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An Open Letter to Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd

Dear Julia and Kevin,

Sorry to address you both informally by your first names, but I’m assuming I’d start off on the wrong foot if I wrote this letter to the Prime Minister and Kevin. And the relationship between you is what I’m writing about. It’s time to get over the sensitivities and to unite for a good cause. Julia and Kevin, I’m calling on you to build a bridge and get over it.

So let’s recap how we got to this awkward place. Kevin, I want you to know that I used to be one of your biggest fans. I wore the Kevin07 T-Shirt proudly as you defeated John Howard in the 2007 election. Yes, it was a brilliant win and a time of great anticipation and optimism. I’ve always thought your policy ideas were fantastic, and you do seem to be a smart and personable man. Being the Prime Minister of Australia, especially throughout 2007 – 2010, was not an easy job. You worked your guts out. Your response to the GFC was top notch. You never got enough credit for that. Your ETS policy and Mining Tax policy were also fantastic ideas. I’m sure, you, like I, will always wonder what might have been if the Greens hadn’t looked a gift horse in the mouth and rejected the ETS policy. I’m sure your mate Malcolm Turnbull wonders the same thing. But it wasn’t just your failures to pass policy that were the problem. It was also you Kevin. Your leadership style left a lot to be desired. You see Kevin, being a leader isn’t just about proposing things and taking the praise. Being a leader is about working with other people to get things done. And that’s where you fell down. Your team didn’t support you anymore because you were a crap boss. And you can’t run the country if you’re a crap boss. It broke our hearts to see you cry when you were forced to step down from the leadership of the Labor Party. And it’s not surprising you were so upset. No one likes being fired. But your behavior since then has also left a lot to be desired. Particularly your behavior towards Julia, who, it would seem, you are blaming for your downfall. Is that really fair Kevin? Is it Julia’s fault you lost the support of your team? I don’t think so.

But maybe you should look on the bright side. You should feel pleased that your horrible experience of losing the support of your party has now paved the way for other people to go through a similarly awful experience, without the subsequent abuse and ridicule that was reserved for you and Julia, the Labor Party and anyone who supports the Labor Party. You see, you’re a trailblazer now Kevin. You’ve made the leadership spills experienced by Ted Baillieu and Terry Mills into regular run-of-the-mill, not even front-page-worthy news. I know it’s taken the mainstream media a long time to get used to the idea that a party decides who their leader is, and some of them are still obsessing about you and Julia a bit too much (don’t worry, I’ve written to Michelle Grattan about that), but I don’t think you’re helping this situation Kevin. I don’t think your supporters are either. The mainstream media will keep reporting ‘Labor leadership tensions’ while there is even a tiny whiff of this in the air, however insignificant, because this suits their narrative of Labor ‘chaos’ and ‘desperation’. The only way to wipe this narrative out is to kill their story. If they can’t write about Labor leadership tensions, there is a minuscule chance that they might find some space in their tiny minds to scrutinise Abbott. And even if this is far too optimistic an idea, maybe they’ll look at Labor government policy instead of just crucifying personalities. Isn’t this at least worth a try?

The thing is, Kevin, I know deep down you want to do what’s best for Australia. I know you have a very keen interest in promoting progressive reform, and that this interest is far more important than your hurt ego. In your heart of hearts, you know in order to do what’s best for a progressive Australia you need unequivocally to support the Labor Party at the upcoming Federal Election. You must promise to stop leaking, and tell your supporters in the Labor caucus to follow your example. You have to understand Kevin, the only way you are going to positively influence the country’s future is by sucking up your disappointment about not being Prime Minister anymore, and supporting Julia in her campaign to beat Tony Abbott.

Julia, it’s not just Kevin who needs to suck it up. I can see you’ve been doing your best to run this country with a lot of obstacles, Kevin being one of them. I have been very proud of your policy successes and your personal resilience in the face of challenging conditions. But it’s time you realised that your message just isn’t getting through. Sometimes it seems that the electorate and the mainstream media are by default either supporting Kevin’s reinstatement as Prime Minister, or campaigning for Abbott’s election as Prime Minister. This has to change. You have a fantastic story to tell. You just need to stop being so afraid of telling it. I know this is not going to be easy for you to hear, but you could actually learn something from Kevin about how to go about political campaigning. The Labor Party needs an inspirational message. When you speak passionately, you are inspirational. When you told Tony Abbott that you would not be lectured by him about sexism and misogyny, I was moved to tears. I, like so many Labor supporters, would love to see this passion more often. We want to help you defeat Tony Abbott, but first you need to help yourself.

You need to find a way to make up with Kevin. For your own sake as well as his. We know how great you are when you come across relaxed and in control. With Kevin constantly undermining you, it’s no wonder you sometimes appear slightly on edge. It’s time to try something different. Pretending that Kevin isn’t white-anting you isn’t helping. The leadership vote of 2012 was a good idea, but unfortunately it had the unintended effect of fuelling the media’s campaign to force another vote, rather than putting it to bed. So as unpalatable as this might seem, it’s time to be the bigger person and help Kevin. Not for Kevin’s sake, but for the sake of the country. If Kevin wants a ministerial position, give it to him. And then hold a joint press conference and smile, laugh and say every corny thing the mainstream media will love to put on their front page. For crying out loud, give each other a hug! You know they’ll love that!

