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“Baa, baa, black sheep …”

By freef’all852

(Warning: This article contains words and language that may offend the LNP and the “genteel class” who claim the right to rule over us all).

This simple nursery rhyme portrays so succinctly the relationship between the expectations of the ruling orders and the serf, the presumed rights and satisfaction of the needs of the Liege Lord and the slave. They are still there now, in this day and age, here in Australia … but now they call themselves “politicians” and they mostly live in the ivory towers of the LNP.

But it is their treatment of anyone taking refuge from war-torn places that most marks out their tyranny, their bastardry. They have claimed a presumed “ownership” of this nation which their profiteering pirate ancestors stole at gun-point from the Indigenous peoples and now they claim ownership and call this part of the Earth: “Their Nation”.

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.

Yes, one for “The Master” and one for “The Dame”.

Allow me to tell you a little known piece of information from back in the 2nd world war about those internees held in camps along the Murray River in locations like Loveday in South Australia. Many internees were used to cut mallee wood and burn charcoal in camps scattered around places like Blanchetown on the river. If any of you have been to “Brookfield Conservation Park” up near Blanchetown, you may have seen the signs directing you to the charcoal pits there. Those pits there were part of a large contingent of Italian men and some of their families held there as “enemy aliens”.

I know of these things because my father was one of them, as were a couple more of my relatives. Once the war in the Pacific really kicked off, there was a shortage of men to cut wood and burn the charcoal so Italians were transported there and worked in several camps in the Mallee.

My mother met my father near there when she worked at Portee Station on the Murray River as a servant girl. He came to the river to get water for the camp. My mother’s parents who were Cornish/Irish and her younger siblings were also at another “charcoal” camp where my grandfather worked the machinery. My grandmother looked after and taught by correspondence her children. She was a well-educated Irish woman who came to Australia in 1922 from the end of the Irish civil war in Bandon County – the “most murderous place in the British Isles” at that time in history – when the Irish rebellion was in full swing. She worked in Bandon City as a legal clerk for her father’s office, and her script writing – until the end of her life in her eighties – was the most beautiful flowing writing you’d ever want to see.

It was this skill and her legal expertise that came into good use out there in the Mallee, when an Italian internee, brought down from the Northern Territory, came seeking help from her to write a “legal letter” in his favour.

Before the war broke out he owned and worked a farm at Katherine with his Aboriginal wife. He had an Australian foreman and a couple of workers also. When he was interned as an “enemy alien” and transported to Loveday camp, his foreman in collusion with a local govt’ administrator sought to get control of his farm on the pusillanimous grounds of he; the Italian, being an enemy alien was not permitted to own land and his wife – being Aboriginal –  also was not permitted to own property and so they sought to have the ownership of the farm forfeited to them.

Evidently, my grandmother summoned all her jargon of “legalese”, constructed a “legal argument” for the distraught Italian and succeeded in scaring off the culprits. Which brings me to the point of this little missive …

Let us ask: Just who were the real working people who built this nation? Who in reality were the producers and strugglers who physically built this country … this country we hear the likes of Mr Abbott, or Mr Turnbull or Mr Dutton et al wax so lyrical about in protective terms like it was their own personal fiefdom or that of their social class or ethnic demographic?

Let us in all fairness analyse just who were the real Australians who made this nation what it is today. Because, you see, what was neglected in that little yarn about the Italian farmer and his Indigenous wife was how could it come to be that an Australian man and his partner in crime could presume to claim what was not theirs? How could they presume to drive through a process to deny a fellow human being and his wife their dignity and their rights? I’ll tell you how they could and it also shows how Minister Dutton can presume on the dignity of the refugees in this time to do the same:



AND THIS is how it still stands with the Anglo fascists of the LNP to this day!

THIS is their claim of legitimacy!

THIS is their perceived presumption!

THIS is their perceived right of ownership of the land, the country and the people of the nation!

Well, SCREW YOU, Mr Dutton! And YOU, Mr. Turnbull and ALL YOU Anglo/ethnic fascists! You are not worth the piss of their bladders or the shit of their bowels … you are rubbish!

