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Abbott’s International Tour de Farce

Last week, Tony Abbott embarked on his international tour of embarrassment. Not content to cause shame on the national stage, he is hell-bent on humiliating Australia in lands far and wide, following up his lampooning on popular US TV show Last Week Tonight.

Of all the catastrophic cringes inflicted upon us in the mere days since he left our shores – calling Canada “Canadia”; using his D-Day speech to promote the Coalition’s harsh economic policies (Open For Business blah blah blah); cancelling meetings with the world’s most powerful economic organisations; inspiring the trending Twitter hashtag #WhatAbbottWillSayToObama – it’s his climate-sceptic stance which is the greatest cause for shame.


Photo: WhatCulture

It is feared by many that the strong ties with our US ally are at risk over Abbott’s inaction on climate, particularly following the warm friendship Obama shared with Julia Gillard. Those in the Obama administration have publicly voiced their concern over our climate sceptic PM. According to Obama’s former chief climate adviser, Heather Zichal, ”I think everyone except the climate deniers are deeply concerned with the direction [Australia] is going”.

How embarrassing that Abbott has compared his pathetic Direct Action plan to the Obama administration’s historic plans to tackle climate change, unveiled last week. The latest in a long line of significant progress, Obama has always supported tough action on climate change and big polluters, but has struggled to get his emissions trading legislation past Republicans. Abbott on the other hand actively campaigned against the Carbon Tax and any emissions trading scheme for years, mocking it as the “non-delivery of an invisible substance”.

Even The Australian thinks Abbott needs to act on climate in light of this strong action from the US.

In February, Abbott announced that climate change would not be on the agenda for the annual G20 summit in Brisbane. He described climate change as an issue which would “clutter up” the schedule, squandering the chance to discuss real economic issues like free trade and reduced regulation.

Clutter? The greatest political, environmental and economic crisis facing our generation is CLUTTER?

The summit has been described by Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek as, “the most important international meeting that has ever been held on Australian soil.” While BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie wholeheartedly supports leaving climate off the agenda, surprisingly, world leaders do not agree. Climate change was on the agenda both in 2012 in Mexico and 2013 in Russia, and here’s a good reason why:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria, and IMF Managing Director Christine Legarde have all identified action on climate change as a key international policy priority for the global economy.

Unlike Abbott, the remaining members of the G20 take the economic ramifications of a more unstable climate seriously. They understand that climate change costs the national economy through failed agriculture, coastal erosion, sea level rise and extreme weather events. Even more importantly, they understand the more serious international issues caused by climate change – food insecurity, mass migration, famine, political instability, disease – all of which have the potential to cause global economic instability.

Abbott’s continued refusal to acknowledge any link between climate change and the impacts of extreme weather unfolding in Australia is astounding.


Photo: Mid North Coast Greens

The east coast of Australia just experienced its hottest May on record, registering a scary 8 degrees above normal on May 25th. Huge areas of agricultural land in NSW and QLD have been without significant rainfall for over a year, and the government must now fork out millions to support farmers in these drought-stricken lands. We’ve seen more extreme weather events, from drought to storms to floods. What embarrassment when Abbott derided UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres as “talking through her hat”, for suggesting a link between our ferocious spring bushfires and climate change.

But on his travels, Abbott seems to have found a soul mate in his ultra conservative Canadian twin Stephen Harper. Harper’s government has embarked on a similar path to the Coalition – campaigning against a carbon tax, gutting environmental funding, jumping into bed with the fossil fuel industry, and being ‘Open For Business’. Under Harper, Canada became the only country to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol due to the huge influence of their fossil fuel industry. If Abbott has his way, Australia will be the only country to abolish an emissions trading scheme. Soul mates indeed. Go Canadia!

Meanwhile, the gaffes keep rolling in, and Buzzfeed have even created an ode to the embarrassment that is Tony Abbott. Hilarious as it is, every time Abbott opens his mouth Australia loses credibility on the world stage.

Far from building his international reputation, Abbott’s diplomatic tour is showing just how out of step he is with the rest of the world.


