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All Options Are On The Table, But Clearly Not Scott Morrison Answering A Difficult Question!

Writing satire is easy…

Well, sometimes it’s hard because you begin by trying to describe something in a totally calm and rational way, and then you get halfway through and you suddenly think that if I hit publish now, people will think that I’m just trying to send up the government when every word I say is accurate…

So this is an opinion piece. No satire intended. I just want to ask what did our elected leader mean when told Turkey’s president, Tayyip Erdogan:

“I will wait to see what the response is from the Turkish Government before taking further action but I can tell you that all options are on the table.”

Mm, does that include sending Peter Dutton over there to explain the finer points of our foreign policy?

I mean all options are on the table!

Sending Fraser Anning over to show how he can not only stand up to eggs, but also whatever the Turkish leader wants to use to send back Australians back in body bags…All right, he needed the help of several neo-Nazis because the silly boy was just filming him and not realising that when you put egg on the face of those who know how to do it for themselves, they tend to over-react, as do his Nazi mates… Any connection to any Scott Morrison, living or dead, is just coincidence…

Ok, I’ll get back to opinion and stop the rhetoric…

Erdogan was obviously talking emotionally… All right, some may like to think of it as talking tough. You know, being a strong leader and all that jizz… But he was reacting to the Christchurch obscenity in an emotional way.

So what does our Scottie do? Say, well that’s a bit of an over-reaction and not all Australians should be judged by this one guy? Does he say We need to understand that this guy is a bit of an emotional wreck because of the events in Christchurch…

All right, I actually doubt that he’s actually an emotional wreck and I suspect that he’s playing to his crowd…

Anyway, what does the work experience PM do?

Nah, Morrison says, bring it on, sister, I can out trashtalk shit with anyone. I’m going full Trump here. How do you like that?

Scott tells us that all options are on the table! I mean, really? Come 25th April we’ll invade Turkey and get it right this time? FFS.

That should calm things down!

Scott Morrison! The leader who makes Bill Shorten seem like a statesman. Whatever else, that’s quite an achievement!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s interview with Greg Hunt where he tells us that went on the record as saying that he never heard Scott Morrison express anti-Muslim views at a Cabinet meeting and the revelation that he wasn’t at the meeting only proves that he couldn’t possibly have heard anything that ScoMo said, before telling everyone that he’ll be available for speaking engagements in a couple of months… Or, if you like, he can twist balloons into whatever shape you want and entertain the kids because he’ll have a lot of time on his hands come post-election.

Just in case you haven’t seen it! Worth watching just the disappearing act after he can’t work out how to answer the potential questions!!

Only 736? This should go viral!



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  1. whatever

    Erdogan plays the loud-mouth populist a lot better than Trump. But it is all for domestic consumption.
    Scotty won’t get too stroppy, why? Live Sheep Export trade.

  2. Alcibiades

    President Erdogan is also facing regional elections in two weeks time, he needs to win to re-affirm & cement his Presidency. Erdogan is no-ones fool, emotional or not, he made a calculation, plays very well domestically for him. This is not a criticism of Erdogan, merely the realpolitik.

    If Morrison does not back down there will be no Gallipoli ceremonies, no jingoistic commercial events. No visas for you !

    Morrison won’t look tough nor statesman like at that juncture, just weak & powerless, an impotent over-reaching sack of sh–, not a good look for an aspiring ‘Dear Leader’.

    Morrison lied, Dutton lied, Yorrick Hunt lied. Lying liars lying. It is the Lying Nasty Party(LNP) way.

  3. Phil.

    Morrison has warned Erdogan all options are on the table. Salt and Pepper shakers and the Silver Ware from Kirribilli House. He said don’t push me to far, remember our victory at Gallipoli or it’s war.
    A fully armed Sopwith Camel has been readied to post to Athens with extra Jerry cans of fuel, to be put into action at a few months notice.

  4. Alcibiades


    Morison better not. Turkey is an actual crucial & significant member State of NATO, a real security treaty, not like that ANZUS ‘will consult’ claytons treaty we have.

    Turkey could invoke Article 5 – Collective Defence, and then all NATO member states are obligated to come to Turkeys defence.

    Morrison is a shouty tawdry joke.

    PS Greece as a NATO member would deny landing rights. 🙂

  5. Jexpat

    Rossleigh meets Nathan Poe and deftly skirts Mike Godwin.

