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Australia’s Pentecostal Extreme World Makeover Exposed

By Steve Davies

Stripping away the veil

Scratching your head over the behaviour of the Scott Morrison government since its miracle election win? Wondering about the extent of the influence of Pentecostalism and extreme right Christianity over politicians, our institutions and society? Concerned about what sort of world and society is being created around us and future generations?

It’s time to cut through the smoke, mirrors and spin. To strip away the veils.

The Extreme World Makeover is a very telling part of the Seven Mountain Mandate. These sermons are marketed as training courses. In reality they are propaganda tools that provide guidance to the “Sons, daughters” and Archangels of Pentecostalism in order to dominate societies.

“No the whole deal is, again, he has told satan I am going to do this great thing with my sons and daughters. They are going to awake; they are going to arise, and they will begin to shine. And they will operate in my light in my authority and my power and they will change everything. I will not have to exert my own direct muscle. They will carry my muscle. They will cr*sh you.” (Source: Extreme Makeover Sermon).

The zeal with which the Morrison Government is pursuing its agenda and the agenda the government itself, are a reflection of the Extreme World Makeover.

For too long people have made light of Pentecostalism. For example, by dismissing them as a bunch of babblers who believe they will be beamed up to heaven while the rest of us burn.

The reality is different:

“He is seated at the right hand of the father until all his enemies, all Jesus’s enemies, have to be under our feet. He is the head, we are the body, he’s not coming back until that happens.” (Source: Extreme Makeover Sermon).

Translation: The mission of the Pentecostal elite is to stamp the institutions (Mountains), of our society with their ideology and dominate those who do not believe as they do. When they achieve that Jesus will apparently return.

Strip away the religious rationale and content and what is being foisted on Australian society and our democracy by our own government makes foreign interference look like a tea party.

The devil in the detail

Extreme World Makeover is the ninth session of a Seven Mountain Mandate course given by Johnny Enlow (senior pastor and leading Seven Mountains Mandate activist).

In my view it is more accurate to refer to these sessions as sermons. His sermon was uploaded to YouTube on 6 March 2019.

The work of Enlow and others is based on the ideology of dominionism. Evangelicals, including Pentecostals who subscribe to that ideology believe that Christians should shape societies and nations by taking control of key institutions (Seven Mountains).

“Dominionism is the theocratic idea that regardless of theological camp, means, or timetable, God has called conservative Christians to exercise dominion over society by taking control of political and cultural institutions.”

In his book, The Seven Mountain Prophesy, Enlow describes seven mountains that shape societies and nations. The mountains (sometimes referred to as spheres), are family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government.

The Seven Mountains Mandate is a Christian Right strategy of political and cultural infiltration and conquest.

The Mandate has a long history and is also a means of unifying and growing the Christian Right. Some say, of dominating Christianity itself. The Christian right and neo-conservative politics increasingly work hand in glove. The Mandate is a propaganda weapon.

The convergence of interests between the Christian Right and neo-conservatives was reflected in the election of Donald Trump and, indeed, that of Scott Morrison.

“The parallels between Donald Trump’s unexpected triumph and Scott Morrison’s “miracle” election win are remarkable. A week on, it’s increasingly apparent this was a Trump-like victory.”

This convergence is so strong that after Scott Morrison’s election victory:

“Some of Australia’s most extreme Christian-right parties have withdrawn from politics, claiming the election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison had rendered them redundant.”

Scott Morrison has made no secret of his religious affiliations. He attends Horizon Church (formerly Shirelive) – a Pentecostal Christian church affiliated with Australian Christian Churches and the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God denomination.

Furthermore, it is public knowledge that Brian Houston, founder and senior pastor at Hillsong Church, is Scott Morrison’s mentor. Research undertaken by Church Watch Central draws a direct line of sight between Brian Houston, dominionism and the Seven Mountains Mandate via information from Alphacrucis College.

“In researching the Australian Christian Churches, we came across a PDF put out by the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) education hub and Hillsong’s epicentre of indoctrination – ‘Alphacrucis College’.”

Both the PDF document and the article by Church Watch Central lists Hillsong’s churches. As is Horizon church (under its former name ShireLive).

The Alphacrucis document also states:

“Since 1948 the College has been training men and women for effective Christian ministry. This continues to be a strong emphasis of AC and is being enhanced by the college offering education and training for the broader marketplace. AC’s mission is to equip Christian leaders to influence all spheres of society, including business, education, politics, media, and arts and entertainment.”

Church Watch also points out that:

“They are claiming to be Pentecostal but then subtly push their dominion mandate and blatantly push New Apostolic Reformation heresy like the Seven Mountain Mandate.”

