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Photo: thehoopla.com.au

Photo: thehoopla.com.au

We the voters are regularly left to decide who is and who is not telling the truth. Or who is telling more or less of it. In the past few years the most perplexing aspect of political lying has been its frequency, blatancy and its audaciousness. Or its unmitigated shameless effrontery of truth as we understand it.

In the last US election Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan took lying to an unprecedented level. Fact finders alerted the public to 2019 lies by Romney alone. I watched the first Presidential debate and became fascinated with how Romney could present fiction as fact. It is my contention that President Obama lost the first debate not because he was of his game, or that he was under-prepared, but rather he was taken by surprise by the willful lies that Romney was telling.

It is also my contention that the conservatives in our country, led by Tony Abbott have imported this lying strategy, or political technique, of far right conservatism into the discourse of Australian politics. More on that later.

So what is a lie?

We know that a lie has three essential ingredients; it communicates some information. The liar intends to deceive or mislead. The liar believes that what they are ‘saying’ is not true. And we call people who use these three principles blatant liars.

“When it comes to controlling human beings there is no better instrument than lies. Because, you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts”.
― Michael Ende. The Never-ending Story
“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”.
Joseph Goebbels said it. Adolf Hitler re phrased it.
“When you tell a lie you deny the other person’s right to the truth”.
John Lord

On a more personal level there are what we call white lies where we deliberately colour what we say in shades of hue to protect the feelings of others or ourselves, or to avoid argument.

“Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is”.
Barbara Bush

“Telling the truth should not be delayed simply because we are not sure how people might react to it”.
John Lord


Consider the case where telling a lie would mean that 10 other lies would not be told. If 10 lies are worse than 1 lie then it would seem to be a good thing to tell the first lie, but if lying is always wrong then it’s wrong to tell the first lie…

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive”.
― Walter Scott, Marmion

Lying is probably one of the most common wrong acts that we carry out (one researcher has said ‘lying is an unavoidable part of human nature’), so it’s worth spending time thinking about it.

Why is lying wrong?

There are many reasons why people think lying is wrong; which ones resonate best with you will depend on the way you think about ethics.

Lying is bad because a generally truthful world is a good thing: lying diminishes trust between human beings. If people generally didn’t tell the truth, life would become very difficult, as nobody could be trusted and nothing you heard or read could be trusted – you would have to find everything out for yourself and an untrusting world is also bad for liars – lying isn’t much use if everyone is doing it.

Prime ministerial lying

Everyone knows that our Prime Minister is a liar. He might even be the worst amongst the world leaders. He is certainly the worst this nation has ever seen. Manny of our most respected journalists and media commentators have said so. He has even admitted he is a liar himself. The evidence is so abundant, so overwhelmingly copious that it is beyond contradiction. It is fair to say that in general the populace accepts his lying as a fact. I and many others have listed them, quoted them, itemised, analysed them and exposed them in crystal clarity. Even members of his own party have accepted that he is a liar of nefarious intent. And his sheer indifference to the fact that he lies together with his lack of conscience about it I find sickening. The list is as long as a toilet roll. Only people like Jones and Bolt seek to convince people otherwise.

In Parliament, particularly in question time it is considered (even when protected by Parliamentary Privilege) poor form to call a member a liar. Outside the house one could expect a defamation order. Now in the house the speaker doesn’t even warn the leader of the opposition when he calls the PM a liar. Everyone just accepts that he is.

Our Prime Minister the liar. It doesn’t fall easily from my tongue. I’m a proud Australian, true blue as the line goes and I don’t like it when I watch the telly and the cringe factor hits me when I know that he knows that he is telling lies without any compunction to conscience. And at the same time spruiking his Christian values. No other leader of this nation has less right to moralise us about virtue, be it Christian or otherwise.

But why is it so. Why does he have to lie with such monotonous regularity and mischievous intent? I have no training in psychology so I can only hazard a guess based on my knowledge of human nature. Anyway I will just throw some thoughts up in the air and see where they fall.

Firstly the compulsion to lie is genetically acquired from his parents. Secondly the close links of the LNP to the ratbaggery Tea Party politics of American conservatism has convinced him that lying is effective and it works if used consistently as a societal dumbing down tool. As a means of propaganda. Thirdly, it just comes naturally to him. Fourthly people of his faith have convinced him that lying for the greater good is not sinful. There might be some self-loathing involved but he is ready to accept it. Fifthly it is a habit acquired early in life to get his way and now as with most habits he accepts it as normal. Lastly he believes that he alone knows what is best for you and me and our country and is willing to lie to prove it.