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  1. Michael Blay

    To all non-Australians reading this, please know that Abbott is considered a troll, an embarrassment, a buffoon, to most of Australians. Hell, we’ve even been investigating the “truth” behind him getting enough votes to be our leader. We want him gone. I personally want him publicly shamed out of office. He’s racist, sexist, homophobic, practically a caveman in every way. Everyone can see this.

  2. John921Fraser


    An idiot abroad.

    "Stop the plane" ….. returning.

  3. John Kelly

    I shudder at the prospect of another major gaffe when Abbott meets Obama. Or perhaps I should welcome it as another nail in his political coffin.

  4. Neil of Sydney

    You lefties have nothing to offer but hate.

  5. John921Fraser


    @John Kelly

    Abbott will most likely ask questions of Obama on Murdoch's behalf.

  6. John921Fraser


    Praise the lord …. the moron from Sydney is back.

    Perfect spot for him …. right beside the other moron from Sydney.

  7. paul walter

    Please God, Obama can deal with him, this nonsense (and many others) has to stop, the depression is getting rough.

  8. Michael Blay

    Neil of Sydney, what can you possibly defend this guy on?

  9. Neil of Sydney

    So he says Canadia and then quickly corrects his mistake and says Canada, and this is a big mistake??

  10. DanDark

    holly shit it gets worse everyday
    I don’t know weather to laugh or cry, probably cry
    its so humiliating, I want to go hide in the dark

  11. Chris

    I see a lot of posts from people outside of Australia that say how silly we are for having voted Abbott in in the first place.
    But I don’t actually know one person in my generation who actually voted for him. Truly. All I hear from my friends, and people that I meet, is how they cannot begin to imagine how the hell he got to be the prime minister.
    It’s impossible for me to believe that the majority of our backwards country agreed with the Abbott Government’s plans.

    So many of us called it from long before the election that he wouldn’t keep his word, and that he would be destructive to our country. He is a proven bigot, and I begin to see my country for what it really is. If we voted him in, then he is truly a representation of what it is to be an Aussie.

    He does not represent me. He does not represent any of my generation. He should not event represent this country.

  12. Neil of Sydney

    I found Gillard much more embarrassing than Abbott when overseas. And Rudd was not too good either. Rudd calling the Chinese ratf**kers did not help.

  13. Michael Blay

    Thank you Chris, I agree completely.

    And, Neil of Sydney, have you honestly not heard all the thousands of complaints made before this international blunder that you think isn’t a big deal?

  14. Neil of Sydney

    The only thing i find embarrassing is you lot. Never seen such hatred in all my life.

    Hate to see what you people would be saying if unemployment reached 11% under Abbott like it did under Keating.

  15. Sam

    I find it funny Neil says “You lefties offer nothing but hate” I’ve seen some pretty disgraceful behavior from hard right wingers as well but of course everything’s always all the “lefties” fault.

    I also find it amusing that people like Neil seem to label every single person that doesn’t believe what they believe as 100% gospel truth as a left winger. Has anyone heard of the group in Texas that advocates openly carrying firearms? The NRA pointed out how stupid that was and the open firearm advocacy group labeled the NRA as a tool of the left wing…..the freaking NRA was labeled left wing! Because they didn’t agree with this extreme right wing group, they were judged to be left wing. The NRA is as right wing as they come but because they sided against the extreme right they were called “dirty lefties”

  16. Michael Blay

    Love it Sam, and it’s so true – as much as we all might like to believe people have the ability to weigh up all facts, pros and cons, some people will only ever blindly follow their own beliefs and ignore so much. In the case of Tony Abbott, I’ve never said he’s the only Prime Minister to break promises, or have bad approval ratings, or have his government make awful decisions. I’m speaking from a culmination of bad acts, broken promises, international incidents, outright lies made public on a regular basis. And somehow, for adding up all these easily and obviously quantifiable errors in judgement, I’m wrong for being anti-Abbott.

  17. Florence nee Fedup

    Sorry Neil, All I have to offer is justifiable ridicule,. Richly deserved by this man., A PM aboard selling Australia out.

  18. paul walter

    Neil of Sydney, consider the budget,then rephrase your comment as to “hate”.

