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Scott Morrison was not invited

By Tjimpuna Ruby on behalf of the Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders

In August and September I was personally aware that the Prime Minister and the Minister for Indigenous Australians did not have an invitation to the Uluru climb closure and Uluru Anniversary Celebrations to begin with.

That was the insult from Parks Australia to Anangu Traditional Owners of Uluru in the mismanagement of the Director responsible for Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park, although a large staff from Canberra Parks Australia were flown to Uluru and put up in the top hotels with private dinners etc.

I alerted Parks Australia that their invitation was needed and should have been on the list. I viewed the list and both Prime Minister and Minister of Indigenous Australians was not on it to begin with.

I was then notified that the invitation was too late to change already planned commitments.

That was accepted and supported by the Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders who will meet with both the Prime Minister and Minister for Indigenous Australians at a later date.

Senator Dodson and his bipartisan colleagues, however, fail at any given time to reply to or show any real interest in meeting the Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders, therefore we have met with the Minister for Indigenous Australians before the past weekend events.

Anangu Mayatja sit above any board or Chairpersons as Anangu Mayatja governance is Tjukurpa – Anangu Law, that is already acknowledged before any boards, services, organisations or Chairpersons belonging to before their existence became into effect.

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  1. By Gum

    Tjimpuna Ruby is part of the group who invited Pauline Hanson to climb Uluru. I believe she is part of a break away group that opposes the Statement of the Heart.
    I am sure if the reason that both Morrison and Wyatt did not attend is as Tjimpuna Ruby states, both the Morrison and Wyatt would be blaring it from the roof tops, not issuing the excuses they have since Sunday. No doubt they will be all over this new claim.
    I hope more research is done on this claim.

  2. Kathryn

    Why should MorriScum be invited! This arrogant, uncouth, crass bogan has done NOTHING but show smug contempt for our indigenous community, pensioners, the unemployed, the poor and most vulnerable people in Australia, our island neighbours and their justifiable concerns about climate change! The sad reality is that this supremely arrogant, truly offensive, overpaid, totally inept and non-achieving red neck, Morrison, has a pompous, callous disregard and condescending loathing for just about every Australian outside the greedy, non-taxpaying Top 1%, the self-serving grubs in the IPA and the LNP donors in the multinational, multi-billionaire predatory corporate world! Morrison and his useless minister for indigenous affairs, like most corrupt, non-achieving parasites in the LNP, aren’t fit or appropriate people to be invited to the opening or closing ceremony of an envelope!

  3. Michael Taylor

    By Gum, sorry, but you are wrong.

    Tjimpuna Ruby was part of the group who invited Hanson to Uluru to learn of its sacredness, to learn of its cultural significance, and to learn from the Elders why it was being closed to climbers.

    She was NOT invited to climb Uluru. This was wrongly reported by the television media.

  4. New England Cocky

    Perhaps the best thing that Morriscum and Wyatt can do is resign in protest at being recognised as unsuitable for the public positions they currently infest.

  5. johno

    That is a beautiful photo of Uluru.

  6. Carol Taylor

    Considering that Morrison has around 57 personal staff, you would think that someone might have alerted him to the fact that this was an important occasion. But no, Morrison instead decided to schedule himself for a photo op – probably chosen because it was ‘ladies’ given the criticism of him being interested in blokes-only. To me, a PM has to have a bit more gravitas, be aware of what is lasting instead of darting frantically from one sporting event to another. Uluru is, and always will be..unlike PM Morrison.

  7. Kaye Lee

    Morrison took his daughters to the netball. As is usual, he found some reason to coincide with his sporting viewing (the Telethon which would probably have preferred he donated the money it cost us for him to attend).

    I am pretty sure the netballers would have understood had Scott said he felt it important to attend the Uluru ceremony….but would his daughters? I am getting heartily sick of having to pay for politicians to take their children to “work” with them.

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