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Why Abbott was one of Australia’s Worst PMs

By Callen Sorensen – Karklis

Australia has had it pretty good with Aussie leaders. No matter which party you follow, love them or hate them many have left a mark on history. The Abbott era of government will surely be a memorable one but not in a good historical sense. A testament to flawed outdated neo – liberal ideology, spin, micromanagement, and tea party driven conservatism fuelled by populist rage. So why did somebody like Tony Abbott who made out he was the next bringer of the Howard Era 2.0 an epic dud with Turnbull at the helm of the Coalition. What made this seemingly successful opposition leader end in a Shakespearean tragedy as our nation’s Prime Minister?

It is arguable that Abbott’s rise to power began as an accident when rebelling against Rudd and Turnbull’s planned bipartisanship over the ETS issue in 2009, and winning by one vote in a Liberal party spill. Since then, as much as it is painful to admit, but Abbott ran a successful campaign of party unity and critique against a deeply disunified Rudd/Gillard Labor government at war with itself. Abbott promised a time for unity and stability in the wake of recent times.

Abbott did fulfil his promise to end the mining tax, (allegedly) stop the boats, repeal the ‘carbon tax’, and he did secure an agreements on the Trans pacific partnership, and free trade deals with Japan, China, and Korea, and stood his ground well on the issue of the MH17 disaster. But the buck stops there. What followed was what really disappointed many Australians and international observers was his willingness to lead but not to listen beyond spin. A man greatly out of touch in modern times.

Tony Abbott failed to act sooner on the issue of marriage equality; pandering to the far right. He failed dramatically on his attempt to return to the dame and knights honour system. He didn’t act as he said he would by being a Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Minister for Women. His direct action policy on climate change is a dud with scientific evidence at large pointing to a resurgent rise in carbon emissions. His Northern Australia plan was a grand idea but lacked scope. He generally lacked any legislative agenda. He allowed the choppergate scandal to run too far. His harsh austerity budgets of course didn’t help, and painted him as a puppet not a leader beholden to captain’s pick calls, but to his Chief of Staff.

Tony Abbott is no doubt a good man. As a progressive this may be hard for some others on the progressive side of politics to care to admit. His spiritual connection and his sports and community connections are somewhat admirable, yet how he plays his cards on these issues where no doubt flawed in a 21st century Australia. Maybe in the 1950s or in Howard’s Australia where a neverending mining boom was still set in motion, who knows? He was no doubt a courageous Howard Minister who did at least look at initiatives to improve Indigenous health; help Bali bombing victims; and youth employment initiatives. Abbott may have been a great quarterback in politics with his former boxing days showing through, but he was never a leader ready for the top job in uncertain times.

Callen About the author: Callen is a proud member of the ALP and an executive member of the QLD Fabians Society, and his local Crime Stoppers branch, he has strong connections to North Stradbroke Island as a Quandamooka Noonucle Indigenous person. Callen has worked for various unions, distributing, sales companies and market research briefly and has worked in retail for over 6 years. Callen is currently a university student.


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  1. Shogan

    “Abbott ran a successful campaign of party unity and critique against a deeply disunified Rudd/Gillard Labor government at war with itself.”

    Sure the ALP, as the oldest political party in Australia, might have been having a bit of a midlife crisis during their 2 terms in office between 2007 & 2013, but they were still a functioning government that carried us through the GFC with a Triple A Rating in their first term & passed so much legislation in a hung parliament in their second term & that speaks volumes for their ability to actually do the job.

    Then on the other hand, the LNP had 6 years to put together a plan to not only win government, but to carry Australia forward with a fully funded budget & a positive outlook & all they did was sit around making up 3 word slogans & organising “Ditch the Witch” marches.

    Since gaining government, by the fact Labor lost the election, nothing has really changed in the mindset of the LNP as rather than actually governing they have spent their time trying to besmirch & discredit the Labor Party at any & every opportunity at the cost of a ballooning budget deficit & a complete lack of foresight or direction.

    Over the last 12 months or so the ALP has been leading the public discussion on a way forward for Australia & the LNP has been either treading water or playing catch up when it comes to policies the country expect any modern government to promote & support.

    Maybe, just maybe if enough people have been paying attention & have a good honest look at who is best to lead Australia into the future this problem will be redressed at the upcoming election.

