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Abbott’s achievements

It has been 644 days since the Coalition won the Federal election. It is worth reflecting on their achievements so far.

They stopped the boats.

Ok, well not really, because the boats are still setting sail, but any that come in our direction get turned around because then they are someone else’s problem – we don’t too much care whose as long as it isn’t us that has to offer them any help.

I hear Italy is nice. Perhaps a never-ending cruise on the Andaman Sea?

For those that may slip through we can offer you an indefinite holiday on a Pacific Island (All care taken – No responsibility accepted….actually “all” should probably read “some”, and only if some bastard wants to risk jail time enough to tell someone. If they do, we will deny it, call it a political stunt, and sack everyone who Peter Dutton thinks is being sneaky.)

In the meantime, developing countries host 86 percent of the world’s refugees. Nearly half of the refugees under UNHCR’s mandate live in countries where the GDP per capita is less than USD $5,000.

Australia GDP – per capita (PPP): $43,000 (2013 est.)

Relative to the sizes of their populations Lebanon and Jordan host the largest number of refugees, while relative to the sizes of their economies the burdens carried by Ethiopia and Pakistan are greatest.

But we are doing our bit. We gave $40 million to a corrupt government to agree to take four refugees. As Cambodia has no social welfare system, we are also paying over $15 million to support them for at least a year.

We could discuss how it is illegal to intercept boats outside Australia’s territorial or contiguous zones, in other words, more than 24 nautical miles off Australian shores, but that would be an “on water” matter.

We could discuss how the government is paying people smugglers $5000 each to sail the turned boats back to wreck on an island somewhere but that would be an “operational” matter.

We could discuss how children are being sexually abused in our detention camps except even drawing attention to it is now a jailable offence.

Perhaps we should move on….

They axed the ‘toxic’ carbon tax.

Not only has this helped women, thanks Tony, it is also addressing housing affordability for those who haven’t yet got a high-paying job – apparently.

Rumour has it that the positions of Treasurer and Attorney-General could be coming up for grabs so get your resume ready.

Actually, come to think of it, you don’t need a resume to get those jobs. You don’t need any qualifications or experience, there are no essential criteria, and if you get the job, there is no ongoing accreditation, no evaluation of key performance indicators, and absolutely no personal responsibility regardless of what happens. All you need to do is tell people that the adults are in charge and make it illegal to question anything you do. You have a minimum three year contract in which to make hay with the common wealth.

Your starting salary will be several hundred thousand dollars, and all your expenses, including the mortgage on your investment property, private jets and chauffeur-driven cars, attendance at sporting events and private parties, will be paid by the taxpayer.

But I digress…..

Axing the carbon tax lowered the cost of living – well for one quarter anyway.

Unfortunately, instead of collecting billions from polluters and expecting them to do efficiency research and development , we now pay for them to upgrade their factories and reduce their bills. We are paying farmers to not run cattle that they didn’t own and not clear trees they had no intention of, or reason to, cut down.

They lowered the renewable energy target and are getting rid of those ugly wind turbines.

We won’t let the rest of the world tell us what to do! We don’t want their filthy money! Let them all invest in renewable energy. We have coal mines which are far more aesthetically pleasing, and coal dust is far better for your health than that annoying noise a wind turbine makes. We are investing in roads and airports because they are much quieter and prettier.

Increased greenhouse gas emissions help plants grow anyway, so there! Ok, it may decimate farming in Australia but Greenland might get green again and Tasmania could become a banana exporter.

And don’t forget that they got rid of that job-destroying mining tax that was hindering investment in Australia.

Ever since we gave up those projected billions in revenue we have seen the unemployment rate…ok it’s gone up….but at least we’ve seen investment and consumer confidence…ummm…well they have gone down but our new “open for business” sign has investors very interested in the Sydney housing market..

Which can only be good for Sydneysiders wishing to sell their home as long as they don’t want to buy another one in Sydney. And for those who don’t currently own property in Sydney, become a politician so you can afford it.

They negotiated some free trade agreements.

The Federal Government says it wants exporters to take full advantage of recent free trade deals, which it admits will cost Australia $6 billion in foregone tariffs.

The 2015 Budget allocates $24.6 million for an “‘FTA outreach program”, which the government says will see Austrade and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade roll out FTA seminars for businesses across Australia over the next two years.

Billions in lost revenue but lots of money for seminars.

The government may not yet be “living within its means”, but they are on a “credible path back to surplus” (provided you don’t rely on peer-review or expert opinion) which will “increase the pie” ….does anyone else feel like they are following the Pied Piper?

But most importantly, they have made us safer.

We have sent our troops to Iraq….again. We have increased defence spending by billions and are spending hundreds of billions buying strike force aircraft, boats and submarines.

Our government now has the right to spy on all citizens and to exile or incarcerate people on suspicion without referral to the judicial system.