Truth in politics matters. It is not a trivial matter in a democracy. Our whole system is based on the assumption that truth prevails over all else and that it is the people who judge its veracity. Without truth the people cannot give informed accent to office and democracy fails. There are ethical obligations of integrity and coherence upon which society depends. Our Prime Minister has failed the highest standards of political morality.
At this time in our history we are experiencing a toxic tide of political mistrust. No other politician has contributed to it more than Tony Abbott. Is he the most dishonest, the most cynical and pathologically perverted liar to ever lead our nation? I will leave you to ponder the question:

“Do you shape the truth for the sake of good impression? On the other hand, do you tell the truth even if it may tear down the view people may have of you? Alternatively, do you simply use the contrivance of omission and create another lie .I can only conclude that there might often be pain in truth but there is no harm in it” (John Lord).



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  2. Terry2

    Question Time, if it weren’t so sad, would be hilarious.

    The Speaker and the PM seem to be on a unity ticket :

    In Question Time repeatedly a question is asked of the PM and he prevaricates to the point where the Member asking the question jumps up on a Point of Order : relevance, he’s not addressing the question.

    Bronnie, rules that it is not a point of order and the PM has the floor: he then says he has nothing more to add.

    The astonished Opposition then call out to the Speaker that the PM has not answered or even addressed the question: the Speaker then calls for order and moves on to the next question which invariably is a Dorothy Dixer.

    Axe Question Time or dump the Speaker and outlaw Dixers.

  3. Dion Giles

    In stark basic terms, In strategic terms, the global acquisitions community (aka thief class) made a massive inroad into the wealth earned by citizens in America, Europe and the British Isles. This brought runaway impoverishment, which the thieves labelled “austerity” to associate it in unwary minds with the austerity accepted by the British and Australian people during the war when their country (not the thieves) needed all shoulders to the wheel for survival.

    A few counties during the predators’ latest Global Financial Heist had governments which governed for the people not for the thieves and these countries dodged the bullet. Australia had just elected one. The thieves and their Lib warriors went ape over it with a relentless campaign of lies and abuse, and were determined to get them out of office and recover the forgone loot. With the help of Murdoch and Australia’s bogan element they finally swung it last September. Runaway impoverishment has reached our shores. The massive current shift of wealth from those without it to those with it is the thieves’ recovery of what they missed out on stealing in 2008-2013. To confirm all this, follow the IPA and money!

  4. Margaret-Rose Stringer

    I am very happy to see someone stating the indisputable fact clearly, John. Abbott couldn’t lie straight in bed.
    Sometimes people who follow my blog ask me how I can be so disrespectful of “the leader of {my} nation”; and I reply to every such query “He is not my leader. He is a lying, two-faced bastard who managed to gain the leadership of his PARTY – by a single vote ! – and that party was the default winner of the last election. Because, you see, we vote governments OUT, here – very rarely do we vote them IN.”
    «Truth in politics matters. It is not a trivial matter in a democracy. Our whole system is based on the assumption that truth prevails over all else and that it is the people who judge its veracity. Without truth the people cannot give informed accent to office and democracy fails. There are ethical obligations of integrity and coherence upon which society depends. Our Prime Minister has failed the highest standards of political morality.»

  5. Anomander

    Excellent article John and you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head.

    I think the main reason why Tony lies is because he knows all too well that he is and always has been inadequate for the lofty goals to which he aspired.

    His whole life he has been inferior, but throughout his formative years he saw people around him who were successful – people who presented a confident, strong image of themselves. So Tony set himself the task of aping those people, to present a facade or respectability and good christian values, but the only way he could do that was through lies – making himself appear to be far more than he really was.

    Over time it worked, the lies became so ingrained he actually started to believe them and they have become part of his psyche, something intrinsic to his very character, but underneath he knows he is a fraud, a pretender and unworthy, yet he can’t give it up without sacrificing everything he has lied to achieve. Like the emperor with no clothes, to stop lying and reveal his true self, he risks exposing himself as the petty, vindictive bully he really is and becoming a figure to be spurned and ridiculed.

    The lies have gone on so long, they have become a means to an end. By lying he has managed to fool everyone around him, so he continues because it has been his ticket to success and it is all he has ever known how to do.

    The problem for us is that we place our utmost trust in our leaders to do the right thing for the nation, to look after us and to tell us the truth – it is THE social contract and it is predicated entirely upon one essential element – trust.

