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Another Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Dear Tony Abbott

I’m writing to you again with the knowledge that you clearly haven’t read my previous correspondence, including this letter, this letter and this video. Since I wrote those letters, you have gone from my worst nightmare as an Opposition Leader, to an even worse nightmare of a Prime Minister. Yet, as I was reminded this week on Twitter, and as I would like to remind anyone who reads this letter, you aren’t a scary monster. Thinking of you as some scary creature underneath the bed is probably not very helpful because it gives you a status you don’t deserve (and I don’t like the idea of you being anywhere near my bed). But seriously Tony, to be scary and feared, you need to be successful. But when you look at your term as Prime Minister so far, it would be inaccurate to suggest you’ve been successful because you clearly have not. A bit like when you interrupted Parliament to say that wreckage from Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had been found, when it hadn’t. And a bit like when you pretended not to notice 100,000 Australians protesting across the country against you and your government. You just end up looking like a bit of a loser Tony. A pathetic, desperate, not-very-quick-on-his-feet, not very charismatic, not very articulate loser. And that’s why you’re not a monster. Because monsters aren’t desperate losers. So you don’t qualify.

Let’s look at another example of your desperate mode of government, which leaves you and your colleagues exposed as weak. Joe Hockey has clearly embraced the role of yelling-strict-father-star-of-all-conservative-wet-dreams-dictator in his recent reasoning for why huge cuts need to be made to government spending. Apart from the fact that it seems counterproductive for your government to be attacking a segment of the community which you have come to rely on for votes – pensioners – by telling them that they need to get over their sense of entitlement that the pension will support them into retirement, it also seems incredibly hypocritical for you to go after the sense of entitlement of people who have paid tax their whole lives, whilst also giving rich people up to $75,000 for six months of maternity leave. Apologies for the length of the last sentence Tony, but there was no more simple way to explain it. The whole small government versus big government thing you rely on goes up in smoke through this hypocrisy and leaves you looking like an opportunistic, vote-grabbing bastard. Particularly because you said you wouldn’t be cutting pensions, numerous times. So that would make you a liar, would it not?

But that’s not all Tony. You and Joe Hockey keep banging on about spending cuts, whilst completely ignoring revenue issues. Might this be because part of the revenue problem is that Australia hasn’t reaped the benefits we should have from the mining boom? And isn’t the mining tax part of Labor’s solution to fix this mistake? But while you and Joe say over and over again that the government has run out of money and that pensioners are costing too much, wasn’t part of the reason the previous Labor government implemented the mining tax because they wanted to increase the superannuation savings of Australians from 9% – 12%? Wouldn’t that have reduced the reliance of Australians on the pensions when they retire?

Speaking of your ‘run out of money’ line, surely even you can see what a bad look it is to announce that you’re spending $12 billion on Joint Strike Fighter jets in the very same week that you’re preparing the electorate for your ‘it’s time to tighten our belts’ budget. I know you’re disappointed at the criticism you’ve got over this decision, after making it very clear how pro-defence spending you were in the election and after the previous Labor government also supported this project. However, the difference between your government and the Labor government is that Labor didn’t whip up a fear campaign about a budget deficit. Labor didn’t say the government has run out of money. Labor didn’t try to scare the electorate into thinking Australia’s debt levels were going to lead to a default and a Spain and Greece like debt crisis. You chose the austerity for everyone except for Gina Rinehart bed and now you have to lie in it. You’ve been talking about a ‘budget emergency’ to justify cutting health, education and welfare at the very same time as you’re spending thousands of lifetimes of old-aged pensions on imported planes. See what I mean about not being very smart Tony?

And let’s not forget the mess you’re making with your Direct Action Policy. First you say climate change is crap and spend years placing all your eggs in the ‘axe the carbon tax’ basket. But now you’re planning to spend tax-payer funds on a useless, wasteful program that has no guarantee of even being taken up by polluters, let alone reducing emissions. So you’re basically pissing money against a wall, for no community benefit other than a few rich polluters who will be free to rort tax payers by spending government funds to reduce emissions. When these polluters shouldn’t be polluting our atmosphere for free in the first place. This is lunacy Tony. This isn’t the work of someone to be feared. This is the work of a desperate man who has zero credibility.

I know you will never read this Tony, but I feel better just for having written it. You’re not scary. You’re pathetic. And the way you’re going, I’m not going to have to put any effort into my #OneTermTony campaign, because you’re clearly working hard enough for both of us to this end.

Yours Sincerely
Victoria Rollison

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  1. Fed up

    No not scary, just plain ridiculous. A joke, not a funny one at that, of the highest order..

  2. Stephen Tardrew

    In a nut shell Victoria: agree completely. Enough evidence to incriminate these conservative reptilian troglodytes. So much more can be said however you letter is more than enough to bury these Tories in a pile of rationality while they drown in an ocean of vacuous logic and self-contradiction.

    The lies are so blatant it is embarrassing.

    MSM where are you?

  3. Olivia Manor

    spot on Victoria!

  4. john921fraser


    I feel better for reading it.

    It reinforces my opinion that I am not alone in my disgust with the moron Abbott.

  5. Julian

    Brilliantly said. I don’t want the country destroyed but when it happens people will finally get it and this friendless, ignorant, obnoxious, brainless god botherer will be remembered for being just that. Oh and what an ugly man in every respect.

  6. Rob Fitzclarence

    Great letter to Tony. He is only a monster if we let him be one. If they succeed in their removal of Section 18c then we would be able to refer to him as Little Lord Whitworth and his team of Adults as the Nuts and Bolt Party and consider ourselves to be mature. That would make him just another silly little Imperial Nut destined for the spare parts jar on the back shelf of the halls of infamy. Sounds better than a monster to me…

  7. Joe Banks

    I still believe the solution to this mess lies with the MSM, who still seem to be keenly looking in the other direction, as if it is all not happening. When Murdoch’s journalists start developing a conscience, they may start defying the old man. Or maybe they just need to start using the half of their brains that they have not been using. Or just develop some backbone. Or whatever…
    Thanks, Victoria.

  8. Mike Wilkinson

    “As I was walking on the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today, oh how I wish he’d go away!”
    The Phantom Menace!
    I won’t be around to see what the history books have to say about the Abbott government a few decades from now, but I don’t have to be. There is no way that even the most biased historian could spin current events as anything but what they are.
    “The grown ups are in charge now” is the kind of juvenile mouthing off you’d expect from a boy in his teens trying to sound adult.
    Abbott has bought his new toys to play with, he is giving generous gifts to his mates, he is being a vindictive bully to the electorate and he has his gang of likeminded juveniles to support him if things get out of hand. No single combat for Tones… a bit of “poofter”, “hippy” and “granny” bashing with the boys is more up his alley. No risk taking there.
    He reminds me of no-one so much as King Joffrey from the Game of Thrones franchise… lets hope he meets a similar fate.
    Tyrants do not last for ever.

