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AWAKE! To a new day.

Are you full to the gills of the endless bullshit and denial from the right-wing nut jobs and the cynical swinging voters about the continual arguing on such subjects as economic rationalism and the trickle-down effect, climate change denial – or as it is now called “climate change shifting of the goal posts”, Indigenous treaty/land rights/history/culture wars, etc etc by a right-wing politically useless class that no longer has any contribution to make to further discussion into this century?

And then there is the renewable energy question, or rather, non-question, as only an absolute cretinous imbecile could work up an argument AGAINST free fuel for an eternity. And also let’s not mention the wha, wha … NBN!

Well, I’m here to give you the good oil: There really is no longer a need to take the slightest heed of those troglodytes of the right of politics. They are an anachronistic excuse, just a dying fish out of water floundering around and drowning in their own wasted space. Time to leave them behind.

Back a post or two, I mentioned that I was intending to block from my Twitter stream every direct right-wing news or information source or commentator. Well, I did … except for Lyonheljm, and he just told me to get f#cked, so I will keep him to annoy when required, after all, no-one can really take HIM seriously. But the rest I have and will and I do not miss any news from the action of doing that. The likes of Divine, Bolt, Kenny or Albrechtsen and the others have no positive or constructive message to give, nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. And with Social Media now becoming THE major broadcasting source of ALL world news and views, I can do without helping to relay right-wing sourced news and views. I would suggest we all do the same, for without the circulation of hard-copy newspapers, and then being cut from much access to social media, companies like News Ltd wiill be further restricted from an audience.

But we must do more than this. We must curb the cynicism toward soft-progressive politics in place of more radical politics and get this lefty cab off the rank. And once we are “on the road” and freewheeling, we can push for more radical policy. Because we are still a long way from winning the next election, and you can bet London to that brick the Murdoch crawlers will be sifting through that chest of 8×10 glossys and the dirt-filing cabinet to come down on any one of the left politicians, be they Green, Labor or a sympathetic cross-bencher.

Jay Wetherill in SA and Daniel Andrews in Vic, and now Mark McGowan of West Australia are setting a good example by taking on the energy market and pedaling their states into the future for fair and equitable delivery of policy – at least as much as they can be expected in this nation of quite conservative thinking. SA’s energy policy has to be the way to go, along with the bank tax and I would hope this will lead to more radical thinking along the lines of public transport and water resources protection. I will note that Federal Labor has thankfully moved a tad further to the left and is adopting a more radical stance on many policies. I trust they will go one further and finally address that open wound of asylum seekers if they win government. But they are in a good position now with the electorate who have had enough of this wastrel, useless LNP.

Now for that new day! I believe we need to talk up more State (federal/state government) controlled utilities, restoring the Murray/Darling Basin plan, restoring a government bank, government energy supplies, and a host of other necessities that are now outsourced or sold off to an incompetent private sector. We need to talk up the need for a more equitable tax system and restore proper funding to our schools, universities and health sector. There is so much to be done and I don’t believe we need to waste any further time on arguing with RWNJs about their fear and loathing. Their stupidity will not change and will only delay the implementation of much-needed policy.

I think if we can direct our optimism and energy and enthusiasm toward those policies and ideals that most move us – and make the debate for those ideals the centre of our discussions – there will be so much more impetus and energy pushing those good policies forward, rather than wasting our energy and spirit on those hopeless, depressing beings on the dark side.

Because the right-wing of politics is now no more than a dead-weight, without a life-force to sustain it, has become likened to the futile supporting in a sea of ideas, the inert body of a drowned companion. A hopeless, risky and thankless task and we have to let go of trying in vain to carry this corpse of lost hope any further. Let them as a collective go, let the cadaver sink into the sediment of history as fertiliser for a future of grand ideas. Further, as another metaphor; we have carried their unresponsive corpse for far too long, we have tried in vain to keep nurtured the body of bi-partisan politics for the good of social cohesion, heavens knows how long and wearily we have tried, but now is the time to switch off the life-support of an already dead body-politic, and do no more than stand away as its corrupt and evil spirit is spent into the trash-can of history.

We, of the progressive side of politics have work … much work to do. There is a world of nature that needs our undivided attention, and the hard yards of environmental resuscitation will have to go on uninterrupted by any more delays and foolishness. The social contract between the many ethnicities and cultural beliefs needs also a load of hard work, but the foundations are there, we have many of us already given our word to the reunification of the nation, those good and decent intentions cannot and will not be in vain.