    Unfortunately, Tony is simply incapable of fulfilling that part of the contract because he is untruthful and therefore untrustworthy and consequently a poor leader.

  6. mike daniels

    I think this was written by a Liberal voter trying to maintain the faith : )

    apologies for the ad beginning

  7. Winifred Jeavons

    I cannot trust a word this man utters, I cannot trust his party, his colleagues, this government.(?) I reject capitalism, looking for a more decent, human centred alternative , and I begin to wonder about representative democracy, as this gang of thieves do not represent real social human beings . They don’t even pretend to, their only true words are about lifters, as that is what pick-pockets do for a living. When we start to mistrust our fellow voters( also human) society falls into the morass of hate and destruction that we see in Iraq and Syria. I am so glad I am old but I fear for the future for the young and the environment.

  8. Sir ScotchMistery

    Well that wasn’t very good. The first link goes to Nestor, the predator Abbott refereed in court.

    The second one is about his lies to be expected if it wasn’t written down.

    Liberals are idiots for voting for this cornstork f-knuckle.

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

  9. Vivienne

    To Terry 2 – it was so painful today that I had to turn it off. Howard spent his first 6 years blaming Labor/Keating for everything. We are getting it again but worse. The droning garbage we get from some and the stuttering nothing but lies from others. When they can’t or won’t answer the question they answer another imagined question or as usual blame Labor. And we pay these blokes good money.

  10. dave the brickie

    Asbergers syndrome?

  11. Sir ScotchMistery

    @Dave – very very unfair to folk with Aspergers. That NEEDS an apology.

    Use of another disease/ailment/condition may be okay… I know – syphilis – killed Henry VIII.


  12. xiaoecho

    Why does Abbott lie? Because he is a psychopath. Psychopaths lie for sport. It gives them pleasure and a feeling of superiority to know they have duped someone. Imagine the satisfaction a psychopath derives from duping an entire nation?. We know that Tony is not in it for the greater good but his own good. The Liberals have no policies. If they were in it for the nation they would govern for all, but they govern for themselves and those like them. This government is littered with psychopaths and secondary psychopaths.

  13. Sir ScotchMistery

    And folk who lithp, and who have mad hair-dos from the 60’s. With glasses. But only one eye.

  14. wam moir

    he is a failed rhodes scholar and a failed priest. he should intelligent but is lazy and easily embarrassed. he is able to employ the ‘avoidance’ lie without conscience or memory and, despite confessing to obrien is rarelt challenged by journalists. yet he is so deeply pious towards the truth of his god that he is rendered amoral by his religion.
    I have no doubt if little billy could get the media to question him about his lies, the rabbott would be shocked at the extent of his ‘mendacious utterings’.
    Is labor up to the challenge????
    Of course, perhaps he is just a nasty bully being used by the faceless men of the ipa???

  15. Ian

    Abbott lies merely because he can. When Rudd beat Howard in 2007, so careful was he to avoid the appearance of lying that he ensured ALL his promises to the electorate were kept, even if it meant some difficult financial decisions. The Australian economy was not in nearly as good shape as it could have been, because of the Howard regime’s pissing all the mining windfall against the wind. But Rudd wanted to be seen as ‘clean’.

    When Gillard was forced to negotiate with the Greens to form government (notice Abbott didn’t form government in 2010 because he couldn’t negotiate – still can’t) they branded her a liar and she never lived it down.

    During the last election campaign Abbott received a significant boost from Murdoch media, particularly newspapers. He found that he had to lie to get people to vote for him, but he also found it worked. Murdoch’s newspapers were very soft on the Libs during the election campaign, and without being called out for anything much at all, Abbott became freer with the lying. With Murdoch’s backing, he became PM. Because he had no policies or plan, he then had to make stuff up on the run. He had painted himself into a corner, so had to lie to try and get out. And what happened? Again, the media didn’t pick him up on it.

    Like children, lying becomes habitual when the liar sees they are getting away with it, and that it is a successful strategy.

  16. Dion Giles

    There’s no such thing as representative democracy. Representation government is government of the people by the pollies and mandarins for whoever can buy them. Democracy requires a central role for citizen-initiatable referenda for decision-making.

  17. Sir ScotchMistery

    I vote Dion Giles for star writer of the day.

  18. Stephen Bowler

    For the fact that this Prime Minister has been caught out making so many lies (far in excess of other Prime Mnister) one must conclude that the man is not a fit and proper person to hold public office.
    can we the people petition the GG to have him removed from office

    How can we continue with this joke government destroying our international standing?