  19. DanDark

    Big day down here in Vic tomorrow
    The Jeff Shaw circus will be open for the audience to watch
    Any bets on if he will fall, or live on to rip us tax payers off again and again and again

  20. Michael Blay

    “Hate” sure is a harsh word. How bad would it be for such a harsh word to be justifiable. But hate is obviously sometimes necessary….

  21. Michael Blay

    Florence, wish I could “like” that post haha.

  22. DanDark

    I saw it on the day on TV, I think channel 7, but can’t be sure
    And it disappeared quickly, only saw it once and was quick glimpse of the snoozing snake
    Oh great, good on who ever found it 🙂

  23. DanDark

    Good on old abc , it was them lefties again
    Caught on candid camera Tones lol

  24. CMMMC

    A waste of a man, to use an old Irish saying.

  25. Michael Blay

    Left wing, right wing. Come on, isn’t it just clear when it’s right or wrong? And please, no pun responses. That’s not what I was getting at.

  26. Margaret-Rose STRINGER

    When the last election time was approaching, all I could think of was how EMBARRASSING it was going to be to have this arsehole ‘running the country’, in terms of any international visiting. I cringed in advance (for we all knew that the Libs were going to get in: Oz always votes a government out, after all, and the ALP had been very bad). I remembered fondly what it was like with Rudd doing his international thing – no more ! And I had to admit that his ability to be respectable on-stage was not sufficient unto the hour …
    But this bloke …
    Words fail.

  27. corvus boreus

    Rather than, like Margaret, being concerned over the potential embarrassment our PM would inflict upon national pride, I was principally alarmed by the damage to the nation he would cause with his domestic policies.
    His program of social re/de-construction is based on a narrow focus and archaic mindset, and the economic ideas put forward are patently flawed and skewed to benefit the already wealthy.
    On the international stage I actually welcome the global exposure of his shortcomings in fundamental qualities of leadership.
    The outlook of the “aussie public” has been conditioned by the domestic arms of commercial press into a distorted view of the global paradigm, mainly through the Murdoch press. There is an underlying acceptance that the rest of the world thinks, for example, that C Monckton is a credible authority and that panels of scientists are promoting crap on behalf of a conspiracy.
    Seeing Tony Abbott bored to slumber by services honor war dead, mispronouncing names and phrases, insulting dignitaries and heads of state and, above all, demonstrating total cognative dissonance with the global acceptance of the seriousness of our climate situation might remove a few localised blinkers.
    For me, embarrassment should be reserved for those who facilitated placing this turtle on a fencepost.
    Shame should be reserved for those still willfully gullible(kindest interpretation) enough to continue their support of a patently sub-mediocre statesman and “leader”.

  28. Grahame Johnson

    Over the past few years everything I have read about Stephen Harper indicates that he is an extensively disliked PM of Canada so now it is clear why the extensively disliked PM of Australia is meeting him,

  29. JulieT

    corvus boreus,

    My sentiments exactly. I work with a few ‘Abbott lovers’ and I despair at their ignorance. One fellow I work with is a seasoned world traveller, an avid reader and a lovely person who would do anything for you, but still thinks Abbott & co. are doing a good job. When asked what ‘a good job’ is the reply is always getting the budget back. But at the expense of the poor like you? I ask, At the expense of the environment? At the expense of humanity? Oh well, he says…….and changes the subject.

    I despair…..

  30. Don S

    I noticed the add for international flights at the end of the article. It might be a good idea to leav Oz to avoid the embarrasment but my accent would betray me wherever I try to hide. No, this is my home so I’ll stay and try to work to get rid of the most destructive and dangerous PM and government we have ever had since I was able to vote (and I’ve seen a fair few).

  31. Margaret-Rose STRINGER

    @Grahame Johnson: you’re absolutely correct. I’ve just been exchanging comments with a Canadian blogging friend, and she is as appalled by her PM as am I by ours. She says he’s a bully. I believe ours to be too.

  32. Möbius Ecko

    “PM Tony Abbott is touring the world; meanwhile, Australians cringe, mortified, wondering what international ignominy he will bring upon their nation next. “

    Well you don’t have to wonder much longer Casablanca.

