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Anthony John Abbott. The End.

Saturday 1 June 2019

The first post l ever wrote for The AIMN; Tony Abbott in the Lodge: Never remains my most read. I have lost count of the articles I have written since about him. That being said it would be remiss of me if l didn’t comment on his departure from politics.

He was the classic negative politician. There was nothing he saw through the prism of life that wasn’t so. He believed that policies weren’t necessary, that just being in power was all the Coalition needed.

He need only look into a mirror to see the one responsible for his own demise. When talking about parliamentary liars Tony Abbott held the distinction of being the best.

In fact, he was, in my view, the greatest liar ever to have felt the plushness under his feet of the green carpet in the House of Representatives. It came just so naturally to him.

Tony Abbott suffered foot in mouth disease like no other politician, but never showed a hint of remorse. He was nothing more than a grubby individual who was at home in the politics of taking things down, never building them up.

We can but thank the good people of Warringah for bringing about the demise of Tony Abbott. To his lasting credit losing his seat will be the final act of his career. That he achieved a consensus for his departure may be the only thing he ever achieved agreement on.

The only mourning of his departure will come from the extremities of his own party; the ones who supported his cloak and dagger politics.

He never transitioned from gutter style opposition leader to prime minister. It was simply a bridge too far. People of my ilk, on the one hand, would say good riddance to his love for the past but on the other yearn for a stay of execution so that I might further denounce his primitive politics.

The revolving door of politics of the past decade has ended. Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull – all of whom had brilliant minds and in different times might have served us well. Abbott was different in so much as he was only of mediocre intellect.

His area of expertise was in hostilities, grudges and revenge. The back door manipulations that some politicians thrive on.

Typically, even defiantly, he said that he would “rather be a loser than a quitter.” Did he consider the other option of a gentle retirement to allow another person to stand for his seat? No, he was never a team man. He was also known as a supreme leader of cabinet secrets.

His departure will not only see the end of a first class liar but also a first-class Luddite who not only wanted to destroy the internet, but also the renewable energy industry. He was a man of the past who never realised that it had passed him by.

He knew all along, as admitted by his chief of staff Peta Credlin, that the science of climate change was true, but he preferred to make it a political issue to suit his own political purposes.

In doing so he put Australia through a decade of climate wars that continue as I type. Eventually, the good people of Warringah saw through his “climate change is crap” arguments, and duly noted his denials as just that.

He speaks continuously of his legacy but it is nowhere to be found unless it is under his 2014 budget considered the most unfair of all time. Or his decision to vote against his electorate’s view of marriage equality.

“What legacy?”, you ask. He was a pathetic prime minister. His claims to have stopped the boats and ending the tax on carbon remain questionable, but both were negative and not in the best interests of the Australian people. He later admitted that he should have adopted Gillard’s Malaysia Solution.

His only claim to having an idea of sorts was a paid parental leave scheme that in the end, he had to concede was unaffordable. He did award a Knighthood to Prince Philip, but that was an even worse idea.

What he was good at was just being a nasty bastard who would fight from the sewer whether it was necessary or not. He enjoyed it and it didn’t matter if it were his own side.

He displayed a destructive inclination for power over people, and women in particular.

He subjected Julia Gillard to the most contemptible and at times depraved attacks that in a political sense were unnecessary, if just gaining office was the only objective. All he achieved was to set back the political aspirations of women for generations.

Tony Abbott if nothing else will be remembered for being a very colourful character. He was aggressive both physically and in the use of language. His negativity is legendary and he has little consideration for any ideas other than his own which are sparse. He says “No” to his opponent’s policies regardless of their worthiness. He is by evidence and his own admission a liar of some regularity. Added to that he has a political gutter mentality and little respect for the institution of parliament, its conventions, and our democracy.

As an opposition leader and then prime minister he was bereft of any character at all. He has been described as the Mad Monk and many other things but essentially, he is a repugnant gutter politician of the worst kind.

In following the American Republican Party’s example, his shock and awe tactics associated with perpetual crisis did nothing but degenerate the standard of Australian politics and the Parliament generally.

In the public eye, he was most effective in attack dog mode. However, he was found wanting when he needed to defend himself and simply reverted to stuttering hesitation and lies, or just walking out on press conferences when he stumbled over tough questions.

