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Pauline Hanson recently proposed a motion in the Senate (see featured image above).

She wants the Senate to acknowledge: a) the deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation b) It is okay to be white.

Now, I’d like to suggest that nobody is telling us that it’s not okay to be white. Generally speaking, it’s more than okay; it’s a great advantage to be white. I mean, it entitles one to have a view sometimes. Take our PM’s tweet from a few days ago. It began:

“Indulgent self-loathing doesn’t make Australia stronger. Being honest about the past does. Our modern Aus nation began on January 26, 1788. That’s the day to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, become, still to achieve. …”

Is he suggesting that Aboriginal people who want the date of Australia Day changed are guilty of “indulgent self-loathing”? Or is Scottie just complaining about the white people who want the date changed because, after all, the views of indigenous people aren’t part of the debate at all.

Perhaps I misunderstood. Anyway, it’s rather ironic that Scott Morrison who has an ornamental ship on his desk with the words, “I STOPPED THESE”, should think that the day when a few ships full of people who’d actually done something illegal was the beginning of modern Aus. I would have thought that the anniversary of the birth of a penal colony where people were whipped and oppressed wasn’t really a good day for anyone. Although maybe that’s what the Liberals think of when they think of modern.

Back to Pauline’s motion! PHON have expressed concern that the Senate has delayed debate on it.

Of course, it’s easy to see why. If they argue against it, they’re playing into Hanson’s hands because she can complain about political correctness. And if they vote for it, they’re playing into Hanson’s hands because she can claim that she’s made a stand on behalf of all those poor white people who are being subjected to things like… well, being criticised when they make racist remarks.

My solution would be to move a couple of simple amendments. For Part a), I would ask if the mover of the motion would object to the removal of the words “anti-white” and “Western” so that it read: the deplorable rise of racism and attacks on civilisation.

I mean, she could hardly object to that and if she did, she could be asked why. It would be hard to argue that while anti-white racism is deplorable, other forms are fine. Of course, I know that’s the way a lot of her supporters think, but at least by making it explicit, there’s no pretending any more.

Similarly, adding the words “or black” to Part b) would mean it read: It is okay to be white or black.

If (or when) Hanson refuses the amendment to Part b), one could then move a further amendment so that her motion read: It is okay to be white, but not black.

Thankfully, while Pauline has been concerning herself with oppressed white people, our Special Envoy for Photo Opportunities has been touring the Northern Terroritory and explaining things to the folks there.

As you can see from his Twitter feed, Abbott likes pointing things out to people. Probably his training as a priest… Or maybe that was why he stopped training as a priest. The place where he trained wasn’t all that receptive to his pontifications… After all, the Catholic Church already has a pontiff…

Don’t think I’m being anti-Catholic. I don’t think many religions like having things pointed out to them. They all tend to respond with, “Strap the Pagan to the fire and burn him!” Although the aboriginal communities haven’t responded by doing that to Tony yet.

Oh, in breaking news, I understand the indigenous elders in the places he’s visiting have asked him to leave. I guess it’s because they don’t understand Western civilisation. When someone tries to impose their values on us, we generally do more than just ask them to leave. We insist that they learn our language and accept our values…

Right, I better stop here before I start speculating that Andrew Bolt will be the next Chairman of the ABC and the Liberal who reads my stuff and suggests it to the Cabinet will make that one a reality just like Malcolm and Scott becoming Prime Minister along with sundry other things.


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  1. New Egland Cocky

    “I would have thought that the anniversary of the birth of a penal colony where people were whipped and oppressed wasn’t really a good day for anyone. Although maybe that’s what the Liberals think of when they think of modern.”

    Actually the Poms did us favour sending such imaginative, hard working, determined persons to found “the colony” rather than kill them off by public hanging for trivial offences like wanting to eat not starve, protecting families and desiring an egalitarian society.