Let us awake … to a new day!


  1. Barry

    1 very damaged person.

  2. Joseph Carli

    Are you speaking of yourself,Barry..if we can be of any assistance?…Please explain?

  3. dc

    Thank you, brilliant piece

  4. Johno

    Seize the day, to be sure.

  5. helvityni

    Mal was full of bravado, smiling broadly, ready to win the hearts and minds of Oz and Leigh Sales; I’m the Man from Snowy River, ready to lower your electricity bill, I’m the fixer…

    I almost expected him sing Lenny Cohen’s song , I’m Your Man!

    Leigh wasn’t charmed this time, and irritability set in…well talking is not doing,

  6. Joseph Carli

    Johno..”Sieze the day…” yes, but I think we have to go the one step further than that..The effort we have spent to carry the argument for the need of human rights and equality to our right-wing fellow citz’ has delayed movement forward with debate on policy structure and wider implementations…We have been for several years nursing this “sick-man” of Australian political society; conservatism , and I do believe by stepping back from our own capabilities to steam ahead with future infrastructure and social agendas while we have attended to the infirm right-wing, we have slowed the momentum of innovation and agility in many tech’ areas like the NBN, renewable energy and water conservation. A sad but forgivable circumstance, considering the incapacitated sickness of conservative politics..
    But yes..time now to seize the day, bury the now rotting right-wing corpse and move forward!
    AWAKE! To a new day!

  7. Michael Taylor

    I think Barry was referring to the dude in the photo.

    Of course … I could be wrong. ?

  8. Joseph Carli

    Oh…then I do sympathise.

  9. helvityni

    yes, the dude in the photo

  10. Joseph Carli

    The refugees stuck in PNG..I was wondering if any or many of them could be hired by a sympathetic company and brought to Aust’ as workers under the 457 visa system…Truly?..can that be done?

  11. wam

    after finding the Lord, I an reading with your enthusiasm for a new spring(being old overweight and stupid I wish it was in my step)
    Sept is the month of xmas babies so lets celebrate. the rabbottians in my life are sharing:
    Just got my latest electricity bill – wow-!!- no wonder sports bodies are struggling- For AFLNT, I suggest they try putting solar panels over the entire roof of the Maurice Rioli grandstand at TIO stadium- Maybe Charles Darwin Uni could take it on as a project- I would love then to see the comparison of bills publically printed, before the solar , and , after the solar ???
    prognosis looking good???

  12. Keith

    Morrison has stated that business profits are up and now we can expect wages and salaries to increase … he must believe in the tooth fairy.
    It is extremely disheartening that Turnbull jumps quickly behind Trump. Trump along with Kim Jong-Un are arguably the most dangerous men on Earth today.

    Climate change has been diverted to commentary about Energy. The state of the Arctic, famine in Africa, 41 million people impacted by flooding in SE Asia, and Harvey represent a huge red flag.
    Harvey represents a storm that could be expected; but, intensified by climate change. A warm atmosphere and marine environment allows for more water vapour to be carried in the atmosphere.

    Harvey has shown how the placement of infra-structure needs to be very carefully planned; the petro-chemical industry at Houston has been impacted causing further major issues.

    Its fair to say that the climate change denial groups have blood on their hands. The LNP supports climate change denial. While being told that emissions were being controlled in Australia by Hunt and Frydenberg; they were actually going up. Millions of dollars had been squandered on “direct action” .

    There have been so many stuff ups, that the real question is: has the LNP done anything worthwhile for the people of Australia? Previously we had Mr No, No, No (Abbott), now we have Turnbull who is too frightened to make decisions. The mail survey on equal marriage is a step to placate extreme elements in the LNP.

  13. Joseph Carli

    I don’t know why they call themselves “conservatives”, when they have sold of all that they should be conserving!
    I would like to see a short list of Labor policies, updated and expanded as we get closer to an election..I don’t believe they could be pinched by the LNP if they were of such social needs that would go against the LNP grain.

  14. Joseph Carli

    We borrowed to get solar panels..we had to as the electricity bills were SO MUCH more per month than the repayment on the panels, AND we could put energy back into the system, so it was worth the gamble..if only to reduce that 3 monthly power bill.