It was the immigrants and working class who built this nation. The more “privileged” and upper middle-classes moved straight into “administration” (shorthand for “command and control”) and pretty useless at that! No, it was the Irish, the Germans, the Greeks, the Italians, the Indigenous peoples, the Baltic and Balkan nationals … and not just a few Asian peoples who migrated here seeking a safe and better life that “built” this nation … from the ground up, with their skilled trades small business and hard work. THIS is the base truth of the story of Australia. The story of the migrants and refugees who poured their blood, sweat and tears into the earth of Australia, to be mixed with the sorrows of the Indigenous peoples who built this nation to what it is today.

And then we hear bastards like Dutton pour his vile shit from his vile shitty mouth these vile shitty policies of an effing vile putrescent LNP. It is enough to want to make one reach for a horsewhip.

Henry Lawson wrote:

“They lie those men who tell us for reasons of their own,
That want is here a stranger, that misery’s unknown …”

The first line of his “Faces in the Street” was changed by George Robertson, owner and publisher of The Bulletin … for reasons of his own to:

“They lie those men who tell us in a loud decisive tone …”

It was changed because it “reflected upon the authority of the day” (or words to that effect). Well the “authority of the day” has not changed its spots … it seems to be still offended by its own guilty treatment of those fellow humans.

I know of the treatment my Italian relatives received from the “administrators”. I know of the treatment many ethnic groups received from the “authorities”. I know, YOU know WE ALL know and we know also who interests those “authorities“ represented … THEN and NOW.

So let us stop talking falsely and take a calming look at what must be done to rid us of these lying filth that presume to govern for the “good” of the nation. In an age gone by, a different sort of revolution would have sufficed – as we saw in the aforementioned Irish Rebellion – but such is very destructive to both blood and infrastructure. No, it is the ballot box for these times, but it is by a vote most decisive and most damning that will remove this vile pestilence from the governance in our lives. And we must make social media the means to promote the truth and expose the lies of the LNP. Let our anger overflow from the blog sites into the ballot boxes that decide our political future.

The Murdoch press is the main propagator of the attacks and vilification of all parties and individuals in opposition to the LNP. We cannot touch Rupert Murdoch, for he lives in another country, a foreign national of another country. But his creatures, through which he propagates his foul mind and policy are amongst us like a festering wound whose scab is continually knocked off, they live and breathe the foul air of the Murdoch lie. These woeful scabs are the ones who most prosper from betraying our land, our nation. Let THEM feel the wrath of our anger. Let them be cast out of our company. Let THEM be PROSCRIBED from the security and comforts provided by us very citizens they continue to abuse and demean.

LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN NOW! And not end till we are rid of this vile pestilence of a government!

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  1. Jaq

    They know who built this country. They just don’t give a shit because they are the bullies, and the fascists- even if they pretend they aren’t.

  2. Matters Not

    I can relate to this story. Particularly the historical bits re those of Italian descent and their treatment during the war years. I thank you for that. Dr Salvatore D’Urso was a supervisor of mine many years ago and we became friends of sorts. His relatives were too interred.. A fact that most Australian are unaware of. More’s the pity.

  3. Glenn Barry

    I adore the sentiment, I would dearly love to exorcise this pestilent parade of parasties – The French Aristocracy, did they see what was to come?

  4. jamesss

    Their BLACK hearts have assisted many others to see the glowing LIGHT of Compassion within their own hearts.
    We have service to self or service to others, each has a consequence.

  5. Andreas Bimba

    Their demonisation of the unemployed, the refugee, the foreigner, the young, those who receive some form of government support and the working poor adversely affects millions. Millions who suffer unnecessarily. In addition they endanger all life on earth by ignoring the reality of global warming for a few more dollars.

    Without this neo-liberal curse we could easily meet our global warming obligations, have full employment, free universal education, healthcare, adequate government services and infrastructure as well as affordable housing.

