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An Open Letter to Michelle Grattan

Michelle Gratton (photo by

Michelle Gratton (photo by

Dear Michelle Grattan

I’m writing to congratulate you on your new job as Professorial Fellow at University of Canberra and your other new job – Associate Editor (Politics) and Chief Political Correspondent at The Conversation.

I couldn’t help but notice that your article on your new platform this week, Gillard and Baillieu offer stark contrast, was no different from what you have been writing since 2010. In fact, it could have been an article cut and paste from things you have already said, and have been saying constantly for the past two years. I just wanted to let you know that I, as a member of the ‘Mr and Mrs Average’ community that you mention in this article (which I assume means anyone outside of the Canberra Press Gallery), am sick to death of your campaign to fuel the fires of ‘leadership tension’ within the government. I am sick of your chosen ‘narrative’ that Gillard is lacking in credibility, that she is desperate, and that she is a failed Prime Minister, because frankly, your view of reality, and that of the electorate, are so far removed from each other that they must exist in separate universes.

It was interesting that when you left The Age, you offered this advice:

“Diversity matters because we need many voices – as many as possible commenting on politics and interpreting politics and I think what we’re seeing at the moment is too much concentration of voices, frankly.”

Really? Perhaps you don’t visit any websites except those owned by Fairfax, News Ltd and the ABC, so perhaps your opinion that ‘diversity’ is lacking is understandable. In fact, I couldn’t agree with you more that diversity does matter but I find it fairly hilarious that you’re the one saying we need more of it. You – the person who has written the same thing on the same subject almost every week now for two years, who is clearly obsessed with the Kevin Rudd leadership spill and so clearly despises the Prime Minister and anything her government does – are calling for more diversity. Just a hint Michelle – there is plenty of diversity out there. Been on Twitter lately? Looked at any independent news sites and blogs? Instead of offering the opposite of diversity with your broken record of meaningless drivel about how Rudd is going to challenge at any moment and that Gillard’s government is a failure, you should be urging yourself to be more diverse. How about some scrutiny of Tony Abbott and his potential policies? How about a look at the successes of the Gillard government, which would have to include some policy analysis? Ever heard of policy? How about some diversity in your tired old narrative Michelle?

What really annoys me about you Michelle is that you should know better. You’ve been in the Press Gallery for long enough to have seen it all. You know that Gillard beat Rudd in the 2012 Labor leadership ballot by 40 votes. You also know that Abbott only won the leadership of the Liberal Party by 1 vote. So which leader is in a more precarious situation? This week, when the Victorian Liberal Party ‘assassinated’ their first term Premier, I almost had to assume your Twitter account had been hacked, or that you were parodying yourself with this Tweet:

“Yes, it’s a long bow but reckon this could add to the federal destabilization”.

Maybe it’s time we called you ‘long bow’ Grattan. I think that works.

As Political Editor of The Age, you had a very responsible position. Being a journalist is an important job. Yes, it’s becoming less and less important as media consumers get our news from many different sources. However, you still had the responsibility to watch the political scene closely and to tell us, in a fair and balanced way, what is going on. But while you were focused on un-named sources from the Labor party, who you claimed supported Rudd, and while you obsessed over the imminent Labor leadership spill that never happened, with articles like this, this, this, and this, you were missing some very important things that media consumers should have been reading about. Policy is one of them. Costings of policies is another. Abbott’s relationship with News Ltd and Gina Rinehart is yet another. And how about Ashbygate? You probably thought you were above reporting a conspiracy to bring down a government, but the irony is, you were working on the very same thing! And this wasn’t your job Michelle. It’s wasn’t your job to campaign. It wasn’t your job to tell the Prime Minister to resign. Your job was to watch, analyse and report. People trusted you to do this in a balanced way. You abused this trust every time you turned on your Fairfax computer.

Now that you are at The Conversation, you have an even greater responsibility. According to your new organisation’s mission, you should be providing:

“Access to independent, high-quality, authenticated, explanatory journalism…”

I don’t think any of these adjectives apply to your work as I have seen it Michelle. Your repetition about Gillard’s ‘failures’ are unfair, untrue and unbalanced.

None of this history bodes well for your association with The Conversation. You’re bringing to it the same old ‘Gillard is bad, Abbott is good’ narrative. Apart from the lack of balance, the repetition drives away readers. First we skip over your articles because we know we have already read them before. Then we start skipping over the website altogether. This is sad because The Conversation ought to be a place where we can find independent analysis. But now you’re damaging the brand.

You’ll no doubt write me off as some rusted-on Laborite who just doesn’t want to hear the truth. But you don’t have the monopoly of truth. We know there are people in the Labor party trying to undermine Gillard, but which political party isn’t this true of? And how is this constant speculation helpful for genuine political debate? Even if I were a right-winger, you’d still be repetitive, and not giving us policy substance that is crucial to political reporting. We want to know about policy, and you never deliver this. By ruining The Conversation, you are decreasing the very diversity which you said yourself is lacking in political reporting. So although I’m congratulating you on your new job, I’m not optimistic about what this career move will deliver to media consumers. Perhaps it’s time you fell on your sword.


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  1. dafid1

    10/10 Victoria, couldn’t have said it better.

  2. jagman48

    Well written and the truth. Nothing but the truth. Thanks

  3. Pia Robinson

    Spot on. She really is a bitter and partisan creature.

  4. confitbleu

    Thank-you for calling Grattan on her repetitious fantasy Victoria, we’ve had to bear the burden of her bias for long enough. Who would have thought that “Don’t write crap” would prove too difficult for so many.

  5. Just sayin'

    I would love to think the woman would read this and take the message on board, but I fear, blinded by her spite and all-too apparent hatred – she does after all, persistently and contemptuosly call our Prime Minister “Ms Gillard” – she is incapable of hearing it.

    However blindness is a common failing these days I fear, as evidenced by The Conversation hailing the woman and taking her on in the first place.

  6. Angela

    look – Michelle is a Liberal through and through! could you imagine her casting a vote for Labor at any election? time to step down old girl..people are losing respect!!!

  7. Cheryle Beattie

    Does’nt Michelle Gratten realise people are leaving msm by the droves because of the bias. If she wants to be relevant in the coming years she needs to look outside her immediate circle. And talk to real people..

  8. Joy Cooper

    100% spot on, Victoria.

    The free ride Tony Abbott gets from the media really concerns me & when journalists with the wealth of experience & political knowledge of Michelle Grattan start kissing his feet it really is troubling.

    Must confess I, too, no longer read her articles, which is a shame as she used to be her craft but no longer. The needle is now, unfortunately, stuck in the same groove.

  9. teddysea

    You’re right I skip Michelle Grattan articles now. I know what she’s going to say. I thought she may have been under pressure to write ‘pro LNP’ or ‘anti-Gillard’ at Fairfax and was hoping for a return to her younger observant style at ‘The Conversation’. No luck. She’s lost me .. and boo to ‘The Conversation’.

  10. Judith Jones

    I hadn’t read M Grattan for a very long time … left Melbourne many years ago.
    The transformation between THAT Michelle Grattans’ work and this one’s leads me to believe it is a different person. More than that, o ne we don’t need, given the coalescene of such views.

    Where is an independent, rigorously attentive view of politics and where is it voiced?

  11. Helen Errington

    Thanks Victoria you have said everything I have ever wanted to say to Ms Grattan. She along with Fran Kelly on RN never, never give any credit to JG for the circumstances, including the Murdoch press, the PM finds herself in. She has reached her due by date and needs to be put out to pasture. The Conversation has ruined their image by taking her on. I often comment on her articles and draw her attention to analysing vs critisising but alas it falls on deaf ears. Are you aware of the incident that caused Grattan to loathe JG? I’m trying to find out.

  12. Fed up

    Worse, it is repetitive bias. The same thing every day.

  13. Susan

    I completely agree with your analysis Victoria. I was so disappointed when I heard Grattan was going to The Conversation. You are correct that her presence is damaging the brand. I used to trust The Conversation, now I find my self wondering what their hidden agenda is. Why did they hire her? Are they part of the media campaign to bring down the govt? She really should retire.

  14. fionajr

    Thank you, Victoria. Now please tell us what you REALLY think …

    Like everyone who has commented here, and many who have discussed Ms Grattan elsewhere, I am deeply disappointed by her descent into partisanship and abandonment of facts for opinion (or should that be opiod?)

  15. Brad

    Brilliant Vic …Lets hope, she can open her left eye for a couple of minutes, to read and absorb what you, and a lot of us think.. A reputation is only as good as your last article, your’s is firing, Grattons is on a steep decline ..

  16. Wendie

    Thank you Victoria! Well said!

  17. Pam Walker

    Yes, the tragic tale of the decline and fall of Michelle Grattan, once a respected journalist who now reads more like a Coalition PR flack. It’s a crying shame for The Conversation and another sad indictment of our inadequate media

  18. Karen dacy

    Thank you thank thank you for taking the time and trouble to say in such a comprehensive way what most of us have been thinking. Just as you said, I have been flipping over grattan s articles for years now. We listen to RN breakfast at our place and at 7.40 there is a mad scramble every morning to turn Grattan OFF. I can’t just tune out; I can no longer stand being bombarded with Grattan propaganda

  19. Nancy

    Who would really take Murdoch’s papers/journalists seriously after what he did (oh, that’s right, he had no idea). It’s always one sided..

  20. TheHaze

    Excellent 100% on the money.Grattan should just disappear, complete garbage she peddles

  21. johnlord2013

    Some years ago Michelle Gratton was my go to political journalist. A known fact checker I could trust. She would phone people at the most inconvenient times to check details. Somewhere along the way it all went haywire. Sad really.