  9. randomrose

    You know what fascinates me? I ask around ‘Who in their right mind voted for Abbott?’ So far I haven’t met anyone who has … or at least anyone who will own up to it. If no one voted for him, how did he get there? Ugh … can’t even thing about him. Well said Victoria

  10. Don Winther

    And I feel better for reading it. Thanks for putting it so nicely Victoria, we dont want to make him feel sad.

  11. ananda1955

    Tony Abbott is a joke, but a very dangerous joke. On another political site that i comment on, A particular troll often made comment about me. The thing is, the only way he would known things about me, is if he had access to my personal centrelink records ! be careful people. maybe the next phase in abbotts agenda is sending hired goons to smash peoples kneecaps ! After all, its all happened before in nazi times.

  12. trishcorry

    I hear you Vicotria! I wrote my letter posted here cc’d to Senator’s Cash and Senator Moore. I received a response from Senator Moore after two weeks. After Larissa Water’s gave her speech on IWD2014, I forwarded her the correspondence and said it had remained unanswered since December. She said she would push to have it answered. On Friday, I have received a written response from Senator Cash telling me she was responding on behalf of the Minister for Women. The response was lengthy, but didn’t address my most pressing question to Abbott. Best of luck with your correspondence. Maybe sending it on to other politicians may help get a response, as it did me.

  13. trishcorry

    Sorry. about the spelling of your Name Victoria. Tricky fingers!

  14. Gayle Maller

    I DID NOT vote for this idiot….. How can he justify taking money from these pensioners, who in most cases have worked hard all their lives, and give it to others as ‘maternity leave’? I will never understand that…never. Abbott …we will not let you get away this!

  15. puffytmd

    Tony Abbott is a creep.

  16. Barry Wanless

    It is good to read alternative opinions. Your comment that you would not like Tony Abbott anywhere near your bed makes me wonder what your state of mind is to think of including that in an otherwise well thought out statement. I could easily argue every point that you have put forward here, and I am sure that your counter arguments would be interesting and thoughtful. But when people resort to this sort of thing, well, what’s the point. Have a nice day.

  17. Don Winther

    Rob we may need that nuts and bolts jar in Tonys shed because fairly soon we ( Australia ) wont be able to make our own. We can always import them tariff free thanks to another free trade deal but as Tony said it is time to tighten our belts so I guess importing everything is a waste of Australias money and jobs. Most of us will have to work until we are 70 now so any old nuts and bolts will be very useful to help rebuild our country after this government has total destroyed it.

  18. greg toland

    Well written Victoria , I totally agree with your Summation of this Man and his crew, But I think This site would be Spied on and reported back , Its Just the Modern way , Abbott will try and respond By trying to be a Nice Guy yet again, One term tony is the way I shall acknowledge him from now on, He treats the Populace as Idiots and now they are taking on the Grey army tut tut Not smart is it

  19. mars08

    Particularly because you said you wouldn’t be cutting pensions, numerous times. So that would make you a liar, would it not?

    I simply refuse the believe it until it happens. I find it inconceivable that tis government would risk angering the grey vote and alienating them. For years and years the LNP has been the choice of the older frightened, socially conservative crowd. Now they’re going to let that growing demographic slip through their fingers? I really don’t think the the LNP number crunchers are that stupid!

  20. Michael C Stark

    I wonder when there will be a leadership challenge in the government – there MUST be people in the back room who see the writing on the wall and want the current front bench replaced with (possibly) intelligent people? Could we then see better government?

  21. noel wardle (@noelwardle1)

    Love the way you articulate the vision Victoria, there must be a way to make sure the narcissitic nutter and his band of buffoons read your correspondence, its really getting ludicrous now, the extremely insane and bloody sneaky garbage that they expect intelligent people to believe, and while I,m at it,how did Hockey become a treasurer, WTF, the bloke seriously couldn’t even manage a chook raffle let alone a bloody country.!!

  22. Kerry

    Well said Victoria. It is totally inconceivable what this moron and his cronies are planning on doing to pensioners and the most needy in the community. These idiots will be pensioners one day too but unlike the majority of us they will be very rich ones! I don’t suppose that any of them will have to wait for age 70 though. Oh sorry it will probably be age 85 for the rest of the community by then!

  23. Teresa Woodworth

    Thank you Victoria. You always manage to articulate my thoughts (and those of, it seems, an increasing number of Australians). so perfectly. My hope is that this fool and his useless team of imbeciles are booted out of office before this once beautiful country goes completely to the wall.

  24. Ricardo29

    But where are they going to find the possibly intelligent people for a different front bench? Where do you go after turnbull?i like the idea of the MSM growing some backbone but given their capacity for self delusion I’m not holding my breath.

  25. mars08

    Any schadenfreude I feel about the mindless, incurious, distracted, LNP-voting bogans who are about to be hammered… is overshadowed by the sadness for those innocents caught in the crossfire.

  26. gay o'connor

    Someone should tell Tony that today’s pensioners were yesterday’s taxpayers – and a lot of them were taxpayers when the tax rate was higher than it is today. And that there are a lot of pensioners. And they all vote!

  27. mars08

    …to be scary and feared, you need to be successful

    Oh but Abbott IS successful and feared. His government has stopped the boats after years of bumbling by the inept Labor government. Protected our way of life, he did!!! Protected us from all those sneaky brown folks!! Hurrah!

  28. writtenword09

    Thanks for writing exactly what I think. They’re scamming and running a rort on the Australian people, not an honest bone in their bodies.

  29. Dan Rowden

    I feel better just for having written it

    Semper, et in saecula.

  30. Zaven

    You’re an idiot. Your rants are disgusting and have no merit, no factual information and bleed with the smell of left wing propagandist slander. Absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed… Those on here writing there personnel commentary in agreement with the idiotic material written should have your head examined by someone other that the socialist monsters wanting to bring this brilliant country down to it’s knees for there own personal gain. Try looking into the facts of what this conservative government is actually doing rather the BS you read in the smh and abc…

  31. Bruce the fierce

    What she said!
    The only thing I’d add is that the fighter planes also cost another $12 billion to maintain which doubles the cost. Not to mention the fact that the final costs are likely to be more. Not to mention that Canada and Denmark (who are also part of the development group) are holding off because they’re not yet convinced. Not to mention that the Russian equivalent is a better plane.
    Clearly, in Tony Abbott’s mind, Lockheed Martin have a greater “entitlement” to our tax dollars than pensioners who’ve paid tax all their life or kids seeking an education or sick people wanting health care.

  32. Anti-fascist

    Abbott and his crony’s are obviously sociopathic.
    They fit all the criteria for that and fascism.

