The Coalition has shown itself to be fixated on the economy – although that has been at the cost of the people who do the dirty work and to the benefit of those who already have more than enough.

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Acceptance and Action

What is the world coming to!

Even Andrew Bolt – maybe in a somewhat half-hearted way – is showing signs of accepting that he can be wrong, and maybe there is, after all, some truth in this climate change nonsense.

But Andrew – actions speak louder than words.

The knowledge of the long-term effects of climate change have actually been out there for decades, although a good many people remained in ignorance of them, while others found it politic to ignore them.

This article provides a clear picture of the way in which information has been accumulated and is still being updated.

What we also know is that Exxon was aware of the links between global warming and fossil fuels over 40 years ago, but it took that whole 40 years of continuing ‘research‘ before it came clean, and acknowledged the need for action.

Just think – what could have been achieved during that 40 years?

Of those who did know, and who accepted the facts, it was an enormous and largely unsuccessful uphill battle to persuade authorities of the need to take steps to reduce use of fossil fuels, and, despite the continuing research by the oil companies, they not only concealed their findings but they paid for and encouraged agents to spread disinformation.


To continue amassing profits for as long as possible!

And they encouraged governments to ignore the facts by plenty of sweeteners, including massive donations to political parties.

But some countries have governments which did not turn a deaf ear, and they are well down the path of abandoning fossil fuels. However, their efforts are hampered by too little – if any – action by many countries like China, India, USA, Russia – AND Australia!

If you ever again start believing that you elect people to govern in your best interests, just kick yourself really hard, and remember that we have yet to start action which is already 40 years behind schedule, and that, during that 40 years, the job has become a helluva lot harder than it would have been had we not delayed.

I started using a computer for work in the middle of 1989, when the AARNET (Australian Academic Research Network) was available to Australian academics, and no doubt similar networks in other countries also preceded the World Wide Web.

We now take WWW for granted but do we use it to full effect?

Short answer – NO – otherwise every man and his dog would have known long since that the wool has been being pulled over our eyes in just the same way as it was by the tobacco companies.

I know that I am banging on about an issue which I have already done to death. But that is for good reason.

While Andrew Bolt and his company of climate sceptics might now be recognising the error of their ways, that does not change the picture until they start doing something about it!

Anyone with any influence on governments, must reinforce existing efforts to stop Scott Morrison using a distraction like Covid19 to distract attention from the urgency of the matter.

The Coalition has shown itself to be fixated on the economy – although that has been at the cost of the people who do the dirty work and to the benefit of those who already have more than enough.

Out of the blue – but not without warning – Australians are faced with massive costs for restoring life to something like normal for those whose lives and livelihoods have been affected by fires and floods. Meanwhile the government is muttering that it is not willing to take action on climate change without having some idea what it will cost.

Well – HALLO!!

Did you budget for post-bush-fire and flood restoration?

No – because you were thinking about what you regard as more important issues such as protecting the ability to practice a religion without interference!

Few of us share that concern – we just want to have a life which is not full of misery half the time  because of ill-devised policies like the cashless welfare card (a mega-source of income for its provider), the ‘illegal’ Robodebt and the failure of NDIS to deal as a priority with those who have no support whatsoever.

Let’s face it – global and local corporations have bought out government and dictated its policies and none of them give a s**t about you or me unless we are buying their goods and services.

Saturday 22 February is Climate Crisis: Nation Day of Action, and Climate Action Darwin, together with Extinction Rebellion Darwin, and representatives of other local Climate Action groups will be out there on the street – as will groups all round Australia.

Let’s make sure the government hears that fossil fuels must go and they are way overdue to start planning how to do it as painlessly as possible – not for THEM, but for the people whose jobs and livelihoods will be adversely affected by the changes.

Once more – this is my 2020 new Year Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

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  1. Andrew J Smith

    Good article as there has been too little background to not just climate science denialism but to those individuals whether journalist, MPs or PR hacks and corporates employing longstanding deflection tactics.

    Exxon Mobil’s former majority owners, the descendents of JD Rockefeller (now supposedly divested) were complicit with Ford and Carnegie foundations in setting up ZPG Zero Population Growth in early ’70s led by Paul ‘Population Bomb’ Ehrlich and John ‘passive eugenics’ & ‘white nationalist’ Tanton for decades of astro turfing their alternative cause of environmental degradation via the ‘Limits to Growth’ prism…..

    Of course it’s (non-European) ‘immigrants’ and ‘population growth’ to blame for everything negative from vehicle emissions, traffic congestion, high property prices, unemployment, ‘growth’, demand for resources etc.; described by Jeff Sparrow in The Guardian as ‘eco-fascists’.

    Same was sold firstly to the GOP and Democrats in US (plus Tories in UK) as electoral tactics so that not only can MPs and influencers, like Bolt, to do their work, but citizen consumers also reflexively have somebody to blame while increasing or maintaining their very significant carbon footprints while fossil fuels and related can conserve their future income streams.

  2. Phil Pryor

    Bolt is unyielding, unchanging, uneducated, unresponsive shit, ear to effing ear. Do not even joke about a permanently nazified nong who has done damage to weak minds and remains a slut on the take for fellatio friendly Murdoch maggoty media. Up him with a prickly pear, courtesy of the ignorant country party types.

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  4. leefe

    Blot’s supposed change of opinion is nothing of the sort. Instead of saying “there”s no such thing as climate change”, he’s gone all the way down the denial list to item 6 and is saying “OK, it’s a thing, but it’s good for us”. He’s still saying we don’t need to do anything about it, and that isn’t going to change.

  5. corvusboreus

    Bolt will have no ‘change of opinion’ until he is under paid instruction to do so.
    Until then he will merely ‘mutate his rhetoric’.
    Such is the modus operandi of contracted mountebanks and mummers for hire.

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