  22. jeremy

    I’m not rusted on Labor but completely agree with you. I’ve also stopped reading The Conversation in the way you describe – I read the first couple of Michelle Grattan’s pieces expecting that diversity, saw the same-old same-old and now skip the site completely. We didn’t need another Forum for this writing of this calibre and on this subject.
    I’m fearful though of her influence through University.

  23. rossleighbrisbane

    Arguing that there’s a difference between the Rudd and Baillieu is like arguing that a person who suicides in their cell the night before execution was forced into that position, but the one who does so just before they were arrested, did so voluntarily.

  24. sulphurcrested

    Thank you Victoria. Very well said.
    Haven’t read any of Grattan’s articles for a long time because she was obviously pushing a personal bias barrow and there was nothing of substance in her articles either, more effective than sleeping pills.
    I agree she has abused her position of trust, as has Fran Kelly and so many others.
    Viva, and thank goodness for, Australian independent media and ethical journalists and bloggers. Without them we’d truly be in the dark and with little hope.

  25. Lorraine Hyde

    Wow! This made me sit up straight and say “yes,yes,yes”. So very well written. I am so very tired of the same old same old. How can we make informed decisions if the people closest to the action fail in their duty to give us the FACTS! That’s all we ask. Sick of speculation, rumours, innuendo and opinion from our reporters. (Don’t mind if the opinion is stated as that but used as fact is insulting to us the readers/viewers/listeners.) Just noticed I’d used the term ‘reporters’. Is this why things have changed? They are no longer reporters they are journalists. Does it mean something different?

  26. Stef in Adelaide

    Thank You Victoria !! I too, like numerous others (it seems to be larger everyday), as sick and tired of the Rhetoric from Ms Grattan. I feel she has become an irrelevant voice, which tastes of like vile, biased, bitter, diatribe. Time to retire and give the public a break from YOUR so called Journalism.

    I honestly feel sorry for you Michelle, as Victoria has eloquently spoken in this article, you seem incapable of reporting the facts, allowing readers to make up their own minds. Instead your personal attacks towards the Government is palpable, clearly showing either your lack of ability or lack of willingness to give an impartial and balanced report. As Victoria has lastly said, it’s time you fell on your sword !!

  27. Dr Linda Kouvaras

    thanks for this excellent read, Ms Rollison

  28. Alison

    What a wonderful article, thanks!

  29. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    What really gets to me is that she is now teaching other young would be journalists at Uni.
    I also used to read The Conversation every day, then when MG arrived on the scene and I read her drivel yet again at this great site, I started to skim over her articles. She used to be 1st article, then midway, then around the end. The comments to her articles were quite critical.
    I can only applaud along with the rest of the comments here. Well done once again Victoria.

  30. DP

    Michelle Grattan like many others in her field have become stale at their professions.
    Time has come where, because they have taken their work for granted- where ever they go they may fail. I have already stop following The Conversation both on FB and twitter because of their choices of adding her. Which is sort of great because I can’t read every blog as there are so many good ones springing up . So it helped to eliminate and has given me more time to read others .

  31. minkew

    Brilliant writing, I really wish I could write like this. I no longer visit “The Conversation” site, I was hoping MG had change her style, but no, same old same old. Shame about “The Conversation”.

  32. Tom of Melbourne

    Harley Stumm appears to be one of the few here who seem to get it.

  33. mh.8888

    So true Victoria, even listening to Ms Grattan on Radio National morning news I am constantly reminded of how tired and biased her input has become!!!!

  34. Harley Stumm

    I agree whole-heartedly with the general analysis of the Press Gallery agenda. I also agree with the general thesis in this article* that the old media’s campaign (led by Murdoch, but echoed half-apologetically by the self-styled liberal media) has been at least partially driven by their fear that Labor’s NBN will render their legacy media assets worthless, as argued in this article (even if the unnamed source sounds like a cartoon corporate villain in a political sketch I might have written for public radio in the 80s).

    Labor has always had, and always will have, the big business press agin it – yet has succeeded in the past.

    This mob’s failure at every level just reduces me to tears. Gillard’s final capitulation to the Morrison/Abetz/Hansonite racist dog-whistling this week, is just unforgiveable.

    As unforgiveable as the complete incompetance of Swan, Gillard, Rudd and the lot of ’em in designing a workable mining tax, and in negotiating with the mining bosses. Rank amateurs.

    As much as we can blame the Murdoch conspiracy or the Press Gallery whining for the government not achieving or selling its goals or achievements, as much as we can blame them for fanning the talk of Rudd challenges to destabilise Gillard, this government has been gutless, visionless, opportunist, and incompetent.

    I’m sorry, but “setting my alarm clock early” is not a political or social vision I can get excited by.

    And no, I do not “embrace Labor’s delight at sharing the values of every day Australians, in our cities, suburbs, towns and bush, who day after day do the right thing, leading purposeful and dignified lives, driven by love of family and nation”?

    If I want that kind of self-righteous, coercively monocultural, whiny Presbyterianism, I’d go to church, or listen to Alan Jones, or vote for John Howard.

    I expected, clearly foolishly, better from Labor and better from Gillard.


  35. Tom R

    Wow, that grattan article is so full of holes, you’d think it had been the vistim of a drive by shooting itself

    it is irresponsible to attack a program to bring in workers from overseas that (despite some misuse) is adding to Australia’s skills and economic capacity.

    Ignoring tha fact that protecting Australian jobs ahead of Foreign workers can hardly be seen as an ‘áttack’ on anything, except perhaps business owners looking for sheap labor, every article I have seen attempting to portray the crack down as some kind of xenophobic dog whistling acknowledges that THERE ARE STILL ISSUES WITH THE PROGRAM. But, according to them, we should just let it be? Oh, and Gillard is now a racist. Apparently 😯

    Then there was Gillard’s apparent cavalier use of statistics. She was publicly tackled by the director of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research Don Weatherburn after she said the bureau’s figures showed that over the past 15 years “shootings in public places have soared.”

    Weatherburn in a statement bluntly described the PM’s claim as “incorrect”. Essentially, the picture was not as black as she had suggested; Gillard defended herself yesterday by saying she was referring to a subset of the numbers (shooting at premises) although even that didn’t entirely support her case.

    Sorry garattan, you are wrong, Gillard was correct.

    A report has found the level of gun crime has halved in New South Wales since 1995, but there has been a big increase in drive-by shootings.

    It should also be pointed out that ‘gun crime’ does not always indicate a shooting. But, the PM was correct, public shootings have been increasing. I mean, this is well established after the fact, yet still grattan gets it wrong, and still somehow claims the PM is wrong, even though the figures dispute this.

    I do note that there are quite a number of ‘barrackers’over at the Conversation sticking up for grattan. The problem is, they make about as much sense as does yomm. None

  36. Andrew Elder


    The trouble with Grattan is that she does not use her experience for the benefit of readers. PM Gillard is hardly the first to have faced internal enemies. This PM is not the first to have faced mixed economic conditions, or who has struggled to articulate a massive vision for where the country is going. She is not offering anything more than Latika Bourke does or can, and that’s a recipe for irrelevance.

  37. Harley Stumm

    where is my comment that I slaved over?

  38. Miglo

    Hi Harley. Many of the comments that have links to them are being trapped in our Spam Filter, frustratingly so.

    I apologise for this inconvenience.

  39. Harley Stumm

    thanks, sorry to be so impatient!!

  40. Mark

    Great article. Thanks Victoria

  41. jaycee

    Once again..Tom of Melbourne..searching, searching for that dissident voice…not to analyse, not to sympathise (really!), but to hitch his own wagon to any star that is even moving….”there are always those who seek the oracle and worship the idol…”
    While there are some points of order that ring correctly in Harley’s post…(don’t we all yearn for the perfect?), I’m sure even he’ll agree that in a hung parliament, overseen by conservative independants and isolated accused….the tenuous hold onto power would sometimes necessitate whistling up the bogan dog, if not for a pretty picture, at least for a bit of longevity and security…after all one does not employ a poodle for security, but rather a rotweiller!

  42. TTivo

    Michelle Grattan is way past her used by date. She is completely irrelevant, much like the whole Press Gallery in Canberra.
    It is indeed disappointing that The Conversation has used her services. What a wasted opportunity to appoint fearless writers with real input and honesty and not the manufactured drivel that Grattan regularly dishes out daily.

  43. Xena

    Thank you for this excellent open letter. A shame that Grattan’s fawning over Abbott and vicious attacks on Gillard saw all her years of credibility and journalistic precision burned up and blown away in a gust of … what I wonder? Bitterness? It was even more disquieting to see her torch her gravitas and dignity for charlatans like Murdoch and his sock puppet Abbott.

  44. Grace Gorman

    Do we know how many people actually follow this tired old hack (Grattan, i.e.)?

  45. Greybeard

    Excellent article. The Conversation has lost credibility for me since becoming a platform for Ms Grattan’s one and only obsession.

  46. helen browne

    Why is she so bitter love to know . Wonderful article as usual.Why on earth would the ask her to join The Conversation. Also why does Abbottcart his daughters around with him.Not very Prime Ministerial. material. I do not agree with all Julia has done but I think she is remarkable.Thank you.

  47. Cuppa

    Michele was one of the reasons (not the only one) I stopped listening to RN, or Radio National as it was then called. Political reporting on ABC News and Current Affairs has gone to hell, and it can’t have been an accident.

  48. Pip

    Victoria, thank you for another excellent offering. I no longer look at The Conversation; maybe there are worthy articles to be read but whomever hired Ms Grattan must have wanted her to write the same old propaganda that has been her favoured topic since at least 2010, and I’m no longer prepared to give them a “click”.

  49. stavr0s

    Absolutely brilliant, right on – you’ve said what was lying inchoate in me for so long. I no longer read Conversation and the fact that she is now an academic in journailism gives one a sense that sections of Old Media academia may very well be a museum for extinct or soon to be extinct specimens.