    Paul Keating said it best, “God help us if Tony Abbott gets elected, god help us”.

  33. Amused

    And there we have it. A well thought out rebuttal by Michael.

  34. Anti-fascist

    The nutters about to spend over 12B on manned fighters that will be obselete by delivery time, to be shot down by the latest laser systems already being put to use by the US and surely their counterparts would already have developed their own systems, similarly.
    By this time, also, unmanned drones would be taking over the liability posed by manned flight which are unable to manouver, like a semi-autonomous drone, due to pilots passing out when pulling heavy g forces.

  35. Bacchus

    WOW Zaven – your deep and cogent argument has convinced me to put my evil leftist ways behind me and follow your lead towards unthinking, mindless praise of what surely must be the best government, like eva! 😯

  36. Dan Rowden

    Victoria is embarrassing. It would take a lot to show … no it actually wouldn’t………

  37. Anti-fascist

    Yes Zaven, your mates are on their way to fulfilling the nutty IPA prophecy of far right ideology, following through from Howard.
    Even Howard thinks TA is a total loon now, going a step beyond and knighting his mates.

  38. Sue Lofthouse

    Oh Zaven. If you are going to call someone an idiot, you may be well advised to avoid multiple errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation in your “personnel commentary”.

  39. writtenword09

    Oh ^^ Zaven.. Who are you? Did you just come on here to verbally abuse and slander Victoria? We’re all educated here, able to think for ourselves. We have an ocean of information from multiple sources to draw from, with the added benefit of Abbott and Co’s actions to back up our understanding of the situation. They are living in the past with an outdated model on how they believe things should work, a method that has been proven numerous times, it does not work. I recommend you think for yourself, everything Victoria has written is Truth. I see right through their scheming, manipulative plan to rip off Australia.

  40. Matt James

    Zaven, the socialist monsters are really quite cute! Come zaven, there’s nothing to be afraid of, the monsters wont hurt you… well maybe a little a first but then, freedom beyond your wildest imagination with your little red book, it will have all you need to know. Come and join us all and be jubilant knowing all the big decisions in life are being done for you by your socialist masters.

  41. Booboo

    I cannot like this enough.

  42. Roswell

    Great letter, Victoria. The man is such an embarrassment, as are those who defend him.

  43. mars08

    Bruce the fierce:

    …Canada and Denmark (who are also part of the development group) are holding off because they’re not yet convinced. Not to mention that the Russian equivalent is a better plane.

    Well, mostly it depends on a government’s real reason for buying the JSF. If the intent is to have the RAAF further integrated into (and dependent on) the US military machine… then this jet is ideal.

    For what it’s worth, I thought that the JSF as a silly choice long before the neanderthal was made king.

    BTW… Singapore is also having second thoughts. And there are questions being asked in Japan.

  44. Don S

    No doubt history will remember Sir Tony Liealot and uncle Joe for what they are.

  45. MaryAnn U

    Ministers Abbott & Morrison need to find ways of off-setting the massive investment into human misery that is Australia’s off-shore processing on Nauru and Manus Island, as well as the ongoing arbitrary detention ,of asylums seekers on our shores. It’s running into the billions and I believe this is actually the tip of the ice-berg. There are a number of related monies not even taken into account. There are much much cheaper, more efficient and more humane ways of addressing this issue, but they are really not interested in considering them. They’ve backed themselves into a locked-jaw corner from whence there is no escape. The more entrenched they become, the more entrenched they become. This is the Australian disaster of the century and will define the point in history when we became a petty dictatorship that has de-railed the justice system and duplicitously held up the Australian flag as justification for a complete lack of accountability. All in the name of demonising the most vulnerable in order to accrue more votes. And we, as a nation, have bleated.

  46. JAQ

    Ah Zaven! Just when we begin to think only intelligent people are reading and participating here, we get you. Not only does your grammar prove how those would voted for this fascist mob are less that well educated, it also underlines your lack of understanding of what constitutes a vulgar immoral plutocracy, happening now with the likes of Abbott/ Reinhart/ Murdock Inc. Mr Abbott and company are a disgrace to Australia, and if you can’t see it from your obviously myopic perspective, then try reading what is being said about this government on the world stage, because the commentary is becoming less and less complimentary.

    Thank you Victoria! I said to my husband that if Abbott was voted in, he would be the most hated PM in this country’s history. I think people are beginning to feel the same. Many people. Lets hope, we as the people can do something about it before this country goes down one huge black hole, from which we may never recover.

  47. Michael Taylor

    Reblogged this on Café Whispers.

  48. Kaye Makovec

    Pfft! Hockey is just trying to scare oldies with all this crap about cutting pensions so when they don’t do it they think we will say “phew! thank you”. We won’t 🙂
    I reckon it’s just a case of ‘wait til your father gets home’ rhetoric.
    They know there are a lot of us and although half voted them in, we can all vote them out 🙂

    Anybody else noticed a few, well a lot actually, of the Hubris Syndrome creeping into Abbott and Co?

  49. helenmarg

    Wonderful Victoria.He is a dangerous Dill.

  50. Joe Banks

    I am starting to think Australia needs a campaign to rid itself of the Murdoch influence, because if we bring down Murdoch then we automatically bring down the whole, vile Abbott government.
    Maybe a MARCH AGAINST MURDOCH campaign…

  51. lawrencewinder

    This is a very Bitchy, nasty and provocative letter. Can you please do one for John Roskam Head, “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” aka, IPA? I’m sure he or one of his loquacious staff would reply as they are the ones running this show, not, “Rabbutt-the-Hun” as there is no evidence he’s ever had an idea in his life..

  52. Crowey

    Here’s hoping that this might put another nail in his coffin.

    The continuation of the Icac NSW inquiry into Corruption next week will very interesting, particularly the Liberals fund raising methods.

    John Caputo – a Liberal party fundraiser associated with both prime minister Tony Abbott and NSW premier Mike Baird – is scheduled to appear before the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Icac) next Wednesday.

    Caputo is one of 30 witnesses provisionally scheduled to appear at hearings in the investigation dubbed Operation Spicer, Icac’s inquiry into fundraising and political donations in NSW.

    The former shire president and mayor of Warringah is an active party fundraiser and is well known to both the prime minister and the premier, sitting on the committee of the prime minister’s electorate conference in Warringah, and also Baird’s state electoral conference.

  53. lawrencewinder

    Zaven … please contact your local health service, an appointment has been made for you with the resident psychologist.

  54. joy cooper

    Totally agree with everything you have written, Victoria. Personally, I cannot believe there are any who can say, honestly, that they think Abbott & his government are doing an even halfway decent job. ALL of his ministers, including Turnbull, are doing their level best, using their portfolios, to destroy everything great about Australia. Saboteurs the lot of them.