Criticism is no longer tolerated from public servants, NGOs, doctors, journalists, statuatory bodies, or international organisations.

Are the adults in charge or the adolphs in control?

We are entitled to more than glossy brochures and advertising spin. We are entitled to know what is being done in our name and how our money is being spent.

It’s a dangerous time that requires us all to be aware and alert. Not for unattended baggage, but for the political putsch undermining our freedoms and protections, our democracy and human rights.



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  1. Margot

    We will restore accountability and improve transparency measures to be more accountable
    to you. P48

    Brandis’ new gag laws: an assault on freedom of speech
    New legislation introduced by Attorney-General George Brandis will seek to prevent whistleblowers from speaking out against corruption and limit journalists’ ability to report on matters – even matters in the public interest.

    Doctors and teachers gagged under new immigration laws
    Doctors and teachers working in immigration detention facilities could face up to two years in prison if they speak out against conditions in the centres or provide information to journalists, under sweeping new laws to gag whistleblowers.

    Abbott government skirts Parliament and muzzles the FOI watchdog

    Tony Abbott to let private companies keep tax records secret

    Release of ministerial travel costs could damage our international standing, government claims
    December 9, 2014 Heath Aston
    The Coalition has ignored pre-election promises to improve transparency and refused to release ministers’ travel expense details.
    The Abbott government is refusing to release documents detailing the cost and purpose of overseas travel by Coalition ministers, claiming they could “cause damage to Australia’s international relations” if made public.

    The Abbott government’s war on transparency 5 JUNE 2014

    The Abbott government’s war on transparency

  2. paul walter

    644 years.. yeah, that’d be right..

    Wait a minute. Kaye Lee reckons 644 days, must be a typo!

  3. Kaye Lee

    It’s a bloody long time whatever.

  4. Roswell

    644 days too long!

  5. paul walter

    Hear, hear, both of you.

  6. Florence nee Fedup

    Well he did say he was proud to stop the boats. Would continue to do so by hook or crook. Mostly crook one could say. Same goes for all other actions of this man.

    Whether it is IS that are busy attacking their own people or whether he is attempting to destroy any action to deal with man made climate change,

    Then there is the attack on two women at this time. Two women who biggest crime is, to do their jobs, telling Abbott and co where they are wrong.

    This is a man that has no respect for means beings as important as the ends, Has no respect for any other person who voices alternative views. No respect for any one, including the voters.

    “By hook or by crook – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    is an English phrase meaning “by any means necessary”, suggesting that one need not be concerned with morality or other considerations …”………..0.SnfxqD43Oxc

    “By hook or by crook” is an English phrase meaning “by any means necessary”, suggesting that one need not be concerned with morality or other considerations …”

    Then we have yesterday from Abbott, when asked about paying boat crews to return the boats, no denial but saying we use some creative strategies to deal with them. Now is that not what conmen or criminals do, when they set out to rip us off.

    This is a man that with no morals that has perfected moral outrage to create moral panic.

    All is based on divide and rule, create hatred and distrust in the community.

    Yes, he will continue by hook or crook.

  7. darrel nay

    reply for Florence nee Fedup,

    nice work! I think Abbott is more crook than anything else. Maybe the ‘hook’ refers to Captain Hook. It really made me laugh when he described paying human traffickers as “law enforcement” – anyone know which ‘law’ he is referring to? Such a tragedy we can’t pursue a productive strategy when it comes to refugees and asylum seekers.

  8. Florence nee Fedup

    Missed the “Law enforcement” quote Then I suppose one could say, Hitler’s henchmen were enforcing his laws.

    He3 is saying he will go as far as needed to get this own way. Whether legal or illegal. Whether moral or immoral.

    He will destroy any that dare to oppose him.

  9. Florence nee Fedup

    When it comes to refugees and carbon emissions, he cares not what world leaders say, will continue to thumb his nose at them. Will just ignore them, going on his merry way.

    I cannot see him having the guts to turn up in Paris in November. This in spite at having been personally invited. Will be two hours away at CHOGM the day before.

  10. darrel nay


    I am still haunted by images of police dragging a young girl (maybe 7 y.o.) along the concrete for protesting (with her parents) when Patrick (Asciano) stevedores sacked the wharfies years ago – all because the “libs” alleged productivity issues. When will the politicians be subject to their own productivity measures? I think every minister should have a seat in his/her office which will be filled every day by a concerned citizen, so that we can keep an eye on criminal activity – I would gladly volunteer, at my expense, to occupy aforementioned seat for a day.


  11. Florence nee Fedup

    As for that boat they paid crew to go back, was not the original boat. Appears the custom boats towed replacements boats to put refugees on. They were on custom boats for a time before being put into the boats.

  12. Sir ScotchMistery

    I am still in the unfortunate position of believing my fellow citizens of Australia (not the UK) are still capable of returning Abbort to the lodge next year.