    According to a radio piece I heard this morning Abbott wants to form a coalition of like minded conservative led countries, like Harper’s, to fight against any country bringing in carbon pricing and carbon mitigation programs.

    He has done this on the eve of going to the US who are planning to implement the carbon reduction schemes he wants to fight against.

    Something about a lead balloon has entered my mind. He’s playing to the hard right wing Republicans and Tea Party he will obviously meet when in the US, you know the delightful types Bernardi has links to. But how this move by Abbott will go down with the US government is another matter.

  33. Kaye Lee

    Mr Abbott flagged intentions to build a new centre-right alliance led by Canada, Britain and Australia along with India and New Zealand.

    ”We think that climate change is a significant problem, it’s not the only or even the most important problem the world faces but it is a significant problem and its important every country should take the action that it thinks is best to address emissions,” he said.

    ”I am encouraged that President Obama is taking what I would regard as direct action measure to reduce emissions, this is very similar to the action my government proposes in Australia.”

    ”There is no sign – no sign – that trading schemes are increasingly being adopted,” he said. ”If anything, trading schemes are being discarded, not adopted.”

    Read more:

  34. Möbius Ecko

    Tony Abbott finds friend in Canadian PM Stephen Harper over anti-carbon tax stance

    There’s Abbott’s contradictory double speak in action again. Now he’s saying he believes in man made climate change, only it’s not that important. Destroying the environment is more important because it saves jobs, which as we all know is a lie. What he’s really saying is that it saves the enormous wealth of the fossil fuel industries, and that’s the most important thing in the world for both Abbott and Harper.

    So what was Abbott’s statement that climate change is crap about?

  35. Möbius Ecko

    And Abbott continues the blatant lies Kaye.

    I doubt he will be picked up on them but maybe, just maybe, Obama or someone in his administration might.

    First what Obama is proposing is nothing like DAP at all. Plus Abbott conveniently ignores those US states who are increasingly taking up carbon trading programs.

    This is a little over a year old and there has been further increases since then, like China coming onboard in a big way.

    The lie about a decline in carbon trading programs was one Abbott pushed when in opposition and it’s still a lie.

    Abbott is by far the biggest liar this country has seen in politics, and now he’s blatantly lying on the world stage. I can see this biting him and further embarrassing us.

  36. Kaye Lee

    Asked if direct action was preferable to an international emissions trading scheme, Mr Abbott said: ”There is no sign – no sign – that trading schemes are increasingly being adopted. If anything trading schemes are being discarded, not adopted.”

    Kobad Bhavnagri, Australian head at analysts Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said it was wrong to claim trading schemes were being discarded

    ”Apart from Australia I don’t think any other country has plans to unwind an emissions trading scheme. That assertion they are being discarded is incorrect,” Mr Bhavnagri said.

    ”In the world’s two biggest economies – and the world’s two biggest emitters – we are seeing quite a deliberate move towards carbon pricing and emissions trading, not away.”

    Carbon Market Institute chief executive Peter Castellas said there was momentum in Australia’s largest trading partners to price carbon as a way to limit emissions. He said if governments were going to oblige companies to limit emissions, then a trading scheme was the best option to do it at lowest cost.

    Read more:

  37. Lee

    Who cares about climate change when you have Jesus? Jesus is coming back and the believers will be taken away with him. They won’t need Earth any more, so there’s no need to look after it now. Gee sure glad this religion bullshit is so harmless.

  38. Kaye Lee

    The World Bank found 39 countries, most in the European Union, and 23 states and provinces within countries have adopted either emissions trading or a carbon tax. They cover about 12 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

    China is due to launch a seventh regional trading scheme this week, in Chongqing. A senior official from China’s powerful National Development and Reform Commission, Sun Cuihua, last week said a national emissions trading scheme could begin in 2016 or 2017, but would be fully functional in 2020.

  39. Möbius Ecko

    It’s only a matter of time until the carbon trading nations, some of who are amongst the biggest economies in the world, place tariffs and sanctions on countries they trade with who don’t have carbon trading in place.

  40. Kaye Lee


    It happened to Qantas before we had carbon pricing, so of course they will do it again.

    “QANTAS will be forced to lift international airfares to Europe from next January after being slapped with a penalty by the European Union because Australia does not have a price on greenhouse gas emissions.