    They steal our futures for their own greed.

  6. freefall852

    I can remember back in my young years taking on a weekend job as a barman at a suburban Life-savers Club (in SA.). It’s amazing how the barman becomes “invisible” to the customers while being just there over the bar…Three blokes from the training part of the Life-saver club were there and one was waxing lyrical with enthusiasm about what he had the nippers doing and where they were going with the ideals etc, etc..the other two were nodding and humming in agreeance..then the Nipper coach left to go about the day’s business…The two coaches remaining turned to the bar and ordered another beer…one bloke said to the other : ” Nick’s really enthusiastic about those nippers..he’s got them all keen too!”…”Yeah”..the other agreed…then there was a moments silence between them and as if on cue the one said to the other ; “…pity he’s a wop though…” and they both burst out laughing.

  7. helvityni

    Nick was working too hard with those Nippers, and working TOO hard was as bad as being jobless, a bludger… 🙂

    And at school those Aussie Nippers soon learnt that Nico’s lunch food was much tastier than their Devon sandwiches… even tastier that their own ‘tasty’ cheese…

    One does not want to contemplate Australia without the new-comers….

  8. Michael Taylor

    Speaking of bars, here’s a little incident from the 70s:

    This bloke I know walked into the pub with an Aboriginal friend, went straight to the bar and ordered two beers. (In SA a beer was a schooner of Southwark. You didn’t need to specify anything else).

    Anyway, the barman said “I’m not serving the Abo a beer”.

    “Why not?” asked my friend.

    “Coz they can’t hold their grog. Makes ’em go all violent”.

    Again, my friend ordered two beers.

    “I told yer, we don’t serve f*cking Abos. Filthy, violent bastards they are …”

    My friend interrupted. “I can assure you there will be no trouble”.

    “Bullshit. There’s always trouble every time a f*cking boong gets booze in him. I’ll give you a beer, but this black c*nt can f*ck off. We don’t want his sort in here. This is a decent place. So I’ll say it again: tell yer black friend to piss off”.

    The barman continued to mumble. All you could identify was “black c*nts” and an overuse of the “f” word.

    By which time, my friend’s Aboriginal companion – visibly shaken by all this and clearly who had had enough – reaches over the bar and punches the barman in the face. The barman looks at my friend and says …

    “See. I told ya they get violent”.

  9. Trish Corry

    You are on fire Joe. An excellent piece!

  10. freefall852

    Thank you , Trish..It’s not that want to ignite an ethnic war between us left-thinking people, but it really gives me the shits when those on the right side of politics take a high-horse stand to presume their hate-fillled sloganeering is the only side to every story. The story of Australia is a very complex one of the migration, assisted or sponsored or otherwise, of refugee or economic migrant ( and in many, many cases, they are equal in impoverished horror), of illiterate or academic..each ethnic group has contributed EQUALLY toward the improved benefits of our country..and at the risk of slippping into a sentimental analysis, I have to state the bleedin’ obvious and give equal attribution to those great open spaces and sea, sun and surf that at least in MY growing up, contributed more than I could ever hope to repay..and I believe my use of those delightful resources did not decrease their capacity to supply one tiny iota!..And let us not forget to give homage to Mrs. Fookes Marino fish and chip shop !

  11. Helen Bates

    The next war if we have any sense will be a crusade before we get over run. I see a bomb in Manchester over night killed a bunch of teenagers and injured lots more.Now, who would have done that. not mad Mossies would it? They are saying they are unsure who the culprits were but I’m on the other side of the world and I bet I know!
    Peter Dutton please hurry up and send those 7500 illegals home.
    Trump don’t interfere in all the wars in the middle east and don’t involve other western countries just sit back and let them reduce their numbers themselves

  12. guest

    Helen Bates,

    is this your understanding of right-wing Christian belief of the kind exhibited by our present government? So generous, so caring.

    You know nothing about those 7,500 refugees except that they have not yet submitted applications to be considered to stay in Oz. And you want a crusade against them? Or for their people to kill each other?