    Problematically, that would make us the world’s stupidest country, ruled by the universe’s stupidest homonid.

    Some recent research showed that Australopithecus was smart enough to use tools. It has been downhill from then.

  13. townsvilleblog

    G’day Kaye, I’m on a lot less than $43,000 so someone out there is making a killing, however that someone is not a pensioner, I have always said give them some help, in their own country, our dollars convert to a lot of pesos so obviously we should provide foreign aid in the form of wheat or rice grown here or perhaps Solarhart of solar panel systems, practical things that help with people’s humanity.

  14. darrel nay

    re: Abbott’s achievements,

    Most people know the neo’cons’ and their connections to the Chicago school of economics. They use Straussian economics to rationalise policy. The School of the Americas, where they trained torturers and perfected other methods for regime change, has its ideological roots in this Darwinian (survival of the fittest) economics. Fewer people realise that Leo Strauss’ patron was a guy called Carl Schmitt who was known as the “crown jurist of the Third Reich” ( ). At the ‘heart’ of Schmitt’s ideas is that human nature is evil and so we see why the neocons have no reservations in birthing concepts like collateral damage, enemy combatants, indefinite detention, enhanced interrogation techniques, etc. etc. etc.

    I know human nature is good. I think we need to expose these human-hating neocons and all their sociopathic policies.

    Peace and Love

    ps. if you want to know a little more about Charles Darwin, and his sick eugenicist ideology check out the Darwin Wedgewood Experiment

  15. townsvilleblog

    Darrel, spot on mate, spot on.

  16. corvus boreus

    Charles Darwin was a bit racist. He regarded ‘non-whites’ as inferior ‘races’. This was the dominant paradigm of the time. (Darwin was also a devout Christian who studied for the ministry)
    He was not particularly well schooled in the fields of genetics, which shows in some of the ideas he put forward in “On the Origin of Species”, and especially in “the Descent of Man”. Some of his contempories, especially Mrs Huxley and Wallace, were much more knowledgable in these fields.
    This does not mean that we should disregard the theory of evolutionary change through processes of natural selection (to which Darwin contributed greatly) from biological science, nor that we should attribute any theory that proposes ‘survival of the fittest’ (a simplistic term for a complicated concept, coined by Herbert Spencer, not used by Darwin) as ‘Darwinism’, be it eugenics or, especially, the neo-conservative variant of lassez-faire economics.
    Charles Darwin was a clever but flawed man who had some clever ideas with some flaws, and is often misquoted by people wanting to advance their own agendas.
    Fancy that.

  17. stephentardrew

    Abbott is now a people smuggler.

    I wonder if the irony will every pass his devious fettered mind for just one solitary moment.

    Nah it ain’t gunna happen.

  18. stephentardrew

    Yes Corvus Spencer handed bigotry to the doyens of greed and selfishness on a sound-bite platter of vacuous self-justification.

    Darwin was a truly complex individual with a strong moral sense and astounding intellect but, oh no, let’s not accept his humanity that would destroy the Randians little ball of narcissistic selfish dogmatic ignorance.

    The likes of Abbott love the notion of survival of the fittest while propounding the words of their supposed loving God.

    The guy is a moron.

  19. diannaart

    Well said, corvus boreus, for simply stating the truth – we have surfeit of rumour mongers and panic inciters on the regressive side of politics – we need to be vigilant to ensure we do not let any lies from the lunatic fringe, pollute reason and balanced discussion.

    Darwin was not perfect, nor was he the only person to consider the notion of evolution of the species to adapt to a changing world. Many before him had considered the idea. That his theory has been misused by others is not his fault.

    Most human inventions can be used for ill or progress – it is up to us to remain aware and alert… remember the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.

  20. Sir ScotchMistery

    “Flawed” is a term oft associated with christians, which seems a funny thing.

    I should make a clear note, that I do not see myself as particularly bright, I just find some funny things funnier than others find them.

    I have determined that in a downhill rush to be last on as many lists as possible with respect to the rest of humanity, we, the people who vote, appear to take immense pride in our group stupidity. It’s only having the AIMN that gives me hope. (and finding that the courier mail is perfectly designed to pick up dog shit).

    I have little hope for our future as a nation because we don’t appear to put the “information” we receive from an elderly New York based oligarch into perspective, and I need a cartoonist to put some ideas into pictures.

    Think a large barrel called “TRADE” with a pommie posing as a prime minister (he doesn’t get capitals from me), bending over the top of the barrel with his budgie smugglers around his ankles, with a US congressman buggering him, (a catholic skill?), and Dick Cheney and rampant Rupert Murdoch standing in line waiting to be next.

    I see P Credlin with a camera, surrounded by insecure police and a failed Queensland drug cop watching proceedings. George Brandis is in the background reading a book on politics “How to win friends and influence people”. Julie Bishop is holding a sign saying “my turn next”, and Christopher Pyne is holding a booking certificate for Turtle Cove. George Pell is standing beside a group of children holding a calculator, and Gillian Triggs has a writing pad, taking notes.

