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Abbott Tells Another One


What Tony Abbott tells

A few days ago I posted a piece titled Political Lies: Who tells Them.

Independent Australia’s Alan Austin followed up with Tony Abbott’s Latest 15 Lies.

This was followed by another article from fellow blogger Michael Taylor at The AIMN, Keep Lying, Mr Abbott.

Another blogger who goes under the name of Truth Seeker also posted on the subject, with Tony … Stop the LIES, and Stop the RORTS!

I dealt with the general topic of telling lies with an emphasis on politics. Alan Austin did some fact checking and Michael Taylor addressed Abbott’s lying on the issue of Asylum seekers and Truth Seeker honed in directly on Abbott’s blatant lying.

Was it just coincidence that we all wrote on the subject at around the same time? I think not. No, it’s more likely that we just become frustrated and aggravated by his consistency of untruth. If this means I am saying he is a pathological liar then so be it. It’s not a nice thing to say about anyone but we are dealing with truth here. It’s not so much that he is a serial offender, he is. I think the electorate knows that and factors it in. It shows up in the ‘’Better PM’’ polling. It is why his polling is so poor. The fact that he lies and is easily supported by volumes of readily available irrefutable evidence. (I can provide it if need be). However, what is of equal concern is that the main stream media (the so-called forth estate) who are supposed to be the people’s custodian of truth, condones it.

In a democracy that prides itself on the basics of fair and reasonable expression it is hard to know why we accept his lying. Of course it is perpetuated upon us by a media who believe that truth has a lessor value than the need of its own survival. Where in order to survive it has (across all mediums) sought to become more outlandish-more tantalising-more seductive-more flirtatious-more provocative-more stunning and more enticing. But above all, more manipulative.

The media has enormous power. So much so that it can to a large degree determine who can govern and what their policies should be. And while most of it is owned by a few that is unlikely to change.

Do people ever stop to think how manipulated we have become? Everything the media does, displays or says is done so on the predication that it is doing so for its own self-interest, not ours. It does so because it gives it influence, power and control. Certainly not for the ideals of truth, justice and the common good. It never considers that reporting truth alone might give it all the influence it needs. Finding the truth and reporting it should be more important than creating a narrative where controversy matters more.

We inherit all this of course from the United Stated. The neo-conservative parties in Australia have adopted the principles (or lack of them) as practiced by the GOP and its Tea Party affiliates. Like the Republicans in the US the coalition’s political strategy appears to be to, block, discredit and confuse. On a daily basis the negativity of Abbott spreads like rust through the community. He seeks to muddy the waters with the most outlandish lies. Hardly a day passes when he is not distorting what is said while at the same time telling the most outrageous lies himself. And with a straight face I might add. He has hampered (as do the Republicans) all legislation with a pre-determined NO. Often without even reading it. Abbott has (as have Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan did) taken lying and the frequency of it to a level in political discourse we have never experienced.

Daily on Facebook and other social media, questions are being asked about the truthfulness of Mr Abbott’s statements. They are more often than not devoid of facts. At least Kevin Rudd calls him out on them. Bill Clinton did so with great effect during the last election. During that election and during the first debate commentators were of the view that Obama lost it. I watched it and my view was that he was completely thrown by the amount of lies Romney was telling and the adjudicator’s unwillingness to pick him up on them.

In the end the American people saw through all the lies. Let’s hope the Australian people do also.


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  1. J.Fraser

    I’m waiting to see where “Slick” Abbott turns up with Margie Abbott in tow …. a la Rudd and Therese in Afghanistan.

  2. V. Hunter

    Why didn’t media pick this up?
    In a forum in Launceston last night, Mr Abbott made the ridiculous claim that it would take 80 years for the NBN to be fully rolled out across the state. “Malcolm (Turnbull) reckons that at the current rate of rollout it will take 80 years before the whole of Tasmania has broadband rolled out under this Government.”- Tony Abbott, Sky News Forum, 25/7/2013.
    Minister for Regional Communications, Sharon Bird, said: “Once again, Tony Abbott has shown he is prepared to say anything to make a political point, proving he is unfit to be Prime Minister. The facts are that the NBN rollout in Tasmania is on track to be completed by mid-2015, covering around 250,000 homes and businesses across fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technologies. Tasmania will be the first state in Australia to be fully connected to the NBN, giving it a competitive advantage over the rest of the country…” http://www.minister.dbcde.gov.au/sharon_bird/media_releases/009
    I was so mad at not seeing the above in MSM I have sent them emails.
    Keep up the good work John Lord, appreciated.

  3. cartoonmick

    Let’s face it, the majority of them lie at some stage of their political career; either for the benefit of the party or to better their own position.

    It’s just that when they do, some come across as silky smooth and others like the proverbial Snake Oil Salesmen.

    With much of the media sinking to the depths, plus the political spin and social media, it’s getting harder to find the truth these days.

    And when you do find it, you still can’t be totally sure its true or relevant.

