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American CIA Hegemony

By Christian Marx

The Central Intelligence Agency was formed in 1947. It was ostensibly designed to gather intelligence on foreign countries during the cold war. However, within months of its formation it was drastically altered to become an agent for regime change and to enhance geopolitical U.S. hegemony around the world.

Since 1950 the CIA has been actively involved in regime changes, political assassinations and mass propaganda. Their first major involvement in world events was the Korean War of 1950-1953.

The CIA is basically a crypto Fascist organization that works on behalf of the U.S government and the Military Industrial Complex. It serves the U.S and is all about creating more profit and opportunity for the United States. Any foreign country that has a) valuable resources to exploit, such as gas or oil, and b) resists the Neoliberal doctrine of Western capitalism, will become a target for regime change or an outright invasion.

History has exposed the criminality of the CIA time and time again. A 1970s congressional investigation into the CIA by Frank Church revealed assassination plots, coups, and a litany of lies and the systemic corruption of the media by CIA infiltrators. Some 400 operatives were found to be involved in the manipulation of the media, university campuses and in government.

A declassified dossier exposes the CIA, via Operation Mockingbird. This was a covert operation that involved the wire tapping of journalists and the infiltration of multiple media outlets with journalists who would systematically propagate the goals and the narrative of Neoliberalism.

Basically the CIA is the thuggish hand of big business interests. They are there to do the dirty work that the U.S. government cannot overtly carry out. They can also hide in the shadows of the media, the judiciary and the halls of Academia in universities. This is done in order to cultivate popular favour for interventionist wars amongst the general public. The narrative is spun in such a way as to create fear and panic into the public. The CIA expose a problem that is a “threat to the safety” of Americans, they then come up with a plan. This is sometimes known as Problem/Reaction/Solution.

This plan has been carried out more than 2 dozen times since WW2. It is always a ruse to extract the minerals or wealth of another sovereign nation. Every war from Iran, Vietnam and Cuba up until the present day has been done for this porpose. The media will universally condemn the nation who is under attack. Why is this? Precisely because anyone who goes against the narrative of U.S foreign policy is either fired or discredited. One must be a puppet and go with editorial policy, despite the fact it is usually bogus or heavily manipulated. One must remember who owns and controls the media … it is not the average citizen, but the very wealthy elites.

Even Australia is not immune from the manipulation of the CIA, despite being a so called ally.

In 1972, Australia became an independent, socialist type state. Gough Whitlam abolished conscription, brought in universal healthcare and generally a host of other progressive policies. This angered the Australian business elite and enraged the U.S, especially when he publicly condemned the U.S. spy centre at Pine Gap.

In an explosive moment in history, Gough ultimately was overthrown in a bloodless coup on Nov 1975. The instigator was John Kerr, who was subsequently exposed by whistle blower, Christopher Boyce. Boyce was a young analyst working at Pine Gap who leaked the decoded transcripts. Not only had the CIA infiltrated the Australian unions, but they also had installed a a stooge in Parliament. That man was John Kerr, the Governor General!

The CIA will stop at nothing to implement American, capitalist hegemony for its corporate handlers. Whether it is against Ghadaffi in Libya for daring to reject the U.S. dollar or Salvadore Allende in Chile for daring to protect the national interests of his people, the same lies and bogus story of a new “Bogeyman” will be trotted out to an unsuspecting public. Fortunately in the age of the internet, the paid stooges in the media can no longer control the narrative. They are no longer the Gatekeepers of information.

Below is a list and brief summary of the major CIA crimes and coups, many resulting in the deaths of millions of innocents. (This is only a partial summary of the U.S/CIA war crimes since 1947):

1949/1950: OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD: CIA begins recruiting stooges and propagandists within multiple news agencies, eventually including Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, Hearst, Reuters etc.

According admissions from the CIA itself, over 25 news agencies and 400 “journalists” are involved.

1953: IRAN COUP: Democratically elected government is overthrown after they threaten to nationalize British Oil. CIA /U.S puppet becomes new leader of Iran.

