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An inquiry into Australia’s regional newspapers

This was sent to The AIMN this afternoon, which may be of interest to some of our readers:

New inquiry: Australia’s regional newspapers

Invitation to make a submission

The Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts has commenced a new inquiry into Australia’s regional newspapers (print and digital). Further information about the inquiry, including Terms of Reference and media release, are available at the committee’s website.

The committee is keen to receive the views of the community and stakeholders and invites you or your organisation’s input on the terms of reference. The committee also encourages you to pass this invitation on to any other organisations or individuals that you believe would be interested in making a submission to this inquiry. Further information about the inquiry is available at:

The closing date for submissions is 28 January 2022. It is preferred that submissions are uploaded electronically, through:

Once a document is received, the Committee decides whether to accept the document as a submission and publish it on its website. Please note that making a submission constitutes giving evidence and attracts parliamentary privilege. Once you have provided a submission to the Committee you cannot withdraw it or alter it without the Committee’s permission. Prospective submitters are advised that any submission to the Committee’s inquiry must be prepared solely for the inquiry and should not be disclosed to any other person until its publication has been authorised by the Committee.

While the Committee generally prefers that submissions be made public, you may request that part or all of your submission be kept confidential. Any request for confidentiality should include reasons for the request, and be provided in writing for the Committee to consider.

Please refer to the following brochure for helpful information on preparing a submission, including information about parliamentary privilege and requests for confidentiality:



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