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Are You Feeling Lucky, Malcolm?

My question is directed to the Prime Minister. Your treasurer has just brought down your 2018/19 budget laced with tax cuts to woo the low paid. Some of it will be delivered in a year’s time when everyone files their tax return. The rest over the next seven years.

You have your party’s future in mind and, dare we suggest, your own with this budget. You have been telling everyone that the next general election will be held a year from now, while quietly contemplating the likelihood of going early, perhaps September or October this year.

Suddenly though, there’s a new issue on the horizon, courtesy of the High Court. It comes in the form of five bi-elections. What are you to do? Should you go ahead with the five bi-elections knowing secretly, that those same seats will/might/could be recontested in as little as three months?

If you were to lose all five, which is probable, how would that play with your colleagues and their view of your leadership? What if your support group panics and decides to tap you on the shoulder in the interests of their own self-preservation?

Which would you rather: face them on a cold, dark Canberra night, or place yourself at the mercy of the people? Is it possible those tax cuts, as pitiful as they are, could swing enough voters in marginal seats?

Watching some of the post budget interviews given by Scott Morrison as he began his big sell, one could be forgiven for thinking he really believes all the rhetoric he espouses.

His/your budget has revealed a seductive set of numbers that might fool the person in the street, although, when one compares your generosity with that of Bill Shorten’s, you could be found wanting. You also know that it’s all based on some pretty ambitious forecasts.

Except for a flush of extra cash generated by new tax-paying migrants, the numbers would have painted a very different picture. But, as usual, the party’s conservative ideology continues to reign supreme: Give the biggest share to the wealthiest. Your party does it every time.

How long will it take for the electorate to realise they have been duped….again?

Then, there’s that looming re-distribution. Could you call a general election before that wretchedly unfair re-adjustment of the boundaries is finalised? Once that goes, you know you’re stuffed.

What are you to do? Might it be, that the best course of action, is to call a general election now, rather than proceed with the five bi-elections? It will certainly save a lot of money, not to mention the embarrassment of losing all five.

We know the people don’t like early elections, but this is different. It’s all Labor’s fault when you think about it, Bill Shorten has a bit of egg on his face after boasting that no Labor member was holding dual citizenship. Can you exploit that?

Surely your spin doctors can come up with something to explain why going early this time, has been unfairly thrust upon you and calling a general election, rather than five bi-elections, will save the tax payer millions of dollars?

But the polls, those wretched polls. People believe them. People are influenced by them. What are you to do? Perhaps you would prefer the verdict of the people rather than the party room. Gallant in defeat, something like that? History might be kinder to you, if not your party.

Perhaps you can muster all your charisma, your preferred popularity and go head to head with the guy that ripped all the goodness out of your budget in his reply speech. Let’s face it, no one else in your party could.




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  1. Andrew Smith

    Never underestimate the ability of the electorate to vote against its own interests.

  2. Florence Howarth

    Could it be, that Morrison, having no real understanding of economics has himself been duped? Morrison at Avalon airport making another announcement, which they hope to be matched by the state. Another thought fart. He actually looks sick, bored. Investing 20 billion with no consultation with those he needs support.

  3. eefteeuu

    Bill Shorten and Labor are copping it from both the media , (especially the ABC journos) and Turnbull concerning the three ALP members forced to resign because of their dual citizenship, with Turnbull saying they should have resigned earlier as they were sitting in parliament illegally.

    What hypocrisy, especially from Turnbull, when the President of the Senate, Parry not only knew he was a dual citizen the whole time he was in parliament, he actually discussed the problem with some of his cabinet ministers who obviously did nothing while waiting and hoping the High court would rule in other dual citizenship cases favourably for them.

    In defending themselves, I have not heard the ALP mentioned Parry at all, rather they use the defence of relying on the legal advice they were given.

  4. Ricardo29

    Given the alleged state of the polls, I have to agree with Andrew Smith. How can the electors be so dumb that they can’t see the paucity of respect for Australia and its people in MotorMouth’s budget. Being OS I have had to rely on the AINM, New Daily, Guardian and a few other sources for my budget info, oh and of course Labor, but it seems to me to be pretty fatalistic on MoMo’s part, very ho hum, as if he knows the big tax cuts for business and the never-never tax cuts for the wealthy won’t get through the Senate. I wonder if he thinks making Australia a major weapons seller, or slugging the ABC are vote winners? I see resignation about an election loss in this budget and can’t see the Labor Party’s execution by a narrow-focussed, black and white High Court being much of a help. I reckon voters will punish the LNP for bringing the High Court into this. Anyway, put the LNP last

  5. Pierre Wilkinson

    I believe that this pathetic bunch of baboons are more than capable of thinking that their bombast is real and that the general population will support them as better economic managers despite the polls and common sense saying otherwise. Sad.