You both need to agree to get the band back together and then tell the public that you are working as a team to win the election. Admittedly, it is a very sad state of affairs that this country seems to care more about who is in the top job than what the person in the top job is achieving. I’m sick of Labor supporters fighting amongst ourselves about whether we like Julia or Kevin better. It’s like children fighting over a red smarty or a yellow smarty. It’s ridiculous! I know that you know that the Labor Party is more important than the leader. I know that Julia replacing Kevin as Prime Minister is not as big a deal as the mainstream media would like to make it. I know that ultimately the government’s policy successes are the work of the whole Labor Party, as well as often the Greens and the Independents. But after two years and a continuous ground hog day of reporting on this issue, I implore you both to give my advice some consideration. If you don’t, I fear the successes of the Labor government will never be the focus of the electorate’s attention. I fear that the progressive reforms implemented over the last five years will be repealed and destroyed. And I fear that neither of you will ever get the chance to make a difference to this country ever again, and will instead be faced with the worst prospect of all: Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. Please do not abandon us to this fate. We’re counting on both of you.


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  1. TeddySea

    Yeah … let’s have a double team fighting for truth, justice and the Australian way. It’s now or never.

  2. Cap'n Tim

    Ouch! True.

  3. jagman48

    I do hope they read this and act on it.

  4. Llew

    Brilliiant piece. Very funny and very true. Thank you.

  5. mikisdad

    Victoria – “them’s fighting words” but that’s exactly what the Labor Party has to do now – fight. Trouble is, they seem to think they have to fight each other – wouldn’t they find it more satisfying to put aside their damaged pride and sensibilities and *join together*, combining their skills to avoid us the potential horror of an Abbott government.

    I’d also suggest that listening to the environmentally savvy, – the Greens, would be a useful thing to do and that effective compromises could well be made to achieve the needed numbers.

    Lastly, may I just say that I agree with you fully about Julia’s ability – When she speaks well she comes close to oratory, when she doesn’t, however, she comes close to farce.

    I do hope they read and listen to your letter. Could the supporters of this blog perhaps raise the funds to have it posted in one or more national newspapers?

  6. Iain Hall


  7. eddie

    It realy,realy worries me that Abott (Murdoch) wants to run this great country.

  8. Tom R

    Gillard and Rudd could be caught in bed together and this will not stop. The only thing that will stop this is one or the other leaving politica altogether, perhaps. The media will run this as obfuscation all the way to the election; don’t believe me, then cop this.

    If Labor doesn’t act next week to install Rudd, speculation on leadership will persist through next month and up to the May budget, before the chance to act again during a parliamentary sitting period arises in June. If Labor does not remove Gillard in June, speculation will persist through July and into the first half of August, as poor polling propels talk that Labor MPs could be called to Canberra for a desperate vote, even if parliament isn’t sitting.

  9. heather944

    Hi Victoria – I hope you did send them both a copy of this letter didn’t you, as well as the rest of the Labor members?! Couldn’t agree with it more. Wish they would just all make up and start campaigning together to save us from Tony Abbott and his friends Gina and Murdoch.

  10. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    Tom R, the Australian is just pumping out more propaganda. It is a smoke screen to cover TA’s backside as well as his front bench’s backsides.

    Propaganda is what the LNP and the Mudoch & Fairfax media outlets are good at. The long lead up to the election is exposing them for what they are.

    I don’t care if it looks like a ‘kiss and make up’ action by the ALP. Julia Gillard can do this and so can Kevin Rudd – for the good of this nation and their party.

    Just do it.

  11. Tom R

    the Australian is just pumping out more propaganda.

    The problem is, it isn’t just the oo any more, the entire media scrum are basically declaring Rudd had best challenge OR ELSE.

    I mean, it is their (tattered) reputations on the line here. They have called leadershit for over two years now, so they MUST be right, sometime, eventually…….please. They have gone past the begging stage, and are now actively threatening the Government. They’ll ignore policy completely, and push for a spill, whether Labor wants one or not.

    I get the feeling the Government is beyond caring what the pack think anymore. They treat them with contempt now, without any care of ‘unfavourable reporting’ that might arise from such an attitude. They will get it anyway, so they’ll Just do it.

  12. Dirk Rossey

    Everything that doesn’t support the party-policy hence-forth must be banned fro being spoken. Just Do It…

  13. Ann

    Gillard and Rudd are so incompetent, bring on the election.

  14. Anne

    Well said Victoria!

  15. Dirk Rossey

    We do Sheryl… We do…. which is why we cant wait for the election. No more boatpeople dying trying to make it to Australia – no more electricity hikes over 60% every year – no more incompetent money wasting (yeah) – no more promises and lies – ohhh we cannot wait Sheryl…

  16. Dirk Rossey

    Bring it on Miglo… NOTHING could possibly be worse than this lying – cheating – powerhungry – corrupt labor-mob, could it ?

  17. abbienoiraude

    It was not Kevin undermining Julia all the was MSM and commentators who loved putting it out there for sensationalist reasons.
    But; I think it so important for Julia to welcome Kevin into the fold, give him a top job and unite or else all is lost. It is time. Stop whingeing about Kevin and say his name when it comes to the good he did/does, and stop whingeing about Julia when it comes to who undermined who. Just get on with blocking that little no hearted LOTO. Please.

  18. Dirk Rossey

    Abbie … learn how to live in a world where OPINIONS are shared…. otherwise we’ll end up in a world which labor wants to re-create… we had it in The Soviet Union under Stalin and in China under Mao Zse Tung… Banning or legislating against free speech isn’t the best way to run a free country….

  19. Fed up

    The problem is, we will never hear how bad an Abbott government is. The media will revert back to the Howard years.

  20. Möbius Ecko

    Hey Dick in 2006 Howard tried to bring in legislation that gave the government full control over the media and content that makes the current self regulatory legislation seem minor indeed.

    What is it with right wingers and their misinformation and lack of fact, just misinformation and lies?