    As an aside, the TV news we watched last night (ANZAC Day) showed a shot of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge sitting whilst Abbott was flapping his gums giving his ‘speech’. Mercifully, we were spared hearing it but what was intriguing was seeing the expressions on both their faces. William was looking gimlet eyed at Abbott with what almost seemed a look of sheer loathing on his face. His eyes were narrowed & his face was grim. Catherine was looking straight ahead with a frozen look on her face. This was a solemn occasion but these were not your normal solemn expressions. Very telling, I thought. Body language experts would have had a field day. If even his (ignored by the MSM) wife cannot bear to stand close to him what does that say.

  55. Ruth Lipscombe

    Thank goodness for writers like Victoria who bring back some commonsense and truth into the rhetoric spewing forth from the WORST Government ever.

  56. eremophila

    Hooray for speaking it as it is Victoria. The only extra thing I’d like to ask, is just who is pulling Abbott’s strings? It’s the question I’ve been asking all along, only I seem to be the lone voice in the wilderness. He’s too stupid to think up these tactics himself, which as we know, as destined to bring Australia down. Please look deep and find out who is whispering in his ear.

  57. eremophila

    Reblogged this on Eremophila's Musings and commented:
    Let me say it again – I did NOT vote for this moron Abbott!

  58. Jodi Edgerton

    I don’t normally participate in this kind of thing, but when I read this, I had to comment too. Thank you for writing that Victoria. Thank you to everyone else for their comments too. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is angry and worried about what this government is doing. I have been telling many people about these issues and I still haven’t found one that’s owned up to voting for him. I certainly didn’t. I know a number of people are very scared about what’s coming next and I know I am. I work part-time and have kids I’m raising on my own. How are they going to survive when it’s time for them to be out on their own? I am not in a position to help them now and I certainly won’t be in one in the future. I worry about them and their families when they have them. I don’t know what the answer is, but it’s not this man and his government. Thank you again Victoria, for saying what the majority are thinking themselves. Very well done.

  59. Crowey

    This letter is spreading far and wide, it is outdoing Murdoch’s Ltd News.

  60. RichardU

    And that’s without mentioning trashing the NBN which is one of the best nation building investments in lieu of our non-existent sovereign wealth fund we could have made. The opportunities for improved productivity, increased decentralisation and reduced commuting pain are known to the majority of people who support the NBN but Abbott has destroyed it and even gone back on the meagre promises made to improve the deteriorating infrastructure and deliver 25 Mbps speeds.

  61. diannaart

    Thank you Victoria.

    If I could wave a magic wand and ‘disapparate’ the entire Federal Government, I would. However, with what can I replace the Abbottoir?

    Thinking of possible alternatives…. how about a letter to Bill Shorten regarding Labor’s policies – like, for a start, does he have any?

  62. donwreford

    What with Abbotts dress up lycra, he gets paid for this performance, how many would love to be paid for being in lycra? reminds one of president Putin, who likes dressing up and being promoted as a sort of pop star, when are we to ever get wise statesmen? are we for ever now faced with these hedonistic posers that only are in it for themselves? these sort of leaders are the worst types to be governing our country, although it is now endemic that leaders throughout the world are now in control, all contributing to a human disaster.

  63. guest

    We need to keep pointing out the forked tongues of this government. The problem is that Tony himself does not read anything. His minders keep him safe from reality.

    But there is one little aside I must make. It has to do with addressing someone in writing. For example, “But seriously Tony…” There are other examples in your writing, in responses and throughout the print world.

    Why is it so hard to get it right, Victoria? Is Joy Cooper the only one here to address you correctly in writing? All it takes is a comma. Otherwise we can get absurdities, such as “Have you finished eating Mother?”

    Please think about it, Victoria.

  64. Dan Rowden


    Great letter, Victoria. The man is such an embarrassment, as are those who defend him.

    As depressing as the fact of Abbott’s electoral success was, I think it’s nevertheless a little bit heartening for the vast majority of people who do not defend him that such people are, in fact, in the vast majority. His own side don’t like him much and that’s a positive that can be exploited over time, I feel. It’s also a fact from which we can all take a small measure of comfort, even if the overall picture is pretty crappy.

    I know it’s not much, but I’ll take it.

  65. Jayell

    I don’t believe I have ever, ever hated anyone as much as I hate Tony Abbott. I don’t vote Liberal, but I certainly have never hated any of their other Leaders. And what an oxymoron that he was almost a Priest who, in theory anyway, care for the less fortunate in society.

  66. Heather

    I don’t think I could possible love you any more than I do now for this brilliant article.
    Please publish it everywhere people!

  67. Stephen Tardrew

    You know I recently joined the class of aged pensioners and we are a new breed. The old rightist fear encapsulated pensioners are on the way out and we are taking over Mr Slimy.

  68. Roswell

    Dan, I was referring (without being more specific) to the apologists like Alan Jones et al.

    I’m hoping that Jones will have the ‘sincerity’ to saddle Abbott with the ‘liar’ tag as he did so vehemently with Gillard. We’re talking about one alleged lie versus dozens.

    Wishful thinking?

  69. Dan Rowden


    Sadly, yes, I think that idea is wishful thinking. Alan Jones, “et al” are people who are, depending on how one is defining “sanity”, deeply insane. I don’t think there’s any getting around that, unfortunately. I think the only chance we have of your idea happening is if someone sneaks a copy of “Time Warp” into Abbott’s office and he unconsciously takes a little “jump to the left”.

  70. donwreford

    Abbott, who as you rightly say was called to the priesthood, one of his mates from school, told him how he was going to London as making a mega buck money deal, this changed Abbotts, direction he decided money, fame, and glory, were what was important to him, as said, many called few chosen.

  71. joy cooper

    @Dan Rowden, if the ability to connect, absolutely, with reality denotes sanity, then you are 100% correct. Abbott’s barrackers & supporter fail that test totally & are, indeed, insane.

  72. joy cooper


  73. Dan Rowden


    @Dan Rowden, if the ability to connect, absolutely, with reality denotes sanity, then you are 100% correct. Abbott’s barrackers & supporter fail that test totally & are, indeed, insane.

    That definition of sanity works pretty well for me. Sadly it makes most people insane, by matters of degree, but Abbott supporters especially and disconcertingly so.

  74. joy cooper

    Dan, correct yet again.

    The inability to think or talk, rationally, & use any form of cogent argument in putting forth their ‘ideas’, is indicative of there being an element of dodgy groupthink & insanity in much of the RW ranks.