This was particularly noticeable when he tried to explain the complexity of policy detail.

Thank goodness he is now gone from where our democracy sits to decide the outcomes of debates, discourse, ideas and important decisions on our country’s future. It will be better off without the voice and presence of Anthony John Abbott.

“As he spoke, truth came from the beginning of a smile or was it just a sneer of deception” (John Lord).

My thought for the day

Power is a malevolent possession when you are prepared to forgo your principles and your country’s well-being for the sake of it.

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  1. Baby Jewels

    We also have Warringah to thank for bringing us Tony Abbott for 15 years. What on earth is wrong with those people?

  2. Wat Tyler

    Tony Abbott is just a sociopath. And in the Coalition, during his leadership, he was merely the first among equals.
    His equals remain. And, as Baby Jewel hints, the ‘good people’ of Warringah knew full well what a twat they were sending to Canberra to represent THEM, remember. His presence in our parliament says more about the average better-than- well-heeled Australian than we should be comfortable with.
    But then, the less-than-well-heeled Australian are happy with Joyce, Dutton, Christensen…

  3. Arthur Tarry

    Will he make a comeback next election?

  4. Geoff Andrews

    I agree with Arthur. It’s too early to say “Vale, Tony Abbott. Thanks for the laughs; now piss off.”

  5. Geoff Andrews

    “……. and don’t come back”

  6. Ken

    Good we dont have to put up with the mad monk anymore

  7. Phil Pryor

    Abbott was a mediaeval misfit, drenched in perverted and corrupted attitudes to catholic tradition, mostly self delusion and swollen ego. Today, bad religious attitude, used as a political tool, is the clear enemy of democracy and modern society. What have these in common..? Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Horthy, Pilsudski, the Ustasha, the fascist collaborators in occupied France and Belgium, Pinochet, Peron, Bolsonaro, hordes of petty dictators in South and Central America, Abbott, Turnbull. Joyce, Abetz, Andrews, Pyne, even Cosgrove. Romanist upbringing, with ratbag supremacist and righteous aggression… the pentecostal idiots are worse. Ask them all to produce an atom, molecule, signature, fingerprint, photo, declaration, affidavit, voice print, anything, of a supreme being from Mecca, Rome, Delhi, Beijing, Wall St., Canterbury, Jerusalem, anywhere at all and they cannot prove the existence of a sky being to justify their ratbag raving and grab for power. To get rid of Abbott, the rotten rep of the complacent, lazy, careless and prosperous self satisfied Warringah area is a good start, but so much more needs doing, to clean up and clean out social awareness and plan a better future.

  8. wam

    The man is so indoctrinated that he believes he is opus dei and CANNOT lie.

    He, like pragmatists, who, to my meagre understanding, can lie, cheat, destroy, to reach their goal. The rabbott is not only a pragmatist but amoral and driven by his religious beliefs.

    “In doing so he put Australia through a decade of climate wars that continue as I type”
    What principle allows you and this site to suppress naming the party that supported the rabbott in Dec 2009? The pragmatic greens gave support in nov 2013 to allow the rabbott to double the debt.

    Abbott was different in so much as he was only of mediocre intellect.
    ‘Abbott attended the University of Sydney, where he earned a B.A. in economics (1979) and a law degree (1981). While there he served as president of the student government and frequently wrote about conservative political causes for local and national publications. He next studied at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, earning an M.A. in politics and philosophy’ Britannica.
    Oops, lord, he is a long way right of us on the bell curve of ‘intellect?

    I cannot think of anytime this century when Tony Abbott was not the rabbott to me. He typifies the religious amoral drone unable to reason beyond his upbringing, unwilling to consider anything beyond his religious jesuit teaching so heavily reinforced by santa maria. A man, ignorant of the now, scared of women and frightened by the future who will undoubtably be given a job on sky to peddle his bile.
    I loved curtain who was a gaolbird but I loathe the rabbott and menzies both liars who should have been.
    ps Lord,
    Do you believe dinatale and brown selected the timing of the caravan, with people who were considered ‘loonies’ by many queenslanders, was a pragmatic decision?