  21. Jason

    Bring it on Miglo… NOTHING could possibly be worse than this lying – cheating – powerhungry – corrupt labor-mob, could it ?

    Well yes it could! You and Ann and the rest of the “Convoy of no consequence” people could be in charge.

  22. Fed up

    Who, in practice ever bans free speech in this country. The only examples I can find, belong to the Howard government, and Cando is enacting in Queensland.

    That is putting a gag on charities that receive government aid, stopping them from speaking out, on behalf of their clients.

    I believe that Howard put restrictions on other areas, such as the PS.

    He did try to stop the defence forces from speaking out.

    Mr. Howard had great success at politicizing the PS.

    These are all actions that muzzle free speech.

  23. Möbius Ecko

    Howard had two reporters arrested for exercising their free speech and fully gagged the PS.


    Since Australia changed from the Howard government to the Rudd/Gillard regime, Australia’s ranking on the freedom index among the 34 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations has risen to the top.

  24. sherylgwyther

    Ann, I can just see you in two years time, whinging about how bad things are under Abbott and his mob of deviant no-hopers, and about how old people like you (or your parents) are so much worse off.
    Or your teenager is being treated like a slave at work because the union that could’ve protected them is under threat of imprisonment because they stuck up for your kid. You really have no idea, do you?

  25. shane

    Dirk, it’s NOT an attack on free speach ……

    Dirk, it is NOT about censoring the news…..

    Dirk, it is NOT about controlling the media…

    It IS about holding them to account by people other than themselves.

    it’s an independant umpire that can hold the media to account… that is independant from the media and independant of the government, it will have no ministerial influence… like FWA or any of the ombudsmen at the moment.
    at the moment we have the media invesigating the media, we need someone independant because they are failing misserably.
    The legislation Gillard wants to introduce is about MORE opinions and more voices as Murdoch has 70% of news in this country and we need diversity…
    it also prevents the same thing happening with radio and TV….
    Murdoch is against it because he wants to print whatever he likes without anyone telling him that printing lies is not good. He wants to have 70% of the opinions being printed.

    your objection is the same as saying the police are biased because they are a government responsability… it’s just absurd.

    yes the media has the right to print any news but with that right are many responsabilities which the current mob are ignoring.

    methinks dirk maybe a Liberal troll.

  26. Miglo

    Be careful what you wish for, Dirk.

  27. shane

    Jason that is actually hillarious…. hahhaha…

    you said….”lying – cheating – powerhungry” and attributed that trait to Labor…

    Reality…. you are actually describing the Liberals, that haven’t told a strait story in 3 years… they’ve got a “gillard is crap” story for weather interest rates go up, stead or down….
    we have a Liberal party that has AT LEAST 5 operatives working to bring down an elected government outside of the political process while abusing the courts….Doane, Ashby, Brough, Pyne, Abbott…… Mate this is BIGGER THAN WATERGATE and we’ve hear NOTHING about it…….

    “lying – cheating – powerhungry” is Abbott to a T.

    his whole game was “election now” and hoped his lies about how terrible the carbon tax would be and his cheating would feed his powerhungy ambitions.
    But the carbon tax came in and nothing happened proving his lies….

    What you are doing sir, is PROJECTION….ie telling us all of the bad things the Libs are doing by beginning your sentence with “Labor is bad because…”

  28. Dirk Rossey

    Why oh why Shane are you guys so paranoid that anybody who dares having an opinion is labeled a troll…I’m not…are you ?

    we have regulatory bodies in place to deal with media issues. Why put all the power in a POLITICALLY appointed tsar…. it will most likely be somebody like McTearnanl who will silence everybody who disagrees with the partyline.

    FYI Howard’s regulations were NOT politically motivated… these ones are…

    Simple… but labor needs everything thay can get to distract from their overall incompetencies…as (for example) the boats come in by the boatload as the boatpeople are betting that she will be booted out .. and that our borders will be re-instated… so they’re all coming now… as fast as they can….


  29. Miglo


  30. Jason

    Dirk made the comment if you bothered to look!, I just replied

  31. Catherine

    Free speech is one thing, blatant lies a whole other ball game. Victoria this is a great letter and I hope it has the desired impact but while the MSM are comfortable practising the art of deception on a mass scale not a lot will change. There needs to be a critical mass of people demanding unbiased and truthful reporting to bring about the changes needed. I do hope Stephen Conroy’s proposed changes get through although they are a little too watered down to be truly effective.

  32. shane

    Dirk, Dirk, Dirk…..

    it is not pollitically apoint tsar just because you say it is or because Murdoch has told you it is.
    have you actually read the proposal?
    i didn’t think so… and i know you haven’t because you seem to not understand what it is all about…. you’re just repeating the Liberal/murdoch party line.

    FYI simply rewriting history with lines like “FYI Howard’s regulations were NOT politically motivated… these ones are…” wont change it to that.

    howard was attempting to silence departments for political reasons and a denial wont chage that fact.

    And why oh why did I out you as a Liberal Troll? because you showed your colours and confirmed it with the fall-back Liberal mantra of BOATS BOATS BOATS…

    dog whistle much?

    and why the QED at the end?…. the only thing you proved was your anti-Labor rhetoric was lifted straight out of the murdoch rags

  33. shane

    i beg your pardon and beg for forgivness….
    I have falsly accused you of someone elses words……
    I appoligise.

    then in that case


  34. Jason


  35. Dirk Rossey

    So tell me Shane’s and Jason’s and other Little Red Riding Hoods…. what do the facts say about gillard and rudd’s reigns ? Other than tailing on the surplus of the libs and using mining income and china’s insatiable appetite for anything in our earth to pretend the GFC-free-ride was actually their doing. Pathetic. And indeed lying – again… what was that again saying 600 times that there WILL be a surplus in 2013… .ohhhh yes.. that was the fault of the high dollar wasn’t it…. ignorant – stupid and incompetent… I just wonder why you guys stick up for them ?