  19. corvus boreus

    Why Antony Abbott lies, apart from convenience of power, privilege and profit, can be seen in a little homily.
    Tones was telling of a ruckin’ maul he was in, rugby football game. Someone was bugging him so,first sly chance he got, he “threw his best bunch”.
    Note that while punching is legal in pugilism it is illegal in rugby.
    Our PM did not tell this as a tale of regret, but as a homily on success.
    His lesson was that is appropriate recommended to maliciously inflict potentially lethally injurous assault against the stated rules of conduct.
    He is utterly dishonorable, dishonest and vindictive, a vicious cheat by his own words.
    No matter how many miles he runs, peddles or paddles at our expense, he is still unfit for anything.

  20. Kaye Lee


    Tony never made it into the First XV at school, much to his and his father’s chagrine. And I too listened in disgust as he regaled that story. Hit em first and hit em hard – great example Tone.

    “At the end of the game he came across Jake Howard, himself a former prop, who was awarding best-and-fairest points for a newspaper.

    He told the young Abbott: “Tony, great punch, great punch. For that you’re getting one point in the best and fairest competition.”

    “The point of the story,” Mr Abbott said today, “is that sometimes you’ve got to throw a punch to be the best and fairest.”

    Actually Tony, if you punch people and get sent off, you can’t win the best and fairest award. Time to show him the red card.

  21. Stephen Tardrew

    Above all Tony Abbott is not fit to be prime minister of this country.
    He has gone beyond the bounds of what is acceptable to any family or social group that relies upon ethics, honesty and mutual respect. You cannot respect a liar. However if your self-interest is in supporting a liar then you effectively embrace unconscionable lying.
    Point being Tony Abbott has no skerrick of self-respect left for he has sold himself out to immorality, deceit and duplicity with those who would lie to gain economic advantage in a capitalist system that rewards greed and dishonesty.
    Those who accept Abbott as prime minister are actively promoting exactly the type of duplicitous self-justification that leads to unbridled cruelty and disinterest in the low income, poor and marginalized. The point is this lying is a way to absolve oneself from knowing-guilt by turning to cognitive dissonance as if lying is the best strategy to make a better world. And these morally challenged fools, who have not grasp upon logic or rationality, claim they are equipped to run this country. They are not and anyone who now supports Abbott is compromising the good standing and moral probity of democracy, justice and equality.

    The fact that Tony Abbott is not fit to be prime minister is a serious issue of true import to the future of our society and the standards with which our children are being conditioned. We dear nation have taken a step too far in the wrong direction and must return to honesty and decency.

    This government is not fit to govern and if my fellow Australians fail to see it then they are themselves immoral and irrational fools willing to compromise what is right and decent in any cultured and sophisticated society. Dragging a culture into the depths of misinformation, misspeak, lying and cruelty in contemporary a context is going to have ramifications we have not yet experienced.

    This is not Nazism, communism or dictatorship it is unbridled greed and corruption that will willing lay waist to the environment and resource management in the name of a disfigured and emasculated God.

    We have never seen the likes of it before and, with a little honesty and respect, we may yet avoid the inevitability of neoconservative greed. global oligarchic power, environmental degradation and intolerable suffering. Mark my words when it comes, as come it must under this regime, many will suffer.
    Now I am not a conspiracy theorist but a believer in logic and rationality yet my rational mind is screaming out in disgust at the unmitigated destructive potential of lying Abbottisms and neoconservative Tea Party's insatiable greed, fundamentalist ideology and elitism. These my friends are the real terrorists
    To willingly harm those who suffer through no fault of their own is and abomination upon our world and civilization.
    The LNP and Tony Abbott are no longer fit for governance full stop. Better accept it or suffer the cruel consequences Australia.

  22. Stephen Tardrew

    Apologize for typos and punctuation.

  23. Vicki

    How can we start a movement/petition to get rid of him. He is absolutely bringing Australia and its people into disrepute. Surely he cannot stay.

  24. John Lord

    We have never seen the likes of it before.

    No not in my lifetime Stephen and I have been following politics for almost 60 years.

  25. Don Winther

    If we accept our politicians lying to us and it seems enough of us do, then we must have 6 month or at least 12 month elections. How can a person lie as obviously and openly as Abbott, Hockey and Pyne just to get elected and then be let loose on our economy for 3 years. In 9 months he has destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs, our education system, Medicare, welfare system, and insulted many of our close neighbors and thats just a start. In another 2.5 years he will be able to destroy and sell our whole country and then lie to us again.
    If they lie they get 6 month and its back to the people.

