day. The other channel repeats 24/7.
    Albo has the choice go with billy’s and tanya’s calm informative tactics and give scummo his two elections or can use simple strategies to expose the lnp and the extremist parties errors of privatising, bias and conflicts of interest. They could throw in a laugh at idiots of the calibre of kelly et al, and the lies of howard, the rabbott, the copperman
    Whatever lord you could rethink your ‘let albo be albo in view of jack’, cuckoo and geoff who know that a quiet albo is a dead set loser he needs to, leave the ABC to relevant ministers get on the morning shows(sorry KL) and laugh at the errors, emphasise the private gifts, expose the conflicts and set the ratings seeking autocuists like silly sam salivating
    But whatever if you watch you will see lambe making good sense with neither labor nor the lnp even in the chamber much less litening plus our senator Marlandirri is often alone when givimg her speeches.
    scummo knows the chamber is unnecessary, except for labor’s compulsory budget vote and the senate simply requires a little bribe to get anything passed.
    pps insiders had women on their mind but who thinks scummo, fryden or cash have any gender plans???,
    perhaps it is time for the green white and purple or even a Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenkopps
    judith W not when he stands next to cormann

  17. Keitha Granville

    Mobile phones should be banned in the house during Question Time at least. If members arevurgently needed they could be alerted by an usher.

    Disgraceful behaviour

  18. leefe

    That’s the RWNJ world – manners, honesty and competence are for other people.

  19. Ill fares the land

    You can’t, or shouldn’t bear witness to the disgraceful and petulant behaviours of the excuse-for-a-PM (although he sees himself as a President – deigned by the wishes of his God to rule by executive decree), without getting a real sense of “the person”. Despite his devotion to his faith, Morrison has an absolutely razor-sharp delineation between those he supports (those who support him and show him unyielding adoration) and those who don’t. His line of demarcation allows, if not demands that he despises those who are on the “other side of Morrison’s “line”. He hates Labor and everything it stands for. Labor tends to favour government support mechanisms for those at the bottom of the ladder. Morrison’s view is that it is not the government’s job. Except that the blatant hypocrisy of this is exposed in his latest budget, wherein lot’s of people, mostly men, for that is his preferred demographic, who really don’t need support are getting major handouts. Morrison has a kind of boofhead connection with tradies, most of whom are men and see life in terms of their “blokiness”. Having beers with the mates, “havin’ a go”, buying a bigger dual-cab next year, well, perhaps this year now that they can write off 100% of the cost, going to the footy, little woman at home looking after their man-child needs. These are his audience. Those who hold, more fervently than any others that this country shouldn’t be giving handouts to bludgers (on the other hand, handouts to tradies are there just reward). They think when the indigenous talk about their country, they are making it up as part of a campaign to take ownership of all of Australia. This is Menzies-Australia and it is Morrison’s Australia. Women don’t get any prominence, because President Morrison, who respects women, thinks the job of running the country has to be left to men. His is in no way an egalitarian society – it is a society in his neurotic, male vision. But, the tragedy is he gets away with it. Does his abject disdain in the Parliament get the attention it deserves in the Murdoch press. Of course not. Does it occur to the media that the National Cabinet has served its purpose – which was to make Morrison look like the great unifier, the great Churchillian statesman, the war-leader, so he has now cast it aside – no value in it now that he wants to be able to take endless pot-shots at Palaszczuk and Andrews (even the mostly risible Berejiklian is piling on). Any talk of Tasmania’s border closure? Not a word, but Tasmania isn’t a Labor state. I can only hope that women voters turn on Morrison and punish him at his next (early) election. This guy is not a leader – he a talentless hack who rose to the top by backstabbing colleagues, lying and white anting. You can argue that is politics, but he is a case apart. People came to see Mark Latham as a crazed bully – let’s hope they soon spot the real Morrison. It’s there to be seen, if you look underneath his actions.

  20. guest

    At the risk of appearing to be a RWNJ (which I am not), I would point out that Kevin Rudd often turned his back on John Howard in Parliament sittings – and he did not just turn sideways as Morrison was doing, he turned his back completely towards Howard and conducted a little party meeting with Tanya Plibersek and others.

    It had a clearly upsetting effect on Howard and threw him off-balance. It seemed to me, at the time, to be an appropriate tactic against the “children overboard” man.

    Rudd went on to achieve a massive public approval rating.

    Anthony Albanese was unfazed by Morrison’s tactic. He spoke wonderfully well with telling points made. It was as if Morrison was not even there.

  21. Michael Taylor

    My father, who spent almost two years in New Guinea during WW2, once said to me that you always had to respect the enemy, for if not, it was too easy to let your guard down and then you would be more vulnerable.

    Let’s hope that this lack of respect by Scott Morrison makes him vulnerable.

  22. guest


    Perhaps Rudd had his karma.

  23. totaram

    Come on, guys! Morrisson does not need to listen to anything Albo says. The puppeteers at the IPA and other “think tanks” will go over everything with a fine tooth comb and produce the talking points and policy counters to anything said by Albo. Why should ScoMo bother? He’s said his bit. Now he will be given the next talking points and will regurgitate them, with the help of “compassion training” if required. Simple.

  24. Terence Mills

    Kevin Rudd has launched a petition to have a Royal Commission into the Murdoch domination of our media. If you’re inclined to sign up this is the link

    The petition has gained over forty thousand signatures since launching yesterday (Saturday).

    You may need to persist as the petition website is very busy !

  25. Pete Petrass

    HellScum, that says it all.

  26. David Stakes

    I would have expected nothing more from a self righteous God Botherer.

  27. king1394

    As Keitha said above, mobile phones should be banned in Parliament. The MPs are supposed to be at work on our behalf not playing Candy Crush. Kids at High School have to have their mobiles put away because they lack the self-control to concentrate on the important matters in the classroom. It looks like the pollies are the same

  28. Kronomex

    But…but…if you took their mobiles away how Friedeggburger would miss out on the latest video from Are we that truly heartless to deny Ol’ Ten Fingers and Toes Josh his daily jolly?

  29. Lawrence Roberts

    Remember, Rudd started it by not looking at Howard but at least looking at documents during his time in opposition.
    It is speculated by Some to the American Right of politics (Armstrong Economics) That if Trump gets back in elections will be dispensed with to the relief of many voters.

    Our Australian system is not working well and is distrusted by voters of all persuasions. It is fixable but not by the present incumbents.

  30. Caz

    If that Jesus guy came back tomorrow I doubt he would have anything to do with the LNP government except to expose them for the nasty, lying ,cheating avaricious bastards they are. He would expel the whole lot of them from their churches and ban the use of his name. Christians they are not. I reckon he would save his most scathing remarks for Morrison, Rushton, Robert and he would have something to say to Sharma and Frydenberg.
    As for their behaviour inthe House of Reps, the LNP have never shown any respect for the Opposition. Adam Bandt has delivered most of his speeches to an empty house, and I have been disappointed that the Labor Party have been disrespectful to him as well. But on the whole it is the Government benches that have been vacant, when they might have learned a thing or two, had they taken the time to listen.
    Other Liberal PMs have been disrespectful, but Morrison has raised it to an art form. And the conservative public are completely taken in.
    The next election cannot come soon enough.

  31. Josephus

    All useful comments, especially the contribution of Caz. Except that Jesus was not a Christian but a reformist Jew.

    Brutishness is the new normal. Thinking of Gulliver’s travels, horses intelligent and humans nasty morons.

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