  36. Ricky (Tory Torcher)

    Hey Dirk you better check under your bed, Rupert said their were some Reds under there. 🙂

  37. TeddySea

    What a load of bollocks Dirk. You’re either rich or stupid.

  38. shane

    so keep your head in the sand Dirk…

    the arse fell out of the mineral prices AND YOU KNOW IT DID and our dollar is at record levels, BUT YOU KNOW THAT ALREADY,
    Even eleventy hockey admits the GFC spending lifted us from -0.2 to +0.2 preventing a slide into recession….so NOT A LIE but the truth…
    but that wasn’t in the script, Labor was supposed to be in power during that recession so the Libtards could point and say “look anther Labor recession” but fortunately for us all, unlike last time, Labor ignored the bleatings of the Fiberals and stimulated the economy……and it worked… and you hate that for some reason.

    the facts say they successfully avoided the worst effects of the GFC,
    the facts say we have the lowest interest rates ever,
    the facts say John Howard left us with 9 consecutive interst rate rises,
    the facts say John howard lied big time when he said the “children overboard” lies,
    the facts say we have low un-employment,
    the facts say we have growth in the band we expect,
    the facts say that Gillard has not lost 1 vote on the floor of parliament,
    the facts say that we will have an NDIS,
    the facts say that Howard and costellow pissed up $160Bill of mining income in under 3 years with election bribes and middle class welfare,
    the facts say Gillard was elected leader by her party by 40 votes,
    the facts say Abbott won by JUST 1 VOTE, Peter Slipper’s,
    The facts say Abbott, Pyne, Doane, Ashby and Brough are up to their necks in a scandal to bring down an elected government outside of the electoral process and missused the courts for political purposes,
    the facts say Gillard has given record pension increases, 60 new super clinics, $18000 of tax free earnings for all, doubling investment in schools, $47bill of tax cuts.
    the facts say Gillard gave an increase of $20 bill to national health,
    the facts say that Labor was responsible for not only introducing compulsory super but are also responsible for increasing it from 3% to 6%, then to 9% and now to 12%.
    the facts say gillards promise to not introduce a carbon tax and instead introduce a price on carbon was kept.

    and you wann vote them out for the party that are telling you how bad things are.

    PS isn’t it hillarious that peter slipper won his case against the high paid high power lawyers by representing himself……. too funny….

  39. Jason

    Rudd will always be remembered for winning the 07 election and have a sitting PM defeated in his own seat and out of the parliament for good! Saying “sorry” to the stolen generation starting the process of a seat at the UN starting the stimulus spend to keep thousand from becoming unemployed.
    He won’t be remembered fondly by me for lacking the ticker to push through with things that were good policy for the future of the country!

    Will be seen as a tough fighter who despite the “megaphones” such as your good self and other vested interest groups is getting on with the job of making the country a better place for the future and not trying to takes us back to an era circa 1950!

    The Libs have no plans no costings no ideas. Even Abbotts plans to repeal the carbon tax rely on the current senate to pass it if the ALP were to lose the election. Anthony Green and others all say the earliest there could be a DD election is 2015

  40. TeddySea

    Nice work Shane. Well done. All these facts are probably wasted on trolls who will just switch to say something else stupid but I enjoyed seeing them! I reckon you could write a good positive article about our government!

  41. Dirk Rossey

    Jason… lies about the Libs won’t help you… why has nobody pulled the misogynistic card yet ?

    Second time.. I’m no troll… can you stop saying that… I don’t like to be insulted… remember now …. gillard has just introduced a bully-free Australia… so tow the line…

  42. Dirk Rossey

    teddy… please use a bit more brainpower (if available) to talk back… you’re wild assumptions are both wild and assumptions….

  43. Fed up

    Dirk, it is a pity for you, that most experts, across the globe do not agree with you.

    Then, those from the right do not believe in experts from any field.

    I matters not, whether it is climate change, the economy., health and education and how to dam the north. Experts’ opinions are the first to be dumped.

    Must be a lovely world you reside in.

    Personally I, along with most others live in the real one.

  44. Dirk Rossey

    Is that why labor is booted out of EVERY state – nook and cranny in which they ‘ruled’ for more than 15 minutes (which is the average time it takes for the uninformed an gullible to realize that labor is full of lies and false promises) … and don’t forget to roll out now the letting go of poor government positions … mate I’ve done some recruiting recently for an office administrator… and most applicants were cushy left-leaning EAs who were on an average of 85,000 AUD… in Brisbane… the waste of labor governments is ridiculous.. and I’m happy that liberal is sorting it out, because they DARE to take the tough decisions, they do not belief in vote-buying, they do what’s right for the economy.

  45. Jason

    ” Is that why labor is booted out of EVERY state” I was unaware my state of SA, Tasmainia and the ACT no longer existed as part of Australia!

  46. Dirk Rossey

    Good catch Jason….

    Sorry… I meant the ‘other states’…. (and don’t forget to mention the backstabbing incidents we’ve learned from ‘la Julia’ in some of these ..)

    Tasmania is labor because of the green vote, SA I don’t know enough… and ACT…. read my comments above… labor has bought thousands of votes in ACT by creating thousands of useless government bureaucratic jobs with our tax money (but then again you could be one of them, and then I rest my case)…

  47. Fed up

    Dirk, it was not so long, that the Libs were found in no states. That is the nature of politics in this country. We are inclined to vote them in and out.