  2. Athena

    I was with you until you said Abbott was a good man. He’s a misogynistic, narcissistic, unempathic twunt who should be deported back to England in a little orange boat. Good riddance to him.

  3. jim

    Well said Shogan ,IMO the only way these Lying Liberals get into government at all is because of the Murdoch media singing their tune for them and the voting public lap up their lies. we need the voters to see all the damage the LNP have done to our country and our reputation globally.the energy the Liberals together with the Criminal media in this country, put into bring down an elected government far exceeded any good they did. Vote LNP out we must.

  4. June

    “Abbott did fulfil his promise to end the mining tax, (allegedly) stop the boats, repeal the ‘carbon tax’, and he did secure an agreements on the Trans pacific partnership, and free trade deals with Japan, China, and Korea, and stood his ground well on the issue of the MH17 disaster. ”

    Abbott’s “legacy”, “achievements” he shouts from the hilltops every time he has an opportunity. Questions however, remain. Was ending the mining tax the best move for Australia? How did stopping the boats help asylum seekers? Who are the ultimate beneficiaries of the TPPs? Sadly the truthful answers to these questions underscore the simple fact that future generations will look on Tony Abbott as the worst Prime Minister ever inflicted on this country. The time it takes our economy to recover will measure the extent of the damage Abbott wreaked during his tenure as PM.

  5. Vikingduk

    Dear Athena, what a lovely word twunt is. Embodies everything about that evil, black hearted, rotten little toad that is Abbott. Applies equally well to all of the Lying Nasty Party. A rotten to the core pack of twunts.

  6. helvityni

    ‘Tony Abbott is no doubt a good man’.

    In my world good men do not behave like Abbott.

    ‘Ditch the Witch’ slogan still makes me angry. One way to ‘teach’ our boys to respect women, no wonder the domestic violence is so rampant in this country.

  7. michael lacey

    Trans pacific partnership, and free trade deals with Japan, China, and Korea, and stood his ground well on the issue of the MH17 disaster. ”
    The trade deals if you look at NAFTA are not going to do working Australians any favors and will destroy sovereignty! The tragic plane downing was a geopolitical construct from the beginning and the investigation is as much a question as who did the terrible deed!
    I think I would prefer the comments about Abbott rather than the article itself!

  8. townsvilleblog

    Callen, You are still young with a lot to learn about politics. Good on you for having the courage to write your opinions down, I don’t agree with them. You will learn in time that the LNP are a mob of economic terrorists set against average Australian working families, making life as tough as they possibly can for us all the while, their mates live like royalty: the “tories” are the same the world over, in the UK they are the Conservatives, in the USA they are the Republicans in Australia the LNP and all are out with a hatred of ordinary people. Labor has some bad eggs in it like Feeney but their overall policies help the everyday Australian the most out of all the parties that exist in Australia.

  9. jim

    I think we are still yet to feel the full pain from the cuts mrabbit has bestowed on us, and there are many many cuts like right now can we even trust the ABS figures as mrabbit has cut $68 million and sacked 350 staff from that too, an economist from the NAB has said “the figures from the ABS should be ignored” …… Frustrated staff, long hours and surveys piled on the scrap heap is what characterises the working environment at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, according to the union representing employees at the institution.

    The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) says Federal Government budget cuts are making it impossible for staff to do their jobs properly.

    “Surveys have been cut altogether, we’ve seen changes to the methodology for doing surveys that really aren’t working properly,” said the CPSU’s deputy national president Alistair Waters. …….. what a mess Mrabbitt left us.

  10. Andreas Bimba

    So the FTAs are all good? Abbott was a puppet of the IPA and other corrupt corporate elites and a total disaster for nearly all Australians. Perhaps the ALP have too much in common?

  11. Glenn K

    wow, an internet troll who can put a proper sentence together. Callen, it is unfathomable that you can attribute these so called achievements of Abbott without articulating what they achieved. Please do some research. Perfect example…..signing FTA’s mean nothing without being able to articulate what they actually do to benefit Australia. What they do to hurt Australia, for example, means we will buy our Holdens built in Korea rather than built in Australia. Please explain how that benefits our country?