    If those 7,500 are sent back, there is a real chance they will be killed.

    As for Trump, he is interfering in the Middle east by selling Saudi Arabia billions of dollars worth of weapons – and it is the Saudis who are attacking Yemen. Most of the terrorists who attacked the USA on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. But the Saudis are doing nothing to stop ISIS.

    What is Trump gaining from all of this? Money. He is profiting from the fighting in the ME. Just as the attack on Iraq was to protect Western interests in oil.

    Remember that so much of the problems now occurring in the ME are a result of Western interference. But do we care? Not if we think like Pauline Hanson.

  13. guest

    The Coalition is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the “Forgotten People” radio broadcast by Robert Menzies.

    Janet Albrechtsen is especially excited in The Australian because it gives her a chance to espouse the values handed on in the Menzies legacy to the present Coalition government, which some commentators say the government is neglecting. Turnbull’s fault?

    So what are those values according to Janet? “Values of thrift, decency, intelligent ambition, the innate dignity that arises from work and responsibility for one’s self and family, and the progress that comes from individuals exercising their judgement and freedom.”

    Sounds the kind of thing that any person, no matter their nationality, would subscribe to. Nothing there which could be linked only with Coalition believers.

    Except that there are omissions, such as the social contract which requires some care and concern for other members of society. Nor is there any concern for those who do not have work because there are not enough jobs. The notion of lifting one’s self up by one’s bootstraps does not work well for every one.

    And yet, even with this preaching about values, Janet fails to see that these values are clearly the values of people who flee away from danger with their families to make a new start in a new country. Instead, they are pilloried, abused, demonised…

    But Janet does not rest there. She goes on to list false gods and values (+ my comments):

    *class war – ie, Labor, not the Coalition oh no never!
    *political correctness – only for the ignorant “elites”, not the domain of the all-knowing Murdochians
    *words and slogans – never happens in the Menzies world
    *fairness = higher taxes, greater spending, and “what’s in it for me” mentality. Peace, Morrison. Nice try.
    *diversity – eg, no right wing journalists in the ABC (too biased). She said what, again and again?
    *tolerance – different views on marriage “hounded as bigots and homophobes”. Never mind the hounding of LGBTIQ people!
    *free speech – eg AHRC Trigg’s attack on Uni students, but no mention of Triggs’ obligation to address the rights of the complainant, as explained by the acting president of Liberty, Victoria.
    *Islam – “Lindt, when common sense goes missing”. And where were you, Janet?
    *”Labor-lite forms of government” not to be imitated – Memorandum: that means you, Malcolm.

    And so to Janet’s slogan for today: “strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”( Tennyson). Words applicable to any benevolent PM or any rabid tyrant.

    Such is the work of the Murdoch scribbler, straight out of the echo bunker.

    Other lines she might have quoted from Tennyson’s “Ulysses” are:

    “It little profits that an idle king,
    By this still hearth, among these barren crags,
    Matched with an aged wife I mete and dole
    Unequal laws unto a savage race,
    That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me…”

  14. helvityni

    Amen, guest, an excellent post !

  15. freefall852

    Well written, guest…

  16. silkworm

    Does anyone else feel like punching Helen Bates in the face?

  17. Michael Taylor

    silky, I’m too disgusted by her to even acknowledge she deserves anything. But between you and me, she deserves the politician she votes for.

  18. Rossleigh

    silkworm, I have to suggest that violence against women is something one can never condone…
    But given that Helen is – in fact – a man and just using the name Hell as a nom de plume then I have to say it’s all ok because violence against men is quite ok…

    There now, I’ve totally derailed several conversations by my lack of political correctness…

  19. Rossleigh

    Of course, while I think that honest discussion is the best way forward, even if it involves disagreement, there is very little to be gained with engaging in the people like Helen because she clearly has no way of trying to win anybody here to even consider that they may be incorrect about anything…

    Personally, I begin each day wondering if the Liberals or One Nation or Donald Trump are right about anything.