  75. geoffreyengland

    There appears now, to be no chance they will win the next election. That’s my floating straw to which I constantly cling.
    A lot of voters thought that the last government were a joke. I would imagine a lot of them are now not laughing one bit as they see their PM and Treasurer spit in their faces

  76. Bob McArthur

    Poor old Tony,
    The Labour party have left a debt that means Tony has an interest bill of 30Billion a year to pay off before spending a dollar on the country or finding a dollar to reduce Labours debt.
    Now suddenly it’s Tony and Joe’s fault that they have to rescue us all from Labours unholy mess.
    30 Billion????.
    That means over 2Billion a month has to be found to pay interest without reducing the debt.
    Just think what 2Billion a month could be used to help our pensioners, build schools, build roads and put to far better use than paying Labours debt.
    Don’t forget when Rudd and Gillard took over there was Billions in the bank and no debt – now we have 125Billion of Deficits and almost 667Billion Dollars of debt.
    God help us all.

  77. mars08

    I can only blame myself!!!

    In the weeks before the last election, I was repeatedly told that if I didn’t vote for Abbott… we would end up with most incompetent, the most dishonest, the nastiest, most arrogant, and dumbest government in the history of Australia.”

    “Well, I confess… I didn’t vote for Abbott!

    So …at least there’s one promise this government has managed to keep…

  78. Michael Taylor

    It’s good that you can write ‘Dear Tony Abbott’, Victoria. In the public service I was obliged to refer to him, in correspondence, as ‘The Hon Tony Abbott, MP’.

    ‘Hon’ being short for honourable. What a joke. An honourable man he is not.

  79. Michael Taylor

    I did similar, mars08.

    I was informed that a vote for Labor would give us the worst government in Australia’s history.

    It turned out to be true. I voted Labor and guess what happened? We got the worst government in Australia’s history. 😆

  80. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry Bob McArthur, apart from being ignorant on government debt and deficits and how they work, where the hell did you get the $667 billion of debt figure from?

  81. Jesse James

    Thank you for your letter Victoria.
    It is not just Tony Abbott, unfortunately!
    We have Julie Bishop and Scott Morrison as well….
    We could save ourselves $ 36 billion in the next year by closing down the offshore and onshore detention centres.
    Has anybody had the sense to ask what happens to the boats that are not reaching Australia???
    They are not all towed back, so what happens to them????
    Why is Australia so blind to this situation? We helped this situation by going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet we do not shoulder the responsibility what happens to these vulnerable people and yes, they keep coming, they have nowhere else to go…
    Just because Hitler was very effective in dealing with the Jews, is it acceptable the way Australia deals with the boats????????
    Please, I beg you all, to open ypour eyes and start to look before it becomes even worse than it already is….

  82. richard

    the writer of this letter is the nut case, to think that labor was a god send to this country they where the ones that left us in debt and was rising every day under labor. and so what if he cuts pensions or rises the age if your able to work then so be it why should my taxes go on them

  83. Fed up

    Does one realise that at the 50th anniversary of Anzac day, we we where still a part of the British Empire.

    Yes, all our legal system ended up in British courts. Our national anthem was God save the Queen, We travelled n British passports. Australian citizenship did exist.

    Is that what Abbott yearns for?

  84. Fed up

    “I still believe the solution to this mess lies with the MSM,”

    No, it lies with us. it depends on whether one buy those papers. depends on whether w support new entries into the field .

    Repeat of NPC on woman’s day address. Senator Gash t her loud best. ABC 24

  85. Möbius Ecko

    You convinced me richard.

    Why should my taxes go to people who have worked 40 to 50 years of their lives and more, dutiful paying their taxes every step of the way, and paying for the pensions of those who retired whilst they were still in the workforce, and that of politician like Howard who is the most expensive ex-PM to run in this country’s history, more than all other ex-PMs combined?

    Why should I pay for those who kept this country going for half a century or more, or who fought for it, built it, contributed to it and gave us the life we live?

    Yep complete waste of my money. And while we’re at it why should my taxes pay for 90% of those things the government spends money on that have nothing to do with me and I don’t want to pay for?

    I would also enlighten yourself on government debt and actually how it works before shooting off in following the Liberals lies on it.

  86. Fed up

    I wold be surprised if Abbott is hated or ever likely to be.

    One has to be taken seriously before one develops hate.

    Who takes Abbott seriously. I see only derision and lack of respect for this man.

    Sorry, I think I said Gash meant Cash.


  87. Fed up

    Michael why not his correct name. …Anthony….

    Listening to a repeat of NPC on Woman’s day. Cash has addressed girls from Canberra grammar, who are present, as future leaders. Yes, does say much of those, who come from the born to rule sector of society. Oh and all on has t do, is to work hard.

    Senator Moore good value.

  88. Fed up

    Richard, maybe because we paid taxes over the years, that has created the environment you are lucky enough to live in today. Yes the health, education infrastructure etc. All the things done to make life worthwhile.

    Maybe you might even get old yourself one day. Fortunes can be lost overnight.

    The Australia we have today, was not created out of nothing, or by accident. It came about by the hard work of those who came before you

    We expendables have made our co-payments to be entitled to decent retirement. Yes, we have paid up front.

  89. Fed up

    ME. it is a shame wasted our taxes on providing the infrastructure that richard and his ilk enjoy today. He is right, we wasted our time and money. He and his ilk are not worth the effort we made.

  90. Gillian McAllister

    You are so eloquent Victoria. Absolutely brilliant. He is a skeazy, slimy scumbag! How on earth can he keep up with his nonsense of giving money to the little rich girls to have babies and take away from the pensioners??

  91. Gillian McAllister

    Oops sleazy!

  92. Fed up

    Richard, the man who cannot even be bothered starting his name with a capital letter.

    You should be proud, as we are, for paying our taxes, which has led to us leaving the country a better place than we found it.

    Yes, making tis nation better. That is why one pays taxes.

  93. mars08

    Gillian McAllister

    He is a skeazy, slimy scumbag…

    No… I think you were right the first time. I’ve run out of insults for this incurious oaf (see what I mean??)… It’s about time we started to invent some new ones. And skeazy sounds like a cross between sleazy, lazy and scumbag. It fits!!!!

  94. Roswell

    Richard is one of those dunderheads that fails to grasp one simple thing. A surplus simply means the government is keeping more money than it takes. From us.

  95. Bruckle Steinovich

    Everyone here is so biased against Abbott and the Liberals, I wonder if you have all forgotten the debacle with Kevin and Julia. No one can predict the future, but sure as eggs, the former Labor governments has left you and your grandchildren a huge debt. So big the numbers are frightening. How can anyone simply “give away” the country’s savings in the GFC, without really understanding the end result. My wife has worked in gaming for years, she comes home and says they have been the busiest ever, with people gambling their so called GFC “gifts” away. Big smiles on everyone’s faces, but at least the govt of the day got back about 35% of that gambled in taxes. I believe that Abbott and co are on the right track, there will be some hurt, it has to be to bring us back to reality, but I dont believe for a minute that those in real need are going to be short changed.
    Most of you with the negative comments are either politically inspired Laborists or Greenies. Your arguments dont make much sense at all.
    Yes I admit I voted for Abbott, he deserves a go to fix up the Labor snouts and snorts.