    The national carrier told business leaders at a meeting in Canberra this week that under changes to the EU’s emissions trading scheme, Qantas would be forced to pay a tax on 15 per cent of its carbon emissions from its nearest port of call.”

  41. corvus boreus

    It seems our PM, taking a leaf out of the tobacco lobby handbook, wants to form a neo-con “axis of idiocy” to sabotage any international measures to mitigate against escalating damage to our planet, to “fight” nations that heed the warnings of scientific consensus and act for the common good of the collective future?
    When does arrogant stupidity based upon scientific ignorance and hubris, enacting harmful agendas and thwarting consensus based damage minimalisation measures by means of skullduggery and misinformation, cross the line into the definition of evil?
    May Antony Abbott MP reap his harvest in a combined, public, international bitch-slap and return home to an overthrow by internal mutiny, followed by a lifetime of public repudiation and general loathing.

  42. Wam moir

    How sad is Neil ‘…Gillard more embarrassing…’ Wonder if it was because she was labor or because she was she’?

  43. Carol Taylor

    Wam moir, most definitely a ‘she’, shes are supposed to be home doing the ironing and as Abbott said,

    ‘I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons’

    Pragmatism demanded a token woman on the team, and we don’t really count Bronny. Apart from those two Abbott really doesn’t need to engage with females at all (although he does accept domination from some)..oh the shame of it all when he had to cowtow to a female Prime Minister. Actually Tony could never quite get his head around saying Madam Prime Minister. As noted, Tony always called Julia Gillard she, spat out venomously at the ‘she-thing’.

  44. Florence nee Fedup

    Abbott has now put climate change on the table. One wonders if this is a good move by Abbott, He has got away with the great big toxic tax and repealing the CEF suite of bills, mainly because the people have not seemed to connect the two.

    From QandA last night’s response, people do take carbon emissions seriously.

    Is taking on Obama that clever idea.

    Now, we have the flag once again a issue raised by Abbott.

    What is Abbott talking about with his comment to the Canadian leader about drop bears?

    Is the man joking, a block of two.

    Canada has also got rid of all it’s science facilities and cut public departments to the bone.

    Do not forget, many states in Canada, like the USA have taken action against carbon emissions.

    Mr Abbott, the rest of the CEF suite of bills is more like what Obama is trying. Not your DA. Also at least ten states, wit economies bigger than ours, have a price on carbon emissions.

    What is a fact, thanks to Abbott, over reaching in my opinion, it should now be about dealing with carbon emissions, not simply getting rid of a tax.

    One thing the Canadians still do, is protect their automobile and other industries. They have not let them go to the wall, as Abbott has done.

    In Canada bylaws, such bodies such as the weather bureaus, are not allowed to mention carbon and emissions and climate change. Other science bodies have to ask permission first.

    Do we really want to put the future of the planet and our kids at risk?

  45. Arne

    You have to laugh at the ridiculousness of Abbott’s stance. The party of free markets and small government is trying to tear down a market and replace it with big government spending. An interesting move.

    Of course, all you have to do is look at just how disproportionate the election results are here and in Canada to understand the reason why lobbyists have so much sway over our governments. The pendulum will swing backwards and forwards like it always does in public policy, with the needle rarely, if ever, finding the middle ground. The consequence? Our economy and opportunities are squandered. We need to address the gross distortion in the voting system of our democracies (esp. Australia and Canadia) to ensure that sensible policy representing community concerns is reflected in the representation of our parliament – not puppets of the IPA and the mining sector dictating what our government should do.

  46. Carol Taylor

    It was with a great deal of unease that I read Mark Kenny’s headline:

    Tony Abbott seeks alliance to thwart President Obama on climate change policy

    The pr*ck!! And other expletives came to mind. Does this man have a clue. A centre-right alliance? Clearly built on ideology. Indeed Comrades let us but unite and we will defeat our common enemy. Such slogans throughout history have had a tendency to put lives and indeed the entire planet at risk. Is this any different?

  47. John 921fraser


    @Carol Taylor

    Sool the dog onto him.