  6. Phil.


    This will be a hard nut to crack I see.

    We will have no choice we will have to send Pyne, Or Porter the bum snorter. Erdogan will be so petrified and confused he will make Penrith a sister city to Ankara. Yes I should have thought of that first. War is so Gay.

  7. Alcibiades


    If we’re lucky, maybe he’ll dispatch Linda Reynolds on a speaking tour too, as a diversionary Psychological Operation, that should confuse the living f–k out of those Turks. Concurrently SASR boat squadron elements could do a covert moonlit beach landing via Collins submarine, unpack then re-assemble the Sopwith, then it’s tally-ho at dawns breaking light! Catch ’em off guard flying with the sun in the rearview mirror.

    Reynolds after all is ex Army Reserve, a complete Border Security Islamophobe, who loves the smell of Bali in the morning. Her renowned incoherence would at least result in a psychiatric admission, for her own health. And good riddance.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Linda could tell them, no matter what they ask, about how she deals with natural disasters since her promotion on 2 March, 2019.

    I really hope the options on the table don’t involve our submarines and fighter jets or we are all gonna starve to death before any shirt-fronting is served.

  9. Phil.


    You are indeed a military strategist’s wet dream. The only flaw I see in your strategy is, surely Listening to Linda Reynolds would be against the Geneva Convention. It falls under ‘ Cruel and unusual punishment.’

    I have it on good authority guards were charged at Guantanamo Bay for using tapes of John Howard’s speeches put on an endless loops and piped into the prison tannoy system. The tapes were so successful that after an hour of this torture, a half dozen of the military guards hung themselves. It was decided to use something a little less painful. They used the music of ” The Hanson’s ” to play to the prisoners to extract the information they needed. This was very successful the prisoners were admitting to crimes committed during the Crusades.

    I thought, perhaps low level flights over turkey playing the WW2 hits of Vera Lynn through a huge P.A. failing Vera we could go back to the tried and tested John Howard speeches watta ya think? Or we could risk really making them fk angry with Nana Mouskouri’s greatest hits. The Turks don’t have nuclear weapons per chance?

  10. Alcibiades

    Kaye Lee,
    Haha! 🙂

    Oops re my last. um, slight problem, well two really. We’d first have to find the money to pay the exorbitant bounties required for a full Collins crew compliment, cash up front, assuming we can manage to get even just one operational. Bugger.

    Nah, have no actual means to get our old F-18s there and even just one operational Collins sub is a mighty big ask.

  11. Kaye Lee

    I am just an old woman in jammies, not skilled in the arcane world of foreign diplomacy and incapable of exerting dominance over my pet dogs, but is now a good time to have an election pissing contest with the Turkish leader? We already pissed off the Indonesians and the Malaysians with the Jerusalem gambit.

  12. George Villiers.

    If there is one thing I have found offensive with the LNP government it has been its blustering and arrogant behaviour towards New Zealand.

  13. Lambert Simnel

    Kaye Lee, you are the Marple of AIM.

  14. Patagonian

    Every time I see that photo of that smug prick’s face I want to vomit. He knew he had it in the bag even then.

  15. Andy56

    Two points. Scotty, mate, mate, when you have to defend yourself your gonna have to do better. Looking like a liar and acting like one does you no favours.
    Erdogen . Lets get the facts straight, did not suffer an attenpted coup. He created it. He is a master manipulator. It was a setup. How else can he have a list of 2,000,000 suspects in two days?

    Anzac day in turkey was always going to end well, not. How about we cellibrate defeat back home. Learn from it and never again. Opps sorry, vietnam, afganistan, iraq, syria……………………venezuela anyone?

  16. Andreas Bimba

    “but I can tell you that all options are on the table.”

    That comment from Scott Morrison is straight from Trump when he threatened North Korea with massive nuclear retaliation prior to his current peace diplomacy phase, so perhaps Great Scott thinks we have some of those and might send them that way??

    I know my comment is partly ‘fake news’ but it reminds me of Tony Abbott’s little known aborted plan to send in the Australian Army into Eastern Ukraine after Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down by the Russians, which could very easily have turned into full scale war between Russian military units and Australian. This was the dumbest example of highly risky military overreach I can think of and unlike most if Scott Morrison’s words, actually was true.

    Scott Morrison is dumb but fortunately not quite as dumb or unhinged as Tony Abbott.