  26. Roswell

    John, whatever your age you can say you’ve never seen the likes if him before. There wouldn’t be a person alive who is old enough to know anyone worse.

  27. Tony Francis

    Tony Abbott is no doubt very much into the use the falsehoods to conceal the unethical and destructive course he is taking with Australia’s future. But to me much of his behaviour looks as if he is not in control of himself in a self-aware and rational way. It’s more like he is doing his best to please very powerful and influential big business groups in return for making him Prime Minister, a position he totally craved in order to achieve self-esteem. He often appears to be acting like a legal practitioner in court out to make the best case for a defendant, a defendant he would never allow himself to think might be evil or guilty as hell. So he constantly repeats utterances that have been previously exposed as wrong or inadequate e.g.
    • The budget is to fix an economic mess created by the previous government (which actually did quite well economically in comparison to most other governments).
    • Major funding cutbacks are being made to reduce the deficit (cutbacks for the less well-off are being accompanied by extra spending elsewhere).
    • Funding cutbacks are being shared widely (but unequally to the detriment of the less well-off)
    • GP co-payments are needed to fund medical research (by encouraging the sick to get sicker).
    • Coal is necessary for economic growth (but far less so than renewable energy).
    • Economic growth is far more important than taking steps to halt man-made climate change (even if economic growth will be of no use on an unliveable planet).
    • Deregulating tertiary education fees will make tertiary education cheaper (but more likely to increase fees).
    • Reducing employment assistance for young people will encourage them to look harder for employment (or contribute to severe psychological problems and social breakdown).

    A parliamentarian, let alone a Prime Minister, should not be allowed to get away with this. He may have too much time to seriously damage the nation if we have to wait for his party to overthrow him or for him to be defeated at the next election. Much of Abbott’s behaviour in Parliament (the excessive and unjustified aggression, negativity, abuse, ineptitude, bullying, dishonesty, disrespect, deviousness, lack of judgement), as Prime Minister and Opposition leader and in his sexist attacks on Julia Gillard seriously justify him being thrown out of Parliament immediately and permanently with no pension. The nation urgently needs to determine a way stop anyone like Abbott ever again becoming a member of Parliament. The big business groups he is working for also need to be stopped from controlling Australian governments.

    I wonder if Abbott realises how much he has been damaged by his own behaviour. Perhaps he thinks that people will come to value him when they see the benefits of what he has done. At least an economic recession is a more likely outcome. He has lost a huge amount of credibility causing people not to respect or trust him which will make it so much harder for him to be an effective Prime Minister.

  28. Don Winther

    @Sir ScotchMisteryJune 18, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    “Tony lies because George Pell said it was okay to lie, especially if one was protecting a predator”

    Yes Sir Scotchy you got that one right on the head, he lies because George Pell said it was okay.
    Well I dont want to go to Heaven if thats what we have to do to get there. Imagine sitting with that lot for eternity how could you relax they would be trying to steel your Bible every chance they got..

  29. M tel

    For the record, misinformation and disinformation are two distinctly different entitities.
    During my lifetime everybody I’ve ever met, from my sainted grandmother to my own children, are guilty of the former ( me too, George Washington I am not.) but the sinister form of lies used by TA, and his cronies are by design, aimed at the lowest common denominator, or as someone much more charismatic…..and better at expressing themselves than I, once wrote:
    “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” – Adolf Hitler.

  30. robert lawson

    It has got to the stage with (L.N.P.) Where they cant have a statement aired without some form of deceit .Like they haven’t yet realised that we know they are telling lies .It’s robot like in their approach to being deceptive.They smirk just after the lie ,as if they are saying to themselves (they will believe this ) , If we say It enough.

  31. corvus boreus

    Good link, Kaye maxey. Thanks.

  32. Terry2

    At the Press Club, Julie Bishop failed to explain the government’s change in the designation of East Jerusalem from “occupied” to “disputed”. The coalition have been at pains to say, over and over again, that there has been no change in government policy but seem unable or unwilling to explain why we have changed the internationally accepted terminology.

    This is not necessarily lying but it is misleading and confusiing, sending entirely the wrong message into the Middle East and then failing to provide rationale for the change of language.

  33. Kaye Lee


    The Coalition are so controlled by spin doctors, everything must be renamed to control public perception. “illegals”….climate change becomes “energy efficiency”….occupied becomes disputed. They just love naming things to suit their agenda.

  34. Kaye Lee

    As for the sudden change of position, this may have something to do with it…..