  50. Pip

    Cuppa, it was no accident. John Howard placed his stockbroker mate, climate change denier, Maurice Newman, as ABC Chairman, and it’s been downhill with a “right turn only” sign ever since. The Managing Director, Mark Scott was formerly an adviser to Liberal Premier Nick Greiner, and it’s no accident that the Liberal Party ‘think tank’, the Institute of Public Affairs and other right wing groups are all over ABC/Murdoch Lite.

  51. didisaythataloud (Judy Crozier)

    excellently said

  52. Jane Cattermole

    Nikki Savva?

  53. KJ Butcher

    Good riddance to her, and all thepeddlers of biased journalism just like her.

  54. lmrh5

    Susan i feel the same. I was wondering the same thing about The Conversation agenda. Were they forced to bring her on board. I loved their articles and still do, but I sure hope MG does not infect these articles.

    Victoria I am an ordinary Aussie following politics on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and you spoke for me.

    Could it just be plain old professional jealousy of an older woman and her times compared to PMJG time where a woman can and did become PM. Still a journalist has to be professional and rise above these personal feelings and MG has not and is not doing so.

    There is another lady who works for the Australian who is just as bad MG and her name escapes me. She is vitriolic and shows herself up with her ugly behaviour on TV.

  55. Concera Vota

    Further, Michelle, that article contained two glaring untruths: Murphy is my MP and he assured me, personally, that he supports Gillard as PM. And our electorate is Reid, not Lowe (that changed prior to the last elections).

    These two errors demonstrate you took a misnamed photo and just extrapolated without actually researching the truth behind it. Saddens me. And I will nt be ready=ing further Conversation articles by you.

  56. Michael Meehan

    I just read it, Harley. Spot on, I say. I am a deep-feeling Labor man (learned at my mother’s knee) and, although I go all misty-eyed when JG is on the teev, I am appalled at much of the policies that have been introduced lately.

    I recognise that JG is of the right-wing faction within the party. I just wish she could rise above and govern for all, with the core of Labor beliefs supporting her.

    I enjoyed reading your analysis very much, even though to see the truth laid bare was painful to me.

    Perhaps a change will come after 14/09?

  57. lmrh5

    Yes. Has any of us said Gillard government is perfect. As you so eloquently put a tenuous hold on staying in government does constrain a government in striding out, but I sure do think Gillard is amazing in handling it all. And whom would want LNP in government anyway. It would be a disaster. So I am with Gillard all the way.

  58. teddysea

    Gee whiz we’ve all totally agreed on this Michelle Grattan’s bias. So …. it’s up to The Conversation now .. to speak to it’s staff about fairness … and balance …

  59. Di Pearton

    I am not a fan of PM Julia Gillard but neither do I understand the awful vitriol directed at her. It is deeply concerning and a sinister degradation of Australia’s political scene, and I believe that journalists like Grattan should be held responsible, if the Australian voter elects Tony Abbott without investigating his dreadful policies, and informing on them objectively.
    Grattan clearly has some deep and awful grudge against the PM. What the hell??

  60. O. Gray

    Excellent and gutsy article. Thank you Victoria.

    I’ve been watching The Conversation move steadily towards providing a forum for increasingly conservative views for maybe 12 months or more. I subscribed, and read it every day. No more. It seems the publishers are bent on creating a conservative, independent, online publication to attract a conservative, old school, MSM audience, perhaps aiming ultimately to replace the ever less viable broadsheets.

    Australian universities founded The Conversation and all are listed as partners, members and contributors. In academia’s heirarchical, elitist, male-dominated, institutionalised world, the Prime Minister and her effective, high-achieving, socially-conscious government undoubtedly makes them cringe. Particularly now “professors” seem, socially, to be the new black. So no surprises that Ms Grattan has been co-opted to The Conversation alongside her university appointment.

    As one of the earlier comments I think pointed out, we can hear the same anti-Labor, unintelligent drivel from Ms Bourke and Ms Devine in the tabloid media, so there’s really no need to click on The Conversation.

  61. Cuppa

    Pip, Maurice Newman has recently been hired by Abbott as an adviser. Does this ensure a direct line to Their ABC?

  62. Dion Kennedy

    Well said Victoria. Ms Grattan’s constipated outlook is a concern. Especially since her new job description at Uni is …. …. teaching and research projects in politics and political communication, lecturing, public commentary and strategic advice..

  63. jaycee

    This phenomenom of the “seasoned journalist’ gone “Murdoch” is not restricted to just Ms. Grattan…but one sees a legion of seasoned hacks falling into line and over themselves to “lick the boots” of conservative politics.
    I shift to the doorstep some of the blame for the situation getting this far to the current govt’…sure, there has been a degree of havoc since 2007, when a fevered media has persued the Labor Party relentlessly. However, there was a window when the Rudd govt’ first took office where Kevin Rudd reassured the Howard appointed incumbant officers in strategic placements in the PS. were safe in their jobs, HE was a “turn the other cheek kind of fellow”……a grevious political mistake…dangerous and reckless as future events unfolded. The ABC. was the worst mistake..where he should have gone through the broadcaster like a dose of salts, he left in place a fifth column which lost no time at all in undermining and discrediting the govt’…I wrote several letters to the relevant depts to “for christ’s sake make a move…”..but to no avail. I wonder now if it is already too late.

  64. Miglo

    I’ll put links to Reddit etc up later.

  65. Buff McMenis

    I have it, Harley .. and a darned good comment it is.

  66. Buff McMenis

    BUT … it’s a bit one-sided? 😉

  67. Buff McMenis

    Remarkably good comment .. “constipated outlook”. Yeas, I think that may be right on the button. Victoria, as usual .. brilliant. 🙂 Thank you.

  68. Maxine

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

  69. jaycee

    Who can possibly forget or forgive those OM. hacks (I’m remembering seeing Uhlmann and Grattan in particular) at those contrived and stacked “Town Hall” debates where Abbott got a spielers welcome from the “rent a mob” and to see the above journalists at the side when the camera panned across, all grinning and smirking as only they can while Julia Gillard courageously faced down the choreographed, howling mob!……..Bastards!…never forget…never forgive….not just a betrayal to political fairness, but a filthy betrayal to what we all embrace as an Australian “fair go”…never forget, never forgive!.

  70. Victoria Rollison

    It’s fairly obvious that Gillard doesn’t suck up to the Press Gallery like Rudd did. They’ve never forgiven Gillard for the leadership spill because she didn’t ‘leak’ it to them beforehand. Also, when she told them not to write crap, they took it personally. Pity they didn’t just take her advice.

  71. Tom of Melbourne

    Is this the purpose of political blogging?

    71 comments, I think the tallies are –

    20 x “well said”
    16 x “I feel the same”
    12 x “Brilliant”
    21 x “Thank you”

    Fascinating and diverse range of political/media commentary.

  72. Helen Errington

    Oh ok thanks. I’ll pass it on to my friends who often ask me what happened. Surely though that is such an unprofessional and infantile reason to denigrate JG. I find the press gallery have delusions of grandeur and have forgotten the reason they exist.

  73. Cathy Johnson

    Thanks Victoria. Much like the King has no clothes – the obvious has gone unsaid for too long. Like so many of her colleagues Michelle has chosen to discard journalism for activism. Delivering two-bit bias year in year out deprives readers of rigorous analysis so essential to intellectual and historical story-telling. Sydney’s Domain full of soap-box spruikers does a better job of delivering objective critique on a range of topics than our current media offer. And until we find a government prepared to stall this alarming shift towards eliminating factual balanced information and debate from mainstream consumption the dumbing down of Australia will continue.

  74. Jude01

    I’ve stopped reading anything Grattan writes it is way too biased. I’m a swinging voter and have made a decision only to read articles by unbiased authors and commentators. That certainly excludes Grattan, along with a few other obvious ones.

  75. jaycee

    And your contribution is?………as usual..: ziltch!…brainless dolt!

  76. Miglo

    So what. If I wrote a post that received such compliments I’d feel quite honoured.

    People are allowed to provide those comments if they want. Deal with it.

  77. Joe Smith

    Abbott was elected unopposed in the most recent ballot (after the 2010 election).Little bit of honesty please. Perhaps Grattan is just sick of incompetent government, like most (according to the polls).

  78. Miglo

    Victoria, brilliant and well said. I agree with what you’ve said.

  79. Joy R

    The MSM are so arrogant these days that they are trying to force political outcomes. They think that THEY are governing the country. Today’s Fin Rev was a disgrace. It was as partisan as the Australian. The newspaper industry is going downhill because of its lazy journalism (opinion, instead of research int o facts), and its abject failure to be balanced and report the truth. If I never read another Murdoch or Fairfax tome again it will be too soon.

  80. khtagh

    Excellent piece, well said Victoria, bet she doesn’t reply though. I too no longer go to the conversation, unsubscribed after MG’s second propaganda piece.

  81. bloodbeakthepeacekeeper

    Agree 100%

  82. tishfabrainz

    I haven’t read what the author of this thread wrote, but I agree wholeheartedly with what she’s saying. #shortonbrains

  83. lefturnahead

    Grattan, Kelly and their ilk have always been partisan and right wing,and there is nothing wrong with that,they are entitled to their opinions as am i,but i dont get paid as a so called journalist to explain to the public the policies and workings of the different political parties in a fair and balanced partisan way. Years ago when there was more diverse and honest reporting,they would have got the sack for some of the drivel they sprout today. A leopard does’nt change it’s spots,someone just has to unlock the cage and then they run wild and attack their victim,in this case it is the ALP and anyone they perceive as a threat to their or their masters agenda.

    Peter Harveys death was sad and i feel for his family and friends,but it was also the death of good professional journalism in Australia.

  84. Fed up

    I can cope with bias, as long as they do not make up their own facts to support their opinions.