  12. Jaquix

    What is the point of this article? Its just a regurgitation of Abbott’s brief but disastrous effect on Australia. To claim as if giving him credit for, fulfilling his “promise to repeal the mining tax” as if that were a virtue, is plain disingenuous. That was to Australia’s budget detriment, not something to be lauded. The mining industry greased his way on this by making large financial bribes to the Liberal party, so they would be rewarded with less tax. To call him a good man is too ridiculous for words. Athena has his description correct. The author then coyly claims to be an ALP supporter. I think that was a typo and should have read LNP.

  13. Ronson Dalby

    Weren’t the main parts of the FTAs and the TPP actually negotiated by the last ALP government with the LNP just tying up loose ends before becoming the signatory to them?

  14. Jaquix

    And might I add, Abbott is so far Australia’s shortest “serving” Prime Minister. If Australians can see thru the fraudulent Turnbull, that crown can be transferred to the most unauthentic and least deserving incumbent of the title/office, Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, otherwise known by many other names, such as Truffles, Waffles, the Minister for Wentworth, Cayman Mal, and my personal favourite, Talcum.

  15. Gangey1959

    Callen. Mate.
    Did you forget your reality pills this morning ?
    “Abbott did fulfil his promise to end the mining tax, (allegedly) stop the boats, repeal the ‘carbon tax’, and he did secure an agreements on the Trans pacific partnership, and free trade deals with Japan, China, and Korea, and stood his ground well on the issue of the MH17 disaster.”
    Ending the Minerals Resource Rent Tax cost Australia a shitload in income that was destined for public use, as did and was the axing of the ETS, which also had a huge ecological cost.
    NOBODY has stopped the boats. They have just been diverted, and the people already on Australian land have been in detention at major cost to the Australian people ever since.
    The lnp rushed into the signing of international trade deals that had been in negotiations for nearly ten years just to prove that andrew robb could still hold a pencil the right way up. Australia has yet to see any benefit from any of them,whilst we are definitely seeing the detriments already. F*ck man, not even our politicians are allowed to see the details of the TPP, let alone ‘We the Voter’
    Who really gives a flying rats arse about MH17? Let’s face it, the russians stuffed up and blew it out of the sky. Not Australia’s problem.
    Australia DID pay for the search for MH 370, which was also not our problem, but our pm, being such a good bloke said we owed that much to the world. (When the earthquake hit Nepal, our military bound for afganistan just flew right on by, when perhaps they could/should have been re-routed, because according to more recent statements about them, ‘International aid is one of our military’s objectives.’)
    And finally “Tony Abbott is no doubt a good man”. In whose lunch box ? Look at his record.
    Nearly failed uni. He can’t do sport. He dropped out of paedophile school. Was he even legally a politician in Australia ? He won’t prove it.
    Highlight of his political career is ‘Best opposition leader Australia has ever had’. He should have been left on the opposition benches.
    Fair suck of the sauce bottle dude. The whining pommy prat is nothing but a moronic royalty worshipping dickhead, He would know is his pulsating little ivejusttakenanotherfromrupertandginasnextandthenpetawantstohaveagotooandthatpackerboyaswell arse was on fire. Every word that Athena wrote is true and accurate. I love the word twunt.
    I would only send him half way home by the way. Bottom of Cape Horn would be a good spot to stop towing in my book.
    The crisis within the alp in the Gillard/rudd years was caused by the fact that the sky didn’t fall and world didn’t end when a WOMAN took over, and the old men in the back rooms and board rooms couldn’t deal with it. ( Ok, maggie thatcher had been there done that, but she was Establishment herself, so she doesn’t count.) “Ditch the Witch” was just plain offensive, and is something for which rupy muckraker and his cronies will NEVER be forgiven.

    The Legacy organisation was established after WW1 to assist the returned soldiers. Australia will be feeling the effects of our pommy bastard’s legacy for as many years, and they will be as devastating. May he burn in his hell for all eternity.

    Anyway, after all that, have a wonderful day everyone. I’m going to tryto pick a fight with young michael sukkar. I feel argumentative. I hope he wants to play.

  16. Terry2


    Thanks for that.

    In my view, Abbott’s ‘spiritual connection’ seems to have been a major flaw in his character : it appears that his religious view was that he could quite blatantly tell lies and then seek absolution and just move on and put it all behind him.

    As a person who doesn’t subscribe to any of the organised religions I find this approach to Christian morality and ethical standards quite disturbing.