    Bill Shorten is often wrong, but he sometimes surprises me. The Labor Party are far too mealy mouthed and apologise far too often.
    The Greens are often wrong but not always.

    Malcolm Fraser must be rolling in his grave!

  20. Rossleigh

    Whatever, Helen supports Pauline Hanson who spent time in jail! How can she complain about illegals while supporting someone like that?

    (Let’s see if she responds to that one, which would show that she’s either not the idiot that she pretends to be, or else she is!)

  21. Kaye Lee

    Did anyone see the Drum this evening? This was the comment I left on their facebook page.

    “What is the point of having an expert on your show if you allow Greg Sheridan to talk over the top of him, abuse him, and stop him from replying? The Murdoch brand of hatred and division is not helpful. I would so like to have heard from someone who understands the mistakes we are making rather than the bully who is contributing to them through his vitriolic exclusion. Sheridan needs to recognise it is the Australian Muslim community that is keeping us safe.”

    As for Helen, she will never be part of any solution to anything, just like the politicians she admires. She can do her best to whip up hatred and division, just like Pauline and Peter, but to what end? When the world needs peacemakers people like Helen are a huge part of the problem.

  22. Freetasman

    How a spam named Helen managed to bypass the filter of the site?
    Cannot be an individual, can be?

  23. Matters Not

    Re ‘Helen Bates’, I think the best meaning to be given to the moniker is: helen baits . Besides you can see a mountain of evidence of what intellectual violence produces.

    Re The Drum. I have given up protesting to the ABC because responses take far too long and when they do arrive, they are patronising nonsense. Sheridan made a complete fool of himself and even refused to be ‘rescued’ by John Barron. But that’s just the meaning I give.

    Moving from the specific to a more general point. I would really like to know about the process used to invite guests. Is it a lucky dip? Computer generated? Does the host have an input? Is it all down to the producer? What? How? Any clues?

    Do the guidelines specify that at least on panelist must want the ABC to be abolished? And Sheridan is just an example of that.

  24. Helen Bates

    Rossleigh you lot will try anything won’t you
    You just tell a deceptive story just like the politicians who are scared shitless of Pauline. You lied by ommission by not saying her coviction was quashed and the effort to get her gaoled and what you by ommission seem to support was Tony Abbotts filthy mitts on this.It is pretty much folklore up here how “they” tried to get Pauline
    That was a pretty grubby effort on your part not dissimilar to the Liberals dirty tricks and it is folklore in my area about how the established political party urged on by people not unlike what you are doing tried what basically was an attempt at political assasination
    Pauline Hanson has fought back tears recounting her 2003 jailing over quashed political corruption charges, blaming Tony Abbott and John Howard for a “political witch-hunt” against her.
    One of the Howard Government’s most senior ministers last night revealed he raised nearly $100,000 to lay the groundwork for Pauline Hanson’s prosecution for electoral fraud.

    The Minister for Workplace Relations, Tony Abbott, admitted setting up a trust, Australians for Honest Politics, from donations to pay for legal actions against Hanson and her party, One Nation.

    He had also organised a separate “donor” to support a One Nation dissident, Terry Sharples, in seeking an injunction to block One Nation from receiving public electoral funds.

    Mr Abbott said the money was promised to cover Mr Sharples if the case failed and costs were awarded against him.

    The minister organised a team of lawyers who would represent Mr Sharples without charge, and then a second team after Mr Sharples sacked the first.

    Mr Abbott also acknowledged that he had at one time instructed his lawyers to offer Mr Sharples $10,000 of his own money if he would stop pursuing him for money to cover his huge court costs.

  25. Rossleigh

    Hmm, Helen..

    You’ve become amazingly well informed all of a sudden compared with the shit you’ve been writing up until now. Why, even your punctuation has improved…

  26. Matters Not

    Amazing isn’t it. Sometimes ‘helen bates’ (or should that be ‘helen hates’) is the ‘inarticulate’ and at so many levels At other times she/he becomes the ‘sophisticate’. Able to punctuate, provide links and all that. Quite a range of skills on display for just ‘one’ person.