    It is called democracy.

    If you look at history, it goes I cycles.

  48. Fed up

    And Victoria seems to be on the way back to Labor already.

  49. Dirk Rossey

    Maybe….. Maybe not….

  50. lmrh5

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  51. TeddySea

    A load of bollocks Dirk. Just a longer, more negative load of bollocks. If you were here for enlightenment I’d suggest you get your facts from a reputable source and then start to think for yourself. By the way you’ve done well to hijack this article with your negative BS (you’re not related to reb are you?)

  52. Dirk Rossey

    not related …. teddy
    FedEx… life does go in circles… but why does liberal have to clean up the mess from labor time and again ?
    Look at Europe… it’s gone labor… and it’s going down the drain… rapidly…. do you want Australia to follow suit ?
    Labor is a liability on society… libs are a liability on the earth… and the greens are a liability on business…. nobody wins…

  53. Fed up

    Keating and Hawke had a hell of a lot of cleaning up after Howard’s stint as treasurer.

  54. Dirk Rossey

    and didn’t they just do fine…. screwing a whole nation with interest rates worthy of a third world country… bravo….

  55. Dirk Rossey

    and…. for the last 25 years… never … ever …. even a hint of a labor budget surplus…. not after the 600 times it was going to be NO OPTION NOT TO HAVE ONE…. all brave talking by Mr incompetent Swann, and Ms red behind her ears Gillard… this is a country we’re talking about… not some union slush fund to play with…. I want these incompetents to get out of our lives…

  56. Fed up

    Dirk, time to take those blinkers off.

    The strength of the economy today, has something to do with those two. Even Howard agrees with that.

    How much interest rate rises where they’re under Howard, during the time of those miraculous surpluses.

    How about the structural imbalances in the budget, that were left by Costello.

  57. Fed up

    Selling off the farm to pay debts is not good economics. Giving tax cuts to the rich, and growth of upper class welfare is nothing to be proud of.

    Yes, Keating also faced a global economic downturn. Keating himself, said his greatest regret was not acting fast and big enough. A mistake that Rudd and Co did not make.

    Howard rule by creating fear.

  58. Dirk Rossey

    FedEx… the blinkers are with most of the labor people (the ones that haven’t yet left the corrupt ship) … fact is the economy was in surplus by 20 BILLION… and Rudd blew it all up in months… and the incompetence and irresponsible spending went on and on and on .. THAT’s what matters… not some ‘structural’ imbalances… labor is so good at ‘trying’ to spin their way with words out of the facts.. it not working….

    Face up and ship out… (and switch off the light when you leave the people)…

  59. Fed up

    Dirk,, there is no economic mess to clean up now. We have one of the most stable economy in the western world.

    Focussing on the word debt, does not make it bad,.

  60. Fed up

    So what Dirk. It does not prove what you believe.

  61. Fed up

    Dirk, you have been brain washed by the media.

  62. Dirk Rossey

    FedEx… thanks for your advice… and indeed I have to take my information and facts from somewhere… and fact is … that Gillard’s brand is toxic… because of her lies and backstabbing… she’s toast… and the labor movement with her. I don’t mind labor or green (who I incidentally vote for), but what I see lately is scandalous… especially that way Gillard and her consorts have been negative about abbott continuously. That’s when I decided to stand up for him and study the economy a tat closer…

  63. Dirk Rossey

    Now let’s all be civilized and go to sleep…. I do need to work tomorrow (my second job as I cannot possibly make ends meet with the mess that’s been created by the carbon tax)…. nite nite all….

  64. Fed up

    Dirk, there is not one fact in what you have written. Nothing but the opinions, poorly thought out, and repeated misconperceptions, fostered by the media.

    Not one word of substance.

  65. Fed up

    Suggest that second job is required because you are living beyond your means.

    Must be, as the so called carbon tax is negligible in most budgets. Your mortggage alone is probably $5000 less under Labor.

    The power bills have little to do with the price on carbon emissions.

    Yes, many of us oldies, also held two and three jobs to survive. You are not Robinson Crusoe.

  66. Fed up

    Bacchus, why does one get the feeling of devaju with Dirk.

  67. Bacchus

    LOL. One hopes that “Dirk” has taken his meds and retired for the night. It’s dangerous to have one so delusional on the loose after dark 😉

  68. shane


    the enquirey into the pink bats and school halls was not given much press as it gave a big tick to both schemes.
    Pink bats: befor Labor got involved, it had a 4% rectification rate……. by the time Labor finished the scheme it was a mere 0.4%… a major IMPROVEMENT…..
    School halls: 95% were of good value in terms of both money spent and in good to schools.
    both schemes also acheived their goal of stimuating the economy. hardly a joke.

    the rest of your nonsens I’m simply not going to address by bringing myself down to that level of mis-understanding…. except for the coment “left controlled press”… that one made me yell it out on the train in a state of ‘gobsmack’.
    your ignorance is staggering.
    keep listening to 2gb and you can all keep convincing yourselves of this claptrap.

  69. Dirk Rossey

    Shane … you call 4 people DEAD a major improvement…. waauw…. beyond delusional you lefties…
    your 95% number is plucked out of the air…. I only can speak of the 5 schools I spoke to in my neighbourhood…. 2 said that the hall wasn’t their top priority (they both wanted class rooms)… 2 got a library on top of the one they already had and 1 got a SECOND school hall…. DUMB and DUMBER…. all because you could choose between a COLA or a library or a School hall (because they are darn easy to build and all the ‘admin costs – which were up to 90% of the total costs charged disappeared in labor pockets – the usual with a labor adminstred thing). They just put taxpayers money from the left pocket to the right… No wealth creation – no economic more-value. But then again you lefties wouldn’t understand this, so no need to talk about it. You need to tax and borrow… instead of creating anything…

    2UE my friend…. you keep listening to your leftie ABC (Tony Jones – Leigh Sales) and read your Sydney Morning Herald so you can keep being misinformed …

    Thanks for taking the time to explain.