    “Liberal MP Christopher Pyne, a longstanding friend of Israel and the Jewish community, has signed the London Agreement.

    “I am one of 125 parliamentarians across 40 countries that have now signed the London Declaration on Combating anti-Semitism and I would urge all parliamentarians to do so,” the shadow minister for education said in a statement on Friday.

    Pyne, who was chair of the federal Parliamentary Friends of Israel group from 1996-2004, slammed the BDS movement.”


  35. Nick McCarthy

    Two thoughts have come to mind after reading this article; 1. Tony Abbotts Mum and Dad deserve a slap in the face raising a son such as Tony. The disrespect he shows his parents let alone the rest of us is astounding and by all reports they are proud of him. The second thought is the warped values he is instilling into his daughters. It is ok to lie, cheat and steal because that’s they way to be successful. I have no doubt they will continue to evolve into a few of the most self centred, nastiest, disgraceful women this country has ever seen.

  36. Lawriejay

    In politics it is about projecting an image by creating an illusion – advertising – politics – religion – religion – religion – no difference

  37. Dan Rowden

    Abbott lies because the electorate does not punish political mendacity, by and large. Why would a politician not adopt an ad hoc approach to truth if he knows he can get away with it? This will only change if the electorate begins to reward honesty, but then, where is the truth in politics? That’s the problem. The level of political engagement that folk hereabouts evince may grant them greater clarity of vision than most, but it’s naive in the extreme to think that such a level of engagement is ever going to be anything other than a social aberration.

  38. Stephen Tardrew

    Dan I think not.

    There is enough evidence to demonstrate that lying and deception are poor adaptive short-term strategies that eventually wear out their welcome. It is those who willingly stand against deception and mendacity that keep alive the evolutionary propensity for mutual honesty and communitarian cooperation. The scales will swing as the play between primal emotive narcissistic self-inters and greed compete with the manifestation of causal rationality, empathy and acceptable utilitarian distribution. Mirror neurons, reciprocity and social cohesion are evolutionary advantages that can lead to reasonable stability and sustainability. Evolution is a slow and tedious process that is not transparent to the organisms it is driving towards survival and sustainability. Evolutionary success is not annihilation or stagnation but the flowering of ever greater degrees of freedom, unit volume complexity and potentialities in, firstly objective reality, and subjective space. Many of us abhor the destructive capacity of fundamentalist religions and ideologies yet nature imposes magic, mythology and religious imperatives before the rational mind has time to mature. This can be no mere aberration. Without a sense of purpose people are lost and their mortality, health and mental healths status suffer.
    Evolution is always on the cusp of something new and revisionary as well as stagnation, self-destructive and nihilism. Subjective space is many times more open and flexible than the constraints of fundamental laws and constants in the material, cosmological and microphysical world. Time is an unresolved paradox as the fundamental laws of gravity, relativity and quantum mechanics are replete with counterintuitives and paradoxes. When conceptual and mathematical infinity raise their heads we are in a whole new ball game none of us, as yet, has any idea how to resolve. Hundreds, thousands even million of years of future evolution will leave us in their wake as the future primitives.
    There will be among the now demonstrable planets capable of supporting intelligent life those that succumb to selfishness greed and narcissism and those that will rise above their primitive reactive drive and succeed by exploring new textures of the matrix of subjective experience and insight. I want us to belong to the latter and am willing to put my values on the line to further such goals. Progressives must hold to a positive paradigm that will eventually drown out primal emotive autonomic greed thus leading to more equitable and just societies.
    In this respect I do not live in hope but rather I am hope. The more of us that hope and suffer with our fellow travelers the less suffering there will be.
    "The future is not dark you see."

  39. Fred

    I wonder if Abbott’s behaviour has more sociopathic tendencies than simply being a liar. I suspect he believes that everyone else lies so he needs to ‘lie’ better to maintain the upper hand. If this is the case then is he fit for the highest political position in Australia?

  40. John921Fraser


    Abbott lies ….. because he discovered as a child he could get away with it.

    Murdoch and the priests refine the lies.

  41. Stephen Tardrew

    Kaye maxey:

    Bit late however thanks for the link.
    Rodney Tiffen's article "The Abbott Governments War on Transparency" puts the issues front and center adding to the large body of evidence accumulated by contributors and bloggers on this site. Taken as a whole they are a damning proof of the inhumanity and driving inequality of these greed infested LNP troglodytes.

  42. mars08

    Why is this government so quick to lie???