    As for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, not much good to see in this man. An appalling political opportunist and an elected dictator.

  17. David1

    @Andy56 excellent points, particularly re the attempted coup, Lord knows what Erdogen promised his co conspirators because there must have been plenty of them. I suspect he has since taken the obvious steps ensuring there are few left to tell the tale. Erdogen attacks the Saudi Prince (rightly) over the death of Mr Adnan Khashoggi while being tarred with the same brush as Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

    Morrison is no longer the drowning man clutching at straws, he is kaput.

  18. RomeoCharlie29

    Morrison is like Fraser Anning, genetically pre-disposed to respond to any threat, real or imagined, minor or severe, with aggression.

    He should have passed Erdogan’s comments off as understandable but regrettable, instead of making some implied threat back.

    Erdogan is a dangerous bastard but, hopefully will end up like most dictators — head on a pikestaff or its equivalent. I am thinking the Mussolini, Franco, Caucescu variety rather than Hussein/quadaffi who were helped along by the great democratic liberators.

    Until then I think he is Europe’s problem. In the meantime I would be cashing in my ticket to Istanbul for this year ‘s ANZAC ceremony.

  19. Vikingduk

    Whilst the parrot, the psychopath hadley, andy blot & co feverishly stoke the boilers of the SS Scumbucket in preparation for the invasion of turkey, the motormouth says we don’t need no shirtfronting we needs war, total war, we’ll crew this rust bucket with the finest, truest, intelligent, blood thirsty crew ever known. The screech who walks will melt their eardrums, the corminator to fry their brains, the phoney tony as the ship’s monkey, Erica betz and Andrews and hastie man the guns, all ably assisted by the rest of the Lying Nasty Pricks.

    The only major problem being baaarnaby and what’s his name fighting over the navigation duties. But wait, there’s the repulsive rupert. Shut the f-ck up says repulsive I’m in charge here, we’ll do it my way. We’ll fight them on the beaches, we’ll retake Gallipoli, how dare these foreign wogs threaten us, the born to rule, the masters of lies, hate, greed, hypocrisy and shitting on anyone that isn’t us.

    Kaye, if you are reading this, do you know whose idea it was to bill the one way airfares of the asylum seekers who were traded to the yanks? Apparently all are now in debt for these fares, some as high as $16,000. SBS reported this a couple of weeks ago.

  20. Kaye Lee


    Apparently it is a US law.

    “Under a little known US law, the refugees must pay back to the US government the costs of their and their family’s one-way flights there.

    For some, touching down at LAX, could cost up to US$12,000 ($16,700).

    Ms Wood said the flight costs the refugees have to pay is the normal policy in many countries around the world, not just the US.”


    One would have thought that since we had kept them incarcerated for over five years, unable to work, we could have found them a seat on a Qantas flight.

  21. Kronomex

    Scummo could fly over to the main naval base in Turkey with George Christensen in the bomb bay. As the plane approaches he would tell Erdoğan to play nice or he drops George in the water. The resulting splash would fling what naval vessels were at anchor onto the land or sink them. And the best part of the whole thing is that George is reusuable and if he’s unavailble he could, in a pinch, use Craig Kelly.

  22. Alcibiades

    Sigh indeed. Unbelievable, no I take that back, there is nothing these bustards could do that would surprise me anymore.
    Back on topic.

    Turkey is not Saudi Arabia. Respectfully, hyperbolic rhetoric of the Morrison kind, IMV. If Gallipoli was in Saudi Arabia, there would be no admission/visas, no ceremonies whatsoever, for ‘infidels’, ever.

    Turkey does not behead the condemned (men & women) in public square month after month, year after year, brutal barbaric public floggings, enact by law a Male Guardianship over women, religious secret police covert & overt, religious courts & on and on.

    Erdogan is in no way the equivalent of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. If not for Erdogan & Turkeys efforts internationally, at considerable risk of consequences, the ‘Prince’ and Saudi Arabia would have gotten away with Kashoggis torture, assassination, dismemberment & disposal, completely unnoticed. Kashoggi wasn’t the first & won’t be the last disappeared by the Saudis.

    Turkey is a democracy. Erdogan is elected, President. Saudi Arabia is an extreme wahhabist fundamentalist absolute monarchy. The ‘Prince’ is truly an outright absolute dictator, even to his own princely kin, delegated such power by the almost senile king, Possibly a psychopath.