  70. shane

    Dirk, you want to talk about carbon tax lies?

    explain to me how this emissions trading scheme is a tax? can you buy and sell a tax?

    polluters pay for the right to pollute by buying permits, which they can trade instead of using if they wish….. the only thing that has gone up because of it is electricity, now considering electricity only makes up 2.4% of the average household budget, it now makes up 2.7%…. oh and refrigeration gas… and mate, that’s about it…

    the reality is nothing like the fear/scare campaign was…

    here are the proven carbon tax lies:

    Whyalla will be wiped off the map
    a sunday roast will cost $100
    there will be un-imaginable price rises everywhere.
    it will be a wrecking ball/python squeeze/cobra strike/octopus reach-around…
    fisherman will pay more for their diesel fuel
    it will send unemplyment through the roof…
    the latrobe valley will be a ghost town…
    climate change is crap

    and yes Abbott did win by only 1 vote and only because the two options were he and Hockey. And yes Slipper did vote for him on the promise of being pre-selected for the Libs again…

  71. shane

    dude I’m, over talking to you as you just asume what you say is correct….
    95% was not plucked out of thin air it’s in the farking repoert the Libs insisted upon.

    if you don’t understand and are choosing willful ignorance over facts, then there’s no helping you…. pity you can’t understand every dollar injected into the economy not only kept builders, suppliers etc in work but also supported the jobs that went with it and each dollar gets spent several times…. if you think that’s of no value, i can’t help you any more to understand where you have it all arse about.

    keep your head in the sand and we’ll see in september

  72. Dirk Rossey

    Shane – thank you again for explaining. As I said before – last time I voted, I vote green. I belief in direct action. I do not belief in putting a ‘tax’ on every ton of CO2 (a vital ingredient for nature’s growth by the way). And my point is that the ‘tax’ (and whatever you want to call it is semantics, Julia tried for a while to spindoctor her lie but it didn’t work)… and THAT I have a big issue with. She darn well LIED to the public in the lead-up to the elections KNOWING that the fence sitters would vote in her favor. THAT lie I will never forgive her for.

    And now we see that prices are shooting up. Left – right and center. Maybe not for you as you are probably paid with my tax money (but I don’t know that for sure) … and what’s scary is that there is some green-police to ENSURE that nobody can state that their price hikes are because of the carbon ‘tax’…. instead they en masse claim the high dollar for it…

    Have a happy St Patrick’s day….

  73. Dirk Rossey

    thanks… and indeed let’s see what happens in September (if Julia can last that long with her lying and deceiving ) .. she is a disgrace to Australia….
    Top of the morning to you lad… thanks for keeping it cvil

  74. Fed up

    Dirk, those deaths were much lower under Garrertt, because he demande the workers be trained and set uop regulations for

    The bosses of those who died, where found guilty and fined. Nothing to do with the government. Just a small inconvenient fact.

    The allegations, many that come from the mouth of Pyne, were found after three investigations, not to be true. It was a successful scheme. Any private operator would have been proud of the results.

    Dirk, I thought you were working this morning.You know, that second job, that the carbon tax has enforced on you.

    The PM is not a liar. Those who keep repeating she is, are definiltey liars.

  75. Alan

    If Dirk Rossey votes Greens and has a second job because of a ‘carbon tax’, then Abbott is an atheist, and Howard never ever told a fib

  76. Fed up

    No wealth creation. How come the economy is sound and there is growth. Yes, growth. There are still jobs being created. Yes, there are now more jobs. Another incovenient fact, that make fun of your rants.

  77. Dirk Rossey

    Alan, Shane, I’m Fed up with your gang attacks…. have a nice life… I’ll be back here seeing what the left propaganda is all about.

    But please do not call 4 people who died a small inconvenient fact. They died because a policy was badly prepared (like all policies that are made on the go from labor) … attracted shonky businesses who did not train – did not care and just abused the system and cashed in labor’s INCOMPETENCE … Just like the many hundreds boat people that have died on their boats trying to come here because labor opened the backdoor for economic refugees to flood our shores and cost us billions upon billions of dollars.

    Back to work now (I do work on a desk Fed up and have access to internet)… government employees don’t have to worry about working on a Sunday as they are all over-paid (from MY taxes) and do little value added to the economy. Know the story of picking a bucket up while standing in it (Churchill)?

    And for the record…. Alan, I didn’t say I will vote green… I said that the last time I voted, I voted green. Unlike Julia and her ministerial clan, I do not lie.

    Thanks for the conversation. I guess we will stay on opposite sides of the fence. I wish you all the best in September, but I fear the worst for you lot …. but it will be the best thing to happen for Australia… just look at the refreshing change in NSW now that the corrupt labor are out of our life… idem ditto for Queensland.

    Have a good one

  78. Fed up

    Dirk, another inconveneient fact. From nearly day one, Garrett was made aware of the fact that this industry, in over fifty years in existance, had developed no safety regulations and guidelines.

    Garrett set out to ensure the training and safety guidelines were created. Yes, those who put the pink batts in, had to undergo training. They also got advice and warnings on almost a daily basis. This in spite, of being the responsibility of the states. If you do not believe me, asked those who carried out the work.

    It was bosses that were experienced and established electric firms that were responsible for those deaths. It was the greed of the boss, not the government responsible.