  96. donwreford

    The pensioners would be contributors to your affluent living today, their would have been a time in your schooling whereby you could be caned every day at school and it was common at home, today these people who caned would be committing a offence and charged, I could list many other aspects that most likely you are not aware of, that was changed by work done by the younger generation now pensioners.

  97. Antitroll

    You trolls here are amazing, you think you have a god given right to slander Tony Abbott, but one guy critisises your “Goddess of Crap”, Victoria, and you all sook like the little, lefty trogdolites (one of your terms, I like it)!! Where were you all when Gillard, Rudd and the Labor traitors where selling this country out? You were all very quite then!!

  98. LOVO

    I’ve often thought about ‘our’ mining resources and how, as an Australian, I own a bit of them i.e. my share equates to about 1/ twenty three millionth…… add to that the taxes I have paid/pay, then surely I have already ‘ earned ‘ my future pension or, Cod forbid, my future Newstart allowance.
    Wasn’t the point of the MRRT about returning to us Aussies our share of the wealth from the ore that WE OWN…. (plus royalties and other associated mining related taxes)
    Anyone who gets financial assistance from Govt., for whatever reason, are not bludging on the system, no,… they are just getting their rightful dues from their 1/23mil. of ore that they own. ( kinda sorta 😉 )

  99. Anon E Mouse

    Tony Abbott lied to win the election. This means he cheated.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Allan Jones told the truth and reiterated daily that Tony Abbott is both a liar and a cheat.

  100. Fed up

    Antitroll, if you take the time to go back through the archives, you will find we were very busy defending the Labor government against the lies that prevailed in the MSM.

    Yes, we were very loud. We gave, reasons why the stories where wrong. We addressed every negative comment made about the two previous Labor governments We had plenty to say at the time..

    Now, we have a Coalition government led by Mr Abbott, I am yet to see those who attacked Labor, defend this government.

    You are all still attacking Labor.

    The question I ask, why cannot you tell us why Abbott is so good? Why are none willing to defend Abbott and his policies. No, that should be ideology.

    Still have not seen many policies, only tearing down of all that was Put in place before him.

    Yes, we did indeed have a lot to say about the two previous Labor governments. You are just plain wrong.

  101. Fed up

    Where do we slander Abbott? Point out one comment that does not honestly repeat what Abbott has said or done.

  102. Möbius Ecko

    Notice that the right wingers who have suddenly turned up here are all doing one thing in common, just as they do in every other blog I read, they attack the previous Labor government, often in projection, but not a single one offers anything lucid on what good this government is doing and what makes Abbott a good leader and PM.

    Whenever the topic of this government comes up and Abbott, especially on his string of lies and major broken promises, with unwavering predictability the right come in and repeat the lies told by Abbott, the Liberals and MSM on the supposed previous government’s failures.

    Is it that difficult to address this government and what it’s doing, especially its failures, string of lies and broken promises? After all they were so vociferous about supposed lies in the last government I would have thought as they are so concerned about honesty and integrity they would be just as loud now condemning this government for its dishonesty.

  103. Fed up

    ME, what is worse, they accuse us of saying nothing while the last two governments where in power.

    One only has to go back through the archives to know we where loud defenders of those governments.

    Still waiting for someone to defend Abbott as hard and long as we defended the previous governments,

    Still one Must be fair. It is hard to defend the indefensible,

    They are still maligning the Labor governments, but not putting forwarded any facts. Just slogans and allegations., Most that have been proved to be wrong, over and over.

  104. Fed up

    There were also issues, that we did not agree with, that we also discussed. We are wise enough to know, no government gets it all right.

  105. donwreford

    The labor party has problems such as N.S.W corruption, which seems so entwined in its roots that you wonder if this is just part of the system that cannot be resolved, the Liberals are also a problem, in as much as their contradictory ideology, such as the carbon problem, it is known the trees are a good possibility for reduction of carbon, Abbott, has a policy of cutting down vast quantities of Tasmanian trees, around where I live harvesting of plantation trees have been cut down for months, if the trees were left in time they would become of greater value and reduce carbon, no party in my view has a solution that is satisfactory, for the best outcome of the planet, the expectations of the worlds population of what is entitled to them including politicians, in particular the cost of militarism that is increasing throughout the world, and the right of producing as many human beings as a right, all impacting upon the resources of energy and material, limited to finite availability, how can any party resolve this?

  106. billy moir

    whilst it is sad that neither the coalition or labor will read this and it is doubtful anyone who voted for the rabbott, because his slogans had the ring of truth, would understand it. I feel very encouraged by such letters of ‘expose. It give me hope that his tricky dickey ploy of scheduling the pinkbatt hearings for 12/13/14 may not be successful in masking his inept leadership style or succeed in deflecting criticism of the political hypo’crass’y of the budget..

  107. Stephen Tardrew

    Antitroll you are trolling.

  108. Veritas

    Labor had two terms to put this country in the disastrous state it’s in. It’ll take more than half a year for ANYONE to put it right. Poorly written article. No political party is perfect, but in the case of Labor vs Liberal, Liberal are the lesser of two evils.

  109. Fed up

    Veritas, if on glistens to the slogan’s and MSM you are correct.

    If on4e looks at the facts and figures, you are wrong. They just di not add u8p to a country that is in wrack and ruin.

    They still say we are travelling pretty well in this country.

    Still have that triple AAA rating and among the leading economies of the world.

    Not sure though, it will take this government long to bring us down the economy they keep telling us exists.

    Show us where the economy is falling down, Is it high inflation. High unemployment. No growth. High debt. When one looks at all that is published, this does not appear to be the case.

    Oh, I know, it is all about deficits and surpluses. If one believes that is all that matters, one may just have it wrong.

    Yes we have debt at this time. Debt that is easily managed. Any attempt for this government to fix the government, as they say, will soon have the economy they claim we have now, There is no budget emergency, except for the one, in their feverish minds.

    All we hear is about spending. What about revenues. It is simply not true that we are a high spending taxing government. Once again, the figures do not add up, if one believes we are.

  110. Fed up

    PS, if the doctor treats the wrong illness, there is a danger the patient will die. At the very least, they are unlikely to get well.

    This government does not appear to be indentifying what ails this country.

    Yes, things are not perfect, but treating ills in the economy, that do not exist, will only bring failure.