1954: Guatemala: Yet another democratically elected government overthrown. Rockefeller Fruit Company was going to be nationalized. Over 100,000 murdered by a series of right wing puppet dictators over the next 4 decades.

1959: Haiti: U.S helps install ruthless dictator Duvalier. He forms his own private army and murders an estimated 100,000 of his own people.

1961: Cuba: CIA arms and trains 1,500 anti Castro Cubans to overthrow him. This fails due to the massive support from the majority of Cubans against this U.S force.

1964: Brazil: CIA overthrows democratically elected government. New U.S backed dictator trains an army of death squads with CIA money. Tens of thousands of leftists and other activists brutally murdered.

1965: Indonesia: Another puppet CIA installed stooge purges 1,000,000 Communists.

1973: Chile: Salvador Allende assassinated by U.S/CIA forces. Mass murderer Augusto Pinochet comes to power. He murders tens of thousands of his own people and pushes Chile into Fascism. A strong ally of Margaret Thatcher.

1975: CIA topples Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam for daring to take on Pine Gap.

1976: Angola: Henry Kissinger launches war backed by the CIA. 300,000 Angolans killed.

1981: Iran/Contra drug smuggling and arms sales

1991: First gulf war. Hussain was a CIA asset throughout the 1980s.

2001: Invasion of Afghanistan and the bogus assertion that Bin Laden committed 9/11. He denied it and was never a serious supect according to the FBI. Millions killed.

2003: Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction lie leaves millions dead.

2011: Ghadaffi brutally murdered by CIA/U.S backed thugs. His crime was attempting to ditch the U.S dollar and trade in Dhinnars.


Christian Marx is a political and social activist interested in making the world a fairer place. He has a Bachelor of Social Science and has a keen interest in sociology, politics and history. He was one of the organizers of the March in March rallies in Melbourne and is the founder of the progressive news and information page, “Don`t Look At This Page”, and is also a co-founder of “The Global Revolution” website.


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  1. Phil Atkinson

    You made one important omission – Syria. In 2006, Syria ditched the petrodollar and sold its oil in Euros, subsequently imposing the Euro over the US dollar for all foreign currency transactions. In that same year, the (then) US Charge d’Affaires in Damascus submitted a plan to Washington for the overthrow of the Assad government.

  2. David Bruce

    I think CIA is now an abbreviation for China-Indonesia-Africa. How long before Indonesia is the target for balkanization, again? Or China, for using a gold-backed yuan to buy their oil and gas? Or another war to prop up the massive ponzi scheme we have for a money system?

  3. Jaq

    Time for people to WAKE UP!

  4. Des Maddalena

    I suspect the next victim will be Venezuela. Firstly because the CIA and US non government organisation have been destabilizing the place for several years. Having already run 2 unsuccessful coups there. Secondly USA under Obama labelled it a rogue country- this means it won’t bow down to USA orders. Thirdly because it has has serious sanctions placed upon it for not kneeling to the USA empire. Fourthly because it recently announced that it was going to trade all oil for Yuan, Euros or any other currency than US dollars. They won’t attack North Korea as China has said it won’t allow the USA to do that. North Korea and Russia also have join defence treaties.

  5. Zathras

    Because of the nature of the US economy and the Petrodollar agreement, the US derives it’s wealth from others trading in its currency.

    Anybody wanting to buy oil from OPEC need US dollars.

    As well as Syria and Libya moving away from the US dollar, Saddam Hussein went to the Euro and was removed shortly after.

    The only remaining “rogue states” are Venezuela and North Korea. Syria is still a work in progress but that operation is largely being done on behalf of Israel rather than for explicit US interests.

    Pine Gap was only part of the reason for the Whitlam overthrow. His idea of using a new French process to refine our yellowcake (and avoid the US monopoly) was the final nail in his political coffin.
    The CIA was not directly involved. Rather, the CIA put pressure on Kerr via MI5.
    Some years later, Jimmy Carter apologised to Whitlam via the US Ambassador and said the US would no longer become involved in the political affairs of its allies. I think that’s been reconsidered since.

    Also, the Nugan-Hand Bank had an interesting and related history.

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