    Have a great weekend people, and let’s all hope Australia doesn’t let us down.

  21. Anomander

    The neoliberal ideology of ‘survival of the fittest” only seems to work in one direction.

    As an individual, I want the government to butt out of my life, so I can get on with doing whatever I want. I should have the freedom to make as much money as possible and engage in as much creative accounting as I can, because why should my hard work pay for some other malingerer or hanger-oner?

    Red tape and restrictions that stop me running my business need to be wiped-out. I should be free to employ people for $2 an hour – they should be grateful I’m providing them with a job at all; after all, I am a job creator.

    I shouldn’t be bound my rules and restrictions that prevent me from employing more people and making more pointless stuff. I should be free to say and do whatever I like, but if someone offends me, the government should stand-up and defend my personal beliefs.

    If I can’t get what I want, I should be free to donate to my local member and helps his campaign, but we need to stop nimbys and focus groups undermining our ability to get stuff done.

    Don’t worry about the environment, once I’ve finished with it, I guarantee to pay to remediate it – trust me, I’m a businessman.

    I should have free access to cheap public resources and services, in fact as an employer and entrepreneur, the government should subsidise my use impose tariffs on my competitors, so I can be competitive.

    But should things go wrong,…

    I demand the government and society should help me out.

    I should not be liable for the risks I took and the decisions I made building my business, I should have no liability whatsoever and I should be free to start another business to escape the wrath of those baying creditors and irksome employees and their petty entitlements.

    Should I happen to flounder, the government should bail-out my business using public monies. I should not have to use my own fortune, because that’s mine, I earned it.

    Should I get sick or something untoward happen to me, society should pay for me to receive access to the best facilities and services possible, after all, I’m an important entrepreneur.

  22. stephentardrew

    Sounds like and L-NP job description Anomander.

  23. David

    A script worthy of a Jon Stewart or John Oliver sketch Kaye Lee, or even our own Clarke and Dawes. Wonderful satirical writing with the message always crystal clear. You are a talent indeed, thanks.

  24. mars08

    His main achievement… he has managed to show up how clueless and/or corrupt our mainstream media has become!

  25. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Abbott’s main achievement, as pathetic as this might seem, is that he has convinced me that extreme politicians like him really don’t care about us the constituents.

    Previously, I misguidedly thought that their wasted and regressive political measures were borne of their stupidity.

    Now, I know they are borne of total disregard – and even worse – malice.

  26. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of malice….we are about to have the third Labor leader front a Royal Commission. Abbott is setting a dangerous precedent here. Let’s not forget that he insisted that cabinet documents be made public. Considering their hissy fit about any scrutiny, it could well come back to bite them. I would hate to see Labor waste hundreds of millions on revenge like the Liberal Party is doing but children in detention must be dealt with somehow. Labor may however be unwilling to go there considering it was their policy – the first families were sent to Nauru in August 2013 (this time around).

  27. OzFenric

    They negotiated some free trade agreements? Probably more accurate to say they took the careful negotiations for free trade agreements, that had been going on for years before they got their hands on the reins, and basically said “Sign this now, by hook or by crook”. Concerns about inclusions and carve-outs, about mutual benefit, about not trading away our rights or omitting the most important aspects for Australians (whilst giving in to every demand from our “partners”) is fair price for the glory of being able to say they accomplished something. Similarly with the TPP. Say what you will about Labor’s support for free trade, they had grave reservations about ISDS inclusions in the TPP, as well as other contentious issues such as pharmaceutical patent law and international copyright enforcement. At least Labor was prepared to protect our interests in these matters. For the Coalition, any trade agreement is better than no trade agreement.

  28. David

    There is no doubt in my mind, the cost of the FTA with Japan was the secret deal to give Japan, the contract to build the submarines. There has never been a denial a flat straight denial from any Minister. Oh plenty of weasel words, but of course the way things are run by this ultra secret Govt, the details of that agreement with Japan are still to be released. When asked by the Opposition and the Greens, we get the typical Yes Minister response… in the fullness of the time.
    So at the moment we are going through this sham of 3 countries having over 20 million dollars spent on them explaining what the Govt wants in the tenders.
    It borders on the criminal

  29. corvus boreus

    Sir Scotchmystery,
    Chose not to use the visual imagination on your word-cartoon.
    I hear you about people choosing their legislative representatives based upon intellectual non-intimidation (that reassuring sense of stupidity). I prefer people who are brighter than me to be making the big decisions.
    Return your sentiments on the weekend, and may we all surprise without disappointing.

  30. Andreas Bimba

    You are all mocking the chauffeur. The alternative chauffeur is only a little bit more competent. The media moguls, the IPA, the Minerals Council, Banking/Finance, the rural lobby, the China lobby, big Pharma and a few other bit players are now our real government and they have been since Whitlam or Fraser but it was a step by step process.