  111. Bryan Hemming

    Abbott is just another symptom of a disease sweeping the planet, Another of a generation of politicians, who act like a bunch of drunken used car salesmen. They know just about enough on how to put a bit of spit and polish on a rusting wreck so that it gets you home from the polling station.

    But make no bones about it, these men and women are scary monsters. They have a sense of entitlement greater than there sense of responsibility. They are stealing from the poor to fill the boots of the rich and they won’t be happy until they have broken the world completely.

    Still, it was heartening to read this from Linda at Rangewriter on the same day:

  112. Veritas

    More poorly written replies. What slogans and MSM? The only slogans I’ve seen lately are from a misinformed minority. You speak of facts and figures yet give none. This article speaks of revenue from a mining tax which failed. “A debt that is easily managed.” . Managed by cutting spending. The comments from all the naysayers are pathetic. There’s no facts, just insults and irrelevant analogies. List some facts and figures, if you can.

  113. Stephen Tardrew


    Veritas one post does not make a site. If you availed yourself of the many articles and reposts that are prevalent on this site you would retreat with your sad tail between your legs. The facts and figures available on this sight are in fact almost overwhelming. Good try sunshine.

  114. Fed up

    donwreford, could the real ills of the USA be the reluctance, in fact refusal to raise taxes, to expect those who are capable of paying their fair share, to do so,

    Budgets have two components. Yes, outlays and income. Yes, spending and revenue.

    Governments are there to rule for the good of all. No economy operates in a vacuum Both labour and capital is important.

    We seem to have move to a situation, where some believe the capital should be allow a free rein, without any expectations of contributions to the good of the nation.

    We all should contribute to the good of the nation. That includes capital, as well as the worker.

    Palmer got it right, when asked if this government has a mandate. He said, well they need to learn to count, to find out. Yes Mr Palmer said, if they have the numbers in the senate, they may have a mandate. Yes, if the numbers can be found on the floor of both houses, they have a mandate to do as they like.

    We can only hope this is not so.

    Under our system of government, each MP has a equal vote. This is regardless of what ever party they belong not not belong to.

    What terrifies about this government, is their refusal to look at revenue, except to see where they can cut it.

    Pushing all back onto the public, can only lead to greater private debt, as it did under Howard.

    They are not reducing debt,. They are simply transferring it.

  115. Keith

    We get told constantly that there is a “budget emergency”, Chris Berg stated around Christmas 2013 that Australia is a rich country.

    The Abbott gang have caused Australia’s name to be bragged through the mud Internationally.
    Asylum seekers has caused a rift between Indonesia and Australia which has still not been sorted out.
    Asylum seekers held in concentration camps regardless of age speaks volumes about the mean spirit displayed by the Abbott gang; recognised by the UN.
    Hockey says the age of entitlement is over; does that mean that the politician’s rorts have been sorted out?
    Does that mean that there will be no further subsidisation of mining companies ( generally not Australian owned).
    What evidence is there that privatisation of publicly owned Agencies will provide a better Australia. Private companies operate in an amoral manner; they seek to make profits for their shareholders, there is no concern about the well being of citizens. The example of the USA should be a deterrent for the corporatisation of Australia.

    When are we going to see good policy, instead of Tea Party type ideology hurled at us?
    Australia in the past has had a proud tradition of promoting egalitarianism. The Abbott gang bring shame to Australia in many policy areas.
    Trust the Abbott gang at your own peril.

  116. Fed up

    One only has to look over the budget papers of the last two governments, to know what is said in the MSM is not true. There is no evidence of a increase in government spending. Yes, there where years of severe efficiency dividends express of all areas of the PS.

    What Hockey is doing, is taking projection of what happens in a few years, if nothing is changed, The truth 8is, when it comes to budgets, things are always being changed and adjusted.

    When it comes to the economy, the facts are always changing. We have no idea what the situation across the globe will be.

  117. Anti-fascist

    This government and supporters are at the sociopathic end of society, that few % that will bend reality to suit their cause of pure power to rule over and instill fear in others.
    They have been installed by the plutocratic sociopaths, those that would destroy, regress and cause division, obviously to retain their status quo and power over e.g. Rupert Murdoch old media empire.
    There is no use talking with them, as any ground lost by them in compromising is seen as a loss of power.
    The only resort is to act, they have no qualms in doing us injustice as per the IPA schedule, so this needs to be our cue to fight with all means we have.
    There are many ways to do this, as progressives, this is what we do best, when we direct our energies, to come up with idea, for change for the better of all, not for the few.

  118. Anti-fascist

    Another thing is that these sociopaths are so removed and protected from the source of their power, the public, that when they are exposed to it, you can see their pathetic nature.
    Rupert Murdoch is one such case, exposed by his vile phone tapping scandal, to public scrutiny in court, he becomes like a mumbling cretin, brought down to earth with a bump.
    The way to deal with these people is not to patronise them.
    Don’t pay for their services, no foxtel, no Murdoch papers, cut all ties with these bastards and spread the word.

  119. mars08

    Fed up:

    What terrifies about this government, is their refusal to look at revenue, except to see where they can cut it.

    Pushing all back onto the public, can only lead to greater private debt, as it did under Howard.

    They are not reducing debt,. They are simply transferring it.

    It is, quite simply, all about priorities. This government is NOT governing for all Australians. It is governing for what they see as deserving Australians…

  120. Fed up

    One has to focus on the word deficit, for anything that Hockey says to make sense.

    If one moves pass the slogans, such as living within our means, and spend tine to examine the economy it total, one gets a completely picture.

    We see we are not doing to badly. We see as country that has been growing for decades. We see incomes of all growing.

    We see that revenues has been decreasing, mostly because of tax reductions over a decade or more.

    The question has to be, can we afford to raise revenues. I suggest we can.

    What we need to ask, can we afford not to spend on the likes of NBNCO, NDIS, Gonski and health. I say, if we do not, this country will go backwards.

    Building more roads, and ignoring all other= essential needs, is not being a infrastructure PM.

    No, we need to be top of the ladder, with highly educated workforce, and the necessary technology, to take our place in the Asian century.

    Low wages is not what we should be seeking.

    We should view the taxes we pay, as not leading to debt, but as an investment in this country’s future.

    I am sure those who come after us, will be grateful for what we spend now.

  121. Fed up

    Abbott and Queensland premier now on ABC0. Talking about the G20.
    By the way, Hockey has ensured that carbon emissions will NOT be discussed.

    Noticed that Abbott is upping his stunts, That internal polling must be bad.

  122. Keith

    Veritas, the articles provided by AIMN are far superior to any provided by the majority of the media.