  15. metadatalata

    The biggest reform needed is to change the way politics is done in Australia. Idiots that have no qualifications in logic, environment and science should have no place in decision-making involving Australian lives. The political system is a bad joke that has had very damaging consequences for the environment, education and the future prosperity of the majority of Australians. It has to change. Political decisions must be made on sound data and science, not on personal financial gain for those supposedly representing their electorate.

    And we need to lose the simplistic ‘left/right’ boxes that seem to define our political beliefs. I don’t consider myself ‘left’. However I don’t watch or read corporate sponsored news and can think independently. For me, ‘right wing’ seems to be capitalists who benefit financially from the exploitation of working class Australians. There should be another category for those whose views are swayed and manipulated by corporate media to accept the status quo. I think there are a huge number of people in Australia who cannot be categorised by such simple definitions.

  16. Möbius Ecko

    “…if only to reduce that 3 monthly power bill.”

    Then Turnbull’s your man. He’s told those energy barons what for, three times now, and quick as you saw his gloating on TV about telling them what for, they went away and did nothing, just like the previous two times.

    As Turnbull has stated he’s making this issue the centre piece of the next election, I wouldn’t be surprised if the energy companies tinker around the edges in the election year, come out with an expansive and expensive adpropaganda campaign parallel to a tax payers funded one.

    By the way, what happened to all those other policies Turnbull was going to make the centrepiece of his next election campaign?

  17. Joseph Carli

    I think that elephant in the room ; Climate Change is going to be the catalyst for mammoth change whether any one wants it or not!…AND by the style of natural catastrophe, the direction that change will have to be directed. I cannot see how rampant speculation and capitalism can survive rationalist needs for existance.

  18. stephengb2014

    Joseph – that opening paragraph is magic- ok I’ll go back to reading the article!

  19. Möbius Ecko

    Talking of climate change, hottest winter on record, though some areas like mine experienced below average winter temperatures.

    These extraordinary fluctuations were modelled and cannot be explained by natural climate cycles.

  20. Joseph Carli

    I’d like to see local councils in this regional area be funded to have a couple of teams do continuous reseeding projects down every fence-line.

  21. stephengb2014

    I do like your style Joseph. Tell me how do you think that by switching off the Right it will sway the Right.

    I agree we must keep progressive policies and solutions front and centre

  22. Joseph Carli

    I do not think you will ever sway the deep-right..I do believe it is a mental process that is embedded in a kind of personality. Nurture has something to do with it, so does personal experience. I think a lazy mental attitude toward analysis of social how some ppl end up on social welfare and cannot get off the treadmill evokes a kind of resentment of believing someone is getting something they are not or are receiving better treatment from a gullible administration where they are made in some way to suffer. Strangely, many of those who think in such a way come from a privileged background, or see themselves as a “self-made” success story..when really it is ever only a story of; if you dip a net into the river enough times you will sooner or later bring up a fish.

  23. jim

    Chris Ullman abc on insiders said” this week we are going to fit up Bill Shorten” this ulman has to be a RWNJ if ever there was one. I used to like the ABC but now the LNP have made it into an LNP cheer camp and I do believe they want us to hate “our” ABC as per the Murdoh, IPA, RWNJs agenda to demolish “our”ABC. LNP scumbags they’re the ones that have to be demolished.

  24. Joseph Carli

    Regardless of the protests concerning the legality of Guthrie being appointed to the ABC, I do not believe ANY ex-Murdoch insider can be trusted with the national broadcaster and I believe she doesn’t have any idea of how to run the ABC for its audience…Id like to see Marty Fels take over and bring it back to the centre of good management.

    AS regards ; Uhlmann…see #6..

  25. Joseph Carli’s just effing hopeless relying on the R-Wing to come to their senses in time..we’ll all fry first.

  26. wam

    wow it had been one of those day: the Lord used my name as did a sometime writer who gave me a lashing in the local paper with all her reasons for changing the 26th unfortunately my letter pointed out the jan 26 Australia day was a paul keating initiative in 1994 and the question I posed was asking the rabbottians on my page who were squealing about ‘politically correct bulls..t, to consider they you think the 26 jan should be Australia day? She may have been a maths graduate from the imperial college london but her english comprehension is lacking.

    But I am back happy and positive Maestro Carli because I misread your answer to jim’s excellent description of a man admired by bolt and who asked ‘may I take a job in the ABC Mr Abbott? I am married to a ‘labor’ pollie.