    As I said, if you believe what you write, I can only come to the conclusion, you have been brainwashed by our media.

    I would also like to add, none of what you write, is connected to this government or PM. It is old, rehashed allegations, that most have been found to have no foundation in truth.

    If this is the best one can do, I would give up.

    As for BER and school halls, the only corruption I have seen there, is some who gained the contracts, ripping off their sub-contractors. By the way, the scheme was about much more that school halls. It was about providing modern technology to bring schools into this century. Visit your local state school. I believe you will be surprised at what you see.

    Dirk, what do we have. A sound economy, infrastructure for the future being built, and our schools equipped for the new technology age.

    We now have the foundations for NDIS passed. The Gonski report will become a reality in the nexrt budget, and before the next election.

    Dirk, maybe you can tell us what Abbott is promising. Why he will be better.

  79. Alan

    Dear Dirk
    There was no attack there, just something I perceive from reading YOUR writing.
    Oh, and where did I say which side of the fence I sat on?

  80. Fed up

    Dirk, you do realize that all the experts say that Direct Action will not work.

    It will be expensive.

    It moves the cost from the emitters to the taxpayer.

    It is said, the average taxpayer will be slugged at lreast $1300 per annum.

    Even Hunt says, it is only an initial scheme. The truth is, that it will lead to what we have now.

  81. Fed up

    The prices shooting upwards after the introduction of the CEF is simply not true. The fact is that the rise in the cost of living is smaller than predicted. That the government has given you more , than the so call tax costs you.

    I suggest, that you are having problems with growing cost of living, you look to your state govcernment for the cause.

  82. Fed up

    Dirk, there is no gang attack. People are just pointing out where you are mistaken. Saying that the facts do not support what you say.

  83. Fed up

    Dirk, you really have me confused now. You voted Greens and support Direct Action. Does not compute.

    If you voted Greens, why do you have it in for this PM?

  84. Fed up

    The PM did not lie. If you watched the whole of that video, you would know this.

    The PM said there will never be a carbon tax, but I will be addressing carbon emissions. Yes, she said there would be a cost on those emissions.

    There is no tax. Even the Rudd scheme, that the Green torpedoed, had a fixed price period. What we have is an emissions trading scheme.

    What happened, due to having a minority government, was a change in the timetable.

    To prove a lie, you have to establish the PM made those remarks, knowing she was going to do something different. I suggest, the situation changes, therefore the PM was forced to change her plans. That is not lying.

    At this stage, whether she lied or not is immaterial. The question should be, do we have the best policy put in place, to meet the challenges of man made climate change. I believe we do.

    Once again, the facts DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR ASSERTIONS.

  85. Dirk Rossey

    Fed up – I voted green in Belgium… my last vote… here in Australia… the Greens are way too far to the left. Thanks for asking. And for your information I am not yet Australian… s

    I do not need the government to ‘give’ me anything… just leave me alone… and stop regulating everything… small government is in my eyes better (and no – ‘m not a tea party lover) ….

    Are all the leftie experts the same ones that promised 600 times that there WOULD be a budget surplus… when do you guys realize that you have lost all credibility with the voters…

    and populating the e-waves with left leaning bloggers does not help… another despicably example are the mummy-bloggers who are nothing but near-paid juliar lovers… I don’t see why you guys keep believing in this labor bullshit…

    Alan,,,, get real mate. Stop your leftie theoretic

    GUYS – I NEED TO GET SOME WORK DONE… my deadline is tomorrow…
    Otherwise I can’t pay taxes to pay for these billions upon billion of dollar wasted by this lovely federal government….

  86. Fed up

    The deaths were not an inconvenient fact. What is inconvenient for you is, that the Labor government was not responsible. Twist things any way you want, but it does not change the truth.

    No one is ganging up. All are just pointing out where you have it wrong.

    What I do not notice, is anyone coming to your aid, agreeing with what you have to say. I wonder why that is?

    It could not possibly be that you could be wrong.

  87. Fed up

    Dirk, no one twisted your arm, making you make comments here. I am just responding to what you have written.

    Yes, economic conditions change, delaying that surplus

    It would not have been prudent to make any more cuts to bring it about. In facts making more cuts at this time, would have led to a bigger deficit.

    Saying that, we are still on trend for a surplus. Yes, this year, the deficit will be at least halve of that of last year.

    Surpluses and deficits by themselves mean little.

    No, you are wrong when you use the word promise. What was made were predictions, which changes in the global economy have made it prudent not to pursue at this stage.

    Would you really want the government to continue with fiscal consolidation, which has been the greatest this country has seen destroying the economy in the process.

    When situations change, prudent people change their actions. This is what has occurred.

  88. Dirk Rossey

    Thanks Fed up…. from what I hear you are either totally brainwashed by the lefties (which I doubt because you sound like an intelligent person)… or… you’re closely associated with them…

    The lying redhead made together with her ministers 600 IRON CLAD (her words not mine) guarantees that we’d be in a surplus (NO IFS OR BUTS)… again I don’t question the fact which one is better… I question the character and integrity of the people saying it…

    They lie their heads of… make false promises that they KNOW cannot work… all to hang onto power… they are a disgrace mate…

    Just like their immigration promises… and utter cock-ups…. blaming everything and everyone … except their own incompetence….

  89. Fed up

    Dirk, I am 71 year old. Have had an interest in politics all my life. I also have a long memory.

    No, I have not been brain washed by the lefties. I am a Labor supporter, and proud of it. I have not always supported Labor. I ahve been guilty of voting DLP. That says something. It also scares me, because that it were Abbott began in politics.

    I have not written anything, that you can prove is not fact.