  9. Lawriejay

    My recollection was the incident where Julia Gillard and Tony were at some restauant in Canberra and a mob descended from a protest gathering somewhere closeby. resulting in both Julia and Anthony being escorted by security back to their respective cars. Julia was very roughly handled, head down almost to the grount and Anthony upright and boldly displaying his tough guy image.

    Now to the thing that sticks in my memory was Julia calling out as she was manhandled head down by the scruff of the neck – “Are you OK Tony are you OK” – nothing from from ANTHONY just that *smirking winking lip licking tongue flicking , head bobbing simiian gaited psycho thug NOTHING.

    *(courtesy Hotspringer)

  10. David Evans

    Bastard should have his pension etc ‘docked’ until he repays Australia for his NBN stuff-up, the “Carbon Tax”, and every single household in Australia the $550 he still owes them. He, hunt, and turnbull should be held personally responsible for catastrophe that befell Australian politics over the last six years. At least should be sharing a cell with his ‘chum’ pell.

  11. whatever

    Abbott pioneered the BratPack political-takeover method at Sydney Uni Student Council.
    It is the same mentality driving Scotty and his crew, rort your way to electoral victory then trash the joint.

  12. Mikeoz

    He might be gone, but we are paying $6000 a week for the joy!

  13. Matters Not

    Tis a great pity he’s gone – along with fellow fifth columnists Arthur Sinodinos and Mitch Fifield. Labor will be in deep mourning as will all the journalists who were beneficiaries of Tony’s leaking and backgrounding. Vale Tony Abbott. Taken far too early. And in the hour of our greatest need. So many greater depths to be explored

    Who now will be a thorn in Morrison’s side? No-one in sight. Not a ripple on his political pond. Not even a zephyr to make the slightest wave. Now glass-like. Morrison’s still leads a charmed life.

    Perhaps Tony will resurrect? He believes in such things. One can only hope there will be a new beginning and he will come back bigger and better than ever.

  14. Aortic

    Come on John, I thought his empathy for the people of Canadia displayed his often overlooked softer side. Besides I think he was only coal fired so he and his friends Andrews and Abetz had somewhere to cycle past. I also understand Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in particular still lose sleep over the fact that Tony complained to them about being unable to get all his far reaching policies through because of a recalcitrant Senate. His ” shit happens” sympathetic remark for the casualties of war was another example of the mans caring attitude. ” look ummm Aaahh” I think that’s all I have to say but wishing you well John and thanks always for your contribution and those of your colleagues to a balanced and incisive view on our journey through this life.

  15. Andrew Smith

    Abbott, and others (including media), have been useful by getting the LNP into power and passing legislation for their corporate constituents, by fear campaigns and negativity, the strongest motivators.

    Of course, the constant from Howard onwards, in addition to NewsCorp and the IPA, has been Crosby Textor (CTI in UK), schooled and influenced by Republicans and southern strategy (especially applicable to QLD).

    However, their successes in the UK are now limited (Tories wiped out in EU elections), and think currently helping Boris Johnson leadership bid (link gives potted history ) but Private Eye has been highly critical of CTI claimed that the Tories are not sure their interests are being well served.

    The cynic in me suggests that their political clients should be a little sceptical as to whether their interests are being served in the medium long term by the support for poisonous individuals and groups, with loyalty only to themselves and manipulative outside party interests?

    Peter Dutton to become the new Abbott?

  16. Kaye Lee


    Queensland Senator James McGrath also had links to Boris Johnson.

    McGrath eventually ended up director of political strategy for Boris Johnson in his successful bid in 2008 to become mayor of London.

    Following the election on May 1, McGrath became Johnson’s chief political advisor in office, but it was less than two months before he was sacked.

    Johnson had an uneasy relationship with the city’s black community having, as a journalist, previously described black Londoners as “picanninies” and “Africans and their watermelon smiles”.

    When, in an interview, it was suggested to McGrath that some black Britons might leave the country if Mr Johnson became mayor, he responded: “Let them go if they don’t like it here.”

    McGrath was sacked soon after the matter became public.

    Mr Johnson said in a statement that if Mr McGrath had stayed, his comments would have provided “ammunition” for critics of his mayoralty.

    The Brits would do well to remember.

  17. Patricia

    “When talking about parliamentary liars Tony Abbott held the distinction of being the best.”

