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Another John Clarke Inspired Sketch: Mr Saye De Pledge

In the Style of Our Late Master, Mr John Clarke

Brian: Now, your name is De Pledge?

John: My name is De Pledge, yes Brian, good evening

Brian: Have you got a first name?

John: Saye

Brian: Saye De Pledge. Is your brother Sine De Pledge?

John: That’s right Brian

Brian: Alright, Saye, your special subject tonight is nationalism

John: You mean, Patriotism, don’t you Brian?

Brian: No – it definitely says nationalism

John: Oh – alright then – basically the same thing anyway

Brian: Good luck, Saye, your time starts now. How did the parliament vote on Tanya Plibersek’s proposal to have school children pledge allegiance to Australia?

John: The right way, Brian

Brian: And what way was that?

John: They voted in favour of that great patriotic idea, Brian

Brian: Is it wise to have kids at school reciting some jingoistic slogans without understanding them?

John: I think it is, Brian. It gets them ready for voting when they’re older

Brian: Correct

John: Correct

Brian: Have there been any comments on the pledge or its content?

John: Well I did hear one bloke say ‘How good is a pledge of allegiance?’

Brian: Has anyone said anything critical of the pledge?

John: There actually was a fair bit of unpatriotic behaviour, Brian

Brian: Hang on – you just equated being critical of a pledge of allegiance with being unpatriotic

John: Correct. It’s good being on Team Australia, isn’t it, Brian?

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  1. Pingback: Another John Clarke Inspired Sketch: Mr Saye De Pledge #newsoz.org #auspol - News Oz

  2. John Kelly

    Me good Aussie borned here. Don’t do no pledge. Me sing God save Queen in far country. Dat same ting?

  3. Phil Pryor

    There are nazi types, carbuncular pricks, who claim some right to define loyalty, pledges, guaranteed submission to authority, and want the rest to get in line with this hijacked, stolen fake and fraud leadership. Who would follow these turds in their brainless righteousness and devotion to selfish filth for followers only? Merde-Hoch is not Australian, the boards of huge money sucking corporations are not Australian, our banks and businesses are dominated by foreign investment and controllers of profit and policy. Who is loyal to Australia? Certainly not the UnAustralian slime and slut types infesting the profiteering conservative parties and organisations of the right wing…

  4. Bronte ALLAN

    Boy do I, & probably thousands more, miss the late John Clarke. If ever anyone could take the piss out of anything he was master at it! Great comment piece Dr Jones!

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