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“Good Afternoon, in the studio today we have Alfonso McGillicuddy, candidate for the Arts Party who has just issued a press release saying that Donald Trump hasn’t gone far enough and wants all Muslims to be compelled to wear a yellow crescent on their clothes. Mr McGillicuddy, what do think this would achieve?”
“Absolutely nothing.”
“Then why do you think it should happen?”
“I don’t.”
“What about your press release?”
“Well, I’ve been saying intelligent things about the Arts for twelve months now and you keep interviewing nuph-nuphs like Malcolm Roberts, so I thought if I said something totally ridiculous then I’d be able to get on your program where I could point out how many people the Arts industry employs either directly or indirectly…”
“But that’s dishonest.”
“Oh, so I should have waited until you asked me how I support the same sorts of policies that Hitler used, at which point I could have said that when you put it like that, I’ve changed my mind and with the dead air time I could have quickly asked you if you knew how many people make their living from the Arts?”
“Hang on, comparing things to Hitler is a little extreme. He killed six million Jews, after all.”
“All right, let’s get back to talking about the Arts…”
“No, I’m not prepared to give you airtime to put forward your policies when you’ve misrepresented them in order to get airtime!”
“Oh, so I was genuinely an anti-Islamic idiot or a climate change denier, you’d give me time, but not if I’ve only done that to try and get an interesting discussion about the role of the Arts in our society! Ok, then, how about if I ask why no Christian leaders have condemned the shootings in the Quebec mosque by a white student? Is that extreme enough to get me a chance to express my point of view?”

All right…
I’m one of those wankers who’s joined the Arts Party, so you could consider the above a political ad.

But – and this is the really important point – you hear almost nothing about them. Or indeed, you don’t hear arguments from lots of people. There are lots of people out there with important things to say, and we rarely hear from them. We ignore significant sections of the community. But suddenly, we need to hear from the less than ten percent – according to a poll, not any election – who voted for One Nation. Because Malcolm Roberts can assert things. And demand evidence from others. Real evidence, not evidence from people who are manufacturing stuff that doesn’t back up what he believes. That makes for a good program.

And Pauline Hanson can tell us that she’s not a puppet, that was right wasn’t it, James, I’m not a puppet, I’m just here standing up for people like us who got screwed by the Liberal Party, and, sorry, I didn’t quite catch that, but let me just say, people, love Trump because he’s the same colour as me… in the hair, I mean, I’m not a racist, in spite of what those foreigners say…

Trump’s team managed to do this all the way to the Whitehouse.

When I wrote this last year, I thought I was joking…

But after he just sacked the Attorney-General today, I have to wonder if I wasn’t closer to the truth than any political commentator who tried to predict the way things would happen.

This may be why the Arts is important. It gives you a concept of how absurd things can get if you don’t pay attention. Although George Orwell wrote “1984” years ago and it doesn’t seem to have helped beyond giving the Trumpets a “Fascism for Dummies” guide…


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  1. Kate Ahearne

    Hilarious, Rossleigh. (No credit to poor old Roswell this time.) And this is, of course, whats happening in the media.The more outrageous and/or disgusting you are, the more airplay your views get. Sigh.

  2. Steve Laing -

    Good call sir! The media can’t help it, can they. If there is a choice between a play and a circus, they’ll pick the circus every time.

  3. helvityni

    Wow, Rossleigh; “This may be why the Arts is important. It gives you a concept of how absurd things can get if you don’t pay attention.”

    Does anyone on a political blog mention the Arts ? What about the politicians themselves…?

    No, I don’t think so…the last politicians talking about the Arts were Whitlam and Keating.

    I’ll take my hat off for you, Rossleigh. 🙂

  4. Kaye Lee

    I can’t decide if the audience has driven the media or the other way around. It’s hard not to look.

    During a media conference on Tuesday, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts said a “significant person” in the state Labor party was now writing policy for the extreme right-wing party.

    That was confirmed by Pauline Hanson’s chief advisor, James Ashby, who said the person was an ex-MP who did not want to be identified publicly to avoid negative backlash from Labor.

    Now THAT’S commitment to the cause – too ashamed to be associated.

    And why the hell is James Ashby always being quoted?

  5. Brian Morrison

    Bravo, bravissimo!

  6. Keitha Granville

    Brilliant ! Asan arts worker it’s about time someone talked about us, about how we contribute more to the country than many large industries (it used to be mining, maybe it’s mining again)
    Anyway, good to get some column inches , even if satirical.

  7. rossleighbrisbane

    Thanks, Keitha. There’s a link to the Arts Party website in the first paragraph.

  8. crypt0

    Tough gig you got there Rossleigh !
    Satirising real life when it itself qualifies as satire !
    Or farce … or insanity … or something …
    Still … you’re doing a mighty job despite all that!

  9. rossleighbrisbane

    Thanks, but it’s easy, crypt0, I just write down what they say, but leave out the bits in between where people forget what they said half an hour before!

  10. Annie B

    Rossleigh – as always – a good read. Will have a look at the “Arts Party” …. tks again for your contributions.


    Kate A – re “The more outrageous and/or disgusting you are, the more airplay your views get.”

    This is the way it’s been for a long time – since ‘reporters’ replaced true journalists. … sad to hear or read.

    Some of the reporters ( on TV news etc. ) cannot even pronounce a word or place name correctly. … Often wonder what their true standard of education really is – and have to bet the University study of journalism ain’t on ‘reporters’ CVs anywhere at all.

    The old mantra “if it bleeds, it leads” is well and truly to the fore these days – and sensationalism !! … “wow – let’s go for that, pronto “. …. Plenty of sensational garbage ( a la Trump ) around these days , and the media buys into it – which is exactly what the current PotUS wants. .. They play right into his hands – perfectly.


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