    It is not the bias that is the problem. It is the mistruths and misinformation.

  85. tishfabrainz

    I agree with everyone who agrees because Michelle Grattan is sooo obviously a double agent. Liberal and Murdoch!!

  86. Fed up

    It appears to be more that they do not personally like the PM.

    One can wonder why.

    Not allow to say, that maybe it is their prejudices that could be at fault. That many have trouble with as single, woman living in sin, who is also an atheist, as PM..

    It cannot be based on how the PM has performed, on her guts, or what she has achieved.

    They are allpositiives.

    It cannot be based on what Abbott is promises, and his policies.

    After all, I have only seen intentions to have inquiries into everything, and he will do what the inquiries suggest.

  87. tishfabrainz

    How d’ya explain the professorial fellowship, though? They only hand ’em out to their ideological friends, don’t they?

  88. Tom of Melbourne

    (prepare for spam)

    Victoria said – You – the person who has written the same thing on the same subject almost every week now for two years, who is clearly obsessed with the Kevin Rudd leadership spill and so clearly despises the Prime Minister…

    And “Maybe it’s time we called you ‘long bow’ Grattan.”

    • Just to provide a little realism-

    • Various government ministers have implored the caucus to stop talking to the press about leadership. It is the parliamentary ALP that is feed the issue.

    • Can Victoria provide a link for the assertion that Grattan “clearly despises the PM”

    • A long bow? There is a legitimate view that Baillieu resigned to ensure that his leadership isn’t a distraction closer to the federal election.

    This article is so very typical of the denial mentality that exists among the committed ALP supporters. Usually “it’s all the media’s fault”. Reality is different

    Grattan has been left leaning throughout her career, and is critical of the government for legitimate reasons.

    A few of the others that the supporters have been critical of for the insightful comments they have made about the ALP–
    • Graham Richardson
    • Lindsay Tanner
    • Bill Kelty

    Some people should become a little more adult about legitimate criticism of the government.

  89. tishfabrainz

    Clearly Tom of Melbourne is not working for the cause. Does this site ban people? If so, and if I might be so presumptious as a newcomer, I would like to put his name forward as a non-right thinker who should be spaminated.

  90. Caroley

    I also was very disappointed to see The Conversation, who was proving to be a great independent, quality read, take on someone like Michelle Grattan. Then I thought after her “diversity” comments she would start providing balanced, factual, good old fashioned journalistic analysis rather than the usual NewsLtd/Fairfax spin. Alas, it as not to be.

    Now I don’t look at the Conversation any more. I don’t have any trust in Michelle Grattan’s articles, and if they are willing to publish her one-eyed crap then they are willing to publish anything non factual and full of spin so I don’t trust anything else either.

  91. Tom of Melbourne

    That’s a great point tishfabrainz. It’s all about conformity isnt it?

  92. tishfabrainz

    You talkin to me? Are you talking to ME!? Tom of fkn Melbourne if that;s even your reel name, ya right wing troll!!

  93. martha

    why are you not a fan of our pm,,, i find very hard to work out why
    any one could NOT be fan of our very first lady pm, she has a great mind, she understands the needs of all aust. business in cluded. and cares about our future re education and health.
    and working conditions
    would you mind explaining what else you woud like from our PM

  94. Marcellus Wallace

    Hey Tom, I think the diverse range of political and media commentary you are looking for is over at Bolt’s informative blog. Or do you also attack Mr Bolt for not having a diverse enough grasp of reality?

  95. martha

    thank you .

    i to dont read the conversation,, glad i found you , twitter is wonderful
    i dont tweet but it helps us find links like yours.

    i wonder how many people are on twitter and is it growing we must keep getting the message out about our wonderful pm and the policies for all australians

  96. richard facer

    I think you’re comments are a little over the top given what she has had to work with ie. a Hung parliament, a rottweiller for an opposition leader and deputy that refuse to cooperate to improve policy and then complain about it afterwards. I think given some sort of mandate and a respectful opposition that just opposed what it saw as wrong and gave support where it was appropriate rather than just flat out opposing everything in sight you would have seen a different government. The mining tax should have given it to the mining companies with both barrels instead of a little bang but was this not more because of the weakness of Kevin Rudd backflipping on climate policy when it appeared unpopular and exposing the weak belly rather than the teeth of labor. I think given she has come into a poor economic climate with declining tax revenues, faces a hostile opposition heavily funded by an even more hostile media and corporate sector as well as the naked xenophobia of Australia who as a people are notably generous when it comes to their own country but so tight they shit string when it comes to giving to other countries particularly when those countries are of a more different cultural base that she has done the best job she could have. The liberals whine about the carbon tax but they could have had an ETS if they would just supported it. So as the people of Australia get the government they deserve so the opposition gets the policies it deserves.

  97. rachanashivam

    I agree Victoria. It has truly puzzled my why Michelle Grattan has been so negative towards the Prime Minister. Its easy to snipe from the sidelines. Does she imagine that she could do better? ( is it the green monster rearing its ugly head?) I agree that the whole deposing of KR was unfortunate however the people and the system then delivered a government and I think that in the national interest we should expect that government to govern to the best of it’s ability until the next election. It’s like appointing a designated driver and then heckling and abusing them and crying foul when there is a crash. It’s an insult to the Australian public to presume that soap opera nonsense is preferred to well informed and constructive criticism. The lust for power that Tony Abbot and co has displayed is in itself a good reason not to vote for them.

  98. Miglo

    Khtagh, according to ToM you’re not allowed to say that. 😉

  99. martha

    fed up do you mean by the polls

    i take no notice,,
    it s the conversation i have with people
    i have only met two,, and i think they both vote lib

    woman have led parties all over the world India comes to mind that was year ago, Ireland, and other asian neighbour nations so it not like its new, we are actuly behind
    of course there was mrs thatcher.
    ii am proud of our pm,, imagine abbott on the world stage i cannot
    which i s also a strange to me why any one would vote for them and take away
    the gains they have made in life.
    none ofus know abbott policies he doesnt say
    but as a pensioner i am very worried he talks about taking the compensation away re the carbon price, surley thats enough then there is all that we hold dear
    medicare, hecs. how safe are these instituions and the pbs
    education is never discussed. i believe pyne has not ask one question in qt about education, i read that to day on line.
    so why would any one vote for them
    why would you take the risk

  100. Fed up

    I go to left wing sites, expecting to see left wing comments.

    Now I do like to know what those on the other side are thinking, I go to right wing sites like Menzies House.

    In the past, long before the computer age, I read authors from both sides. Not once did I ever expect to find views from both sides in one book.

    Why do people come here, demanding that this site should have comments from both.

    When one is talking about journalist, who claim to be reporting news, that is different. It is the news we want from them, not opinions.

    We are not reporting news. We are giving opinions on what we have read. We are challenging the way news is presented.

    Yes, there are many that see the PM as a gutsy woman, who has stood up and endured all that has been aimed at her. Where is the evidence that says this is not true.

    The PM has led, and never looked like being deposed, for what is going to be s full term, a highly productive, minority government. Now, I also believe that to be a fact.

    It has been a very reforming government, which has delivered a strong economy. I believe that to be a fact.

    The PM is now putting forward plans for reform and infrastructure to take us into the future. That is a fact.

    Yes, this article has summed up Grattan well. I find it disappointing, as in the past, I had much time for this lady. She is trashing her own reputation.

  101. artemistic

    A very well written article and so truthful. I am sick and tired of reading Piers Akerman degrading us as women. Of accusing us as being dumb and reading all his comments from Abbotts fans accusing us of being uneducated. I just have to open up our Newspaper to find an article of Bolt’s slamming and making personal attacks on our PM that only show his personal hatred. I have news for Ms. Grattan, as she may resent live exports and would appreciate a large photo of rally protestors holding up signs which say stop live exports at Ms. Gillards talk to our community which seemed to be far more important than Ms. Gillards visit, but while the newspaper on the other hand plastered Abbotts visit to give a talk in the same electorate with photo’s of Abbott and young boys the protestors were barely mentioned bar from Abbott commenting that he will never ban live exports with a heading that seemed to refer to Abbott as being our future PM and he was praised to the hilt. If it wasn’t for the diversity of writers on the internet I would have much difficulty finding out the real truth as a lot of truth is very hard to find within the News Ltd articles.

  102. Tom of Melbourne

    4 words inc 1 x teabag.


  103. Fed up

    It amazes me that some post inane comments and expect to be taken serioulsy.

  104. 730reportland

    ” sick and tired of reading Piers Akerman”
    Then don`t. While you pay and read Limited-News junk-media, you are giving them hits(online-validity) and cash off-line. You are actually proving Piers correct when you do this. The best way to deal with junk-media of all types is not to give them CASH or AUDIENCE. Hit them where it hurts, the bottom line, turn them off.

  105. 730reportland

    Well said VR.
    To me Gratten does `template` writing that hits all the managements bullet-points.
    1. Declare a `squawking-point`, and relate it to today`s event.
    2. Compare it to what Mr-Rabbit said.
    3. Imagine how it should have been done better.
    4. Remind readers of woeful `noise-polls`.
    5. Hint to readers what `teabags` want.
    6. Don`t forget Leadership speculation, the editor won`t.

  106. Di Pearton

    I don’t like that she is following the USA on education reform, going down the track of testing. NAPLAN is a useful tool for teachers but results should not be published. It would be more useful to talk to teacher’s unions about Education, rather than US ‘Education consultants’, and learn from Finland where they have had amazing success improving literacy and numeracy. Frontline teachers have a wealth of experience.

    I think that the ‘schoolkids bonus’ should have gone directly to public schools.

    I don’t understand her stance on same sex marriage. The PM says she is a ‘traditionalist’, but then she isn’t in a traditional marriage herself.

