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Alan Jones quits, writes 1500-word resignation letter on Facebook

By TBS Newsbot

After Sky News chose not to renew his contract, Alan Jones took to Facebook to announce that he was quitting.

If Ernest Hemingway said that courage stemmed from being graceful under pressure, Alan Jones quitting Sky News (after they chose not to renew his contract) in a rambling 1500 word Facebook post is surely the opposite. Carved in the tone of a jilted spouse, justifying all the positives he brought to the relationship, Jones confirmed that “the management at Sky News have indicated to me that they will not renew my contract, which ends on November 30.”

Jones wrote, “When I arrived at Sky News and was signed to a 17-month contract, it was made quite clear to me that the 8PM slot was, in the words of management, a ‘dead’ spot. It was clear from the outset that my signing at Sky News brought over a new audience to the station. Indeed, one observation was made last year that ‘since the launch of Alan Jones on Sky News Australia, the network has seen major growth across its digital platforms.’ And, ‘The launch of Alan Jones on Sky News Australia in July saw the channel’s radio ratings double on the iHeart Radio app, making Sky News Radio the #1 Australian news/talk station on the platform.’ In my brief time that I have been at Sky News, the audience at 8PM has significantly increased.”

“On the social media front, it was said that November 2020 was ‘another extraordinary month for Alan Jones on social media,’” Jones wrote, before adding: “In that month, there were 12.6 million views of Alan Jones video on digital platforms, with 68% of the audience coming from YouTube. I made mention of information on the US election being censored by ‘powerful interests’ in the media. That post reached 4.2 million people on Facebook and delivered 2.4 million video views with 617,000 of those watching for longer than one minute, which was described as ‘an extraordinary result’ for Facebook where the audience typically has a short attention span. Sky News rightly boasts significant personalities with strong and legitimate opinions. As a result, people often search the internet in order to refresh themselves with something we have said. In other words, put simply, if you’re not saying anything that is relevant to the viewer or the public, they are not likely to be much interested in checking out your content.”

Speaking in the third person, Jones claimed it was cancel culture that held the knife that bled him. “In recent times my material hasn’t been widely published on these sites as the company has felt under threat from being cancelled. Nonetheless, the figure I have indicated above is significant. People have been googling Alan Jones and immediately the bulk of them go to the Sky News website to access Alan Jones’ opinions,” he said.

So, what happens now? Probably nothing. In 2019, Jones was surprisingly featured on the 7News election coverage, who took the opportunity to draw the conclusion that Scott Morrison’s win meant that climate change wasn’t a thing.

At the time, Labor MP Chris Bowen asked “what is the Morrison government going to do on Monday if it is elected?”, Jones jumped in to cheerfully point out that “well, we won’t have to have a 50 percent renewable energy target… it was a vote on climate change tonight!…you said it was a referendum on climate change, but apart from Zali Steggall, I mean, you people can’t persist with this notion of 45 percent emissions reductions or a 50 percent renewable energy target.”

“Alan, one of the differences between you and I is that I believe in climate change, and I believe it’s caused by human activity,” Bowen said again.



“Well, I believe in the scoreboard!” Jones responded, pointing at the election results. “Have a look at the scoreboard!”

Considering that time is a flat circle, and the 2021 election will be fought over the same issues, we can assume that he’ll continue to have a spot in the mainstream media. So, tell me how cancel culture works again?

This article was originally published on The Big Smoke.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Alan who?? I don’t think he has a programme on My ABC Radio or the ABC Television Service.

    I seem to remember there was an old fart Alan Jones who started the Cronulla Race Riot about 2005 and another Jones who disgraced himself by spewing misogynistic slogans outside Canberra Parliament House in 2012, but surely he passed years ago.

    Then there was a kerb crawler Jones who was booked by police in London for propositioning rent boys and later another encounter with the law at the gay location of the Alan Jones Memorial Piss & Pull Joint at South Bondi, but that may have been a namesake. Even so, Waverley Council sealed up the site in memory of the numerous misdeeds.

    Certainly no Clive James, John Laws or Gary O’Çallaghan then if he was on Sydney radio.

  2. Phil Pryor

    The flushing of a lingering turd, blocking the U turn in defective”s skulls, is essential for health and hygeine, Today old Jucking -Fones leaves Sky T V, and perhaps, tomorrow, the planet?? One can hope…The opinions of a fulminating prick can only be associated with ego erection, worthless willy wobbling waste…

  3. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, AIMN.

    Phew. Alleluia. Hooray. Yippee. Brilliant. Byebye. Tata. Hooroo.

  4. GL

    One less Rupert media undead vile right wing raving nut job. Still way too many to go.

  5. BB

    On 6 December 1988, Jones was arrested in an underground public toilet on Broadwick Street in the Soho area of London.
    He was taken to Mayfair police station and charged with outraging public decency and committing an indecent act.

    Alan Jones is the epitome of all that is the lowest of all low life. A truly disgusting obnoxious creep. Good F’ing riddance.

    A Timeline of Alan Jones’ Bigotry

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    What a wasted space. But, no more. at least he now has more time to devote himself to matters that matter to him, public urinals after dark.

  7. Michael Taylor

    I’m fearful that some other right-wing mob might mob might pick him up. Ch7? Fairfax/Ch9?

    Or, given the way the ABC are heading he might even get the job of hosting Q&A.

  8. Harry Lime

    Never mind the 1500 word self justification letter…all he warrants is a 2 word dismissal…”FUCK OFF””,you embittered old windjammer.

  9. New England Cocky

    @BB: Thank you for the Alan Jones Time Line of Disgusting performance.