The history is quite convoluted, but in essence, what Church Watch are saying is that the Pentecostal Church itself has been infiltrated by dominionists via the Seven Mountains Mandate strategy. Religion is one of the Mountains and the objective is to capture the peak of that mountain.

The critical question that accrues from all of this is to what extent are the views, policies and actions of the Scott Morrison government are being influenced by the New Apostolic Reformation, Seven Mountains Mandate propaganda and dominionist ideology.

What is certain in all of this is that this government has a case to answer, the parliament needs to hold them to account and the people of Australia have a right to answers.

The Extreme World Makeover sermon of Johnny Enlow

And just like in the television ads of years gone by, there’s more. You, dear reader, be the judge.

This particular sermon is the ninth in a series and in many ways is the most telling. It runs for over an hour. I decided to transcribe the first 12 and a half minutes of the sermon as this is where Enlow sets the scene in order to frame the mission.

I also transcribed the last 10 minutes as it is a call to action that frames the mission and the role of believers and leaders. To motivate the army.

The intervening 48 minutes essentially provides religious interpretations to construct a world view for audiences. To take them on a journey that ultimately leads them to their mission and assignment.

My intent in taking this approach is to make it easier for you, the reader. The proponents of dominionism have been very good at clouding information in religion in order to garner support and infiltrate institutions.

Setting the scene

Before reading this transcript you may prefer to first view the part of the sermon that sets the scene. I have highlighted key points in the transcript.

Setting the scene video

Setting the scene transcript

Call to action

You should certainly view the part of the sermon that is very much a call to action. I have highlighted key points in the transcript.

Call to action video

Call to action transcript

* * * * *

The agenda described via the Seven Mountains Mandate is clear. Fortunately, those who advocate Seven Mountains Mandate document themselves well. They’ve hidden themselves in plain sight behind the veil of a variety of church brands and, I might add, clever marketing.

The Seven Mountains course (or as I call them, ‘sermons’) provide critical insight into the mindset, strategies and infiltration tactics being used to achieve dominion over us and our democracy.

The actions and behaviour of the Morrison Government reveal its commitment to subjecting Australia to an extreme makeover. To theocratise our institutions. All of this is happening in Australia without our consent and without any public dialogue. The threat to our society and democracy is clear.

In all of this it is important to note that, the same as in the United States, there is common ground between neo-conservatives and the Pentecostal movement and that this agenda, this extreme makeover, is global and Australia would be a prized trophy.

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  1. Janine McMahon

    Pentecostals are promoting the deception of Christians around the world while they rake in the money.
    Hang your head in shame Hillsong.

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  3. Roswell

    I only have one word to say and it starts with F.

  4. Josephus

    Reminds me totally of ISIS, and long ago of the millenial hysteria as 1000 AD approached.

    Trump is not a devout christian I think? goes to church as a hypocrite.

    I worry that your text sounds a bit too conspiratorial; how can anyone believe that rubbish ? Anyway, the rightist morons in power here are not all religious nuts .

  5. Michael

    could not believe we won the May 19 election
    must be a miracle
    must be a message sent from god
    now we are in, let’s blitzkrieg Australia from our hidden agenda (a la Bush in New Orleans) (as forewarned by Naomi Kline “The Shock Doctrine” – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism – 2007)
    we have nothing to lose – have a go, get a go
    if we fail, at least we had a go
    f-ck everbody else
    we will be in prison called heaven

    Post #flushthedunny a new correctional centre called “heaven” to be dedicated to #LNP?

  6. Andrew Smith

    Related is how supposed ethical and ‘pro life’ white evangelicals could partner up in a coalition of support with white nationalists for Trump?

    Apparently one of the match makers in the background (for decades) was the infamous John ‘passive eugenics’ and ‘white nationalist’ Tanton; how did these purported ‘Christians’ remain ignorant?

    According to some, including theologian Chris Hedges, it’s about ‘unethical Christianity’ who are also quite bigoted… they don’t care?

  7. wam

    a rabbottian will not risk arguing, debating or discussing in case their beliefs are compromised
    My chuckles are the rabbott went to a ‘logue’ exponent to learn to control his ‘ahs’.and he had his ministerial reports vetted for subversive material which is redacted before he reads or is read to by and aid.
    A pentacostal clapper doesn’t even go that far he knows women are god given subservients and the bible gives the only absolute truth
    I used to have fun with xstians but only my little sister engages and she is good honest caring despite working in a horrific rightwing job my family are atheists but extended family are catholics and so indoctrinated and traumatised by the treatment of pell that I don’t have the heart to argue. So they have their ragheads, ningnongs shirt lifters dole bludger and, at least in my hearing, they have cut the ‘abo, coon, boong (a town like alice 64 years ago )out.
    Smirko is dangerously secretive and I hope the ABC can keep hunting his office for cheats.