    Because they KNOW they were born to rule! Because only they KNOW what MUST be done to make the world right again!

    Because the people must be persuaded to allow the government to do anything it wants, regardless of the facts.

    I STRONGLY suggest that everyone do some reading about the American neocons and their and how they have fallen in love with Plato’s notion of the “noble lie”. It is central to everything they do. And Australia is surely being taken down the same path…

    A good starting point… http://www.opendemocracy.net/media-journalismwar/article_1549.jsp

  43. Frank Sartore

    It is sad for all of Australia that he has gotten to be PM. Once he is gone, even though I can’t imagine anyone employing him in the private sector (not even Rupert!), we the taxpayers will be paying him a fortune for the rest of his life, so he doesn’t need to work. Maybe he can become a diplomat. I can just imagine him using his negotiating skills trying to broker peace in the middle east. Then again he is probably more suited to Zimbabwe or Chad.

  44. Möbius Ecko

    mars08 alludes to the reason the Liberals, but Abbott more than anyone, lie as a matter of course. If they were in anyway honest and transparent they would never be elected. But the lying and deceits on their own aren’t enough as they could not get away with it for very long, so in comes the MSM to play their part to perpetuate the lies and to add credence by reinforcing them.

    PS. mars08 how did you get that paragraph spacing? Not being able to space paragraphs and the too big line spacing have been bugbears of mine on this new site.

  45. Möbius Ecko

    Don’t worry mars08, I see the admins have fixed the paragraph spacing. Now for the line spacing?

  46. Terry2

    Abbott and Morrison called a press conference today to celebrate the non arrival of boats in the past six months. But they refused to give any context by telling us how many boats have actually been turned back and whether we know if these boats actually returned safely to Indonesia.

    What was the purpose of the press conference other than political one-up-manship.

  47. corvus boreus

    “We have called you all together for us to slowly recite the same simplistic sloganeering kindergartenese that we have been braying for the past 9 months or more.
    There will be no questions.”(winks)

  48. mars08

    Möbius Ecko:

    If they were in anyway honest and transparent they would never be elected…

    The idea is that the common people are unqualified and undisciplined. They are simply unable to evaluate the grand plan. Only those born to rule have the clarity for see what MUST be done. In a democracy, the masses must be persuaded… by lies… into granting a mandate to those who know better.

    Don’t think of them as lies. Think of them as fables or myths… such as Plato’s “noble lie”. These myths are used to communicate to the unqualified masses a vaguely defined version of the leader’s grand plan. They are myth knowingly told by the elite to maintain control and gain consent for a hidden agenda… which the leader KNOWS is in the national interest.

  49. corvus boreus

    We are all untruthful by degrees, including for our own benefit, but can choose to be less so.
    There are the lesser untruths of omission,that not-telling silence of knowledge,
    and peccadilloes, those little lies of general benefit, to avoid pain being caused.
    These need a little rationalisation to reconcile them to your values.
    Then there are the lies that directly benefit the self, or avoid assuming responsibility.
    These damage the mind in keeping track of them, and the spirit, in implementing them.
    The huge burden of a succession of these “greater lies” is why the dishonorable Antony Abbott is visibly deteriorating to the point of fracture,
    his body language and diction conflicted and mangled, stiffened as if semi-paralysed.
    He carries intolerable internal contradictions in his own equation of the soul. His lies are not noble.
    I do not pity or forgive him; he chose to implement a huge common harm for immoral self gain.

  50. Graeme Henchel

    Tony Abbott the mendacious monk is easy to despise
    He is always breaking promises and telling porky pies

    He came to power by telling lies about the carbon tax
    He thinks that climate change is crap, he just ignores the facts

    He speaks in three word slogans and scripted short sound bites
    It’s clear that he’s got no ideas except for Dames and Knights

    He gets his is orders from billionaires via the IPA
    Like Tea Party republicans he loves the Ayn Rand way

    It’s not only the lies he tells, it’s the values he reveals
    Protect the rich and screw the poor, to pay back grubby deals

    The Mendacious monk is getting worse as lies come home to roost
    Oh what delicious irony his pain is self induced

    Smokin’ Joe’s budget was the straw that broke the peoples back
    It’s based on lies and so unfair, the poor won’t take the whack

    Their litany of lies extends as panic settles in
    The Murdoch press can’t save them it will all end in chagrin

    Tony Abbott the mendacious monk has long since jumped the shark
    With his cabinet of sycophants, they’re pissing in the dark

  51. corvus boreus

    Graeme, I’d dance to that.