    I would like a feasible explanation of why our troops are in Afghanistan, and I think that the mining tax is pathetic. All Australians should be sharing in our mineral wealth, and I would like to see refugees processed onshore and close to services.

    I think that the PM should have honoured her commitment to pokie reform.

    All that said, I don’t understand the hatred out there for her. I just don’t like some/lots of her policies, but I firmly believe that Abbott would be a disaster for Australia!!

  107. Ricky (Tory Torcher)

    I have nothing to add other than,
    A: I enjoyed and agree with the article
    B: Reading Grating over past few years is painfully Get Gillard, so I have stopped reading her.
    C: I really don’t care what Tom Mexican thinks. I mean fancy agreeing with something :tom:

  108. 730reportland

    ” 71 comments, I think the tallies are”
    suck it up teabag

  109. Cuppa

    Abbott is a fool.

  110. Brett

    Grattan painted herself into a corner about two years ago when she declared she didn’t like Gillard, and ever since, she’s written nothing but anti-Gillard gossip. It certainly can’t be called journalism.
    It’s an election year, yet try to find one article in the mainstream press about policy, either the government’s or the opposition’s, try to find one article about the state of Australia’s economy, try to find one fair and balanced story that’s not about petty gossip, entirely made up by the press, with nothing but ‘anonymous sources’ to back it up. You won’t.
    This week alone, The Wall Street Journal, La Tribune, Der Spiegel, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Reuters International and all ran articles about how well Australia is doing, and how strong our economy is, yet Grattan and her ilk write nothing but the same negative shite, week after week.
    Gillard is regularly praised in the international press. A great example is her ‘without a script’ 15 minute speech in parliament ripping Abbott a new one. Universal praise all over the world. And here, it was unanimously reported as a disaster.
    It’s about time someone called Grattan on her third rate, pathetic excuse for journalism.

  111. Pamela Nathan

    I can’t beliee what you have written Martha! It seems that a very large majority is so disappointed that our first female PM has been such a dismal failure. As I type here I am listening to the results of the WA elections and it is clear that the people there have spoken loudly and clearly and the LNP have won enough seats to govern independently.. I’ve never known a Party to request that the PM or any federal minister not help them to campaign; to stay out of the State. The ALP in WA did this. I don’t know what JG is like personally; I only know that she and her caucus have done so much harm to the country that I’m sure history will put this government down as the very worst we have had. This open letter is typical of the blinkered bleating of some ALP supporters – fewer and fewer it seems.
    Ask the single parents what they think of what JG’s done (and remember that Nicola Roxon resigned because she wanted to spend more time with her eight-year old daughter and that that age of children is when single mothers are being made to return to work).
    Ask the families of the four people who died as a result of the pink batts debacle.
    Ask the families of those asylum seekers who perished because this government made it so easy for the people smugglers to do their dirty work.
    Ask the UN what they think about the fact that the money the government promised in foreign aid( in order to get a temporary seat on the UN) has now been cut in order to finance the 35,000 asylum seekers.
    The sleazy manner in which she poached a member of the Opposition, Peter Slipper (although the Opposition had been trying to get rid of him for a long time) and put him in the Speaker’s position in the House of Reps in place of Harry Jenkins who was an excellent speaker. She did this, of course, because she broke her promise to Andrew Wilkie about the poker machines and felt she might not be able to depend on his vote again. Her defence of Craig Thomson, her relationship with the shady Bob Wilson, her affair that she had with Craig Emerson (when he was married with children and who subsequently left his wife), her closeness with corrupt unions and the way she knifed Kevin Rudd are all aspects that paint her in a very bad light. There is still a police enquiry going on about the AWU scandal and goodness knows what that will reveal.
    As the polls have shown, people are sick and tired of the incompetence of this government and the damage it has caused and is continuing to cause. They are absolutely sick and tired of the grand statements like the NDIS and the Gonski promises. We all know that there is no money left to finance these. I’ve just heard a commentator say that the huge defeat of the ALP is a backlash of Julia Gillard’s popularity and behaviour. I really admire and respect Michelle Grattan for the professional and perceptive journalist that she is.

  112. martin

    And here I was, thinking it was all Abbott’s fault ..

  113. Peter

    @Victoria. You quote Grattan: “Diversity matters because we need many voices – as many as possible >commentinginterpreting politicscommenting< on politics AND wanting other voices. Grattan has never attempted to stifle other voices. A columnist can hold opinions and comments AND want other voices to be printed. Your point is not logical.

    You claim that Grattan is "obsessed" and that she "despises" the PM. Really. Are you not engaging in exactly the same writing that you accuse Grattan of? I would suggest far worse, actually.

    "am sick to death of your campaign to fuel the fires of ‘leadership tension’ within the government."
    Leadership tension IS occurring within Labor. This has not been caused by the media but by the power plays within Labor. Grattan does not have the power you think she has. Labor caucus members are feeding the media.

    You fail to address the most obvious point. Grattan is not employed at The Conversation as a journalist. She is a columnist. It is clearly indicated on the website. She is there to provide her "analysis and commentary on Australian politics". There is a difference between a reporter and a columnist.

    "It’s fairly obvious that Gillard doesn’t suck up to the Press Gallery like Rudd did. They’ve never forgiven Gillard for the leadership spill because she didn’t ‘leak’ it to them beforehand."

    There are more wild assumptions in those two sentences than words!

  114. Peter

    @Brett.The government does have great numbers. But in trashing Rudd, they effectively cut off the ability to talk about their performance during the GFC and keeping our economy from falling into recession.

    A great deal of the blame must be levelled against the dovernment’s hopeless ability to communicate. Gillard and Swan are woeful. In terms of economics, the only consistent message the government pumped out for the past 12 months or so is their determination to achieve a budget surplus. Why a Labor government became obsessed with right-wing economics is beyond me. But they staked their economic credentials on this “achievement” and failed on the terms of the criteria they themselves set – they shot themselves in the foot.

    The failure of the mining tax has also undermined the ALP’s economic credentials.

    The government does not know what to say about the economy, nor has a future narrative. When large numbers of people are feeling under economic strain – especially those in the slow-lane economy, telling them how good they have it, is not good politics.

    Gillard campaigning in western Sydney there was no talk of economics. Roads, crime and putting “Aussies first”.

    The obsession with Abbott releasing his policies is part of what opposition parties do in Australia. Since Hewson’s defeat, all subsequent Opposition parties have purposely engaged in a small-target strategy – to release few policies and to release them late to avoid scrutiny and also ensure pressure remains on the government for as long as possible. Both Liberal and Labor oppositions engage in the same strategy. Abbott isn’t the first and he will not be the last.

  115. Geraldine

    I agree with many of the emotions and most of the assertions of this piece, but I have to say … this is a sloppy and audaciously unsubstantiated post. Don’t call this an ‘open letter’ as if to expand a debate. This is a clear and direct evisceration. Deserved (or not), title this piece what it is.

  116. Joy Cooper

    What are you talking about Joe? What recent ballot? Being elected unopposed for anything means diddleysquat as ot just means no one else stood.

  117. Joy Cooper

    Completely agree, Brett. Last week, respected & impartial, economic journalist Ross Gittins had a trite piece of crap published. It was nowhere near his standard of erudite writing & seemed to have been written, to a set formula, by an uneducated intern. That is what Fairfax has sunk to led by their former belle dame La Grattan.

  118. Joe Smith

    I said ‘most recent ballot’ (after the 2010 election). The letter said he only won by one vote – that was before the 2010 election, there has been a leadership vote since then, so what happened before then is largely irrelevant. I make no judgment on whether it means anything, just that the letter was dishonest on that point.Settle down please.

  119. Joe Smith

    ‘Does she imagine that she could do better?’

    She’s a journalist, it’s her job to critique. It’s unfair to criticise her for doing it.

  120. Joe Smith

    ‘I believe that to be a fact.’

    Oh the irony.

  121. sulphurcrested

    I think Kevin Rudd made a huge mistake there too. He seems very naive and perhaps at that time was too full of bonhomie after Labor won government.
    And then those appointments of Liberals to ambassadorial positions, as though being rewarded. For what purpose did he do that? Were they actually the best candidates?
    I don’t think he’s grounded in the real world, more of an ivory tower academic type and even more, caught up in his own reflection, like Narcissus.

  122. sulphurcrested

    She’s being criticised for not doing her job, which you’d know if you’d read the article.

  123. Tom R

    She is there to provide her “analysis and commentary on Australian politics”.

    And as I pointed out above, her ánalysis’gets simple fact wrong, which means her commentary is flawed from hte start.

    The fact that the facts are inaccurate in a way that reflects poorly on the PM can be attributed to two things, pure coincidence, or the result of an underlying bias against the PM. No coincidence can explain the high number of times she gets her facts wrong in a way that reflects poorly on the PM, it can only be a bias. and a bias that comes across as an extreme one judging by her commentary.

    It seems as though any journalist who writes something critical about Julia Gillard’s leadership must therefore be part of “the hate media.”

    read above 😉

  124. reb

    It seems as though any journalist who writes something critical about Julia Gillard’s leadership must therefore be part of “the hate media.”

    Heck, there are those here who think that the polls are part some anti-Gillard hate plan conspiracy thing too…

    Imagine the reality check you’re all going ti get on September 14 😯

  125. reb

    “It amazes me that some post inane comments and expect to be taken serioulsy.”


  126. reb

    LOL…!! 🙂

  127. reb

    Exactly Joe.

    MG’s simply being slammed on this forum because she’s not part of the “Gillard = good, Abbott = bad,” group-hug chorus-line that’s going on here….

  128. Alan Turner

    Thank you Victoria. It is hard to maintain the federal coalition argument that Gillard’s government has been such a failure, given, say, Australian economic data particularly relative to other developed economies, or even – as I heard Tim Flannery say yesterday – the apparent success of Labor’s arguably quite modest climate policies (but at least Labor has climate policies that are supported by strong scientific evidence).