    Thank God for cold beer.

    Editorial / Political



  4. John Ward

    He is an intrinsically motivated liar.

  5. stavr0s

    Yes he’s a liar but more importantly he lies with a meta purpose. Not only does he lie to become PM, he also lies to change the culture of Australia into a neocon soft fascist state. Abbott is a thug in his emotional nature – just witness how he has lowered parliamentary debate with his constant whining & 3 word slogans.

    So far it seems that Australians can see thru his pathological lying, whether they will continue to do so once the election campaign is on in earnest – well, we’ll see.

  6. Dan Rowden

    Good grief, John. Get someone – anyone! – to proof read your work before you post it. This is so poorly written any MSM jounro would look at it and say: “We do this for a living, pal, grow up.” Just sayin’. If you want to be taken seriously in terms of criticism of the MSM – and you should be – better standards are needed.

  7. Lynne

    John, you always present a thoughtful analysis of the issues. However, it usually requires at least two or three readings to gain full understanding. Might I suggest using a proof reader to correct the many errors of grammar and spelling in your work? For example, in your first paragraph (after the website addresses) it is not ‘dwelt’ but ‘dealt’ and it is not ’empathies’ but ’emphasis’. There are a number of missing apostrophes as well as other errors. Sorry I had to put this in a public forum but I could not find a way to PM you. As I said thoughtful analysis, but clearer expression would make your work so much better to read.

  8. johnlord2013

    Sorry for that. Trying to come to grips with a new computer and the latest version of word. No excuses.

  9. johnlord2013

    Did you mean journo?

  10. Truth Seeker

    John, well said, and so true. 😎

    And thanks for the link too 😀

    Keep up the good work mate 😎

    Cheers 😀

  11. Fed up

    Is the car industry on the ropes, or is it only what we produce here. I thought that cars sales where at a high level

  12. Dan Rowden

    Haha. Yes, John, I meant “journo”. But I don’t have pretensions to “competing” with MSM journalists so I can be as sloppy as I like. 🙂 Also, how do we tell when a person is simply being stupid, has a different perspective of what the same data might say, and when they’re actually “lying”?

    I don’t think these matters are so clear cut and I don’t believe accusing people of lying is a small thing. Look what happened to Julia and she neither lied nor so much as did an “about face” (re: carbon pricing). It’s difficult to demonstrate that a pollie is knowingly lying when a different interpretations of data and events is possible. Bias is not mendacity, for example.

    I think it’s possibly a better strategy to highlight Abbott’s incompetence and utter buffoonery rather than push the mendacity line so hard. That’s not to say his obvious and demonstrable lies ought not be exposed, but rather to suggest that too many things are being labeled “lies” when they cannot be shown to be precisely that.

  13. johnlord2013

    I am not competing with anyone Dan. I am just expressing a view in an open forum. I have never allowed the fact that I have very little formal education and am almost entirely self educated to stand in the way of saying what I think. And diplomatically I hope.

  14. Ana Milosevic

    Mr Lord, thanks again for excellent analysis of the issues. I am only a new Australian for the last 46 years. My non-English background is so very obvious as soon as say one word or write one sentence in English language, so I won’t even attempt to try to criticise your style of writing. What I can do is THANK you for being the VOICE ON OUR BEHALF(many, many Emigrants that have no command of language, and cannot so ELOQUENTLY express our opinion). In my opinion Mr Abbott is PINOCCHIO, but very dangerous Pinocchio.

  15. Pingback: Abbott Tells Another One | Life in Canberra

  16. Dan Rowden


    You are one of the main [current] contributors to a website that calls itself “The Australian Independent Media Network”. Places such as this explicitly claim to be competing with the MSM and being the true voice of reason in contemporary political discourse – by comparison with the MSM. I want to see that as true, but a certain standard has to be met. This is either a serious alternative media site or a self-indulgent leftie blog site. Which is it? I want it to be the former and came here in the hope of that very thing. I have yet to really decide but I mostly like what I see.

    Folk like us criticise the MSM for its obvious and horrible movement from news and information to comment and opinion. That critique sounds hollow if the alternative is little more than more of the same. Opinionated blogs are neither “news” nor “media” (and it means nothing to use the term “independent” if neither label applies).

    Your autodidactism doesn’t matter to me as I’m entirely in the same boat. People who care enough about stuff to educate themselves and be informed impress me far more than those with letters after their names who still manage to speak bucket-loads of bullshit.

  17. johnlord2013

    Appreciate your saying that Dan.

  18. Bill Morris

    An on the ball analysis of a very worrying issue John. Watching Abbott on TV today for a while I was amazed by the incessant lying, misinformation and deceit that he was dishing out. He is following the American example to a T, but why he is following a proven losing formula demonstrates the ineptitude of the man (and his party). The public might fall for the bigger the lie told often enough strategy in the short term but truth inevitably prevails, eventually.
    The more Abbott pursues his current line the more confident I become that he will never be PM.
    It must be the “projection” thing that has Abbott constantly alleging that the PM is lying. I think a great strategy would be for the PM to publicly address each of Abbott’s lies.
    Keep up the good work John.