  17. Möbius Ecko

    Ronson Dalby at 12:09 pm

    Not really. To begin with one was started during Howard’s time.

    The Abbott Liberal’s claim was that Labor were taking too long in their negotiations, and that’s because Labor was scrutinising every word. Abbott’s election promise was his government would fast track the negotiations, and that’s what they did. If anybody believes that Robb got us a good deal and didn’t leave any holes that are going to haunt us in the future, then they live in the twilight zone.

    Also China put pressure on our government to have their FTA completed by the end of 2015.

  18. Florence nee Fedup

    I fail to see what makes Abbott a good man. Must have missed much.

  19. Matthew Oborne

    A good article, i think it would be very hard to describe the abbott years concisely as their were too many problems, so in that respect any take on it has validity if it covers some of the issues correctly. I suspect people will be arguing over it for a long time. my opinion is the Liberal party lost big in 2007 and it was expected to take quite a few elections for them to get back in. depserate times called for a desperate leader and no one was more desparate than Abott, his manic approach to everything left Australia near traumatised and so his removal was greeted with relief. We have never had such a palpable expression of relief before as the whole nation appeared to sigh for one last time and move on.

    I think Turnbull is worse because people think Malcolm might turn away from the dark side. His is former Goldman Sachs he is firmly on the dark side.

  20. Gangey1959

    A final word on all fta’s in relatiuon to Australia. ALL of our national leaders should watch the movie “The Last Samurai”, and then use the young Japanese Emperor’s statement at the very end of the movie as their guiding thought before signing anything that involves another country or foreign company, and weigh up whether in fact the deal is in the best interests of Australia.
    The trade minister andrew robb is a doddering old fool, who was more interested in getting hold of his pension than making sure that what he was signing even had anything written above his signature, let alone what the details were.

  21. diannaart

    My state, Victoria, remains impacted by the changes wrought by Kennett, so much was lost (school closures, rail lines closed, privatised public assets) back last century.

    We can expect a similar chain reaction of events throughout Australia as so much has been irrevocably changed by Abbott – even worse if LNP is returned where much that are merely proposals now are cemented into our nation.

  22. Salstarat

    The fact that the dumbed down, vindictive and stratospherically arrogant Abbott did away with the Mining Tax was an EPIC MISTAKE that has cost this country BILLIONS in revenue and shared wealth by the remorselessly greedy, self serving mining industry! These mining magnets (like Rinehart and Twiggy Forrest) don’t pay a cent tax yet are bleeding this country dry and sending massive profits to tax-free havens overseas. Rinehart and Forrest refuse to share the wealth of this country yet continue on and on raiding the national resources that should belong to ALL of us – not even the indigenous aborigines (from which huge tracks of land were stolen from them by Rinehart’s ruthlessly racist father) have benefited from the wholesale plundering of our lands! The environmental vandalism left in the wake of iron ore mining and Coal Seam Gas mining has been catastrophic yet these mining entities just walk away with the mess left for taxpayers to clean up. It is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS considering that mining, in reality, only employs a tiny tiny 1.5% of the nation’s employable population! WHERE THE HELL IS OUR SHARE OF THE OBSCENE WEALTH?

    During the profligate, spendthrift years of the most extravagant government in Australia’s history (that is the Howard/Costello regime), right at the height of the mining boom, Howard pissed any mining profits up against a wall forking out untold BILLIONS on his illegal entry into Iraq which ILLEGAL, genocidal war has since caused the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII. Howard is now considered to be nothing more than a slimy war criminal and every bit as horrendously destructive as Tony Abbott. The only LNP PM of any note was Malcolm Fraser who, despite his role in the undemocratic sacking of an elected Whitlam government, later became a friend of Whitlam’s and was very vocal in his justified condemnation of the loathsome little John Howard and his malignant, obsequious sycophant, Abbott!

    The best PM Australia has EVER had was the articulate, erudite and compassionate Socialist, Gough Whitlam. Nobody else comes close!

  23. FreeThinker

    ‘ Tony Abbott is undoubtedly a good man’

    Tony Abbott political narcissist extraordinaire, merely masquerades as a ‘ good man ‘.
    He is the strategist who pursued Pauline Hanson, resulting in her spending time in jail, and who when Labor was in power, relentlessly sought to ruin Craig Thomson both politically and personally, for his own venal purposes.