    The disturbing way some talk about Rudd/Gillard government failure as if it were an objectively proven fact (I wonder how an Abbott government would have functioned within the context of a hung Parliament post-2010?), must at least in part be attributed to a successful opposition barrage of half-truths and hate-speak but also to the similarly sustained barrage of Grattenesque reporting about which you have written.
    A horrid sounding word that, like a stinking cheese-based reportage, but then that also makes it apt.

    Thanks again Victoria, hearing what you had to say has made my morning.

  129. Joe Smith

    “the apparent success of Labor’s arguably quite modest climate policies”

    I wasn’t aware that the world had cooled. Go us.

  130. Tom R

    I wasn’t aware that the world had .cooled. Go us.

    Just another example of the extreme stupidity that infests the AGW debate. Go you.

  131. Geoff Of Epping

    “long bow Grattan” is good. I’ve been using “jihad Grattan” for a long time now.
    She truly is a legend in her own lunch box. Well and truly past her use by date. And, as you say, irritating as hell.

  132. Miglo

    It appears there are some people here who only like to mock the left wing commenters. If that is their only reason for being here then they are wasting everybody else’s time. One person in particular hasn’t even bothered to address the post, preferring instead to make snide remarks against those that have a different opinion to themselves.

  133. Pip

    Thanks for this Cuppa, I hadn’t heard about it..What’s his specialty… Climate Change? Goddes help us!.

  134. Saskia

    The lack of meaningful analysis in Grattan’s reporting has long evidenced her disrespect for her readership

  135. mike hopkins

    Grattan is a disgrace to the journalism profession. Not that there are many real journalists left in Australia – not employed by the main stream media anyway.

  136. Joy Cooper

    Thanks Miglo. They certainly aren’t adding to the discussion. Perhaps it is due to an apparent wanting in their intellect. 🙂

  137. Bronwyn Williams

    You have called it beautifully Victoria – so well written.

  138. Patricia Backmann

    MK gave me hope when she glowingly commented what a great mentor and writer Michelle had been years ago and that with the move, she would now be able to write more professionally and independently. Obviously Michelle Grattan’s plan was to simply further spread the rot being festered in the ‘old camp’.

  139. Tom of Melbourne

    Apparently Michelle Grattan is widely read in WA.

    By the way, could Victoria provide the evidence that Grattan ‘despises’ Gillard.

  140. Grant Smith

    Thank you Victoria. So many of my friends here in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne have been saying the very same thing. I think we all gave up reading Michelle Grattan at various times over the past year. What a shame as I used to always think of her a Australia’s Helen Thomas.. asking the hard questions without favour. Sad to see a senior journalist so badly compromised.

  141. Tom R

    the evidence that Grattan ‘despises’ Gillard.

    Did you read my post?

  142. reb

    What discussion? It’s the sound of one hand clapping. 😯

  143. reb

    That’s quite a snide remark isn’t it. 😯

  144. Fed up

    I am curious as to where one finds comments that says out PM is perfect.

    What most are saying, she is far from being what the right wing media and their ilk describe her.

    What I am a little sick of, is those who only come to ridicule the views of others without one word that address the post.

    We do have some very well worded comments that disagree with what has been said in the article.

    That is a refreshing change, one that enables one to reply too. I agree with some of the negative comments, disagree with the other.

    Yes, those who disagree are welcome. That is as long as they adress the post. This is good.

  145. Di Pearton

    Pamela, I don’t agree with a couple of problems you have with PM JG. I don’t think that the gov’t can be held responsible for the insulation deaths. This was shonky private companies trying to rip off the tax-payer and not having safe work practices in place.

    I also don’t have a problem with single parents being taken off welfare (well, onto Newstart) because I think 8 years is very good maternity leave, and I believe that parents should take financial responsibility at some point (hopefully BOTH parents). There seems to be a growing demographic of men leaving their responsibilities to the tax-payer?

    Yes, Newstart is pathetically low, but I would rather funds be spent on supporting people into work, and it is only a safety net, not a lifestyle.

    I can tell you about some good things the ALP gov’t has done, and I don’t care who leads it; Teen Dental Vouchers, the first money to come into Dental Services from feds since Whitlam, increasing the tax-free threshhold (which should be $25,000), National Partnerships funding- this has been wonderful funding for disadvantaged schools.

    Can we start naming an ALP policy we ARE happy with?

  146. Tom R


    lol reb, just after some have been mentioned

    I’ll ad some

    Carbon Price
    Fairwork Act
    Paid Maternity
    Tightening 457 visas

    I can add more later if you still think there are crickets 😉

  147. Fed up

    Most single parents with children over eight are already only entitled New Start.

    The leglistaion is still the same as Mr. Howard introduced in 2006. What has been removed is the grandfather clause that allowed those on the benefit at the time, to remain until the child turned 16.

    This has led to two classes of single parents. One that keeps the benifit until the child turns 16, and those who have come for the benefit after 2006, who are only entitled to the benefit until the child reaches 8.

    I fail to see how that is fair. Most of the protected groups, I suspect have older children, while the newcomers go back to work when the child reaches 8.

    At the same time, there is available help for the parent to educate and grow their employment skills, so when they return to the workforce, they have more choices.

    I have not seen one word written since 2006, raising comerns for those who are not covered by the grandfather clause.

    Yes, It was Howard; s policy, which Labor has continued, but I suspect putting in place other assistance for single parents.

    Yes, much needs to be done. To encourage one to stay on benefits is not the answer.

    What needs to be put in place, are supporting that enable them to be able to live a worthwhile life, and earn a decent income.

    Nor does one believe that these women will be better off, under Abbott.

    The evidence is there, that they will indeed not be. All the Coailition states first action was to cut back on spending to TAFE and Skilling programs. Is that a hint of what is to come?.

    These women need support in improving their job skills, and access to affordable childcare.

  148. Di Pearton

    As an NSWer I’m not happy about BER, when State schools cost $3900 per square m., Catholic schools cost $2823.
    That’s $1000 per square m for EVERY square m. That’s a LOT of ripping off the tax-payer, or corruption??

  149. Fed up

    Putting up the money paid by New Start benefits is a lazy way of dealing with the problem.

  150. Di Pearton

    Yes, I think that supporting and funding and reinvigorating TAFE would help a lot. I have a friend who has taught in TAFE for 30 years, and I can honestly say that for that entire time TAFE has been under siege from gov’ts of ALP and LNP. It could save so much money in the long term if our gov’ts didn’t think so short term??

  151. Fed up

    DI, the inquiries into BER, much as I recalled did not suppport the allegations of waste at the time. All found, I think well over 90% to be reasonable.

    The trouble was, that apple w

    Even there, there was no great problem found.

    Google and look up some of the post BER reports. You will be amazed that maybe the media was not too truthful in its reporting.

    I believe that BER was about much more than providing new buildings.

  152. reb

    “You’ll no doubt write me off as some rusted-on Laborite who just doesn’t want to hear the truth.”

    I’ll pay that.

  153. khtagh

    Its only TFM who gives a shit, it is not like he is important, not in this lifetime. Like I always do & advise all others to do follow the TPS creed STT “scroll the troll” & his right wing nutjobs, usually only takes 3 words to identify. Responses are his air in life. Don’t let him breath.

  154. reb

    “Can we start naming an ALP policy we ARE happy with?”


  155. James Curzon

    Radio National listeners agree. Michelle Grattan’s time is up as a journalist. Listeners are sick of her lazy, Canberra fishbowl obsession with analysing the parochial entrails of national politics. In an election year it’s not good enough! And it’s a turnoff. Time for someone with something new to say.

  156. Fed up

    Should not the PM get some credit for raising the matter at the Labor Annual Conference and for fighting for a conscious for a conscience vote.

    I am still old fashioned enough to believe people, even PMs are entitled to their own views on most matters.

    This PM has not forced her view on others. Is that not good enough.

    Why not look at the man and the party that does not allow a conscience. I fail to see how continuing to attack the PM will take the cause further.

    The PM is not the enemy in this case.

  157. teddysea

    I think the majority of people here know that reb and Tom of Melbourne are only here to distract, throw red herrings and provoke an argument so … let’s not go down that path and let’s just stick to Victoria’s points about Michelle Grattan. Easy.

  158. Fed up

    Well maybe we can all be enlighten why the attack should be on the PM and not Abbott.

  159. Di Pearton

    Yes, it was about more than new buildings, but if you visit schools, private and public, as I do, as an allied health worker you could not argue anything else but that the public sector did not get it’s money worth.
    I know the inquiry findings, but that figure shows the sad discrepancy. Public schools missed out on taking advantage of a once in history opportunity for real infrastructure investment. I do not blame the federal government, but you wouldn’t give a bag of marbles to the NSW gov’t and expect fair dealing.

  160. Joe Smith

    Presumably because she is the PM. Just a thought.

  161. Di Pearton

    I do not believe that it is the PM’s view at all. I think Julia Gillard has somehow become beholden to the ALP religious right on this issue. What does everyone else think?

    And I agree that the real enemy to all progress on social issues is Tony Abbott, but that doesn’t preclude discussion, does it?

  162. Candy Spender van Rood

    Thank you for your article which has opened up this most important discussion and awareness about a woman who has been a powerful influence on the Australian political scene with her reporting for a very long time and has now lost her powers of impartiality, and become obsolete and corrupt by her own self-importance and petulant resentments. By the huge responses here, it really highlights how important her role has been and unfortunately still is as we approach the next election. I very much wish like so many here, that she would take a good hard look at herself and retire gracefully.

  163. reb

    “Tightening 457 visas”

    That’s a good thing is it….? 😯

  164. Bacchus

    “Tightening 457 visas”

    That’s a good thing is it….?