    Words matter.

    If Erdogan and the AKP ran a false flag to in fact secretly direct & control a coup targeting themselves, which in fact was supported & directed by the US & NATO, then that would have to be biggest coverup/conspiracy in quite a while. No leader knowingly allows troops, tanks & fighters onto the streets & into the air, in support of his own overthrow. Not even as a clever ruse/gambit. The risks are far too great. Nope.

    And why was the coup initiated ? Because Turkey has been gradually exiting its vassal status within NATO and more specifically the US Empire.

    Turkey may well be the first nation to formally exit NATO, in the not too distant future. If so, many other ‘dominoes’ may possibly then fall in quick succession …

    Firmly of the view ANZAC ceremonies at Gallipoli should be solely in remembrance of the fallen. Solely.

    As opposed to Morrisons jumping the shark, over the top ludicrous bullhorn threats, Winston Peters, NZ Deputy PM, is on his way to Turkey to conduct respectful diplomacy. Just like the US, under this mob we don’t even seem to remember what it is.

  23. Vikingduk

    Kaye Lee, thank you. I had wondered if it was our pack of bastards, but no, that other pack of bastards.

    Possibly this user pays philosophy is at the heart of our cruel treatment of the disappeared. Indefinite detention with no foreseeable outcome could be the Lying Nasty Parties way of keeping the refugees as permanent slaves. After all, a shit load of money has been spent on imprisoning, feeding, housing, transporting and minimal medical care for these people.

  24. Kaye Lee

    Before you sheet the entire blame to the other bastards, we could and should have paid for their tickets. After all, keeping them costs us $1600 per person per night (not including food and welfare services.)

  25. Wam

    The Turks may have been reading the army sites in conjunction with anning’s, pauline’s and sky’s announcements or reading news Corp’s letters In addition to watching the gun tracking footage??
    It was pleasing to see some bare-headed women in the footage long may the trappings of cultural indoctrination be absent.
    I was at a dawn service in goodna when a man in a WW1Turkish uniform turned up.
    His presence served to remind me that the Turks died defending their homeland, the words of Attaturk are most gracious and deserve repeating at each Anzac celebration.

  26. New England Cocky

    “Scott Morrison! The leader who makes Bill Shorten seem like a statesman. Whatever else, that’s quite an achievement!”

    Says it all really …

  27. Alcibiades

    Indeed they would do so, there is no shortage nor lack of ready availability of it.

    Died defending their homeland. Quite.

    Where will we find the equivalent of Attaturk’s exceptionally gracious & forgiving words of common humanity on behalf of his nations people, towards our former enemies … in the west ?

  28. Stephengb

    “but I can tell you that all options are on the table.”

    And following those infamous words by our Prime Muppet

    Every single professional diplomat and politician around the world
    BURST their seams in a spontaneous and uncontrollable BELLY LAUGH.

  29. Trevor

    Utterly repugnant and offensive. Morriscum self describes the present LNP Govt as well as hisself.
    Australia’s leading Race baiter and hater of who and whatever gives the biggest bang for the bucks.
    Sack the LNP before they sack Australia properly.

  30. Aortic

    Is this the same table that was smashed in Tony Abbotts office when everybody was pissed after he thankfully lost the PM job? Was Greg Hunt there or can’t he remember. Nevertheless in either case he says the PM is a sympathetic soul so his words have gravity and meaning for all. Or he may have said the PM is pathetic and he speaks bullshit. Hard to tell as I wasn’t there.

  31. Andreas Bimba

    Some really amusing comments here but ……. Alcibiadis please lighten up on the praise for Erdogan.

    Turkey was much freer and secular before he decided to manoeuvre himself into the role of elected dictator. Following the attempted military backed coup, he took control of most of the media, sacking one hundred thousand and imprisoning fifty thousand alleged coup plotters who for some strange reason were mostly progressive liberal urbanite types – sounds like a tyrant to me or at least it was a little misdirected, a huge overreaction and opportunistic on Erdogan’s part.

    Who was actually behind the coup, the CIA and foreign bankers again? Now that’s important to know.

    Our kleptocracy are probably planning something similar for us if our governments dare to be too progressive and increase deficits or try to phase out the fossil fuel industry for example.

    Saudi Arabia sucks most of us agree with that.