  52. DanDark

    Graeme H, brilliant 🙂

  53. ronniibee

    To lie to the extent, that Tony Abbot does, without any kind of an apology or acknowledgement, suggests that this toad, is a sociopath. It would seem that he has adopted the Nazi mantra, “it you repeat the lie often enough, the people will believe it”.

    Either his party/cabinet is too scared of him or lack scruples and have joined him in his systematic lying mantras ie, “labor’s Mess”, “budget disaster” “economic chaos” all the slogans some inventive twit dreamed up to make the (gullible) believe. With the assistanace of Murdoch and Fairfax press, Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Piers Ackerman and the like, motor mouths without any common sense nor the brain to look beyond the square. to quote Paul Keating, God Help Us !!!

  54. trevor

    Abbott Lies because he can get away with the lying.
    Abbott is a psychopathic Liar.
    Abbott unabashedly and unashameably Lies.
    Abbott obviously believes that if he repeats his Lies often enough the lies will somehow become credible and Truthfull.

    Abbott as PM is a Lying, power hungry, mongel with no moral compass just as he was before he became PM.
    Abbott does not give two pieces of anything that he Lies.
    Abbott does not give two pieces of anything when called to account for his lies.
    Abbott when called to account for his Lies make more Lies.

    In short Abbott knows that everyone knows he’s a Lying Cad but he does not give a shit about anything except gaining power and retaining power just like the lying scoundrals who have always placed themselves as pillars of society as they advantage their lying and nefarious behaviour cause they know that the shitstem as it is can not touch them with anything but a light tarring.

    Agree with Dion regarding referenda as a marker of a democratic system.

    What we have at present is a shitstem having a big lend of all voters as it recycles either one of two major parties and is a sick joke at the electorates expense as the shitstem rewards handsomely the perper-traitors that traduce daily any notion of a fair and representative Parlimentary Democracy.

    Good to see the high court rule in against Scott the Menace

    Export Abbott the Liar not Refugees

  55. Matthew Oborne

    As far as importing strategies they have also imported the tactic of labelling the opposition with criticisms that are likely to be applied to themselves. They effectively get in first so in this particular instance Labor isnt thought of as having a relevant critique. Tony is the self proclaimed best friend to those he targets it got to the point where he suggested at Liberal party functions that unions came to support him. It absolutely appears that political fact checking like politifact came about due to the unprecedented lying of the Liberal party. The Liberals lying at an unprecedented level never came across as a deal breaker to the general public though. The south australian ABC news blamed state Labor for the pensioner concessions ending for council rates, so the media are not helping by often confusing and deliberately misleading the public as well. I am always reminded of the study done in england when they first looked at giving people the vote (men at that stage) it was concluded that so long as the people were given the facts they could decide as a whole wisely. It isnt wise to vote for the interests of a rich minority over those of the masses by the masses so clearly Liberal victory in 2013 reflected the power of lies. A truthful platform of no NDIS no gonski, favouritism to private health and education and a willingness to fulfill IPA’s wish list among others would have seen the Liberal party have its worst election result ever. The budget reaction clearly shows this.

    Changes will have to be made for the Libs to ensure a second term.

    Keeping Labor and the unions locked into witch hunts will probably continue, changes to electoral commission rules will have to happen and perhaps Abbott will persue electing partisan judges as a reform he flagged years ago.

    Abbott is a man who imprisoned his main political rival, supports a war criminal regime and suggests that crimes against humanity such as torture are nothing more than difficult decisions that sometimes have to be made by the ruling class.

    Today as we speak Sri Lankans are probably screaming in dark cells and torture rooms due to our direct support to capture them as they flee.

    Yes our PM is a self confessed liar, but worse than that human life and human rights are something that this PM clearly thinks are subject to whether he has to make tough decisions.

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  58. halfbreeder

    Howard was a bigger liar than Abbot ever was/is. Howard lied to Parliament about Weapons of Mass Destruction and used that lie to appropriate public funds to fight an illegal war. That’s probably the biggest lie in Australian political history…apart from the fact that we are living in a ‘democracy’ and terra nullius. The whole country is founded on a lie

  59. Michael Taylor

    I worked for a lot of Ministers across three governments and of those only two deliberately lied that I was aware of (mind you, I didn’t work for the Abbott and Turnbull governments that are stacked with liars). The two were John Howard and Joe Hockey. Two of the biggest liars in Canberra at the time.

  60. Egalitarian

    John Winston Howard destroyed the social and political balance of this country and it will never ever recover.In the end a very evil character.

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