    I think that the Liar from the Shire will have a good chance of being up there with Abbott in lies and dirty tricks. For sheer negativity though Abbott takes the gong.

    Morrison’s whole political career is based on lies and dirty deeds. Had he not spread unfounded rumours about his opponent candidate in 2007 he would not have made it into politics and we would not be where we are now.

    We should not underestimate the effect that the lies that Morrison spews out just because he does it in a less combative manner, they are just as damaging to the democracy that we are supposed to be. He is just as divisive and just as nasty.

  18. TwainandHume

    Phil Pryor … Hear, hear!

  19. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. John Lord, you are being too kind to describe Toxic RAbbott in the glowing terms you have used..

  20. Lawrence S. Roberts

    Who says he’s gone? He will be saddle sore quite soon and bored with his $6,000 (six thousand!) a week.
    may well pop up in the Senate if Labor gets out of hand.

  21. Andrew Smith

    KL Interesting, the modus operandi seems to transcend parties but how to empower and use individual MPs and/or minor parties from the outside to promote legislation, and block legislation (if needed).

    All parties become beholden to funders, promoters and manipulation, well grounded across sectors and policy areas.

    Crosby’s bio resonates with latter, being a professional in this area of politics (Private Eye may disagree on the competency re. UK):

  22. RosemaryJ36

    Unfortunately his legacy of damage to politics and policy will last too long for comfort.
    I am in my 80s but I think I am more progressive than my ‘children’ – now all in their 50s – and, sadly, having been readers of the Australian!
    I have time to read and research and, having had a good education, am horrified at the standards accepted by a majority of the population.
    I am even more horrified at the hypocrisy of the many who confess to be Christian, yet behave as if they have never heard any of the directions for living a righteous life accredited to their claimed saviour!
    Even more worrying is the extent to which some of the more evangelical community selectively ignore the science that is in conflict with the Old Testament teachings to which they cling.
    I am sure the early prophets would have condoned stoning to death any of their contemporaries who talked about flying round the world, landing on the moon, keeping food cold for weeks, routinely bringing people back from death’s door and generally propounding the scientific discoveries of recent times.
    Yet because, 2,000 + years ago, homosexuals were seen as not ‘normal’, the modern evangelicals refuse to accept that we now know that sexuality is not a matter of choice. Apart from paedophilia, which involves damaging the young and is rightly abhorred, all other sexual preferences, determined before birth, are now accepted as part of the rainbow range.
    The thought that we have a Prime Minister who sees the need for laws enshrining religious freedom – already guaranteed in our Constitution – and ignores the fact that Australia is a secular country which allows all to practice, or not, any religion they choose, disgusts me! There is no place in secular schools for chaplains but there is an appalling shortage of properly trained counsellors.
    Religious schools should not be funded by the state, unless they follow a curriculum which accepts modern scientific knowledge.
    People might be less ready to accept an openly proselytising PM if they had had a good knowledge of Comparative Religion – which I suggest should be a compulsory subject in all schools!
    The worst legacy from Abbott’s abominable career has been the encouragement of the climate change deniers. We have a climate emergency and re-electing the Coalition makes it even more likely that the current rate of global warming will increase.
    In fact our PM and his evangelical cohort are likely to be among those (including the infamous Donald Trump) who share responsibility for creating a hell on earth!

  23. Florence Howarth

    Abbott’s main claim to frame is that he prevent albeit with help of the Greens Labor putting any asylum seeker leglislation in place for nearly two terms.

    He destroyed any chance of this country having state of the art NBN for decades.

    Champion ludrite when it comes to the energy needs of this country. CEF is the future regardless of beliefs about man made climate change. The market is demagnding the move from fossil fuels.