  48. Carol Taylor

    John, you haven’t seen our dog. 😉 However, if it was a certain politician I’m sure that she’s give it her best. :mrgreen:

  49. Keith

    Neil of Sydney, it is ok to further marginalise already marginalised people through the budget? Meanwhile those with a healthy income are hit with a feather duster. Economists are talking about how callous the lying Abbott gang budget has been. To add insult, the budget hardly touches the so called “budget emergency”. It has been a con, we are seeing rampant ideology ruling Australia at present, we will live with the damage created for years.

  50. Anomander

    Absolutely right Arne.

    How on earth does such a free-market idealogue abandon the concept of a market -based mechanisms and replace it with a government controlled fund that pays polluters not to pollute? Isn’t this completely contrary to his belief in small government and markets being the perfect mechanism to judge and set a price on a commodity?

    Ahhh… then again, CO2 is an invisible substance ins’t it, so how can it be causing any harm?

    One could assume he doesn’t want any action taken at all.

  51. Florence nee Fedup

    Is Abbott really saying the only way we can have jobs is to burn coal. Is he saying the=at moving to renewals will not create new jobs, new technology and in fact more jobs.

    Is he saying, the only way we can attract investment, is by opening the country up to plundering and put the environment at risk.

    Is Abbott saying, a fair and civil society is no longer valued or achievable.

  52. Kaye Lee


    I got shivers reading that article. It is EXACTLY the script we are following. And now they are trying to raise some cabal to spread this lunacy. A must read article and thanks. Idle No More sounds like a great campaign.

  53. Kaye Lee

    “Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper indicated during a joint media conference in Ottawa that they felt no additional pressure to address climate change as a result of the US president Barack Obama’s new package to reduce emissions.”

    They might feel some pressure when America, China, and Europe impose trade sanctions on them for failing to address climate change. The UN should be leading the call for sanctions against this government.

  54. geoffreyengland

    A small small mind, closed and afraid, trapped in a bruised and battered boxer’s body.

    The only ones not cringing at Abbott would be himself and his “La Favorite” Peta Credlin.

    What a dull and uninspiring little man.

  55. Florence nee Fedup

    First witness quickly becoming undone under cross examination, as did Blewitt.

  56. corvus boreus

    They will Kaye, when the axis of idiocy starts their sabotaging of international efforts.
    John, please say it isn’t so.
    ave atque vale, Rik Mayall.

  57. Anomander

    Too right John.

    Vale Rik Mayall. Absurdist comedy at it’s finest.

    I for one always sought to model my behaviour on Lord Flashheart with generous lashings of Adonis Cnut thrown in!

  58. John 921fraser


    I will always be a "Cnut" lover.

  59. adam

    I wouldn’t pay any attention to Neil from Sydney. He is either ignorant ,stupid or corrupt. Hate from the lefies? All the righties are holding Australia back on everything! All the spin and lies in the world won’t take away the fact that the libs always lie to gain office. Their budget will destroy Australia and the FACT that they have doubled it shows that they didn’t care about it! They tell us that going green would be bad for the economy but every country that has have had the biggest bost to their economy! I could go on about every policy this joke of a government has got wrong but the short answer would be
    That this budget was to help the big mining company’s and the rich!

  60. Mick

    I look forward to the next federal election, surely the voting public could not be stupid enough to vote him in again? It will be interesting to see if there is a backlash against Liberal in the up coming state elections?

  61. Dan Rowden


    […]surely the voting public could not be stupid enough to vote him in again?

    You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you, all evidence to the contrary. The voting public essentially voted Howard’s Government back in. I think that shows how politically blockheaded they can be. As the next election draws nearer we’ll once again see Abbott being micro-managed and all sorts of electoral sweeteners being thrown around. It would be lovely to think that Australians couldn’t be that stupid, but I have no real confidence in that. Fickle, selfish, short attention span, apathetic, disengaged – the list is long and depressing …

  62. Mick

    yes unfortunately the selfish block heads will lap up the pork barrelling that gets thrown around by the Libs every time there is an election. The funny thing is that Liberal voters like to accuse Labor voters of being addicted to hand outs? If that was the case Labor would not get any votes at all.