    But at the national level, Abbott’s pique and elevated sense of entitlement in narrowly missing out on the Prime Ministership in 2010, has resultingly rendered Australia a more conflicted nation, and one that has lost much of its positive personna in the last three years internationally.

    Overall Abbott’s sheer destructiveness in so many ways in almost two years as PM, an outcome of his efforts to ingratiate himself with the plutocracy in this country, and with his patron, Rupert Murdoch has been foisted much on this nation that is to our collective detriment.

    Abbott, a ‘ good man’ ? Undoubtedly not, as I see it.

  24. ColinSC

    I am still both laughing and agreeing with Twunt being a good description of Abbott. I heard recently a little something about the protracted search for MH17 that had been confusing me. The reality was that the area the Subsea geologists searched contained no planes but were far more likely to have oil. It was in reality an oil search. I fail to see how the Twunt is still even in Australian politics, he has never proved he has revoked his British Citizenship,this being the case he is ineligible to hold office and should return pay and privileges. Some legislation he has signed off as Prime minister may also not be legally binding as he was holding office illegally?

  25. Anomander

    Abbott was the perfect example of a man promoted way beyond his capacity.

  26. Wayne Turner

    Abbott ONLY proved the BIASED & UNDEMOCRATIC MSM could promote any idiot into office ie: Tony Abbott.Because sadly the majority are gullible,ignorant fools.

    Abbott is and NEVER will be a good man.What crap.A good man wouldn’t LIE about everything,from the true state of the economy under Labor,Labor’s policies,and encourage sexist attacks.Also,remember Bernie Banton? (see link).

    Cullan don’t be so gullible yourself.Abbott’s photo op “volunteer” work he charged to the tax payer,so it wasn’t even true volunteer work.Plus,Abbott loves to rort his entitlements.

    Finally,the MSM got the LYING DICKHEAD Abbott in,and sadly are most likely to do the same with the current Liberal government.Because sadly most of the ignorant gullible fools still believe the Libs MSM.

  27. Vixstar

    Abbott was weird he was forever giving kisses to complete strangers on the lips, there is one photo of him kissing a nun with his tongue in there as well. He gave me the creeps , this leering lopsised mechanicl way of eating something without realizing it was an onion. He was recently up here surfing at Noosa and he thought he was God’s gift to women.i think the next thing we hear of him will be in prison for something way out there.

    Turdball is this suit filled with manure always was always will be dribbling shit straight from ruperts mouth

  28. Loz

    If I hadn’t read the info about the author who wrote this article I would have thought it had been written by Tony Abbott himself. Abbott ran a very very negative and destructive campaign against Labour. He continued to destroy all the worthwhile policies implemented by Labour, eg NBN, Gonski, climate change and tried to curb the Disability Pension Scheme. Women’s refuges were closed, religious people placed into schools whilst qualified councillors were sacked, indigenous rights ignored. I could go on and on. This man is not a good man, apart from his descruction of the above he lied and lied to the Australian people

  29. Deanna Jones

    Abbott is not a twunt. He’s a right cock, like the rest of them.

  30. diannaart

    Cock-up – the only mode for dicks.

  31. Russ

    I have totally,totally….turned off regarding all politics, it’s beyond ???….only same ilk persons venture there.

  32. Salstarat

    Russ, please please don’t sink into complacency now. We need EVERYONE to stay alert and vote against the WORST, most fascist government in living memory! Yes, Labor is not perfect; Yes, Labor have made mistakes HOWEVER the LNP are the worst most pathological liars, thieves and unconscionable rorters this country has ever seen. Their megalomaniacal and arrogant narcissism defies description in the way they treat 99% of Australians with blatant condescending contempt! Labor definitely stands out as the better alternative for these reasons:

    – Labor cares about the education of our children whereas the LNP have defunded education to the whopping tune of more than $30 BILLION! The LNP just DON’T GET IT! Education is an INVESTMENT in our children’s future but the LNP see it as a burden, an expense unless, of course, it is funding elitist private schools!
    – The ALP has expressed its desire to quickly process desperate asylum seekers who have been allowed to be locked up, like criminals, INDEFINITELY in off-shore concentration camps. The unspeakably callous and inhumane policies of the Morrison/Dutton era have caused the death of at least three asylum seekers and the ongoing depression and suicide watch of many more (some of whom are only little children)! The LNP are now internationally condemned and vilified for their despicable, savage depravity in prolonging their heartless policies in relation to LEGAL asylum seekers who have every right to seek asylum against torture and barbarity brought on by ISIS – the criminal pack of thugs who Howard, Bush and Blair helped to create in the first place!
    – Labor have ALWAYS put people first whereas the LNP only cater to the top 1% of the richest, most corrupt, tax dodging multinational corporate predators that are sending profits overseas and importing foreign workers. The LNP have defunded pensions, defunded the NDIS, completely defunded Gonski, defunded science and medical research so that we are now suffering the biggest brain drain in history, defunded mental health institutions to the point where many of them have shut down, defunded health and are absolutely DETERMINED to privatise MEDICARE the second they return to power! The Labor government, by comparison, stand by MEDICARE which is one of the best, most efficient and fair health systems in the world. Labor will reinstate Gillard’s brilliant Gonski initiative and restore NDIS in its entirety;
    – The LNP’s record on climate change is internationally embarrassing! Greg Hunt, the Sinister Minister for Anti-environment is an absolute DISGRACE. It is under HIS watch that damage done through climate change has risen and the bleaching impact on our world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef has been absolutely devastating. Now we have the LNP squashing international environmental reports that strongly criticise their disgraceful, criminally negligent neglect and head-in-the-sand do-nothing attitudes on climate change and their REFUSAL to address the damaging impact of Coal Seam Gas which is devastating huge areas of prime agricultural land in NSW and Queensland! Further more, the LNP go on and on selling off vast tracks of land in WA (under the reprehensible Colin Barnett) to massive overseas foreign investors who are plundering and raping our lands without consequence! The Labor/Greens views on climate change are well documented – they stand by a sensible MINING TAX and recognise the need to put into place strong policies in relation to these issues;
    – Who are better economic managers? Don’t believe the staggering LIE that the LNP are better managers! The FACT is that the LNP have literally TREBLED out national deficit to a whopping $100 BILLION in only 2 years. When the Gillard/Rudd government were voted out, they had a moderate deficit of only $24 BILLION which was, in fact, the THIRD LOWEST in the world – only Chile and Estonia were behind us!
    – Furthermore, the LNP have squandered and wasted BILLIONS and BILLIONS of uncountable dollars on war, weapons of war, ramped up terror campaigns and their loathsome promotion of its warmongering campaigns! More than $152 BILLION on 12 submarines (ie $52 BILLION to purchase them and another $100 BILLION to maintain them) … that is $6,660 for EVERY man, women and child in Australia! Just think about that for a minute and imagine what that money could do for our children INSTEAD of being spent on obsolete submarines that would be completely impotent in a nuclear war anyway! The ONLY TWO Treasurers in Australia’s history ever nominated by the IMF and Euromoney (the famous European financial newspaper) as the BEST TREASURERS IN THE WORLD were both LABOR Treasurers: Paul Keating (for his initiatives to float the Australian dollar and deregulate the banking industry) and Wayne Swan (for his brilliant Stimulus initiatives that have been copied around the world). Never forget that the Swan/Gillard/Rubb government was the ONLY western government in the WORLD to escape the GFC and, for that alone, they should be been voted back into power!

    There is so much WRONG with the LNP, I don’t know where to begin. I could list a DEAD SEA SCROLL number of LIES, broken promises, self serving and totally corrupt Captain’s Picks, scandalous incidences of NEPOTISM right throughout Abbott’s reign – but space is insufficient here!

    Don’t sit back and become apathetic. The NEXT election is the most IMPORTANT one in our history because its result will have staggering impact on YOUR life and the lives of your children and grandchildren! Vote the LNP LAST because that is, most definitely, where they put YOU and the rest of ordinary working- and middle-class Australians!

  33. Aortic

    Well argued and reasoned Salstarat. We have to maintain the rage and ensure some vision rather than expediency to save my arse prevails. I can only equate the present situation, not in the literal but figurative sense to somethijng the late great Molly Ivins said when discussing the Bush regime in America. She was speaking of George W Bush’s election and opined, ” If you think Daddy lacked vision wait till you see the son.” Abbott Turnbull same huh?

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