    Well yes actually. Care to articulate why you believe it’s not?

  165. Fed up

    Yes, Teddy, time to get back to that very good post.

  166. Fed up

    Bacchus, I fail to see what is wrong with putting the jobs of Australians before guest workers from overseas.

    I know we live in a global economy but have we reached the stage where the level playing field when it comes to employment in this country, is global.

    If so, the time has come to open out borders to all comers, whether people or companies.

    Now I am sure that the big companies that believe they have the right to hire from wherever they want, under whatever conditions they offer, will have something very loud to say.

  167. Peter

    @Fed Up. There is some serious re-writing of history occurring. The PM did not raise the matter at conference, that’s not the interals of the ALP works.

    The PM actively lobbied for a ‘no’ vote on marriage equality at conference. When it became clear she was going to lose, the conscience vote was the cobbled together compromise to win back some right-wing delegates – and avoid the PM having to vote for allowing marriage equality in the Parliament. Gillard was actively lobbying with her mates including Joe de Bruyn against equality.

    As Rainbow Labor make clear, conscience votes on issues of discrimination is wrong. If the ALP doesn’t vote to remove discrimination, the Libs clearly won’t.

    WA polls: Them dastardly “manipulated” polls. On the primary vote, the current WA numbers are 47.2% Liberal, 6.0% Nationals, 33.6% Labor and 7.9% Greens, while Newspoll had it at 48%, 6%, 32% and 8%.

  168. Fed up

    Pardon me. the PM did raise the matter. You are wrong.

  169. Fed up

    The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, had called for a conscience vote and personally moved the amendment backing this.
    Had this been defeated, Ms Gillard’s leadership would have suffered a serious blow. She dodged a bullet when the conscience vote was endorsed by 208 votes to 184.
    Support to change the platform to one of explicit support for gay marriage was much stronger and some see this as a defeat for the Prime Minister.
    She has not publicly opposed a platform change but she does oppose changes to the Marriage Act which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
    The platform change endorsed today says ‘‘Labor will amend the Marriage Act to ensure equal access to marriage under statute for all adult couples irrespective of sex who have a mutual commitment to a shared life’’.
    The amendments to the platform also exclude the churches and other religious organisations from having to marry gay people if they do not want to.
    Opening debate this morning, Ms Gillard acknowledged it was a divisive issue in both the Labor Party and the broader community and urged respect for opposing views.
    ‘‘When we have had this debate here, that climate of respect now needs to continue,’’ said.
    It is now expected a Labor backbencher from the Left will move a private members bill when Parliament resumes next year.
    The changes to the platform, driven by the ACT Deputy Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, and the Finance Minister, Penny Wong, was a rare defeat for the powerful and ultra-conservative part of the Right which is allied to the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association, headed by Joe de Bruyn. Mr De Bruyn opposed any platform change but could not hold the Right together.
    He told the conference that Labor would suffer at the next election because of the change.
    To boos and jeers from the overwhelmingly pro-gay marriage delegates, Mr de Bruyn said the change was out of step with mainstream Australia and would cost Labor support especially in Queensland.
    Veteran Senator John Faulkner argued for both the platform change and against Ms Gillard’s call for a conscience vote.
    The majority of the ALP opposed a conscience vote but could not afford to roll Ms Gillard.
    Had the Left and elements of the Right got its way and changed policy to outright support for gay marriage, there was a risk of a split.
    But Senator Faulkner said ‘‘human rights can never be at the mercy of individual opinion or individual prejudice’’.
    ‘‘It’s not for governments to grant human rights but the recognise and protect them,’’ he said.
    He said a conscience vote on human rights ‘‘is not conscionable’’, especially as a conscience vote has never been allowed on sending troops to war, even conscription.
    Senator Wong said the policy platform change was not a diminution of Ms Gillard’s authority.
    ‘‘It says something about the measure of the woman (for allowing the debate),’’ she said.
    With the momentum for the policy change unstoppable, Ms Gilllard attempted to distance herself from the inevitable outcome by ordering faction bosses to allow a free vote.

    Read more:

  170. Tom of Melbourne

    I’ve now reviewed Tom R’s “evidence” that Grattan “despises” Gillard.

    Yeah, right. Lots of real evidence. It’s just enough to convince an ardent barracker. Hilarious.

    Grattan joins the majority of political observers, who are now apparently unreliable in pointing out that Gillard has a range of policy deficiencies and a history of poor judgment.
    Former WA ALP Premier Geoff Gallop made a good point today, he said – “first you have to have public trust, then they’ll look at your policies”

    That’s where Gillard has lost it, only a minority of people trust her.

  171. reb

    Exactly Joe. Gillard is the one has the power and influence to actually do something…

    But, hey look over there at Tony Abbott… 🙄

  172. 2353

    And that has nothing to do with the NSW Government running the BER program differently to everyone else – does it?

  173. Fed up

    The question is .” Why does not the PM have the public’s trust?”

    Could the answer lie within this post.

  174. Fed up

    Sorry, I meant to say, a part of the answer lie within this post.

  175. Fed up

    As for BER, even in NSW, all the investigations revealed was pretty good. Private industry would have been proud with the results.

    Saying that, these examples belong to the previous Rudd government, not this government.

    Where are more up to date examples of alleged waste?.

    Not as if that is what the post is about.

    Maybe indirectly it is, as those examples give some insight into much misinformation that has come from the likes of Grattan over the life of this government and the last for that matter.

    Anything positve to Labor is ignored.

  176. Min

    I was relieved to see Victoria put into words an impression which I’ve had for a while now. Going from a “must read” where one knew that there was going to be a balance of opinion, Grattan especially this year has managed to regirgitate just about every right wing slogan of the troll variety..that is, meaningless talking points taken without question as being factual information. I could be incorrect, but this change in Grattan seemed to suddenly appear not long after Tony Abbott became LOTO. I remember doing a few Hallelijahs when the rare piece of analysis appeared thinking “she’s back”, but these have been few and far in between.

  177. Duggo

    I concur with you Victoria & applaud you for writing the above.
    The MSM bias has really decided the vote for me.

    There is no way I`ll be selling out my country to a foreign interest like Murdoch.
    It`s well known now that Abbott is in bed with Murdoch & he`s well & truly on the bottom.

  178. TB Queensland

    … and that’s the real problem here … the comments of detractors are quite different to distractors … and you chant together without seeing what’s happening outside the fireplace … I’ve known, reb, as long, maybe longer than anyone here when we argued and fought (with Min and Migs and others) to dislodge, John Howard & The Private School Bullies …

    I still fight with ToM on another blog (you knew that anyway!) … but some of what he says is (I believe – don’t know) based on personal experience ….

    As a long term ALP voter I can put up with the occasional mistake by my chosen party … but “my” ALP has been hi-jacked by a bunch of right wing wankers from the NSW Branch who are more “right wing” that the Liberal Party! And that is scary! And stupid! I’ve been involved in strikes! I’ve been a union rep (albeit due to circumstances to protect my workmates FROM the union) …. my old man was a union delegate during the construction of the Gladstone Aluminium Plant (for the same reason – to look after his workmates!)

    And I’ve been a line and staff manager who saw my role as helping my “troops” to produce in a congenial atmosphere … it’s not rocket science …

    Before and during Hawke/Keating, ALP politicians understood that their job was to help to “protect” the ordinary workers and their families from the, Robber Barons, (who are more prevalent now than ever!) who rode/ride on the back of cheap labour, quick profits and poor conditions … (not the genuine employers and management teams that did the “right thing”)

    What we have now is a bunch of (even more) self centred pigs/pollies in the trough … politicians who don’ give a shit about anyone on this, or any other blog, trying to protect them … and the ABBOTT government on the 15th of September will be no different … in fact it will be worse! Check out the Noddy Newman debacle in my state … JBP will be giggling as he plays with the Devil!

    I ran a small business for 16 years from 1992 …and the only people that made my life difficult was the government … (I can assure you I’m qualified to do what I did – well enough to retire at 59 – without their help!) …

    But trying to defend a PM who has had every opportunity, a Treasurer who tries but can’t do it (and I’ve met Wayne on a number of occasions – a nice man BTW — and also BTW, Tip Custard, was even worse that Wayne Swan!) and a government that can’t promote itself and its achievements is quite frankly – ludicrous …

    If I was their manager … I’d simply fire them for incompetence (sure the silly Fairwork Tribunal might attempt to re-employ them – but) … they are simply incompetent … what is so disturbing is that, unless something drastic happens in the next six months we’ll end up with an even more incompetent government than the one we have!

    Remember – Federal and state governments all agree and the GST will go UP … drastically!


    And if you think … reb and ToM are simply recalcitrants (as I am too I guess) then you are welcome to your fate … we see it as it is not as we would like it to be …

    As I once told a very irate ex-Canadian poster … simply supporting what isn’t right ony makes it worse!

    I was called a right wing troll at the time … the truth is I’m far from both … I just say it as I see it!


    For investors – another crash is very close!

  179. Con Vaitsas

    I reckon Michelle should have retired some years ago, I find her slightly boring, repetitive and only writes articles that convince the swinging voters and those in the burbs what way to think politically because she is considered a trusted and experienced jouno Anyway any person serious about politics and news in general should not be relying on Fairfax, News Ltd ABC and the other news stations, there are lots of independent news sites like New Matilda and bloggers out there wanting you to read their take of the news, plus there are countless overseas sites

  180. Fed up

    TB, you say you were in business fro0m 1992 for 16. Years. Which government did you suffer most under?

    I do have trouble when many dwell forever in the past, and judge everything by the standards of another time.

    Yes, there will be down turns in the economy. That is the nature of Capitalism. What I do not understand, why one thinks Abbott has any answers.