    I put Trump, Putin, Xi, Rocket Man, Erdogan and the Saudi ruler on the same continuum as all aspire to be absolute rulers with varying levels of competence, but many others may not agree.

    Oops I typed CIA so the five eyes are tracking me again.

  32. Phil

    Turkey has been threatened with a total ban on Erdogan’s favourite breakfast spread VEGEMITE.

    Erdogan is not amused. He apparently liked to spread the foul tasting muck on his morning KEHBAB to make
    it more palatable to the Turkish taste buds. Erdogan’s Chef said he would import 10 tons of MARMITE before his idiot boss insulted the British people.

  33. andy56

    The irony of all this is that Erdogen hasnt said anything different yet Wacko Scotto thinks he has moderated the language. Sheesh, from what i read, some media outlets didnt quote the full sentence which appears offensive but once you add the part about offensive to muslims you kind of think it was a blow up.
    PS , i still think it was a setup coup. I dont believe the cia or any other group was involved. By definition a coup is a military take over. Erdogen took out half the civilian population !! Some military guys were replaced with yes men. In the past its always been the army getting purged. How all those civilians were identified in a couple of days doesnt ring bells in your mind?

  34. David1

    @andy56 I am with you on Erdogen, the numbers of his fellow countrymen and women and children he had slaughtered will never be known, he is slime.

    @Andreas Bimba the murdering low life Philippines President Duterte needs to be added to your list of despots. He usually manages to stay under the International radar as he goes about destroying that countries democracy. I have a close journalist friend in Manila who works with Maria Ressa, an award-winning journalist for a Philippine news site who has been regularly critical of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.
    She was arrested for the 3rd time in as many weeks recently, she said “We are not intimidated. No amount of legal cases, false propaganda, and lies can silence Filipino journalists who continue to hold the line,” Ressa said in a statement. “These legal acrobatics show how far the government will go to silence journalists, including the pettiness of forcing me to spend nights in jail on false charges and are never proceeded with.”

    The shoot to kill Duterte campaign on drug users is still on going in the Manila slums, thousands have been murdered by his police without evidence, without trial and has solved nothing except boost the Presidents ego and resolve. The same police who kill, live off the protection money of the of the pushers. As if that impoverished nation of beautiful people don’t suffer enough from natural disasters.

  35. Phil

    Due to the cultural sensitivities in the latest diplomatic row between Australia and Turkey, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has contacted Dr Andrew Charles Theophanous an old Labor party stalwart, born in Cyprus to negotiate on behalf of the Australian government. When it was pointed out to the P.M that Theo as he is affectionately known had done porridge for theft Mr Morrison said what’s the problem with that? Scott went on to say their couldn’t be much left in Ankara to steal. Most the Turkish antiquities were stolen years ago and are now in safe hands in British and French museums. Oh no no no, Theo will do an excellent job I have ordered some back orders on E Bay of some classical Greek musicians Yanni, Nia Vardalos, Tommy Lee, Vangelis Euripides, and of course hard to get copies of Demis Roussos. To present to the Turkish philistine for his enjoyment. Every thing is on the table and I expect this to all blow over soon.

  36. Andreas Bimba

    David1, Duterte is another despot that’s for sure. There is no shortage of them.

    Andy56, that’s a key point that so many civilians were identified in a few days. His secret police must have built up a hit list over years, and well before the coup but then again they may have known of a possible coup for a few years?

    The alleged leader of the coup was based in the US and the US has started and stuffed up coups in Libya and Syria along with half the planet at various times. I haven’t looked into the Turkish coup very much so I don’t know.

    Totally agree it was an incompetent or half hearted coup that fizzled immediately when apparently some women stopped a few tanks on a main bridge. The soldiers also appeared clueless about what they were supposed to do from what I saw on the news at the time. About 250 were killed and 2,200 injured according to a BBC fact check. Is this too bloody for a false flag op or just right? I recall Erdogan did look shit scared after popping up his head after the coup so maybe he didn’t organise it.

    Any good evidence on the coup, expert commenters?

    Morrison has become boring.


  37. Alcibiades

    Lighten up on praise ? What praise ? Where ?

    Suggest a review of the Military Juntas that previously ruled Turkey. Hell, they even had the balls to coup d’etat one government by memo. 1960 military coup, 1971 military coup, 1980 military coup, 1993 military coup & 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt (~300 references)(See: GLADIO)

    If one has something to offer other than mere assertion that it wasn’t a valid coup attempt, please cough up. Abstract generalisations ? Pfft.