  63. Carol Taylor

    Mick and Dan, I think that there is more that just we who cannot believe that so many of the public were stupid enough to vote for Abbott in in the first place.

    So far the sweeteners have amounted to some unknown miracle cure for illnesses (but only if you lot don’t be selfish..give us your 7 bucks) and some nebulous *promise* of tax cuts next budget which will of course do zilch to help a very good portion of the people who Abbott and Hockey are promising to whack. So far it’s all going over not at all well for Abbott. I think that it might have been a Fairfax writer (sorry I’ve forgotten who) who said that as Abbott started off with almost zero goodwill that any bad budget might be terminal for this government. Abbott has set the scene, and reinforced to all that he cannot be trusted. Tax cuts? Yawn..all too obvious even for the non-politically minded.

  64. Mick

    Carol, being the selfish hand out addicted lefty that all them good Liberal voters accuse me of compels one to go for some hand outs. But firstly I will have to unfortunately hand back $7 (thats right I like hand outs not paying) for one of those operations where they stick that hook up one’s nose to remove half of that something, you know that thing Tony doesn’t have at all? Thats right my brain. Then I will be fully qualified to vote Liberal, take hand outs and accuse anyone that disagrees with myself a lefty communist scum bag who exists only to rip off Centrelink. I will also deny that my white ancestry came here on boats so that I can chant “Stop The Boats” without sounding like a hypocrite.

    What a bright future I will have!

  65. Carol Taylor

    Gosh Mick, then you might risk being accused of ‘class envy’ 😉

  66. Mick

    but after the operation I will have such a high level of self righteous judgement of others I will surely be immune to any such outrageous accusations from all of those send the country broke Labor voting lefties. Tony Abbott along with his side kick Alan Jones will be my role models. Now how can I go wrong with this cunning plan to evolve into a Liberal voting overlord?

  67. Florence nee Fedup

    I suspect Abbott is out to take down Obama in his mind. he , believes he has joined the big boys. Is tiring of being PM and looking for a new role.

    One thing for sure, he is not working or acting on behalf of Australia or it’s people.

  68. Florence nee Fedup

    There seems to be a big disconnect with what Abbott is saying, and what they are saying on such programmes as QandA last nigh, Twitter and other sites seems to be voicing opinions that directly contradict Abbott. Even so, Abbott ploughs on regardless.

    “. . . in America, we have achieved the Orwellian prediction – enslaved, the people have been programmed to love their bondage and are left to clutch only mirage-like images of freedom, its fables and fictions. The new slaves are linked together by vast electronic chains of television that imprison not their bodies but their minds. Their desires are programmed, their tastes manipulated, their values set for them. ” Gerry Spence, From Freedom to Slavery.

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country . . . we’re dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . it is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” Edward Bernays – Propaganda, Liveright Publishing Company, New York, 2005, excerpts from pp. 9-19 -–gdDkdBwQ1TAfOcuSi-nO6kn3FSkHG_dkEDE6pVx76nZk44u09p_YuuBWVB7CBrJGg-FPWdwy1BnhfHtCKAc=&c=&ch=


  69. corvus boreus

    Mick, a succession of crayons into my left nostril works for me.

  70. trevor vivian

    On tour with Abbott,the one dimensional three word sloganeering Prime Ministerial embarrasment.

    Maybe it’s Abbotts intention to show just how irrelevant the political process and polititians become in the 21st century.

    Who knows what Abbotts up to. His party doesnt know, his collegues do not know, the Australian public at large sure do not know and are likely to become less interested the longer Abbott’s reign progresses.

    I recall Abbott stating that he wanted Politics off the front pages of the Papers. Maybe this is his plan in action.

    Abbott is unconcerned with the commentyariat and their view of his political programme. Whilst he’s outta town the shrill bemoanings of luetenant Hockey are getting shriller as he mans the battlements against those in his own party.

    The Liberals are returning to form as a rabble when they have no strong(media trained to look sincere as he lies) Leader.

    A well yet another day in the unlucky countryas Abbott finds his Penpals in Canadias Harper and no doubt the Tea Party In the United Dinner Plates of Hamerika?

    Export Abbott not Refugees!

  71. Florence nee Fedup

    After listening to 7.30 who do you believe?