    Rossleigh, you beat me to the post by just one minute.

    Perhaps ‘helen’ in in on the invoice scandal as well?

  27. Rossleigh

    Apart, of course, your inability to use apostrophes of ownership…

  28. Kaye Lee

    I wonder if Helen has ever heard the phrase come in spinner.

  29. Matters Not

    I suspect that ‘helen hates’ is the current equivalent of Annie Barrie.

    An ongoing internet joke.

    Perhaps another example of Ashby’s incompetence?

  30. Michael Taylor

    I suspect she is a sock-puppet, which would explain Freetasman’s question.

  31. Helen Bates

    RossleighMay 23, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Hmm, Helen..

    “You’ve become amazingly well informed all of a sudden compared with the shit you’ve been writing up until now. Why, even your punctuation has improved…”
    Cut and paste as we all know about this part of Paulines life and it still doesn’t excuse your sneaky effort and the usual tired old political tragics come to the rescue.Pauline has all of you lort worried and she will do well in QLD. I still don’t like politics or the political hangers on like you lot and this shows why

  32. Matters Not

    I suspect that a certain ‘helen’ is on overtime tonight. The one with the ‘lack’.

  33. Kaye Lee

    Helen is right…Pauline does have me worried because she has become a focal point for all that is hateful, horrible and ignorant in Australia. Thankfully I know Pauline will fizzle out again because she really couldn’t care less about politics and is totally incapable of even understanding what she is voting for let alone providing any form of enlightened solution to anything – it’s all about the money and the attention for Pauline. Ask Helen about policies….resounding silence. Point out that no asylum seeker has been prosecuted because they have done nothing illegal…deafening silence. Point out the multitudinous electoral scams proposed and/or perpetrated by James Ashbys One Nation…silence again. But mention Pauline’s prosecution and Helen all of a sudden is interested in evidence.

  34. Matters Not

    Speaking of ‘silence’. Sometimes it’s self chosen.

    Pauline Hanson, who has made the term “please explain” part of her political brand, has yet to attend a single Senate estimates hearing, missing 2½ weeks of questioning. … Senator Hanson spent the first round of hearings held after her election in Norfolk Island, and the second in Queensland, holding a press conference and dining with her state leader in the Queensland Parliament.

    … Senator Hanson has spent the past two days in Western Australia, where three of her party members were being sworn in to the state’s Parliament … Instead of spending her time trying to work out how to make money out of her members and the taxpayers, maybe Senator Hanson should do what she was elected to do and represent her constituents,”

    Dear oh dear. Please explain? Seems like Pauline is a political bludger. Doesn’t do what she’s paid to do.

    Not that anyone should be surprised.

  35. Kaye Lee

    Do they have cameras at Senate estimates? Would she be paid extra to attend? All that parliament stuff is too boring for Pauline. She’s out and about asking the drunk in the corner or the flag waving tatoooed lout how we should run Australia because their nuanced knowledge of economics, social cohesion, science and stuff is much more reliable and better informed than elitist academics or boring public servants.

  36. Michael Taylor

    Yes, they have cameras, Kaye. We used to watch them live when Howard was PM and smirk whenever Penny Wong made the unpopular secretary of our department squirm. We missed that when Rudd won. But it was a sacrifice we endured. ?

  37. Johno

    Global carbon (C) emissions from fossil fuel use were 9.795 gigatonnes (Gt) in 2014. One Nation says that human caused climate change is simply not happening. To help prove this, One Nation organised a dive on a healthy part of the Great Barrier Reef. What do you think Helen, are we changing the climate or not ?

  38. Johno

    Re this article and Andreas Bimba’s ‘They steal our futures for their own greed’
    Greed seems to have been with us for so very long and it is obvious from the earliest days of the colony, greed was a prime motivator. Land grabbing from the aboriginal by force and/or coercion was the order of the day. A classic example is William Charles Wentworth. Already a wealthy landowner around Sydney he saw potential across the Tasman in New Zealand. Wentworth purchased 100,000 acres from the Maori between 1838 and 1839. Still not satisfied, he did a deal for most of the South Island in 1840. This deal was squashed due to the Treaty of Waitangi.
    YEP, when more is never enough.

