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  1. Bronte ALLAN

    SACK TONY ABBOTT–STOP THE WORK-CHOICES–STOP DATA RETENTION–STOP WELFARE CUTBACKS–REINSTATE GILLIAN TRIGGS, & so on! This lying inept bloody Liberal mob should all be sacked! At least those of Abbots cronies in the cabinet anyway! Install Turnbull as PM, ensure he picks a good percentage of “intelligent” people, especially females, & maybe, just maybe, this great country of ours might just start to go forward, without all the negativity, lies, about turns, etc, “pollie speak” of this present mob!

  2. Roswell

    Let’s face it. Things don’t look too good.

  3. gangey1959

    As more of us lose our jobs, our homes, our freedoms, and lately our very country itself, the Government, and dare I say both sides, uses more and more threatening and forceful language and legislation to frighten us into submission and acceptance of our lot. I gather from talking to fellow sufferers, at Centerlink and at various other Social Assistance organisations, and at my (joke joke) DES organisation, as a collective we are fast reaching the point of not giving a damn. Not about the rules anyway.
    Mr abbott, disgusting, disgraceful example of humankind that he is, will not be Prime Minister when the social shit hits the fan. Nor will his cronies be his Ministers. But they will be the ones tho whom the finger of guilt should be pointed, when those of us who have been left with nothing but our pride stand up and fight back. It won’t be clean. It won’t be polite. It will be sudden, violent, and probably totally out of control.It certainly won’t be anything Australia can be proud of. But it will happen.
    Unless someone with someone with some guts stands up and says enough is enough.
    Before WE do.

  4. Blanik

    No, they don’t look very good at all, thanks to the 41%’s

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  6. Kyran

    On RN this morning, two newspapers have, apparently, identified the nut job doing beheadings for the group of nut jobs. He is English and was known to the security agencies in England before travelling to the Middle East. I am unaware of any ‘security agencies’ that state, with any specific detail, how many acts of terrorism they have prevented.
    Morrison defends the defunding of various agencies by saying “we will still listen to you”. The NSW government recently announced they would be merging the ‘homeless’ centres with the ‘women’s refuge’s’. The Prime Miniature for women was clearly not on Q&A, assuming he’s still on planet Earth!
    As for the refugee’s, international requests are coming in for us to increase the humanitarian intake by at least 10,000.
    Metadata (at significant cost that no one seems to know who is paying) is like its predecessor, the camera. Governments around the world installed thousands after 9/11. It took them more than five years to work out it doesn’t prevent anything, it just might help you identify the perpetrator. My faith in government isn’t eroded, it’s positively calcified. Thank you for the article, Mr Marsh. Take care

  7. paul walter

    After watching the various sunrise shows on teev this morning, I despaired of the chances of Áustrakians ever being able to see through the web of lies peddled by conservative meeja and politicians.

    The next test is NSW, and I think the tories have made it their choice of battleground, hold NSW and simultaneously use coverage of the NSW election to keep serious issues out of the public’s mind.

  8. eli nes

    why don’t the boys simply get rid of names and use numbers 1 to 365 with H inserts. Work places could use fifo tactics 10 on 4 off in any permutation ie 12121214 or 10 straight and ‘easter’ off and any combination of the permutations. What about 2 16 hours days and 8 3 hour days
    ps paul i caught that twit andrew saying ‘we in the media are to blame there is no point in our speculation’ to the rapture of the women on the show. Funny no corporate memory about touting abbutt’s leadership message against gillard, day after day for 3 years?? Plus giving the lemon a platform every friday just before the polls?? It does not auger well for the election because voters seem fixed to follow TV twits and just following orders editors.

  9. paul walter

    Oh yes, eli nes, I loathe them. Female or male, I loath them..

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