    Addendum: We cannot forget that Governor Arthur Phillip gave convicts property rights that they did not have in England, and refused point blank to allow slavery in the colony when first given his orders.

    So much has changed with the recent introduction of “modern social norms from the USA (United States of Apartheid)”.

    Perhaps the Liarbrals support the National$ prefer Adulterers in their quest to establish a 19th century Bunyip Aristocracy where large agricultural estate holders are gifted hereditary titles and freedom from local government rates in return for “voluntary donations” to Liarbral Party funds, for the benefit of the unelected political hacks who control pre-selection.

  2. wam

    It is sad, but normal for white Australians, that smart people can be comfortable with allocating the respect of a capital for aboriginal people of NZ Maori or aboriginal communities in Taiwan Ami, Atayal, Bunun, Hla’alua, Kanakanavu, Kavalan, Paiwan, Puyuma, Rukai, Saisiyat, Tao, Thao, Tsou, Truku, Sakizaya and Sediq yet have no such understanding of using a capital for Australians who live in aboriginal(sic) communities.
    Seems obvious, Rossleigh (proper noun) that for most of the last 230 years aboriginal Australians were Aborigines(proper noun)
    It is sadder that white people can afford ourselves the right to be individuals but Aborigines are ‘they’.
    The rabbott has no ability to see the difference between an Aboriginal community on Bathurst being different to one in the desert or on Groote being different to the Yanyuwa people who sent the rabbott with his ignorant stereotype mindset packing.
    No rossleigh it is not alright to be white but is is a damn sight worse not knowing why.

  3. Kyran

    Oh, dear, Mr Brisbane, this idiot in search of relevance in a new millennium is at it again.
    “FACT CHECK: Pauline Hanson in her Senate speech of September 19, 2018, said that: ‘A growing number of people in Australia cannot speak English well or at all, over a million people’.”

    Is that right? Please explain, they cried.
    Obviously, you would have to introduce the alleged senator as ‘Exhibit A’ when discussing imbeciles unable to converse in their native tongue, wouldn’t you? Anyhow, they persisted with the imbeciles allegation.

    “Checking the source
    In response to The Conversation’s request for sources and comment, an advisor to Senator Hanson accurately cited Census data showing the number of people who self-reported they spoke English “not well” or “not at all” was 820,000 in 2016, up from 655,000 in 2011 and 560,000 in 2006.”

    Hilarious, isn’t it? She wants to make an issue out of a standard as low as ‘self reporting’. That would be like the catholic paedophile in the confessional, wouldn’t it? “Three hail mary’s and you better turn yourself in.” The ever present caveat was buried further down.

    “It’s important to keep in mind that self-reporting is not the most accurate measure. Some people will over-estimate their language capabilities, while others will under-estimate theirs.”

    It sort of overlooks another problem about our ‘new Australians’, who are subjected to multiple attempts by another illiterate in search of relevance, Dutton, to make sure they talk the bestest, goodest English possible.

    “New citizens are also subject to an Australian citizenship test, which is an implicit English language test, requiring a certain level of English language proficiency to pass.”

    Ah well, summer is nearly here. Time to work on my white man tan. Et tu, appalling?
    As for idiotic envoys in search of relevance, they both give credence to the suggestion of shooting messengers, don’t they? If an envoy is “a messenger or representative, especially one on a diplomatic mission” it also explains much about our ‘diplomacy’ on the UN human rights panel.
    In addition to Abbott’s failure as an envoy, you may have missed the other envoy’s attempts at continuing idiocy.

    “Environmentalists have slammed Australia’s new drought envoy Barnaby Joyce, describing his calls to divert water to farmers as “ill-informed” and likely to inflict further harm on river communities.
    The former deputy prime minister, who assumed his new role at the weekend, wants the Federal Government to “borrow” water so farmers can use it to grow crops to feed livestock.”

    There’s nothing that won’t be done to help our farmers, even changing road rules.