    All of us here should be looking at ways to heal the Labor Party and for ways to increase the electoral success of ethical minor parties like the Australian Greens.

    Also note that AIMN is not read by the vast bulk of the electorate who are mostly under the spell of the corrupt mass media.

    Make a difference.

  31. David

    Brandis has used the somewhat quiet of the weekend to announce Internet filters legislation coming, to be introduced in next 2 weeks. It’ll be supported by weak Labor. If they do and meekly go along with this continued spying on Australian citizens, stuff them.

  32. Sir ScotchMistery

    Mocking the chauffeur is not the issue. As you note Andreas, the alternative is a wizened little frog.

    Labor is as much owned by those who hand out jobs after parliamentary terms as the LNP. I don’t actually see them as a viable alternative, but they are certainly less an evil than that toad Abbort.

    I hold little hope for an Australia that hasn’t the brains to see beyond the American process. The Greens brought some hope, but the loss of Chipp and the democrats was a loss we will feel for some time.

    30 independents, whilst difficult, is doable.

  33. mars08

    Sir ScotchMistery:

    …I don’t actually see them as a viable alternative, but they are certainly less an evil than that toad Abbort.

    CERTAINLY less evil? Hmmm…. Given their indiscernible values, their silence on some important issues, and unquestioning support for Abbott on others… how can we be certain? The ALP stubbornly refuses to firmly nail it’s colours to the mast, so how can we know how they would behave as a government?

    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
    ~Abraham Lincoln

  34. Sir ScotchMistery

    Abbort is just plain stupid. ALP is just plain greedy. The difference between them at this juncture really only gets down to the colour of their ties.

    The basic issue nowadays is that they look for wedge politics, and Shorten hasn’t the stones to fight the same way in opposition that Abbort did. so we are stuck with them. Neither party has had a leader of the balls of Whitlam, Keating, Hawke or Fraser, since those guys left the scene.

  35. corvus boreus

    I note that the dessicated frog (I wouldn’t call him ‘wizened’), BS, managed to facilitate the deflection of front page space away from weighty matters concerning governmental perfidy and incompetence, through plausible accusation/implication of his involvement in AWU membership irregularities/shenanigans.
    It seeks he may have, as AWU state secretary, accepted en-mass payment for union member registrations directly from a company, Winslow Constructors, rather than receiving it from union members, which was both highly irregular and of potential benefit to his union/political career advancement.
    About the best opposition leader a bunch of rabidly incompetent neo-con radicals could ask for.

  36. crypt0

    mars08 …yes I see where you are coming from …
    but hasn’t it been proved in wide ranging surveys that dog shit is more likeable than abbott?
    I thought I read that … somewhere …

  37. stephentardrew

    It’s in the Bible crypt0.

  38. Sir ScotchMistery

    Having recently completed a survey of people in my falily, I find that the current situation is the 100% of the people interviewed would eat dogshit, rather than shake hands with that pommie bastard.

  39. Kaye Lee


    One way of making a difference is to inform people. Whilst we are a small community at the AIMN, our words spread perhaps further than you think. Our articles have been reprinted not only in blogs, but everything from union magazines to church newsletters. We are approaching 8 million views and 100,000 comments. Whilst I know a lot of that traffic comes from we regulars, there are many people who read but do not comment, or comment on facebook or other blogs instead.

    The truth has a ripple effect.

    When you say make a difference, many people are making a difference in their own communities – an interest in politics is only one way, and probably the least productive way, to make a difference. I have done a lot of volunteer work over the years but right now, I feel very threatened by the Abbott style of governing so I am doing what I can to keep people asking questions.

  40. corvus boreus

    Apparently, by the latest polls, both Abbott and Shorten have the broad electoral appeal of a bag of canine scats.
    Choice is, do you want bag on the right, which is burning fiercely and releasing plumes of noxious, toxic smoke, or the bag on the ‘left’, which is frozen, but rapidly thawing into a putrid, stinking puddle?
    Personally, I think if either stepped in dog-shit, dog-shit would feel sullied and in need of a wash.

  41. guest

    When I read an article as telling as this one is, and all those article which have gone before, all recording the unbelievable stupidities of Abbott and his team, I wonder how the history of this government will be recorded in the future after the LNP’s own killing season.

    On the one hand, it could well be a collection of articles like this one: full of undeniable facts, even if tinged with delicious irony.

    I cannot imagine how a person loyal to the Abbott cause could write positively about this government without vandalising the language or, failing that, having very little to say by omitting inconvenient truths, as some media outlets do now.

    More worrying is the possibility that we have not yet seen the very worst of this government as chickens come home to roost.

  42. mars08


    More worrying is the possibility that we have not yet seen the very worst of this government as chickens come home to roost.

    Oh you can bet on it!