    The media in most part provide little in the way of investigative journalism. The March in March for example, saw something like 120,000 people demonstrate against the Abbott gang. Rather than really investigate what that was about the “mainstream” media was abusive towards the people demonstrating. THe “mainstream” media were caught out being partisan.
    Another example being several months after the election the Australian was still full of stories about how bad Labor had been. Yet, how is it possible that if the Abbott gang were doing so well that they have not had a honeymoon period? Real media would have been researching early in the Abbott gang win at the polls what was going wrong.
    Veritas, elsewhere I have asked the question several times, what has the Abbott done that has been positive? Invariably there has been no answer.
    A reader of AIMN would have been well aware of many of the matters of concern has been expressed about the Abbott gang.

    The Abbott gang try to lead by ideology; privatisation means handing over prime Agencies for a song and then often having to pay more for the “services”.
    Rather than inspiring all Australians in all my 40 + years of voting there has never been a period when the electorate has become so polarised. The only vision Abbott appears to have is to find ways from taking from the less well off to give to the wealthy.
    Abbott was caught lying in relation to what workers at SPC were earning, MS Stone a Liberal Federal politician expressed this view.
    If Abbott was doing so well Internationally we would have an Indonesian Ambassador in Canberra.

  123. diannaart

    As much as I want Labor to provide a believable and workable alternative to the LNP. Watching Abbott is like watching a disaster in progress – you know you should look away and run for cover, then along comes this:

    …The four-week inquiry, codenamed Operation Spicer, will examine allegations that former energy minister Chris Hartcher and two other state Liberal MPs, Chris Spence and Darren Webber ”corruptly solicited, received and concealed payments from various sources” in return for favours.

    In another potential headache for the federal Liberals, also giving evidence is Karen McNamara, the MP for federal seat of Dobell on the Central Coast.

    During her preselection interview in 2012, Ms McNamara claimed to have raised as much as $100,000 as campaign manager for Mr Webber – the state MP for Wyong – before the 2011 state election.

    But this was questioned at the time by Liberal state executive member Hollie Hughes, who had confirmed that official party receipts were far lower. Ms Hughes has also been called to give evidence.

    As well, while not named as a witness in the inquiry’s first week, Senator Arthur Sinodinos is expected to make a return visit to the ICAC witness box.

    In the previous corruption inquiry he admitted that he did not inform senior Liberal ministers he was lobbying that he stood to make up to $20 million if they granted his water infrastructure company the deal he sought. Senator Sinodinos was a chairman of Australia Water Holdings before becoming a senator in 2011. He has temporarily stood aside from his position as federal Assistant Treasurer…

    Labor are not at all squeaky clean, but they appear almost virtuous compared to the Libs.

  124. guest

    There are several respondents here who are blaming Labor for the debt we have in Oz. One of the reasons for criticism of debt is that they claim running a country should be like running a household budget; they speak of living within our means. They ignore the huge personal debt that exists in Oz. They ignore, too, how investment in business usually entails going into debt.

    Talk of billions of debt is scary. Yet when we look at debt across the world, the debt the Coalition speaks about is small. In fact, Oz has a very small debt. Oz has a AAA credit rating. Oz was rated #1 economy in the world for 2013 according to the World Bank, Suisse Bank and others. The Economist (UK) and Forbes (USA) economic magazines rated Oz under Labor as responsibly managed economically.

    Yet Howard’s economic management has been described as the most “profligate” (wasteful) by economic commentators (too much wasted on pork-barrelling).

    The problem is, of course, that ignoring what is said and done around the world and concentrating only on the little we get from a news monopoly means that we get only a twisted, jaundiced view of what is happening in Oz.

    Much talk is made of the waste of the Pink Batts program and the BER under Labor. Yet the CSIRO has pointed out that the insulation industry was safer under Rudd than under Howard. The Report on the BER said there were only 3% complaints and of those only some were about value for money. Turnbull told us the final cost of Labor’s NBN would be more than $100bn, but a committee found it was more like $56bn.

    When we look for the causes of problems under those schemes, we need to look at the roles of big business, the small fly-by-nighters and those who ignored OH&S regulations, or the difficulty of the task given the size and terrain of Oz itself.

    So we do not hear very much about how the Coalition has increased the debt. Nor is much said about the cost of the ramped-up “Pacific Solution” and tow-back-the-boats policy. Nor about the real costs of the Coalition’s NBN, the Direct Action plan to reduce emissions, the PPL… Nor do we hear about the loss of revenue by repealing the MRRT, nor about how with the repeal of the Carbon “Tax” the Coalition will continue to pay compensation to taxpayers.

    Such anomalies are starting to reveal some cracks in the Coalition’s “solidarity” and the electorate is noticing: Abbott’s antics do not impress and the polls are down. After just 6 months!

  125. Veritas

    So much bias, so little logic.

  126. Bacchus

    So much bias, so little logic.

    So much self-awareness for one so boringly mindless! 😆

    Veritas has provided not one skerrick of logic so far – we wait in vain?

  127. Fed up

    Bacchus, do not hold your breath. Seems we are to get a debt levy. That is another tax, is it not.

  128. Stephen Tardrew


    Please define logic. You will need to give explanations of the fundamental axioms e.g. non-contradiction, fallacy arguments from ignorance (you might like that one); appeals to inappropriate authority; complex questions (may be a bit difficult); argument Ad Hominem; accident; converse accident; false clause ……… No we use rationalism here whereas logic is a precise set of axioms that apply to language and discourse. You will need to define the causal chain of reasoning for your arguments based in logic if you are to claim special privilege to logic otherwise what we deal with her often is opinion not logic. By the way Ignorance is no defense.

    Just saying.

  129. donwreford

    Over educated, needs a job in philosophic treatises, where superior minds meet, can any one say what this means in a language that a pop audience comprehends?

  130. Stephen Tardrew

    Yeah you’re full of crap.

  131. Skeet

    Nice one, Victoria, again. Keep it up. 🙂

    One small point:

    “You chose the austerity for everyone except for Gina Rinehart bed and now you have to lie in it.”

    I suspect that should read something like:

    ‘You chose the austerity bed for everyone except for Gina Rinehart, and now you have to lie in it.’

  132. Anti-fascist

    Just makes me shudder, looking at the incompetence of this over confident bunch of himbo clowns.
    If Tony Abbott and his bunch of chimps are any reflection of the ideals of what the majority of Australians look for, then this is one sad place

  133. donwreford

    Talking about chimps, do you think he walks a bit like a gorilla?

  134. brian mcgeown

    I’m sure there is a crime of “enrichment by deceit”. If Abbott lied -as, in my opinion, he did- to get the top job, can he not be prosecuted? He has become richer and he deceived us in order to achieve that.

    By the way, Stephen, you really do need a course in basic punctuation. It would make your offensive rubbish a little easier to decipher.

  135. Stephen Tardrew

    We all have our limitations Brian at least I know mine.

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  137. gay o'connor

    Eh? wtf . . .

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