    I pissed my self laughing at marty feldman as head of the ABC on second thoughts he would have been great?

  27. Joseph Carli

    Wam…just curious..y’know……..are you willing to share some of that bobo bush you got going there?…sounds good..


    “Are you full to the gills of the endless bullshit and denial from the right-wing nut jobs…” Theoretically Joe you have almost another two years of that bullshit and denial to go before the next election.

  29. Harquebus

    No one would “argument AGAINST free fuel for an eternity.” Unfortunately, free fuel does not exist. Just the act of collecting the “free” adds a cost. EROEI Joseph. This article does not even mention it.

    The left-wing’s B.S. smells no better than that of the right.

    “SA’s energy policy has to be the way to go” Yeah, right.

    “The dubious crown of most expensive prices in the world goes to South Australia”

    Search criteria: south australia highest electricity prices

    “Let us awake … to a new day!”
    What’s the point of waking up if, all that you are going to do is daydream.

    Not your best work Joseph.

  30. Harquebus

    Joseph Carli
    “We borrowed to get solar panels”
    What you did was borrow from the future so that you could add toxic byproducts to your ecological footprint.

    “Climate Change is going to be the catalyst for mammoth change whether any one wants it or not!”
    Actually, it will the popping sound of the world’s biggest ever debt bubble and it might just be what is required to mitigate the “Climate Change” problem.

  31. Joseph Carli

    Thank you for your input, Harquebus..I was longing for a good argument .
    “Unfortunately, free fuel does not exist. Just the act of collecting the “free” adds a cost.”
    A contradiction in your own words there, surely…the “free fuel” DOES exist, and the act of collecting it, via the method of using the aforementioned free-fuel to eventually “fuel” the harvesting of raw materials and the manufacturing the materials that in turn and in cycle collect the “free-fuel” will eventually be complete…deny that if you will!

    As for SA energy policy, I will accept that at this moment, by relying on those traditional suppliers of our energy, we DO suffer under the highest prices..but the policies of the Wetherill Labor govt for future supply could be a set piece for a re-installing of State controlled energy production.
    “Daydreaming” you say..I’d be more inclined to use the phrase : “Imagining the future”…rather than being bogged down in a failed LNP past.
    Not my best work, you say?…well , let us , pray tell, have witness to at least THE least of YOUR work…THEN we may truly judge “greatness”.

  32. Joseph Carli

    Harquebus…The future was once yesterday. Here, where we live in “splendid solitude”, we have reseeded at least 100 acres of native trees and shrubs…I am confident we have done more than yourself, who adds to the CO2 problem with your expelling of excessive amounts of hot air!

  33. Harquebus

    Joseph Carli
    The old “perpetual energy” argument. If the devices that you advocate could return more energy than invested then, you would be correct. The fact is, they can’t.

    The one article that I have done here at theAIMN states what is required. Renewable energy and absurd left wing policies ain’t gonna do it. Sorry.

    Regardless of which side of the fence one is on, I do sincerely recommend that you read up on EROEI. It is a basic concept and should take you all of 20 minutes.

    I’ve got another 7 theAIMN articles backed up that I want to read so, I will check back on your progress later.

  34. Joseph Carli

    ” The old “perpetual energy” argument. “…oh, jeezus!!….is THAT the best you can do?
    ” EROEI.”….Oh for f#cks sake, the simple fact that we all grow old and tired and worn out from the life we live proves that there can never be a level of excess output against input….grow up!..the decomposition of what our bodies and achievements of our labour makes up for that extra energy demand..We live in an organic world…ALL is consumed, ALL is recycled one way or another…Humanity is NOT the sole raison d’être for the Earth’s existence. We live at the mercy of the environment when we live at the expense of it.
    “The one article that I have done here …” well, ONE article (The Koran) was all Mohammad needed to do to move the consciousness of circa 1 billion ppl…so we can rest back on your one article words of wisdom.. I suppose.

  35. Harquebus

    Joseph Carli
    You have demonstrated to me your complete lack of understanding and your latest response is typical of one that does comes from someone whose argument is lost and they know it.
    Have a good day.

  36. Joseph Carli

    Oh piss off!

  37. metadatalata

    Harquebus is most likely a paid troll. Best not to feed it…

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