  39. freefall852

    I told are wasting your time even exchanging civil conversation with right-wingers like “Helen”..they just shift the topic to another whinge and continue on….Why..taking her initial comment on this post, she obviously has never heard of the Arab uprising at the end of the Ottoman Empire the end of the 1st.WWar..She knows nothing of the Sykes-picot carve-up of the Arab states by the imperial powers for the oil reserves..She has no idea of the implications of the relocating of tens of thousands of Jewish refugees to Palestine after the end of the 2nd WWar..She knows nothing of the collateral damage that past crusades did to Europe and the destruction of the last and furthermost christian bulwark against the Turkish empire ; Constantinople, being attacked, pillaged massacred and destroyed by the last effect the Christians destroyed the last outpost of Christianity and opened the gates to Europe for Sulieman’s advance. She does not know these things because she does not read history..She is making the same mistakes of the past..She is a fool.She only hears : ….white noise….”muslim”….more white noise…..”more muslim”……more white noise…She would be lucky to even know her real father!..Don’t waste your time..imbecility needs to be chained to a post, not humoured…just abuse her self inflicted dumbness and move on.

  40. silkworm

    In the last few months Pauline has framed herself as a champion of medical cannabis, but just two weeks ago she (and Nick Xenophon) sided with the Liberals in defeating a motion that would have allowed the terminally ill fast access to medical cannabis, blowing off many of her supporters.

    “Back-stabber! 11th May 2017: Hanson the turn-coat leaves medical cannabis campaigners to rot

    It’s nothing short of complete treachery.

    This afternoon, Pauline Hanson – a supposed supporter of medical weed – helped ensure dying patients would be denied access to the drug through the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Special Access Scheme ‘Category A’ pathway….”

    More here:

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  42. guest

    Kaye Lee,
    further to The Drum incident (23/5/17), I was astonished at how the Murdoch methodology was demonstrated to us by the extraordinary outburst from Sheridan. Just look at the details (not all audible because of the uproar – can be checked perhaps on the ABC site).

    The comment had been made that there was more danger from car accidents than from a terrorist attack. Sheridan leapt in to say that this was “ridiculous”. He thought it had been said by the security academic, who attempted to protest, but Sheridan overrode him with his shouting.

    John Barron spoke up, to “clarify”. Sheridan spoke about the importance of security and accused the ABC of indulging in “censoring” the debate by clarification.

    Sheridan went on to say that “to hold a view that stupid you would have to be an academic”. (Still not realising that the academic had not made the statement.)

    Sheridan then threatened that this would be “on the front page of The Australian tomorrow”.

    Note the loud and vitriolic nature of the attack. Notice the persistent haranguing to drown out any protest or clarification. Sheridan firmly believed in his position and would not listen to anyone else. And then there is the denigration of the academic, whom Sheridan had thought to make a “statement that stupid”. For Sheridan academics are just leftie ‘leets who know nothing; it is the journalists of a particular persuasion who “know” about beating up the need for security (read fear).

    And then we have the threat of publication to attack publicly those who oppose.

    All this hysterical display by Sheridan exemplifies the Murdoch modus operandi, in my opinion. Am I wrong?

    But there is more in another right wing display. A writer in the right wing magazine Quadrant has suggested that Q&A at the ABC (22/5/17? should have been bombed because a panelist suggested that the chances of being affected by terrorist attacks was less than the chance of being hit by a falling refrigerator. Same issue as on The Drum.

    Meanwhile, a reporter in the UK has suggested that a “final solution” be applied – now withdrawn.

    It seems to me that the right wing media is using terrorism to promote its own agenda, looking more and more like fascist control, without seeking to find out why the West is being attacked. The reactions illustrated above might offer clues.

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