    If defeat appears inevitable … this sleazy mob will try to destroy, discredit and undermine as many institutions and individuals as they can… in order to protect their toxic legacy. Scorched earth…

  43. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Well put cb.

    May I ask, have you relayed these sentiments on Bob Ellis’ blog where many participants are Labor faithfuls, who don’t seem to find much to question about Shorten’s idiosyncratic refusal to take the challenge to Rabid and, who now appears to be feeding the LNP self-entitled party machine for his questionable shortcomings?

  44. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    So eloquently and accurately put, SSM.

    Personally, I don’t see what Margie or any of his earlier flames would see in him.

    Ugly inside and outside, thy name is rabid Tony Abbott.

  45. David

    Jennifer it is not the done thing to criticise Shorten on the Ellis blog. I did and was promptly banned for life with the words of Mr Ellis reverberating from the page…’Bill and I are very good friends and I will not tolerate attacks on him by anyone’… or close to that. So that is why you will not find stern words about William Short there.

  46. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I understand David. I’ve had a few goes myself, but I got away with it even not long after his poor Mum’s death.

    I loved Gough like they did coz I was once an ironed-on Labor person too, so maybe that was the difference.

    But since then, the scales have fallen from my eyes especially with the little right-winger Shorten in control.

  47. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    In reply to Guest and cb,

    I can’t wait to see the implosions happening within the Liberal and National Parties. We will see arm’s lengths suddenly appear between the L and NP components of their title.

    We will see the frontbench heavy weights distancing themselves from that foul, rabid excuse for a human aka Tony Abbott. Yes, you Chris Pyne and Scott Morrison.

    It will be the end of the careers of what’s-his-name the leader of the NP. That older version of the gormless Peter Dutton.

    It will be the effective end of ole Barnaby’s career even if he refuses to die immediately.

    And what to do with harpies like Michaelia Cash and Peta Credlin? Well Peta should be held to account as an accessory to the spreading of the Abbott disease. And poor, screeching Cash should just be invalided without her pension for she’s proven to be suitable for any other office.

  48. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Correction: Michaelia Cash is UN-suitable for any other office.

  49. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    As for Peta Credlin,

    they say we end up with the face we deserve. Well yes, I speak from experience – such a beautiful one it is and all.

    But what of poor Peta Credlin? Her hard, mean and malicious approach to the political control of the Australian people is already showing on her face (just as is Tony Abbott’s imbecilic and sycophantic representation of what suits the expectations of the world’s 1% is.)

    Instead of Dumb and Dumber, Credlin and Abbott are Ugly and Uglier.

  50. corvus boreus

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith,
    Short answer is no (regarding Bob Ellis’ site). Heard enough credible personal stuff to disrespect and disregard him.
    I have made some forays into more centre-right (current Labor oriented) forums and received vehement rebuttals in the form of small target/long-term game-plan platitudes (bank hostage principle; ‘If I don’t move I won’t get hurt”).
    Tribalism/team-sport loyalty abounds.

    Ps, when I do comment on such I try not to compare W Shorten to a melting bag of frozen feces.

  51. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks cb,

    I’m curious to know how Labor faithfuls would take such criticism of Shorten. On one level, yes they should be horrified.

    On the other, why aren’t they critically thinking about the incompetent role Shorten is taking in representing them as the alternative to rabid, scumbag Abbott?

  52. Michael Taylor

    I’m disappointed in Bill Shorten on a couple of fronts. First was his opposition to a Federal ICAC, which made me wonder if he had anything to hide. The second was when he folded like a tent on Abbott’s security laws in regards to journalists etc. Perhaps he was afraid of being wedged.

  53. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear MT.

    Both sides prioritise strategic political moves that undermine their opponents as their over-arching imperative.

    Pity that they don’t see finding solutions for the Australian people and the environment (that will likewise enhance their own standing) as their highest priority.

    This is why I hate the LNP first and am irrevocably disappointed in Labor second.

  54. stephentardrew

    Being a bit generous I think Michael. Corvus is correct about the right and Shorten is primarily a number counter.

  55. corvus boreus

    As a goodnight, here’s a poem for our PM and self appointed (‘a woman’s absolute right to say “no” needs to be reconsidered’) ‘Minister for Women’.

  56. Jexpat

    Michael Taylor:

    Bill Shorten’s and now Penny Wong’s (with her scolding yet fawning and dishonest embrace of the TPP) crowning acheivement could be to hand Abbott and the LNP a second term.

    If I were Abbott & Co., I’d be looking toward calling an early election after a conscience vote on marraige equality, leaving Labor’s dysfunctional and quite frankly politically incompetent right wing in an internecine conflict with a large majority of its base- and with Shorten himself under a cloud of suspicion.

    That’s realpolitik -like it or not.