    Thank goodness we have the RSRT to make sure these idiots and their policies are subject to scrutiny. Oops, my bad. The previous PM got rid of them.


    Hmmm, maybe they’ll consider climate change. Only Joshing. They’ll never do that.
    Thank you Mr Brisbane. It’s good you subject your policy suggestions to ridicule before submitting them to the ridiculous. Take care

  4. paul walter

    Nothing wrong with being white.

    Just another shade of black, brown or brindle.

    But it confers no special entitlement or intrinsic advantage.

  5. Zathras

    So the intolerant privileged white Christian woman from an overwhelmingly white Christian society feels under some sort of personal threat?

    Strangely, nobody is trying to take away her privileges, force her to change her religion or redefine her heritage yet she feels the need to lash out at everybody who is not like herself and drags out nonsensical and meaningless terms like “reverse racism” to redefine herself as a victim. She previously associated aboriginals with cannibalism for no purpose other than racial denigration and targets minority groups as being her personal oppressors.

    Maybe science will find a cure for this illness one day.

  6. helvityni

    ,,,is that English that Pauline speaks…?

    Is she a good role model for us foreigners ?

  7. New England Cocky

    Well helvityni, “No she is not”. Rather she is a relic of 1950s Queensland when women were expected to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, when girls were discouraged from attending high school because “educating girls was a waste of money”, and there were only four high schools in the whole of Queensland.

    Now as the nominal figurehead of James Ashby’s Only Nutters Party she can gad about in pretty clothes talking nonsense to persons who should know better but prefer to remain uninformed of the real facts about Australia in the 21st century.

    Indeed, there are far too many similarities to the origins ofEuropean Fascist states to be comfortable. I mean, well, what if Poorlean became Prim Monster as was predicted during her first tilt at the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme?

  8. Bronte ALLAN

    How can we ever really believe or understand this stupid bloody Hansonite or for that matter the bloody Rabbott? Both of them could not have a brain between them or any sort of decency etc, or at least one that is reasonable, responsible & fair! And yet they are allowed to get away with the crap that spouts from their mouths! Yet another great article Rossleigh! Keep up the great work, please.

  9. Kaye Lee

    In a way, I feel sorry for Pauline. I recognise in her the fear and belligerence of those who are completely out of their depth.

  10. Matters Not


    there were only four high schools in the whole of Queensland.

    Sort of. But not quite. Under Labor governments it was thought that primary school was about as far as most students needed to go (and for a whole range of reasons). That changed in 1957 when Labour was shown the door.

    In August 1957 there were 37 State high schools, and 34 secondary departments attached to primary schools in Queensland, with a total enrolment of 15 444 (including correspondence students). After 1957, the Department further extended secondary education by liberalising the awarding of scholarships, opening many new secondary schools and instituting transport services for isolated students. By 1980 the number of State secondary schools in Queensland had almost tripled to 135 high schools and 68 secondary departments, while enrolments had increased to 105 427. In the same period, Queensland’s population increased from 1 392 384 to an estimated 2 213 000.

    This slow development of post-primary education in Queensland had flow on effects for decades – including a paucity of University places when the Commonwealth took over the funding of higher education in later years. It was a situation Rudd tried to correct from his days in Queensland.

    For those interested, this is a rather good history.

  11. Tony Shorter

    I’ve always wondered if you are a follower of Pauline’s Party ( PHON ) does that make you a phoney ?

  12. totaram

    Rossleigh: I just want to say that you are always very good at what you write. I just don’t say this every time I read what you have written, but only because it would be so repetitious.

    Kaye Lee: I do not feel sorry for Pauline Hanson at all. She is cleverer than you think and has got a good business model going. I’ll bet she makes more money than you or I, and entirely from the govt. trough. I would love to have a private plane to fly around in but I’m unlikely to get my wish before I pass on. On the other hand your poor Pauline is enjoying life with all the benefits. She was even away in Europe when the by-elections were being held.

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