    I do not like Abbott, because I do not like his values or policies. That is if one can find out what the policies are.

    Yes, personally I do not like the man, but that would not be enough to oppose him.

  90. Dirk Rossey

    Miglo – welcome back… good guess… I come from a socialist background and country and am appalled at the damage labor is doing through its corrupt and deceiving actions…

    My journey from socialist/labor and green/left indeed drives me into the arms of the only economically astute and responsible mob…. if only she wouldn’t have been so obsessively power hungry (just like her predecessor Mr United Nations Kevin (who I immensely admired IN 2007)

  91. Dirk Rossey

    thank you for sharing…
    so what is it about a person who is happily married for over 30 years and with 3 amazingly successful daughters…. that makes you value him less than a person who has had affairs with married men… Values anybody…

    Or do you want me to talk about his 12 years (12 YEARS) as a volunteer and as a fire fighter… whereas the PM has nothing against her name

    Or what about the many runs and charity events he participates in to support women breast cancer and other charities… where-as the PM doesn’t show up unless there is a camera opportunity. ….

    character ???????
    you have got to be kidding me

  92. Fed up

    Dirk, I do not like or find it funny, being described as a liar.

  93. Dirk Rossey

    GILLARD and her labor cohorts are the liars my dear…. you have bitterness … that’s different…

  94. Fed up

    I believe at my age I am very good at identifying liars, and believe me, the PM is not.

    One needs to look to the other side of the fence to find the liars. One, in particular has admitted to being a liar.

    Leave you “my dear’ and patronising to others. Does not impress this old lady. Yes old, but far from senile.

    Dirk, do you have a manual to work from. Must do, as all the comments and replies are identical.

  95. Dirk Rossey

    Dear Fed up … I don’t need a manual… I’m authentic… and thank you for your kind a courteous dialogue. I respect your point of view and will leave you in peace… unless I feel the need to

    Gillard LIED Fed up… you have to accept that… she lied her way with the public, with Wilkie, with the greens… and with so many others… why don’t you accept that ….

  96. Fed up

    How do you know he is happily married . There have many rumours that say this is not so. I say rumours, therefore might have no basis.

    What is clear, Mr. Abbott does indeed have problems with women who have the audacity to believe they are his equal.

    There are many examples of this being true. Begin with his abuse of Ms. Roxon, during an election campign when he was health minister.

    Then theree are the mysgonistic tactics he uses every day, across the table, within the house.

    Yes, facts to back up the allegations.

    Yes, indeed he does seem to get on with women, who are there to serve him.

    One could even extend this to the daughters, who are turning up each day, to support their father.

  97. TeddySea

    Bwahahahahaha … what a dick … bwahahahahaha ad infinitum

  98. Fed up

    History has shown us, that even tyrants, dictators and god fathers love and treasure their families.

  99. Dirk Rossey

    bye guys… been fun….

  100. TeddySea

    Fed up someone reminded me recently that you can’t beat a fool in an argument unless you get down to their level … and if you do that you’ve lost.

  101. Fed up

    No Dirk, I do not have to accept she lied, as she did not.

    A lie is when you say something that you know not to be true, or say you will do something, knowing at the time you will not.

    Changing one’s mind is NOT lying. Doing something different is not lying.

    You or no one else cannot prove the above.

    What makes it hard to prove as a lie, is when the PM did as she said she would. Brought in a market based scheme.

    Yes, the time table changed, and she did not go ahead wwith the commnuity based group, to sell the idea. Was not necessary you and would have been a waste of money.

    Why not move past the so called lie, onto condemn the scheme, proving why it will not work.

    Dirk, why cannot you and your ilk, just agree to disagree, and respect the views of others. Why is the need to prove us wrong?

  102. Fed up

    Dirk, why am I bitter. You are a long way from the truth. What do I have to be bitter about.

    That comments really amazes me.

    All you are doing, is trying to find ways to get around the facts, so you can keep, what is in my opinion, mistaken beliefs. Yes, in my opinion. Being opinion. I could be wrong, but suspect not.

    You come to these sites, to impose your views on others. When challenged, you go on the defensive, insulting those who disagree.

    With a little luck, you will take off in a huff.

    In the meantime, with our replies will allow others to consider what we are saying might just have some of truth.

    Yes, every story can have two sides.

  103. Miglo

    Dirk, if you don’t like left leaning blogs I’m guessing that you DO like right leaning media.

  104. Dirk Rossey

    the truth only has one side Fed up and it ain’t yours….

    I will take off… because I’m saddened by the success of the media campaign led by labor… there must be hundreds like you…. ill informed…. and plain wrong… sad… but it’s part of democracy to entertain the wrong and the naive…. the truth will prevail…

  105. Fed up

    Look who is back.

    Yes, I can say the PM did not lie, because there is no evidence that she did.

    One has to change the meaning of the word “lie” to get where you two are at.

    Teddy, no way will I ever get down to their level. I will just stick to the facts. In fact in my old age, one cannot stoop that low.

    They always end up with insults,

  106. Fed up

    Yes Dirk, there are many more of us out here. Many more than the MSM realises.

    Many old enough to remember we have been through the present media campaign, many times before.

  107. Möbius Ecko

    Shit another right winger who says good bye and then comes back.

    Isn’t that lying, or have their circumstances changed, like Abbott once said when caught out in a lie?

  108. Miglo

    Come back again soon, Dirk. Preferably after the next Abbott gaff.

  109. jagman48

    Thanks for leaving. Took a bit long to say goodbye though.

  110. Buff McMenis

    Well written, Victoria .. word for word what I would have written if I had your skill! Now, make the two silly buggers READ IT!!!! Brilliant letter .. 🙂

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