    I recommend every reader of this article to refresh their memory of why Jones is a blot on Australian culture. A very well paid blot, more is the pity, but just the same a disgrace to the nation.

  10. ajogrady

    Mchael Taylor
    The ABC would be a real contender for Jones’s talents. Jones loves the sound of his own voice and being able to push his cash for comments agenda. He could do 7:30, Insiders and QandA on a contract tied to how the L/NP are going electorally. He would be amongst friends and fellow Neo Conservative sycophants who are on the board and in management and probably put him on an incentive contract to privatise the ABC.

  11. Terence Mills

    Jones was dropped by SKY due to falling audience numbers and a general lack of interest on the part of the Australian populace.

    SKY employed Jones to try and lift Sky-after-dark whose audience numbers were diabolical. In fact since Jones joined SKY audience numbers have dropped 2 percentage points compared with 2020 according to the 2021 Digital News Report, published by the University of Canberra’s News and Media Research Centre.

    The audience numbers for other SKY luminaries like Peta Credlin, Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray Sharri Markson, Cori Bernardi, Rowan Dean, Rita Panahi etc are not much better but at least they don’t cost what Jones does.

    It probably won’t end with Jones and SKY will continue to ‘borrow’ talking heads from Newscorp which evidently is relatively cheap.

    Goodbye Mr Jones you have exploited us for far too long.

  12. Kerri

    If Chris Bowen really wants to achieve something with climate change he would do well to stop saying he “believes” in climate change. Apart from leaving it wide open for the deniers to claim they believe in Santa or God it is as stupid as saying I believe in gravity or wind.

  13. Mark Shields

    Alan Jones: One of the most ignorant and dangerous Commentators, this country has ever seen, since Governor Macquarie…

  14. Kathryn

    Clearly, the only thing larger than the totally deluded, megalomaniacal ego of this revolting, misogynistic, vindictive toilet-dwelling predator (Alan Jones) is his tenuous grasp on reality! This overblown, insignificant, venomous little psychopath – like most of the like-minded, totally corrupt, self-serving political parasites in the worst government in our history (ie the LNP) that Jones openly supported – will NOT be going out with a Big Bang but, rather, is – at long last – being kicked out the door in justifiable notoriety and, as expected, going out with a whimper with his tail between his legs! The day has finally come when this sad, bitter little man will sink back into infamous obscurity which is where he belongs!

    No amount of excuses, no amount of back-peddling, no cowardly attempts to blame and shame others for his absolutely APPALLING behaviour, can EVER excuse or exonerate the incredibly unpopular Jones for his disgusting, reprehensible, character-assassinating slander of anyone opposing his callous inhumanity, his vilification of the most vulnerable people in our community, his vehement hatred of anyone who expresses a left-wing view, his xenophobic racism, his disreputable right-wing bias and open support for a government (the LNP) that has proven itself to be the worst, most corrupt and dangerously undemocratic in living memory!

    Jones didn’t even have the courage and conviction to come out as being gay; instead he hid that important aspect of his life for decades in a pathetic and regressive display that proved that Jones is a fake, a phoney who was shamefully embarrassed by his own sexuality which, ironically, revealed him (as a gay man) to be homophobic as well as misogynistic and misanthropic!

    Everything about Alan Jones is tarnished, cruel, bitter, fake and thoroughly offensive! There’s absolutely NOTHING good one can find to say about him except his “forced” resignation will, no doubt, be inordinately pleasing to the HUGE majority of intelligent, compassionate Australians who had the discernment and good judgement to stop watching/listening to this career whiner! Only two words are appropriate on the happy occasion of Jones’ ignominious departure: GOOD RIDDANCE!

  15. wam

    spot on michael he would not be out of place on our abc radio.
    I complained about this ruseto foxtel and here:
    abc used to be 102 and sbs 103
    now sky is 103 and sbs is 104
    ergo to get from abc to sbs and not give a selection to sky requires a 4 button input so the simple two push bar gives a tick to sky news on the way.

  16. New England Cocky

    @ Mark Shields: Uhm ….. I am confused ….. how do you turn Governor Lachlan Macquarie into a ”most ignorant and dangerous man”?

    Only the Macarthur clan would make such a claim because like Bligh before him, Macquarie kept the disgraced John Macarthur under control before Macarthur finally went mad with Porphyritis [like George III], escaped his locked library and ran naked down the streets of Camden.

    Macquarie was shunted off by an English Commissioner (name?) who gifted a minor relative with the intended NSW Supreme Court building to become St Stephens Church and a stipend of seven thousand (7,000) pounds a year and promoted that minor relative to the Bishop of Sydney. This was a higher annual income than the succeeding Governor received.

  17. GL

    Not a shock jock but more a shocking jerk and at the very least will, hopefully, fade into obscurity.

    And to borrow turn of phrase from Kathryn: Clearly, the only thing larger than the totally deluded, megalomaniacal ego of this revolting, misogynistic, vindictive toilet-dwelling predator (Alan Jones) is his tenuous grasp on reality!

    So as the sun sets we hear the sounds of an old angry man slurping his gruel (because he misplaced his false teeth) and mumbling incoherently into an unplugged microphone about how mean everyone is and why didn’t any of his mates in the LNP come to his rescue. As the nurse closes the door to his room a passerby asks who the man is and the reply, “He used to be Alan Jones and reckons he was famous.”
    “Ah, we have someone in our wing who reckons he was also famous and was on TV and adored by millions.”
    “Really, who is he?”
    “Bolt something, don’t remember his first name.”

  18. Phil Pryor

    Cocky, you might be referring to Commissioner Bigge?

  19. New England Cocky

    Thank you PP. Indeed, it was Bigge, a toady for the Macarthurs.

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