  19. lefturnahead

    They can say what they like about Rudd but at least he does’nt require plastic surgery to keep his nose from growing every week like Abbott.”’

  20. cornlegend

    John, a bloody good article mate.
    You, along with a few others have hit on this issue, and the more Abbott stumbles and bumbles and lies, the more you will have to write about.
    P.s. John
    Ignore my grammar or typos.
    When you get to my age, you’re more concerned about waking up tomorrow the the odd blue 😀

  21. Alan Austin

    This is excellent, John.
    Very well presented.
    Fortunately there is the opportunity for the truth about Australia’s parlous political discourse to be disseminated through the alternative media.
    You and Michael Taylor are to be congratulated for your sterling efforts here.

  22. johnlord2013

    A compliment coming from you Alan.

  23. brickbob

    I wish someone would ask Abbott if it’s true that his Father was a toy maker in Italy years ago.

  24. Terry2

    Whilst some are quibbling about apostrophes and grammatical lapses, Tony Abbott might just slide into the Lodge.

    ‘Eye on the ball folks !

    Keep up the good work, John.

  25. Dan Rowden

    If you don’t appear literate you won’t be taken seriously, other by the faithful and they don’t mean much electorally in the final analysis. This is not mere “quibbling”. It’s giving serious and well-intentioned advice and feedback. We all need someone to proof-read our stuff. Hell, even me. Hell, especially me.

  26. johnlord2013

    Dan I said no excuses but if you have some sympathy I had three grand kids all over me when I was trying to complete it. I don’t mind the criticism.

  27. Bill Morris

    Dan you are right. Just one misplaced comma can kill your message.

  28. Bill Morris

    John, you should leave the multi tasking to the ladies, they say they are good at it.

  29. Dan Rowden

    Jesus, John, no-one should try and write under those circumstances, let alone edit and proof! You indeed have my sympathies. One question: do you think Tony Abbott is actually too stupid to be a good liar? I’m somewhat inclined to think so given his misrepresentations are so bizarre at times. 80 years to complete the NBN roll-out in Tassie? What sort of bozo is going to believe that?

  30. Skeet

    “Yes he’s a liar but more importantly he lies with a meta purpose. Not only does he lie to become PM, he also lies to change the culture of Australia into a neocon soft fascist state. Abbott is a thug in his emotional nature – ”

    So much this. Abbott and his handlers and propaganda flacks know exactly what they are doing, and just how dirty and destructive it is. They are the ultimate hollow men. Naked greed and power lust is all that drives them now.

    Bet you any money one of their main targets if they win will be those at the bottom of society, certainly the unemployed, but they will also brutalise the disabled while claiming to be helping them. See the UK over the last couple of years for a taste of what will be visited upon our society under a PM Abbott. There is at least one common link between the two nations in this thuggery, Lynton Crosby, and I would suggest that he and his toxic influence are rich pickings for the aspiring investigative journalist.

  31. johnlord2013

    Dan is that what the TAS thing was about. I saw a reference
    on facebook. That is astonishing but then again when you look at his history its not surprising. He does seem to more bizarre of late. Can you read that or is it invisible?

  32. Dan Rowden

    Haha, that joke was a real gas.

  33. Richard Ure

    When Tony next appears on Lateline or QandA either—

    (a) it will rate better than The Block Auction; or

    (b) it will be after hell freezes over.

  34. Salstarat

    The Phony Abbott is such a consistent, pathological LIAR, that lying is part of his DNA! Abbott couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended upon it and it has been evident, over and over again, that Abbott lies about EVERYTHING even when there is no apparent reason to do so! Abbott is as phony as a $3 note and would lie out of BOTH sides of his mouth simultaneously and if, perchance, he caught himself accidentally telling the truth by misadventure, he would lie about THAT just for the pure hell of it! The sad fact is that Abbott ticks every box as a cold blooded psychopath: zero empathy, not one ounce of insight, an outrageous compulsive and habitual liar, cheat and thief with an enormous (undeserved) ego and overblown sense of importance. Abbott lies because he ENJOYS it! Why? Because Abbott is a manipulative narcissist who has delusions of grandeur .. amazingly, this dumbed down fool really DOES believe he is superior to everyone and has the arrogant temerity (and stupidity) to think that most people will actually BELIEVE his flippant, unconscionable lies … in this way, you can add EXTREME POOR JUDGEMENT to the Laundry List of “What’s Wrong with Abbott”. The fact that this delusional, morally bankrupt, lying psychopath managed to fool so many people before the election is a sad, sad, sad reflection on “What’s Wrong with the Australian Voting Public” … can it happen again with the equally dishonest, elitist Turnbull? Let’s wait and see …..

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