    Maybe you can explain the hatred that is aboard for the PM. TB, I know from much I have read of what you write; you are not a stupid man.

    Labor has been in power since 2007. During that time we have seen the GFC, which most say is the worst since the great depression. Unlike most countries in the western world, we have come through relatively unscathed.

    We have continued to grow, in spite of a high dollar, and the damage it does to exports.

    We still have growth, low inflation, low unemployment and interest rates. We have AAA from three different bodies

    At the same time, this government has managed to improve infrastructure, build roads and increase funding to such things as education and health.

    This PM has bought in the MRRT, which is designed to tax super profits of the mining industry, returning some of the pie to the people of Australia. Yes, because its introduction coincided with a fall in ore prices, and lack of super profits, it has not yet collected much. I believe with the rise in ore prices, this situation will change.

    Then we have the NBNco, which will give us the technology needed to meets the needs of this century. A system that will lead the world. And yes, one that in the long term will be cheaper.

    Now, to climate change, which one cannot afford to ignore, has been addressed. I do believe the bigger part of the population do believe that there is manmade climate change, due to the carbon emissions underway.

    Yes, it has been a very productive minority government.

    Yes, like all governments, it could some things better.

    TB, why do some believe one has to be sarcastic and attack the person to get their message across.

    I have stated my view. I have no problem with those, who have different ideas and point out to me, where I wrong.

    Sadly all we get is rusted on, naive; she is a liar on and no.

  181. Miglo

    TB, I agree with half of what you say but I can’t offer a detailed response as I’m typing on my mobile device and progress is painfully slow.

    But I will say one thing. There’s a big difference between providing contrary arguments than there is with sniping. It’s not hard to construct a valid argument, such as you have taken the effort to do.

  182. Miglo


    Reb and ToM have been blocked from commenting here for the exact reasons you have noted.

  183. teddysea

    You’d make a good speaker in the House of Reps Miglo … though I wouldn’t wish it on you . 😉

  184. Joy Cooper

    As if we didn’t need any further proof that Michelle Grattan doesn’t fact check, in her latest piece for The Conversation she has referred to Stephen Smith as being the Foreign Minister. ;It is even mentioned in the headline!!

    She really does live in the past.

  185. Joy Cooper

    Oops that link takes you to The Conversation in my Gmai. Perhaps it could be edited out.& this one substituted. Thanks.

  186. Tom R

    I notice yomm had a “review” of my évidence, but didn’t attempt to address it, or point out perhaps where he thinks I am wrong. Just a Yeah, right. Lots of real evidence. and of with his rant about the PM being a liar again. Doesn’t address or dispute the specific points I made about hte inacuracies in grattans article that reflects poorly on the PM.

    I note he has been banned. What a loss. Perhaps, upon reflection, he might want to engage next time he gets a guernsey, rather than just spout ideolgical mantras. But I’ll bet not.

  187. Joy Cooper

    Thanks jagman but the link in my original post still links back to my Gmail acc & I cannot change it. Moderator, can the link be removed, pretty please??

  188. Gita Dunbar

    I have given up listening to Michelle Grattan over the last couple of years. Her mealy mouthed and repetitive comments about Gillard and the government turned me off … and I’m not a Labor voter! I am surprised she got a Guernsey with The Conversation.

  189. jagman48

    Hi Joy I think they have fixed it up. But good to see the conversation back on track.

  190. Joy Cooper

    Well, The Conversation has become just like the rest of the mainstream media. In the latest opinion piece from MG they have changed Stephen Smith to his correct titile of Defence Minister. MA must have been having a “senior moment” when she labelled him Foreign Minister.

  191. AntonyG

    Tom R,

    ToM was too busy badmouthing everyone here over at his own blog to be concerned about anything such as debating issues with you.


    It was typical trollish behaviour, and well known modus operandi of those now banned individuals. They pretend at times to want to debate issues, but it rapidly becomes downgraded to a slagging match with the topic nothing more than a vehicle for them to push their pet barrows.

    Well done blogmasters for making the hard decisions. The yelps of protest doubtless will be loud.

  192. Joy Cooper

    Oh right, jagman. Sorry, I thought you were talking about my link. Blush.

    Think it was devious how Michelle’s errors were covered up AFTER it was published . This should have happened before. Perhaps The Conversation now know what a doddering old journo they have hired as one of their centrepiece contibutors.

  193. jagman48

    Hi Joy that is what I meant by my message. They were very quick to fix up a very poor piece of journalism. And Antony I have noticed the actions of the trolls and the way they hijack a thread to completely loose the meaning of a post.

  194. Fed up

    Maybe Grattan will not last. There does not seem to be much support for her, even on that site.

    As for mistakes, I believe that one does not take the sub editor when one leaves.

  195. William Grey

    Thanks Victoria for a superb articulation of concerns which I see are widely shared. ‘The Conversation’ began as a promising initiative to provide independent critical commentary. This initiative has been seriously degraded by providing a high profile to Grattan, who can only be seen as a mole from the mainstream media mafia.

  196. Chris

    I do think that, like an old race horse, Michelle has now gone out to pasture but no longer being in the WFA Category 1 competition, she simply re-rides old races.

    Sadly she does herself no good while trashing the reputation of a perfectly competent and well-performing PM – a female at that I might add. How the mighty are fallen.

    Oh Tempora O mores!

  197. Jane Seville

    Fantastic article Victoria. Wish I had found your blog earlier, instead of silently fuming at the way our PM is treated by the MSM. I have a feeling MSM journalists are either being intimidated or being bought off to bring about regime change. Anyway it is great to be discovering alternate voices and opinions to the drivel they espouse, so please keep up the great work.

  198. Rob

    A lot of people in denial here – can’t see the wood for the trees.
    If MG has modified her prejudices, then people need to think about why that might be so.

  199. jagman48

    She hasn’t modified her prejudices at all that is the point that many have made. But she showed how good she was yesterday calling the Defence Minister the Foreign Affairs Minister.

  200. ajbluebird

    Well written. Makes me wonder if Michelle doesn’t like the idea of having a smart, articulate “new girl on the block”. She has put Gillard down from the beginning.
    Will she ever talk policy? Where was her piece on productivity etc etc …

  201. Fed up

    Rob, why do you believe we are in denial. Maybe some believe that it is us that sees the truth, and others must be in denial, if they cannot see the same as us.

    Time will show who is correct.

    The balance seems to be on our side, when one ignores opinions and perceptions, and focus on facts.

    Maybe those perceptions that many base their dislike, even hatred of the PM on, could do with another look.

  202. Fed up

    I believe the problem that Grattan has,is that this PM has not made any effort to cultivate or snuggle up to the media, Mr. Murdoch included.

    This takes guts, but is good for democracy.

  203. rachanashivam

    I think that is a very sound insight.

  204. Mescal Yates

    I couldn’t have put it better myself and thank you for articulating exactly what i think

  205. depressed voter

    Thank you so much. I can recall when political reporting used to be about policy and what was or was not good for the society. Quite early in her career as a political journalist Grattan began to concentrate on the personality conflicts and that was interesting for a time. However, as her influence grew, the entire Canberra press gallery appeared to follow her lead and, presumably because of her standing, have now so adopted her methodology and prejudices that it is difficult to find impartial analysis of policy in the mainstream press. Even on the ABC we hear Fran Kelly interviewing Gratton and passing it of as independent political journalism!
    The Gratton effect has been a major factor in the creation of the appalling state of politics now existing in this country and a major eroding factor in the struggle to maintain real democracy. It is a tragedy that your analysis appears to have such little currency in the mainstream press.

  206. nanatej2002Jill

    great article. couldn’t agree more. Yes, we turn off and don’t bother reading Michelle. I’m not Labor or Liberal but enjoy good debate and well researched insightful articles .

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  209. Pip

    Apologies Cuppa, I missed your reply. I don’t believe Newman’s been far away since his time as ABC Chairman ended. His directions to staff re “balance” haven’t improved Here’s some interesting news about him… and his wife….

    Abbott’s adviser hates wind farms, doubts climate change

    This one is happening in a few days
    Liberal links to anti-wind farm fight multiply

    Liberal links to anti-wind farm fight multiply

    Jeanette Newman, the wife of Tony Abbott’s business tsar, is involved in organising a rally against wind farms in NSW.
    A leaked email has revealed the deep involvement of the wife of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s business tsar, Maurice Newman, and a blue-chip corporate consulting firm in a “Convoy of No Confidence”-aping anti-wind farm rally set down for Parliament House on Tuesday.

    Waubra Foundation

    Cheers Pip

  210. MrsWobbly

    If you tell lies and often and say them over and over and then you believe it’s true , NO Michelle how ever wealthy, it’s still called towing your ‘Masters line’ for personal gain, what ever it takes! A Vial Extreme Far Right Breed of Humans ,to stoop to those levels shameful. Why’ haven’t you NOT blasted the current mob of Liberal Extremism from the Far Right, for corruption in our Australians Parliament , it’s the most corrupt we’ve had. You had to rake up muck to avoid that from being let out of the bag, from nearly decade ago really sickening. Oh that’s right they’re not from Left and your ‘Master’ is happy with it staying under raps, so as normal help Murdoch’s continued to push through policy his policy power and over control in Australia while help him to dumb the Australians people down, as they could never be in the club of Extreme Far Right for Australians‘ the Wealth of Murdoch Club ’, his WEALTH no matter what the cost. Former PM Julia Gillard must have you all in a whirl, obviously you can’t move on A great deal was done during her time as PM in parliament, having no majority, in power, whistled being undermined at every turn by the ‘Master and his Extrême Far Right Henchmen with Abbott and his thugs and shock jocks, leading the way, for the ‘ Master’ , wealth first no matter what the cost, to Australians or Australia . Journalist Integrity Not in your world. The ‘master’ is first.

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