  57. Andreas Bimba

    SSM I like your comments, like most of the others made by this dedicated bunch and Kaye your point about the wide coverage of AIMN is encouraging. Wisening up the boiling frogs is a worthy objective but some have already sunk to the bottom and look well cooked. Some of the best articles I have read on current Australian politics have been from this site and thanks Kaye and others for that. I don’t want to reflect negatively on any of you but Australia should be able to do better than the current appalling choice between neo-liberal team A and B. Ideas are indeed powerful but it’s the delivery and acceptance of them by the electorate that is the weak link.

    The US may elect Senator Bernie Sanders for President and that would be a very quick political turn around from the neo-liberal but a little green Obama, even if the Congress remains almost totally rooted for a while longer. If Sanders can get sufficient access to the media and the electorate with little financial resources, in Australia similar political figures from the rational side of politics should also be able to build a following.

    The Australian Greens and the Australian Progressives Party probably won’t be able to pick up a sufficiently large voter base under present circumstances and the best outcome may be a coalition with the ALP to form the next government. If instead, Australian politics comes at the Coalition and the ALP with 5 or even 20 credible political parties then we have a chance to break the stranglehold of the corrupt 2 party system. It should then be possible at some point to put in place proportional representation voting for the lower houses of parliament, reform the media ownership laws, put in place Canadian style media laws that ensure “a licenser may not broadcast….any false or misleading news”, reform the electoral funding laws and prove that there is a viable and humane alternative to neo-liberalism.

    When I had a look at the ABC drama ‘The Killing Season’ my bull shit detector was red lining when they were talking about the GFC and how Kevin Rudd saved capitalism? Well it turns out we haven’t avoided or recovered from the GFC (globally) but just delayed it and enlarged it. GFC 2 will be awful and unavoidable as now world government and private debt levels are insane and who is going to bail out who this time? The main point I wanted to make though is that the ALP are as neo-liberal as the Coalition and are just as hostage to the corrupt money men and just as determined to make things worse by continuing on the same stupid course of the last 20 or so years.

    The Warren Buffett Economy——Why Its Days Are Numbered (Part 1)

    Oops! Philly Fed Admits QE Widens Inequality

    “Hard Landing” Ahead, Says China Momentum Indicator

    And have a look at ‘total free trade’ opposition trade spokeswoman Penny Wong (the 2nd link above) saying we should reject the “false panacea” of protectionism and support free trade agreements signed off by the Abbott government. Well just the little point that this is a DEATH SENTENCE for most of what is left of Australia’s manufacturing and associated service industries leaves me a little concerned. Given Australia has to compete with nations that have low labour costs, are as (or more) technically capable as we can be, manipulate their currencies to keep them undervalued (EU, Japan and China) and ALL OF THEM SUBSIDISE THEIR INDUSTRIES, totally exposed trade is madness. The mining and bulk agriculture sectors will still be able to export with a moderately protected manufacturing industry. The FTA argument is a lie and the TPP is more about US corporate domination and signing away our governments right to pass legislation that is in the best interests of the Australian people.

    Highly automated and knowledge intensive Australian manufacturing and associated service industries can prosper but for most enterprises this can only be with moderate tariffs and a rational industry development framework such as we had after WW2 or the Japanese METI approach or Professor Goran Roos’s pillar industry approach or Singapore’s economic development approach. Even though these industries would be highly automated or knowledge intensive, they would still employ many semi skilled, trade and professional people. The new renewable energy and sustainable economy industries will also sprout and die without competent planning and assistance and in a totally trade exposed environment.

    Just as the US may go back to the ‘New Deal’ government mindset under Bernie Sanders, Australia also should attempt to cast off the curse of modern neo-liberalism and have a second look at the wisdom of Curtin and Chifley, true labour men, but with a modern and sustainable perspective.

    The current neo-liberal ALP is no choice at all.

  58. Florence nee Fedup

    Michael, sadly I agree that Labor is terrified of being wedge. What more, they would be stupid if the were not. Jexpat that is Abbott’s plan, have been so since he took power.The likes of TURC has revealed very little, but when Brandis extended it to late this year, was intended to trap Shorten.

    What I find a little puzzling, why Pyne, trolls and many outlets on the right have been trying hard to get allegations against Shorten into the MSM with little luck. Even the reporting this week has been moderate.

    Labor has put much policy into the public arena, not that many would noticed,

    Not sure I agree with Penny on trade agreements but I am willing to listen. Truth is they are a fact of life, would have been without Abbott, not much we can do now.

    Truth is with the political climate that exists, Labor first priority has to be to keep focus on Abbott, while developing good policy. I believe that might be occurring.

    Saying that, I agree, there are better than Shorten in Labor to be leader. Keep in mind, all that is going on in TURC are still only allegations. Until we have a couple arrests and conviction’s, one can say they are guilty.