    Trump, Putin, & Erdogan were all elected. Individually, validly elected presidents in their own right. In acknowledged democracies. This cannot denied, whether one personally dislikes them or their policies or not. Just because some may dislike, even loathe, the current coalition, they were recently validly elected, twice. RWNJs will no doubt reject a validly elected Labor government, should that eventuate …

    Oz has been a stable democracy since 1901, other nations on Terra haven’t been nearly so fortunate … democracy in Turkey is in it’s infancy, born of a long troubled past and suffering from an unrelenting insurgency.

    Oz = established democracy, Turkey = troubled infant democracy. One is not like the other.

    Difficult to see the whole forest if only focused on but one tree, hm ? (Tree = Comments solely re response to a deliberate coup attempt)

    Have at no point expressed a view the response to the coup attempt should be acceptable, however, given Turkeys coup history ? There is a similar pattern in Sth Korea … and elsewhere …

    Greece ? Italy ?

    Re ‘Our Keptocracy ? (See: Remembrance Day 1975. When will be the sequel ?) Also,why was Cosgrove appointed GG by Abbott ? Certainly not by accident … a carefully considered pre-emptive act ?

    Turkey ? Why ?

    Geography (Syria, Iraq, Caucasus. The bridge between the ME & Europe). NATO member. Controls the Bosphorous & access to and from the Black Sea/Mediteranean Sea. Controls the Montreaux Treaty. Far too economically friendly to Iran. Iraq. Kurdish question. etc. Be here all day if it’s necessary to explain the geo-strategic/political importance of all the former.

    That’s just fer starters …

    The irony of all this is that Erdogen hasnt said anything different yet Wacko Scotto thinks he has moderated the language. Sheesh, from what i read, some media outlets didnt quote the full sentence which appears offensive but once you add the part about offensive to muslims you kind of think it was a blow up. And most Oz coverage in strident jingoistic terms. Hm,what’s that phrase again ? Oh yes … yellow journalism.

    PS Erdogan took out half the civilian population!!! Really ? Ridiculous hyperbole. 🙁

  38. Alcibiades

    @Andreas Bimba

    Look at the various court cases/inquiries over many years prior to the coup attempt. Judicial, Military, Police. An entrenched Deep State cannot be rooted out overnight. Especially in an infant democracy where the military juntas ruled for generations. (See: GLADIO)

    The 2016 attempt was amateurishly executed, planned timelines rushed at the last minute to avoid discovery and to avoid pre-emptive action by the State to prevent it. The last throw of the die … last chance.

    In Sth Korea for example there are still very many older Sth Koreans who look fondly back on their prior military dictators.

  39. Matters Not

    To understand coups in Turkey, one needs to go back to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who founded the independent Republic of Turkey out of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire. Briefly, he wanted Turkey to be a modern secular state and he envisaged that the military would be the guardian of his vision. All males in Turkey do compulsory military service – up to 4 years depending on educational studies and other ‘allowances’. Nationals – resident in foreign lands can escape such service via the payment of monies.

    Within a very powerful and well resourced military, promotion is via merit BUT those who are overly religious don’t quite make the grade. (Ataturk wanted a secular state via military guidance.) Accordingly there’s been any number of coups when the military saw the ‘democratically’ elected government going off the rails – until Erdogan of course whose ambition is to see the recreation of the Ottoman Empire (as far as possible). The last coup was such an amateur effort that it could have been a set-up but Erdogan used it as the excuse for further wide ranging purges. Put simply, he doesn’t like those who have been too heavily influenced by the west – even tour guides are now in prison.

    Muhammed Fethullah Gülen was an ally of Erdogan until a falling out and now lives in the USA. Erdogan sees him as the (intellectual) power behind all plots.

  40. Jon Chesterson

    ‘You couldn’t make this stuff up’, but Morrison does… re-writing history every day so the lies get buried from view, if not from the multitude of them.

    ‘All options are on the table’, best way to answer a question you do not want to answer in case you incriminate yourself.

    Have you seen the interview with Waleed Ali, ABC Project?


    How do you interview a sociopath live on TV and get away with it?