  6. diannaart

    For poor ‘beleaguered’ Malcolm, I believe John’s suggestion of going early, very early before the impending 5 bi-elections – someone just might wake up to the fact that the LNP has its own contingent of “OOPS, am I a dual-citizen?”. We hear little of this from the MSM but even Labor might gain some traction by shouting loudly, “pot and kettle!”.

    If I was Malcolm, I would go early, ASAP, before any more shit happens. However, I believe I have a back-bone, not a characteristic ever displayed by Truffles.

    If we want to determine the date of the Federal Election, maybe we should pay attention to what Mal’s big business buddies want.

  7. Matters Not

    I too entertain the thought that Turnbull could go early. The by-elections and Shorten’s guarantees are not a good look. Perhaps it depends on Dutton’s ability to manufacture a Tampa like crisis that completely sets a new, more favourable battleground.

  8. diannaart

    Matters Not

    Dutton could well play a significant part- nothing like fear and hatred to keep neo-cons in power …

  9. Matters Not

    diannaart re:

    Dutton could well play a

    What’s with the could? (LOL) He will play a significant role.

    Look at his history and his rise in the L/NP. He wants to be leader of the troop. The monkey pod meetings are all part of the putsch. Dutton has all the cunning and his activist (but very well read) secretary, Mike Pezzullo supplies the brains.

    Governments in Australia are supposed to be characterised by the Separation of Powers – a separation of executive, legislative and judicial powers and functions. Already the lines between the executive and legislative functions are hopelessly blurred and now Dutton and Pezzullo are moving to castrate the judicial arm. Brandis, with all his failings, was a strong supporter re the independence of the judiciary. Now he’s gone their task is easier.

    Notice in the recent Budget, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has suffered a big cut in their allocation. As did the HRC. Dutton doesn’t want anyone looking over his shoulder. He can’t abolish the AAT or HRC but he can (and did) hamstring them financially. For him it was a very good victory.

    Can’t see Dutton displacing Turnbull at this point – but then again I never believed that the Libs would choose Abbott as leader. When the election looms and the L/NP backbench thinks only of their political survival, then it becomes a completely new ball game. They just might turn to Dutton to save the political furniture.

  10. diannaart

    Matters Not

    Just chill, OK?

    If the LNP wins the next election, then Dutton will, likely, further entrench himself into power – whether as PM or to further consolidate his web.

    I was going to say “consolidate his web in the background” – but I do get that Dutton likes the spotlight, so maybe less behind the scenes and more “looka me”.

    Anyway, hasn’t happened and may not happen.

  11. Paul

    Gotta go early in MHO.

    The Black Shirts should be working right now on the biggest scariest most horrifying catastrophe that will convince the terrified peons to beg their betters to rescue them from the dark satanic forces of evil personified by Shorten and his visigoths.

    Also so annoyed at ‘my’ ABC giving every government minister a free spin cycle totally unchallenged no matter how fatuous they sound.

  12. Glenn Barry

    Paul, agree completely – the ABC letting LNP’ers free reign has got to stop, however Morrison’s two recent appearances – 7:30 post budget and this morning on Insiders, were both atrocious.
    I’m sure he saw them as a win, but no reasonable person, and I mean no-one would see his version of a win as a victory

  13. binny9

    Dutton and Turnbull were out at Melbourne Airport today announcing they’re going to introduce a bill that will give them the power to demand IDs from anyone in the airport! This is a dog whistling grab for more control. How much further down the fascist road are we going to go before we wake up?

  14. Daniela

    Neither Labor or LNP are good at managing the country as there is very little difference between the 2. Stop iimigration cold turkey. Stop giving away our money to foreign aid and start building social housing. Bring back manufacturing. Stop hindering farmers with idiotic vegetation laws.Rise all pensions including newstart since it’s the government fault that creates unemployment. I would not vote for Labor or LNP if I had a gun to my head ! Both are greedy low lives interested only on how much can they make before they retire,

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