  8. paul walter

    Excellent writing, really does clear the air sufficiently to discern something horribly akin to the totalitarian ideologies of the reactionary modernist past.

    It intersects neatly with the neighbouring thread discussing “the incestuous circle of political slush funds”, that interrogates political fatalism.


    The sad thing about pentecostalism is that it offers a categorical denial of the purpose. and sensibilities of true Xtianity, btw..

    Love OR power, you can’t serve god AND mammon.

  9. RosemaryJ36

    IMHO, having grown up in a Presbyterian household and studied the scriptures as a C of E secondary school subject, Pentecostalism is not remotely related to Christ’s teachings and is instead a dangerous cult.

  10. Kronomex

    It’s a cult and like most cults it’s all about money and power and control over mere mortals for those at the top.

  11. Aortic

    Google Kenneth Copeland and Jesse du Plantis discussing the need for use of their private jets in the US to cover the country and spew their utter nonsense to as many deluded happy clappers as they can gather. It is utterly gobsmacking and whilst Morrison and his ilk may claim it is not their particular brief it all boils down to the same belief in the same sky fairy who of course encourages you to regularly contribute to the cause. Reason ” pastors” like those mentioned above and countless others like them who live a beyond lavish lifestyle, obviously favoured by their ” deity.” I am with H L Mencken who said he was going to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.

  12. John

    If there was a god. Which im sure there is not. The LNP when at the gates would say why are we here you were supposed to save us? To which she would reply “I sent you scientists, thousands of them, to save you and warn you about climate change and you ignored them, Dumbasses”

  13. Jack Cade


    I share your doubts about there being an invisible friend. However, the invisible friend that the PM believes in knows everything, controls everything, dictates everything and allows everything that happens TO happen, and by extension absolutely intends it to happen.
    A loving, caring God, who sent his ‘only begotten son’ to earth for mankind to torture?
    Sadistic and cruel God, more like.
    Plus, of course, the ‘son of God’ who overturned the tables of temple moneylenders would make short shrift of a sect that believes that giving money to said sect will result in a shitload of money coming back to you.

  14. Lambchop Simnel

    Always difficult to know finally and for sure what a person’s motives are JC.

    Perhaps Christ sensed he was going to “buy it” but did it anyway, like Simpson (with the donkey) or old Socrates, who figured his personal integrity was not for selling, was even to die for.

    Sometimes people are cornered and take the easy way, eventually get fed up won’t sell out, no value and meaning, no life?

    I’m not one of those people.

    But I find some thing rather amazing in people who are prepared to die for a belief and for one I probably “owe” all those working people who gave up their lives for upcoming generations during WW2

    Perhaps God let Jesus make up his own mind and he decided his integrity was not up for sale either.

  15. Colin Mackay

    Well worth reflecting on Chrys Stevenson’s work in this area

    Another worthwhile read Amanda Lohrey’s Quarterly Essay Issue ‘Voting for jesus’ (Issue 22, 2006) – “Abby intervenes to tell me about youth “cells”. These are teenage support groups that meet weekly at the home of the cell’s two mentor figures (young women in their early twenties). These meetings are clearly something the girls enjoy and look forward to, although they joke about how they have to stop speaking of “cell’ groups because of the association with terrorism’. More likely there is a fear by church ‘authorities’ that ‘cell groups’ will be associated with clandestine operations.

    These ‘cell’ structures are intimately linked to the disavowed, but current, shepherding movement.


  16. Steve Davies

    Hi Ian – No I didn’t unfortunately. Just read you piece. You are 100% spot on. I’ve tweeted at the PM a few times asking him whether he was implementing the 7 Mountains Mandate. Zero response – he won’t confirm as he can’t deny. Cheers – Steve

  17. Steve Davies

    Hi Colin, Yes I read the ABC article as part of my research. I’ll check out Amanda’s work. Thanks muchly.

  18. Steve Davies

    Thanks Paul. Love you statement “Love OR power, you can’t serve god AND mammon”.

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  20. paul walter

    The very last sentence sums it up deadly accurately.

    The key is the recognition of the inward looking and pessimist elements of penticostalism as compatible with the wants of oligarchs and capitalists, a neo Feudalism. Brady Bunch is infantile fantasy and should be left in Yesterday’s bin.

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