    Especially when that sociopath has the country’s top job, has all the information and secrets you don’t have and he is not willing to share but use it to put you down as the ignorant one. One who is not shy to bully his way through the interview, use his power to intimidate as no doubt he does in Parliament to women and any moderate members in his party who would question him. A man who smirks and indulges in arrogance, leans forward and adjusts the lapel of his jacket, a clear repressed gesture of aggression, when feeling uncomfortable, and refuses to answer straight or truthfully one single question. One who hides behind the lies of his past in absolute recalcitrance and couches his manner with delusional false ‘good’ deeds, twisting every question into an act of defiance and ridicule.

    These are the qualities of a liar, a thief and a sociopath, the mechanics of a well disguised fascist presenting the facade of reason, normalcy and good faith, as sociopaths do, till it is too late to change the fate they have decreed for us, before the world at large recognises the deviant for who they are.

    When will Australians wake up and read between these twisted lines thuggish behaviours and pathologies. The private schooling and privilege this man had had throughout his life has refined all these manipulative graces and virtues – the schools, his church, the christian personification he masquerades and swings before him is like a terrorist’s grenade to explode the conscience of all those before him who can see him for what he is, his righteous sword. And this will be the mark and trail of destruction he will leave behind, and he will declare it to be his life’s work and all that on earth that is good.

    Like many in history before him, he is a most dangerous sociopath and the Parliament, his religion, his church and position as Prime Minister, they who vote for him and his game, legitimise that authority and abuse, as well we know.

    Waleed was never going to get an answer to any of his questions no matter how courteous, assertive, clear and unequivocal he put them. But he did expose the sociopathic demeanour that underlies his interviewee, the non-linguistics, the programming, the script, the ego, the game this deviant crusader plays, cannot remain hidden from all.

    AB 2019

  41. Phil.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a recent media stop, seemed to be possessed by something not of this world, with his eyes glazed over he started speaking in tongues. He said to the journalists present. teeby mootoo bunna wanna choca poppa loppa toppa tuty smoot. The media were confused. A member of the Hillside Church standing near by, interpreted what Morrison had said. Morrison apparently said, ‘ You know I love all religions especially Muslims, every Christian should own at least three of them.

  42. Andreas Bimba

    Interesting comments guys, thanks.

    Coup d’etat by memo is a good trick, a bit like how our PM’s are changed.

    Sorry for my mistake about suggesting praising of Erdogan. It was based on this comment in part “Erdogan is in no way the equivalent of Prince Mohammed bin Salman” not praise as such but perhaps insufficiently negative then.

    Erdogan makes Morrison look good, I stand by my elected dictator label and go further, he is just another tyrant. Sacking and imprisoning so many on the slightest suspicion, no trials, for allegedly supporting an alternative political leader that was once an ally. Very much like Pinochet actually apart from being elected.

    As we all know there are elections and there are elections. When you control the media, the police, the courts, the military, the system of government, imprison or exile your political opponents except those you know have no real chance, sack or imprison a large section of your populace that may not like you, create a climate of fear, know how to push the right buttons amongst enough of the people, then elections become a lot easier.

    On Tony Abbott and GG Cosgrove, I tend to agree. I suspect Tony Abbott is indeed a tyrant waiting for the opportunity, same goes for Spud. Turnbull was not a tyrant, just a banker scamming for more money. Morrison is a dickhead.

    Erdogan needs a handful of warm vegemite slapped onto the back of his head by a local egg boy – to hide his bald patch. What would then happen to egg boy would be another indicator of what Erdogan really is.

  43. Phil.

    “Erdogan needs a handful of warm vegemite slapped onto the back of his head by a local egg boy – to hide his bald patch. What would then happen to egg boy would be another indicator of what Erdogan really is.”

    Perish the thought, our new hero would be on his way to Egg heaven with 72 unbroken virgin eggs.

    I can’t take this shit serious anymore. We are going to take a fall soon. Trump? Financial crash? The collapse of the Eco System?, War?

    But be assured life is not going to be the same after the latest tragedy in New Zealand. We are being led by a load of gibbering idiots and we are on borrowed time. The so called educated intellectuals can waffle on until the cows come home but, we are F*cked.

  44. Alcibiades

    Erdogan will be voted outed at some stage, assuming that transfer is peaceful, then hopefully Turkey can progress further as an infant democracy. Same for non-presidential elections, as his AKP party gradually loses sway. Elections in Turkey, despite the local rhetoric that jars our ears, must be a good thing as opposed to generations past of junta ballots by rifle/gun barrel. Personally. one sees them in transition, the desire for less authoritarian rule, greater freedom expression/press is strong, and the political groupings opposing his AKP are not weak nor irrelevant, ’tis a good thing.