  72. Carol Taylor

    Ah yes Mick, but did you go to the right school?

  73. Mick

    Carol I may not have gone to the right school but after some tutoring in making BS gospel from Alan Jones (AKA Tony’s Minister Of Propaganda) I will be very convincing to my new Liberal overlord colleagues in making them believe that I did. The flaw would be hanging around Alan Jones , but we all have to do some heavy lifting to get the economy in the black so caring individuals like Gina Rhinehart can regain her title of world’s richest woman so she can once again criticise us all for being lazy and drinking too much. Anything else would be totally Un-Australian to contemplate.

    PS my new found self righteous outlook is dropping my IQ so much I may not require that operation?

  74. Carol Taylor

    Mick, as long as you follow the rules..and #1 is never, ever learn or even contemplate learning about your own portfolio. In fact to ensure a possie on Abbott’s front bench, this would be compulsory. However, if you care to spend most of your waking hours practicing 1. outrage, 2. blaming Labor for everything bad that has happened since you were 8 years old, 3. smug self-satisfaction, 4. blaming Labor for everything bad that has happened since your father was 8 years old..your position is assured.

  75. Mick

    and when I get my position on the front bench and a reporter presents myself with a pointed question that is politically embarrassing to answer for myself and the Lie-beral party my response will have the opening line of “We at the Liberal Party are committed to stopping the boats”. Wow my training is almost complete for service on the dark side.

  76. corvus boreus

    Grasshopper, your training will not be complete until the term “analysis paralysis” triggers the pavlovian drool of a mass legislative bonfire.
    If it’s legislature, cut it up and burn it.
    If it’s infrastructure, cut it up and flog it.
    Saves on the tedium of making laws and running stuff.

  77. DanDark

    Geee bit worried about you Mick
    Come baaaaaack safely won’t you,
    The Liarbils are all drinking snake poison
    Take your own flask of coffee/tea 🙂
    Just to be on the safe side, oh armour might be handy too
    A face mask, cos when those libs get wound up,
    They are like rabid dogs coming at us, and a clove of garlic
    Where it with pride around your neck
    Works with vampires, so should work for rabid dog snakes 😉

  78. DanDark

    Oops wear I ment lol

  79. Mick

    if one was to sell their soul to the devil there might be a chance to come back but when selling one’s soul to the Lie-berals there is no turning back for our souls are pale in comparison to the needs of mega profits for the big end of town. If anyone thinks otherwise I sentence you to being a regular listener of Alan Jones and a viewer of Andrew Bolt.

  80. Mick

    WOW – I just threatened my fellow man with a fate worse then death, is my Lie-beral training complete?

  81. mars08

    Okay… it’s fairly obvious that Abbott is a clueless buffoon…. but how long did it take the Americans to get rid of THEIR village idiot…. and what damage did he do in the meantime?

  82. Mick

    unfortunately America’s Village Idiot was a two term fool. At least America has a two term rule to prevent further damage but I figure two terms was more then enough for him. Unfortunately it would appear that Abbott probably realises he won’t break Howard’s record for years served as PM so Tony has set his sights on Bush’s record IE: having the record for being the world’s most stupid political leader. Actually I think he could quit now as the mission is accomplished.

  83. DanDark

    Yes Mick
    I am scared, very scared
    Scared you won’t come baaaaaaack now 😉
    You are past the point of return, good work fellow Aussie 🙂

  84. Florence nee Fedup

    Better be scare The fear card is back on the table. Abbott concerned about security and terrorism . Another fridge magnet in the offering.

  85. adam

    The only people in the world who thinks that the country is in debt crisis is the liberal voter’s. The rest of the world including the the liberal party knows its bull shit ! It’s like saying I’m in debt of $200 but I’m getting $10000 back in a week. So people with home loans must be up shit Creek without a paddle?

  86. Veritas

    “Australian Independent Media Network”?
    Obviously just another Labor run website filled with Left wing fools.
    There’s a movie coming out soon about Krudd’s and Juliar’s jumbled terms as Prime Ministers.
    It’s called Dumb & Dumber To.

  87. silkworm

    Veritas, change your name to Confictura.

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