    By the way Jackson is in court next Monday. Lawler the boyfriend has taken over six months sick leave, is attempting to represent her in court. She is now living in the home she bought for the aged, senile solicitor who befriended her. Fire in her home, which is next door, the police fond no suspicious circumstances. By the way, that it was TURC that recommended police action.

    Many of the witnesses seem to be getting into more trouble than the people they are whistler blowing against.

    O do believe that Shorten’s lawyers need to get him before TURC as soon as possible, waiting until later in the year will be disastrous for both Shorten and Labor.

    Abbott is definitely in election mode. He cannot go before the end of this month. Two more weeks sittings, where he will be attempting to get more security bills through at last moment. Then parliament will sit for the long winter break. He will want to go as early as he can during that time.

    Sovereign Borders is unravelling. CEF coming home to roost. Will have big problems getting out of going to Paris.

    On top of that, economy going backwards at the speed of knots.

    Just my thoughts. With Abbott, one cannot play normal politics.

    When Labor was beaten, not many would have dreamt that it could b possible for them to get back within one term. That, thanks to Abbott is now possible. Maybe Shorten, holding back, has made this possible. I noticed the policies that are slowly emerging, are not playing it safe, in fact the opposite is happening.

    I wish we could look into the future, we can’t,

  59. David

    Florence good sound points you make, although I am not happy, in fact very unhappy with Labors immediate jumping into bed with the Govts announcement of more internet restrictions.

    A Senate Committee released a report supporting George Brandis’s plan to introduce an industry-run internet filter. Any day now, the Senate will vote on this anti-internet, anti-consumer legislation. Labor has said they will vote in favour of the filter.

    Re Shortens appearance at the RC into Unions. I believe the Govt via Brandis is influencing the timing of Shortens appearance. A lengthy delay will give the Murdoch and shock jocks media outlets ample time to mount a dirt campaign and that’s what the majority of the public will read and hear.

    Those who actually follow the proceedings in the Commission such as contributors here are a very small minority. The Fairfax stable gives Labor as close as we are going to get to a fair and balanced coverage, so hopefully there will be unbiased news leading up to LOTO’s appearance. However I fear the Govt will be digging deep into the the dirt bag until that that happens.

    Personally, although I am not a member of Bill Shortens fan club, I doubt he has too much to worry about. He was a dedicated servant to his Union members and any wrong doing to harm their incomes is flying a rather high kite.
    Could be wrong of course, but as with Julia, he isn’t that stupid..

  60. lawrencewinder

    When Labor get back the first thing they could do is re-visit the Credlin drink driving matter. Then an enquiry into pollie’s perks and travel arrangements and then legislate removing the charity status of mis-named “think-tanks” like the IPA.
    Then perhaps a Royal Commission into truth in the media
    Rabid-the-Hun has set an awful lot of precedents.

  61. Kaye Lee

    How about a Royal Commission into political donations and how they affect policy decisions.

    As for pollie’s travel arrangements, the government has decided they will no longer release the details because it could “harm diplomatic relations”.

  62. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Also an investigation into Rabid’s alleged ineligibility to be PM coz of dual citizenship.

  63. Tony Rabbit

    Not much opposition from the Opposition, though.

  64. David

    History decrees Labor will do few or probably none of those inquiries. The AWB scandal was there for the having and Rudd, who had made so much noise about it in Opposition, cast it aside never to be mentioned again.
    i’m not sure, the way they are traveling currently, they will get an opportunity anytime soon.

    The Abbott fan boy Stutchbury on Insiders today gave a fairly obvious hint, the poll out tomorrow will show a decent bounce back for Abbott. If that’s the case, DD during the long Parliamentary Winter Break.

    Most will probably agree that’s the way we are heading, given Abbott’s non stop terror stunts and legislation

  65. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Calling Abbott and his thieving and thuggish friends ‘amoral’ is spot on. More reason to throw the book at them.

  66. stephentardrew

    Jennifer I think they have stepped well and truly into the immoral category and amorality gives them more credit than they deserve. In terms of moral philosophy an acceptable lie is a lying promise to prevent pain and further physical or mental badge. Abbott’s lies are done with malice afore thought and represent his true values though he hides behind the political cloak of conservatism. What is happening to refugees is immoral. What is happening to indigenous people on isolated communities is immoral. Claiming that DV is an important issue yet de-funding refuges is immoral. No need to go on I am sure you get the picture. The latest revelations about paying people smuggler makes Abbott a people smuggler and he should be arrested and charged if true.

    This is not criticism, as such, it is more an attempt to get us back to clear delineation between moral, amoral and immoral.

    As a country we need to hang our heads in shame.

  67. New England Cocky

    050518: Almost three years post-publication and nothing has changed except for the growing national financial deficit gets bigger by the minute. Oh well, in the words of our fascist (former) leader of the Lazy Nasty People, “Shit happens”, especially when the Australian voters elect uncaring, self-serving, inept politicians committed to self-aggrandisement in every possible way.

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