    Pretty much concur, yet truly consider morrison far more dangerous than abbott, & only marginally less so than dutts.

    Erdogans bodyguards would likely take an eggboy down, in the attempt, lethally.

  45. Alcibiades

    Here I was thinking I was in deep despair, jaded … cheer up, maybe the current GG won’t dismiss the likely new government (the lesser of two) after the polls but before his replacement takes over. Have some concerns about the true impartiality of the new GG comin’ in, yet certainly far better than Cosgrove, any day of the week. Cosgrove owes, is totally in hock to, the LNP for all that he’s ‘achieved’.

    The first 100 days will tell the tale. Can fantasise, yet don’t have significant expectations at all.

  46. Phil


    Another dismissal Whitlam redux? Nothing this mob does or will do would surprise me. Cosgrove as you say owes the LNP. He know doubt has a picture of Lizzy on his bedside table. I become quite ill thinking about it all. Anyone looking for huge change with Shorten are going to be sorely disappointed. A few days ago he was treating adults like they were imbeciles, The ” Don’t watch the New Zealand tragedy footage uploaded to social media ‘ I thought to myself WTF. His body language screams Status Quo. Shorten is not the first or will be the last to use the union movement to get on. I hope I am wrong. I will be voting for his team come what may they are the only game in town. For mine voting independent is a wasted vote.

  47. Alcibiades

    Was only half serious. However with Morrison, who confirms everyday he’s actually more unhinged and even more amoral than Abbott. I know, hard to believe hey ? His rapid extended eye blinking after he finishes his stream of consciously active lies is now an open ‘tell’.

    Yeah, for what it’s worth will be doing the same, for the same reasons, with nil serious expectations. 🙁

    Respect Swan individually, he talks a good story here, but he’s ejected from parliament, party president now. It’s political posturing & only tinkering at the fringes for me, ain’t buyin’.

    Wayne Swan: history tells us flat wages growth is dangerous for Australia – The era of tolerating the rich getting richer at everyone else’s expense is over, the former treasurer says

    You know what I desperately want to see ?

    A wholesale rollback of the ‘neoliberal’ experiment of the past thirty years, anti-trust laws and breakup of unaccountable monopolies, Limited News/SkyNews, Coles, Woolworths, et al. Crushing Criminal Laws for white collar crime, serious damned prosecutions and hard gaol time for Banksters, tax avoiding corporations & a damned vicious feral Federal ICAC with real razor sharp teeth. Most of all a return to treating and supporting the most vulnerable with some bloody respect, decency & compassion. Just as an entree’ for starters..

    Perchance to dream ?

    Feel out of, past my time, not gonna happen, we’re farked. 🙁

    Dog I despise what the septics have inflicted.

  48. Phil


    Can’t disagree with any of that. Morrison makes my skin crawl. He was the prick we all knew at school, short back and sides with apple in hand for the teacher. The dobber. But moving on. The future does not bode well for any of us. Global warming for mine will be our Apocalypse.

    A muso I know was telling me yesterday what a great job Trump was doing, a fcuucking muso do you mind. I know the right wingers in the music world they are far and few between. But FFS. I asked the poor Schmuck if he thought about a visit to see a psychiatrist. It was said light heartedly but I meant it. My point being, people are believing the propaganda dished up by the hour by the MSM. This is what we are up against. The last few years has at least for me, been a revelation. I have found out who the racists are amongst my relatives and friends. I have felt it quite refreshing to tell them to f#ck off and bother someone else with their bullshit. I don’t think I am an orphan. Interesting months ahead.

  49. Kronomex

    cvxk;’l,fgsd08lysrtpo’ dfhlmc bvx

    Miranda the cats thoughts on Scummo? Or just being a pita and walking across the keyboard on her way to her sleeping spot behind the monitor? I’m leaning towards the latter.

  50. Andreas Bimba

    Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are well ahead of Oz and NZ with their policy platforms. Corbyn has got most things right apart from fiscal policy and Bernie has many hurdles yet to jump and most of the new Democrats elected are corporate Democrats so Congress will block most of Bernie’s programs IF he wins in 2020. Pressure is building in a lot of European countries as well.

    People really do hate the neoliberal centre and centre right parties.

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