  24. Aline jordan

    Tony Abbott had the blessing of John Howard.. so venerated by a majority of the population! And he was voted in with a healthy majority. His brand of aggression is obviously well accepted among a lot of people. I’m always amazed how well fearmongering on the lnp’s side works for them but if labor do it it’s vastly decried as being dirty politics. Tony abbott is responsible also for the loss of very good people on labor’s side who didn’t have the stomach for his constant onslaught of insults. A great pity this man had to be in the political arena for so many years.. we will take a long long time to recover from his legacy of horrors😡

  25. Cool Pete

    The most preposterous description of Botty I have seen was from an individual who had a picture of themselves with him on twitter, who labelled him, get ready to laugh, “an honest gentleman”. Botty is neither honest, nor a gentleman. To say that he is colourful is being overly generous, for he lacks as colour in the same way as he lacks credibility. Botty failed to understand that being Leader of the Opposition is about leading the party that is not in government, not about attacking or scrutinising (if saying No is scrutinising, it is lowbrow) the government yet still not being able to formulate intelligent policy. His cowardice on same-sex marriage was explained by a fool who said that he had nowhere else to go. Well, yes, he did. As much as I loathe Dutton, the one minor thing he did that deserves a little credit was saying that he personally would vote no to Same-Sex Marriage, but if his electorate voted Yes, then he would in Parliament. One of the things that Botty lacked was the ability to wear two hats and say, “I don’t agree with this, personally, but if it won’t affect my life, I can and should allow it.” Furthermore, his sister, who is just as bad as he is, claimed that he would be a Prime Minister for those who didn’t vote for him. Now, I have read accounts of British, more so than Americans, who have expressed grudging admiration for Japanese fighters (not guards in POW Camps) and their tenacity in fighting to the last soldier, but governing in peace time, for those who did not vote for you is not achieved by pushing an unpopular agenda. I have heard Liberal politicians label Penny Wong a tough negotiator, but that is not the same as governing for those who didn’t vote for you. Governing for those who didn’t vote for you means not cutting back to the bone the services they cherish. The only thing that Botty is best remembered for is being an obstructionist (and an illogical one) and, as Paul Keating said, “An Intellectual Nobody”. Some fool once said to me, “Oh, but you couldn’t bear to have an intellectual in The Lodge, you’d rather an old union hack.” Well, as an intellectual, myself, I regard that as preposterous, and they showed how dumb they were by labelling an anti-intellectual an intellectual. Botty is proof that a Rhodes Scholarship means little in his case.

  26. Kaye Lee

    I studied economics with Abbott at Sydney Uni and my husband played rugby against him. Our social circles mixed. How he got a Rhodes Scholarship still flabbergasts me. As David Marr wrote….

    The award to Abbott came as a surprise, particularly to those who had seen him up close on the SRC. One jibe at the time was, ‘second-grade footballer, third-rate academic and fourth-class politician.’,

  27. David Bruce

    Like all good jesuits, Tony always kept his fingers crossed behind his back when he spoke. Fortunately, what he suffers from is not contagious, so there is no need for vaccinations. Now I am wondering what happened to him as he was being groomed as a Rhodes Scholar?

  28. Josephus

    Good comments, but Rosemary homosexuality was common and accepted among the Greeks over two millennia ago. Normalised by a tendency to see women as mere breeders, friendship was mainly for men. Later, the brave Hypatia was hounded by the Christians, as were homosexuals.
    Abbott the Catholic must hate his sister…I know not all Catholics think this way today. One must retain congregations.

  29. Jill Davis

    While I agree with all of these comments about Tony Abbott’s negative impact on the institutions of democracy in our country and on the people of Australia, I find it hard to overlook his predecessor, John Howard, who first set the low bar for honesty by politicians. He changed the nature of our political discourse forever. He lied to and deceived the very people who had the most to lose by his turning Australia into a “country of shareholders” and by by deviously using dog-whistle tactics and pretending to advocate for ordinary Australians in his relaxed and comfortable guise. Who can forget the “Black armband” view of history? No GST, ever! “I am sceptical about a lot of the more gloomy predictions” about climate change. His early action on gun control was admirable and deserving of praise. But sadly a one-off. Tony Abbott as Opposition Leader and as PM and since has followed this pathway.

  30. Egalitarian

    Kaye, In the end it doesn’t say much for the Rhodes Scholarship. And it is too early to write him off just yet.

  31. corvus boreus

    Anthony Abbott; the non-indigenous minister for Indigenous Affairs who claimed that Australia was ‘unsettled’ before whitey got here, and the male minister for Women who claimed that a ‘woman’s ultimate right to deny sex…needs to be moderated’.
    Sad thing is, although this tapeworm has now been flushed from the body politic, it will long continue to parasitise the public purse,

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